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its about a girl who thinks she is 'cursed' because people who get close to her keep getting hurt. actually there is a demon who has latched himself to her and he is hurting anyone who gets close to her because he has become somewhat obsessed with her. Then she meets a guy who can see the demon and wants to help her. he is a spirit in a physical form who is taking a trial to become an angel.

The demon getting angered by her takes things to the extreme, to remind her there is no way for her to live a remotely normal life he causes a huge fire at her apartment complex. Being trapped in the fire she is rescued by a strange boy, and whenever he touched her she could see the dark aura around anyone who was being manipulated or targeted by a demon, as well as being able to see her demon as well. He explains to her that he is a spirit taking the exam.
In the world after you die, you start out as a blank spirit, this phase is like a limbo where you simply wonder around aimlessly with no purpose, not being able to be seen or interact with with the human world. In order to progress to being an angle or demon, you have to take ‘the exam’ during the exam you are placed back on earth in a physical form with a time limit. While you are back on earth you interact with humans and your acts determan if you will earn your wings, or your horns. Acts of good will bring you closer to becoming an angle, while acts of anger or sin will bring you closer to demon. During the examination you are granted powers, what those powers are and their straight depend on which side you are closer to. By the end of your time limit, if you have not earned either your wings or your horns your soul will be eased.

-okay so I dont really have time to revise so I copied what was in pm and some bits from summery. We dont have to play word for word, its just the general idea-


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Seeing her drop to her knees and ball herself up, crying. Zest walked over to her, and without saying a word he knelt down beside her, holding his head down as she cried. He wanted to comfort her, but he was the reason she was crying, so he didn’t know if he could. She was right, he was and still is cruel.
[b “You’re right Scar, I did do all those things. At the time I thought I had a reason, but looking back I did it just because I was cruel. I was jealous and angry, and because of that I would hurt anyone around you. I was selfish, I wanted you all to myself, and I’m still being selfish. Once I took on this physical form for you, I did everything in my power to insure you’d be mind. I conjured a snake to put on a show for you, to make you open up to me. I took up residence in this empty house so I could be near you, I said all the right things at all the right moments. I knew your weaknesses and used them to woo you. And now… Now that this angel is here I’m telling you this and hurting you even more, instead of just disappearing and leaving you alone.”] he said and reached over, putting a hand on her hunched over back. [b “Scar… In the woods… before we kissed, do you remember what I told you… I said that I would make your curse go away, as long as you don’t shut me out. I meant what I said, I will make the curse go away, I wont hurt anyone around you anymore. You can be a normal girl again…”]
  Zest / koneko-cat / 1y 73d 20h 2m 0s
When he voiced the one fear she was feel she felt her whole world fall apart. He wasn't just trying to scare her though, she knew he was telling her the truth just by saying what happened. Even though she was young her dad told her stories about how she was 5 and talked to a stranger when they out together...when they were still a family. They told her that the man most likely passed his curse to her and everyday since then her family had fell apart and her world around her caused misery. For so long she was angry....angry at the world and angry at her so called curse for ruining her life. Now the one thing that brought her joy and love was telling her he was the cause of it all.

