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Teddy was a man that was struggling to fit in the world. During the day, he was just a plain student. Average. Never really stood out. Quiet and soft spoken. Confused and reserved. That dork that no one really knows exists. He, was 21 and tired of being a nobody that no one notices. A bore. The few friends he has, even they think he will always be a no one. A stick in the mud that's boring. Women, thought him too feminine.

He wanted to change. He wanted to be something no one would think he would be. He wanted to be, noticed.

Teddy managed to get a job as an exotic dancer. And he loves it. It opened so many doors. Doors he had no idea he had closed. It was like a switch had flicked on. The person who he was, finally confident enough to be who wants to be. Now if this was a change for good. Only time would tell.

The two owners of the strip club, may have found themselves doing something they thought they would never do. Fall for one of their dancers. Teddy seems to be enchanting anyone when he's dressed for work. He keeps work life very separated from who he was during school. So many doors opening for everyone.

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Sunshine was expecting Jack to just hold the lighter up to light his cigarette. Not to gently lift his chin up. That settled touched made those green eyes widen and his cheeks flushed a soft pink. Not that it was all that easy to notice with all these dim and flashing lights. [i Wh-what's he doing?] The smaller male watched and saw Jack push the end of his cigarette to Sunshine's. That was one way to light he guesses. So he, took Jack's advice and took a slow drag, watching the embers spread to his and it start to smoke. The taste hitting his tongue and the back of his throat. TOok him by surprise and he leaned his head back as it sat there delicately between his soft pink lips.

He felt it in his lungs and he took the light stick between his fingers and took it out of his mouth as he tried to not cough, but he did. Holding his hand up to hide his face and the other pushing on Jack's chest to give him some room to figure this coughing fit out. Damn it burned.

Once that calmed down he held the stick between his middle and pointer finger on his left hand. [b "Ooooh okay. So I don't smoke. But, I always wanted to try."] He blushed sweetly, that innocence he was trying so hard to hide. Shining rather brightly right now. Then with that, he tucked it right back up on his lips and took, a smaller puff this time. That time, it went much smoother and his eyes widened as that burn felt, good and felt so relaxing. [b "Oh my."] He said to himself pulling it out again to exhale the smoke. Just, coughing a little bit again that time. This little giggle let his lips trying to play this off as nothing.

As Sunshine had this little determined look on his face, as he tried to learn how to handle smoking. He didn't notice the other male staring him down. Not till Jack spoke up again and asking how he got here. Assuming he had daddy issues. Sunshine just rolls his eyes and sassily rests a hand on his hip. [b "Actually, no. I just....need money to get through college. Do I have to have a sad backstory to work here? I know some of the others do. But sweety, I'm not like everyone else."] He holds that little smirk on his lips and taps his finger a few times on Jack's chest. [b "For someone who doesn't seem to like people like me and the others here. You're sure here a lot? You love your brother a lot don't you."] The curvy boy chuckled a bit, getting his own little punch in there. It wasn't much, but it was enough to let Jack know that Sunshine was in fact witty and proud of who he was. He has spent his whole life lying to himself. Holding himself back. He wont let his inexperience show and effect his confident

[b "Now, you're cute. But sadly, being cute, wont help my college fees."] He giggles more and pats Jack's cheek sweetly a few times. [b "I have to go work, okay Mr. Troublemaker?"] Sunshine gives the cutest wink and tucks his cigarette in Jack's lips before strutting off to get back to work.

Word got around the club quickly, just how cute the new boy was. His lap dances being rather popular tonight. His dances on stage having the crowd very much happy. This wasn't full blown nude strip club. No, this was a rather classy place. But there was mild stripping. The dancers leaving the stage in just their little undies or shorts usually. Ted is glad this wasn't some trashy whorehouse. Unless of course you go to the private rooms in the back for private dances. There, they did full nudity, but for the dancer's safety. No touching. Just, watching. But during the interview Pete asks to see who is willing to do the private dancers or not. Sunshine here, no, said he couldn't do the private dances. He's never been naked in front of anyone before. No way his first time was going to be in front of a stranger. No way.

