Starcrossed Hatred

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Prince sneaks out of castle in disguise and meets a commoner, after meeting her the prince can not seem to get her out of his head, only problem is she hates the prince and the whole royal family.


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He smiled softly. [b When would be a good time to talk to your father about this? I would like for you to be present as well during this time.] He said as he finished his meal and pulled out his wallet.
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 5h 51s
His words snapped her out of her thoughts, [b “Hm? Oh, well as for any details and such of the deal, of course you would have to speak with my father around it. But as it stands it looks like this deal greatly leans if the inns favor, so I have nothing to add on it”]
  Espin / koneko-cat / 21h 25m 2s
He grinned knowing that her mind was most likely trying to figure out where he was from. He sat up and began to cut away small pieces of the steak as he began to eat. [b So. This deal, what would you like to add or change?] He asked trying to change the subject. He knew that if she were to figure out who he was the deal would be forgotten.
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 1d 15h 19m 56s
She shrugged, accepting that he wasn’t going to talk. He probably let the fact that he used to live in the palace slip and that’s why he quickly closed the door on talking about it. As she started to eat her soup she tried to imagine what he used to do there. She knew for a fact he wasn’t a guard. Could he have been a tutor? Maybe a botanist or a grounds keeper? Or maybe he held a larger title. Maybe he was an adviser. He could have been a cook or butler or something. Honestly until she learned a little more about him pretty much anything was up for grabs. He even be an escaped prisoner from the palace.
  Espin / koneko-cat / 2d 2h 32m 14s
He laughed softly at the joke. He had been told that before, for when she would visit. He always wanted to go down there to tell her that he was sorry. But he stuck with placing a daisy on the cot each day instead.

[b "As I said it wasn't too bad. There are things I wish not to say right now.] He said softly. He wanted to tell her the truth, but fear made him bite his tongue. He smiled as the waitress brought over the food.
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 2d 2h 46m 12s
She just laughed and shook her head. [b “Oh there is no reason for you to be sorry, really it’s not like it was your fault or anything. Plus is makes for a great story. And now I personally know a few palace guards. While on break some of them used to keep me company. Whenever I happen to see one they always joke saying how they have a cell with my name on it at the palace.”]
Taking a sip of her water she looked up at him with interest. [b “So you used to live at the palace? And you said you didn’t have any stories. Come on, tell me something about when you used to live there.”]
  Espin / koneko-cat / 2d 2h 50m 52s
Hearing her story he froze, his look became saddened. He remembered that day so clearly. He remembered trying to get the guards to let her go. That it was an accident. He remembered how he pleaded with them. He sighed softly. [b I am sorry for that.] He paused for a moment before continuing. [b I use to live in that palace. It wasn't always such a bad place. Though it had its moments.]
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 2d 3h 2m 10s
She laughed a little [b “Oh come on, you must have at least one story to tell, even if you were sheltered. Like me for example, I’ve never traveled, but I still have a story or two up my sleeve. Here let me think of one… Oh I know! Once when I was little, my uncle was taking care of me for a month while mother and Papa had to go to a journey for something. Well my uncle used to be a guard at the palace, so while he was working I was pretty much left unsupervised to wonder around the castle. Me, being the little kid that I was, thought that it was so cool! That is until I accidentally ran into the prince. And when I say I ran into him, I mean I really ran into him, and we both fell to the ground. I’m telling you I’ve never seen guards jump so fast before. I didn’t even get the chance to apologize before they snatched me off him. Then they put me, a little kid, in a cell down in the dungeon. Just because I ran into the ‘precious’ prince. Thankfully when my uncle got off duty he got me out. But from that day until my parents returned from their trip, whenever my uncle had to work I’d have to hang out in that cell”]
  Espin / koneko-cat / 2d 3h 8m 32s
He smiled at her and noticed the nervousness. [b Please you don't have to be shy with me and to be honest, I haven't traveled much. My family usually keeps me sheltered, and I have finally broken free of that.] He said with a soft laughed and thanked the waitress as she came back with their drinks. [b I wish I had fun tales to tell, but sadly I do not.]
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 2d 3h 37m 36s
Espin bit on her bottom lip lightly while looking down at the menu. Closing her menu she looked up at the waitress. [b “I’ll have just the soup today, and a water”].
The waitress scribbled down their order and left to go give them to the cook.
Espin nervously played with the ends of her hair [b “So… as a traveler you must have a lot of really interesting stories to tell. I’d love to hear one.”]
  Espin / koneko-cat / 2d 3h 59m 44s
He laughed softly knowing that that was the best option. Happy with her answer he allowed her to change the subject. Once the waitress came over he ordered a steak medium rare, mashed potatoes, carrots, and a chocolate milk. [b What would you like to eat, Espin?] He asked softly as he looked over at her. [b My treat.] He said with a laugh. After eating he would retire for the night due to the long day he had.
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 2d 5h 37m 25s
Espin held up her hands and laughed a little as she shook her head [b “Oh no no, I didn’t think you meant it in that way, sorry if it came out like that. By entertain I mean talk to you, keep you company, maybe get a bite to eat, or show you around. I am properly saving myself to marriage. I would never do such an act for money for the inn”] she tried to explain. Nervously she tucked her hair behind on of her ears. [b “You ready to order?”] she asked, changing the subject as she raised her hand, flagging down a waitress.
  Espin / koneko-cat / 2d 10h 52m 51s
He blushed a bit at her words. Entertain him. He just hoped she wasn't think he was one of those kinds of men who want a female to entertain him sexually or anything like that. [b I don't mean sexually or anything. Just someone to talk to. I hope you don't think I meant that.]

He laughed nervously. [b It is something I want to work out completely with you and your father, no strings attached or anything. I am a man of my word.] He said softly.
  Darkelfprincess / 3d 4h 50m 30s
Espin looked at him a bit confused, why would a total stranger do this. She nervously looked around before letting her eyes fall back on him. She had to do what was best for the inn. [b “So you’re saying you will actually fanatically support my family’s inn, in exchange for a free room and… me? W-well me to talk to and entertain you whenever you are here?”] she asked, wanted to clarify everything before accepting this kind of deal. She knew how contracts work, they typically sound good at first, then you read the fine print and get a whole new perspective on it. But honestly, the inn was doing bad, and things where just going to get worse. If someone was willing took it afloat and keep her family off the streets, she would practically agree to anything.
  Espin / koneko-cat / 4d 2h 10m 21s
He smiled softly as he sat down at the table across from her. He sighed softly and looked at the menu for the different foods that they had.

[b Can I order first and then discuss the business aspect?] He asked deciding what he wanted.

[b I was thinking perhaps, due to my abundance of money. I could sponsor this place in exchange for when ever I am here I get to stay here for free and if you are single, just talk to me.] he said softly.
  Jason / Darkelfprincess / 4d 8h 45m 11s

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