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[center His ephemeral stammering beckons a rush of gratification.]
[center There's also the added perks of watching his expression bounce between exasperation and puzzlement. Clearly those random tidbits of information are legitimate facts.]
[center Golisopod is indeed his favorite Pokemon. And the appearance of her own shook him real good.]
[center Regardless, Moon must remain focus. On their next impending battle. On a pair of heckling Golisopods. On him, Guzma, the big bad boss of Team Skull.]
[center The young trainer huffs.]
[center All this drama to liberate a Yungoos that had been stolen away. Among other sentiments. Felt so senseless. As if there's a hidden motivation behind his conviction.]
[center Although, there does exist the slight possibility of her overthinking the entire situation. Particularly when most members of Team Skull were 'known' for providing more support than actual interference.]

[center As their Pokemon battle is initiated by their clashing Arthropods--two separate things become quite apparent. Guzma has trained. Thoroughly. His Golisopod, and eventually Ariados, are far stronger now.]
[center It's simply not enough.]
[center She had won. Again.]

[center This time, surprisingly, Guzma took his defeat with stride. Even demands his trembling subordinate to release the Yungoos.]
[center Afterwards the grunt fled, leaving them alone.]
[center There's a pause, then he steadily begins marching pass her position, mumbling something.. curious. She barely caught the words. Yet the significance of them made her blood run cold, and produced numerous questions that she'll worry about later.]
[center For now..]
[center Without hesitation, Moon whirls around on her heels and reaches forward, her slim fingers brushing against the thick fabric of his sweater's sleeve. Until she grasped onto him tightly. [i [#3b79a0 "Wait."]]]
[center She steps closer to him. Their differences in height very discernible now.]
[center [i [#3b79a0 "Guzma,"]] her voice noticeably wavers. Those sapphire orbs search his face for a moment before suddenly averting elsewhere, her hand sliding off his arm, slowly.]
[center The young trainer, with the Yungoos following suit, proceeds towards the door leading back into reality. A choice statement is left behind.]

[center [i [#3b79a0 "I prefer Roserade Tea."]]]

[center Outside Po Town, Moon briefly encounters Nanu and soon she's back on track. Time to return Yungoos.]
  / Metorajetta / 5d 1h 41m 52s
[#9e1cba [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Exo:400,700] [div [tab ] Guzma had been training vigorously since he was defeated by Moon in public. Team skull was up to no good, no one really knew what they were up to or what their intentions were--- except Guzma. But he wasn't ready to announce such things. Let them keep guessing. He smirked nudging the Yungoose at his feet which growled and snarled as it's fur fluffed up in anger. It obviously didn't want to be here, but this was a distraction they needed. Whilst they lured all those 'tough' trial go-ers here with this, they would be able to snatch an unexpecting and unguarded Lillie up. He could only hope Plumeria could work fast as Moon drew closer.

He heard the stirs from his throne, the lower level clashing with battles, angry justified pokemon aiding her cause--- This kid was really giving them a hard time wasn't she? He questioned her strength and sat pondering amongst the silent room-- until the door to his chambers slowly opened, and he locked eyes with his guest he was expecting. He couldn't help but notice the pendant with crossbones- and his curiosity was sparked but it dare wouldn't be questioned... he had a job to do. He stood up, hands on his hips, closing his eyes, before finally speaking up muttering in almost a monotone but confident manner [b "The hated boss who beats you down and beats you down... and never lets up."] Words he had uttered in their previous encounter. [b "Yeah. Big bad Guzma is here." ] He straightened his stance as she approached him.

[b "I don't really get you, kid. But atleast this is a change of pace."] He chuckled as his tone almost became playful for a moment. [b "IT's not everyday someone comes straight to me for a beating~"] He could tell she was eyeing the Yungoose, [b "So Moon, I am guessing you aren't here for me entirely at all. Are ya? Ya' here for the pokemon friend here, aw... how sweet of ya, helping out a sad little girl~"] He teased.

[b "Tch!"] He scoffed and shook his head. [b "Can't you just stick to your own pokemon and stay out of people's business?"] He crossed his arms and started to laugh as if amused. [b "Aw gee, you're one messed up kid! ... [i I like it]."] He gave a smirk [b "You know what I do when a Machine starts acting up? I give it a nice hard smack.. I mean.. most the time I smash it to pieces, but hey, what can ya do? Now let's see if I can't fi-"] He trailed off and stuttered over his words just a bit surprised when she sent out a Golisopod. Guzma's utterly favorite pokemon.