That night, was a hit. The club closed happily. Sunshine was a hit and it was just the confident booster he needed in life. He's never been called beautiful so many times in one night, through out his whole life. He was this sweetly hard to catch kind of vibe going for him and people were eating that up.

As he sat in the back changing room. Everyone was undressing and getting ready to go home for morning. Sunshine walked out of the little rest room in some regular clothes. Some light blue jeans and a low v neck long sleeved shirt and swung his jacket over. His hair still done and his contact lenses still in. Not wanting them to know he wore glasses. He wanted Ted and Sunshine separated. He really did. That way his parents didn't have any idea, and his new life here had no idea he was just this. Little shy wallflower. You cant be a wallflower and a stripper. You just cant. You would be one boring ass dancer for sure. Especially with everyone here being so bold and colorful.

The dancers stayed in the back for a bit. They sat around laughing and talking about their day. Glory was going on how this sugar daddy was trying to be sweet to him. But he wasn't having that. Dazzle was going on how he seriously is falling for this one regular. Everyone just laughs, cause Dazzle is always saying that. But then, they all looked at Sunshine. Asking him how he liked his first night and his face just lit up.

[b "I, loved it! It's so fun!"] He said happily and everyone clapped and squealed happily for him. Just one big group hug to really let him know, he's apart of this family now and he couldn't feel more happy.

Just on his way out, he saw someone else walking into the room. It was Jack again. Sunshine looked really confused as he sat there sipping his soda before leaving for the night. [i Why is he here?] He asked himself sipping the straw and his eyes all big as he watched the others greet jack happily. They flirted with him. Sunshine can see it. Jack was cute in that dangerous way. But those kind of guys don't really make great boyfriends. Right? Not that he knows, he's never dated before. It's always just been himself. But his mother had always told him he cant be a little punk or he would never meet a good woman. Not that, he was looking at the women.
  Papa_Death / 27d 11h 16m 7s
Jack was in his element as he took one from the pack and put it in his mouth. He pulled a lighter from his pocket and lit his own, inhaling a nice long drag. He lifted his head just a little, letting the smoke out over the crowd.
The alcohol in his system made his body tingle and his mind fuzzy, but he didn't mind. The smoke burned in his lungs, but he didn't mind that either. He forgot about the bruises on his chest and let his body press into Sunshine's back just a little more. The tinge of pain that followed felt kind of nice, now that his senses were dulled.
He was taller than Sunshine by half a foot, so he used his free hand to tilt the other's chin upwards.
[b "Breathe in,"] Jack said as he closed his eyes and leaned in, like he was going to land a kiss. Instead, he touched the ends of the cigarette butts together until Sunshine's ignited.
[i "That was super gay, Jack..."] said the little voice in the back of Jack's mind. He agreed, but blamed the drinks, and the fact that there weren't many women to go around. When in Rome...or something like that...and he had to admit, Sunshine would make a cute girl. He thought of all the dancers there tonight, Sunshine would be his type, if he had a type when it came to guys, that is.
He took a step back and continued smoking, watching Sunshine. He had no where to go, literally, and avoiding talking to his brother was top on his list, so he thought he'd try to get to know the new kid a little more. He absently thought about asking Mika if he could sleep on her couch, as he'd done a couple times before. The sober Jack somewhere in there was still worried about where he would end up that night if Pete really wouldn't let him stay. He ignored that all for now, and turned his attention back to Sunshine, a mocking look taking over his features.
[b "So how did someone like you end up in a place like this, huh? Daddy issues or something?"]
  Jack / ForeverSilent / 28d 26m 4s
When he had asked if Pete's brother was any way involved with this club, he wasn't expecting such firm no. It sounded like Pete here, didn't want Jack to do anything with his club. So, he takes pride in his business here. That was kind of, cute. His tone was a little harsh though. But that must be an older brother thing. Who was Sunshine to judge. [b "Okay, I didn't know. I'm sorry if that was a dumb question."] He apologized blushing sweetly. Though it seems fate heard them talking about the other brother. For sure enough there he was. Pete instantly looked annoyed, and had to leave. Wasn't much time with Pete, but Sunshine took it. Besides, its not like he wont see him again. He is his boss after all.

