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"I do not believe I am a flatterer..we can judge that from our previous conversation hm?"He pointed out, after all things like arrogant weren't among flattering terms. All in all he clearly just meant what he said. Still he did enjoy how her face started to tint a different color, she must have taken it to heart at least a little bit then.
He did enjoy that she was passively playing with his hair, maybe even to just keep her focused on something other than what he was saying to her now, he didn't know. Still he wondered if she would have just kept looking back into his eyes like he was looking into her's, he knew she probably preferred affection at the moment though. He did close the small space in between their lips once again and start to kiss her, though a little more passionately this time, not at light as before.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 179d 9h 59m 7s
It was true that action was just easier than talking. Actions just couldn't be as misunderstood or interpreted in many different ways. So in a way it was a warm welcome to talking about things that she just wasn't comfortable with.
Thus the kissing was nice and the pace was good for going from debating speed with a mail to this. When he pulled back and looked into her eyes she kept the gaze. He really seemed to enjoy that and to her it was interesting.
Hearing what he said about her eyes she could feel the smallest of blushes creep onto her cheeks. It irritated her that he could do that to her so easily. "Flattery gets you nowhere," she replied, turning her lips into a slight pout. Still, she did keep his gaze as they laid there, her hand still in his hair. It sort of kept moving slightly, almost casually playing with his hair.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 179d 10h 32m 53s
Perhaps a relaxing bath and some affection was just what they had both needed. He was pretty happy she was always so receptive to things like this, he knew mostly it was because she found it easier than talking sometimes, but that didn't change the fact that it felt nice and it was intimacy that he was glad remained between them, even if they playfully argued or not.
He let his hand caress her cheek a little more and continued the kiss as it was, always content to see if she was happy with the pace or wanted something different. He did lean back for a moment and gazed into her eyes, like he often did, but still he enjoyed it, and he wondered if she did as well. If it proved to much for her she always could go back to kissing him, she's probably done it before, but again, this was just a different kind of intimacy now, being close together and kissing. "You eyes are so very beautiful.."He mentioned, just as assured of that fact as ever.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 180d 3h 47m 23s
After everything that they had gone through and honestly everything that would happen tomorrow with the mages she was not going to argue over what a drow could and couldn't do. Either way, she did feel a certain sense of calm with him around that she couldn't say she had had ever before, but she supposed with her life that wasn't all too surprising.
She apparently had read the mood correctly when he continued to kiss her and then moved a hand to her cheek. Continuing the kiss, she just stayed like that for a bit before she did slowly lift her hand to move it slowly up his back until it reached his hair to run through it a bit. He did have very fine hair for sure and this did feel very nice as they laid there, just kissing one another.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 181d 11h 15m 40s
It was totally contrary to everything she had said before, which he enjoyed of course, because it meant around him she could relax. He did appreciate how different it could be now. Of course he couldn't go on explaining finer points right now, looking hard often breeded misconception or things like that, it just didn't Allow a bigger picture the more you focused.
As she picked up on the motion he put forth he wondered if she was as invested as he was. He enjoyed that she picked up on it of course, responding in the manner she kissed him. It was soft but it was definitely passionate and affectionate. He didn't know why he felt the urge but regardless he went on. His free hand moved up to rest on her cheek, hoping to deepen the kiss for them. Either way she was right in her assumption avout the kiss as it was, so hopefully she was a little more confident about it
  Willoth / Willofiam / 182d 5h 34m 39s
"Even a drow is allowed to relax every now and again," she defended herself, pouting ever so slightly, finding it not so amusing that he was chuckling. Still, she continued to look at him, wondering how he saw what he saw. It was a new way of looking that she had yet to master.
His answer made her tilt her head. "So we can't see the answer, because we are looking too hard? Isn't that counter intuitive?" she asked, though did note how even this action of looking into someones' eyes seemed to be a very in depth thing to do.
