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Hearing her muster up enough to only say it was adequate as she too was panting he let out a small breath chuckle. "Don't push it my lady..You're asking for a swift dunk in the tub."He teased, grinning at her. Still almost as if he didn't want her to further challenge he put his hand on her cheek and kissed her lips for a few moments. "Yes..you were quite adequate yourself."He finally teased back and grinned at her a bit. His hand freely running along her side as she now had his attention again. He enjoyed looking into her eyes anyway. It seemed though that they both probably knew what the next part of the day entailed. It was almost time for them to see about her tattoo, of course after getting cleaned up.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 155d 14h 23m 31s
She gave a shrug. "I am allowed to be picky. I'm a drow," she pointed out. She saw no reason why she wasn't allowed to be picky. "Yes, naturally," she repeated with a nod before chucking slightly at him trying to challenge her in a way, "Indeed, I wasn't done with you. As for flushed, a lite sweating does happen." She wasn't one to downright praise someone as one might expect. Hearing what he said about making her face red as he got on top of her, she arched a brow. "I suppose we'll have to see," she replied, looking up at him.
It was quite the interesting time between them. They were almost like battling between them and at the same time very passionate. He definitely had given it his all. That much was clear as they were both panting quite heavily as she kissed him back one last time. She looked over to him as he laid beside her. "That was adequate," she told him, assuming he more than realized that it was more than adequate. She imagined quite a few had heard them with how loud they had been.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 155d 16h 27m 52s
He listened to her go on and chuckled slightly. "Being awful prickly this morning aren't you?"He teased, knowing she wanted to get in her jabs while she thought he was on the back foot for a change. Though hearing her comments he did offer a shake of his head. "Oh aye.. 'naturally'."He repeated back but looked to her. "But I suppose this time I'll have to be going on until you want to stop..as you said..you weren't done with me?"He figured he was up to it if she wanted to issue such a challenge anyway. He's sure she'd welcome most distractions from this day, but he honestly hadn't expected this to be the outcome. "My pride is never bruised..you always looked so..flushed and pleased after."He informed her. Though did give her bottom a slight squeeze before he took his place back above her again, his hand staying to hold her's to the bed. Kissing her neck lightly, "We'll see this time I suppose, just how red your face can get."He informed her and continued to kiss her neck.
He was able to preform just as long as she wanted this time, and though it was mostly just her teasing it did turn into this showing between them, a battle for control in the bed maybe it could have been called. Still a few times was plenty mixed in with some other playful actions between them. It showed anyway since they were both panting and sweaty. Still he kissed her lips one final time as he laid back down beside her, hardly wanting to let her catch her breath, but having to catch his own anyway. He did manage another chuckle at the prospect. They must seem like animals in heat at this point.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 155d 20h 4m 40s
At him pointing out that she kept his hand in hers she shrugged. "It's more comfortable like this," she simply replied, ever being the one to admit she enjoyed something, "I suppose not. You don't wake up too easily." She grinned up at him slightly. Hearing the hab about sleeping in once, she gave him an unamused look. She would never admit to enjoying sleeping.
Hearing the challenge, she arched a brow. "Naturally after sleep you are able to again," she reminded him with a confident grin, "Well, I wouldn't mind an example. Can't have your male pride being bruised, can we?" She was aware that men had a thing about that. Her free hand moved to his side, feeling it slightly as she looked up at him.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 155d 20h 57m 1s
He let out a small breath as she responded in her certain ways. He didn't exactly know if she wanted to test him or tease him currently. "Well you weren't moving or anything..you kept my hand held..you've done that while you were asleep before, so if I was asleep as well I could not really have known."He stated and looked into her eyes as she looked to him now. What could he see in her eyes today, he knew a bit of what she might be thinking,it was obvious, but still, maybe more. "You weren't awake when I left you..I can't help if you wake up before me for a change.."He would never forget her sleeping in.
Hearing her go at him though he scoffed slightly, "I would gladly keep going had you told me to.."He confidently stated back to her. His hand sliding from her side to her rear end. "Would you like an example now?"He further proceeded to put forth, hopefully she didn't expect to challenge him without receiving some challenge back.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 156d 2h 18m 48s
She was surprised that he had thought she was asleep at all. It wasn't like she slept that much, in her opinion, and before a day like this sleep wasn't exactly something that came easily. "Some might," she repeated in a way that didn't reveal how she felt on the matter, "Oh, I'm not peaceful now. Didn't seem to bother you at all that I wasn't asleep." At least he hadn't realized it while he was sleeping.
His teasing she simply met with a shrug, not really in the mood to be teased about that. Feeling his arm begin to move along her side, she gave a content sound as she looked up at him. What he said did make her crack a small smile though. "Then maybe you need some more stamina. I wasn't nearly done with you, but I had to let you rest out of fear that you would break at some point," she teased, grinning at him slightly. Naturally, she had been tired, but usually it was a little more strenuous for a man than a female.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 156d 11h 43m 26s
Hearing her call him out like that was a bit of a surprise. It made sense though, she was very still, but not as serene as when she actually was asleep, and obviously more in control of her breathing. He let our a small breath, chuckling a little bit. "I suppose some might.."He said not pushing to wonder if she did or not. "That makes sense.. You're more peaceful when you actually sleep."He knew why she didn't this night though. "Just trying to prove to me you won't sleep in every day?"He teased knowing the real reason was more likely that she was thinking on too much, and what would occur later this day. His arm that was around her gently began to move up and down her side, the other one of course still holding her's, which she hadn't let go of, quite endearing. "I suppose even if I remained awake longer to help you sleep better it might have been fruitless.."He mentioned with a small yawn. "But I couldn't help being tired when you so insisted on wearing me out."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 157d 7h 22m 54s
It was a good night. They were quite passionate and it definitely felt different from the other times. It felt different too, not in a bad way, but in a good way.