He shook it off, eye slightly twitching from either annoyance or confusement. Before sending out his Golisopod too, which towered infront of him in an aggressive manner, eyeing the other down itching to battle.

The battle that commenced between them shook the room and gave all the grunts around them a major spook. But despite Guzma's efforts and training-- [i he still couldn't beat her]. He clenched his fist, but this time he took the loss way better, especially it being in his own sanctuary and not out in the open. [b "Y-yeah yeah I gotta admit, that was great---"] He shook his head [b [i [size10 "GAh! Guzma-- WHAT is wrong with you!?"] ]] he said to himself, questioning why he still couldn't beat this kid who he was starting to enjoy battling with. He turned to the grunt asides him and barked orders [b "YO. Give the doll back the pokemon. NOW."] The grunt squeaked and fled the room, as the yungoose gladly ran up to it's savior Moon.

He gave her an almost genuine smile. [b "Tch. I'm gunna beat you down one of these days kid-- no matter who's help I need to do it.."] he growled. [b "Now scram-- or whatever..."] He muttered as he walked past her about to take his leave.
  Gᑌᘔᗰᗩ / Delusion / 7d 20h 44m 13s
[center She had evidently been mistaken.]
[center Guzma is not only peeved, he now projecting himself as a toddler by boasting a childish tantrum. The Big Bad Boss of Team Skull is trembling and intimidating his subordinates. It's rather comical.]
[center But then he sprouts some fiction.]
[center Which leaves her feeling unimpressed.]
[center Moreover as he trudges pass, accompanied by two bewildered grunts, their eyes temporarily meet and he unloads additional deception. Or is his remark legitimate? She couldn't confirm either to be truthful.]
[center Moon simply didn't have not enough experience with someone emitting so much.. personality. And that's beyond ridiculous when you consider both Professor Kukui and Hau.]
[center The young girl spares a glance towards the dwindling figure of a mind-boggling man. Cheers and congratulations were neglected. Soon traces of a frown began appearing upon her delicate features.]
[center [i What's his damage?]]

[center Three days of traveling later, and she had [i almost] forgotten the offbeat numero uno of Team Skull. Almost being the keyword.]
[center Moon, the saint of righteousness, actually went out of her way to remember Guzma. She exhausted herself two days ago somewhere around Route 8. Hours squandered for a fresh-faced companion. Another period of time is granted towards shopping.]
[center Eventually. She located what she desired.]
[center A miniature pin of crossed bones.]
[center Which established a place upon her fruity messenger bag. Thankfully nobody inquired about it. Although Lillie had given her a curious look once.]

[center Yet none of that really mattered anymore.]
[center Not when she standing here.]
[center Clothes damped, her juvenile frame shivering oh so slightly. A looming door several inches before her. The gentle melody of rain pounding against the creaking roof of this [i Shady House]. Thoughts of him and rescuing a Yungoos.]
[center Moon is tired.]
[center Does it mean something? No.]
[center Particularly not after she learns more about him through a game of sorts. Scraps of paper shattered about meant everything. Their truths repeat within her spirit.]

[center [b [i Which move does Master Guzma like best?]]][center [i Beat Up]]
[center [b [i Which Pokémon does Master Guzma like best?]]][center [i Golisopod]]
[center [b [i Which drink does Master Guzma like best?]]][center [i Tapu Cocoa]]

[center The second question bought feelings of anticipation. Would he noticed? Would he care? She's breathless and excited. For a pause, she raising her hand and thought about knocking first, but instead just enters - a room of wonders.]
[center King-sized bed mindlessly shoved aside, a stationed grunt leering at her, behind him is a chest full of.. Z-Crystals? Then there's him. Guzma, Team Skull's Boss, perched upon a 'throne'. By his foot is a frighten Yungoos.]
[center There are no greetings. Just the ramblings or banter of a madman. She, however, doesn't splurge their time. A Pokeball is tossed high. Streams of translucent reddish light beams forward.]
[center A familiar arthropod Pokemon emerges hunched-over with a pair of purple antennas swaying.]
[center Moon exhales while her beloved Golisopod glances behind, and coos faintly at her.]
  / Metorajetta / 9d 7h 25m 11s
[#9e1cba [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Exo:400,700] [div [tab ] Just when Guzma thought he had the battle won-- the girl who had been coaxed to challenge him was the winner. Upon his Golisopod hitting the ground, fainting, his jaw dropped. He clinched his fist as he was swarmed with mixed emotions, irritation, defeat, utter confusion- embarrassment. He shifted his eyes to the side as people we're gawking and gossiping about the girls strength.