As the taller male started to walk off, he said he was glad that Sunshine was happy here. That made the smaller male giggle and feel all the more excited about working here.

But what took him by surprise the most, was the last thing Pete said before walking off. Suggesting that he give Pete a private show sometime, since he missed the dance. Sunshine's face went blood red and the expression of shocked and innocence mixed in one. [i What does that mean!? Pete, wasn't that kind of boss? He must have just worried that wrong? Right? No way he meant what he said?] The little dancer turned around still so shocked and a little dazed. First off, dancing for numerous was different from dancing for one. Especially, when that one is your Boss. He is aware that if paid enough from a customer, they have rooms for private dancing. With little to not touching. This wasn't a whore house or a brothel after all.

After Pete left, Sunshine just shook that off and got back to work quickly. Doing little lap dances for tips then going around taking orders too. It was fun. Still seems like everyone here is polite to the dancer.

As Sunshine was taking a little breather to talk to a dancer, Pixie, he felt an arm suddenly wrap around his shoulders. Pixie winked at Sunshine and then dashed off to leave the two alone. His green eyes glance over and saw it was Jack. Offering him a cigarette and calling him sweetheart.

This was his chance to play along and to be someone more interesting than that little dork that's in college. [b "I, do. But are we allowed to smoke.."] He stopped when he saw a dancer walk past with a lit one in his mouth. Sunshine mentally groaned. A little nervous about actually smoking. It was bad for you. He feels like a little kid being peered pressured. No, he can do this. It will add character. That's what he told himself and took one of the cigarettes and put it between his lips lightly and puckered it up to Jack. Giving this little wink and smiling suggestively to him. [b "Light it for me."] He grinned feeling still so comfortable here. Working here. These people, all interesting and colorful. He feels as if he was just finally able to figure out his own.

So Sunshine waited for Jack to light it for him. Going to do his damn best to try and seem like a pro at this. He probably shouldn't just inhale the whole thing in one little puffs, cute little ones should be good. He hopes.
  Teddy Erickson / Papa_Death / 29d 14h 55m 9s
Jack had been looking for Sunshine since the show ended. He didn't pay much attention to the dancing part, mostly hung around the bar with Mika, trying to dull the throbbing ache in his chest from what he suspected to be a broken rib. But he did catch parts of it, and although it was definitely the booze talking, he kind of liked what he saw. Especially Sunshine's dance.
The crowd liked him too. Probably because he was something new and fresh around here, something this place had needed for a long time. They seldom got new dancers because his brother was so uptight and well known to be painfully careful during the selection process, so having Sunshine around was interesting even for someone like Jack.
The room was hot, crowded, and spinning slightly, but none of these things seemed to bother Jack as he sifted through the crowd. He finally found Sunshine, right as Pete turned to leave. Relief washed over Jack before he even realized he was dreading running into his brother again. But he had already decided to sleep in the backstage dressing room whenever the crowds began to clear out. The dancers knew him well enough not to mind, he was pretty sure at least. There also happened to be a large, antique victorian-looking couch back there, which Jack had hoped to catch a chance to sleep on for quite some time. But he had the feeling Pete didn't want him around, as usual, so he wanted to lay low for a while.
But anyways, first he was going to get to know the new kid a little better. He watched Pete walk away, then took his opportunity. He walked up to Sunshine from behind and slug and arm around his shoulder like they were old friends. The alcohol in his system made his face flush from the sudden contact to bare skin. His free hand dug around in his pocket until it found the pack of cigarettes he stole from Pete. He pulled them out and popped the lid, offering it to Sunshine.
[b "Hey sweetheart, you smoke?"] He sounded pretty normal despite how drunk he felt, which made him smile to himself.
  Jack / ForeverSilent / 31d 1h 31m 59s
[b "No, my brother isn't part of this at all,"] Pete responded quickly, a harsh, cold tone reflecting on his words. He immediately regretted the tone, worried he might upset Sunshine on his first day. He wasn't good at being nice, everyone here knew that. That's why he stuck to the back, quietly observing but never interacting.
It wasn't that he didn't like his staff, he did. He tried to keep so much positivity around this place, so much happiness for his dancers, because he knew the reality of strip clubs were nothing like this place. But when he finally scraped together the money to open a place of his own, he vowed he'd protect his dancers from the world as best as he could. He was ruthless with customers that didn't follow his rules. Anyone unpleasant or rowdy was swiftly taken care of.
...And then there was Jack.
[b "And speaking of my brother, he needs constant supervision. Sorry."] He still sounded too stiff and was self-conscious of it. Maybe with his other dancers he could be this way, because he had always been, but he felt something different about Sunshine. It was in the way the kid stuttered just a little when he spoke, the way a blush could spread across his face so easily. Or maybe the look in his bright green eyes as he apologized, that nervous energy playing on Pete's emotions. Pete was never [i nervous], but he felt [i something] he didn't understand. Without thinking, he smiled.
[b "I'm glad you're happy. You know, I missed your dance tonight, maybe you could give me a private show sometime?"] he said while leaving.
The moment the words left his mouth he realized how suggestive they sounded. He tried to shrug it off as he slipped into the crowd, looking for Jack. Even when he was a dancer, he was never good with words. In fact, most of the time he wouldn't speak to his costumers at all, he was much better with body language. A little smile and a wink, or maybe an extra long, seductive drag on a cigarette was all he needed to get customers coming back for more.
But in all seriousness, he did want to see how Sunshine performed. Judging by the comments in the crowd, he was a natural. Everyone seemed to love him, that was intriguing. And maybe Pete could teach him a thing or two...
  Pete / ForeverSilent / 31d 2h 51m 44s
Sunshine stood there talking to a customer who had just walked in. He was on greeting duty for a few minutes. Making sure who ever comes in gets a seat to their liking or damn near close. The regulars who are just coming in taking a liking to him instantly. Telling him they wish they hadn miss his dance and complimenting him. Oh how he just giggled along and let them know there was always next time. It was amazing here. People say everyone who goes to a strip club were nasty and pigs. Was that men at women strip clubs? He wouldn't know. But maybe it's still early. This was his first night out working in the club actually.

