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After escaping there abusive and uptight families, two best friends end up in New York City.

After two years of bouncing from motel to motel they score a great job as bartenders at a fast pace high paying club and bar making major bank for pay checks. Now they have to find a stable place to live.


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Luna allowed Logan to help her, though she wondered why she did. She didn't really trust men, let alone strange men which was why she didn't want to go with them in the first place. She sat quietly as she filled out the paperwork. All she wanted to do was to go home. She looked to Kris. "Kris. I just wanna go home. There is going to be nothing that they can do about my face, it is just a bruise. This is a waste of everyone's time." She said softly and put the clipboard face don on her lap. She looked over to the boys and then back at Kris. "I just want to be home."
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 3y 152d 10h 34m 26s
Logan pulled up to the hospital and stopped the car. He got out the car and went over opening Luna's door helping her out and walked with her into the Emergency room.

Walking up to the nurses desk he would speak to the nurse then take the clipboard handing it to Luna to fill out.
"I'm right here, your not going through this alone" he said softly leading her to a chair so she could sit and fill the forms out. He watched Kris and Adrian come in and sit with them. Kris consoled her friend while Logan looked to Adrian
"Talk about a interesting turn of events huh" He said running a hand through his hair
  Logan Walker / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 152d 15h 29m 39s
Luna walked to the car and thanked him softly as he opened the door for her. After getting in and buckling up she just kinda sat there for a few moments. She winced slightly as Logan touched her face. It hurt like hell and all she wanted to do was go home. She knew her ex would get out and be on her trail again and again. She heard what Kris said in the back and sighed, fighting back tears. She allowed Logan to hold her hand as they drove to the hospital. "I don't want to be here." She said softly.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 3y 162d 11h 35m 54s
Kris followed Luna and Logan into the car pulling Adrian with him. She sat in the back seat next to Adrian seathing in anger.
"I have tried everything to keep her safe and he still got a hold of her. She means more that family to me and I wont let him touch her again." She leaned into Adrian and let him hold her against his body.
"Thank you for pinning him down like that it was brave of you to do that for me and Luna" She said softly in his ear looking up at him. She just met him and already he was protecting her and her best friend.
  Kristina Snow / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 162d 12h 49m 32s
"You don't need to apologize to me sweetie. Lets get you to the hospital okay" Logan said leading Luna to the car opening the door for her and helping her in. He waited for Kris and Adrian to join them before getting in the car himself. As he started the car up he looked over at Luna
"Everything is gonna be alright beautiful I got you" He said touching her face softly biting his anger back at the fact that someone marked her face up like that. He drove to the hospital holding her hand the whole way.
  Logan Walker / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 162d 12h 52m 30s
She walked out with Kris, blood on her face from the blow that was swelling. She gave the cops her statement as they took pictures and patched her up offering to bring her to the hospital. She told them that her friends would bring her there. She watched as they took her ex out and then went to her friends. That was when Logan showed up and took her into his arms. She turned her head some and cried into his chest. She wasn't sure what to say nor what to really do, so she held onto his shirt and said, "I'm sorry." very softly.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 3y 162d 14h 10m 4s
Logan didn't even have to respond he just jumped in his car and headed towards the diner where he knew his friend was. As he pulled up he saw the cop cars and Adrian standing with and angry Kris and a crying Luna.
He hopped out his car and jogged over to them.
"Hey everything alright" He looked at Luna and even though he didn't know her that well it killed him to see her cry.
"Hey....shhh Your okay" He pulled her into his arms and held her, preparing himself for if she pushed him away or hit him.
  Logan Walker / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 163d 9h 31m 19s
Adrian followed Kris out the diner and to the ally, say Kris shove a guy to the ground and away from Luna before he bum rushed him and pinned him back to the ground.
"Who you calling a bitch...your the one that likes to hit females why dont you trying hitting someone thats gonna hit back bitch boy"
He ended up getting into a fight with this guy before yanking him around and pinning him down. He could hear Kris on the phone with the cops and knew all he had to do was keep this guy pinned.
15 minutes later cops show up and after hearing Kris and Luna tell them what happened the cops pull Adrian off of Lunas ex and put her ex in hand cuffs. They were about to do the same to Adrian when Kris said he was just defending them by keeping him away from them. So they let him go. Adrian pulled out his phone and called Logan.
"Yo get here now"
  Adrian Jones / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 163d 9h 36m 22s
Kris rounded the corner into the ally when she saw her friend being pushed there. She charged Luna's ex and knocked him to the ground before standing in front of Lu
"I though I told you to stay the hell away from her" She spat at him.
"Fuck you bitch" he said as he got up off the ground.
He tried to come at Kris only to get knocked back down by Adrian. While Adrian dealt with Lunas ex Kris turned to Luna
"Lu its okay...Your safe now" she held her friend close walking her out of the ally while pulling out her phone to call the police.
"yea i need a cop friend just got assaulted..Yes down the street from three rings diner...Ok'
She hung up the phone "The cops will be here soon Lu"
  Kristina Snow / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 163d 9h 41m 23s
Luna quickly told Kris what was happening as she headed towards the diner. She could hear him behind her. "Come on Luna. Come back here. I am not happy with chasing you around." He said in a harsh tone as he caught up to her and grabbed her arm and pushed her into an aly. He then shoved her against a wall and covered her mouth, holding her there. "I told you to stop running. I do not like repeating myself. I know you called Kris. What do you expect her to do?" There were tears streaming down her face as she tried to get away from him as he slapped her across the face.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 3y 164d 10h 40m 36s
Kris phone went off just as she was about to answer adrian. She picked it up immediately knowing it had to Luna.
"yea...Wait lu breath...alright we're on our way just head towards the diner ...Yes Lu I know...He won't touch you..Not with me around." She Hung up her phone and turned to Adrian.
"we gotta go...Luna's in trouble ..Her abusive ex is following her...I told that scumbag the next time he came near her i would kill him,...Come on" She shoved past him and took off out the diner Adrian hot on her heels. Her boots made thumping sounds on the ground as she ran.
  Kristina Snow / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 165d 8h 38m 48s
Luna watched her friend leave and sighed softly as she turned back around to walk back home. She knew her friend wouldn't be back till morning at the earliest and we probably going to just go over his house. She continued to walk towards her current home. She felt like she could pack up all of her stuff to get it ready for the following day.

