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If you could be anything in the world what would it be, an angel or a demon, a vampire or a werewolf, a fairy or a warlock….. At Evermoor academy for mythical beings you can be exactly who you are with no fear of being exposed to the human world.

So come one come all to a place where you can truly be you. No more fear, no more hiding just be yourself without worries. Here at Evermoor academy we have been helping and housing beings of all kinds protecting and preparing them for a life in the human world.

We get most of our students at a young age so that we can teach them and ready them for the world beyond the schools walls. This is a safe haven it has been a safe haven for over 3,000 years and we will continue to be a safe haven for many years to come…

come inside and join us free yourself from the bonds you have been under. Here we are family

There are two tracks of classes, Normal and Special. 7 classes a day
Lunch: 5th period.
Normal Classes: Calculus, English, Science, History, AP English.
Special Classes: Spells and Potions 101, Herbology, Human Blending,
Controlling your powers, Proper Hunting.
Electives: Study Hall, Art, Ap Art, French, Spanish, Dance, Choir,
for other electives click (https://www.hslda.org/highschool/Elective_Possibilities.pdf)
There will be dorms for every species and they will be co-ed. Each dorm is four floors one for each grade. First floor-first years, Second floor-second years and so on.

Sports and Clubs are available for all students, In order to stay involved in them you must maintain your grades in all classes.
Math Club
Theater Club
Book club
Dance Team
You are only aloud to be in two sport/clubs at a time. So please choose wisely.
Roles that are currently available

Female One: Taken
Female Two: Taken
Female Three: Taken
Female Four: Taken

Male One: Taken
Male Two: Taken
Male Three: Taken
Male Four: Taken

If you know you can handle doing multiple characters, by all means go ahead. But if you can’t, then its okay.

My rules and regulations. Please read all of them so there are no complaints
Real pictures please.
Swearing is accepted but keep it to a minimum
Drama is fine as long as it goes with the story, otherwise keep it out.
Romance is fine. No love at first sight though. Casually get into the relationships. Unless, its discussed with another rp character before hand, and you two have a relationship going into the roleplay.
No Cyber-Come on guys you know the rules. Please time skip it
NPC(s) Are acceptable, If someone does not wish to use one please let the others in the rp know.
No text chat, Please use Proper Grammar
This is a mature roleplay. Act your age, not your shoe size. Thanks
Slang is fine in Dialog, but not through out the entire post.
Do not control other's characters,God Mode is OUT of the question. This roleplay will have a character lock. I would like 1,500 characters, or more.
Communication makes a roleplay like this more enjoyable. Don't be afraid to throw out plot twists with one another. Have fun with it
You don't need to post everyday, But please let me know if your going to be away for a certain amount of time or leaving so I may find someone to take your place.
17. After everyone's first post, that is the order we will go in. No Exceptions.
[b]I know I know there are alot of rules but this will help move the roleplay
Skeleton Example

Name: First and Last
Age: 15-19
Sexual Orientation:
Relationship States:
Grade:First year, Second Year, Third Year, Fourth Year
Schedule: Use the list of classes to decided your 6 classes.
Personality: About 5 traits
Short Bio: Tell us about yourself

Pm me your Skelly using the subject line Darkness so I know you read everything.

Name: Lyra Kane
Age: 18
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship States: Single
Grade: First Year
Schedule: Calculus, English, Science, Study Hall, Lunch, Spells and Potions 101,History,
Sports/Club:Theater Club, Book club
Personality:Kind hearted, Outspoken, Bold, Stubborn, Headstrong, Helpful, Attentive
Short Bio: Her mother taught her all she knew. But when her mother heard about Evermoor she decided that Lyra should go and learn everything she possibly could. Unfortunately before Lyra could leave her mother died in a horrible car wreck so now Lyra had no choice but to go to Evermoor. She had no place else to go.

