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When an Emperor dies, its up to a son to take his place. When the rightful son is banished as a child, his brother from the second wife takes hold.

Now in his 30's the rightful son returns to his kingdom with the name, The Black Prince". A man as feared as he is handsome, though he bares a noticeable scar. He is ruthless and known for his cruelty on the battle field. Stubborn and selfish, he hides the pain of being disowned under his new identity.

Choi Eun Ah is a 25 year old woman working at the palace front. She caters to the royal family. Like the rest, she is initially afraid of this Dark Prince _______. However the Prince finds her to be unique and finds himself curious about her. As he consistently asks for her care and company she begins to see his lighter side.

She is distraught to find the King Constantly giving the Prince hellish orders because of his given reputation. Eun Ah does all she can to lighten the Prince's soul so he himself doesn't see himself as an animal.

I need someone to play the Prince. A Korean name would be preferred.
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EunAh started to fill large bulbs filled with a special mixture of herbs and flowers, attached was a large chain. She tossed two bulbs into the steaming water whiched rippled and foamed, brewing a soothing rich bath. The private bath house was built over a natural spring in the mountains just behind the palace. When it was discovered it quickly was sealed, only for use of the royal family. As the water took in the fragrance of her well measured recipe she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Quickly she rushed herself, grabbing her things and walked swiftly up the stairs to give the man his privacy.

She couldn't help but be a little frightened. His eyes told a story which she could not gain entrance too. Yet, there had always been rumors of his mysterious disappearance. That she heard most of was a disfiguring scar upon his face, which he kept hidden behind his long unkempt hair. She pondered this image in her head as she collected the outfit he was soon to adorn. [b I wonder if it's true....]
  Choi Eun Ah / TheYoungEmpress / 1h 37m 55s
[center Ji-Hun stared at the man, wanting terribly to speak [I These walls were never yours to sit within as an Emperor...] But only stood as the tea girl hurried away to make an herbal bath. The escort watched as Ji-Hun contoured his face in shadow. The Emperor had no idea...]

[center Ji had finally claimed his common sense, and began walking away, without a word. The escort was close behind, after bowing to his master. He hurried to the black prince, and proceeded to halt him. [b "Why do you not bow? "] Ji Hun stared at the man, shaking his head before walking on, and the escort hurried along. [b "You should be grateful to the Emperor. He had called you back to your homeland. You should show some gratitude "] this made Ji upset and turn to him, his eyes red with threat. [I "I? I should be grateful? After twenty years of surviving in the desert and the mountains, I should be grateful to a half brother that had exiled me in the first place?] He spoke low and dangerously, almost inaudible. His gaze on the man instant intimidated him, and he couldn't bring himself to protest. Ji Hun knew this, and turned into his silent bravado, and continued on to the bathing room]
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 1d 15h 21m 56s
[b Why the face brother?] The Emperor smiled and raised his arms up in greeting. Green and gold robes flowed elegantly around him as he sat upon the throne their father once did. His long hair pulled up into a knot and safley secured with a pin. His eyes were filled with mischief, his smirk was curious. [b You should be thrilled, I know I am. And why not? The feared Black Prince is at our gates!! Don't you wonder what it is that made me bring you here?]

During this time EunAh had made her way from finishing up the princes chambers. She stood in line with the other young female's who worked as court ladies. A tray of many types of tea surrounded a single pot of hot water. Her eyes hung low ever meeting the gaze of any man with a title, for this was their custom. The head mistress walked silently behind each of the girls before EunAh felt a smack across her back. A thin flexible rod, had battered her shoulder blades. This obviously in response to being late from her trip to the market.

