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On the ground she took several long and painful breaths as she clutched the chest wound, which definitely hurt the most out of all of them, no wonder though. The most she could ultimately do was roll onto her front, not able to find the energy to get back to the log.
"I believe it is up for debate whether or not I would have died. You are not the only one versed with herbs," she retorted, "But if you insist I shall get you some new salve." His next words brought the bit of color she had to her cheeks. "You know nothing about me. Don't make any insinuations," she snapped, turning her head away from him so she wouldn't have to look at him.
"I never said it would be easier, but I will manage thank you very much," she replied, still not looking at him. He truly didn't know anything about drows, if he didn't understand how their powers worked. "Something magical was in the air," she snapped. She wasn't sure, if she had seen him at the castle, but it didn't matter.
Finally she had enough energy to at least prop herself up onto her elbow. "Because you are a man," she spat, glaring at him.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 338d 1h 28m 44s
He watched her fit and still made no moves against them, surely she just hurt herself again to which he just rolled his eyes. "No? But you do owe me your current breaths, you owe me some salve, and your life right?"He shook his head a bit, really in disbelief at the things she said. "You wouldn't be on the surface on your own if your people felt the same about you."He could assume that much anyway. "Tomorrow morning?"He laughed a bit, that was naive even if she just said to get away from him. "You inferred I shouldn't question your intellect. I would tell you not to assume humans are so stupid either, you just broke in, you think the security is magically going to be less than what it was last night? No, it will be more, better, for tendays upon tendays from now on."He shook his head slightly. "I have seen a couple of drow, I would be remiss to not mention that you must lack some skill..they were never seen. You got seen. I saw you from the barracks of that castle." Though that did mean he was in the castle. Again though, he didn't care for this particular castle of people, they weren't nice to villagers, they didn't tax fairly, and they didn't properly compensate Willoth either. "I still see no reason that you should have a distaste for me specifically. You can't go on acting like every human is the same just as I'm sure most drow aren't the same."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 338d 1h 45m 31s
She hated humans and even more so human males. It was just the way they were. She did not understand his kindness towards her. It made no sense to her. His insolence was appalling. "I am well aware of what a camp is. Do you not have a home close to your work place?" she asked, glaring at him. How dare he insinuate she was not intelligent?
His amusement in all this was infuriating. He deserved to die. She jumped up with her blade in hand and jumped at him, but almost the instant she was upright the blood lose became obvious as the pain only intensified and she fell ungrateful back to the ground like a sack of potatoes, her vitals pretty much dropping just as much.
"I owe the likes of you no virtue. I owe it only to my people and the very least of those to men," she snapped, "I did not lack skill nor tact. I was surprised by the grade of security. I won't be surprised again. My body will be fine by tomorrow morning." That was a complete lie, but she would not stay around this man for a minute longer than necessary.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 338d 1h 54m 43s
She was certainly more than feisty, he was much less than a captor though, so why should the hostility be so great? It didn't matter, in all honesty he would have to consider why he helped her out in the first place. It might have been in his nature to, since she was in need. "I do not live here, drow."He retorted as if it were quite obvious, "I assume you know what camp means."He figured he'd restate it for her, if indeed she was having so much trouble seeing. "I shouldn't insinuate that you're correct. I have the luxury of being able to finish all of my assignments. Tell me more about how the little we know about each other makes us nothing alike, I think I enjoy it."He grinned to himself, though he might have been doing little to ease things between them, at least she'd still have something to fight to keep her awake, so she didn't die.
He let a chuckle slip through his throat, "Virtue? Do you really?Sure, I might not know everything about your customs, but I would say that's a good thing. If someone I didn't know, treated my wounds and took me away after I had indefinitely murdered some of my kin, I'd act such as you do, that's virtuous."He figured his point would get across anyway, "You're right, there's time, there's plenty of time, what you lacked was what.. tact and skill? Now what you lack is a fully functioning body."He moved back to the fire, stoking it. "
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 338d 2h 11m 16s
"You try bleeding out and tell me, if you still have 20 20 vision. Please, come over here. I'll gladly help you understand," she snapped, her hand clearly tightening around her dagger, more than eager to stab him right now.
Briza was almost happy when he seemed to concede to what she said when he spoke of similarities between them. "You and I are nothing alike. Don't you dare even insinuate that," she spat, "Great, you keep up appearance and yet you apparently live out in the middle of nowhere. Tell me, what I'm supposed to think." That was obviously rhetorical.