Puppeteer: Yoruneko
Age: 17
Species: Vampire
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Relationship status: Single
Grade: Third year
Schedule: AP Art, English, Controlling Your Powers, Proper Hunting, Lunch,
History, Science
Sports/Club: Track & Field, Boxing
Personality: Outgoing, Caring, Adventurous, Athletic/Artsy combination, Driven
Short Bio: Although people say reach for the sky and her last name translating to a Sky Lark, Carina took after her last name a bit too well. Despite her parents constantly trying to get her out of trouble and her attempting to stay out of it, Carina was the outgoing type and loved seeing how far she could go in whatever activities she engaged in. That would be fine if it didn't risk exposing vampires every other day. It wasn't like that was ever part of her plan, things tended to backfire due to her obvious use of her powers or needing to quench her thirst afterwards. A couple years ago, her parents enrolled her at Evermoor Academy with hopes for her to be able to control herself and test her limits in a safe environment away from humans.

Puppeteer: Corpse_Asylum
Name: Felix Blackmoore
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Demon
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Relationship States: Not Happening
Grade: Third Year
Schedule: Calculus, AP English, Herbology, AP Art, Dance, and Choir.
Sports/Club: Boxing and Dance Club
Personality: Prankster, flirty, Little bit of a dick , Outgoing, paranoid.
Short Bio: His mother was human and his father was a demon, so when he was born he was shunned by his mother and his father was forced to take him in. Being as he was only half demon he wasn't as strong or as fast as the others his age so his father finally put his foot down and sent him to Evermoor so he could get an education without having to worry about defending himself every five minutes.

Puppeteer: Awesomness
Name: Mark Odin
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single as a Pringle. Like, if there was only one Pringle in the can.
Grade: First year
Schedule: English, Science, Proper Hunting, Art, Controlling Your Powers, Spanish
Sports/Club: Theatre Club
Personality: Artistic, Never Serious, Outgoing, Passive, Loyal, Friendly
Short Bio: Mark was raised by his single father in a large pack, a small town where most residents were werewolves. He was always known as the one member that could never be serious and focus. But one day his father was kicked out of the pack, and Mark had nowhere to stay so the town sent him to Evermoor Academy.

Puppeteer: Corpse_Asylum
Name: Lilliana Gracewood
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Race: Barguest
Year: First
Schedule: English, Science, History, Controling your powers, French, Choir
Personality Traits: Shy, Quiet, Bookworm, Dreamy , Smart.
Bio: Lilliana, or Lilly, was brought into a orphanage at the age of 6 after her adoptive parents died under mysterious circumstances. One of the caretakers recognized her as one of the Lost Under Fae and adopted her himself, however as she got older her powers became more violent and hard to control so he sent her to Evermoor to help her learn to control them

Puppeteer: Yoruneko
Name: Dante Morassi
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship States: Friendzoned
Grade: Fourth Year
Schedule: Calculus, Science, Controlling Your Powers, Study Hall, Lunch, Herbology, History
Sports/Club: Soccer, Boxing
Personality: Competetive, Chill in casual settings with other non-humans, looks after his own on & off the ring or field, Gamer, no BS
Short Bio: Dante was orphaned at 12 due to hunters. He was taken in by his uncle and the rest of his family. However, he had trouble pretending to be human ever since the murder of his parents. This created questionable fights at school and on the street at times. After three years of his aunt and uncle trying to get him to see that his anger only brought danger and destruction to their home, they enrolled him at Evermoor Academy.

Name:Terence Lucas
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Relationship States:Unattached
Grade:First year
Schedule: English, Spells and Potions 101, History, Calculus, Controlling powers, Study Hall
Personality:Cocky, Confident, Flirtatious, Blunt, Rebellious
Short Bio: You could say he comes from a rich family, though he wants nothing to do with his family's money. Got kicked out of his private school due to the fights he got into. He tends to speak his mind not caring who it hurts. Comes across as a cocky arrogant rich kid but really he just wants to be like everyone else. His parents sent him to Evermoor so he could control his powers and perhaps learn some discipline and manners. He is known to be seen dressed in a leather jacket and smoking.

Puppeteer: Avix
Name: Aldora Kuyok
Age: 18
Gender: Mostly Female
Species: Hybrid: Feathered Serpent and Vampire
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single
Grade: Third Year
Schedule: Calculus, AP English, Science, Art , Lunch, Herbology, Spanish
Sports/Club: Theater and Book Club
Personality: Quiet, Loner, Dark, Naive, Versatile
Short Bio: Aldora was raised in a tribe of Quetzalcoatl or Feathered Serpents. She was raised by a single mother with her younger brother. He mother always told her stories of her father saying he was a child of Camazotz, the dark Bat God. She knew that was why she was so different from everyone else in her home both physically and mentally. She grew bored quickly and needed an escape. She found Evermore Academy where she could further her knowledge of the world and most importantly give her something to do.


