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She hadn't entirely understood or thought about what he had implied or intended with this question. Plus, she had said they could browse together so to her it had meant that they were traveling together after this.
However, she didn't realize that that had come across wrong. In the beginning she didn't mind that he was more businesslike when it came to the shopping, but did soon start to notice the lack of emotion and touching that he typically did. Now it was like a wall.
When they were done with buying herbs and storing them, they walked over to fill up their rations. Still he was silent and it was beginning to irk her. "What's the matter?" she finally asked, not understanding what had happened or that her answer had mostly prompted this. To have him look at her she took a hold of his arm so that he couldn't simply walk away and ignore her question.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 93d 9h 4m 16s
Well..he didn't expect to be quite this surprised at her answer, luckily she had begun to browse so as not to give away that he was. It was an evasive enough answer, but it did nothing for the thoughts he had been on since they arrived at the inn. He supposed there wasn't anything that would come from pressing the matter, though he knew it would loom over him. If he had just asked the first part and not tacked on the second would she have responded differently? Did his slightly negative thoughts that seeped out of his mouth change the answer, he couldn't really know, and these were things he often got stuck on in his head.
He did begin to look through the herbs as well, if not a little bit more quietly than normal, comments about some herbs here and there, more businesslike than casual. Overall even if she knew there was something going on, it was likely she appreciated being more businesslike for a change, no matter how much she enjoyed the new feelings he's shown her. The purchases were made and stored properly in his bag, the next task being the rations.
The walk over to where they could purchase food though, he didn't know if he wanted to prompt another question, still he had a neutral look on his face.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 93d 12h 38m 21s
It irked her slightly that he was able to win these things with her. She couldn't quite understand how he was able to get under her skin so well. Humans were still suspect to her, though it was getting better, as she was in a human village and shopping. By no means could she say she was letting her guard down, but she didn't have her hand on her sword the whole time.
As it seemed that they needed herbs every now and then, it seemed like a reasonable idea. She was following him to the herb shop when she saw that grin and new something new was coming. His question made her pause as she had expected a lot of things, but not that. Where would they travel? Would they travel together or did she still want to be alone? She honestly wasn't sure.
Silently she followed along side him to the shop and didn't know what to say. When they arrived she still hadn't spoken and she supposed he half expected her to walk off when she said, "I suppose we can browse together for now. Who knows what will happen in the future." It could be a while before they split. That and it did save money. She looked to the different jars of herbs that were on display.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 93d 14h 43m 15s
He chuckled, it seemed he was getting good at winning things with her, again he found that warm feeling rushing through his chest at the slightest things, her pouting, her giving in, her all the sudden..well sort of changing before his eyes. Here she was in a village buying from a shop, when before contact with any being but her own disgusted her, or at least she thought it did.
After they walked out of the store and she suggested herbs and things he nodded. "A fine idea."He agreed, beginning to head in the direction of said shops. Though he did find the grin spreading across his face once more. "So pray tell, milady..When we are done with the mages..where are we travelling?" He just noticed she somewhat left him involved with the situation,liking to act as if he caught her as usual, but a little less confidently than normal. Of course he would be surprised if once she was free she turned out to be committed to being on her own like she planned..but it seemed she left room in there for him. "Or did you mean to purchase separate rations, herbs, and things...for after."He stated in a smaller tone, the other possibility. Either way they arrived at the shops, so really it was up to her if she went to browse and left the conversation sort of hanging.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 95d 14h 43m 14s
Naturally she didn't enjoy it when her body betrayed her. She prided herself with being unreadable and then this guy came along and her body just refused to hide what she was feeling. It was slightly annoying.
She tilted her head in thought. "Well, that then comes down to personal preference. You can use whatever sword and length you want, so maybe some prefer different lengths," she explained. Listening to him go on about her swords, it was clear what he was trying to do and she pouted slightly. "You are just demanding for me to buy this sword, aren't you?" she asked before chuckling slightly, "You sure it's a good idea to make a drow even more deadly?" She was fairly sure most people would disagree.
Him caressing her cheek made her flush slightly as she looked at him, her pout only growing. "Alright alright, I'll get the damn sword," she gave in, mostly because she knew he would buy it for her and she didn't want him spending even more money on her than he already had.
