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Just because they were answers to her questions didn't mean she wasn't allowed to judge them. Well, maybe in this world, but she didn't care about this world. "See, you do not sound confident. Why should I stay where I am not welcome?" she pointed out, "But very well, I do not wish to get wet." She had her doubts whether this dinky tent could survive the rain, but what did she know.
She thought she was bringing up a valid point or at least pointing out something obvious. Most people would not dream of sleeping in the vicinity of a drow out of fear of being killed, for good reason too. He just looked surprised. "And does that make you any faster than a drow?" she asked pointedly, "Exactly. I thought we established that we drow are terrible beings that don't care who they kill?" She did question why he didn't seem to have a great sense of survival. It was the complete opposite to her, but what did that matter.
"So when do you think it will rain?" she asked, looking to him. If he was okay with letting her stay and wasn't going to consider his own hide, she was not going to question it further.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 119d 19h 38m 18s
She seemed to be at an edge with every response she gave, even if they were answers to her questions. Still the matters at hand would be how long she was staying apparently. He didn't cared if he was charged in this particular vicinity, the ruler of this castle could do what he liked, he earned no favor with Willoth. Still he'd like to see them try to charge him. He rose an eyebrow as she went on, "I suppose.."He stated, though he didn't know why she would put it in those terms, she was allowed clearly by now if he went as far as treating her. He was further surprised as she went on and he shook his head, "I'm a light sleeper."He managed to respond though looked at her curiously, "Why would you bother killing me at this point?"He wondered, well for no more reason, "Human male."He repeated aloud and shrugged a bit, he was apparently not worried. The thing he was doing was helping someone out right now, if that was how he had it coming to him he supposed that's how it would be. At the very least there was questionable value he put on his own life. There was much story behind it however.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 119d 20h 2s
She simply shrugged. "Do what you wish," she replied, not in the slightest having the desire to explain what her dreams had been about. In her mind she had been weak in her state during the dream. She had let things come out that never should have come out. As for staying here, she would find a way to move, if she had to.
In her opinion he should have just left her to die or killed her. If someone spotted them and reported him he would be charged with treason most likely and killed. It seemed an unwise decision for someone like her.
Listening to his reasoning, she shrugged. "So I am allowed to stay until the rain stops again?" she asked, "You sure you want to share the tent with someone like me? I am assuming you won't have a second tent hidden somewhere. Not scared I could kill you in your sleep?" She could not imagine he would want to. Not with knowing what she was. Plus, it wasn't exactly a large tent. The way they were sitting now was about as far apart as it got, which was not very apart at all. She just had to reach her hand out and she could touch him.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 119d 20h 28m 38s
If she got down to it specifically, he didn't know how else to phrase it, "I do not enjoy watching people writhe in bad dreams and apparent anguish."He stated, figuring she'd fill in that the pleasure was to stop that from being the case. Though honestly she did seem to appreciate him more in that feverish state. She would apparently find a way to fight against her wounds, and while he didn't doubt she probably could given the right incentive, or even by use of some magic, it wasn't the healthiest decision.
He listened to her questions, and really he shouldn't have done either thing, but he figured he was already helping her anyway. He couldn't explain why, he knew he was under no spells or anything of the sort, she couldn't have done so when she asked him while she was so feverish. "I was going to be camping here regardless.."He decided to go with, "I need some things from the village, and it looks like rain within the next day anyway."He stated, which was true enough, still maybe he wondered if she could somehow succeed in her mission.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 119d 23h 21m 8s
He was right. If he had mocked her, she probably would have pointed out that having said something made no difference to him. That or she might have tried to attack him again. It would have been a close call on that one. "A pleasure? To heal someone who you clearly do not like?" she asked confused. Her people would have let her die.
"I would find a way," she simply said, simply so she wouldn't have to admit that he was right. In the condition she was in now she would hardly make it out of the tent flap, let alone anywhere else. Hearing that her wounds were closed at least and she was not losing anymore blood was a good thing.
Then he began to lecture her on her own body and she was very tempted to get up and walk away. As if her body would let her do that, considering she was on her back already and could barely sit up. "So you are willing to lend me your tent or are you saying you will camp out here until I am able to walk somewhere on my own accord?" she asked, highly doubting he would do either of those things, but what did she know? What did she care?
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 119d 23h 44m 55s
He could have chuckled at the way she simply said the words, he could have offered mock applause, but he deigned that wouldn't make any forward progress. He nodded his head to her, what would be the most appropriate way to rephrase the need that she didn't owe him gratitude. "It was my pleasure."He stated, no enjoyed seeing people thrash in their dreams after all. She seemed to flare up again at his question, "No, it doesn't matter to me..however I don't think the rest of your body would appreciate your two legs doing so."He didn't know really how to win with simply talking to her, but he figured that it might be better to be a little easier, she couldn't handle joking or snark apparently.
