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When an Emperor dies, its up to a son to take his place. When the rightful son is banished as a child, his brother from the second wife takes hold.

Now in his 30's the rightful son returns to his kingdom with the name, The Black Prince". A man as feared as he is handsome, though he bares a noticeable scar. He is ruthless and known for his cruelty on the battle field. Stubborn and selfish, he hides the pain of being disowned under his new identity.

Choi Eun Ah is a 25 year old woman working at the palace front. She caters to the royal family. Like the rest, she is initially afraid of this Dark Prince _______. However the Prince finds her to be unique and finds himself curious about her. As he consistently asks for her care and company she begins to see his lighter side.

She is distraught to find the King Constantly giving the Prince hellish orders because of his given reputation. Eun Ah does all she can to lighten the Prince's soul so he himself doesn't see himself as an animal.

I need someone to play the Prince. A Korean name would be preferred.
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Eun Ah looked at the man, her eyes wide, and breath still. [b wish for me to stay the night??] The young woman was determined to excape the horrors of life in the palace, however, to spend the night, in the same room as a man she just met seemed too much. With a heavy sigh she looked up to the man to read his eyes. His eyes reached deep in her soul and she found it hard to pull away. [b I'll stay] she whispered and finally pulled her gaze down to the plate of food she had stopped eating.
  Choi Eun Ah / LunaLucisCaelum / 1d 2h 36m 48s
Her sayi g that she wanted to be free made him smile more. He nodded AMD offered a hand. [I "Will you stay with me? "]

He asked as a man with a mission, someone that he had been for the years he hadn't been in his kingdom, but still was of it. His home was two different places. The savagery of his past had been measured by the people. He done only when necessary. This kingdom could be the only way his people of the plains would be safe under his banner. He looked to Eun Ah and requested her answer with his daring eyes. Will she stay?
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 1d 14h 25m 44s
The woman looked upon him with confusion and aw. Did he really just state that she would be safer with him? She had just met him, and vise versa the man had just met her. Even hearing his plan to regain his throne, Eun ah didn't know what to expect. Just how would this man get his throne back with the emporor having as much power as he did.

EunAh bowed her head in understanding. She had finished her meal and stood not knowing what to do or what to say to the man who just spilled all his thoughts to her. [b I will do what you need me to do, under one condition] Again, she dropped to the floor and leaned in close for worry someone outside could be listening. [b I want to be free...]
  Choi Eun Ah / LunaLucisCaelum / 11d 3h 27m 48s
Ji Hun shook his head. [I "Knowing my brother... He will not let me leave... Not without his eye watching me. And it's just what I want... To be sure, I will make sure to blatantly investigate and be sure to restore what is mine"] he looked to her and shot her a soft smile. [I "So do not worry. You are safer with me"]
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 11d 9h 38m 28s
Listening to the man speak, she finally set down her spoon, placing her hands in her lap and closed her eyes. She was trying to absorb all that was said, and what it could have meant. EunAh finally opened her eyes and picked a small sum of cucumber kimchi and placed it on her plate before speaking. [b I wouldn't necessarily call it escaping, I just stay out longer than ordered....finding my way back inside the walls without notice. At least, most of the time] Taking a bite of her food, the woman became puzzled with his last statement. What could he possibly mean by undisputed freedom?

Turning her head to the window, her gaze reflected off the moons light , giving her eyes a pale grey glow. [b Why would you come back if you are at risk of being made to stay here your majesty? ] since she had been eating with him she had forgotten her manors, thus ending her sentence with his title. [b No good comes from within these walls. I suggest to leave if you wish to keep any amount of freedom you enjoy]
  Choi Eun Ah / LunaLucisCaelum / 20d 2h 4m 26s
[center Ji Hun stared at the young girl. She had to be rebellious enough to even eat food such as this. In his mind, it was a good thing to have... The curiosity to step out of those everyday slippers and into something worth the risk. Ji Hun shook his head. [I "Even if he catches you, he will not touch you. I wouldn't let you suffer because you are hungry"]]

[center He then began eating some of the pastries, somewhat relieved that they hadn't changed. The sweet biscuits were always his favorite as a child... He understood why as a man. It seemed as though the woman had been nervous. He sat up and tightened his ljps. [I "I've heard you're quite the escape artist. You tend to get away often to have the ladies thrash you so"]]

[center He saw potential, as he would see them in his life he lived. He saw a silent storm, a great understudy. He felt a good calling. Perhaps, it wouldn't be such a bad game after all. [I "I want us to get to know each other, in case I am forced to stay here. It is possible, that you will gain undisputed freedom."] After such an announcement, he fell silent. ]
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 20d 9h 30m 18s
Eun AH stood with the plate of food in her hands. What was she to do? If she gave the food back it could be seen as disrespectful, and against orders from his highness. Yet if she ate the food and the King were to find out, she would be in even greater trouble. With a heavy sigh the young woman sat down at the knee length table. Placing the plate in front of her she took in its aromatic charm.