After he had helped two friends walk in and lead them to their seat, he heard someone clearing their throat behind him. Not knowing it was Pete at first. He turned around to face who it was. Even something as simple as that. He made look so, alluring. How his curves moved in the lights. How his green eyes sparkled, and went wide when he saw it was Pete.

[b "Pete! I mean, Boss? I mean..."] That confident air to himself, suddenly poofed when it came talking to his employer. Still not sure on what to call him? Not wanting to be rude, even when he was being Sunshine. You just aren't rude to your higher ups. You aren't. [b "H-how do I feel?"] Cheeks burning from feeling so on the spot and not wanting to possibly say something wrong and get him in trouble. THis only annoys Ted, for he didn't want to be like that at work. No, not here! He wanted to be confident! And to believe in himself.

This being the closest to Pete he has ever been, wasn't helping. Was he always that tall? That, mysteriously handsome? But he had this energy. He wasn't anything like his brother. MOre mature for sure, more serious.

[b "I, feel amazing. I loved it up there on stage!"] His face lit up as he smiled from ear to ear. [b "If I knew it was that fun, that exciting. I would have done this a long time ago. Well, till I was the legal age."] Sunshine stood there with all his weight on his right foot and his right hand on his hip.

Getting a little whistle from someone who walked passed them. He just playfully shook his finger no at them as he laughed lightly. If anyone was just peeking in, one would think he's been like this his whole life. Comfortable in his body, comfortable with who he was. That this wasn't new to him. To finally be free and to love what he loves opening. THis place was, truly amazing. [b "I love it here."] He added and bit his lip a bit, his eyes staring up at Pete and watching him closely. [b "W-was the dance okay? Did you like it? Was it Toxic worthy? I really did follow the other's advice and lessons. I tried to soak up all their knowledge this week. Already practicing another dance too!"]

Sunshine was curious as to what Pete thought. But did have a question or two. [b "Sir, if you don't mind me asking? Is your brother my boss too? Cause, I don't know if I could respect him like I respect you. If, if I may say that. I shouldn't have. Oh gosh. I'm sorry!"] He blushed brightly and quickly apologized. [b "I-I should go back to work!"]