Strapping the new sword to her hip as they left the store, she thought on what else they could do. "Not sure, maybe fill up on some herbs and whatnot? Rations for traveling for when we are done with the mages?" she suggested with a shrug. Naturally she hoped that it wouldn't take too long to get rid of the tattoo.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 104d 5h 14m 19s
She really didn't like when her body betrayed all of her answers. He found himself growing dearer to those reactions every day. He chuckled a little bit in the end, though he couldn't deny it had craftsmanship and decoration nailed down. He thought on what she said and shook his head a little bit. "The few drow I mentioned seeing did also use two weapons, but again they were not of the same length, like you are able."He explained and he noticed the two distinct weapon, "Well more or less, one of those is a hunk of metal."He did hope she would consider buying this piece though. "It doesn't make you stronger, it puts a block on your abilities when you are trying to use those two different kinds of weapons. If you were more strict in using this new blade, for example, and your actual sword,"He made reference to the one that wasn't off of the orcs, "you would be more balanced, the weapons would flow better, you would flow better." It was a sight to imagine since she already seemed to be capable enough, if she was even better. Still in the end he couldn't resist as his hand lightly caressed her cheek for a moment. "I think you should get the weapon, or I will do so for you."He teased as he went back to get his own weapon back.
After their business at the blacksmith was complete he left the store with her and let out a small breath. "Anything else that you can think of?" It seemed all that would be left was to retire to their room if she didn't think of something.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 104d 13h 34m 50s
She rolled her eyes at what he said. "Well, this fair drow doesn't care for what is typical," she pointed out, giving him a look, "Besides, I believe a drow doesn't typically enter these shops to begin with." Seeing him grin again, it did irk her slightly, since she knew he knew that he had gotten to her.
Shrugging, she looked at her old sword. "You just need to be strong enough. Besides, it does strengthen your muscles," she reminded him before looking to him, "It is? I mean we are all taught this skill. You never know when you might need to defend yourself against several attackers." She supposed that this was more a drow quality than a human one.
Him asking and giving that scanning look made it clear what he was thinking. "I liked the craftsmanship," she simply replied, "Decoration has nothing to do with my decision." A small ting of pink on her cheeks might have told him that that wasn't entirely true.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 105d 15h 29m 34s
Listening to her he managed a small chuckle. "It's not typical to skewer people in shops above ground, my fair drow." Of course he had no idea about how often it might happen in her home underground. He smiled though that she actually did start using humor, it showed she came a long way on such a short journey. He clearly didn't fail to catch her reddening cheeks as his smile turned into a grin. He did nod once more, removing his hands from her and standing to the side. "I'm more impressed you use the hunks of junk you find and still manage to keep yourself somewhat balanced. The fact that you could use two blades of the same length is unique." Normally one was smaller. "I do think that weapon quite compliments you, and it looks well crafted..was there a particular reason you were drawn to it?" Clearly at the end he was teasing as his eyes loomed on the gem in the blade then back to her eyes a small grin on his face.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 106d 14h 5m 53s
Perhaps it was something that was innate to women in general, human or otherwise, that made her relax slightly during shopping. It helped that there were few other customers and that those were busy with other things. Naturally she had eyed them upon entering, but had dropped the constant surveillance which was normal for her. Perhaps it was also that here what you were didn't quite matter, but more what skill you had?
Sensing someone approach, she did tensen slightly before she felt his touch and she instantly recognized it as his. It sent a small shiver up and down her spine as she kept her gaze on the weapon. "You're lucky that I have control or you might be skewered," she pointed out before feeling his hand on her waist, "What are you doing? Maybe I should reconsider stabbing you?" While she said it calmly and mostly humored, she did feel herself blush lightly.
"You think it's a good weapon for me?" she inquired, trying to turn back the conversation to something proper and shrugged, "If the situation demands it I am more than skilled at two swords." Naturally, while she found the sword beautiful, she didn't really consider, if she wished to buy it or not.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 111d 2h 1m 20s
After a few moments he noticed she'd taken it upon herself to wander throughout this shop, he hadn't actually seen her so..well free of prejudice, she wasn't eyeing people, neither were they looking to her, not that there were many currently here. She seemed to be just shopping for a weapon and not looking over her shoulder, was it because she thought he would be? Of course he was doing so, but he wondered if this was an example he could use. For now he just wanted to have some fun with her in between the isles.
He approached her from the side stepping behind her as his hand touched her waist, soon finding the back of her arm, currently holding the weapon, and tracing along the back of her arm to the hand that had the weapon in it, his fingers lingering on her's "Seems a fitting weapon for you..quick, sharp, light."The hand not on her's finding the other side of her waist. He was probably having some fun with her, but at the same time just enjoying this. "Do you typically use two weapons?" He wondered if she'd replace both or just get the new one.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 112d 11h 55m 45s
She gave a thoughtful nod. It was possible. Since she usually only went into blacksmith shops to sell items, not to buy so she didn't often stop at the windows or wears to look what was available.