She did notice his eyes shifting from her lips and back to her eyes. The motion was easy enough to understand as she had seen him do so before. Curious was that he didn't act on the action and instead simply laid there, his body clearly picking up on heat. His body did seem to indicate what he was waiting for. Slowly she leaned up to kiss him softly, curious how he would react. Would he kiss her back, as that was what she assumed he wanted or what? It was confusing at times.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 182d 7h 23m 19s
He noticed her reaction of course, even with a rather solidly colored eye it shifted enough for him to tell a few things. He slightly chuckled, but not too much. "Well I see I managed to surprise you.."He offered knowing that much at least. Still right now it wasn't that easy to tell anything else about her look, she seemed rather curious of course, but that was because she was asking a question. "I think we are both trying to see what the other is thinking too much to actually get an answer."He figured that was the best way to explain it anyway. Still though, he remained where he was, definitely looking affectionate. His eyes slightly closed a little more, his head slightly tilted a little more, and he looked quickly from her lips back to her eyes, though only slightly moving his head forward. He was hoping she would finish out this action..she would want that too right? Things were affectionate, but things could also get passionate between them, though not often. He did wonder in the end if she wanted that now like he did. He was in a small sense radiating a bit of passion through his actions.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 182d 9h 45m 18s
Hearing him chuckle, she glared slightly. "You are making fun of me," she stated, not finding the mocking surrender any better as she crossed her arms. When he smiled at her softly, she titled her head slightly, wondering what she was supposed to thinking. "I suppose that's good," she replied. She didn't quite understand why people had to be all lovey dovey.
Relaxing back, it felt good to do so after this day. When he suddenly came on top of her at her eye level, her first instinct was to actually knee him in the groin, because she hadn't been paying attention to what he was doing and he had surprised her, but likely she did not do that. Instead she simply looked up at him, her eyes meeting his. His presence so close to hers was interesting. She could tell that he was trying to look into her eyes again. "And what do you see?" she asked curiously, believing she could see signs of affection in his. She always wondered what he thought he saw in her eyes.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 182d 10h 9m 44s
"Well..I love your determination."He chuckled a bit more. He saw her look and held up his hands in mock surrender, just teasing though. Once she went on though he could tell she was actually asking if odd was bad or not. He smiled at her in a soft way after she asked, "Not bad at all."He assured her. Seeing she relaxed more he waited a few more moments before crawling over her, well more or less they were eye level, but half of his body was over her legs. One hand raised to her cheek and the other obviously held up his body. Though for the most part he didn't lean in all the way, though his head was slightly tilted and his eyes slightly closed, instead they did just peer into her eyes. He wondered what they might see this time, he definitely knew he was showing affection all the sudden, sure enough, but he did wonder what she would think of it herself honestly, or if he could see what it was. Still at least he was dropping the pretense of his victory for her sake for now.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 182d 23h 55m 39s
A drow was not one to compliment another person or admit being weaker than someone else. Her gaze stayed normal throughout this. She would not show that he had totally played her into this. "I will prove you wrong," she told him firmly, now having to own her words and follow through. She would not back out of this. Seeing him grin though, she couldn't help shooting him a dirty look.
Hearing what he said, she tilted her head thoughtfully. Were they like that? "I suppose that would be in the nature of what I am, no?" she remarked. A lovey dovey drow would be an odd sight. "Though isn't everyone different? Some people can't keep their hands off of each other and others are... odd, to use your world," she said with a shrug as she settled back comfortably, "Is odd bad?" She didn't think so, but what did she know what he thought.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 183d 15h 28m 56s
He knew she wouldn't outright say anything,but he could tell at the very least she thought them to be equals, and as for combat he supposed he didn't really need an answer, they were both probably strong enough.
He had somehow managed to throw together a win with her, maybe against her knowledge or maybe she knew he was playing at her arrogance. "Well perfect then, I suppose we will get you some mail and you will prove to me you can be just as stealthy that way then."He shrugged a little bit, though in reality he had totally flipped that one around for her. He couldn't hide the slight grin, but he stifled any chuckle.
