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[h3 The Story]

[Jim+Nightshade [size30 I don't imagine there will be much time left, everything is growing dark so quickly. Every ritual, every spell so far has failed; the three of them can only hold off our impending doom for so long.]]

[Jim+Nightshade [size30 The fight has certainly taken its toll on our most powerful, even the mage isn't as strong as he used to be. It won't be long now...until I see all those that have passed before me.]]

[Jim+Nightshade [size30 Godspeed to all of you, may the Goddess take mercy on your souls.]]

After looking through a box of her deceased father's things, ____ came across an old, nearly falling apart journal. The date of its creation was unknown, but obviously a few centuries old at the very least, leaving ___ curious as to what it contents pertain. Cracking the old book open and looking over is yellowed pages, she discovered the existence and possible destruction of an ancient, magical kingdom with vague directions to it written in the back of the old book. Wanting to see it for herself, ___ sets out to discover Evermore and learn of the dark secrets within its walls. Of course, unbeknownst to her, some of the spirits from that time and battle are still around, waiting for someone to come and help them and ultimately lift the curse that binds them to this world.

[h3 The Characters]

(x) The Girl with the Journal - I would prefer to be adventurous, obviously, with a bit of personality. Please keep in mind when designing your character that she is a modern day person. I would prefer this to be a girl but if you're hell-bent on making it a dude and can convince me of such, then it could happen.

The Handler / The Guardsman - Was the person in charge of caring for the princess and making sure no harm came to her. Also is aware of every room in the castle as well as secret passages. Can perform basic/light magic.

The Adviser - The most intellectual person of the kingdom. Can perform intermediate magic.

(x) The Mage - Has more magical skills than the rest but less hand to hand combat skills. Can perform advanced magic.

[h3 The Skelly]

[b Puppet Master:]
[b Name:]
[b Age:]
[b Character:]
[b Preferred Weapon:]
[b Personality:]
[b Short Bio:]

[b Puppet Master:] -Bubbles-
[b Name:] Amaya
[b Age: 16]
[b Character:] The Girl With The Journal
[b Preferred Weapon:] None to start, but eventually book or light sword.
[b Personality:] Shy, but adventurous, quiet, but also outspoken.
[b Short Bio:] Amaya grew up in a small town with a great love for books. Her mother had passed shortly after she had been born, so her father raised her. Her nose was only ever in a book, and that got her a lot of ridicule. Her only friends were the characters in the books she read. Her grandmother brought a box of old trinkets from when she was a child to the house. Mentioning there were some books as well, with a slight wink. Of course, this intrigued Amaya very much. Her father had packed everything away and told Amaya never to go into the attic. Of course, the first chance she had, a week later, she ventured into the attic. Ruffling through the box, she had found a book inside and it was almost like it called her name. Amaya had to read the book. It looked like it had been around for a long time. Maybe a story that no one even knew, at least she had never heard of it.

[b Puppet Master:] SolemnYuki
[b Name:] Seth Xian
[b Age:] 11
[b Character:] The Mage
[b Preferred Weapon:] Carries a staff, infused with magic from the Goddess.
[b Personality:] Seth is a very shy individual at first, but warms up greatly once one gets to know him. He is always putting others needs ahead of his own and very intuitive about others feelings. He is not afraid to speak his mind, however can be quiet about it, and is always willing to help. Still, he is a fun-loving child and tends to be insecure around older officials about his young age. Seth carries around a worn, stuffed dog with him wherever he goes, a security measure from his early days in the kingdom that he never got rid of.
[b Short Bio:] Granted an unusual talent to peek briefly into the past and the future, Seth found himself entering the kingdom of Evermore at the early age of 6. He began to study magic and gain a better handle on his gifts and quickly became the youngest person to hold such a position in the history of the kingdom. Seth tried hard to keep the castle and village peaceful, going out of his way to keep the kingdom harmonious and fair. It went well until the Evil Force began to destroy the kingdom and everyone in it. He and the two other powerful staff of the castle did everything in their power to stave off the darkness but, ultimately, failed. He still hopes that the help that they so desperately needed will come again, this time to lift the darkness from Evermore and restore its light.