"There are plenty of reasons to hate humans," she retorted as he worked on her wounds and for once she did actually listen and let him treat her wounds. His words did bring fire into her eyes. "I have honor, a sense of virtue and pride. You do not understand our customs," she told him firmly, "I never asked for your help."
When he suggested that he act like her people she actually laughed. "You don't have what it takes to be a drow. Humans are soft," she said, "I am not worthless. I can still kill that guy. I still have time." Tomorrow she could try again.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 338d 2h 35m 25s
"Oh pardon me. I figured being so high and mighty, you might have actually been able to see out of your own eyes." He didn't want it to be forgotten that he was apparently doing her a favor for no good reason. "You know? I will just agree, and appease you. You're correct, I probably never would have touched a drow otherwise. You feel remarkable, like a human." Being flesh and skin, did do that to a person. "You've no idea of my wealth."He informed her and shook his head once again, "I suppose since you can't see, a bumpkin is something I'm not, my armor is kept, my blades are sharp, though I suppose you haven't been introduced." He wouldn't bother adding a 'yet', because she was already on edge.
He looked at her as she spoke her final words and he shook his head, "I suppose you're just following a stupid tradition then. There is no reason to hate us." He sighed out and moved over, applying more salve to her wounds and binding them up tighter, "Stop moving."He insisted, more for her benefit. "Where did it get me? Saving some creatures life, that would have rather bled out on a stump in the forest, alone, forgotten."He reminded her, "Wherever it got me sure seems lucky for you."He took a look over her once more, she should at least be healing her wounds by now, the salves would do as much, "Or should I act how you drow would? Aren't you a race that weakness is unacceptable in? Aren't you worthless now?"
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 338d 2h 48m 19s
"You should feel honored that a measly human gets to touch a drow," she set him straight, "Never in a million years would you have otherwise gotten to touch one." She gave him a look.
His grin was really getting annoying as was his amusement. "I am currently bleeding out. I am glad if I see anything at all," she pointed out through gritted teeth, her vision truly being a bit dark and she had no chance of using night vision. Luckily, with so much pain in her system she honestly didn't feel the last arrow being pulled out, though her breath was clearly labored.
"At least that cottage would make you a man of some wealth and not a... street urchin, or forest urchin," she replied, "I can escape from either place just fine, thank you very much." The jab at her current home she didn't even grace with an answer and simply looked away. "Just finish fixing me up," she told him.
She rolled her eyes. "All drows detest humans," she pointed out before she shot up at what he said about her failure, "I have not yet failed and I will not be forgotten. You know nothing!" However the sudden movement instantly made her sink back against the log, not enough hands to hold all her injured areas. "And look where that has gotten you," she simply spat after she had regained her breath.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 338d 3h 5s
He shook his head a bit, he should feel honored apparently. "I should feel honored I'm aiding someone who goes around killing even when they fail their mission?"He commented, though whatever it was wasn't his business any longer. That place was behind the both of them. A grin started to sprawl across his face as she commented on their surroundings, "It is a camp? You see better in the night than I do."He informed her. They moved on to sealing up her wound. After the previous arrows the one in her arm would probably be the least to deal with, he pulled it out easy enough and looked at her curiously, "If I were the owner of some..random cottage in this forest, or for that matter a neighboring castle..why would you rather be there?"He brought up, "Much more escapes for you in an open forest wouldn't you say?" Though it did occur to him, "Oh sorry. I know you come from the cave cities or something.." He also had no idea if she did, she could have been born on the surface for all he knew. Either way it was a jab at how her glamour was hardly impressive compared to something like a camp. "I do know a lot of things."He remarked, finding it a little more curious. "You detest humans so much." That much was clear to him, "I pity you. I'm sure even now your services are being disregarded because of your failure. Forgotten." He might have been a little too accurate to drow customs, "At the very least. I'm free to only seek approval from myself."He moved over and sat in front of the pit, beginning to start up a fire.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 338d 3h 14m 15s
She could tell he was starting to find amusement in her and that enraged her, or at least it would, if she had the energy to do so. That he didn't even flinch at the dagger against his throat did not help her mood. "I did not want you to drop me with how I am right now," she simply replied, meaning the arrow in her stomach that would have definitely been jolted by the fall and caused her more pain, "But yes, I do not want your filth on me. You should feel honored that you get to carry me." She gave him a look.
