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"I do not do the same thing. I am aware you do what you do for power."He had already been on her side of the argument, therefore feeling he knew. "It brings you pleasure tearing families apart then? That do you not believe as you do, or that you have your own misconceptions about? You kill father's, you kill mother's, I have seen the wreckage of drow raids. Entire elven villages cut down. This makes you happy?"He countered, though truthfully he did not want to think on it either.
He figured that discussion wouldn't get further when she just turned to anger again, though he didn't know why they were both bothering at all with their discussions, he supposed that meant a part of her wanted to know more as well.
"I do not have children."He informed her and shook his head a bit. "I thought as much,"He'd read as much, "Imagine if a child was able to flourish on their own, how much they would seek out if they weren't limited to only seek out one thing..like your children are taught." He figured that would be hard for her, already having lived that way before. "Humor me. Look in my eyes."He stated, wanted to see if he could glean anything about her, and if she would see more passed him. After all, being no ordinary man as it seemed, there was some soulful loneliness, there were regrets, there was power, a hidden fury, compassion, there were things behind his eyes. He wanted to see if he could tell what was truly behind her's, some emotions she didn't want to show with such eye contact.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 121d 7h 15m 48s
His words were infuriating. "But you act like you don't do the exact same thing. You do not try to understand my side of all this," she replied, "I am not unhappy. Why do you believe that people can only be happy your way? We are not the same species. We want different things." She didn't believe any of this crap. "Then show me what you speak of," she challenged. She did not believe seeing this would change anything.
The food he offered her was too tempting and she finally took the skewer from him and quickly began to eat it like a ravenous animal. She was starving. Only after several bites did she even bother looking up at him, him looking at her made her look away for a moment before she tried to think of what to say. "Children are taught young. If you show such... compassion it will be literally beat out of you. You have children to further you lineage," she told him, "What else should I humor you with?" She looked over to him, finishing her skewer quickly.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 121d 7h 29m 17s
"You just cannot grasp the points I am trying to make. You do not try to see things any differently than you want them to be. Drow or nothing."He shook his head a bit. She was asking questions and then refusing the answers he gave regardless. "You can't say you're unhappy because then you would start to believe it."He commented, "You don't desire camaraderie because you have seen nothing of it in your life unless you were destroying it in some raid most likely. All I am saying..is that once you did experience it, you would realize exactly what it could mean to you." He didn't want to go into more details, it was all things she believed to be weaker.
"I have read and heard things about drow children..I just didn't believe you really saw them as nothing if they're weak. Eyes are more than a way for beings to see."He looked over to her, wishing to prove this very point, "Humor me then."He offered the fresher skewer to her now, beginning to eat the other one, his eyes consistently trying to lock on to her's. He would learn something about her, whether she believed it or not.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 121d 7h 49m 31s
"Just because we do not interact more with people of the other sex and don't treat each other does not make you superior," she snapped annoyed, "Yes, I've heard of this thing called love. I don't know. I can't say I am unhappy. True joy? Laughter? I laugh." She truly didn't understand what he was going on about. She would admit that the skewer smelled amazing and the water gathered in her mouth.
Giving an annoyed sound and simply looking away, she would not comment on what he said. "Do you not?" she asked, "You sure make it sound like that." She gave him a look. "I have yet to see anything like that from your people," she sneered, "And you say that with your compassion you do not desire more? What is wrong with that?"
"That sounds very enlightening," she said, rolling her eyes. She eyed the screwer and she debated taking it, but she would not accept anything from a human. She turned her head away as a sign of decline. That was when her stonach growled in protest.
The last part made her shake her head. "Eyes are nothing more than the way for beings to see," she replied, "As for children being pure, children are a way to sustain legacies. Nothing more or less." He was far too romantic with all his thoughts.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 121d 8h 27m 8s
He shook his head, a chuckle escaping his throat, "You are implying we are the baser race and you don't know 'treating someone well' to be anything more than sex and kissing?"He didn't know quite how to put it any different way, "It is called love. I'm sure you are familiar, no matter having not experienced it or not. It is more than sex and kissing, it is happiness, it is laughter. True joy."He ran a hand through the slight hair he had and then began to make a skewer of meat to cook over his fire.
"I do make things sound easy."He possibly had a talent for that, "That's how I made you think all you had to do was destroy a crystal remember?"He reminded her either way, it was obviously as if he made it sound easier than it actually was. "I do not aim at an entire culture."He was talking to one person now after all, "And I can say that having at least seen it..and experienced some. Yes, the world up here is much less bleak and much more joyful, with things like friendship and love."He shook his head, "Commanding fear and respect and only desiring power, it ultimately bruins ruin, and inside anger that you can't quite place, but attaining more never quite satiates that desire."He seemed to know a deal about power and fear at the very least, showing he chose how he is now. Even if he appeared to be alone. "I have experienced enough, I experience more every day."He offered over the skewer, beginning to prepare another either way.