She felt her heart break more as the tears begun to weld up in her eyes [b "little things?!? You ruined my fucking family Zest! Caused a boy to die in front of me and little things? You were and still are cruel! How could you hurt something you claim to love so badly? You nurture and are kind to people you love...demon or not....and you have done the cruelest of all things, you made me fall in love with you and stole my first kiss...you started to make me feel loved again...I hope your finally happy Zest because I am literally broken now..."] she cried out hurt beyond anything she had ever felt before. She couldn't hold herself up anymore as she fell to her knees and huddled over herself as she held herself. Scarlett's tears rolled down her face and on to the floor as her hair hid herself as she cried.
  Scarlett / Serlight / 1y 73d 20h 55m 23s
Zest quickly stood up, holding up his hands in defense. [b “No no! Nothing like that! I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to get hurt. Since that guy arrived yesterday, every time he shows you are there. Yesterday when you were out in the field he came and put you to sleep, then used you as a meat shield so I wouldn’t be able to attack him back. Today he showed again just now, and once again you were right there. I don’t know if he’s doing it on purpose or not, but he only attacks when I’m weak or in a position where I can’t fight back. I’m telling you this because it’s the only way I know I can protect you right now. If you know what’s going on around you, you are less likely to get hurt”] He explained to her as quickly as he could.
He could tell by the look in her eyes, she was hurt, scared, and in didn’t want to believe it, but some part of her has already accepted him being her curse as fact. [b “And as for the knowing you think… I’ve known you for a long time. 13 years to be exact. Since you where just five years old. I am a demon, and at the time I was doing my job, praying on the weak. Then you came around and I don’t remember word for word what you told the person I was working on, but just by meeting somehow he found the strength to live on. I… After that I came after you… but I swear I never hurt you, I never intended to have your soul, nothing like that! But… But I was curl. I caused a little misfortune for those around you… It wasn’t supposed to go as far as it did, but I started to care for you, so I was around more often… I’ve done terrible things, I know! I’m a demon, that’s what I am meant to do. But once I came to you in a physical form that you can see and touch and hear, I haven’t done anything… Well… I mean the kids on the trampoline was me, but that was an accident, I don’t even know really how it happened. The same thing happened when we kissed in the forest, but that time I was able to let it out slowly, so it wouldn’t hurt anyone, especially not you… Scar I know this is a lot to take in, but believe me I wouldn’t be telling you this, that I am your curse, if I didn’t love you and want to protect you.”]
Zest wasn’t even able to bring himself to look at her in the eyes anymore, he knew how hurt and confused they would be, and expected her to try and make a run for it after he told her everything. Probably to hide in the one place he told her he couldn’t go.
  Zest / koneko-cat / 1y 74d 18h 45m 17s
Someone hung clicked in her mind that made her smile drop from her face. She couldn't really wrap her mind around him being a demon and an angel actually appearing in front of them, but she came to realize that maybe it wasn't so far fetch. He did just come out of the blue one day, and he was able to take down a snake with no problem. [b "you have known me for a long time? How we have literally just met a couple of days ago....I have never seen or heard of you until you just randomly showed up one day..."] she stated after everything clicking perfectly as she really thought about how her curse was silent and hadn't been so bad since they met. Except for a couple of incidents, her curse had been silent with nothing going wrong.

Getting up she had to place some distance between them. She placed her hand over her heart as a pain shot through her body. She shook her head looking him dead in the eye as she eyes filled with tears [b "don't tell me your letting me know all this because your my curse...."] she stated her voice filled with emotion as she tried to calm herself alittle.
  Scarlett / Serlight / 1y 74d 20h 45m 43s
He held his head down, he knew how crazy it must sound. Any sane person hearing this would completely disregard it, thinking he was a mad man.
[b “Just trust me on this one, he is an angel.”] he said and looked up at her. A small smile appeared on his lips, he didn’t want to lose her. He had been when her since she was just a little thing, and for the past 13 years he watched as she grew up into the beautiful woman sitting across from him. And even though she has only known of his existence for the past few days, he had grown even closer to her.
[b “Uhm… you know what never mind, just forget I said anything.”] he said, wanting to back out of it. Looking over her face he let out a sigh and shook his head [b “No, I can’t hide it anymore, and its best if you hear it from me… Scar, he is an angel that was sent here to protect you from me… because… well you see it’s because I am a demon”] he explained before quickly adding [b “But you don’t need protect because I will never hurt you. Scar I’ve loved you for a very long time and I would never do anything to hurt you. I don’t know what his higher ups think I’m after, but whatever it is I’m not. You mean the world to me and that’s why I wanted to be close to you”]
  Zest / koneko-cat / 1y 75d 10h 41m 51s
Scarlett didn't understand....it was like her mind could process what he was saying. She stared at the lily that had appeared from a flick of his wrist. She was trying to figure out how he did that when she looked back at him. She wondered where he was leading to as she gave him suspicious eyes [b "I don't understand....how am I only save at my house? Why can't you come inside?..."] she asked as she looked him over again, looking for any kind of sign in his face.

