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In the year 2049, mechanized robots commonly called GEAR were developed for military application. Since then, their versatile functionality has led them to not only become commonplace in commercial use, but also spawned an entire sports entertainment industry. The prevalent use and popularity of GEARs has created a new academic field known as “Cenorobotics”.

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, you finds himself transferring to ACE Academy, a premier school for Cenorobotics studies in Japan. You struggles to find a team willing to accept you and your GEAR to compete in the intramural tournament. When compared to the sleek, robust, and advanced technologies of the Japanese counterparts, your search feels utterly hopeless. That is, until you finds a group of pilots just desperate enough for another member. This is where your story begins.

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Lilly was happy as she listen to other talk. She finally had everything she need to be a real Gear pilot. She had a new Gear, a team and was in one of the best school for training. She wanted nothing more than to scream in excitement. However she kept a cool and collected face.
“Our first order of business then is to see what kind of level you two are on,” Kaori said “We will have a train run near the end of the week to see our placement in the school ranking. From there we will practice until we can make our way to the top slot.”
Shou nodded. “Yea we are going to be number one this year.” His voice was full of energy. “Both us placed high last in Solo event but now it all about team and I got a good feeling about this one” His smile could light up a whole room Lilly thought as she smiled back.
“For now let check out everyone Gear to see what we are working with.” Kaori said as she turned to her Gear. “My gear is for speed and close range battle. I don’t have any long range weapon but a small hand gun. Shou use medium to close range rifle and a sword as well. He slower than me but he can hold his own in a fight. Let start with your Lilly tell us about your Gear”
Lilly nodded as she wheeled herself a little way to her Gear. “Mine his a heavy class long range Gear. It based of German design it a Gear that relies more on armor then shielding. I can change between a short to medium rifle to long range sniper. Don’t let it size fool you she can move quickly form it hidden thrusters.”
  Lilly / Mended / 88d 12h 23m 48s
[ Arden Priest]

[+purple "Arden priest, first year,"] she stuck her hand out and shook the hands of the three people around her.

Shou had brought Arden and Lilly to an orange haired girl named Kaori who was standing in front of a Gear deep in the hanger. From here, Arden could see where her Gear was sitting a few spots away. Kaori's Gear was in much better condition than her own. And to top it off, it was clean. [i I wonder how many tournaments shes won with this beauty...]

She pushed the slight twinge of inferiority down as she gazed at her Gear 4 hangars away. A year and a half old, it was a lot younger than one would think. Made from upcycled and recycled parts Arden bought from the backstreets of Spokane, the Gear looked like Frankenstein's monster. With some parts so strange and misshapen, a majority of it looked like it wouldn't work. But it did. It was her baby.

Working two jobs most days, Arden barely finished high school. Having to spend most of her money on paying living expenses the rest went to the storage and build of her Gear. Building her gear took a year and the programming along with the testing took an extra six months.

And when everything was said and done? She was a little sad that the entire process was over. She missed the trial and error of every test run and every alteration to the programming. Though, when she was finished, the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment was so powerful that she sat in the workshop and cried for an hour. Of course, Edgar, the shop owner, came every once in a while to make sure she was ok. But it was amazing. Her Gear was her pride and joy.

She even took it to a few single Gear competitions. Defeating the odds that something so trashed and destroyed was able to place so high, Arden typically took between 5th and 2nd place out of nearly 30 Gears.

Arden turned to the three people around her who were now deep in conversation. [+purple "Sorry, guys. I sorta spaced. So, what's the plan?"]
  colorcraft / 89d 3h 1m 17s
Shou let out a breath that he didn’t know he was holding. "Great." He clapped his hand together. "That great that makes four. Our other fourth team mate is in the hanger at the moment we should go meet her and introduce you guys." He then turned and led the way out the the lounge and went to the hangers.

Lilly was shocked he hadn't said a thing about her wheelchair. He hadn't judged her just because she was in it. He had just asked and let her join. She was so happy. She then turned and looked at the girl behind her. "Hello." She gave a bright smile. "I'm Lilly second year" she reached out her hand for a hand shake. After that she followed after Shou to the hanger.

He led them up to a girl with Long orange hair tied into a ponytail. She looked annoyed as she was talking on her phone. After she looked in Shou deration he said. "Hold on I'll call you back. Wow you managed to do it without messing it up." She then looked at the two of them befour the face frowned. Grabbing Shou ear she pulled him close and said quietly. "What is this"

"owowowo what do you mean" he cried in pain.

"One of them is a first year and the other crippled" She saidt the second part quiter then the first.

"What not she not." He then acted as he was noticing Lilly wheelchair for the first time. "ow but still what does it matter they are both pilot and Owwww" He cried as she pulled harder on his ear.

