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As a reply to his need to be right, she gave him a small pout as a reply. She genuinely didn't have a response to that so she kept quiet. That and he seemed to like it when she pouted. Either way, she doubted, if she would be sleeping out there or in there so they may as well present their case.
The buildings were impressive. She had to give them that. Curiously, though never lowering her guard, she looked around. She had never seen a place like this before. Meeting the man at the reception, she silently listened to the exchange, not saying a word. It seemed best to let him do the talking, because he actually had some sort of idea how to handle this situation.
Still, she couldn't deny the thought of being studied by mages left her blood cold. Naturally, the cost question couldn't be answered, but she could think of one that they might be able to. "How long until they can... look at me?" she inquired, disliking the word study. She was not some lab rat to be poked and prodded, though she had a feeling that was exactly what would be happening.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 54d 9h 40m 15s
"I am rather certain they don't know why we'd be camping, but if you say so." He chuckled a bit to himself with a small shake of his head, following beside her. Her stubborn attitude somehow must have grown on him. As they did approach the building that was open to them would be the library and the admission building attached to it, they were kind of ahead of their time really. A desk with a normal enough man sitting at it greeted them, though how he would word what they needed he would never really know. "We are seeking aid, a spell has been placed upon my companion and we need it removed." Sure, easy enough. The man didn't know really how to just up and respond to such a thing of course, making them aware that it would need to be studied and looked at, testing, things of that nature, it would take time. "And for the usage of..the resources what would that cost us?" The question hadn't been entirely lost on him. Such a thing would depend on how deeply her tattoo was enchanted. So they'd have to find that out first.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 54d 10h 21m 1s
She really didn't understand why he was doing so much for her. If she looked deep enough within herself, she would probably realize the answer, but as it stood right now, she was confused slightly.
Still, right now she was more focused on the college. Sure, it was probably completely harmless to most, but to her it was the personification of evil and she wanted nothing to do with it. She had been taught to stay away from these people, not to trust them and seek their aid.
Hearing the suggestion of staying another night outside, she squared her shoulder, put on her stubborn face and shook her head. "And have them believe I'm scared of them? No way. Let's go," she retorted stubbornly as she began to move towards the castle, though the only thing that actually made her walk was her stubbornness and refusal to show weakness.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 55d 13h 53m 26s
It was clear it was something she couldn't just live with, having to be paranoid, even if he once had made the argument that if she got far enough no one would bother to come. Now though, it was different, he wanted a weight lifted from her shoulders. Watching her it was clear that she wanted nothing to do with this place, less so now that they were here. Sure, the tower was intimidating enough, but it was mostly a college campus, food building, library, teaching building, sleeping quarters, then the tower.
He shook his head a bit at her statement, "You sure you don't want to wait until it is morning?"It was an option of course, they could camp out here for the night, have a whole day to deal with whatever they had to, instead of just going right into this place.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 55d 14h 9m 14s
Truth be told, she did not imagine that they could help her. After all, if these tattoos were as easy to break as asking a mage to do it, then probably a lot more have gotten rid of them by now. There had been so much disappointment in her life. She didn't want to get her hopes up only to be let down. It just took too much energy to get back up afterwards.
She looked to him when he took her hand to squeeze it. She was surprised by the gesture, but did squeeze back ever so slightly. "It's not that. I'm worried they will make this a lot more difficult for something that I could just live with," she replied, not realizing the option to change the tone he had been hoping for.
Soon they could see the castle looming in front of them and unknowingly she found herself slowing slightly. Her entire skin crawled and her main instinct was to run as far away from here as possible. Her focus had mostly shifted to the gates of the castle while disregarding everything else around her. She might have even stepped slightly behind him, not trusting these people one bit. Seeing his gaze on her, she tried to pretend nothing was wrong, which obviously wasn't working with the way she was acting. "Shall we?" she asked, a hand at her side to draw a weapon on instinct.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 58d 13h 44m 51s
"Well, I think it's the nature and origin of such things they find interesting."He supposed she was just going to be stubborn and didn't want to be too hopeful for something that may or may not be able to help them. He did take her hand for a moment to give it a squeeze, hopefully to reassure her, before returning to their normal walking. "I'm not worried about any tasks usually, don't think I can stand up to it?" Maybe he could just switch it around to a sort of playful tone that she might find challenging or something like that. Though the fact that she found her 'freedom' not worth it, made him wonder about a few things. She'd be so much better off without the thought of someone tracking her looming over her head and she must know that as well. At this point though, maybe he'd be willing to fight off whoever dared anyway.
It wasn't too long before it was late afternoon and they were approaching the college and tower of these mages. It was clearly in view, and he looked to her, wondering what she'd want to do.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 58d 20h 17m 39s
Her brow arched slightly in disbelief. "I don't know. I'm sure there are plenty of others that have similar things. Drow can't be the only ones that want people to obey," she pointed out, not being able to imagine that, especially, if they were a loose collection of people like he said.