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Roleplay Responses

Aldora walked down the halls of Evermore Academy. It was her third year in this place and she was still amazed at how much she could learn. She held the book she was reading at chest height, able to read the words and still keep an eye on her surroundings.

The hallways were mostly empty, after all, school was only just starting for the year so most of the students were in their dorms getting settled in. She never left if she could help it. Her home was too far away and she would rather not go back there. The kids here didn't look at her as weird as they did back in her home. She wasn't completely different here. Just a little bit. But that was what was so great about this school. Everyone was a little different.

She flipped the page of her book and continued on the next page. She was reading a book about space, specifically the material make up of galaxies. Aldora loved space. She loved everything about it. It was by far her favorite subject. She turned the corner of the hallway, making it halfway down the first page, filling her head with talk of nebula dust and the molecular make up of stars. She was looking forward to her science class this year. It was supposed to be about biology. That was not a new subject but she would love more insight on it. She turned the page and looked up from her reading. She was in a wing she was vaguely familiar with but not immediately recognizable. She closed the book and grimaced slightly.
"[#128730 [i Damn it... Not again.]]" She thought to herself as she looked around the halls. There were some posters talking about sports and upcoming intramural teams. She sighed out, letting her shoulders fall. That's why she had no idea where she was. She was in the sports wing of the academy. Aldora had her fill of sports like activities from her home. She would rather not go back to them if she had to. She pulled her planner from her bag and flipped through the pages until she got to where she kept her map. It was a printed map of the school but scribbled with looping handwriting, her own handwriting. Notes covered the page of all the best places to read, study, avoid or run too should she need to be alone for a while. She found the sports wing. It had a giant X over it but light enough that she could still make out where she was and where she needed to go. The dormitories were across the school. She wondered who she would be with this year. They always tried to switch it up unless you particularly requested a roommate.

As Aldora started walking, she let her mind wander to a new topic. She had always gotten along with her roommates but Aldora didn't have many "friends". She exchanged very frequent letters with her younger brother but that was about it. She was more interested in books and stories her past two years. She didn't think that perhaps she should interact more with her other classmates. She had decided at the end of last year that this was the year she would make a friend. She rounded the corner of the next hallways, her fist inside her open hand, determination imprinted on her face.


She finally made it back to the dormitories after a good ten minute walk. She had forgotten how large this place was. It still astounded her. She walked passed room after room of bustling students. She saw a room with a girl that had bright red hair and a boy with shaggy blonde hair and a mischievous look in his eye. A room with a girl with a yellow bun and a boy with a beanie and brown hair. Something about a skateboard. She had heard of them in name only. She kept walking. A boy knocking on another student's door, and even more students just wandering the hall. She looked up at the door numbers. A345, A347, A349, ...
A441. Her room. She opened the door to find it all as she had left it. Her bed with gray sheets and green accents, a tidy desk filled to the brim with books. A dresser with only the necessities and a notebook. A dresser with an alarm clock and her closest treasures inside the drawer. She sighed and sat down on her bed, not caring that she was putting her boots on her bed either. She wondered what her roommate would be like but before her curiosity got the best of her she reclined against the wall and opened her book again, eagerly getting to Chapter 4.
  Aldora Kuyok / Avix / 3y 134d 15h 36m 19s
The black Limo pulled up in front of the main building of Evermoor Academy and came to a slow halt. Terence looked out the window and sighed a frown set on his handsome face.
Terence's father looked at him from the opposite seat his hands folded in his lap.
"[#002952 Try not to mess this up Terence..Your mother and I worked hard to get you in here after the last fiasco] His father said
Terence rolled his eyes
"[#b30200 Yea yea I know pops no worries]"he said with a roll of his eyes as the door opened.
Terence stepped out of the limo and grabbed his suit case from the driver.
His father didn't even say good bye before the limo pulled off. '[i Nothing new there'] He though before heading up the steps of the main building

Once inside he would step over to the front desk and knock against it lightly. The woman would look up from her computer
"Yes?" She asked

"[#b30200 Yea Im here to pick up the folder of things and such.. I'm New...the name is Terence] He said with a bit of cockiness in his voice.
The woman turned and handed him his envelope with his schedule, dorm room key and pass code for the dorm. He would be in Dorm W which was just past the gym third dorm on the right.

