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[size12 [center Edward nodded at the explanation provided by the man. It seemed pretty self-explanatory. Overwatch was concerned as to how useful any hopefuls would be on and off the field. There would be, of course, no use for anyone who became a burden more than they were helpful, and that could be in any number of ways. It didn't really matter how smart one could be if they weren't able to provide any contributions to the battle, or if one could fight and had no wits about them. None of it would be useful, and then they'd just be dead weight.] ]

[size12 [center Luckily, Edward had come prepared.] ]

[size12 [center Though originally contacted by Overwatch for his technological contributions to Volskaya as well as news getting around that he had taken his mother's work in a different direction, he had assumed that Overwatch was mainly interested in the contributions of his tech and omnic intellect in the event of another omnic crisis. However, despite how little he had really known of Overwatch from his mother's descriptions, he did have some interest in joining its ranks for a while, and had even developed ways to be able to do so.] ]

[size12 [center Edward wasn't exactly the most capable person athletically. He was a thin, lanky boy who didn't have muscle to him and whose only claim to fame was an occasional track and field plaque here and there. But his tech augmented his capabilities beyond that of human and omnic, making up for what he lacked physically. He hoped it would be enough to stand out, though.] ]

[size12 [center Grabbing his bag over his shoulder, he realized he had one more question [b "Sir. If you don't mind me asking, would you know if Torbjörn Lindholm is around? I was curious to see if..."] The man shook his head before Edward could finish what he was saying. Edward raised an eyebrow in question.] ]

[size12 [center [+red [i "You'll find very few main Overwatch operatives here at the moment, as this is only a temporary branch location established to test new recruits. If anything, you'll notice new members here or recent additions. Now, you should run along before you're late. You've got a lot to be doing soon."] ] Edward nodded reluctantly, a bit disappointed. He was hoping he could have a bit of a word with his mother's former superior before the testing, but he guessed that would have to wait until another time.] ]

[size20 [center ~] ]

[size12 [center Edward ate in silence, not really speaking to many of the others gathered around. There were people of all sizes and shapes seemed even species. Some seemed to be remnants of genetic experiments that Edward had learned had been conducted on various individuals across the country by Talon, some of them escaped and some rescued from Overwatch. They were all rather intimidating, and seemed to be showing off. Although, Edward hoped he'd have a bit of an edge over them with how subtle his powers were right now. Even with the implants and modifications, Edward could feel some of the wavelength cells charge from simply the minor conflict and tension in the room. He was certain everything would be working quite fine.] ]

[size12 [center Going to sleep was something of a godsend, considering that Edward hadn't had a decent bit of sleep since the completion of the heavy-duty particle cannon's blueprints. He was more than ready for it now. Setting his phone's alarm for a bit before the starting time in the morning, he laid his head down and fell quickly asleep.] ]

[size20 [center ~] ]

[size12 [center Morning had come quicker than Edward had hoped for, but nonetheless he was amped up and excited for what was to come. He showered, set his gear up, and headed out to the specified location. He was not about to be shown up.] ]
  Edward Grandia / kyanydkwc / 5d 15h 39m 45s
[center [size12 [i Evaluations and possibly escorted off the premises if one doesn't agree to said evaluations. Wonderful,] Aurora thought to herself before letting her shoulders relax a tab bit, but she was still on guard. She learned to stay on guard, no matter where she was. Talon had been extremely adamant to get her back since she had left their facility, up in Alaska. She could understand why. She was a prized possession, almost. She was an experiment, a trained assassin for them. She just managed to gain some of her mental focus back, thankfully, enough to get the hell away from.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Three parts, all some sort of testing. Field test, to see your fighting abilities. An intelligence test to make sure you don't make a miscalculation on the battle field. Communication testing, we rely on a certain level of communication to keep our team from getting one another killed for doing something out of place,"]] the man explained, glancing between the two people underneath that red visor of his. Aurora watched him carefully from where she was sitting. He made a slight, smug face in her direction as he sized her up. There was a certain level of distrust for Aurora in this time and place because of what had happened to her, but the man was understanding of what she had gone through, since he had lost one of his best friends to the same company. He, also, held a certain level of respect for her from getting out of that situation. Though, she could end up being a traitor, either way. He had to keep a close eye on her.]]

[center [size12 Aurora stood up, draping the fur pelt over her arm as she shouldered the quiver of arrows, along with her bow. She made her way up to the man. [i [#778899 "Bedroom?"]] She asked. If she was to be well rested for these evaluations, then she wanted to get some sleep now. It was growing late in the day anyway. [i [#778899 "Where is this bedroom?"]] Her English was a tab bit broken. She spoke a different language normally. It was an old language, Northern Alaskan Inupiat. She did speak a bit of Russian and English, as well.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "We have bedrooms specifically for our junior members down this hallway and off to the left. We have several other members down there as well, don't mind them. I would suggest a healthy dinner, which will be served in about 30 minutes then straight to bed for your full 8 hours,"]] the man further explained, directing them down the hallway then pointed off to the left.]]