"Well I guess it doesn’t anymore" She said with a heavy sigh as she let go of his ear. "Hey name Kaori Itami"
  Lilly / Mended / 90d 6h 55m 58s
[ Arden Priest]

She was never one for confrontations. Just never liking to be the first one to talk or to get someones attention. So she had sat there, for multiple hours, while sporting her cap that read 'Pilot' and new first year uniform, and watched the multitudes of people come and go. And form teams, she watched so many people form teams.

All she did was watch and wait for someone to talk to her. But no one did. And Arden regretted not making the first move.

Frustrated and tired she sighed angrily and stood up. She had been watching a girl, a second year she thought, wheel around the room for awhile now and she had begun to figure that she was possibly a pilot. [i Interesting... I wonder how her Gear works... I wonder if she needs a team. We can find more people if we need to!] This was it, she was going to do it. She was going to initiate and find a team!

She began making her way over to the girl who looked to be in defeat over something. The room was a maze of couches and tables so getting her laptop in the right slot was a complicated task when it meant navigating a new place at the same time.

Coming up behind the wheelchair she was reached out to touch the girls shoulder-

A tall male, a second year maybe, burst through the door out of breath. His hair and jacket were a mess and the interruption caused many heads to fly in their direction. “Dang it,” He cursed “She is soooo going to kill me,” and with that his eyes face lit up. [i Was he going to beat Arden to the punch and ask the girl in front of her to be on his team first? What if he wouldn't need her? No! She would find a team even if this wasn't going to work out.]

"Hey you’re a pilot right. Wait stupid question of course you are or you wouldn’t be here. Are you still looking for a team? Please say yes," he looked at the wheelchair bound girl pleadingly.

It took her a second on the uptake, but when she spoke her voice was full of surprise, "Um, yes I am."

“Oh good. Great, in fact. Hi, I’m Shou and I’m looking for two more members for my team.” He said smiling. He then looked up behind her at Arden and her blood boiled and turned to ice at the same time. “Hey are you looking too? I still got a slot open if you’re looking.” Shou cracked a smile and her heart raced.

This was finally happening. The day had come. Her dream was coming true!

[+purple "Actually,"] she hoped she could keep the excitement from her voice, [+purple "I [i am] looking for a team. I would love to join."] She smiled back at the brunette and his scragley hair. [+purple "That is, if it's really ok for me to join..."] And instantly she was afraid. Arden should NOT have said that. It made her look weak and freaky. Let alone unsociable. At this point it would be a miracle for them to take her.

[+purple "NO! Yes, I would love to join. Thank you for the invitation."]
  colorcraft / 91d 21h 38m 13s
After a while of looking over her new gear she decided that she would head to the Pilot Lounge. The meeting would soon take place and she need to find herself a team. When she rolled into the lounge she noticed it was mostly empty. Only a few people sat around the area. Most people would already have team set up but she didn’t thing that, that many people would have team already. Her hope for finding a team dropped a little at that notion.
‘No I can’t give up yet’ She told herself. ‘Not after he put so much work into make me a Gear’ With her head held high she rolled over the first group. For an hour she tired talking to diffent people to see if she couldn’t get a team. However most didn’t take her series because of her condition or already found someone to fill in. By the end of it she wanted to cry. All the hard work her brother had put in and she could even find a team. “Studied legs you messed it up again,” she said looking down at her legs. No one had even given her a chance. They just saw the crippled girl not the potential.
Suddenly a tall man with brown hair burst through the door. A second year like herself from the red outline of his jacket. He looked out of breath as he looked around the room in a hurry. “Dang it,” He cursed “She is soooo going to kill me,” He then looked at her and his eyes light up in hope. “Hey you’re a pilot right. Wait stupid question of course you are or you wouldn’t be here. Are you still looking for a team? Please say yes.”
Lilly was surprised by this. “Um yes I am” she said a shock in her voice.
“O good, great in fact. Hi I’m Shou and I’m looking of two more member for my team.” He said smiling. He then looked past her at another girl standing behind her. “Hey are you looking too? I still got a slot open if you’re looking.”
  Mended / 92d 10h 28m 1s
[ Arden Priest]

Arden had spent most of her morning sitting awkwardly in the admissions office as they finalized her paperwork. She still had a hard time containing they joy that was constantly welling up inside of her. [I I'm finally here! I get to be an engineer, I get to be a pilot, and I get to work on my gear whenever I want!] She was sitting across a chair next to the admissions office door when a short, stout woman called to her. "Um, miss? You can pick your paperwork up now."

Jolting out of her day dream Arden shot up from the chair so fast that she tripped over her bag on the ground, [+purple "Crap..."] She sat a weary glance at the woman behind the desk and she rubbed her chin in a way to say [I 'Wipe the drool from your face.'] Which Arden did do. After a deep blush crept onto her face and picking up her backpack.