It seems, not all of Ted can completely be left outside the Club. There was even a little bit of him in Sunshine still.
  Teddy Erickson / Papa_Death / 31d 4h 3m 0s
Pete watched the scene unfold before him with a stoic expression. He couldn't relax with his little brother around. Though he wanted to give a few words of encouragement to his newest dancer, feelings of frustration, anxiety, and even a little fear made his stomach turn and his blood boil. He remained silent until Sunshine and and Glory left. When the door clicked closed behind them, an emptiness followed. Jack stood there, a little smile on his face, looking unusually surprised at the way Sunshine teased. It was unlike Jack to ever be surprised.
It was awkward, as both waited for the other to speak. Finally, Pete shifted in his chair.
"Come here," he said. He went to the corner cabinet of his office and pulled out some medical supplies.
"You won't need that, I'm just bruised," Jack said, seating himself on his brother's desk.
"Show me."
Jack lifted his t-shirt to reveal an expanse of red welts across his ribcage. Pete shook his head.
"This needs to stop, Jack." He went into his side drawer and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He took one in his mouth, patting his pockets for a lighter. He offered the pack to his brother, absently. "One of these times you're going to get yourself killed."
Jack took the pack and pocketed it, jumping down from the desk, "Thanks. I'm planning to sleep on one of the couches after you close up."
"I don't you bringing trouble around here," Pete said. The music was growing louder in the hall from the first dances beginning. It was the same every night, but no one seemed to mind. The dancers, most of them young, pretty boys, thought of this place as a second home. A safe space. Pete worked hard to protect his business, and he knew his brother was a bad influence.
Jack opened the door and the music filled the room.
Aren't you going to come watch?" Jack said over the pulsing rhythm. Pete shook his head, finally lighting his cigarette. He took along first drag. He didn't usually watch his dancers.
"Your loss, I'm going to get another drink," Jack said as he disappeared from view.
Pete closed his door, settling himself to his work. But his mind wandered, back to those years when he worked the stage. He was younger then, and so thin from starving all the time. He danced to survive, but it was more than that. He used to be passionate. The music used to electrify him as he teased the crowd. He'd always be the one that slowed the beat of the night, turning playful sexiness into something deeper, dirtier. He had that way about him.
And now, that Pete felt lost to himself.
[i "Maybe I should take a look tonight,"] He thought, already leaving his office. By now, the usual crowds had formed. The place was happy and lively. The dancers had finished their singles and were now mingling in with the crowd, which excited everyone almost as much as the show. Pete remained in the back, leaning against the hallway door frame. An unintentional little smile played on his lips. Somewhere in the crowd, he caught a glimpse of Sunshine, and without thinking he moved toward him in the crowd.
It was unconventional for him to ever interact on the floor, but he never got a chance to introduce himself properly. He felt a little uncomfortable as he made his way through. He really hoped he wouldn't run into Jack again for the night.
It wasn't hard to find his new dancer in the crowd. Sunshine wore a suggestive enough outfit, but still couldn't escape the innocent charm that hung around him like an aura. The thought made Pete's discomfort soften. For some reason, it reminded him of his dancing years. He approached from behind, clearing his throat so as not to startle Sunshine when he spoke.
"So, how do you feel?"
  Pete / ForeverSilent / 33d 39m 50s
When Glory and himself had walked into the office, Sunshine wasn't expecting to be getting questioned by the owner's brother. Now Teddy would be intimidated. For this Jack guy, he has seen a few times around the club. Not that he has noticed Sunshine. That's what he was trying to change. So he just relaxed his brows and smiles, eyes half lidded and tucked some locks in his face to the side some.

[b "I'm your Sunshine."] He giggled and flashed a cocky laugh of his own. Feeling all bouncy and giddy inside, as his little index finger poked Jack's chest. To his surprise, it wasn't hard at all being like this. So, comfortable and confident like this. Glory stood there with his fingers over his lips and hugging Sunshine so proud of him. Telling him he's going to do just fine here and have all these men wrapped around his little slutty finger. Ted didn't know he could be like that. He's never even, well he's never even dated anyone. So being slutty was something he didn't know he could be. It through him off for a second and his face burned hot red at such a thought and word. [b "Wh-what? No no. Re-really? I don't think..."] He looked down rubbing his chin and thought a bit. That was till he noticed thinking was something Teddy does. [b "Yes! I will."]

