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Won't be much in here really. Only writing what I feel when I feel like it. Things may only hold up at the time they are written, other things may be more permanent..


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Well I found a way to make myself cry tonight. Guess I should know watching music videos from "A Star is Born" is a bad idea. Or rather a very good idea if I want to cry. I just love the movie itself..but god do I hate the end...
  =B.A.B.E.S.= / SheDevil / 13h 42m 25s
We are officially halfway through the semester and I feel so burned out. I just want our brrak...
  G&H ☆☆ L&G / SheDevil / 1d 11h 59m 31s
[#f1be0e [b Today has not been a very good day at all. This morning we had to say good-bye to one of the babies and put him down. So I've been crying all morning and given myself a splitting headache. Not to mention my head won't stop reminding me of all the lasts with...or rather no mores that are going to be the case without Ziggy. So when I do manage to stop crying I just start back up again..]]
  ~DRAGONS~ / SheDevil / 116d 23h 16m 59s
[Shadows+Into+Light [size15 The end of the semester is coming up in mid-December which is nice. I mean I am beyond burnt out at this rate and my brain does want the holiday quite badly.. BUT there is also the downside to it. This means there are finals and projects and paying for the next semester. Quite honestly it makes me scared and anxious.. I mean I REALLY want to do well...but I know my motivation is running out. Right now it seems if anything just going through the motions of it all... Yay...]]
  Fonts? / Colours / SheDevil / 124d 7h 32m 55s
[Crimson+Text [size15 [#e515cc So when reading 'I Am Legend' and having seen the movie they are NOTHING alike...and I have to honestly say I like the book more. When comparing them there are SO many things wrong...but when taking them as there own thing both are good in their own right.. Yeah, good in their own right.]]]
  Fonts? / Colours / SheDevil / 126d 12h 45m 7s

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