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[b He had slowly walked in, and there he saw it something, something was calling to him? As if it wanted to be found by him he walks over slowly to the brown fur ball and then he picks it up along with the tape, he fumbles clumsy like almost dropping both as he heard the Tattletail down stairs and he walks out carrying said brown Tattle tail and tape grumbling]
"Geez okay I heard ya fur ball!!"
[b He sits the brown big Tattle tail and the tape on the kitchen table and goes back to looking for the blue tattle tail.]
  D R A K E / Balance / 4d 1h 19m 29s
[#0000ff [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Exo:400,700] [div The attic stirred when the child entered it, a few creaks here and there. Boxes set untouched for ages as dust collected on them. IT was dark, quiet. Whilst the small Tattletail lay in the basement way below the house, a much larger one sat in the corner of the attic, his flashlight resting on it. It's brown fur a bit ridged, eyes closed, a tape laying to the side of it as it sat in it's slumbered stage waiting to be disturbed.

"FIND MEEEE!!!" a smaller one chirped below as if an attempt to distract the child away from the larger one, but soon curiosity would get the better of him, as it did to all children.
  [TT] / Delusion / 4d 1h 26m 30s
[b He blinks to himself and looks around, the toy was gone]
[b He looks under the table, nothing, he looks all about in the kitchen, the fridge, the stove, the cabinets, nothing so he moves on through the house not finding it anywhere, so he blinks and sees the string for the attic and pulls the old creepy wooden stairs down]
"Not fun..."
[b He pulls out his little flash light and turns it on]
"Not fun at all..."
[b He mumbles as he climbs up]
  D R A K E / Balance / 6d 1h 15m 3s
[#0000ff [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Exo:400,700] [div The lights flickered several times before going out. Leaving the child in darkness. A loud grinding sound was heard somewhere echoing in the house, red eyes glowing in the darkness.
The grinding got louder, with each number the kid muttered. An angry presence in the room with him, mere inches from the boy's figure.

As the boy counted to '10' the lights suddenly flickered back on. The room empty. Only Drake in the kitchen, his tattletail gone from it's perched spot on the counter.

Thudding sounds from the basement were heard as boxes toppled over. Small giggles from the toy could be heard. [b "Find me! Find me find me find meeee!!!"] It chimed four times before laying in silence. Awaiting to be found.
  [TT] / Delusion / 6d 1h 18m 43s
"I guess we will just play then..."
[b He grumbles some and then turns around and shuts his eyes and puts his hands on his eyes]
[b He begins to count down slowly]
[b He grumbles some, something just felt off, scary, weird.]
  D R A K E / Balance / 6d 1h 25m 4s
[#0000ff [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Exo:400,700] [div It sat silent on the kitchen counter for a moment, before whirring to life once more [b "Drake play! Drake hide or Tattletail? Tattletail want to hide! Drake close his eyes and count to 10! Ok??"]

It processed what he said [b "Nooo nooo not your mama. Big mama. Scary mama. Vewy Scaaaaary."] The tattletail began to shake, vibrating on the counter as it's eyes swiftly went left to right and repeat. As if the toy were actually showing emotion, fear. [b "No talk about mama though. We don't want mama to hear us. Mama watches. Mama mean"]
  [TT] / Delusion / 6d 1h 28m 24s
[b He widens his eyes as the toy actually took a bite]
"I uh...heh...I love..you...too?"
[b He gulps some and heard the toy say it wanted to play hide and seek]
"Uh I mean....sure?"
[b He sits the tattle tail on the kitchen table and stares at it as it calls him a bad child and how mama doesn't like bad children]
"but...My mother isn't even home what mama who what, I mean yeah your welcome for letting you out of there..."
  D R A K E / Balance / 6d 1h 34m 12s
[#0000ff [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Exo:400,700] [div [b "Drake! Draaaake! Drake!!! Drake me friend!!!"] The Tattletail exclaimed and whirred ears twitching with more excitement. It stared at the pizza offered to it before the toy took an /actual/ bite out of it, scarfing the food down. [b "Mmmmm mmm thank you thank you thank yoooou Drake!"]

Satisfied for now it sighed happily closing it's eyes for a moment before opening them once more scanning the area and the child. [b "Me bored! Drake play with me? what want play? Hide and seek?"]

It paused for a moment before it spoke once more [b "Oh- uh oh. Why you open gifts? It's not christmas yet! bad.. very bad. Mama doesn't like bad children. Be careful! Thank you for letting out of box tho. It very cramped."]
  [TT] / Delusion / 6d 1h 37m 43s
[b He blinks and panics when the Tattletail started to talk]
"I am uh Drake!"
[b He runs to the fridge and grabs some cold pizza and holds out a slice to said tattletale]
"Here you go...thing."
[b Drake was utterly freaked out at this point, This toy had buzzed to life when he pulled it out]
  D R A K E / Balance / 6d 1h 43m 43s
[#0000ff [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Exo:400,700] [div Upon being taking out of the box the smol fuzzy blue Tattletail stirred and whirred to life, it's ears twitching, eyes blinking. [b "Me Tattletail! Me loooove you!"] it chimed happily, it's mouth moving as it's voice played. [b "What's yooouur name?"]

A moment passed before the small toy whirred again [b "Me hungry... feed me! feeeeed meeee!"] it whined eagerly.
  [TT] / Delusion / 6d 1h 49m 11s
Drake was your average seven year old boy.
He liked apple juice, and poptarts.
Well Drakes parents had to decided to go on vacation and leave him at house by himself, which they, normally did as they went on vacation a lot and left him alone, and tried to make up for that sense of none love with material items, toys, clothes, games, and this year there was one big box under the christmas tree and as soon as Drake's parents split walked over to the box and begin to slowly unwrap it, and behold it was, a tattletail.
"Huh, another animatronic toy thing huh?"
[b He stares blankly at the box]
  D R A K E / Balance / 6d 2h 16m 17s

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