With that, Glory and Sunshine waved cutely to their boss and skipped out laughing and seeming to not have a care in the world what other's thought. The friends he made here in the first week, were better than any friends he had had for the last few years. Here, he was welcomed, supported and inspired. Though he did stop and turned around to look back to Pete. [b "Thank you again!"] He giggled more rushed off to get some more practice in and to get dressed up.

In the back powder room, the other dancers were all bouncy and giggly. All of them were stunning and so, full of life. One thing Sunshine was a little worried about. People think strippers hate their jobs and are treated like shit. He had looked hard to find a place where the strippers were respected and actually protected. They all love it here. Dazzle, another dancer here, who dazzled just like his name said. His hair was this bright gold, eyes shimmering blue. Dazzle was funny and so full of life.

Once Sunshine was dressed in his lace stockings and corsets and underwear with just the right amount of his cheeks hanging out. Red heels that stood out against the black and his hair given that messy look. All the others were excited for him to go introduce himself. Then they all told him he was beautiful. It, took him off by guard. His bright green eyes just blinked for he had no idea how to respond that. The others looked confused by his confusion.

[+blue "What? No one has told you you're beautiful?"] Glory asked sitting on the stool next to him and crossed a leg over the other. [+blue "You're Sunshine. Everyone loves the sun's warmth."]

[b "I think I'm pretty plain compared to you guys. All my life I have been average-"]

[+green "Sounds like you're talking about your other half. We all have other halves."] Dazzled chimed in and helped Sunshine stand up and reapply lip gloss to his lips. [+green "You're going to knock them dead, for you are not average. Shame on the world for letting you go your life with out being told your beautiful. All those boys and men out there, are going to love you honey."]

[+red "I know!"] A voice in the back of the room was heard and everyone laughed.

[+green "Not you Honey!"] Dazzle and everyone finished their laugh.

Feeling a bit more pumped up, it was time. Time to go out there and dance. THe other dancers are so sure that he is going to be loved. That he was just what the club needed. For all the dancers looked so completely different and each loved for their own features. Sunshine here was on the shorter side, was most certainly the softest curved frame, plump where it's needed, his moonlight skin and raven hair made him so mystical with those green eyes to match. HIs full lips. Ted, had no idea how attractive he really was.

The Dj, started to announce the new dancer. Going on how he was just what they needed to brighten their nights and warm themselves up. The song, that him and the others worked hard to pick out just for Sunshine. Was No by Meghan Trainor. A song that was just the person Sunshine was going to be. It was a bit slowed down but was all about bragging and empowering, himself.

Sure enough, with all the lights and moving with the song in sync and perfectly. It was going great! All the eyes on him, how everyone was staring. He loved it, so much. Too much. His playful winks, slow dips and sways to the song. HIs sassiness. He was loving it all. This was just the main dance. After this, he' has to go out and walk around and such. Then there's "free play" when dancers take turns to dance for tips as well.

It went so fast. The song felt like five seconds. The clasps, the whistles, the cheering, and basically sobbing that he was gone. Had him fired up and blew a few kisses before he went back behind the stage when the rest of them all clapped smiled too. Hugs and giggles all around. He did it! They loved him!