When she did ask how her wounds were he nodded his head, "They are healing nicely, at least they are closed."He informed her and thought a little on it, "They won't stay closed if you push yourself too hard. And with the way you were eating and developing a fever, I'd say your body is trying to tell you it needs some time."He knew there was arrogance in her, but surely she couldn't be that far into it. It was a little surprising she mentioned his ego when she had such a large one herself sometimes.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 119d 23h 55m 9s
She gave him a look. "I am aware what a cloth is," she retorted and clenched it in her hand before sighing, "I... thank... you." Those words felt so foreign in her mouth and she almost felt like throwing up, possibly due to the words or her illness. Either way, she did not believe she had uttered that word before, but without this she was fairly sure she would still be in that hell of her dreams.
Simply shrugging at his statement about where he did business, she didn't really care. Only when he asked where she would go did she glare at him. "Somewhere. Does it matter to you? I have two legs, I can use them. You pack up your things and I leave," she replied. If she stayed any longer here, she would be in his debt and that was the last thing she wanted.
Ultimately her body decided to contraindicate her and she started to feel slightly faint so she laid back down. "How are my wounds doing?" she asked, since he didn't seem to make any move to go anywhere and she was sort of taking up his sleeping space so she supposed she may as well at least try and make a conversation of sorts.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 120d 24m 35s
He watched her curiously, her face seemed to change to a slightly lighter color against the purple skin. He chuckled slightly to himself, "It's a cloth..? It had cool water on it to calm your fever."He informed her, wondering if drow hadn't taken care of one another in that way before. It seemed to be a good thing that he didn't bring up another thing she said, because she couldn't even handle what he had told her there. "I already did my business in that town..the one you tried to murder it's ruler."He informed her, the next town over would be where he was bound. Though a small chuckle did form in his mouth, "Go? Where would you be going in this condition?"He wondered, either way, she was at his camp in his tent, sweating into his furs. It wasn't as if he could just leave her, or very much leave all of his things.
It was true, the correct assumption should be that he didn't want to be around her, but he couldn't actually just abandon someone who would..well..get themselves killed..but why? It was a curious thing. It could perhaps have been that statement she muttered in her fever, maybe the knowledge that he could have been right, and that she would never truly be happy within her race..but he didn't want to rub it in or anything, he just wanted to help.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 120d 33m 24s
Only once she had slowly begun to orientate herself did she realize that she wasn't even propped against the log anymore. Instead she was in his tent. "Did you bring me here?" she asked, looking around before holding up the cloth, "And this?"
The things he told her that she had done made her flush, well only slightly, since she still hadn't regained all the lost blood. Still, from what he told her she could assume he was speaking the truth. At least it sort of matched what she remembered from her fever dream. "Do not ever repeat any of that," she ordered, glaring at him.
She looked down at herself and the fresh bandages. It had been nice of him, she would admit that. "I assume you will want to continue on, find your evil beast to slay in that town over there," she recalled, "I should go then. I would not want to keep you." Those words were actually laughable, considering she could barely sit upright, let alone walk anywhere. Perhaps it was her way of repaying him. Get out of his hair, since she assumed her being around was more trouble than anything else.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 120d 1h 7m 35s
He had dozed off a little bit, until he felt her begin her movement. It had been hours that much was for sure, it was probably the afternoon around now, many hours had passed. Once she yanked her hand away, his own simply went up to cross with his other one as he continued to lean back against the tent. "I had your leave."He assured her, no tone of doubt or dishonesty in his voice. Once she had reeled back over he shook his head, "You would not release my hand."He told her and shrugged a bit, "Your fever took your mind, you were thrashing about, tearing your bandages away. I replaced them and you told me not to leave."He figured the truth would sound like just that. Though at this moment, he wouldn't bring up letting anyone take her away, though that did intrigue him. The way her voice carried a certain desperation, an emotion otherwise unknown to her so far, made him consider what he would do about it. By no means were they already to be even further associated with each other. So far he was probably just doing too much of a deed..can't be considered a good dead when she probably had some terrible things planned anyway.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 120d 1h 16m 28s
With only the occasional intake of breath when it hurt while he was bandaging her again did she comment what was happening. Not moving or anything else. Once the hand had stopped moving her she fell back into a deep sleep, something which showed how bad her state had to be as drows didn't truly sleep. However, this sleep was peaceful. There was no dream, just darkness, but that she was fine with.