The question on what she would prefer for a weapon made her pause. She honestly hadn't thought about it too much. "I'm not sure. I suppose something that would play to my strengths," she pointed out, since it made the most sense to think strategically. Most of her thoughts were strategic, as she wasn't one to spend a lot of money on things.
When they entered the store she didn't immediately start browsing. Only when he went to the blacksmith to hand his sword to be sharpened and began browsing did she do the same. Since she hadn't been attacked yet, she assumed the owner hadn't seen her come in or was too occupied with him to notice her appearance completely.
Wandering the aisles of the shop, she had to say she was impressed by the amount of selection they had. Slowly she walked along the shelves. What would she get, if she actually spent on money on these things? Since she was fast it made sense to get a light weapon, but sturdy. Then her gaze fell on a thin and fine sword. The hilt was adorned with a small jewel that had the color of her eyes. It was clearly made with a female in mind, but not just for decoration like many others were. Gently she picked it up to inspect it. It was fairly light, but the glint alone told her that it was deadly. "This is a fine piece of craftsmanship," she muttered softly, inspecting it further.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 124d 6h 56m 51s
"Well..it may be so, it could also be that he displays his best, and sells otherwise."He pointed out, though honestly he had no idea, this town wasn't a main visit of his. For all his talk about the mages being able to help, he didn't particularly want to hang around either, it was just that he wasn't afraid to. "I find myself still being curious as to what you would pick as a fresh weapon, seems you only use scavenged one's." At least, she had her dagger and her ..well hunk of metal that seemed to resemble a sword that she had gotten from some orcs. He knew she liked to make do, but some things were just inefficient, making things harder for herself probably something she also did, however unconsciously.
Once they were inside he did find himself browsing among the creations and such before approaching the blacksmith to put in his sword to get sharpened. He hoped that wouldn't come back to bite him, after all he normally tried to do these things himself, but not when he was with company. Still, how the blacksmith would react to a drow was also something to be seen. He watched Briza now, wondering what she would pick out.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 124d 10h 57m 41s
It was kind of nice to be in a room after so much traveling. It wasn't that she needed it, but once in a blue moon it was nice to have some comfort around you. She looked over to him when he sat down and they began to eat. Food not prepared by themselves was something nice as well. Hearing what he said about mages, she gave a shrug. "You never know," she replied, still the idea of being a guinea pig to the mages being something she was not overly affectionate about.
For obvious reasons she wasn't too hungry and ate a bit, but when he was done she ended her meal as well. "Very well," she replied with a nod as she got up to grab her own weapon, "Ready." She locked their room before making their way downstairs and outside. The weather was actually really nice, sunny, but not too warm.
Looking around the street, she spotted the blacksmith a bit further down. In his window he had a nice variety of weapons. "At least it looks like he is good at his craft," she said before moving inside.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 215d 15h 38m 21s
It seemed that she was easy to prod, which was fun sometimes. He supposed by all accounts he shouldn't be focusing on the future, now was just as important anyway, and she had enough to worry about. He walked over and sat down as well, at the very least being in the inn room and being in more relaxed clothes was a relief. He began to eat as well and he looked at her as she worried further about the mages. "I know they are not all that great, but still I doubt they would be very similar to mages you know from your own culture."He doubted also that it would be a great comfort to hear that either.
He ate his food quickly enough and looked out of the window, "I'm sure we will have time enough to get to the blacksmith and leisurely enjoy a meal."He offered to her, which they really were able to do, but now that they were about to go to the blacksmith he picked up his sword as well, strapping it on his belt. "Ready to go?" Perhaps weapons would keep her mind off of mages.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 215d 22h 54m 14s
It was true that it was unlikely that anyone heard him, but it was still awkward and embarrassing to hear him speak it allowed. She clearly remembered that time. Kind of hard not to.
He definitely got into his head a lot. At least she thought so she noticed it quite a few times. That he really thought of her the entire time she doubted, since it was clear he loved to simply tease her. Hearing what he said, she blushed slightly, though tilted her head so it cuddled against is hand. "I swear I will figure out a way to stop blushing every time you say stuff like that," she muttered, wishing a little that he didn't have that power over her. The thought of him yelling it about the streets made her hit him in the side of the leg with her fist, not that that actually hurt him, though didn't speak, knowing that he wouldn't do something like that.
Him teasing her again made her pout as she stood up, moving over to grab his money belt to take some coins from it. As the inn owner already knew what she was and that she was here she saw no reason she couldn't do that. Still, she opened the door carefully to see one of the servers from downstairs. Taking the tray of food, she paid and closed the door again. She sat down on the bed and placed the food between them. "Eat up," she said, taking a piece of bread for herself, "It starts tomorrow..." Her thoughts were still on the mages.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 252d 12h 16m 27s

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