[h3 The Rules]

+ The Roleplay will start with _____ discovering the actual castle. I imagine this to be the best starting point so everyone can be involved.
+ I am looking for literacy! I will start the character count at 1000, I believe this to be very reasonable for our kind of RP. Grammar skills are a must, nothing angers me more when I find the whole post "typd lik ths." This being said, I would also ask that you give me a sample of your writing, preferably something rather recent in order for me to get a handle on your writing style.
+ I would prefer a post from each person at least once a week. I understand that everyone has lives and I am, in no way, any exception. If you're having problems coming up with something, please let me know. I don't want to have thought that you ditched or fell off the planet or something.
+ Do not join, post one entry or post for a week, then disappear. This drives me insane and, if you do it, you'll be booted out and your character up for grabs.
+Anime pictures, please!
+ Please PM me with your skelly!
+Have fun!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (1000 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

[h3 +]
How long had it been? One year? Fifty years? The days and weeks strung together like an endless rope of blackened bulbs, especially since the light had gone out of Evermore. There was no more day, only night. The cursed darkness touched everything the eye could see from around the castle, silencing the once-bustling village and all the areas around them. The castle, the pinnacle of Evermore itself, was once a robust and sacred place. Now it was a mere shadow of its former self, a silent and decaying tomb for those that had once resided in it. The scars of the final battle Evermore had faced were everywhere in the village and the castle, blackened and destroyed properties littered the foreground while darkened blood stains still decorated the halls and rooms of the stone fortress.

The guilt still weighed heavy on the small mage as he still believed they could have done something else to eradicate this curse when they had the chance. What, exactly, that something was still had yet to be known as it seemed all options had been exhausted. Every ritual and every spell that had been tried had been unsuccessful, each failure pushing them closer to the ugly death they had in front of them. The entire kingdom bled, suffered, and died at the hands of this monstrosity while they were forced to look on, unable to fix it.

Maybe this was their Hell.

Seth sat on the edge of the ancient stone balcony that was attached to his room, looking out at the decay and darkness as he had done so many times before. The events continued to run through his mind, thinking of the last time he had seen their princess and how she urged the small boy to send a book out into the world. She believed it would help them, that someone would find it and come to their rescue, so he had done as she ordered.

He closed his eyes as he sighed quietly, forcing himself to think of something else. It was hard, especially when he had so much time on his hands to reflect on his actions, but he knew it wouldn't do any good now. Carefully he hugged a worn bundle of cloth and string to his chest, the artifact in the shape of a torn and stained dog, and allowed the violet eyes to ease open again and turn on the village. The toy was his security blanket of sorts, a gift from the princess herself when he had arrived in Evermore and treasured it greatly. Seth hardly went anywhere without it and it always seemed to be in his line of vision if it wasn't in his grasp.

Movement caught the oddly-colored eyes, the boy squinting a bit as he peered down through the darkened buildings. A person, a girl exactly, was moving curiously through the ruins and examining nearly everything around her. It was then that he caught sight of what she held in her hands and nearly caused the boy to fall from his perch in shock: the book that he was once trusted with. It had found its way to her after all this time...but why was she here now?

Jumping down from his seat, he grabbed the staff that rested against a nearby wall and silently made his way down to the first floor. Stopping at the gatehouse, he clutched both possessions tightly as he continued to watch this stranger as she drew closer.
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[h3 [center [+lightblue Curiouser and Curiouser]]]

[center [size10 [+lightpink It all started in a town, not unlike yours or mine. A small girl who loved to read. Her name was Amaya. Amaya grew up loving books. They were her only friends. Her father was ill and yet would always read Amaya a bedtime story every night, until his passing. To honor him, Amaya decided to continue reading every day, as if her father were still in her life watching over her.

Through the years, she had read through many books, but did not gain any friends in any school she went to. Her mother was very protective of her, but loved her very much. At 16 years old, Amaya was just a Junior in high and her only friends were the characters in her stories that she read.

All of her classmates thought she was strange, be cause she always had about five books with her and was always reading and spending time in the library. It was something she had gotten used to by now. Although, she preferred the quit, easier to read that way.

One day, she arrived home and found her grandmother in the living room. An box with a bunch of things in it in front of her. Her grandmother was visiting from France.

