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Won't be much in here really. Only writing what I feel when I feel like it. Things may only hold up at the time they are written, other things may be more permanent..


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I am so fucking annoyed right now. All I said was I think it is bull to be EXPECTED to cover the bird all the time. And then you both team up on me over it. Done, just so fucking done
  +Hatter+ / SheDevil / 58d 5h 50m 42s
So a couple days ago I had to say good-bye to you and to walk away. Do I feel sad about it? Of course I do. Saying good-bye and leaving is hard to do even when sometimes it is what needs to be done. For a long time I tried to deal with how I felt and well it kind of bubbled up and too much became too much. Yes I regret it...and yes I admit I had huge faults in what had happened. I could have talked more, could have tried to explain what was happening.. But I think I tried to ignore it because well I care. I'll always care even with us no longer being friends. It was a huge part of both our lives and I thank you for it. I had learned a lot from that past and it helped me become who I am now. I wish you nothing but the best and happiness in your life to come. This is my final farewell and my final closure.
  SheDevil / 109d 9h 13m 49s
Sometimes I feel myself slipping and into places I don't want to be. It's thanks to my friends and those who love me that I end up fighting it and have other things to think about. Though once in a while I can't be strong like everyone wants me to be and I do break. Usually it's not for long though. Just enough to let me feel and then once more put those emotions back under lock and key until they manage to slip again.
  Kit / SheDevil / 118d 9h 8m 20s
Well this was fun to take xD [ Personality]
  Draco Malfoy / SheDevil / 153d 13h 26m 1s
Sometimes even if scared you have to take that leap of faith. Things may not always go how you hope or how you plan.. But the issues you were afraid of won't drove you crazy anymore. And as long as you have amazing people in your life you're never alone or truly fall
  ☆Macarthur☆ / SheDevil / 187d 16h 18m 19s
Can we please just have the end of semester already? All of us are feeling so burnt out and like "I am so done!" Buuuut on the bright note there are about three more weeks or so... Only question is, will we survive it and pass the classes we are taking at the moment?
  SheDevil / 267d 16h 3m 54s
OMG got to see Beauty and the Beast today with my sissy. It is soooo good! It was so much better than I had thought it was going to be. Wonderfully made and DEFINITELY hit the feels. I actually think I like it much more than the original. But that's just me
  Kit / SheDevil / 285d 9h 52m 34s
Sometimes I think that I should think things out more fully than I do. But what can I do? I mean what is done is done. Life is about living, growing, and learning. Gotta make mistakes to learn from. We're all human and no one is perfect
  Kit / SheDevil / 288d 13h 17m 8s
Okay, fucking seriously? You think it's a good idea to be all like "You're acting strange, should I just stop talking to you permanetly?" And then go on to be like "I thought you were different than the rest, but guess I was wrong." THAT was a little much and hurtful. So you have the emotional capacity of a tea spoon -.- Fine walk away that's all cool and good since we both basically said our good-byes. But to message me today with "hey how are you?" As if nothing happened?! Yeah. . . Great move. . . Fuck you dude. Fuck you
  Kit / SheDevil / 301d 22h 6m 25s
I'm not the same girl I had been a year ago. I know I make mistakes and I know that I have hurt a lot of people. Honestly I'm not proud of the person I had been and am trying to learn to move on from that and to become better. I've become better about it than I had been, but I know I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go.
  Kit / SheDevil / 302d 8h 9m 50s
This is hard for me to do because I can be prideful and have a hard time when swallowing that pride even when I know it is the right thing to do. . . So here it goes.

There are a couple of people who had once meant so much to me and whom I had cared a lot about. I know that I did a lot of things that hurt them and I am truly sorry. A lot of that had been my own temper and hurt feelings... I ended up saying a lot of things that I had not meant or even been proud of. We're not friends anymore and I really don't expect them to forgive me for it, because looking back I don't think I would or even could forgive me either. I just want them both to know how sorry I truly am and that from time to time I still do miss them.
  Kit / SheDevil / 302d 8h 12m 39s

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