On her plate was roasted chicken, various side dishes consisting of pickled vegetables and fresh savory pancakes. Small sweets filled the next plate and a small bowl of a hearty brown stew finished the setting. [b I am fine, my meals are plentiful] she lied. In fact she was lucky to get a handful of bread and a cup of cabbage stew for an entire day of work. Her stomach growled as she protested the meal. She could not say she never imagined what it world be like to dine as the royals did, however to actually have the food in front of you was too much to comprehend.

[b Please don't let His majesty find out]. Of course she was speaking of his brother when she finally grabbed a spoon and took a large gulp of the steaming stew.
  Choi Eun Ah / LunaLucisCaelum / 22d 6h 30m 35s
[center Ji Hun shook his head in frustration. This game was going to be quite difficult. Not only will he be the target, he's going to have to play cat and mouse so to keep him oft his tail. With his thoughts ready, Ji Hun took a seat and looked along the seats to see mouth watering delights. He hadn't seen these many pastries since he was a child. The chicken was cooked, the meal before them were vast and steaming. All if this... And he still couldn't one to be seduced by it. He ate his fill, and ordered two more plates to be made and sent to his room. The Emperor thought his appetite was insatiable. Let him think so. This would sop the King as he sees it]

[center After returning to his room after the drunk Emperor slept, he had the young woman from before come to his room. When she arrived, he handed her a plate before locking the door. [I "Here... Eat this. I know they starve you here"] he said, passing her to sit at the small light he saw in the window, revealing the naked moon in his sight. Oh, would he enjoy laying under it's light]
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 22d 12h 33m 48s
The emperor watched him walk in and smiled. [b "Ah, finally, doesn't it feel good to be clean off the earth around you brother?"] He stood, straitening his robes and walking down the steps. [b "You seemed to let yourself go while you were away. I am suprised anyone would have recognized you for royalty"] He sighed, clearing his throat and continuing his speech. [b "I have a job for you Ji Hun. A job that only you can do." The man was tall. A beard slightly covering his lower lip and chin. Hair tied tightly in a high knot. His robes flowing like water over his medium built frame.

[b "I'm sure you know of your talents in dealing with, undesired people. I have heard stories of how you act in battle] The emperor glanced over him with a slight demeaning smile crossing his lips. [b "I know the rumors are not all true, yet most are. You will be my head general, and you will go where if tell you when the time comes to play the field.] Placing a hand on his brothers shoulder he gripped tightly, slightly shaking him. [b "I need you to be our countries most feared soldier. This is why I brought you home. You truly made a name for yourself Ji Hun]. His crooked smile and black eyes beamed down with the heat of a falling sun. He needed a strong fearsome man to lead his army, and who better than the man everyone called the Black Prince.

[b You shall have everything you need here, food, shelter, a mistress or two, whatever you need. I just need you to do the job I cannot do, when a life is to be taken, take it. That is what I need from you] The emperor paused a moment and suddenly laughed deeply from his gut. [b Ah, but no more of this talk tonight. I will provide you a court lady to attend to your needs. She will bring you anything, and if not I will deal with her. As for now, your house should be set, and clothing provided. Please do enjoy yourself while you are here young brother. It really has been ages since you stepped food in sophistication.]
  Choi Eun Ah / TheYoungEmpress / 29d 5h 8m 42s
[center Ji Hun was adamant. There was no way that he would have him return for sheer purpose of taking his place once again as prince. There was a deeper purpose. And, as far as he knew, it meant that the emperor had plans. ]

[center As he was lead to the throne room, Ji Hun began to speculate. The emperor must have gotten him for purpose that he cannot do himself. He wished the blood on his hands than his own. There was something that bothered him more than anything. His people that he lead outside these walls were his best followers. They all knew he protected them for this purpose... Perhaps, he could use this to his advantage.]

[center The vast throne room was empty. There was only light and him. Ji Hun remained the silent threat, and folded his arms into his tresses. The emperor sat on his throne, with a whimsical smile, and it bothered him so. The emperor was not going to make his rebellion easy... So, he began to play a harder game within his]
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 30d 10h 53m 25s
His question stirred confusion in the young girls eyes. What exactly did he wish her to say? The truth or a lie?Yes she was afraid of him. She was afraid all the royals, for if she did not do as she was told, her life would be a living hell. Her eyes were still low when he purposely shifted his gaze to hers. His eyes were beautiful, yet hostel. They showed a man who trusted very little and closed himself from the world, yet they were bright and vividly alluring. [b Yes your majesty, I will see to it.] As he stood however again her eyes moved across the room and her face tinted red. He did not care who saw him, and she would have to get used to caring for such a man. Turning swiftly her feet led her out the door without looking back. [i What had just happened?] she thought before finally making way to the prince's house.

