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What if Noctis and Luna grew up together and were never separated? Instead of staying behind Luna went with Noctis during the Empire takeover. Working together, they go about their day to day lives, supporting each other in their roles as saviors from the darkness around them.

This RP is focuses on teh relationship between Noctis and Luna, something that is not given enough of in the anime/game.

1x1 need Noctis~ daily posts wanted. () PM me if interested.

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Luna sat with Cid as they both drank a glass of sweet tea. SHe held the glass in her hand, condensation dripped from its side down her palms and left a damp spot on her dress. She waited for the boys to return. Something didn't feel right. Quickly she stood, feeling her heart beat awkwardly in her chest.

[b You alright?] Cid said slowly pushing himself up from his chair.

Luna didn't speak, She just watched the distance waiting for the group to return.

Gladio looked at Noctis a bit worried as they road on their chocobos. [b alright?]

Prompto too was worried. [b Yeah bud, you look horrible]
  Lunafreya / LunaLucisCaelum / 336d 10h 2m 19s
Noctis staggered slightly, His ring began to shine: Time seemed to have stop as the reality of the turtle's existence began to collapse and in mere moments the ring trapped the monster inside the ring.

Noctis didn't realize he was in the air and he warped striked back to the ground.

"[b Did your ring eat the turtle?]" Noctis nodded wearily. He grabbed onto the bird as he rode back with guys to Hammerhead.
  Noctis Lucis Caelum / Darclyfe / 336d 10h 23m 53s
Gladdy swung his heavy double bladed weapon around the chest of the huge rock like turtle. [b Ahhh watch out!!! NOCT!] He warded seeing the monster charge his was to the blue haired boy. Prompto heared the commotion and aimed his weapon behind the ear. [b LOOK OUT!] The monster swung its large head, hitting Noctis in the abdomen. Ignis ran over just as Noct landed on the floor. [b watch yourself] he said, patting his back as a blue light emitted from the palm of his hand, healing Noct.
  Lunafreya / LunaLucisCaelum / 336d 10h 38m 56s
Noctis charged forward on the chocobo, he looked back and at Luna and smiled. He watched the giant rock had conformed into the beast itself: The Adamantoise, about a hundred feet tall and two hundred wide.


Noctis made his sword appear before him: "[b Yeah, he's just glorified snapping turtle.]"

Prompto shot a blinding ball of light towards the eyes of the creature: Noctis brought every single royal arm up to disposal and unleashed every cut and slice on the beast.

Jumping back: Noctis looked to Ignis: "[b DO IT!]"

Ignis nodded as set a fire element into his hands as he hit his sword into fireball. Throwing his sword at the enemy, He knocked the giant of head of the humongous turtle down.
  Noctis Lucis Caelum / Darclyfe / 336d 10h 58m 5s
Prompto jumped excitedly in the air hearing that it was a possibility they would be riding chocobos to battle. If in fact that was what Noctis meant by bird. [b you mean we riding...CHOCOBOS!!]

Ignis walked over to the young prince and his companion with a shake of teh head. [b Your love of chocobos is rather disturbing]

Gladio agreed. Running his hand through his slicked back hair. [b Iggy is correct, you do have an odd fascination with them]

Luna watched as the four talked. Her heat felt heavy but knowing Noctis was finally filling his role coulnt help but make her feel proud. Her fingers touched the blue petals of the flower that Noctis had put in her hair. She knew he would come back, he had a promise to keep to her.
  Lunafreya / LunaLucisCaelum / 336d 11h 45m 14s
He took the ring slowly, and watched as she slipped it on his middle finger. He smiled but felt the shock of the ring hit him all at once: He felt his father's pain.

He suddenly kissed her: "[b Always, Love.]"

Pulling something from his back he brushed a hair from aside her ear and put a sylleblossom in her hair.

"[b Perfect, I promise you this, I will protect this kingdom. I will protect you and my friends..]"

