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When an Emperor dies, its up to a son to take his place. When the rightful son is banished as a child, his brother from the second wife takes hold.

Now in his 30's the rightful son returns to his kingdom with the name, The Black Prince". A man as feared as he is handsome, though he bares a noticeable scar. He is ruthless and known for his cruelty on the battle field. Stubborn and selfish, he hides the pain of being disowned under his new identity.

Choi Eun Ah is a 25 year old woman working at the palace front. She caters to the royal family. Like the rest, she is initially afraid of this Dark Prince _______. However the Prince finds her to be unique and finds himself curious about her. As he consistently asks for her care and company she begins to see his lighter side.

She is distraught to find the King Constantly giving the Prince hellish orders because of his given reputation. Eun Ah does all she can to lighten the Prince's soul so he himself doesn't see himself as an animal.

I need someone to play the Prince. A Korean name would be preferred.
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She nodded reassure by his response that indeed he was jot to bring harm to this man. However she wondered what was to happen if it was found he had not gone along with the orders bestowed upon him. Sighing she looked up at him, his brown eyes captivating her for a short moment before looking away. [b What will you do if your brother find's out you disobeyed his orders] in her hands still lay the bag of various coinage. She would follow him out the castle gates and shop for the clothing he wished her to wear, before meeting him back at the village opening.]
  Choi Eun Ah / LunaLucisCaelum / 2d 11h 27m 21s
Ji hun slowly halted his stride. He looked to her, and then away, avoiding the innocence in her eyes. [I "The... Emperor... Asks me to kill a man"]

He knew it shocked her to hear those words. It shocked him from the simple fact her had to speak it to a woman. Women's ears were not meant to hear such vile actions dealt into his hands. He fought for freedom of his people in chains, not to see blood as a sign of power. Quietly did he step forward, and he stared at her. [I "Worry not... I won't kill a man unless it is necessary. "]
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 3d 14h 28m 8s
Holding the bag of coins in her hand she frowned hearing his warnings about the Emperor and his thoughts for her. She held the silk lined bag close to her chest, lost in horrific thought before his movement awakened her senses again. EunAh tilted her head. He took his sword , and suited up for what looked to be a death sentence. [I'll wait for you...] she whispered looking at the sword that lay on his hip. [b What is he making you do?] She asked as she walked to his hand feeling comfortable enough to be alone at his side. At least more so than being alone with any of the other male and even female royals that stay in the kingdome.

The Emperor hissed as his brother left the room. He had to think of something. He couldn't have his brother just coming in and taking what he wanted. If it was Eun Ah he seeked companionship from, he would have to break it, and fast. A dark smile ran across his face as he ran a bell and called for his step sister, unrelated to Ji Hun, to his side. He would have to plan accordingly, and he knew his step sister always had a thing for his true brother. If he could get the chamber maid jealous, then he could swoop in and take Eun Ah for hinself.
  Choi Eun Ah / LunaLucisCaelum / 7d 13h 50m 41s
Ji Hun stared at his brother. Kill a villager? Eun Ah would be alone and a victim for him, and that was something he would not allow. [I "The villager will be done... Only if I and I alone go there. Your people will cause a panic. If I go, they will not suspect an execution. "] he had to play this we'll. He had yo give Eun Ah an occupying endeavor to settle his need. His brother didn't know that they hadn't been bedding, but as long as he thought so, it kept his mind from an important role he was working on... His throne. Ji Hun refused to back down,

