Thousand Years for Her

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A 17 year old girl has been hospitalized with a heart condition, since birth she's had a very weak heart. Very time she gets too excited, or her heart beats to fast, she has a stroke. The doctors believe she won't last long enough to meet her 18th birthday. One night while gazing out of the window of the hospital she sees a boy jump off the top of the hospital. Claiming she is going for a walk she goes over to where she saw him fall. There she see's an 18 year old vampire boy sitting up against a tree. A vampire's life span is usually 800 years to a 1000 on average. At the age of 18 traditionally a vampire would search for a human partner, and after drinking that human's blood the human will gain the vampire's lifespan, but in exchange the human will provide the vampire with blood for the rest of their lives.


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Mina sighed softly in her sleep as she soon woke. She knew she was being watched. She soon left the room and headed down to their little store and purchased a bathing suit before heading into the pool area.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 210d 22h 58m 32s
A few hours passed when Sekai's phone buzzed, pulling it out of his pocket he saw it was a text from Simian that read. [i [b "Everything okay?"] ]
[+blue [i "everythings good. we are out in town. she is tired and got a room to sleep in. keeping eyes on her, if anything happens will txt" ] ] he quickly typed out before putting the phone back in his pocket
  Sekai / koneko-cat / 211d 35m 51s
After her shower was done she got out and dried off before dressing. She had a feeling it would be a matter of time before she would have to leave so she decided to lay down and get some sleep as the sun began to go down.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 214d 1h 56m 34s
Sekai scratched the top of his head and he sat in a tree outsider the inn. [+blue "What is she up to? Simian said she was in one of her moods... and I guess this isn't the first time she ran away... I'm pretty sure it's like the third, maybe the forth time..."] he mumbled to himself as he leaned back on her tree, getting comfy. He had a feeling she would be here for a while.
  Sekai / koneko-cat / 214d 2h 2m 31s
Mina watched as he walked off and soon turned away and began to walk down the road. Once she was down the road a distance she called the person for the horse and canceled the purchase of him. Once in town she went to the store and canceled everything before going to a crappy inn and took out a hotel room. She went into the room and closed off all of the windows. She had a feeling that she was being followed and this would be the only way she was safe. With the door locked she went into the bathroom for a shower.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 214d 2h 7m 3s
He let out a sigh and kicked the dirt before turning around [+blue "Okay... I'll leave you alone"] he said before walking away with his head down. Once there was enough distance between then he turned back around and secretly followed her, Simian did ask his to keep an eye on her after all.
  Sekai / koneko-cat / 214d 2h 15m 2s
She sighed softly. [b I wish you could. But as I said I need to be alone for now. There are a few things I have to take care of.] She said and hugged the boy before beginning to leave.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 215d 10h 54m 20s
[+blue “Can’t I come with you. Pretty please. I never get to leave the house. I promise I will be good. You wont even know I’m there.”] He said, really wanting to go with her. Going somewhere was normal for human kid, Sekai really ever got to leave the house. He was home schooled and just like all young vampires he was kept on a very tight leash.
  Sekai / koneko-cat / 215d 14h 36m 35s
She nodded her head with no emotion on her face. Her mouth was straight. "I guess yes to both of those. Now if I dont leave now I will be walking in the dark." She wondered how he didn't know about sex.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 216d 10h 40m 28s
[+blue "Sex?... Ohhhh, you mean that thing adults do when they like each other a lot so they take off their clothes and touch each other in their no no area's"] he said nodding his head trying to grasp the concept. [+blue "So does that mean you really like Simian? I know he worries about you a lot so there is no doubt that he must like you a lot. So are you two mates now?"]
  Sekai / koneko-cat / 216d 16h 34m 50s
She sighed softly before mentally deciding it was okay. "We have had sex." Is what she said softly.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 216d 16h 49m 58s
[+blue "Screwed?"] Sekai asked as he continued to follow after her. [+blue "What does screwed mean Miss Mina? And why isn't the demon after you anymore because you and Simian Screwed?"]
  Sekai / koneko-cat / 216d 19h 33s
She stopped. [b The demon isn't after me anymore. Simian and I screwed. That's it. And because of that I wasn't able to get some of the things i needed. I do need to go. I will return shortly.]
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 216d 19h 22m 39s
Sekai followed after her and held onto her hand. [+blue "Town? Alone? But Miss Mina you can't, that demon guy is still out there and after you. You promised you wouldn't leave the house alone anymore"]
  Sekai / koneko-cat / 216d 19h 26m 23s
She looked down at the boy and frowned. [b Perhaps Simian will get you one. But I don't care for one anymore. I am going to go into town. There are a few things that I wanted to get that I forgot.] She said softly. She made sure to study where the driver went and how to get back to the town.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 216d 19h 48m 43s

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