Turning away, he watched as the ring glowed in his hand. He made a high pitched whistle: "[b Luna, we'll leave you with Regalia. Guys, we're gonna go there by bird. Let's go!]"

Climbing up on the bird he looked towards Luna: "[b If I can save a world with you living in it.. It makes everything worth a difference.]"
  Noctis Lucis Caelum / Darclyfe / 336d 12h 22m 2s
Luna's eyes widened when he had spoken of the ring. Of course she had it, she was keeping it safe, holding on to it till he was ready. However, she knew he would be a step closer to his destined end with teh ring on his finger. Slowly , she nodded her head. Her hand gently reaching into teh pocket of her white lace dress. A long silver chain was pulled from the tiny white pouch. At it's end, was a black ring, sides accented in bronze, with a white crystal in its center. Pulling the chain through, she reached for his hand. Softly, with the ring between her thumb and forefinger, she slipped it onto his middle finger. [b Come back....] She whispered, eyes low, her chest barley moving as she had forgotten to breathe.
  Lunafreya / LunaLucisCaelum / 336d 12h 30m 49s
Noct took her hand in his. "[b I need to ask of one thing, Luna.. The Ring of Lucii, I'm going to need it..]"

He smiled with determination in his eyes: He wanted to prove to his friends and to Luna that he was making the right steps towards being King.

"[b I need to prove that I'm at least half the man my father was.]"

[i Prince Noctis.. Prince, like they took your old man and kicked the dignity outta him..]

Cid nodded to him as Noctis glanced him: "[b You'll do Regi proud son.]"

Noctis nodded: "[b That's all I can hope for.]" Looking back at Luna he sighed: "[b The last time I saw the ring it was on my dad.. He told me that only the line of Lucis may use it..]"
  Noctis Lucis Caelum / Darclyfe / 336d 13h 2m 6s
Luna looked at Noctis. Maybe he possibly had a vision of her death again. She wasnt sure. Nodding her head in solice, the young woman smiled and spoke. [b I shall stay here with Cindy and Cid, if there is anyone here in need I will stay to help. Just be safe, all of you] She looked around at the four then stopped at Noctis. [b Especially you....]

Ignis walked forward to teh oracle and bowed his head. [b Don't worry Princess, we shall keep great watch over your Prince. He will not be harmed]

Gladio nodded with a smirk. [b Besides, we do much of the grunt work] he teased smacking Noct on his back
  Lunafreya / LunaLucisCaelum / 336d 16h 5m 38s
Noctis looked to Luna as he sighed heavily: "[b Can.. I speak to you moment please, Luna?]"

Noctis went aside with her where it was private: "[b Luna, I want you to be safe. I mean, if you want to come you can.. But I don't think I could ever forgive myself if you got hurt.]"

He looked away: "[b There's more to show you from my dreams tonight.. I wanted you to know.. If you don't wish to see them you don't have to.. But I needed to at the very least tell you..]"

He looked back at the guys: "[b So, Luna.. About the turtle.. What do you think? Did you want to stay or go?]"
  Noctis Lucis Caelum / Darclyfe / 337d 10h 42m 4s
[b Well, we are here aren't we. And what harm could a turtle do?] Gladuo saidhis arms crossed, head cocked to one side.

Prompto agreed suddenly becoming quiet with cindy around. He couldn't understand exactly why he shut down anytime she was around. Desperately he wanted to take a picture with her but couldn't find the courage, becoming bashfuly awkward around her.

Luna nodded her head in greeting to the young southern women who stood before her. [b It's a pleasure to finally meet you, and of you Cid] Again bowing her head to the late kings dear friend.

