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She was probably one to overanalyze things when she didn't understand something. It wasn't that she didn't want to understand, but it was difficult for her, especially when she was trying to define language and body hints.
Him stopping to talk and simply proceeding to kiss her as his hands moved across her body was a clear sign and she could work with that. As his hands began to explore her she did the same to his body, simply stripping him of his shirt, as he wasn't wearing any of his armor. The other hand meanwhile continued to grapes his hair.
When the light dimmed she looked up to see him do so. "Oh, are you setting a mood?" she asked, slightly teasing, her eyes glowing for a moment as night vision automatically activated, but for now she turned it off, feeling like it would kill the mood, if her eyes glowed the whole time.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 162d 21h 33m 20s
He didn't realize how much words could get in the way, especially when she tried to analyze every one he was saying now that he had stopped for a few moments. He decided it was probably best to let it go now as he continued to kiss her, clearly becoming more impassioned and letting his hands explore more freely along her body stopping along where her clothes were to more or less undo them. He supposed her grasping his hair was something she didn't exactly think about, but he enjoyed it all the same.
He let his other hand let go of her's now, following her arm back down to her body moving to the lamp by their bed and dimming the flame a bit more, turning the handle. The effect obviously would dim things a bit, probably a better setting, after all her night vision was only heat as it was, and she had control if she wanted to see that or not.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 163d 19h 48m 45s
She gave a shrug. "Perhaps you lost your balance?" she pointed out, finding this sort of thing odd to talk about. Maybe it was her heritage. That breeding was considered a necessity, but not something that was done for anything else. Interpreting more into it, like humans did, was perhaps something that didn't occur as often in her ranks, be it love or any sort of challenge. Learning a new language was like this, wasn't it?
Listening to his words, but at the same time his voice, she found the messages conflicting. "You are sending two quite different messages there," she pointed out, wondering if he was aware of that. Still, when he kissed her she kissed him back and grasped his hair slightly to get a better hold of him.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 167d 17h 33m 35s
"Well yes..it was enough. Why do you think I ended up on top of you?"He asked in a slightly challenging tone, perhaps being that way was easiest to get her to understand. She liked challenges, if it was one posed in this sexual nature, that must be how he would get it out of her. He really was trying to figure out what tactic was best to employ here to get her to understand. It was sort of like nothing was literal, all behind a veil of sexual tension at that point, flirting and using seductive words. Apparently the gap between their heritage was still too great for it to work out that way.
Still he remained where he was. "I suppose I will just..remain in charge then."He challenged further though looked into her eyes in a slightly more sultry way now, hoping this too would be obvious as to the kind of mood and 'battle' between the two he hoped to take place. He leaned in once more and secured her lips against his, a sort of renewed passion and fire entering into the kiss as his hand began to freely wander about her body now.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 168d 10h 16m 51s
She furrowed her brow at him chuckling. Hadn't that been what he wanted? "You said you wanted me to say yes so I did. What did you expect it to be like?" she pointed out, not understanding the point he was trying to make, "Apparently not. Maybe you hold yourself too highly?" She gave him a teasing look, though found the teasing about that odd.
Him using those phrases about what had happened in the tent made her give a small smile, finding it amusing. Couldn't he just say it? Listening to him go on, she tilted her head." Somehow it doesn't seem like a very good way to go about getting that reaction from me. Couldn't you have just asked?" she inquired, finding that seemed to make more sense.
She thought on it some more. "Well, if you find me attractive and seductive, shouldn't being like this be more than enough?" she pointed out, feeling like she was likely missing the point of what he was trying to tell her.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 168d 14h 10m 36s
He noticed her demeanor about what he said and he held in a chuckle, though from the way his face contorted into a smile it was obvious he wanted to. He looked into her eyes and shook his head a bit. "I suppose I am not quite as seductive as I thought.."He chuckled a bit finally. "I did not mean it in such a literal way..I was just being playful."He informed her, knowing he meant to try to say something into her ear and maybe get the same tone he had before. He thought on it a moment. "You recall the very first time we..made contact like this in my tent? You were trying to tantalize me because you believed there was no way I could find you attractive.. so you believed all the..sitting on my lap and getting close to me would be..unfounded."He told her and he tried to put it in perspective. "You were..confident, you were abrasive..and I know I tease you and you fall back..but I suppose I was trying to illicit that feeling from you again."He felt his face turn red now. "I..because you are very..attractive and you are very..seductive without trying so hard..I'm not simply flattering you."He didn't know how else to genuinely get it across, but he supposed it would have to do this way.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 168d 21h 53m 10s
She didn't know how humans did it, but it felt fairly silly to reassure the other that they still wanted to do what they were about to do. After all, why should that change, if nothing had happened?
Feeling his hand on hers was in a way very comforting and soothing. She couldn't explain why she enjoyed that sensation so much. His hand exploring her side made her arch her back slightly as they kept kissing. Since he was mostly just bent over her, she did lean up a bit so he didn't have to feel like he was about to fall over. This had the added benefit of bringing their upper bodies together a bit more.
She gave a soft sound at the sucking before he moved to her ear. She rolled her eyes at what he said. "Really? I would say that it's fairly obvious," she replied, not sure if to be annoyed or amused, "How about a yes?" Would that be enough?
