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A 17 year old girl has been hospitalized with a heart condition, since birth she's had a very weak heart. Very time she gets too excited, or her heart beats to fast, she has a stroke. The doctors believe she won't last long enough to meet her 18th birthday. One night while gazing out of the window of the hospital she sees a boy jump off the top of the hospital. Claiming she is going for a walk she goes over to where she saw him fall. There she see's an 18 year old vampire boy sitting up against a tree. A vampire's life span is usually 800 years to a 1000 on average. At the age of 18 traditionally a vampire would search for a human partner, and after drinking that human's blood the human will gain the vampire's lifespan, but in exchange the human will provide the vampire with blood for the rest of their lives.


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Mina sighed softly as she put the dress on. It was rather small in the chest. She took a deep breath and then looked away from the mirror in front of her. This dress was not her taste what so ever. She sat back down on her bed and undid some of the bodice and looked down at the food. After consuming it she decided to go out and explore te home that she was now stuck in.
  Darkelfprincess / 3h 4m 30s
Simian groaned as he rolled over in his bed, tired of thinking about the day. Mina was definitely not what he expected. Not only was she not grateful that he saved her life, she actually seemed to resent him for it. She kept complaining how she didn’t have her shit, and how she wanted to see her family and get a lover. Signing he pulled his pillow out from under him and laid it on the top of his head, closing his eyes and eventually fell asleep.
  Simian / koneko-cat / 21h 23m 26s
She resurfaced from the water after hearing a click from the door being shut. She sighed softly hearing him walking away. [b Good. I am alone now.] She whispered to herself as she began to wash being careful of her body as it was still in rough shape. Her stomach growled as she rinsed herself off and all she could do was smile softly. She soon dried herself off and wrapped herself in the towels before deciding to venture out into the home to locate her room. It took her a while but she finally found if. Looking at the dress she grimaced. It was old and not her in the least plus she had no bra or clean panties.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 1d 15h 23m 6s
After she went quite he shut the door and let her alone. He knew she was probably having trouble accepting all this, but given some time she’d get used to it. But for the mean time he was going to try his best to keep feeding on her to an extreme minimum, at least until she came to accept her new roll. Going up the stairs to the third floor he went to his room and laid down. Letting his mind race through everything that happened he played the events of today over and over in his hard.
  Simian / koneko-cat / 2d 2h 40m 12s
She sighed softly. [b Okay.] Was all she said. She couldn't think of anything more to say to him. All she knew was that she wanted to go home and forget any of this ever happened. She took a deep breath and went under the water to wet her hair.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 2d 2h 49m 5s
He cleared his throat hearing her tone, he knew she was sad and him getting irritated with her earlier probably didn’t help. But there wasn’t much he could do right now. He couldn’t let her leave, at least not the marks still on her neck, and the sun was rising so he was supposed to be getting to bed anyways. [b “Uhm, right now I think it’s just us. My two brothers also stay here, but I don’t think you’ll have to worry too much about them. My father also shows up occasionally, but that’s pretty rare and he always send notice before arriving. So there is my older brother and his human, me, you, my younger brother, and on rare occasion my father and his human. Vampire families tend to stick close together, it's safer that way”]
  Simian / koneko-cat / 2d 2h 55m 56s
She sank low into the water as there was a knock on the door then opened a little. [b I will be careful with it, and I guess I will be fine.] She said in a tone that could not be described. She sighed deeply. All she wanted to do was to go home. [b Is there anyone else here? or is it you and I?] She asked softly.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 2d 3h 17m 26s
Simian knocked on the bathroom door and opened it a crack with his back turned to the door. [b “Okay Mina, I put something for you to change into on the bed in the room you were earlier. That will be your room from now on so you can pretty much do whatever you want with it. We can also go clothes shopping for you later. I don’t think it’s exactly your taste, but just be careful with it, it used to be very precious. Is there anything else you absolutely need before I go to bed?”]
  Simian / koneko-cat / 2d 3h 22m 10s
She huffed and watched him leave before going into the bathroom. She went into the cupboard and grabbed a few towels. [b At least these are clean.] She said softly and went over to the claw foot tub. [b At least this is a nice bathroom. I guess I can get use to this.] She said softly and started the water. She went over to the mirror that was there and looked at the beaten person staring back at her. She didn't even recognize the tired looking female there. She turned her head to the side some and looked at the holes. Her neck still hurt from the attack. She stepped away from the mirror and back to the tub before stripping and stepping in. A deep sigh escaped from her mouth as she sat down into the hot water.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 2d 3h 40m 27s
Simian growled to himself [b “Damn this girl is so needy, maybe I should have just left her to die after all”] he grumbled, before holding up his hand, signaling her to stop. [b “Look just deal with what’s in there right now, we can go shopping for all your wants and needs after the sun goes down. Until then just suck it up and use what’s available. In the bathroom there is a cupboard, towels are in there. You go ahead and get in, I’m sure there is something around here you can wear. Just go ahead and get in the tube, I’ll leave you something to wear on your bed. And no, I don’t have any art supplies, but if you look around I’m sure you can find something to do to keep yourself occupied during the day.”] He snapped at her before walking off to find her something to wear.
Up in the attic he dug around in some boxes before finally finding something he figured would fit her. It didn’t look like it was exactly her style, but it would do for one day. It was a floor length dress that was deep green color and had an open back, in the front it was a V cut neck line.
He marveled at the dress for a moment, not seeing it in at least twelve years. He quickly went back downstairs and laid the dress on her bed for her so she could change when she was done bathing.
  Simian / koneko-cat / 2d 4h 28m 6s
She sighed softly at his words and looked away as she slowly stopped back up. She went of of the room after him. [b Are there clean towels? Also what will I wear? I can't wear a hospital gown.] She said after him as she reached the bathroom. She wondered if there was anything girly in there to clean with.