He was just beaten by a mere kid.

Who the hell did this kid think she was? He shook with anger as he dropped the prize money into her hands- and he glared daggers over to the Prof. How dare she make a fool of him out in public like this. The two grunts were shocked as well. He growled in irritation knowing they would probably gossip about this later--- [i "No way! The boss lost?!"] [b "SHUDDAP"] He barked at them as the cowered throwing their hands up.

He returned his fainted pokemon and huffed. [b "Yeah... well... I'll remember this kid."] He muttered to himself, he wasn't going to let this go. She just struck him where it hurt, his pride.

[b "Moon- tch. I was going easy on you..."] He lied through his teeth with a snarl obviously taking this loss like a big baby. [b "Wouldn't be too cool ta- y'know, beat up on a girl especially in public. I'm not a monsta."] He scoffed. Contemplating why the hell this kid was so strong- what's with that? Where did Moon even come from? Surely not here in Alola.

This was personal now. She was an obvious threat. Not to be underestimated again that's for sure. He turned his back on her crossing his arms. [b "I'm done here, I made my point---"] He started to step away from them as the two grunts followed after him hesitantly. Mildly concerned to get his pokemon to a center, he was taking his leave.

[b "Word of advice, Moon. Stay outta my way."] He shook his head. [b "Next time I won't be going so easy on you."] He was bluffing halfheartedly, after this turn of events he had decided to go and train his pokemon even more---- push their limits further.

The onlookers and the Professor cheered Moon's victory on, for 'putting him in his place' Which further struck his pride and irritation. Oh yeah. This was definitely personal now.

No one makes a fool of Guzma.

His pace quickened, and soon he was out of sight.
  Gᑌᘔᗰᗩ / Delusion / 9d 17h 43m 50s
[center Guzma. This stylish maniac's name is Guzma. Furthermore, he's apparently the kingpin of Team Skull.]
[center For a moment there, she thought the two grunts were being deceitful, mostly since [i Guzma] didn't strike her as.. the leader type. Of course, groundless assumptions or opinions could be broken like clay pots.]
[center Like right now.]
[center Her flourishing impression is shot down immediately. Both of them had clambered into separate directions, perhaps in reverence or even fright, either way, it didn't matter.]
[center Moon's spiritless gaze soon reverts back onto Guzma's massive, 'bigger than life' presence. He's arrogant and clearly has some unresolved issues with Professor Kukui. Which somehow perturbs her.]
[center A past relationship, a history, is shared between these men?]
[center Such a revelation is baffling. And instead of comprehending it, she rather feign naivety. Be the obedient, innocent child that everyone expected. Listen. Never respond with a no.]
[center Just smile and follow.]
[center Although.. it might not be wisest decision to disregard their conversation altogether, right? So, being the admirable saint she is, Moon concentrates on their exchange. Or attempts anyway. Neither of them spoke of interesting things, and almost seemed content with maundering along.]
[center How monotonous.]
[center They were drags. So she kindly would've tuned them out if Professor Kukui hadn't gestured for her.]
[center Those sapphire orbs momentary shifted towards the Professor. A Pokemon battle? Sure. Why not. There's nothing wrong with allowing a minor to confront your enemies. Specially when said person is insulting you.. And it's steadily consuming your feeble walls.]
[center Yet the only sign that Guzma's words were actually affecting Moon, is when her right index finger slightly twitched.]
[center After his tangent is over and a decent amount of time is spent on stares, their battles finally begins.]

[center Surprisingly, unlike her typical, deadpan appearance, Moon suddenly becomes very animated. Her eyes burn with passion. A genuine smile is plastered across her face. Quiet commands escaped from her petite mouth.]
[center She's alive.]

[center Ten minutes later and someone had won.]
[center [b [i Moon.]]]
[center Dartrix trounced Guzma's Ariados. No problem there. Then he entered the field. Golisopod. A Pokemon whom swiftly crushed both Dartrix and Milktank.]
[center Between Golisopod and Stufful, the latter is victorious.]

