Starcrossed Hatred

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Prince sneaks out of castle in disguise and meets a commoner, after meeting her the prince can not seem to get her out of his head, only problem is she hates the prince and the whole royal family.


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Jason sighed and nodded his head before leaving the guard. He went to the princess's tent and took a deep breath. Form outside the tent he spoke, [b My princess. Do you wish for me to go an converse with your father about this marriage that is to take place? I would like to get this wedding set up as quickly as possible if that is okay with you.] He said putting on his best true smile as he spoke in case she saw him.
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 1y 24d 15h 34m 36s
[+red "I will, but you have to promise me that things wont go wrong."] Forest told him before patting him on the back. [+red "I know you are dealing with a lot, but Espin is putting her life on the line that you wont fuck this up. Now you need to get excused by the princess and go talk with the king. You need to give the princess time to go see Espin so she can do her part"]
Forest hated having Espin in this kind of situation, and what he hated even more was that he couldn't do anything about it. Right now all he could do was try to get Jason to play along with Espins plan and make sure he is in the right spots at the right times,
  Forest / koneko-cat / 1y 24d 20h 12m 31s
He laughed softly. [b To be honest. I think it was her first kiss. She was acting all high and mighty before and she just sat there as red as a tomato afterwords and asked me to please leave to give her some time.] He said and yawned softly. [b I just hope this passes quickly and I can go home with Espin soon.] He said before walking over to his horse. He looked back at Forest. [b If anything looks like it is going bad. I want you to take him and go get Espin and run. He knows the way to my hidden palace to the north. Plus, I don't know a faster horse. He will run hard till he dies of a heart attack. But I want you both to stay there.]
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 1y 27d 21h 29m 6s
Forest nodded his head yes before putting his hands in his pockets [+red "Yes, she did, but she told me not to tell you. All you need to know is that she wants you to make the princess think you are falling for her and keep her happy."] he said then looked back at the tent. Rubbing his chin [+red "You knocked her on her ass from just one kiss... hmmm... I wonder, what if that was her first kiss. I know she dresses and acts like a flossy, so the chances are pretty low, but the only time I've ever seem a girl act like that is if she really really loves the guy and he just kissed her like she's always dreamed, or if it was her first kiss and she doesn't know how to really handle it."]
  Forest / koneko-cat / 1y 27d 21h 37m 30s
[b Ha ha, Forest good one.] He said after the comment was made from him coming out so quickly. [b I have not received my okay from the fair princess who is perhaps still knocked on her ass right now. And from a mere kiss at that.] His face then became serious. [b Did Espin say anything about this plan? Anything that could be useful or important other than to not mess it up?] He looked back at the tent to see if the princess had come out or not.
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 1y 27d 21h 52m 4s
Forest Spotted Jason leaving the princess’s tent and walked over to him. [+red “Well you weren’t in there for very long. What did she already grow tired of you and kicked you out?”] he asked with a smirk, only playing around with him. [+red “Come on, we should get going. Not that I need to tell you this but there is still the matter of her father. Trust me I want to be close to Espin as much as you, but the sooner we get Espin’s plan rolling the sooner we will have her back.”] He said in a quieter voice so no one but Jason could hear him.
  Forest / koneko-cat / 1y 27d 23h 31m 42s
Jason grinned softly as he watched her slip to the floor. [b Are you okay, my dear princess?] He asked in a soft voice as he moved to kneel down beside her. Hearing her ask him to leave, he nodded and stood up. [b If that is what my princess wishes.] He said and moved to the opening of the tent. He knew she was most likley in a partial state of shock from what just happen. He had only wanted to kiss Espin like that but he had to make this believable.
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 1y 30d 5h 15m 52s
Her eyes opened wide when he actually kissed her. She was expecting him to be shy and somehow work his way out of it. As he deepened the kiss she let her eyes close, returning the kiss following his lead. When the kiss between them was over she slipped out of his lap, landing on the floor by his feet. Her cheeks were bright red with a blush as she looked up at him, her bottom lip quivering a little as she gently touched it.