He changed into a different outfit, that was white and were little tight shorts, knee high heeled boots and suspenders. THen he was good to go. As other's did their dances, he was free to walk around with the others waiting their turns for their dances. To be honest though, he was hoping to run into Pete. To here if he did good, or if it wasn't enough? To him, it sounded like he did. He is already being waved over to others by so many. But they weren' the boss. As he put drinks on a tray to hand them over to a table, his eyes kept an eye out for Pete.
  Teddy Erickson / Papa_Death / 33d 13h 26m 10s
"Shit," Jack muttered under his breath, clutching his sides in pain as he leaned heavily against a brick wall. He licked his lips and tasted blood.
It had been a good day until now, but tonight was not Jack's night.
He lost his nerve, of all things, at the most crucial point of a pickpocket adventure and things quickly turned for the worse.
He should've known he was no match for that guy, but he was feeling greedy, and maybe a little desperate. Now he had nothing but bruised ribs and an even more damaged ego.
"Get it together..," He said to himself, pulling away from the wall with a little difficulty. He stumbled from the dark alleyway he'd hid himself away in, the florescent street lights shining down on him like beacons, brighter now than the setting sun. He looked towards the horizon, deep shades of orange and red fading to purples and soft blues. The night would be gentle and warm, with a little breeze. He glanced back to the alleyway, weighing his options. He sighed. He had no where to go, his money now stolen, his phone crushed underfoot by the guy he tried to rob. He could sleep in the alley for the night, but it made his ribs ache more just thinking of it. There was only one place he knew....
Four blocks over in a little basement hovel, underneath a Chinese restaurant on the shady side of town, there was an unassuming club named T O X I C. The faded red door was recessed in the wall down a precarious set of cement stairs. It smelled a little like weed and tobacco smoke, a lot like Chinese food, and masked in an overwhelming scent of men's cologne. Above the door was a blinking neon sign that read: OPEN.
Jack always entered like he owned the place, a little smirk resting on his face. The deep pulse of the music put him at ease. It was early in the night, so the crowd was thin, but lively. Of the three small stages, two of them were occupied by the regular dancers. The main stage was still dark, as tonight's show hadn't yet begun. Jack made his way to the bar and leaned in against the wood. So far, there was only one woman present at this club, and was Jack's favorite bartender, Mika.
"What are you doing here, Johnny?" she said, already preparing him his usual drink.
"It's Jack," he replied, "And I need something strong."
"Bad night?"
Jack studied her as she poured. The way her bright red hair fell into her face, and her long, obviously fake eyelashes. She wore a tight fitting V-neck, her breasts spilling out. He chuckled a little to himself.
"Mika, you know you won't get anywhere looking like that here. They're all gay."
"Fuck off," she said sliding a drink towards Jack, "and if you're looking for Pete, he's still in the back."
Jack took his drink and chugged almost half of it. The bitter taste of alcohol making him shutter.
"Oh and Jack," Mika said before he was out of earshot, "Pete isn't in the mood for your shit tonight, so don't push it."
Jack shrugged and headed toward the dark hallway in the back. Down from the bathroom was a beaten black door with the word OFFICE painted across in white. It was ajar, which was unlike Pete. Jack pushed it open and closed it behind himself.
"You're finally here," Pete said without looking up, "the dressing room is behind the main stage-"
"You expecting someone?" Jack interrupted, smiling shyly. Pete looked up, discontent clear across his face. "A new recruit, maybe? But I thought you had enough homos around here already."
"What are you doing here?" Pete said, but he didn't need to ask. He had a sixth sense when it came to his brother. He could see through Jack's cocky attitude that something was wrong. "You're hurt."
Jack leaned against the wall, his face faltering a little, "I need somewhere for the night, I fucked up."
Pete leaned back in his chair, brooding just a little. He was about to say no when there was a knock on the door. Glory walked in, followed by the new kid, Sunshine. Pete sighed, trying not to seem upset.
Jack smirked, looking at the pair a little mockingly. He was decidedly straight, and never understood the whole male stripper business his brother ran. The room was crowded now, but Jack wasn't uncomfortable. In fact, he stepped a little closer to the obviously new dancer, wanting to make a lasting first impression.
"And who is this one?"
  Jack / ForeverSilent / 34d 3h 15m 44s
A young male sits before his mirror in his dorm room. His ipod blasting some catchy song by AJR as he removes his glasses and puts in his contact lens. Singing the all the words happily as he runs around his room shoving everything he will need for the night in a gym bag. Obviously excited for the night it seems.

Last week Teddy somehow got the job at the strip club, Toxic. He was pretty sure he was going to not get it. But he did! What he did, not even he knows. THough the pretty faced boy got it. Was it his youthful looks? It couldn't be that, he doesn't really think he's really all that much to look at. Women have made it clear by rejecting him time and time again that even he was just too girly for them. But, getting the job here. Opened a door he had always had locked up tight. It was a gay club. Men. Since Jr high Ted had always questioned himself. Why was he looking at men more, then women. His father would never approve so he never acted out. But working here. It's a side of him he has always locked up.