[center Soon her winnings is being placed upon her outstretched hand. He's clearly pissed about losing. Her face is impassive once more.]
[center Faint words are uttered.]

[right [i [#3b79a0 "My name is Moon."]]]
  / Metorajetta / 9d 18h 25m 11s
[#9e1cba [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Exo:400,700] [div [tab ] [i "It's Guzma!"] [i "Yo' the boss as graced us with his presence!"] At first he didn't even seem interested in the young girl standing behind the Prof. As he strode past the two grunts who swiftly scrambled out of his way perhaps in fear and respect, he stood face-to-face with the professor in an intimidating manner. [b [i "The hated boss who beats you down, and beats you down, and never lets up... yeah Big bad Guzma is here."]] He growled lowly obviously being very cocky. Guzma crossed his arms in a slumped stance, glaring down Prof. Kukui. It was obvious from his attitude towards the man that they had unsettled issues.

Kukui was taking his aggressive manner rather nicely though. As Guzma made a scene to the onlookers [b "Greetings, cowering public!"] He grinned widely. [b "We have an exciting 'bout for you tonight! In the opposing corner, Professor Kukui! And in this corner, The boss of Team Skull and the hardest guy around, Guzma!"]

[b ".... Here we are, Kukui. Fellow rejects who could never become captains."] He spat. He rambled on about how how the kahunas and trials were stupid traditions, and how they had no need for a Pokemon League even. [b "After all, everyone already knows who the strongest trainer on these islands is.."] [i "Speak for yourself Guzma, it's not like I couldn't become a Captain. I chose not to. I had other dreams-"] Professor Kukui rambled on about how [i "The strongest moves a Pokemon can use are ones the trainer and pokemon chose together-"] as he turned his back on him walking away saying how a Pokemon League was needed to further test the bond between trainers and their pokemon. Guzma seemed unamused, scoffed putting hands on his hips.

He coaxed Guzma to 'show him what he got' but instead of battling him, the professor turned to the young girl besides him. Referring her to battle him instead.

Guzma scoffed once more. Staring her down. [b "So you're one of the kids on his island challenge? You sure don't look like Hala's grandson that's for'sure."] [i "If you think you're the strongest trainer on this island why don't you battle her?"] [b "Tch! This move fanatic is getting me all riled up!"] He noticed the bracelet on her, [b "So you got a z-ring huh kid? .. Pf. What even is the point of the island challenge? Why bother with it?"] Who even was this chick. There was no way in heck this kid could take him in a battle.

Surely the professor wasn't being serious. Guzma didn't really think it would be worth the effort to try. Yet he had gone through this making a scene to get to the professor for him to battle him-- he was hoping to publicly embarrass him. This is not what he intended. Beating a little girl in battle? That didn't seem too much like a victory to him. All eyes rested upon Moon and Guzma as the anticipation grew. She had his full attention in this moment of arrogant curiosity.
  Gᑌᘔᗰᗩ / Delusion / 9d 21h 32m 15s
[center [i How did she get here?]]
[center [i This eccentric gathering between a Professor, two stray grunts, idle trainers.. A young adventurer and now, a madman?]]
[center [i Purple markings on his forearms that demanded your undivided attention. Yellow, damaged sunglasses that were being supported by a fluffy mane of white hair. Gold chain with the insignia of Team Skull dangling around the neck of someone original.]]
[center [i Why is she even here?]]
[center [i A Youthful Island Challenger standing behind a Pokemon Professor of unique research. Before them, a golden bridge surrounded by the beauties of Malie Garden.]]
[center [i Sapphire-colored orbs were peering beyond unimportant strangers, surpassing Kukui's position, even the pair of Team Skull grunts.]]
[center [i He's the effect to her cause.]]

[center Moon stood relatively slack. Not from smugness. Merely indifference. Yes. There are members of Team Skull loitering about. Yes. Something might happen. But did it really matter? Her precious Dartrix, Milktank, and Stufful would never be defeated by these simple thieves.]
[center Such a notion made her snort.]
[center Still.. The juvenile girl couldn't oppose her own curiosity. Just who is this man? Why is Professor Kukui behaving oh so friendly?]
[center Though Moon's expression prevails from robust blandness, every other particle of her existence is screaming.]
  / Metorajetta / 9d 21h 58m 24s

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