[+green “I uhm… I… O-okay… point proven… u-uhm go away now… I don’t want you to see me like this”] she said, acting extremely shy and embarrassed.
  Princess Asha / koneko-cat / 1y 30d 12h 55m 27s
He smiled softly and wanted to say something to her about self confidence when she walked over to him and crawled into his lap. He looked her in the eyes and sighed softly. She just was to marry him due to an order by her father. He wanted marriage by love not because he was forced to. If she wanted a kiss then so be it. He brought his hands up to cradle the back of her head as he pulled her face closer to his before their lips came together in a passionate kiss.
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 1y 30d 15h 22m 45s
She raised an eyebrow at him, not fully convinced that he was being genuine. [+green “Pointing blame at the other party? I thought a man such as yourself had more class then that. If you become jealous just from me looking at another man. That is not due to my fast approaches on you, but rather do to the fact that you do not have enough confidence in yourself that you fear you can not tie me down and that I will find a man more suited for me”] she explained before standing up walking over to him. Crawling into his lap straddling him again she looking him in the eyes [+green “You don’t sound genuine in your ‘hopes’ that a marriage between us will happen. It could simply be your constant refusals to the subject that make me question you. So how about this, kiss me. Right now, kiss me and show me you mean it, make me believe what you say is true”]
  Princess Asha / koneko-cat / 1y 30d 15h 30m 9s
He listened to her words and cocked his head to the side some. [b To be honest. Yes I did think that. With the way you have responded to me and acted towards me, do you blame me?] His mind was screaming that she was two faced and that he should just demand Espin right then and there. [b Though jealousy can show insecurities it can also be the other person in the parties fault. If I was to be jealous of you looking at another man, it is due to the fact that you just had your hand up my shirt with out even knowing me.] He said simple. [b I think this marriage will work out, or at least I hope it will.]
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 1y 30d 15h 44m 20s
She smiled as she pulled all her hair over to one side, running her fingers through it straightening it out. [+green “Hm, so you say you become jealous quite easily. Jealously is a dual bladed sword, while it can show passion, it also shows weakness and insecurity. After all, jealousy is a form of hatred built upon insecurity. If a man confidant knows that a woman is his, there is no need for something like jealousy. He knows she is his.”] she said and grabbed her ribbon, putting it back in her hair like it was before. [+green “And yes, I only want this marriage because my father does. Why would I hand myself over to a stranger other wise.”] Finishing typing off the ribbon she leaned back on the palm of her hands and looked him over, her legs crossed. [+green “I give my body over to you because you are the man father said to marry.”] she said and let out a small laugh [+green “Do you really think I would behave so debaucherous other wise?”]
  Princess Asha / koneko-cat / 1y 30d 15h 52m 17s
He sighed softly and ran a hand through his hair. Again acting somewhat nervous. He didn't want to keep this act up. He truly didn't. But it was what his princess wanted so he would. [b I am a very jealous man.] He stated. [b Plus a woman who wants to be in a relationship should only have eyes for her man, just like a man should only have eyes for his woman.] He said. [b So you want this marriage just to appease your father?] He asked.
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 1y 30d 16h 31m 19s
Asha smiled and put her hand on her side, moving it down her bare skin until she hit the red cloth around her waist. [+green “I am a young woman my dear Jason, there is nothing wrong admiring the bodies of attractive young men from afar.”] she told him before moving and sitting on the edge of her bed [+green “But if it makes you jealous, I can have my eyes only on you. If that’s what you want.”] she said, locking her eyes him as she give a little smile. [+green “I want this marriage because my father wants it. He believes joining our kingdoms by marriage will be more beneficial than forcibly taking these lands”]
  Princess Asha / koneko-cat / 1y 30d 16h 37m 58s
He watched as the princess was checking Forest out and sighed softly as she watched him. [b He is one of them. He is newer to the guard of me.] He said softly as he sat in the chair watching her. He began to wonder what her next move would be. He didn't really want to fuck her. He wondered what Espin was planning. [b So anyways. This marriage. Why do you want it to happen? It seems you have your eyes elsewhere right now.]
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 1y 30d 16h 53m 29s

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