The Emperor sat silently at his throne with a smile. He knew that he had gotten to his younger brother the time before and this gave him great pleasure. [i Oh young Ji Hun, how it will be a pleasure to have you back] He thought to himself and shook his head before a bellowing laugh escaped his stomach. One of his caretakers came and informed his majesty of his brothers soon arrival and he clapped his hands. [b Good, make sure he makes haste, we still have much to discus and I need not have him leave again].
  Choi Eun Ah / TheYoungEmpress / 32d 15h 45s
[center His surprised expression came when he senses her fear. He looked to the other women before bellowing [I "Leave me"] and the others left. He slowly looked back to her and nodded. [I "Do you think me a beast?"] He asked. He saw her advert her eyes, and suggested some form of rebuttal. [I "No need to feel afraid, woman. I do not wish to be what others rumored. "] he pulled his hair back, which began to flow easily as if water. He looked back to her, revealing unmatched eyes... Hazel eyes with the stare of a beast, and the glow of The Gods. He nodded and looked to the portrait of his father, and his lip tightened. [I "… I know the true beast... And I will stop his reign before he destroys everything... Even the spirits of women like you... "] He finally stood, steam covering his sex as he grabbed the garments. [I "...Go and prepare the room. I will call for you when I need your assistance"]]

[center After dressing himself, Ji Hun had looked himself in the mirror, and saw a groomed, more young man than he had ever seen. His hair was free, along his shoulders, disappearing into the tresses he wore. He felt a silent relief that he was seeing that he had not changed negatively, but he could see that the kingdom has... Just as he thought to explore, the eacort had came. [I "his majesty wishes to see you!]]
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 32d 17h 58m 19s
EunAh tried her best to always look down or away when trying to assist him in any way. Though when it was time to show him the clothing he snapped at her. With wide eyes and stepped back out of instinct. Again, she didn't know what to do. Attending to someone in such a manner was not her job, at least, it wasn't till now. [b apologies your majesty , I will try to fins something more suitable to wear".] Quickly she bowed and hurried back to the linen room. Inside many women worked on looms of silk and fine embroidery spools. She quickly ran through all the garments and chose. Silk black pants and loose long sleeve under lay, with an elegantly embroidered short sleeve overlay. A thick crimson band would wrap around his waist to distinguish top half from bottom.

After finding all that she needed, she walked back into the room. AT this point all the other maids had sat a far distance away waiting for him to finish so they could clean the water. Eun Ah took a slow deep breath and knelt down to the edge of the steaming water. She held the garments in her hand and bowed her head. [b Will this be more suitable to your liking Prince...] She paused not knowing his name. [b Your majesty] she whispered hoping not to get yelled at.
  Choi Eun Ah / TheYoungEmpress / 33d 10h 5m 18s
[center Ji Hun had set the time as her stepped into the atmosphere. He was more used to bathing in springs, looking at the beauty the world offered as the natural water profited and healed him. In this situation, he had a maid to assist in what he was used to doing himself for years. His unkempt hair was released from its bound form, and her slowly stripped away his clothing, revealing battle scars as he slid into water, and sat away from the women.]

[center The women didn't know what to do. Ji Hun seen the shock on their face. He signed to himself as he grabbed a comb, and began grooming himself... ONLY one protested, but he kept going, used to his own actions to cleaning himself. He looked to see the store he was to wear. He scowled in disgust. It looked as though jester clothes. [I "I will wear black... I will not wear the tresses"] he said, a but agitated. He hadn't meant to be rude to women, but his way was not his brother's. Regardless, he would be true to himself. His father made sure if that]
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 33d 15h 6m 1s
EunAh started to fill large bulbs filled with a special mixture of herbs and flowers, attached was a large chain. She tossed two bulbs into the steaming water whiched rippled and foamed, brewing a soothing rich bath. The private bath house was built over a natural spring in the mountains just behind the palace. When it was discovered it quickly was sealed, only for use of the royal family. As the water took in the fragrance of her well measured recipe she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Quickly she rushed herself, grabbing her things and walked swiftly up the stairs to give the man his privacy.

She couldn't help but be a little frightened. His eyes told a story which she could not gain entrance too. Yet, there had always been rumors of his mysterious disappearance. That she heard most of was a disfiguring scar upon his face, which he kept hidden behind his long unkempt hair. She pondered this image in her head as she collected the outfit he was soon to adorn. [b I wonder if it's true....]
  Choi Eun Ah / TheYoungEmpress / 34d 3h 49m 21s

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