"there is a School Rule book and it tells you what you can and can't do to your dorm room. As well as a map of the school. Make sure you read the Rule book completely. And once again Welcome to Evermoor Academy." Mrs Kia smiled once she was done talking before answering the ringing phone.

Terence rolled his eyes and turned away heading towards his new dorm. By the time he got there and punched in the code he was feigning for a smoke. He made his way to room 23 and opened the door.

The first thing he spotted was a red head unloading her suit case on one of the beds.

"[#b30200 So...I take it we are roommates.....Need some help there cutie]" He said turning on the flirtatious charm that always caught the ladies attention.
  Terence Lucas / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 166d 4h 9m 42s
This was it, his last year at Evermoor Academy. To kickstart the semester, he had spent the last few days helping prepare for one of the most important fourth year traditions. Others have said that how it goes will determine their last school year. How true that was or not didn't matter to Dante. He really just wanted to make sure it was fun for Carina.

They met at the end of his second year and when he asked her out last year, she was real when she turned him down. At first, he thought of the two of them as a lost cause, but most girls come up with an obvious excuse in the case that it’s a no. That didn't happen too often, but hey, it happened. He stayed around because of that. Well, it helped that the reasons for her saying ‘no’ weren't permanent.

Today, he spent the morning securing the final setup. He got his blood breaks, but the work that day was more annoying than anything else. He was glad when they got it done on time for the afternoon. They started during the day mostly for the more nature oriented like the fairies, sprites, and nymphs, but it was still something for all fey.

With everything done, Dante went back to the dorms to clean up a bit before heading back out. On his way, he saw the aimless first years trying to locate their dorms, including a couple of wandering furballs. He also noticed some unusual fey joining them this year. The academy just kept growing each year. In a way, it was a good thing. For Dante, it was more proof that humans and fey don't mix and places like this should be the norm.

Once Dante reached his dorm room on the fourth floor of the V building, he did a quick wash up and changed into some better clothes. Still casual, but there wasn't any dirt, oil, and debri plastered on the new ones. He then headed down a floor to meet up with Carina. She always knew when it was him versus someone else nearby, yet she would still answer as if that wasn't the case. She didn't keep it a secret, but she was confusing sometimes.

Dante called out when he reached her door, [+navy “Hey, Carina. You ready to head out?”]
  Dante Morassi / Yoruneko / 3y 172d 14h 5m 9s
Lilly shifted nervously as she stood outside her adoptive father's car, waiting silently as he gathered her things.

[+red [b "Ready sweety?]] He asked her as he nudged her arm, trying not to laugh when it startled her out of the dreamy trance she had been in as she stared silently up at the sky. It was getting late, and she was sure that she had to be one of the last few students to arrive.

[i [b "Of course papa...]] She murmured, leading the way as Garrett, her father, shouldered her bag and dragged her duffle bag behind him. He wouldn't admit it, but he felt as though he had failed her because he had to send her here, but he was a forest nymph, a Seelie fae, who had no clue what he had been getting into when he adopted the Lost little girl from the orphanage he had worked at.

[+red [b "Hello, my daughter here is a first year, we're here to get her schedule and dorm assignment."]] He smiled charmingly at the woman at the from desk who barely glanced at him before her eyes were drawn to Lilliana

[b "Name?"]

[i [b "Lilliana Gracewood.]] She introduced herself with a shaky smile, her red eyes flaring slightly before dimming down as she fought to control the hound of darkness that resided in her

[b "Ah yes, one of the few Under Fae that enrolled this year. We don't get many of you."] Lilly blushed scarlet and shuffled slightly so she was standing behind her father. [b "Dorm F, here's your schedule and room assignment. Your dorm is straight down this hall, take the first right and go up the stairs. Should be easy to find. It's our most open dorm area seeing as we have plant fae that need a lot of sunlight."]

Lilly took the key and started down the hall as per the desk lady's instructions, [b "Oh and Lilly? Welcome to Evermoor."] The young Barguest looked back and smiled gently before dragging her father to her dorm.