For some reason he was compelled to notice the flush of anger slightly having gone from her face, maybe just having her listen was a small enough victory, someone from a different race, who hated his gender, was willing to talk to him, even if not yet like equals. "A man and woman who are on the same level, who choose to be one another. You can see it in their eyes.." That's all he could notice, "Something as pure as a new child."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 121d 8h 49m 48s
"But is that not what you meant? Treating someone well, does that not mean kissing and having sex?" she asked, genuinely confused, since this was obviously a concept she had never really thought about. She shrugged slightly. "Some have, but they were then killed as well," she replied as if it were nothing, "It is not luck. You just need to choose the right one."
Although it was atypical of her, she did not interrupt him and sort of actually listened. "You make it sound so easy. As if you can change the way an entire culture thinks by turning one person," she pointed out, "Let's be theoretical. If I did suddenly become loving and whatnot, I would be killed on the spot. So you are saying, if I were to experience what you consider compassion, I would never want the fear again?" She looked to him in a neutral expression.
Finally she moved herself to rest back against the log, exhausted just from that bit of movement. She was hungry, but she would never admit it. "So you have experienced a lot, I take it?" she inquired,
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 121d 9h 16m 37s
"I never mentioned kissing specifically."He stated and shook his head a bit, she obviously wasn't going to listen to him, so maybe why should he bother. "Some can kill and I'm sure some have."He sighed out a bit, "You're just lucky..most of the one's who probably have the ability to kill, are 'soft' as you say."He didn't know how else to describe it. "I just know that I have heard both sides, I have been on a few different ends, I have heard of both sides. The races who have learned to rely on one another..are much happier than.."There were a few such races that were never happy looking, the drow potentially being among one of them that he has seen. He didn't exactly want to say that for some reason. "You would not understand something you aren't willing to experience. Some things make you wish you never experienced the other's."He didn't know what about this rude, pushy, drow, had made him talk at all. Much less show something genuine..perhaps to take one less soul out of dread's embrace. Grasping at more and more power only got you killed eventually.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 121d 9h 40m 16s
"At least that means we know they will do what we say. I doubt you would do as I say, if you didn't have to. Your 'trust' is too feeble," she snapped, not willing to back down from her stance, "And yet they won't, because they can't." She didn't like this trust. It was uncertain. People could use it.
She shook her had at all the crap he was producing. "So you're saying, if I were to kiss you or you me, whichever way, then it would feel better? I highly doubt that," she retorted, "Besides as you so eloquently put it, I would more likely be killed than anything else." Still, what he said made her wonder how much he knew about such heartache.
"I am stealthy," she objected and simply decided not to argue the point of her condition, "I would have found a way back. I just needed a moment to rest." She would never admit weakness or that perhaps she was thankful to him. No she would not thank a lesser creature. That was beneath her.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 121d 9h 58m 41s
"Respect of what?"He looked at her, "If I were to respect you that does not mean I am to swear fealty to every female drow I see."He shook his head a bit, "There's a difference. Your men treat you well because they will die otherwise, they don't want to treat you well, they want to kill you."He stated as if it were a simple fact, and to a point it was. "You would be turned the other way if you realized that in human society, the females want to treat the males well, and the males in turn want to treat the females well, mutually."He figured he might as well be talking to a brick wall though. "It is much better to feel those emotions than to..demand respect through..fear and power." For some reason on that one he sounded as if he had been on either side of the spectrum, which at the very least made his voice assured that he knew what he was talking about.
"You don't have to destroy the crystal..you just have to be less..magically inclined."He shrugged a bit, "More stealthy."He sighed out, "It doesn't actually matter, there's no way you would get anywhere like you are now, at least in regards to that castle." Still though he felt the need to circle back to what she was saying, "I don't want more salves. I was just proving my point. Without some simple compassion and kindness, you would have passed out against that tree, for good. The patrols would have found you that close and bled you further there..they wouldn't show you 'respect' and your final remains less so."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 121d 10h 15m 45s
She continued to glare at him. "That does not change the fact that you are a man and you are beneath me, human or otherwise," she retorted firmly, "If I wasn't in this state, I would teach you respect." She pushed herself into a sitting position of sorts.
Shaking her head at what she said, she replied, "You people are strange. Of course, the men treat us well as well." The thought of everyone being equal was a strange one that she couldn't understand.