[b "your joking right? Angels are a long shot...plus I didn't see no wings and halo on that guy...and anyone could have done that to your shirt"] she stated trying to rationalize her thinking as she looked back down at the hole in his shirt. It was a perfect circle that showed off his abs, she looked away not wanting to get caught staring [b "plus if he was an angel why would he want to protect me? And specially from you?"] she asked.
  Scarlett / Serlight / 1y 76d 1h 45m 21s
He took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. He really really didn’t want to do this, but Chance was giving him no real choice. The angel was ruthless, at least toward him, and he didn’t want Scarlett unknowing getting caught in the cross fire. Plus it was probably best that she heard it straight from him, rather than seeing him throw a fireball at that boy. Or even worse, hear it from that fucking angel.
[b “Listen Scar… this isn’t easy to say, and I hope you will hear me out… but before we start I just wanted to let you know, he can’t get in this house, this is the only place he can not reach you… and I, well thanks to him I can not enter your property anymore. So if you are going to run from me, go there. That’s the only place I can’t follow.”] he told her before putting his face in his hands for a moment, somehow this was a lot tougher than he would have imagined. [b “Okay… where to start, where to start… Alright Scar, that man, the one out in the woods, the one who did this to my shirt. He is an angel. I mean a full blown goody two shoes, wings and a halo, actual angel. He says he was sent here to protect you… from me”] he explained, swirling his hand he made a single lily appear on the coffee table in front of her.
  Zest / koneko-cat / 1y 76d 20h 15m 0s
Scarlett wondered how he was hit and his shirt is was got the most of the damage. She didn't question it thought as he pulled her to the living, she sat in the couch and stared at him. She knew he was acting strange by the way he moved and didn't sit close to her at all. [b "what is it Zest?...is something wrong?"] she asked her stomach turning I knots from why he might say. A million scenarios ran through her mind...but one really stood out above the rest, she was scared he was going to leave her. Even after he told her he wasn't and stole her first kiss she was very worried that he was going to kiss and run.