[+red [b "I guess this is it Lillypad..."]] Her dad bit his lip as he set her bag on the bed and leaned the duffle bag against the wall

[i [b "I'll be fine papa. I'll write every week. Every day if you want me to. We both know this is for the best. The last incident... someone could have died... it was time. It was time years ago but we had to wait till I turned fifteen. You know that."]]

He nodded and kissed her forehead before turning to leave. Allowing her some time to unpack and unwind before her classes started in a few days.
  Lilliana Gracewood / Corpse_Asylum / 3y 174d 2h 45m 5s
It was going to be a long 4 years.
Mark looked up at the school and sighed. School? He'd almost dropped out of regular high school just to smoke weed and join a garage band. The only difference between then and now was that this school had more dangerous cliques, and weirder classes. But, according to his dad's friend, this school was better. At Evermoor Academy, he'd have a chance to "learn to practice controlling his powers" and "be in a better environment for a werewolf his age", or something like that, whatever the pamphlet said. At least his father's friend was nice enough to drive him to the school. Speaking of....

Mark had no idea where his dad was. After what happened, his dad had been branded Solus Lupus - Lone Wolf. No pack would accept him, no werewolf would help him, and Mark would most likely never see him again. On the brigh side, Mark didn't get the same consequences. The pack didn't believe in punishing children for the parents' mistakes.

With a sigh, he brushed back his shaggy locks and threw the beanie on, before grabbing his suitcase and guitar and heading toward the main office. Shooting a grin at the older lady handing out schedules, he tried to glance behind her and find his name. "[+blue Hey there, Miss....]" he peeked at her name tag, "[....Miss Kia. Can I call you Kia?]" He tried to come off as humorous as possible, which was met with rolling eyes.
"[+olive No. Can I help you?]" Well, he though, never mind on the friendliness.
"[+blue I hope so. I need my schedule? My name is Mark Odin.]"
He said his name when prompted, and she gave him the packet containing "[+olive his schedule, map, rulebook, dorm key, and the code to the front door of the dorm]", before being directed to "[+olive Dorm L, down that hall and out the door to the right.]" The schedule seemed fun enough, Art and Spanish. He wasn't certain what Controlling Your Powers would have in store, but it couldn't be worse than a High School Gym. And a Theatre Club notice caught his eye as he thanked Mrs. Kia and made his way toward the door. The trash can by the door looked like it would make a great place to store his rulebook.

In the dorm was the distinct smell of irony - wet dog. "[+blue You'd think werewolves would know the smell lingers.]" He muttered, scooting through the bodies milling around the dorm, until he came to his room. Inside, he saw a blonde bun, attached to the girl unpacking her boxes. "[+blue Hello? Room 47, right?]"
His eyes wandered the room, and he was already trying to think of where to place his posters, guitar case, how to move the bed; when he saw the skateboard. "[+blue No way! You skateboard? I've always wanted to learn how.]" The town Mark had been in wasn't big enough to support any sort of skate shop, so he'd never had enough practice to learn much.
"[+blue Hi. I'm Mark.]" He waved and tried to give his widest smile, as he placed his luggage on the bed, and began to unpack.
It was going to be a long 4 years, but maybe he'd like it here.
  Mark Odin / Awesomness / 3y 175d 2h 59m 53s
Felix lounged in his new room reading a book on different plants useful in seduction of humans for his species feeding habits when he heard people moving about upstairs and downstairs. He glaced towards the door and focused on the noise. He could hear older students milling around, and a few first years having already arrived, though classes didn't start for another few days.

[i "Felix, come on let's go screw with the fresh meat!"] He started lightly when an impish looking woman slammed his door open with a large, sharptoothed grin on her face.

[b "Gina, must you always mess with them? Don't you remember what it was like to be a first year? How terrible even the Second years were to us?"] He asked primly, though the playful smile twitching at the corners of his lips showed to the imp that her half-incubus friend was only pulling her leg.

He set the book down and swung his long legs off his bed, smirking at the blush on Gina' s face as he pulled a t-shirt on.
[b "I don't swing that way my impy friend."] She rolled her eyes as she half walked, half skipped down the hall after him

[i "If I ever find someone who can tie and incubus or a succubus down I will literally fall down to my knees a worship them because that's some talent right there."] Felix laughed as the two of them entered the area where all the upperclassmen were gathered. He smirked when most of the girls and some of the boys gave an involuntary shudder. His natural charm was harm to resist, especially since he'd been working on his demonic skills all summer and for the past two years.