She sighed softly as she thought about what to do after her shower. [b Also do you have any paper for drawing or anything like that?] She was quite artistic and it was a way for her to vent.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 2d 5h 53m 19s
[b “There is a bathroom just down the hall, it’s the last door on the right”] he said pointing down the hall. [b “As for your clothes you will just have to wait on that one, it’s too close to sunrise for me to go out now. Although I can go out during the day, it’s terribly uncomfortable and drains me quickly, especially on hot bright sunny days. The more intense the sun is, the worse it is. For today, after you clean yourself, feel free to explore the mansion. It’s best that you get to know the place now so you wont have to ask where everything is and be getting lost all the time. You are free to explore the grounds, but do not leave the property and do not go up to the third floor.”] He told her before leaving the room. As he walked down the hallway he paused, before stopping and looking back [b “Trust me when I say you really don’t want to be around a pissed off vampire, so take my words as law. Also, I will be resting so do not make much noise”]
  Simian / koneko-cat / 2d 11h 2m 19s
She nodded her head. A letter would be good but what would she write? She began to wonder what to right before looking to him. [b Where is your bathroom. I wish to take a bath, I feel disgusting] She said. It was not a lie. She felt nasty after being in the hospital and then with what he did. [b I will also be needing my own clothing.] She stated. She wouldn't wear someone else's clothing.

She stood up quickly and suddenly felt dizzy having to sit back down.
  Mina / Darkelfprincess / 3d 8h 47m 29s
Simian shook his head [b “No, the spirit idea is no good. It will be best if you didn’t go see them ever again. Trust me if you go see them again it will just be harder for you to let them go”] he told her and stood up, walking to the doorway, trying not to look at her. He knew she’d be crying, or at least have her eyes tearing up, and that was one of his weak points. He never could handle watching a woman cry, but he wasn’t going to let this effect his dissension. She was his human now, and he is not going to start letting her call the shots. He had to be firm and make it clear who is in charge.
[b “Listen, I will think it over and just maybe I will change my mind and think of a way for you to say goodbye to them. For now just… just write a letter or something. If I think it’s safe enough I will hand deliver it for you if I can’t think of a way for you to see them.”]
  Simian / koneko-cat / 4d 2h 42m 17s
Her neck was sore and started to hurt as she felt his eyes on it. [b Can you try not to be so rough on my neck next time.] She asked as she brought her hand up to cover the wounds. Her voice was barley a whisper. She could feel the puncture holes and sighed softly. There wasn't much that she could really do about it right now.

She looked up at him when he began to answer her questions. Her family she would have to forget them. She couldn't do that. How could she do that.

[b Can I say good bye to them? Even if they think I am a spirit or something. I mean I just dissapeared from the hospital.] She said softly, tears coming to her eyes.
  Darkelfprincess / 4d 9h 16m 4s

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