The interview with the owners was very intimidating Ted thought. They were so, intense and so classic, devilishly good looking. Why, Teddy found himself mostly staring at them with a burning face. Though that innocence was gone instantly when they had their current best dancer come out and he showed Teddy some basic stuff.

The boy is a fast learner and nailed the basics quickly. Judging by how his face lit up loving it. How he would swirl and dip. Plus! The glitter! All the glitter and lace! Oh his heart was so happy to finally just be someone who he has ignored. The owners had highered him that day! But they told him he needed to at least practice with their dancers for a week. Well tonight made it a week, and tonight was going to be his introduction!

[b "My first dance!"] His green eyes sparkled and lit up in the mirror as he took a few deep breaths and slapped his cheeks once. [b "You are Sunshine. You're going to warm all of them up. They are going to need you like plants need the sun. THey will."] He tells himself as he stares himself down in the mirror determined. This was going to happen, and he knows regular Teddy would be nervous. But Sunshine was ready to come out!

Once packed, he dashed out his dorm room. No one stopping him to talk or to ask what he was up too. Teddy was never noticed. He just didn't come off interesting he figures. But Sunshine, everyone will love him. They will want him. He will be noticed. He will get attention! This new half sounds better than the original already!

So he got to the bus stop and eagerly sat himself down. Just one last rehearsal then tonight was it. He was allowed to dance then walk around the strip club! Allowed to tease and tempt others. [i I guess, you're discovering your inner...slut.] He laughs to himself smiling and wiggles his toes happily in his old sneakers. Thinking of his little outfit already. He couldn't wait!

On the ride he applied some shimmering lip gloss, seeing the few looks. He paused for a second. [i How, would Sunshine handle this...] Then he grinned and stuck his tongue out at them. Seeing their shocked looks and only shook his head from side to side all smiling and proud of himself. [i Just like that. He doesn't care. Sunshine does whatever the hell he wants.]

Feeling inspired and powerful already! The boy was ready for this night! The other dancers were excited for his first performance too. All them tell him it's perfect for Sunshine and Ted just, couldn't agree more!

There was just one thing he didn't calculate.

The traffic.

He groaned and slid down in his seat getting annoyed with how long it was taking. It wasn't till he noticed he was only four blocks away, he just stood up and grabbed his things. Asked for the door to be opened and ran his way to the club. It was only ten passed eight, his dance wasn't till eight forty.

Now he stood outside the club's side door, for the dancers, bartenders, and anyone else who works there. He stood there huffing and smiling from ear to ear. This was it. Once he's in there. There was no more Ted. It was Sunshine. Biting his lip with a smile he steps inside.

The flashing lights, music from the current shows already out on stage. He was swept up with all this eagerness. He first saw Glory. The one who has been helping Sunshine out with learning the moves of the pole and helping him find his "inner diva" as Glory has told him.

[+blue "Heeeeey hon!"] Glory squealed and ran over to him smiling. Glory was this beautiful ebony man that was all sas and owned it.

[b "Hi! I'm a little late. Are...they mad? The stupid bus!"]

[+blue "What? No no. It's okay. We better go let them know you're hair and get you dressed up and get another practice run or two in!"] He giggled and took Sunshine's hand happily then dragged him off to the owner's office. He was nervous, those two were always so, well hard to predict. But this wasn't the time to be nervous. Sunshine knocks on the door with Glory and when told to come in, Glory went first then he followed after.

[b "I'm here. I know, I'm a little late. But I'm here!"] He just blurted out quickly hoping it was okay. Ted's instinct would to start to panic and blame himself. But Sunshine was go with the flow and knows shit happens. [b "I'm, going to go warm up."] He spoke with such, confidence and didn't want to hear anything bad. He was going to show they wont regret letting him work here. They will see. They will all see! He loves this job!
  Teddy Erickson / Papa_Death / 34d 5h 13m 0s

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