Felix looked around and sighed [b "I hope this year goes well."]
  Felix Blackmoore / Corpse_Asylum / 3y 175d 2h 32m 12s
Another year, another group of first years were moving in. Carina and all the other third years moved to their new dorm rooms two days prior. It was pretty much a four day event. Every new school year, they started with the fourth years moving into the rooms left by those who graduated and ended with the newcomers entering the second years’ former dorms.

While the academy was dealing with bringing in the fresh blood and getting them set up with classes, rooms, and information, she was currently relaxing in room 307 of Building V. That was until she heard her friend approaching her door and was already on the other side by the time he reached it.

[+navy “Hey, Carina. You ready to head out?”], he said through the door.

[#ac1b76 “Of course. It's only available for today,”] she replied as she opened up the door.

They started walking to the sports area where a bunch of other upperclassmen were gathering. This was another tradition at the school, kind of like pranking underclassmen. Since all of the staff and administrators were busy, the fourth years sponsored a bunch of events for them and the third years.

Second years usually tried to sneak in and it worked most of the time as long as they didn't do anything too stupid or cocky. It was much more difficult for a first year to sneak in. Not that it was impossible, but extremely unlikely that they wouldn't be caught shortly after arriving. Unlike human schools, age and grade were irrelevant here. Though this school was very different from her experiences at human schools in many ways. One thing that remained the same was that there were many signs to tell that someone wasn't sfamiliar with a place or how things worked.

As Carina and Dante arrived, they ran into more of their group, who seemed like they just got there too. There was a lot going on at the gathering. They had something going on and refreshments for all species to enjoy themselves and welcome the new year. That was exactly what Carina and her group planned to do.
  Carina Allodola / Yoruneko / 3y 149d 4h 21m 25s
Lyra stepped out of the cab that had stopped in front of the Main office building to Evermoor Academy. Taking a deep breath she tightened her grip on her suitcase before climbing the steps that lead to the front door. Pushing the door open she made her way to the front desk and cleared her throat.
"[#800080 Excuse me I'm here to pick up my Class schedule and dorm room key]"

The lady behind the desk looked up from her keyboard and smiled, her name plate read Mrs. Kia

"[#0000FF Of Course Welcome to Evermoor, May i have your name please]" She asked

"[#800080 Thank you, My name is Lyra Kane]" Lyra said pushing a strand of red hair out of her face.

Mrs Kia turned and searched through a large stack of large envelopes before plucking out the one that had Lyra's name on it. She turned back and handed Lyra the envelope.

"[#0000FF Your Class schedule and dorm key is in there as well as the code for the front door of the dorm. You will be in Dorm W its just past the gym third dorm on the right. Also there is a School Rule book and it tells you what you can and can't do to your dorm room. As well as a map of the school. Make sure you read the Rule book completely. And once again Welcome to Evermoor Academy.]" Mrs Kia smiled once she was done talking before answering the ringing phone.

Lyra took the envelope and nodded a thank you before turning away, opening it she would pull the map out. Looking the map over she would exit the main building and follow the path to her dorm.

Once she reached her dorm she pulled out the small sheet that held the code and punched it into the key pad. After the door buzzed she opened the door and made her way down the hall to her room. Rooms 1-100 are all on the first floor past the common room. She looked at her key before searching for room 23, an from what she could tell even numbered rooms were on the left odds were on the right.

When she finally found her room she unlocked the door and stepped inside. For a dorm room it was pretty large, It had two beds, one on each side of the room, two dresser/closest as well as a large desk. Each bed had a nightstand next to it with a lamp. There was only one bathroom but it was large enough for two people to share. From what she could see she was the first person to be in this room which meant her roommate had not shown up yet.

She placed her backpack on the bed on the left and her suit case in front of it before sitting on the bed.

"[#800080 Welp, Here I am...Evermoor Academy, my home for the next four years.]" She said with a sigh before flopping back onto the bed.
  Lyra Kane / LadyTargaryan23 / 3y 179d 8h 18m 41s

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