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[center [size13 [font "time roman" For Muta and myself. Not us, go away.]


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[right [size14 [font "time roman" Mayze]]]
[center [size13 [font "time roman" New York City. The city that never sleeps. The noisy city. New York was one of the most most business nastiest places you could think of. All the businesses, all the crime. People walking around, ignoring each other, ignoring humanity. Human’s more intrigued with their phones then with their surroundings.
Someone could come and kill the person next of you, and you would never see their face.
Yes, humans were such a disgusting race.
The sun was setting over New York City. But the city never sleeps. Lights shined through the city, making it bright. Was it even night time?
Yelling, laughing, talking, screaming, curses. These were these were the lyrics to the song of the city. Filling your ears, filling your homes, your car. They were the melodies New York City’s residents heard all day and night.
A aroma of fattening, processed food lingers in the air, mixed with pollution and toxins. Most people ignore these scents, to busy with their lives to smell the toxins they have put into the air.
Building towered over the city, some taller than others. Most 30 stories high. Protecting and shielding the city.
Up on the roofs where the light doesn’t shine, and the shadows cast over stoof a small figure. Standing just a couple inches from the edge of the building the figure looked down, watching the small dots of cars driving about, beeping and honking at each other. Screaming cursing for cutting each other off. Smaller dots of people enjoying the nightlife, or going home from work, maybe even having an affair dotted the streets.
Pearly white fangs popped out as a cheshire cat grin painted itself on the figure's face. Stepping forward a bit more a small stream of light from a billboard hit the figured face, revealing dark blue eyes, that were staring down at the picture below.
Purple and black hair fell into the female's face, her eyes never leaving the movie she was watching below.
The woman was small, no bigger than 5’0. Her skin was porcelain, and beautiful, fragile almost. But she was not. Her figure was petite and thin, and her features were that of a goddess, which she was anything but.Black and purple hair fell down her back to her mid back, swaying slightly at the small breeze on the roof. A black shirt covered almost all of her upper half, a small portion of her pale stomach could be seen, several scars and black markings decorated, it, ending abruptly where the clothes covered, showing there was more under the cloth.
Black jeans hung loosely on her slender waist, hanging slightly off her hip. Chains hung from the belt loops. Pins and Spike covered several areas of her waist, and thigh reagan. A black jean jacket hung loosely on her small shoulders, similar chains, pins and spikes covering it as well. Silver cuffs hugged tightly against her wrist, a small chain hanging from them.
Humans, they were filthy creatures, vile. They used this planet as their garbage can, they treated their superiors like shit, and they walked around like they were the superior race.
A dark chuckle escaped the lips of the female. They had no idea what was about to come to them.
Dark Blue eyes glanced up at the very billboard that attached to a smaller building in front of her. She tilted her head and stared at it. Her mind wandering to multiple places.
Another dark laugh escaped from her as she held up her arm, a dark aura surrounding her hand as she stared darkly at the build board. A small dark matter ball filling her hand hand before releasing and shooting towards the iron pole that was holding the billboard up.
The iron broke in two causing the board to lean forward, soon the same thing happened to the iron on the opposite side before the large piece of metal, and lights came crashing down upon the people below.
Screams of panic now filled the air, cries of pain sang melodies in her ears. She could smell the scent of blood a while away. The little dots scurried around like ants, panic driven.
The cheshire grin widened as she watched the movie play out for her entertainment.
“[+red Enjoying yourself Mayze?]” The dark voice pulled her away from the scene in front of her. Tilting her head to the side, she looked behind her. A muscular figure’s silhouette stood behind her, white fangs and grey eyes visable from within the shadows.
“[#461B7E Should that even be a question commander?]” She smiled at him, her eyes going back to the chaos below. Red and blue lights now flashing as paramedics arrive and try to save the people trapped within the hell she brought forth upon them.
“[+red Let us not remember what we are hear to do, Mayze. We are to take over this planet. Killing anyone who opposes us. Enslaving everyone who surrenders. Do not forget the task at hand]”
The grin from Mayze’s face left, her lips now in a straight line. She didn’t look back at the male.
“[#461B7E We only have to worry about the humans. The Wolves and Vampires are going to go to war. We made sure to piss off every pack and coven we could find. They have no idea we are even here.]” She muttered, her eyes scanning the commotion below.
“[+red Yes. So everything is going as plan. Just don’t mess up Mayze. Father wouldn’t like it.]”
A snarl escaped the female’s lips, still not looking behind her.
“[#461B7E Do not worry brother. I don’t plan on letting him down.]”
She heard no reply, meaning her brother most likely left. Closing her eyes for a moment she opened them again, her ocean blue eyes watched once more. This was going to go down as an accident. But oh, the humans will soon know, they are doomed.