Crystal? She looked at him confused. "They use a crystal," she repeated, "So if I can destroy that, I'm golden. Also for your information, I might not have all the abilities some high class drow has, but I can very well take care of myself. I'm resourceful." She gave him a clear stubborn look. Looking down at herself, she was an absolute mess. If she wasn't covered in bandages, there were cuts everywhere else.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 121d 10h 25m 32s
"I'm not a drow man. So I also possess a spine."He looked toward her and shook his head, "In case you didn't notice we aren't in a cave in the Underdark somewhere. Men don't bend the knee to women. And I'm assuming even if they did, men of your race wouldn't openly do so to you. Being that you are up here at all."He looked at her raising an eyebrow, she wasn't looking at him, not that that made too much of a difference. "I personally treat women well. However we have kings and queens both."He informed her how humans worked, "People are happier when one isn't beneath the other." That seemed to be his belief anyway. For whatever it was worth, being anywhere near human towns could show that much, they were happy to be around each other, women and men.
He thought on it some, "Mm..it is probably the crystal in one of the towers that you were feeling. Lots of..basic mages use them to detect unusual movements or foreign magics in the castles. You're better off being a drow and not being seen, rather than using any incantations or spells."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 121d 10h 34m 39s
On the ground she took several long and painful breaths as she clutched the chest wound, which definitely hurt the most out of all of them, no wonder though. The most she could ultimately do was roll onto her front, not able to find the energy to get back to the log.
"I believe it is up for debate whether or not I would have died. You are not the only one versed with herbs," she retorted, "But if you insist I shall get you some new salve." His next words brought the bit of color she had to her cheeks. "You know nothing about me. Don't make any insinuations," she snapped, turning her head away from him so she wouldn't have to look at him.
"I never said it would be easier, but I will manage thank you very much," she replied, still not looking at him. He truly didn't know anything about drows, if he didn't understand how their powers worked. "Something magical was in the air," she snapped. She wasn't sure, if she had seen him at the castle, but it didn't matter.
Finally she had enough energy to at least prop herself up onto her elbow. "Because you are a man," she spat, glaring at him.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 121d 10h 43m 47s
He watched her fit and still made no moves against them, surely she just hurt herself again to which he just rolled his eyes. "No? But you do owe me your current breaths, you owe me some salve, and your life right?"He shook his head a bit, really in disbelief at the things she said. "You wouldn't be on the surface on your own if your people felt the same about you."He could assume that much anyway. "Tomorrow morning?"He laughed a bit, that was naive even if she just said to get away from him. "You inferred I shouldn't question your intellect. I would tell you not to assume humans are so stupid either, you just broke in, you think the security is magically going to be less than what it was last night? No, it will be more, better, for tendays upon tendays from now on."He shook his head slightly. "I have seen a couple of drow, I would be remiss to not mention that you must lack some skill..they were never seen. You got seen. I saw you from the barracks of that castle." Though that did mean he was in the castle. Again though, he didn't care for this particular castle of people, they weren't nice to villagers, they didn't tax fairly, and they didn't properly compensate Willoth either. "I still see no reason that you should have a distaste for me specifically. You can't go on acting like every human is the same just as I'm sure most drow aren't the same."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 121d 11h 34s
She hated humans and even more so human males. It was just the way they were. She did not understand his kindness towards her. It made no sense to her. His insolence was appalling. "I am well aware of what a camp is. Do you not have a home close to your work place?" she asked, glaring at him. How dare he insinuate she was not intelligent?
His amusement in all this was infuriating. He deserved to die. She jumped up with her blade in hand and jumped at him, but almost the instant she was upright the blood lose became obvious as the pain only intensified and she fell ungrateful back to the ground like a sack of potatoes, her vitals pretty much dropping just as much.
"I owe the likes of you no virtue. I owe it only to my people and the very least of those to men," she snapped, "I did not lack skill nor tact. I was surprised by the grade of security. I won't be surprised again. My body will be fine by tomorrow morning." That was a complete lie, but she would not stay around this man for a minute longer than necessary.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 121d 11h 9m 46s
She was certainly more than feisty, he was much less than a captor though, so why should the hostility be so great? It didn't matter, in all honesty he would have to consider why he helped her out in the first place. It might have been in his nature to, since she was in need. "I do not live here, drow."He retorted as if it were quite obvious, "I assume you know what camp means."He figured he'd restate it for her, if indeed she was having so much trouble seeing. "I shouldn't insinuate that you're correct. I have the luxury of being able to finish all of my assignments. Tell me more about how the little we know about each other makes us nothing alike, I think I enjoy it."He grinned to himself, though he might have been doing little to ease things between them, at least she'd still have something to fight to keep her awake, so she didn't die.
He let a chuckle slip through his throat, "Virtue? Do you really?Sure, I might not know everything about your customs, but I would say that's a good thing. If someone I didn't know, treated my wounds and took me away after I had indefinitely murdered some of my kin, I'd act such as you do, that's virtuous."He figured his point would get across anyway, "You're right, there's time, there's plenty of time, what you lacked was what.. tact and skill? Now what you lack is a fully functioning body."He moved back to the fire, stoking it. "
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 121d 11h 26m 19s

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