The comment about a couple more arrows to go made her go pale, if she wasn't already. It was clear he was making fun of her at this point. "You very well should be considering this an honor," she said, "What is up with this? Dump? Where is your house, castle, anything?"
Being set down she looked up at him. This time when he pulled the arrow from her stomach she did not even have the energy to scream and actually blacked out for a moment, her body slacking against the log. Coming too again he had just sealed the wound with a leaf. "I see you are not completely uneducated," she simply stated.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 338d 3h 28m 29s
All right, she was beginning to amuse him now, the proud raced creature resorting to a 'screw you', he did enjoy that bit. Still, by her actions, holding the dagger to his throat, he rose an eyebrow down at her, not exactly flinching at all. "I think if you were so inclined you would have pushed that across my throat already. No confidence in your current arm? Or you just didn't want to be covered in more of my 'filth'?"He gave her the out there, not wanting to have to hear her conjure up the insult herself, he enjoyed taking the wind out of her sails maybe a little too much already. After her comments a small grin appeared on his face, followed by a slight chuckle, "One of those things is true."He informed her, "You are doing great milady, only a couple more arrows to go hm?"He commented, making her aware she'd be feeling that again. Once they arrived at..well a log, a firepit, and a tent "As you wish. I'm sure someone of such noble birth dwells on the surface, to be commanding me in such a way."He remarked, but did actually manage to gingerly set her again the log. "Two more arrows."He said again, though partially lied as he ripped the one out of her stomach. This one he did put salve on quickly, sealing it up with an herbal leaf, which was a little surprising as to how he knew herbs or anything like that, if she considered him a dumb human anyway.
It was now, in the more direct moonlight, that the grey-eyed male did get to see her eyes shine again, they were a rather piercing blue, it didn't seem that it was a common color among drow to be so bright.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 338d 3h 37m 59s
She would rather die before she accepted help from any human. Briza had her pride and would never accept help from him willingly, not like he was giving her the choice with him carrying her off to god knows where.
Hearing him challenge her about how she would not survive out there, she had a whole retort to that about how even in this state she had more power than he could imagine and she was more than capable of taking care of herself. What ultimately came out of her mouth was, "Screw you." Not as eloquent as she had wanted to be, but it got the point across, even in this state.
The point about her height was a sore subject for Briza and she would have flushed red with fury, if she had the blood left to do so. It did give her the energy to go for her concealed dagger and press it against his throat. "Do not mention that again," she threatened in probably the strongest voice he had heard from her so far before the energy was gone again and the hand with the dagger dropped to her body again.
She did not deem him a response to making him filthy and simply made the point to not look at him. "You are just trying to kill... OW!!" she had begun before he yanked the second of three arrows from her body, making her body jerk. Her eyes rolled back slightly. "You son of a whore, you bastard," she cursed him, partially to cope with the pain which was all she felt at this point, "Release me at once." Not that she could have moved by this point, but she had her pride.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 338d 3h 50m 23s
He hadn't met too many drow elves, but they did tend to act the same high and mighty way..which made him question the grudge between them and their high elf counterparts had trouble getting along. Why she would protest towards a clear end of her life, or what could have been, he had no idea. With her injuries it wasn't like she could go anywhere anytime soon regardless of if she was determined or not.
"Oh? Keep it up. Wolves and bears in these woods don't care too much what race you are, and in this state, I doubt your clever ways keep you from them for too long. However, I could be mistaken, you could find your way into a whole and bleed out all by yourself hm?"He didn't care too much about how much she struggled. "Though I will say you're the shortest drow woman I've seen. Makes you easier to carry."He hadn't had the pleasure of being taller than an elf, he had been similar height before,but this was new. "You're the one making me filthy currently..it's a good thing I deign to wear red." He looked down to her face, her eyes were a rather piercing blue, well with the glow she used to see in the night that helped it out a bit. "If you settle down, the salve will be more effective on your wound."He told her, though to punctuate that, he removed the arrow from her leg very quickly, probably ensuing the opposite. "Oops."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 338d 4h 9m 29s
Briza did not believe the soldiers would find her. At least not very quickly. She should have time to escape, or at least get distance between her and them.
