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Austin sighed seeing his phone but understood she had things to do and she would be showing soon so that would put a damper on alot for them. When he was finished at work he headed home but stopped for chinese food and some roses for her. He sat the roses on the table so they were the first thing she saw when she got home.
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 21d 21h 33m 58s
She sighed softly and looked at the note. She had things to do that day and wouldn't be able to make it. She sent him a quick text as she headed to her place of employment.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 21d 21h 54m 50s
Austin didn't say a word about it after that. The next day he went to work and left a note on the table. "I have lunch at 11, come to set please baby, you'll love it."
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 21d 22h 14m 23s
"I am breeding Kahn." She said simply. "I don't want to go either."
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 21d 22h 24m 0s
"Breeding?" Austin asked confused, "I didn't want to go, I just told Stella I would ask babe."
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 21d 22h 38m 10s
"6 am. Is early. Plus I am breeding that day. Can't be done." She said simply and headed towards the bathroom.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 21d 22h 40m 2s
"They want us to take a red eye to New York and be on the show at 6 AM on friday to talk about our marriage and announce the babies...." Austin said not really wanting to do it.
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 21d 23h 4m 40s
"Depends on what time." She said. She didn't want to go on TV. She wasn't even sure she wanted to go to work anymore.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 21d 23h 7m 48s
Austin smiled, "I'll make some dinner, uh Stella left a message and asked us to go on Good Morning America in two days, are you up for it?"
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 21d 23h 21m 25s
She laughed softly. "Yes I am happy. though I am so taking a shower when I get into the house."
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 21d 23h 31m 27s
"he kinda has to doesn't he, I mean his owner is carrying my twins and he knows that." Austin said putting his arm around her waist as they walked. "Are you happy Luna?"
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 21d 23h 41m 20s
"Who knows. I think he tolerates you." She said after she put him in his stall."
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 22d 38m 30s
Austin chuckled and said, "No need to get even wetter, come on lets go inside." He kissed her cheek and said, "Does that horse like me at all?"
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 22d 1h 1m 23s
"I don't think I could be any more wet." She said with a laugh as she used the squeegie to get some of the water off of Kahn who just stood in the isle. "I think we are all set."
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 22d 1h 13m 11s
Austin met her in the barn with an umbrella and said,"I thought you might need this so I went and found it." He kissed her gently and asked,"Any planning NEED done?"
  Austin / polkadotrocker / 22d 2h 36m 58s

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