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[center [I This is an original idea. Though subjected to take on new ideas, this is my rp. Please, do not copy]]

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[center Evil had spread through the land... It swallowed everything and imprisoned every man, woman, and child to do the bidding of its master, the evil Queen Nadia, whom emerged after losing her mind in search for power. After coming across the jewel of Tremu, the jewel housing the most malicious beast in existence had chose her to take over the kingdoms the reigned with an iron fist. Under it's spell, and hungry for those to do her bidding, she agreed to be its host, and reaped havoc along the world, forcing all to bow down to her will]

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[center As the price to keep the kingdom, the beast wanted to be king, and for her to birth him children... Seven children to keep the world the way he saw fit all over the world. She gave birth to the Seven Sins over the course of seven years, and after twenty years, each were to watch the seven regions as their father's will]

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[center Twenty years after, a threat had surfaced. The King had informed his wife that there were four others... His brothers, the Four Beasts, under their nose, fathered four to oppose them... These four had been hiding, learning, training... To stop their reign. Outraged of this, the Queen had sent troupes to find them... The only lead she had gotten over a year of searching, was that these four called themselves The Four Horsemen, and their objective? To rid the world of its plague of Darkness]

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[center The Seven Sins are alert now, The Seven Regions hope to take them down... But, these four hold promise to eradicate her evil reign and everything with it. Will they succeed? Of will the Four Horsemen be fighting in vain?]

[size15 [center [b The Four Horsemen]]]

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[center [b Puppetmaster:] Bloody_Eve]
[center [b Name:] Inrei ]
[center [b Age:] 23]
[center [b Which Horseman:] Pestilence]
[center [b Most Wanted Sin(s) :] Lust, Wrath]
[center [b Personality:] Quiet, demanding, caring, determined, short tempered]
[center [b Story:] Born by the beast of The Heavens (AIR), she had been in tune with the knowledge that she was meant for something greater. Her power is far beyond reckoning, and she never prided herself of it. I'm fact, she is quite scared of the power she can use. Although it may have seemed scary, she became the most powerful out of the four, with full intention of being able to keep up with the other three. Her fight is with Wrath and Lust, two of which she had met first hand as a child. They tortured and killed her mother.]

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[center [b Puppetmaster:] Avix]

[center [b Name :] Thana]

[center [b Age:] 28]

[center [b Which Horsemen:] Death]

[center [b Most Wanted Sin(s):] Greed and Envy]

[center [b Personality:] Two personalities / One is dark, quiet, patient, calm, introverted and stubborn. The other, violent, enraged, unyielding, uncaring, destructive to self and others and disastrous.]

[center [b Story:] Thana tries to never use her powers. When she does, death follows without fail. Thana always finishes a job, a fight, a hunt, and always finishes it completely. Therefore she is very select in choosing who to hunt and which jobs to take.
When she was younger, she always seemed to be the most level headed, the one who was able to make the tough decisions. But one day, when she was older and on a job, she came across Envy and Greed. They hated her personality, the way she could stay so calm and decided to take it upon themselves to change it, make her "more fun" and "more like them". They tortured her until her mind split. She vowed revenge on them from that day.]

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