Though his brother thought he'd have him in a corner, he was playing smart. He heard his heavy words on Eun Ah's case, and smirked at him with a cruel intent to throw his fast ball back to him. [I "That young lady is not your concubine... And it is those aspects of her that had me decide to have her work on my behalf. She works hard and tries her best to please his Majesty... Yet, you show her no respect... Until I claim her... So, who is the child here... Sire? "] his stare was piercing, and he bowed. [I "...With all due respect... I have a man to execute. "] with that, he departed, walking out of his throne room and to his chamber to fetch his weapons. Eun Ah was sitting, ready for orders. As he strapped on his sword, he looked to her. [I "Your emperor seeks you for personal endeavors. He becomes jealous that you are with me rather than him... He will try to make you bow to him... "] he pilulled out a sack of coins and handed it to her. [I "Go into the village... Buy whatever you wish, and be sure to wait for me near the opening of the village. I made a promise... I intend to keep it"] he gave her a heart warming smile, and stood. [I "Young Miss? "] he asked, his hand stretched to her.
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 8d 20h 15m 26s
His brother watched the way he communicated with the girl. Tilting his head with a frown she followed his order like it was his own. [b Brother, you think me perplexed because you bedded some chamber maid?] He laughed, standing and walking to his brother. [b Didn't think you would move so soon. However you did take what was mine brother. That I cannot let pass]

Though he wasn't too fond of the girl originally, she was his and therefore saw it an annoyance to have her taken from him.

[b She's reckless and outspoken, and though her beauty surpasses the others I doubt you will find her interesting after a few nights with her. You're lucky I don't punish her. Every woman here besides my concubine's are pure, of course it would be you who defiled her] a large smirk came to his face. He didn't like that his brother was given such a beautiful lady. Though nothing had happened between the two, the Emperor would see that she would come back to him.

[b I called you here because I need you to take care of a villager who is going against us and fueling distrust in the village's behind our walls. Kill him for me]
  Choi Eun Ah / LunaLucisCaelum / 8d 21h 29m 37s
Ji Hun looked to Eun Ah before looking to his brother. [I "Go to the chambers. The escort will have new clothes ready for you there... "]

He gave her a reassuring smile, nodding to her gently as she departed. He then looked to him again. [I "Brother, you looked perplexed... Is it because of her? "] he asked aloud
In his head, he was counting on his jealousy to kick in. He was always jealous... Ji Hun, despite not carrying the kingdom, still could win it over and be the death of him... Of only Ji Hun wanted it that way... No, Ji Hun wanted this liar to himself
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 9d 4h 19m 2s
EunAh felt him put something in her hair. Softly she smiled. It was a flower, and it's delicate fragrance filled her nostrils. The woman looked up at him, still slightly fearful of every movement he made. Sadly it wasn't because of him she was afraid of punishment she seemed to always receive from everyone within the castle.

However when the prince spoke, she couldn't help but feel safe at his side. With a nod of her head she held her hands tightly in front of her and walked with him into the Emperor's chambers.

The Emperor smiled hearing the door open, yet his smile fell seeing the chamber maid at his side. [b You may leave us woman, he does not need you. Go dry the tea or whatever it is you do]

EunAh bowed her head respectfully yet looked to JiHun for reassurance.
  Choi Eun Ah / LunaLucisCaelum / 9d 11h 28m 17s
Ji Hun smiled gratefully as she agreed. With that, he had guided her away with him to his brother. In his mind, though, he hoped that it would confuse him some. It was only natural. But, all the same, he was glad she was there, too.

Reaching the throne room, he could sense she was nervous. He turned to her and smiled before putting a flower in her hair. [I "don't you fear... Your safe with me"]
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 11d 5h 24m 47s
"Meet your brother?" She said as she rose. She wasn't sure if she was to go with him or if she was to stay behind. Every encounter with the emporor was either for tea time or to get his baths ready. Her expertise in herbs and colors made her the perfect chamber maid. Yet she never went to the emporor''s quarters without reason.

The escort gave her an odd look and EunAh lowered her eyes before looking back at the prince. She thought her clothing was fine, however she could understand why he wouldn't want her to always be at his side with the clothing of a chamber maid.