Ignis looked to Noctis with concern in his eyes. [b Noct, would it be wiseen to have the Oracle stay. This could be rather dangerous]

Luna turned her head in the direction of the voices before disagreeing to his comment. [b I will do no good waiting for the three of you to return. I shall come with, and help if needed.]
  Lunafreya / LunaLucisCaelum / 338d 9h 47m 28s
The silence was something that Noctis had gotten used to. Anytime there was driving, there was silence. He enjoyed it and relished in it when it was time for a nap. But now all he could think about was, Luna and Tenebrae. He wanted everything to be okay, but he knew that the Niffs would be looking for her there.

He knew he couldn't avoid and Cindy did need their help. But he wanted as much time with Luna as the Gods would allow. Looking to her, he smiled: He loved her more than anything in the world and if he could he would prevent the fate of the Oracle.

He couldn't prevent his fate: The Chosen King of the light, defender of the Crystal. But nevertheless, he could try to spend what time he had being with her, and his friends.

The dreams, all the ones he showed her, there were more, he'd hope he could show her all of them, because she needed to understand what they were trying to tell him. Because he did not.

Coming up over Hammerhead, he landed the car. It appeared they weren't too far off from Eos after all and it worked out that Hammerhead was their first stop along the way. He quickly got out of the car and went around to open passenger door for Luna.

A short, blonde-haired girl approached them: "[b Hello, ther' Prince! Guys!]" Noctis nodded at her: "[b Hey, Cindy. We got here as soon as we could..]"

Slapping him on the shoulder: She smiled. "[b I appreciate it, ya know- Oh! This must be Lady Lunafreya! It is honor to meet you!]"

An grouchy looking old man stepped out: "[b Give them some room Cindy. Anyway, we called you because of a problem that's been given us a bad time. Occasional earthquakes and such. Our pal Dave was on the case and he gave us some good info.]"

Noctis sighed: "[b Well?]"

Cid snapped: "[b I was gettin to it son: It's a giant turtle.]"

Gladio spoke then: "[b A. Giant.. Turtle? Old man, you're kidding.]"

Cindy spoke again: "[b 'Fraid not, Gladio.. That boy Talcott's grandad: Jared, I think had this thing in his notebook, We called you guys so you can dispatch of it.]" She said with a hopeful smile:

Noctis looked at the guys: "[b Well what do you think?]" He said as he looked off into the distance.
  Noctis Lucis Caelum / Darclyfe / 338d 11h 30m 55s
Luna held on to his hand tightly. As the regalia began its course the two settled down as Noct let the vehicle guide them through the air.

The three in the back did what they always had done. Gladio reading what looked to be a centuries old book with weathered brown pages. Ignis viewing the sights calmly, occasionally chiming in when prompto started to stand up in the car to take photos.

Luna couldn't help but feel at peace with this new group of friends. She had never really been apart of a group before. Her life written out for her, her duties trumping her personal affairs. Looking to Noctis now, she invisioned what life would have been like if they were just a prince and princess. Would they have been already married? A possibility of children and a kingdom to support together. Things she knew she most likely would never have with him. But this moment, these days spent along side were enough. She knew her life would be ending, it was just a matter of time.
  Lunafreya / LunaLucisCaelum / 338d 13h 7m 18s
Noctis looked up at the blue sky and it was beautiful, getting into the car he looked at Luna, grasping her hand in his. He smiled at her and the car began to move as he took off.

"[b Alright.. Here we go.]"

Looking over the world, he felt a sense of pride knowing he'd save it with ones he loved. So no matter what happened he'd die protecting them and that's what mattered.
  Noctis Lucis Caelum / Darclyfe / 339d 10h 1m 58s
[b I go where ever I am needed. My marriage will not affect my duties as Oracle. ...I promise this] She smiled and began to watch as the boys started to roll up the sleeping bags and take down the tent. Once all finished Gladio closed the trunk on the regalia and scooted into the back of the car.

Prompto and Ignis followed after and Luna walked up to the front. Sitting in the passenger seat she waited for the prince to take his position in the driver's side.

Luna looked at the interior of the front and marveled at its beauty.
  Lunafreya / LunaLucisCaelum / 339d 11h 10m 27s

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