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/eZvh2eN.png]]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/BwyvPk9.png]]
[right [size14 [font "time roman" Callum]]]
“[+blue Get the fuck up Callum. You are going to be late]” The snarl from another male pulled the male out of his peaceful slumber. Grey eyes fluttering open. A groan escaping his slightly parted lips.
Pulling the covers from over his head, he snarled as the sun caught his eyes. Closing them in a bit of pain, he squinted, trying to let his eyes adjust to the harsh light. Slowly they focused onto a large, muscular male in front of him, looking down at him and shaking his head.
“[+blue Get up mutt.]” He smirked turning around to pull on a shirt that was too small for him, but showed his toned muscles perfectly.
Groaning again he closed his eyes for a moment, trying to blink them away. Slowly getting up he yawned, stretched and rubbed the remaining sleep from his eyes.
Pulling the sheets off him, he was in nothing but his briefs. Getting up, he walked to the bathroom and almost jumped when he saw his reflection.
His hair was standing, almost like when you rub a balloon against your hair. It was wildly shooting in every direction possible.
“[+blue C’mon Cal. You don’t got time for a shower. Get your pretty ass dressed before we are late for class!]” Damen yelled from the other room.
Blushing at his words he began to comb his mess of hair. He had no time to shower, to he needed to attempt and tame the beast with a comb and some water.
With no success he sighed. It was the best he was going to get. Brushing his teeth quickly he rushed back into the bedroom, he felt hands snake around him and a kiss press against his neck. He suppressed his moans knowing if he let them go, they would be later than usual.
“[#616D7E Damien.]” He snarled as his kisses continued to trail down his neck.
“[#616D7E We are going to be much later. C’mon]” He finally managed to squeeze out of the man’s grip, after a growl of protests.
Damen wasn’t his boyfriend. He was his roommate who happened to be gay as well, and who happened to be [i really] good in bed.
Pulling on a pair of faded out jeans, a plain black shirt and his shoes he was ready.
Callum wasn’t anything special. He was an average guy who was a bit shorter than the best, only 5’6. He had a fit body, with a bit of muscles to it, but for the most part he was all skin and bone, with very little meat on him. He had harsh brown colored hair that hung info his face, and basically was untamable. His grey eyes pierced through almost anything they saw. They were beautiful to say the least.
Callum was a simple man. He was in his first year of college going for a graphic design major. He enjoyed computers, and he enjoyed drawing. So why not make some money from his skills?
To most people, Callum looked like you average college boy. But to a select few, they knew him as the Alpha’s son, in this area. Yes. Callum was a werewolf, and his father was the alpha to the wolves in this town.
Things were great, well. That was until about a month ago they found his mother dead, bite marks in her neck.
Most people know vampires and wolves don’t mix, and it didn’t help that the local coven did not get along with the Pendersin Pack. So they kept to themselves and kept away from each other. That was until they started attacking wolves randomly, and now his mother, and female Alpha was dead.
“[+blue Did you hear about the 5 vamps that were killed last night? Lucus took a couple people out and wiped a small group of them in the forest south bond.]” Callum shook his head as they walked out of their dorm and on to campus.
Callum wasn’t a fan of violence. He knew they needed to protect their territory, but he wasn’t a fighter, and he hated blood, it made him squeamish. So he usually stayed home when Damen went out hunting for the vamps, which is what they called them. Because they didn’t like to say their actual names.
Shuttering he shook his head. He didn’t hear about it. But their was no doubt his dad asked him to do it. His dad was furious and grieving heavily at the death of his mate, Callum’s mother. Callum was grieving too. Wishing he could do more, he tried going out with a group.
He ended up hiding when they found some vamps, causing his dad to be more sad that his son, the next Alpha in line was a weakling.
“[+blue Yeah, there is another hunt tonight. I’m going. So I’d like to get some of your ass before I leave.]” He smirks and winks at him before heading in the other direction, leaving Callum flustered, blushing and turned on.
Shaking his head he headed towards his own class. He could feel eyes on him, which made him uncomfortable. Some were from girls who didn’t know he was gay, some were from guys who knew he was gay and they were too; and some were from vamps. Because even though they didn’t get along. Some vamps went to this school. He could smell them, and could feel them glaring at him. They wouldn’t attack him, they probably wanted to, but they wouldn’t in front of humans and in such a public place, which was why Callum was never alone.
Hurrying along down the hall, he headed to his first class, which was college Algebra. He hated math, but he needed to take it.
Heading to the room his professor wasn’t there yet, and neither was there a lot of people. Slowly going to the back of the room, he walked and sat at the far left of the rows of seats. Pulling out his book, he leaned back. His mind wandering to his mother.
Why did the vampire’s attack her? It made no sense.

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