The Emperor looked over his so called brother as his face contorted to that of disgust. [b While you were away did you not hear of hygiene, I'm sure we sent you somewhere civilized enough to have a public bath house....] Turning to the court women his gaze lept to EunAh. [b You! Tea girl, make an herbal bath for the Prince. And find him something decent to wear, our new general will have to soon play the part of the royal court if he is to stay within these grand walls]
  Choi Eun Ah / TheYoungEmpress / 2d 48m 48s
[center Ji- Hun sighed as the old man had escorted him throughout the castle. The castle looked as though stagnant in time. Some rooms and hallways had not been touched... He marveled as he was lead to the living quarters... The last house... And there was a woman inside... The escort broke from him to speak with her, and all the while, he waited. His hair was wild, untouched by years of natural growth. Though his hair was wild, his eyes shown his true animal. As if eyes of a tiger, they saw through anyone, and his power knew no bounds. He stood, poised, yet tense. His attire, as black as the darkest night had gave his shoulders definition. The full moon above showered him with a godly glow. He truly was a king without his crown]

[center The woman he saw was a rebellious youth. She was young, free... But, seeing her as a maid was all he could do. The escort had returned with haste and informed him that his brother was waiting. The word 'brother' was far from what he could describe him. He was put in his place by sheer will of his father's council. And, with it, bestowed him the greatest treachery to his father's name. And instead of speaking up for his just father as he had, his 'brother' banished him as an attempt to take the throne with the help of council. Ji-Hun saw him not as a brother... And didn't intend to start now]

[center The throne room was vast, far bigger than expected. Guards sat from left to right , and the mighty Emperor was sitting proudly on his throne, with the luxuries that Ji-Hun himself was deprived of. The escort realized that he had not moved, and tried to egg him along. But, Ji-Hun had not moved. The escort tried pulling him along. Ji-Hun was set in stone. He wouldn't dare budge]
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 2d 12h 29m 58s
The Guards looked amongst one another for a few moments as if deciding who would be the one to view a possibly dreadful and heinous family reunion. Finally a guard from behind came forward and smacked the two across the head. [b "Stop being useless and go do your jobs. I shall take the Prince to see thing King myself."] The man who spoke was older in his years, salt and pepper hair with scattered facial hair. He was one of the main generals of the kings army. His armor was worn and scared with battle marks. His teeth were discolored and missing and his hands were covered in callouses. This was a man who had been fighting since his childhood, even his eyes were grayed with the stress of war. [b "My boy, how long has it been, far too many years, yet here you stand. Your brother has told me to escort you to his side right away"]

General Lee quickly looked over his shoulder to see the house of the 14th prince lit. [b "Eun Ah!!] He shouted as his voice echoed off the palace gate. [b " That girl will be the death of me...] he whispered to Ji Hun before walking over and opening the large wooden door.

Eun Ah dropped the dried tea leaves from her hands and bowed hastily. Tea all over her skirt and some in her hair. [b "Ne, General Lee, was there something you needed?"] The man laughed and took her by the arm. [b "Come with me child, see that man over there, this house no belongs to him. Make sure you have it set up accordingly or I shall tell the mistress you were late again.] The woman nodded before looking to the man a good lengths away. His glare was cold and his eyes almost empty. He carried a sword across his back where his long tattered robs lay. She couldn't make much of his face for it was in teh cover of night. but his eyes alone were enough to send chills through her.

[b "You're majesty, this way to the Emperor, I am sure you will see some of the buildings of your past still stand while others have not. There is a new thrown room, so lets make haste as not to upset your brother.]
  Choi Eun Ah / TheYoungEmpress / 3d 5h 19m 26s
[center The guards had spotted the carriage, and made haste to it's doors. With a swift gesture, the door had swung open and a figure sat as ominous as the dim lit castle. [I "Halt, who goes there"] one called. The figure slowly looked towards the two before willingly stepping out into danger itself. He skimmed the grounds before looking to the guards. The guards saw a familiar face, taller, more worn with age, but beautiful nonetheless. His hair rested just above his biceps and longer past his shoulder blades, with a vacant stare that intimidated the very core of the men. He wore black tresses, and wore no shoes. At first glance, he looked as though a widowed husband, unable to claim sanity since the death of his loving wife.]

[center But, up close, they saw malice age his face, stress him though there was no sign of him being older than 20. The guards then scouted his form, and saw a sword mounted proudly on his right shoulder blade and along his back until the sheathe was showing from his left hip. He had folded his hands into his kimono, and started walking forward. [I "To where do you go?"] Asked the guard. The man had stopped his stride, and without turning to them he spoke. [b "Will you take me to the Emperor, or will you risk me finding him myself? "]]
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 3d 8h 46m 47s
It was already dark when EunAh walked up to the palace walls. The Guards looked at her with raised brows and allowed her entry. It would not be the first time the young woman snuck into the palace as night had already fallen. She knew the head mistress would be looking for her, and if it was known she had been out past hours, punishment would be severe.