[center [size12 Aurora glanced up at the other new comer, eyes cold as stone for a moment before she walked off. She had a small bag that held what she believed that she needed for her stay at Overwatch and her other things, like her pelt and weapon. Her wings stayed tucked underneath her shirt for a reason. She didn't want to bring them out until the evaluations. She believed that the surprise would give her a bit of a head start with these people. They seemed to like misfits and freaks.]]
  aurora / GH0UL / 9d 7h 25m 37s
[size12 [center Since the founding of Overwatch, some member of the Grandia family had always been somewhere in the background, toiling away at groundbreaking tech that would be the foundation of some omnics today. The worked to bridge the gap between humans and omnics, working to expand the capabilities of humanity to the technology that seemed to mimic human life.] ]

[size12 [center And at some point, they had succeeded.] ]

[size12 [center Alexa Grandia was a gamebreaker in emotive tech that improved upon technology that gave birth to citizen omnics who lived among the population. It capitalized on a phenomenon of brainwaves that seemed to be present among both human brain cells and omnic emotive computations and processing and created a sort of interface that would allow certain omnics to react to damaging stimuli in order to even feel more human.] ]

[size12 [center Of course, once the technology became public, this created dissent among both the human and omnic population, with cries from humankind saying that it was trying to replace humans, and omnics stating that the so-called "enhancements" were cruel and beyond unusual, to make pain an option for omnics instead of simple sensory alarms to any damage.] ]

[size12 [center In the background of Overwatch history, the safeguard of Alexia Grandia's tech and her family fell into the hands of Blackwatch, and specifically Gabriel Reyes. Alexia Grandia, alongside family, were sequestered from the public and hidden away.] ]

[size12 [center Years passed as they toiled in secret, working to perfect this technology, when eventually tensions ran high. Blackwatch fell alongside Overwatch, and Talon rose among the ashes as the perpetrator in events. The Grandia family was thrust back into the public, but with the buzz of what they had done a thing of the past. They had faded from the spotlight at the cost of Overwatch.] ]

[size12 [center On a spring afternoon in the family's living place of Moscow, West Russia, however, chaos broke out as a fire consumed a townhouse, with young Edward Grandia left to return to once finished with school.] ]

[size20 [center ~] ]

[size12 [center The plane was rather comfortable, although much above the pay grade he was used to. He tapped his temples lightly, feeling the small raised surface of polished metal. The scars around them were still healing, even though it had been months. At least they weren't as painful as they were for the while he had them. Or...disastrous. He still had a neural focal piece to use to make sure his tech worked.] ]

[size12 [center Despite what his mother had intended, Edward had found a way to weaponize her emotive technology, seeing what she didn't want to see, which was the similar wave activity's habit of accelerating through a similar reaction to aggression, conflict, and violence. There was a lot of energy there.] ]

[size12 [center And the reformed Overwatch had taken an interest in it not long after the townhouse fire. His mother always had stories about Overwatch from her days working with them, although as he got older, she seemed to speak less and less about it once the controversy was hard to ignore. Illegal sciences, espionage, corruption, and even suspected deaths and betrayal. And Talon...that was something beyond off limits for her.] ]

[size12 [center The descent of the small plane was smooth, barely noticeable aside from the small drop in Edward's stomach. He noted that it could have been simply from the arrival, although he couldn't really deny the feeling of nervousness settling in his stomach. He knew what he was here for, and it made him question his own motives. He had been offered a sort of sanctuary in return for his help, but what help would needed of him? He already made it clear that he wasn't going to replicate his tech to be weaponized for someone else, since all of it had been rewritten and formatted for his own specific reactionary wavelengths. He wasn't taking any chances.] ]

[size12 [center [i [+blue "Edward Grandia? We've arrived."] ] The soft voice startled him from his thoughts as he had been staring at his backpack. He stood, then looked down at himself. He was still in his work clothes, his warm engineering gear that he had been wearing when reorganizing the tech on a Volskaya Industries new generation anti-omnic walker suit weaponized with a heavy-duty Particle Cannon. Basically, some child's play. He had been living in Russia for a small while, but now it was to somewhere new. And according to the information he got, somewhere new was a temporary base located in Anchorage.] ]

[size12 [center Edward didn't have time to take in the sights before he was urged to keep pace with the pilot, a serious woman who stood almost as tall as his 5'10 self. She walked at a brisk pace, leaving Edward to make use of his long legs to keep up. [i [+blue "Another has already arrived, and we seem to be running late,"] ] she explained in passing. Edward nodded, feeling it better not to say something that could be construed as awkward. She was speaking perfect English, and at this point Edward was reasonably bilingual from his time in Russia. But when most of his interactions were with himself or the AI system on his portable database interface, he didn't have much faith in his ability to participate in conventional human interaction.] ]