As she was walking she heard a voice that she had had not heard in a while. She froze and looked around. "Keep the fuck away from me." Was all she said as she picked up her pace. He began to follow her. "Please go away. We broke up." She pressed the speed dial button and called Kris. The phone was still in her pocket and she was now running and panting trying to get away from her ex.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 3y 171d 14h 1m 25s
Adrian got the text and looked over at Logan. He smiled and put his hand on his friends shoulder.
"Go Head and go I will text you later..I got to meet a beautiful woman at the diner down the street..I'll probably walk back to our place afterwards"
Logan shook his head and got back in his car driving off.
Adrian made his way towards the diner entering it a few minutes later spotting Kris sitting at a booth. He slid into the seat next to her and smiled.
"Hey beautiful " He said letting his arm drape behind her.
  Adrian Jones / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 172d 10h 30m 11s
Kris made her way to the diner and stepped inside sitting in her favorite booth while she waited.
"Hey Im at the diner down the road from the club meet me there' she texted adrian before looking up at the waitress that came over to her.
"Hey Kris...The usual.."The waitress Layla said with a smile.
"Yea thats fine Lay oh and i will be having company soon so " She gave Layla a knowing smile before looking back down at her phone waiting for the incoming text message. Layla only laughed and walked away to get Kris food.
  Kristina Snow / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 172d 10h 32m 33s
Luna hugged her back and smiled softly nodding her head. "Yeah. You deserve it." She said softly watching her friend pull out her phone and text the boy. "Just have fun. Don't worry about me." She said. "Would you like for me to wait for you or are you going to just head over?" She asked and grinned. "Plus now you can meet that boy more and get to know him. Just use protection." She said with a laugh. Though it was a slightly fake laugh. She didn't want to tell her friend that she saw her ex at the bar that had abused her. She didn't need her friend worrying.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 3y 173d 10h 20m 18s

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