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She groaned softly and opened her eyes. "It does smell good." she said slowly sitting up. "Shall we do to the table?"
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 264d 20h 44m 7s
Austin answered the door when the food got there and gently kissed her awake. "Babe your food is here and it smells so good."
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 264d 21h 11m 59s
She didn't move for her position on the bed as she gently dozed off. Sure she was hungry but also wanted food.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 265d 5h 5m 15s
Austin nodded and dialed down to the lobby and ordered. He ended up taking a quick shower while they waited on the food.
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 265d 20h 37m 7s
"Let's order in. I want some pasta and steak." She said and grinned into the pillow.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 265d 20h 46m 0s
"We can go out or order in, your choice. I know you and the twins need food." He said grabbing his cell that had been charging.
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 265d 23h 43m 56s
"But we need food. Or else I am going to get sick." She said softly.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 266d 19h 44m 29s
Austin changed her clothes for her and kissed her forehead, "We had a long day, sleep baby girl."
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 266d 21h 3m 54s
"We should get dinner too. Now come here and strip me. I'm too tired to do it myself." She said and groaned as she shut her eyes.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 266d 21h 12m 35s
"Rest baby, I need it too, maybe we should order ice cream and watch a movie?" Austin said stripping his shirt off, his tan was visible but not sunburnt.
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 266d 21h 23m 42s
She groaned softly and collapsed on the bed. "That was a great day at the beach." She said softly and snuggled into the pillow.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 266d 21h 24m 50s
A few hours later they headed back to the hotel. It was a great honeymoon so far and Austin knew their social media's were freaking out.
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 266d 22h 1m 8s
She sighed and shook her head. "But I don't want a lobster." She said and looked back towards the water. She could get use to this.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 266d 22h 32m 54s
"I'm your lobster." Austin said laughing and laying back on the towel. His drink was firmly planted in the sand.
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 267d 22m 41s
She smiled. "I don't want a lobster for a husband." She said and then got a drink before sitting down on the towel.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 267d 39m 5s

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