Within the Palace were small houses meant for the children of the Emperor. There were 14 all together that had been built over the centuries. Each with distinctive grace and flair. Further back lay one of these houses. It had not been used in over 100 years, and it was hers to upkeep. Stepping inside, she lit the lanterns giving a warm glow out it's paper lined windows. This was her serine time. A time to be alone and practice her craft. Nights were the only time for such calmness, for during the day a great evil bellows through the buildings of the establishment.

Since she was small she always felt a distrust from the people and their government. Rumors of family quarrels and power struggles were always the topic of villagers mouths, and the king was not afraid to silence those who speak loudly. With a sigh EunAh shook her head of the thought, knowing no good could come from it. She had emptied all small bowels of dried flowers and begun to fill them with fragrant oils and fresh petals. It was never known when one of these room would be used, either by a living family member, or the spirits of ancestors past, so it was always made sure a room was ready for use.

It was said that the son of the late Emperor would be arriving. All had been alarmed for word had spread of his temperament and hostility. EunAh was no different from the others. She was worried, with everything that had been going on over the years, another reckless man wouldn't be out of character. And she knew she would be the one to help with his care during his stay.
  Choi Eun Ah / TheYoungEmpress / 3d 9h 45m 41s
[center The carriage had been steady towards the home he once knew for well over a fortnight. Ji-Hun, the rightful heir to the throne of his late father's kingdom, had been exiled upon his father's death. Dishonored and forced to leave his grieving mother to the treacherous action of his half brother, he had sat for well over twenty years with the knowledge that his parents were together in the afterlife, and for that, he was grateful that they were not suffering. ]

[center But, as for the tortured soul that stayed, Ji-Hun had long abandoned the sorrow and innocence that he was forced to carry. What was returning to the kingdom was an empty shell, a clear stranger to the prince all once knew and loved. His return had rung silently yet joyfully amongst the villagers, and while the village were preparing for his return, the kingdom itself had well hung itself in the shadows. Since Ji-Hun's father had passed, an ominous cloud had stayed, hovering above the vast home, as if a beast, hungry and dissatisfied, stays with full intention of bleeding the castle of it's evil aura.]

[center The castle was finally in view. Ji-Hun had looked upon it from behind his bangs, feeling a twisted pain of sorrow again... And it had turned into animosity. Why was he to return here? Why now, after being exiled from his own rightful home for over two decades? Ji-Hun stared at the magnificence of it, but then, seeing as they turned into the castle's path, he saw that there was evil there... His return was not to welcome him into his rightful place... His return was but a personal vendetta... And he preferred it that way... That way, with some stroke of luck, he will take his throne back]
  Prince Ji-Hun / Bloody_Eve / 3d 17h 45m 3s
Eun Ah smiled as she smelled all kinds of tea leaves and flowers at the market. Though it was her off time she enjoyed mixing and playing with flavors and smells that would tantalize the senses. Lifting lavender roots to her nose she inhaled its aroma, what new dishes and perfumes could she make with such a flower? As she paid the seller EunAh quickly placed the bundle in her sack and walked down the many vendors admiring all around her.

Soon she would have to set foot back to the palace gates, it would be dark and with all that was going on in the kingdom, it would be unsafe for a palace servant to be alone outside its walls. Unrest had moved among the people. A certain someone would soon be arriving. Rumors had spread of the man and all the sins that had stained his hands. Some say the very reason he was banished from the Palace was because he was born unholy and cruel. EunAh could not help but be concerned, for she would be one of many to serve him his daily meals. What was he like? Was he all the rumors made to be?

Looking down at a hair pin, a soft sigh escaped her. She would never be able to afford such lovely things. But it was always pleasant to admire and imagine what it would be like to have such items. Suddenly the sound of the town grew quiet and the seller started taking back his merchandise. "Come back tomorrow, I'm closed!" He shouted as EunAh turned to see the sun was almost set. "Oh no..." With a hurried stride, she picked up her skirt and began running back to the palace, hoping no one would stop her so far from home.
  Choi Eun Ah / TheYoungEmpress / 6d 5h 2m 10s

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