They had fallen asleep together, though admittedly she did wake up a lot sooner than he probably realized. It had still been dark when she woke up, but stayed as she was to not wake him. Closing her eyes, she started to mediate, mostly as a way to calm her nerves. She still did not enjoy the thought of mages experimenting on her.
When he woke up she expected him to wake her, but he didn't. She could tell he was watching her. "You know, some might consider it creepy to be stared at in their sleep," she pointed out as she opened her eyes, "I've been awake for a while." She looked up at him, wondering what he would say to that.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 157d 10h 53m 40s
As she spoke and he took in her grin he quietly responded, "You certainly do.."He teased back and she had already begun to lean in for another kiss, not before she took him in, which admittedly he had no idea could be so alluring, but he felt it when their lips collided again. All the sign seemed to be clearer than ever between the two, and even in copying him she seemed to find some entertainment, which was a shocker, he didn't expect her to.
All in all it made for a rather passionate night together, and they hadn't had many of those, but this one seemed to place above the other couple. Laying there, the sun did wake him from his sleep and he looked down over her face. He really did admire how quickly she took to sleeping..and apparently sleeping in, how quickly she also took to cuddling as well it seemed, and as always his hand was still laced together with her's, seeming to be her favorite thing. He remained still, relatively, since her head was laid on his chest. He could let her have today..after all it would be a big big day for her, and he knew she wasn't eager to get it started.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 157d 18h 18m 23s
She did notice his face getting red. Maybe she felt a little satisfaction at having that happen to him. That he felt what she had before. Still, at the same time it was a little odd for her as well. She wasn't exactly a being made for giving pleasure to another solely. Either way, she felt she did owe it to him.
When she came back up to him, she couldn't help giving a small grin. "Someone looks a little flushed," she teased as her gaze stayed on him. They were both more than ready and eager. Her gaze ran up and down his body before slowly leaning in to kiss him again, gently nudging him on top of her.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 158d 8h 12m 1s
He noted how she more seemed to just not know what to do, and admittedly he didn't expect anything in return per se, just curious if there would be. She did work up the nerve to kiss him it seemed, which she hopefully realized wasn't as bad as she was thinking, then more seemed to mimic what he did. Normally at times like this he would be asking if she was actually wanting to do something like that or if she just felt obligated, but he figured at this point he should learn when to just let her tell him if she decided against anything or if she didn't like it, otherwise they just..argued. So he remained silent and let her figure things out for himself, aside from some sounds of course in reaction to things she was doing. Though now he could relate to her as his face felt like it was on fire and red as well..so she at least matched him.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 159d 1h 37m 28s
Even if she was nervous, she would be the last person to admit this. What he did though was definitely something she had never experienced before and she would not be able to deny that she had enjoyed it a lot, as evidence by the noise she made and how her body trembled at times.
When he was done and had come up to lay beside her, she looked to him, unsure what to say or do. Her face was clearly red, if nothing else. Looking at him, her thoughts raced on what to do. Finally she did lean over to kiss him, perhaps a little hesitant after where he had been before as her hand moved to his chest, feeling it up before gradually sliding down. From there it skirted around the pants before finally slipping past the waistband. Somehow she supposed that after he had done that for her, she should do something similar for him as her kisses started to move down his neck.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 159d 10h 45m 33s
Well judging by her literal explanation of things, possibly she was nervous? He couldn't actually tell. He could assume she was blushing as usual though.He couldn't lie about enjoying how her hand reacted once he began to please her. After he made sure that things were thoroughly done and explored so she felt good, he did just make his way back to lay beside her, wondering how she'd take a selfless act such as that in this case. Not that he didn't enjoy it or anything, but of course he'd be curious, it was clear enough it was pleasant for her. He didn't know if he expected a lot more questions or if she would want more from him, or more of him. Still now being this close to her and laying beside her he could see her face easy enough, though his was a little bit red too anyway.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 159d 20h 28m 43s
She shrugged. "Well, you are hardly doing it so we have a better view of the situation as it can only be so many other things. In this case setting the mood would seem like the likeliest option," she told him, probably destroying quite a bit of romantic intention with the explanation, "I'm following along with what you are doing." Perhaps she was a little grateful for the now darker room to cover her flush.
She continued to kiss him until he slowly began to move down. Once he had moved too far away to kiss him she continued to keep her hand in his hair as she observed him with keen eyes, wondering what he was up to. When she found out her hand tightened in his hair and a small sound escaped her lips. That was quite the interesting feeling.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 160d 11h 44m 22s
"I didn't know you have the wherewithal to recognize things like setting a mood."He teased back just as easily. He did notice her eyes flick from a more reddish color back to their normal blue though and he grinned a little bit at her. "It seems you agree.. anyway."He commented, and was clearly looking into her eyes again. It was an interesting sight, but he did find he preferred the natural color of her eyes as they were.
Perhaps it was time to try other things though, maybe show her in a different way how things could go..he wondered how she would react anyway, or if she'd get a different idea, that he wasn't totally after her for himself now. Either way the idea was in his head anyway as he began to kiss her once more and then down along her neck and chest, all the way down this time. Curious as how she'd react, he continued that way, for her.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 162d 21h 15m 47s

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