When she finally woke up she didn't know for how long she had been away for. It could have been hours or days for all she knew. Slowly her eyes opened as her vision cleared after several times blinking. Confused at what she was holding in her hands, she looked and stared. An instant later she yanked them away from him and sat up, intent on searching for a weapon. "How dare you touch me!" she snapped, but ultimately came up weapon empty and luckily for him she had forgotten that she also had fire to work with. Also the sudden movements made her hunch over in pain.
The wet cloth, or now dry cloth as her fever had evaporated all the water, fell into her lap and she picked it up confused. She did not remember a single thing after she had passed out.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 120d 1h 51m 33s
It was a bit tough, working with one hand to redo all her bandaged. He didn't quite understand what kind of dream could cause this sort of reaction from a person such as her. Her words caused him to shake his head a bit, he had thought those things before, however that was their entire race's thought process. He had done nothing but just helping her since they'd met. Still he managed to get it done and looked to her as her she breathed out a couple words, clearly he must have been hearing things, but she had refused to let go of his hands.
This was a very confusing thing, once she was cognizant of her surroundings she would definitely not possess the same tone about this. Either way, despite what he probably should have done and left, her hand made it clear she needed someone right now, even if she would deny such a thing. "As you wish.."He muttered out to her, though he mostly hoped that cool cloth would keep any more bad dreams at bay, it was possible so would his presence next to her. He did have time to take in her features now, truly she was a short drow, her appearance something he could tell she took pride in even with the wounds she possessed now. It was probably the smoothness of her hair. He wondered if her tattoos possessed a meaning she chose or if they were chosen for her. There wasn't much else to look at in a tent with two people in it, but it wasn't surprising, as accepting as he was, that he found her beautiful.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 120d 2h 3m 36s
She did still move around quite a bit under his hands, but they were also calming and slowly she found herself relaxing under his hands and stopping to move around. Still, her death grip on his hand did not cease and she didn't appear to be letting go anytime soon.
Feeling her hands being brought together and hearing those words, she shook her head. "No one helps. You can only rely on yourself," she panted out, grasping his hand so tightly that her nails dug into his flesh. However, his soothing voice did make her not fight him holding her hands in place.
By the time he had finished changing her bandages her fever dream had calmed down mostly, though it didn't stop her from not relinquishing her hold on his hand. There was a strange sort of comfort to the hand that her delusional mind couldn't comprehend, if she could have under normal circumstances was questionable as well. "Don't go," she breathed softly and even if he hadn't heard her, her hand grasped his even harder to make it obvious what she wanted.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 120d 2h 24m 41s
He didn't think her responses were because he was a human, she was clearly just caught up in whatever nightmare there was. If anything else he could tell that even she had some genuine emotions at least. He saw her make a spark in the air, but soon enough his hand had calmed her down, so he knew to be careful about her magic as well. Though the way she clung to his hand was immensely surprising. 'Don't let them take me', he thought on the phrase for only a few seconds, wondering if it was his fault she was having those nightmares or if she really was always afraid that she could be sacrificed or something similar to that. Once she had grabbed at his hands to stop him from touching her bandages, he shook his head, his hands taking her's that were grabbing at his own, touching the back of her hands and bringing them together, "It's okay. I'm helping you."He told her, again not knowing why such compassion is what he was offering her way. Though his voice might have come out more soothing and gentle than before, maybe just because it was one of those 'human' things.
Soon enough he was managing to change her bandages and apply a bit more salves to help them finish closing up, though the salves from before had made that happen a little faster already, her wounds had managed to stop bleeding anyway. They'd need more time to heal on their own of course, but at the least the process would be faster.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 120d 2h 36m 29s
It was like she was in hell. Everything was burning, mostly due to her fever, while she was bombarded with images that she had longed to forget. She was screaming to be left alone, she didn't want to die. The shackles were keeping her in place, but she tried to free herself of them, save herself.
The cool droplets that hit her face did pull her back slightly into reality or enough to open her eyes, to look at him with terrified, haunted eyes, though she wasn't really there yet. Didn't understand what was going on.
Hearing the command to wake up, she mostly did to see a dark figure kneeling beside her, which terrified her more. "Let me go," she demanded feebly as she summoned some fire to ward him off, but nothing more than a spark ignited that was instantly doused again.
Once she realized that the hand didn't mean her any harm, she hung on to it more, grasping at it until her knuckles were white. "Don't let them take me," she whispered, looking at him pleadingly. It was clear she was in a way caught between reality and dream, half aware of what happened. Him going for her bandages only made her more aware of how much everything hurt and she weakly tried to grab his hand to keep him from touching them.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 120d 2h 45m 34s

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