She hurried over to the woman, said thank you, and picked her schedule and other important and miscellaneous papers up. She had already missed the first few classes of the day and her lunch period so she hurried off to the only other class she had on Monday's, Introduction to Mechanical Engineering; which she would pass with ease.

After she sat through an extremely boring 2 hour class session of "'Hi, my name is xxx' and 'These are the materials you will need, refer to the syllabus'", she found herself gaping up at the Pilot Lounge.

Making her way inside, she plopped down on a couch in the center of the room and pulled her laptop out. She might as well get comfortable, the event happening today to find people to be on teams wasn't happening for another few hours and she didn't really know where to go.
  colorcraft / 96d 45m 11s
Today was the day. Her first day back to school after the break and her first day as a pilot. This would be her second year at Ace high but she had come for engineering at first. She had always loved getting her hand dirty but she had always wanted to pilot and now was her chance. Although she would have to find a team first.
The way it worked in Ace was too able to take part in event you must have a team of four. No more no less. Most team however had been set up before the end of brake. Lucky for today teams without four member would meet in the pilot lounge to requite new members. This would be around midday after most collage class were done. She couldn’t wait till the end of the day so she could see her Gear. Her brother would let her see it until the first day as he was still working on a few thing with it. For the whole day she couldn’t focus on her classes. Although most were just welcome classes and interdussing new students.
Finally the day ended and she quickly rolled herself down to the hanger bay. She had been given a key into early that day and told that her Gear was in hanger six. Turn a few heads as he came up to the door she open the door to a large hanger bay that help at least a dozen Gears. Slowly she rolled up to her Gear.
It was slightly small then most other Gear but thicker too. It was a little blockier and rounder then it counter parts which when for a more smooth look. She could tell that it was closer looking to the German Gear then most of the Japanese Gears that surrounded her. She nearly bounced out of her chair as she looked at it. “Yes yes yes.” She cheered rolling up to it legs. “Finally I have my own Gear look out work I’m coming.”
  Lilly / Mended / 100d 3h 44m 41s
[ Arden Priest]

[+purple "Damn it..."] Arden groaned and threw herself onto her bed along with the small pile of mail. The pile of envelopes was comprised of an overdue book notice, and three college denial letters; one of them being for the college of her dreams, Ace Academy. [+purple "Damn it..."] She could feel the tears coming hot and fast as they streamed down her face and onto her pillow.

[I Why do I always do this to myself?] She always set herself up for dissapointment no matter what she did. Getting her hopes up and the people around her apparently came easy. Because that's all she aver did.

She had been training to get into Ace Academy for the majority of her high school life and she was hoping to get the acceptance letter and packet today. But all that had come in the mail was a flimsy little envelope.

And it broke her heart.

[I I have to open it. I have to know if it's true!] Arden wiped at her wet face with the back of her hand and loosed a heavy sigh. She had to do this. She reached a shakey arm behind her and brought the 4 envelopes up into her field of vision. Tossing away the three useless packets she slowly ripped the seal on the Ace Academy letter and braced herself for dissapointment.

[I "Arden, we are pleased to have you join us at Ace Academy this fall semester. Please contact our admissions line at xxx-xxx-xxxx to begin the admissions progress."]

[+purple "Oh my god..."]
  colorcraft / 115d 2h 46m 31s
Lilly rolled into her living room a little past 8 o'clock and noticed her brother sitting on the couch. "Hey Jack" she said after rolling over to him. Jack looked over at her and said. "Hey Lilly. How was school?" Jack had been taken of Lilly since there parent had died in a car crash. Lilly had been with them and had lost the ability to walking in the crash. Even thought they could get the surgery to fix it they couldn’t afford it. Jake had to drop out of school to get a job to help pay for things that they need.

"It was okay. Had to do some boring stuff with paper work set up the new year classes." Lilly said settling in. "How about you how was work? Your home early today." Jack smiled. "Well that because I have a surprise for you." He said pulling out some paper and passed them to her. She took a few second to read them then looked over them again, and again. "This can't right this is for..."

"The pilot program for your school I know." Jake finished for her. Lilly looked at confused. "but that doesn't make any since I don’t have a Gear. Even if I did I couldn't' pilot one without my legs." Jake smiled grow. "Well unless someone to made a Gear that didn’t need to use feet to pilot them then someone who was crippled could us it. However, because of that you would have to learn how to thrust using your elbow instead."

Lilly mouth hung open as she looked at her brother. "That easy but how would one even get a gear like that. Let alone afford it." Jake smiled reached it pike. "Not unless someone build it over the last seven years and put part of his paycheck to it each time." Lilly shock her head. "No way you did that." Jake then throw over a set off keys. "Congress Lilly this year you are going to me a Gear pilot at your school."
  Lilly / Mended / 118d 3h 17m 2s

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