Being alone in the room now with nothing else to do, but wait for tomorrow..still they hadn't run out of things to argue about, all while still being affectionate somehow. They were quite an odd couple weren't they? Not that either of them had made any official pledge to one another, aside from him helping her. He looked to her now and did manage to find a chuckle. "We have a very odd way of being sweet to one another don't you think?"He was probably stating the obvious but it didn't make it any less true. It was like a never ending game of wits between them.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 183d 23h 58m 48s
Hearing him call her arrogant, she poured. "I am not arrogant," she replied, crossing her arms in front of her. It was hard to let go of a perception that you had had for many many years, that had been drilled into you. She applied it without really thinking on it. She gave a shrug at the healing part. He didn't have to believe her, but it would make sense that it was the case.
She gave him a look at what he said. It was so clearly goading her and at the same time she wanted to reply. In the end her arrogance won out. "You would be right in assuming that I could learn it. I would happily prove that to you at any time," she told him with a confident note in her voice. Listening to him go on, she gave him another look. This time she kept her mouth shut, though the gaze should tell him that she thought they were at least equals, if not more.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 204d 21h 56m 20s
"I did not quite understand you were this arrogant about things."He said, though he wore a grin on his face. All in all, she still held true that humans were just altogether some sort of inferior it seemed. "I suppose I would have to take your word that drow heal better than human's do."He shrugged, though their skin was the same, their bones were the same, the only reason they might heal faster would be sitting still, which she already wasn't the best at it seemed, so that put her right back to normal, not that he personally knew that, he still assumed. "Far be it from me to offer you mail, to keep you from any injuries that may occur. I did not know you couldn't learn to walk quietly with it on, my understanding was that you could do everything, and in a much superior fashion than most."He knew he was prodding the ego she liked to hold against her, in a way trapping her with her own sorts of words. "If you want to assume you are better at swordsmanship than me as well, well then I cannot stop you from doing that either." Though so far he had been arming her better, now that she had one balanced blade at least, the other he had no clue about, it could be from some orc it could be an old schimitar that might not have been sharpened until today. However, she had only really seen him kill some orcs before, what he could really do with all the training he had hadn't begun to present itself in that situation. Drow went through rigorous training as well, that much was clear from the one or two he met, but at no point did he ever mention if he had or had not fought them before.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 205d 19h 27m 58s
"But I heal far better than humans do," she pointed, which was true, considering that now human would have survived been riddled with arrows, "I know what mail is and when you weigh what I way it makes a difference compared to you." What the mail weighed was percentage wise a lot heavier.
She rolled her eyes at the comment, ignoring it. What a stupid comment. Even if the comment of beautiful was made it being coupled with the rest of the sentences it didn't do much. "And I would kill anyone who tried," she replied with a shrug.
Tilting her hand back and forth, she shrugged at that comment. "You are not slow compared to humans, no, but by no means are you drow fast. As for quiet, you are no mouse, but yes for what you wear you are quite quiet," she agreed. He was quiet enough, but would fail miserably when it came to drow with their sensitive hearing.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 225d 20h 33m 5s
He shook his head a little bit. "Your skin isn't any sturdier than a human's."He informed her, still wondering why she so denied everything he said. "No mail is not as heavy at all, and it does offer protection. You must be thinking of plate or pieces of armor entirely."He let out a small breath, it was a bit odd having to explain armor. Listening to her about it he chuckled a little bit, "That much..so you do enjoy getting looked at?"He teased, knowing it did happen whether she believed it or not. "I think we are already quite aware that not all the men in the village wish to kill you so much as.."Well he didn't really need to go on anyway. "You already know..even if your skin is a different color you are quite..quite beautiful."He informed her, feeling his face turn a little red for some reason. Still it seemed some things were harder to convince her of anyway, "Even if it were any amount heavier it is something you get used to, you would be stronger for it."He thought on it a little bit. "I wear a vest of mail and I wear armor, you have witnessed me in combat already, I was not slow..nor very loud."They did launch a sneak attack on some orcs after all.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 226d 3h 55m 58s

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