[size12 [center [+blue [i "Apologies for the delay,"] ] the woman spoke after opening a keycoded door into what looked similar to a waiting room with a briefing table. Edward paused at the door frame, inspecting the insides. [+blue [i "Edward Grandia is here."] ] Edward looked up at the mention of his name and smiled, offering a wave and a handshake towards the man that walked up to meet them. Unfortunately, neither were returned. Muttering a small "okay" under his breath, he surveyed his surroundings coming across the only other person there, a strange girl about his age, maybe older, adorning a thick pelt as part of her outfit. She looked intimidating, and thus Edward said nothing. The weight of her gaze, however, seemed like a lot for him, so he looked away. Thankfully, the man began to speak.] ]

[size12 [center [+red [i "The two of you are here for evaluation by Overwatch for the purpose of fitting into the ranks of operations, which will be conducted once you two are settled into your facilities and well-rested tomorrow. Of course, participation is voluntary, though refusal to do so will warrant an eventual escort from the premises, returning you from whence you came. Understood?"] ] The notion was interesting, although Edward couldn't exactly mask his surprise. Evaluation? That was new. He though he was here simply to talk things over with someone in charge about what he could contribute to Overwatch, but it seemed that was decided for him. He was curious as to what he'd be able to do, as the only experience he had was hands-on field tests for Volskaya tech.] ]

[size12 [center [b [+gray "Okay, so what will we be doing for this evaluation?"] ] ] ]
  Edward Grandia / kyanydkwc / 5d 16h 15m 9s
[center [size15 [u The Past:]]]
[center [size12 Aurora was a young girl, living among her friends and family in a remote location in the northern part of Alaska. The group of people that she belonged to where the Inupiat people, a group of people that had grown concerned with the oncoming of climate change that soon would be the turning point of Aurora. A group of researchers had came into their lands, which caused a bigger concern of climate change when they become to set up their facilities and soon, Aurora and her people attacked, but that attack did not last long before people were either captured or killed. Aurora had been captured. She was the most furious and volatile of the group. Her eyes screamed hate and her claws screamed killer. When she was strapped down to a table, she knew her life was going to change and it was for the worse.]]

[center [size12 Aurora awoke, still strapped on this table, with this feeling of uncomfortable tension and she was faced with a small group of people, no more than three. Her eyes, that deep and dark green, glared holes into these people as they explained what they had done. All she could feel was angry. No sadness for her family and friends that were killed, just angry for what these people had done. The only emotion that she was told that she was going to ever feel again. She was determined to leave. Her angry would help her to do just that.]]

[center [size12 The spirits of the loved ones that she had lost would help her plan and execute her escape. She would kill if she had to, though she did not want to. She wanted to make it out of here as quickly and quietly as she could manage.]]

[center [size12 Quietness and quickness did not last very long when she set off an alarm when she had tried getting into a room that held all of her things inside of it. She wasn't going to leave in such a degrading piece of cloth that was almost like a hospital apron. She busted the lock off the door and changed into her native outside, a pair of cloth pants that were loose around her legs, but tightened at her waist and ankles. She shoved her feet into a pair of snow boots and pulled her shirt over her body as she wrapped her animal skin shawl around her shoulders. She took a hold of her bow and quiver of arrows before escaping once more.]]

[center [size12 This was only the beginning of what Aurora could possibly become. She hadn't even the slightest clue that escaping this facility could bring some of the most amazing possibilities to her attention. She was too focused on getting the hell out of there to even think about what she was going to do next.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 Aurora had managed her way from the northern tip of Alaska, to where this Overwatch was. She had caught word on them looking for her. She hadn't realized that the facility that she had escaped from was actually a villainous organization that wanted to turn her into something evil, instead of using her for good. That was what Overwatch was going to do with her, right? She had doubts, but it was the only thing that could save her right now. She looked like a bum, someone that couldn't even feed themselves right now and she was looking up at a man that seemed more annoyed than happy to even see her.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Rainmaker? Aurora Rainmaker?"]] He read off of a clipboard as he cocked an eyebrow at her. Aurora tilted her chin upwards at the man, nodding her head. She really did not talk much, she had always been that way, but especially now after she had her mind altered, she was scared to even hear the sound of her voice right now.]]

[center [size12 Aurora knew that she appeared very strangely to the normal person, but Overwatch.. Weren't they a band of misfits and freaks? She had strange, red marks on her face which was a type of native american paint that she wasn't ever going to take off, plus she had some pretty intense ink on her right arm. She wasn't dressed much better, still wearing the indigenous clothes that she had left Alaska in.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "We are waiting on a second person to get here, so for the time being, just sit and relax,"]] he explained in a deep, powerful voice. Aurora nodded before turning on her heels to sitting back down on the large, animal fur and skin shawl that she had. She hadn't the slightest clue of what was going to be in store for her after today. Overwatch was getting back together, finally. If only they had been together when Talon had attacked her home land, she felt a certain level of hate for the Overwatch members, but those feelings would soon leave her once she got used to her surroundings.]]
  aurora / GH0UL / 10d 12h 56m 42s

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