Giving her grandmother a hug, she could not help but be excited to see her. Her grandmother was truly the only person who understood her. In her arrivals, she always had stories about Amaya's father when she was little. It made her really understand her dad better, even if she wasn't around anymore.

That evening, after dinner, Amaya and her grandmother sat in Amaya's room. [+plum "You're so much like your father, Amaya,"] her grandmother always began a story that way. [+plum "When your father was around your age, she always loved to read, in fact that was his dream for you, to be a reader just like him,"] her grandmother admitted. [+plum "Well, I gave your father a special book, he loved it so much as a teenager. It was full of magic, dragons, knights and princesses. It was her favorite after her first time reading it. As he grew up though, he forgot about that story, especially when you were born, but I am sure you'll be able to find that book one day,"] her grandmother gave her a wink as she was finishing up the story. [+plum "I brought a box full of old antiques and trinkets, you might find something in there you like. Your mother was telling me you wanted to know more about your father's side, so here I am. But, I believe you have school in the morning, so off to bed my love,"] she said as she gave her granddaughter a kiss on the fore head.

The next day, after school, Amaya decided to look for the box, but it wasn't in the living room anymore. As she stood and thought about, she remembered hearing her mom bring it up to the attic. It was the perfect storage area. So, off she went up there to go find the box her grandmother spoke of.

The attic was pretty dusty, but a bit empty. It was easy to find the box, too. Opening the box, she saw a lot of different things inside it. An old tin lunchbox, some old dolls, and even some old t-shirts. There were also some books inside the box too. Amaya grabbed them out of there and dusted them off. Her mom and grandmother would be back soon, so she decided to take the books down to her room.

A few hours later, after her grandmother kissed her goodnight, she took out the books and started to go through them to see if they were worth giving a read. Of course they all were, but which one first. One book stood out though. It kind of was calling her name, or at least her heart tugged at it.

Placing the other books aside, she decided to start reading it. It would only take her a few days to read it, if not one night. After she had finished the book, she had realized this had to be the book her grandmother was talking about. It was an amazing story. About a cursed castle. It was captivating to say the least.

There was something strange at the end though. It was thicker than the front cover. A bit lumpy too. Amaya didn't want to ruin the book, but her curiosity got the better of her and she carefully removed the the paper on the back covering the back cover. Inside was a map for the castle she had read about. Could it really be a real place though?

[h3 [+center [+powderblue To Travel Or Not To Travel?]]]

The next day, she told her mother and grandmother about the book. Her grandmother smiled and her mother was furious. [+purple "How dare you go in the attic without my permission. You are not allowed in the attic ever again,"] her mother scolded. As her mother walked out of the room, she snatched the book from Amaya.

Amaya ran to her room crying. Her grandmother didn't know what to do at this point. It was like there was a big secret that know one told her about.

A few days had passed. Her grandmother went back to France. The house was very quiet and awkward. Not pleasant at all.

After school, she arrived at home before her mother got there. Something inside her drove herself to go to her mother's room and find the book, which she ended up doing. Her mother left the book in plain sight as well, so it wasn't hard to find. It was just high up in her mother's closet.

Before her mother came home, she hid the book in her room under her bed. That night, as her mother was sleeping, Amaya took the book out and stuffed it in her backpack. At the same time, she stuffed a few more things in her bag.

It was decided. It didn't seem like it was far from here. Maybe she would discover some old ruins. That would be a fantastic feat.

The next morning, Amaya said goodbye to her mother and headed out the door like she was going to school, like she did every day. Instead, she headed for the nearest bus stop. She was going to take a bus as far as she could get it near where she was going. It was a good thing that she had saved up her money.

After a few bus rides, she figured she was as close as she was going to be. A few blocks from where she stopped, there was a large forest, like it was hiding something. The trees were tall and thick.

Taking out the book, she took the map out and started to follow the directions on it. It took her a bit. It was beginning to get dark now. But, she persevered onward.

Eventually, she came upon an open area. It wasn't what she had expected though. [+magenta "Wow."] was all that came out of her mouth as she looked at the castle standing right in front of her. Not a brick out of place. What was going on.]]]
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