Listening to him list to all the things that mages could be, she gave a nod. "I get it. You are saying that they are all different and that I shouldn't brand them all to be drow haters," she said in a tone that could well be accompanied by eye rolling, "I just don't trust that they will not give us a very hard task to do in return. If that is the case, we will not accept the bargain. It won't be worth it." She would not risk his life for her possibly being freed from her master. It was strange that she was so worried that he came out of this alive. It was the first time that had happened.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 72d 14h 15m 44s
He noticed how on edge she was especially today. He let out a small breath once he heard her comparison. "I am sure that you will pique their interest with your magical tattoo's easy enough. Mages are a collection of individuals for the most part, they aren't all the same thing. Some might have even started like you, sent there as kids so they do not pose a danger to other's, to properly learn control of innate abilities, some want to learn those abilities, some are just herbalists, alchemists." He figured his point was illustrated by now, "I'll respect your ill rest around them..but I just thought I would point out how they can't all be branded the same." He thought on it some, it would hopefully be nothing too major though, maybe their task would be a simple guard duty of sorts.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 72d 14h 51m 19s
She supposed she was probably stubborn for the sake of being stubborn. She didn't want to appear weak, which in her mind was connected to such things as being cute and sleeping or that it was just new and foreign. Hearing the tease, she gave a small pout, but didn't say anything. It was a silly argument and didn't really lead anywhere.
Like always when they got on the road she looked around, eyeing the sides of the roads for people cautiously. Her skin already crawled at the thought of going to a mage college so she felt more paranoid than usual. "So you are saying, if we can somehow peak their interest, they might come down from their mighty throne to help us and then ask something from us?" she summarized, clearly not in the highest of tones for them. She simply did not trust those people. She looked down at herself and all the tattoos on her body. This would not be fun, being poked and prodded by mages like an experiment.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 73d 14h 49m 14s
She liked to be stubborn about only the littlest things most of the time, though maybe that included everything honestly. He shook his head a bit and chuckled to himself, clearly feeling triumphant despite any of her claims that he was otherwise. Still he didn't doubt she had an easier time focusing and maybe even a little more energy from having slept like she did. "Right right..I forgot you detest being adorable and refuse to admit you are a very stubborn sleeper." He teased her, but it was in a more gentle way clearly.
After they had packed up camp he thought on it a little as they started on the road, "I do not have any illusions about it, usually people do not just help people for nothing, but I am also certain your situation will prove to be interesting to them, and if we catch their interest they might just have something for us to do in return of the favor." If they didn't outright accept altogether. He hoped she wouldn't be too bad about going in there. On the other hand however, she hadn't actually revealed which tattoo had done anything, just stated that that was how it worked.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 73d 16h 43m 2s
Hearing his teasing, she felt herself flush slightly before sticking her tongue out at him. "Very funny. It's morning, I'm hungry," she replied, possibly even pouting slightly, "And I just didn't want to be disturbed." It would probably be a while before she ever admitted that she liked sleeping. She was just stubborn like that.
His question made her look at him. "I feel normal. As ready as I'll ever be to go into the lion's den," she replied, her mind definitely no that, but that shouldn't be a surprise. At least not considering how openly she disliked the mages. "You really think they will be willing to help?" she asked doubtfully, even though she knew that he had answered the question before.
Once she was done eating, she cleared her stuff away and and helped take down camp. "Ready when you are," she told him, moving her bag to her back.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 80d 9h 28m 3s
"Oh well well..I see you're still ready to devour all the food even after being so stubborn to get out of bed again.."He had to point it out of course, even if she did her best to move past the topic. He would get her to realize or at least just to tease her, to admit that she liked sleeping. Still he could ask, "So, don't you feel more rested..more energetic and ready?" Which did come along with sleeping as well.
She was on to business though even if she really didn't want to be, "We are, we'll reach it soon enough and we'll have the rest of the day to discuss or find out what we can about this tattoo and the magic behind it."He looked to her, of course still determined to help her however he could.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 80d 10h 28m 34s
She gave a small sound at the pat, nothing really enjoying nor disliking, just that she felt it, but ultimately stayed asleep. She kept sleeping when he left the then, but soon the smell of food did wake her, feeling hungry.
Slowly her eyes opened as she sat up to see him gone. Getting dressed, she got out of the tent before looking to him. "Food ready?" she asked before seeing her plate and licked her lips, "Thank you." Hungrily she dug in as she ate happily. This tasted so good.
When her plate was practically licked clean, she looked up at him. "So we are nearly at the mages College?" she asked, clearly some apprehension. She still wasn't a fan of asking them for help, as she imagined they would want something in return. That and she didn't trust them one bit.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 82d 9h 59m 19s
He could almost chuckle at her actions once she heard his voice. She was more stubborn than a child it seemed. He gave her butt a light pat since she had turned back to him, but maybe she'd enjoy that. Either way he moved out of the tent, if she was going to stay asleep he could at least make them some breakfast. He did so making them some eggs and a bit of sausage he had. Once breakfast was finished, he hoped the smell would wake her up if she was still sleeping, but if it didn't he'd have to bring her plate in to her and try to wake her up some more. "Breakfast is ready."He said regardless.
He had only to think on how he could get the mages help..it wouldn't be free, but..he had to convince her too, to let them hep her.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 82d 10h 36m 9s
She slept soundly and without the need to wake up, she didn't, quite happy like this. She was curled up and warm. There was his hand going through her hair, but she was quite content like this, registering it, but didn't so much more than that. Perhaps her head lightly tilted towards his hand.
His voice was definitely a disturbance to her sleep and she gave a grumble, blindly pushing at him to him, as if that would stop him. She turned her back to him and curled back up. He would have to try harder, if he wanted to wake her up. It was interesting to note that she had to be tired to sleep at all, but once she did it was hard to wake her up.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 82d 10h 46m 58s

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