  Briza / Hoshizora / 170d 10h 33m 38s
She said pretty much what he had thought honestly. Even though they still continued and their tongues began their little dance for a while. The one hand stayed holding her's, knowing that was something she had liked before they even got along, but he let his other hand now move to run along and caress her side, going to her waist. More or less he was now just bending over and able to hold himself up, somewhat leaning on her hand with his of course, but not wanting to put too much weight on that. After a few more long moments he caught her tongue lightly sucking on it before pulling away, leaning closer to her ear, "Though...maybe hearing you say something close to that might not be so bad."He whispered in a sultry manner before nipping at the point on her ear. Leaning back a bit now and glancing down into her eyes, a small smirk on his face.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 170d 21h 28m 54s
It was probably a weird way to have this discussion, but in a way it sort of was how they acted. They tended to be odd, as it was pointed out earlier. Since he continued to kiss her she assumed that he didn't quite mind this, even if it was weird.
Hearing his explanation, she furrowed her brow. That logic didn't quite make sense to her. "I would assume that as long as I don't say no, it means I want to, no? Or do you want me to yes, I want to do this each time before we do that?" she asked, finding that thought quite amusing. It wasn't like he stood a chance, if she didn't want this. She was no damsel in distress that he could just do whatever he pleased with.
The topic seemed to be put to rest when he kissed her more passionately and slipped his tongue between her lips. To show she wanted it too she let her tongue come out too as her hand stayed in his hair where it had been the whole time.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 171d 12h 14m 59s
Her explanation was followed up by a small kiss, sort of betraying how she was talking, but he responded and continued to kiss her for a few moments before he pulled back again. He supposed he did notice that all in all, "I just..don't want to presume and..I suppose you don't take initiative in these things either so..if I start that way isn't it..mostly just me who wants to do anything? I suppose you don't turn me away but.."Still that kind of logic only worked to a certain degree. After all it wasn't like they did this that many times before, and he initiated two of the three times. He supposed there was almost no reason to doubt it if she did respond like this though. He knew there wasn't too much point in ruining the mood if there was one though. So he did press his lips to her's a little more passionately again, his tongue slipping through her lips now.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 172d 23h 50m 15s
She arched a brow curiously. "You aren't aware of it?" she asked, wondering if he really didn't notice, "You tend to pause at some point and wait. You don't... take initiative." She supposed that she wasn't much better, but perhaps that was a problem, if they both were fine either way. It wasn't that she didn't want to, but his sort of I'm fine either way attitude made it hard to feel desired.
It was true that her hand was still in his hair and didn't seem to be moving either. As she looked up at him, she did want to continue, but it was hard to get into it when he seemed fine either way. Slowly she did lean up to kiss him softly, wondering how he would react to that.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 175d 11h 13m 58s
It seemed like he was still unaware at if she cared about a pace or if she wanted to just stop somewhere so that was why he waited to see if she would go forward herself. Still he looked at her and rose his eyebrow at her once she mentioned it. "What am I doing again?"He asked her curiously, not quite in the same mindset as she seemed to be.
His thumb sort of ran over the back of her hand as they held it, and he noticed her other hand didn't leave his hair either. He supposed it was hard to move forward if either one of them simply was okay with moving forward and okay with them not. He didn't know if she was okay with it too or not, or if she simply just wanted to be a contrarian again. He wanted her to want it too, but maybe she was just not wired that way.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 175d 22h 28m 39s
He was right in assuming that she enjoyed holding his hand. It was something comforting. Probably much like running her hand through his hair it was something rather soothing to her that she couldn't quite explain. Perhaps it really was how she connected more, with a light touch, not full on anything.
She kept kissing him back, but she did soon realize that he was just being, seeing what she would do. Though he did make his stance by pouring more passion into it so that part was obvious. She herself wasn't sure where to go with this so she did finally pull back to look at him. "You're doing that thing again," she pointed out, assuming he knew what thing she meant. It did make her wonder. It was something he tended to do a lot and she wondered why he didn't just do what he wanted.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 176d 21h 56m 13s
Well it was to be expected that she didn't really budge on anything, that was how she was. He enjoyed her blushing, but he did enjoy complimenting her, and he meant them as much as anything he said. He knew she knew on the inside. The one hand he had free found her free hand and linked them together, knowing that was always something she had somehow connected with him, since the beginning she found that more comforting than anything, he wouldn't forget. He continued to kiss her as he was, enjoying how she seemed into it as well. Though this time he figured he would leave it up to her as to how this progressed, whether she got impatient or complacent it would be fine with him. He didn't stop feeling like he was pouring passion into the kiss, and maybe he did get a little more into it, but he still tried to remain as he was.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 177d 7h 6m 11s
"Are you not? That sure sounds like flattery to me," she insisted, feeling like it was a little bit, if not much. Still, it was clear he enjoyed seeing her blush, which she hated so that it only made her feel even more awkward about her blush. That in turn may have led to it being a little more pronounced than before.
There was something about his hair that was very soothing. Perhaps how silky it was and how it slipped through her fingers. The way it felt when she brushed it. It had a strangely, almost hypnotic, effect. When he leaned into kiss her again, this time more passionately, she reciprocated the kiss, her hand grasping his hair a little bit. He was clearly into it and she wasn't about to say no either as it did feel good.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 179d 7h 48m 20s

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