Even if she was on the verge of passing out, her sensitive ears picked up the sounds of footsteps and a moment later a dark clothed human showed up. She understood words of his language, but most of her systems were shutting down at this point. "Get away," she snarled and drew her blade as he leaned closer, though it shook too much in her hand to be of any actual use. This man would kill her.
Seeing the salve of sorts being pulled out, she tried to move away from him, but the blood lose was already affecting her too much. Through her darkening vision she could see him lift and drop his fingers, but only once he pulled the arrow of her chest did she realize what it had been as she gave a sound of pain, not being able to muster more.
"Do not touch me, you filthy human," Briza spat as he lifted her and tried to fight out of his arms, but succeeded in little more than scratching his neck before her arms became as heavy as lead. Her vision and the rest of her bodily functions finally gave out completely and she was left in a state between wake and unconsciousness. "Unhand me," was the only real protest she had to offer, since she couldn't reach the dagger concealed in her boot anymore.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 338d 4h 21m 28s
This seemed to be another ordinary night, another ordinary job, ordinary pay, move along. Willoth was a mercenary of sorts, possibly once a knight, wearing his own black and red colors, though whatever it was he was not highly respected by any means. He was hired to kill some straggling creatures every now and again and he very rarely took jobs involving 'land disputes', or removal of other races. The only thing he could say for himself was that he somehow wasn't cut down in battle yet, though other's might say and observe it wasn't that he hadn't tried to be. His instincts were just too powerful sometimes, he couldn't lay down and die even if he wanted to.
What he was doing this night was being underpaid, used, and thrown out as if he was nothing. "Some king..some kingdom."He muttered to himself as he noticed a commotion stirring up in the barracks around him, "Hm..?"He observed the folly, as guards and archers and even a whole battalion seemed to be alluded by some shrouded figure, though he knew what the creature could be.
He also noticed she was definitely tagged a few times upon exit. So, no longer being under employ of this castle, he was always one to just help out..too generous possibly, too naive with his beliefs. So easily following along in the forest, whereas most of these idiots couldn't, he came upon a barely clinging to consciousness drow elf. "..knew you'd be purple."He spoke aloud, leaning down, by all means he had none of his weapons drawn, his colors didn't match this particular battalions, not that it usually mattered to drow elves. He did however seem to pull out a salve of sorts from his pocket. Holding up 3 fingers, unknowing if she even spoke his language. Slowly he dropped one, then another, before even dropping the last one the arrow was pulled from her chest, the salve soon to replace it. The other arrows could wait, he lifted her up and headed deeper into the woods, he'd have to find where he'd already set up camp away from town and treat her there..if she was still conscious or not, though he was aware enough to be wary, even people you were helping could kill you.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 338d 4h 36m 31s
It wasn't the first mission her mistress had sent her own, however it was the most peculiar. To kill a human king. So far she had only stolen valuable objects and whatnot, but this was different. She had no idea why she was to kill this man, but did it matter? He was a human, that was reason enough.
Shrouding herself in darkness, it was easy for Briza to make her way to the walls of the castle. Since she was not of the upper class, she had no levitation abilities, but scaling this wall was not that difficult. Silently she landed in the courtyard, ducking behind a barrel as some guards passed. So far so good. Her icy blue eyes scanned the building before she hurried down the next passageway. A smile was on her lips. Humans were too stupid.
Briza dimmed the lights momentarily as she passed the torches to insure more darkness. The darkness was her home, her friend. Only a moment too late did she realize she had made a mistake. Someone had cancelled out her darkness, making her visible as day.
Suddenly all around her she heard shouts of an intruder. Cursing, she turned on her heel to leave. No way did she have a shot now. Killing a guard or two that tried to get in her way with her sword, though they got a scratch in as well. Stepping into the courtyard, she was surrounded by archers on the battlement and guards in front of her. She had no way of blinding them all. Throwing out some fire to clear her path, Briza climbed the wall, moving as much as she could.
However, during her leap to freedom she felt several bursts of pain as arrows riddled her stomach, chest and leg. Nearly collapsing as she landed on the ground below, she forced herself to keep running as she heard the yells for pursuit behind her. A way into the woods Briza collapsed against a tree. She knew she had to keep moving, but it was impossible with these injuries. A hand clutched the arrow in her chest, but she couldn't muster the strength to pull it out. This couldn't be her end.
  Gods / Hoshizora / 1y 338d 5h 2m 16s

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