EunAh stepped her feet into her shoes before finally smiling. It would be nice to do something different for a change. Thinking back to the nights conversation and to his mannerisms of the morning, she could not figure out why he had such a reputation outside the palace grounds. [b I'm ready whenever you are Prince Ji-Hun]
  Choi Eun Ah / LunaLucisCaelum / 24d 18h 26m 55s
After the escort had informed him of his invite to the quarters, the doors to his chambers opened, and out ran Eu Ah... Right I to his left side. He grunted some to the impact, but looked over to her bowing to him. He smiled some and nodded. "No need to apologize. I let you sleep" he said. The escort cleared his throat. Ji Hun wouldn't allow this day go to waste. "You come with me today. I needn't a thing cleaned... "

He stretched out his hand, waiting for her to rise to his side. Once she rose, he smiled warmly to her, then walked to her side. "You are alright. Put on your shoes. After meeting with my brother, you shall get new robes... My orders" he said to the escort.
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 24d 21h 11m 12s
His escort nodded simple and bowed his head for questioning him. [b Your brother is in the springs, he has asked for your invitation when he finishes. He will be in his quarters working om some official documents.] The man looked to his small home and sighed. [b Just be careful my prince, women like her can lead to troubles further down the road. I am just looking out for your safety. When you were banished those many years ago, I had no say in keeping you. However, I didn't wish to see you leave. You were like a son to me. That girl is young, she seeks freedom. ANd in a place like this, freedom only leads to death. Do not grow attached] The man warned and turned to walk away.

EunAh woke an hour later. The sun entering the paper pressed screens. She was confused, no one around her in a room she did not recognize. After a moment she realized her deal the night before. She was to stay my the princes side at all times. However, seeing him gone made her rush to fulfill her duties. Quickly she dressed and ran out the building. As she grabbed her shoes she suddely backed into an object, falling down in confusion. Again she had ran into the prince. Sighing the young woman dropped her shoe and quickly bowed her head. [b I apologize for my tardiness, It will not happen again I assure you] Though the conversation the night before was casual and light, he was still of higher rank to her. [b What do you need me to do this morning my prince]
  Choi Eun Ah / LunaLucisCaelum / 25d 23h 33m 24s
Ji Hun knew the woman thought he asked her to stay beyond his intention, but he was glad she accepted. He didn't sleep that night, more like his outside dominion, he was a Shepard watching his Sheep. He would be sure there was no harm nearby.

Morning came, and he was already dressed. He allowed her to sleep in the room on his bed, when he managed to slip her own without waking her. He hadn't noticed how peaceful she looked till then, looking as though no evil had touched her. He stepped out, the boss of hers had came about outraged that her worker had not appeared again. "She sleeps in my quarters. You will not disturb her, nor will you order her around. She stays with me, understand? "

The boss complied, the escort approaching. "Is it a good idea to keep that woman? She's rebellious "

"That is none of your concern" he barked before walking on I his usual way. "Now, where be my half brother? He called hadn't he? Do your duty and stick to it around me, understand? "
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 26d 2h 54m 55s
Eun Ah looked at the man, her eyes wide, and breath still. [b wish for me to stay the night??] The young woman was determined to excape the horrors of life in the palace, however, to spend the night, in the same room as a man she just met seemed too much. With a heavy sigh she looked up to the man to read his eyes. His eyes reached deep in her soul and she found it hard to pull away. [b I'll stay] she whispered and finally pulled her gaze down to the plate of food she had stopped eating.
  Choi Eun Ah / LunaLucisCaelum / 30d 12h 38m 54s
Her sayi g that she wanted to be free made him smile more. He nodded AMD offered a hand. [I "Will you stay with me? "]

He asked as a man with a mission, someone that he had been for the years he hadn't been in his kingdom, but still was of it. His home was two different places. The savagery of his past had been measured by the people. He done only when necessary. This kingdom could be the only way his people of the plains would be safe under his banner. He looked to Eun Ah and requested her answer with his daring eyes. Will she stay?
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 31d 27m 50s
The woman looked upon him with confusion and aw. Did he really just state that she would be safer with him? She had just met him, and vise versa the man had just met her. Even hearing his plan to regain his throne, Eun ah didn't know what to expect. Just how would this man get his throne back with the emporor having as much power as he did.

EunAh bowed her head in understanding. She had finished her meal and stood not knowing what to do or what to say to the man who just spilled all his thoughts to her. [b I will do what you need me to do, under one condition] Again, she dropped to the floor and leaned in close for worry someone outside could be listening. [b I want to be free...]
  Choi Eun Ah / LunaLucisCaelum / 40d 13h 29m 54s

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