Scarlett knotted her fingers together as she held a nervous smile, he was so serious. And she wasn't really to face what he was about to say.
  Scarlett / Serlight / 1y 77d 2h 9m 36s
Zest smiled when she came up and hugged him. Wrapping one arm around her he rubbed her back, glad to see she was able to make it here okay. He laughed a little when she pointed out his shirt [b “Yeah well… I kinda took a pretty bad hit, and don’t worry he’s gone for now… but this isn’t over Scar, he will be back and he may bring friends with him”] he said told her.
His eyes got serious, he knew at this point he couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. With that angel flying around messing everything up for him she was going to find out anyways. Zest took a deep breath and laid his forehead on top of her hair. Her hair smelt good, kind of like berries, it must have been a new shampoo.
[b “Scar… This isn’t easy but I need to tell you something… and after I tell you the truth, you’re not going to like me anymore… In fact you are probably going to hate me and run away as fast as you can… But with that guy running around, it would be dangerous if you didn’t know, and I don’t want to put you in that kind of danger.”] he told her and pulled himself off her, grabbing her hand he led her downstairs to the living room and sat her on the couch. He wanted to sit next to her, but knew that for this conversation it was best if she had a little bit of distance.
  Zest / koneko-cat / 1y 77d 20h 56m 55s
Scarlett was in the closet holding her legs to her chest. She didn't realize how long she was in there, thoughts filled her mind of what was going. Who was that guy? Why was there smoke coming from zests hand? She didn't understand what was going on as she heard foot steps outside the room. She leaped out of closet and out of his room. She rushed out to see Zest standing there, she flung herself at him hugging him tightly as tears filled her eyes. She was so happy he was ok, until she looked down and saw his shirt [b "oh my god! What happened to your shirt? Did you get rid of that strange guy?"] she asked holding him closely as she looked up into his eyes for answers.
  Scarlett / Serlight / 1y 78d 6h 11m 13s
Zest clicked his tongue as Chance flew away. They couldn’t wipe out all demons, it would upset the natural balance. There where is light there will always be dark. Where there is good there will always be evil. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, that is an inevitable fact.
Zest tried to summon himself a physical body again, but he was too weak to even do that. He cursed to himself before flying out of the woods, he had to find a soul to take. Going into town the first person he saw was a drug attic. Not really the best kind of soul, but at this point he couldn’t afford to be picky. Feeling a little better he had to actually find some good souls. He never wanted to be in a position again where a fucking angel talks down to him and he’s too weak to do anything about it.
After collecting several souls he flew back home as fast as he could. In the living room he formed hims physical body again. It still having on the same clothes it did when it dissipated. He looked down at the hole in his shirt, but shrugged, he had more Important things to worry about. Like making sure Scar was okay and breaking the neck of that cocky angel, and anyone who comes after him to get his girl.
[b “Scar?! Scar it’s me!”] he called as he walked room from room looking for her.
  Zest / koneko-cat / 1y 78d 20h 29m 6s
The fireball was very weak so am Chance had to do was step to one side as the fireball went flying into the woods. Chance laughed [+blue "don't put me in the same class as you demon...I wasn't using the girl as a meat shield, nor was I taking her hostage...after you almost killed those kids and sent poor Scarlett into the woods crying I wanted the pain go away...so I simply put her out of her misery and into a peaceful sleep"] he stated giving that charming smile as he gave Zest ice cold eyes. [+blue "try all your night but you are in no state to even get rip my wings...and unarmed? Fucking please you just threw a fireball at me, I am not dumb"] he stated shaking his head as he saw Zest return back to his form. Chance honestly didn't care what the monsters name was, all he cared about was saving Scarlett and her soul from this guy [+blue "and there is more of us coming...not just for you [i "Zest"] but for your kind...we are going to stop you guys from harming anyone like Scarlett again"] he said as Chance heard a distant call for him from the heavens. [+blue "I will be back scum and know I am always watching.."] he stated taking to the air and flying off leaving Zest alone in the woods.
  Chance / Serlight / 1y 78d 20h 45m 7s
Chance’s energy ball hit Zest in the middle of his chest, sending him flying backwards until his back crashed into a tree. Where it hit him in the chest his shirt was torn open, exposing his chest, red from the energy balls blow. He coughed as he used the tree to help him keep his balance. Looking up at Chance he smirked [b “Now look at that, this angel would probably make a half way decent demon. Taking a human hostage and using her as a meat shield, attacking an unarmed man who you know can not fight back right now. I must say, seems a little dark. But I’ve still done worse”] he said while trying to catch his breath, him still getting his cocky attitude across. [b “I go by Zest, just thought I’d give you the name of the demon who is going rip off those fucking wings you worked so hard to get”]
His body felt weak, and his vision started to go in and out, until all that was left was a blurry figure in front of him. [i “Damn it! This body is to weak, it couldn’t even take one hit”] he yelled to himself, before making his physical body dissipate. [i “Scar should have had enough time to make it there by now. I need to wrap things up here and quick”] he thought as he levitated in the air, letting a small fireball form in his hand, throwing it at Chance.
  Zest / koneko-cat / 1y 79d 11h 18m 49s
[+blue "13 years? You really need to pay attention...they knew about you demon! The higher ones don't just send anybody to deal with the likes of you, including when it comes to destroying a girls life for your own pleasure....your sick to think that I won't stop you"] Chance stated anger boiling up as his eyes started to glow. Lifting his hand up he snapped his fingers causing a white energy ball to form and with a flick of his wrist he threw the energy ball at Zest.
Scarlett ran faster out of the woods. Her heart racing and pounding against her chest as she entered Zests gate. She ran up the stairs and brushed into the house. She ran up the stairs not caring as she burst through his room and to the closet and closed herself up inside.
  Scarlett / Serlight / 1y 79d 14h 27m 28s
Zest let out a laugh. [b “Oh really? Yeah I may have used my powers to get into her life. But neither you, nor those silly higher ups of yours is going to stop me.”] he said as he took a few steps back, twigs and leaves crushing under his weight. Right now he couldn’t even protect himself let alone actually fight an angel.
[b “So humor me angel. Why would my actions around one girl, suddenly out of no where get the attention of your higher ups. Its been what? 13 years since I first started reeking havoc on Scar’s life. So why now. In fact as of late I’ve really haven’t done any wrong as it proteins to her.”] he asked. Honestly he was rather curious, and he wanted to insure that Scar had plenty of time to make to his house.
  Zest / koneko-cat / 1y 79d 15h 59m 23s

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