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"You really can not stop yourself from being in pain can you?"She clearly didn't like to be cooped up or not moving, which wasn't helping her to heal any. Of course they weren't making any real progress with her ever bad attitude. He did have to wonder if she had been in a good mood at any point in her life. Still she was apparently judging him and denying..or accepting.. his help already without even listening. Then again she probably had not stopped judging him. "I didn't imply you needed or wanted my help."He stated simply enough, "Well I couldn't say why drow would take any offense to this ruler. He's closer to drow than human with the way he treats his people." Willoth had seen enough of how things were in the village, how the soldiers acted, and how poor the conditions were because of the king. He didn't know if it was his place to dethrone every terrible ruler, but sometimes the indiscretions looked too bad to ignore. "If you want me to take your last attempt as an example, then maybe I should say you could use my help."He remarked, "But that's just because you informed me I should be trying to annoy you." He supposed it was a little payback.
He also couldn't tell why she started to try and read him so intently.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 117d 6h 33m 3s
She didn't bother answering him. She did not believe him. Just because he had bandaged her wounds did not mean that she trusted it believe anything he told her. There probably wasn't any winning with her. They seemed to have a lot of things that they decided not to talk about.
His amusement annoyed her greatly. She did not understand his humor mostly, but she did not find him funny either. Her brow arched. "Malady?" she repeated slightly amused, "Good, then you got the hint and I don't have tell you again. Well, it's my chip on my shoulder." She gave him a pointed look.
When he said that he would help her she sat up surprised and looked at him, judging to see if he was serious. That was before she had to hunch over in pain. When the pain had finally receded, she looked back at him. He was serious. "You wish to help me? Are you serious? Why do you think that I need or want your help?" she asked, judging him. The question about any treasure made her shrug, maybe she was slightly under shock. "I got the order to kill, nothing else," she told him.
She genuinely considered not to tell him her name, but ultimately said, "Briza. Most things you say annoy me." She watched him thoughtfully, wondering what kind of man he was.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 118d 16h 9m 46s
"I cannot change how things sound. If it sounds that way why deny it?"He didn't see the point in telling her otherwise. Though she would most likely be upset with the compliment as she would with an insult. Most likely there was no winning with her. Still what she said was a little grim. Though her words and avoidance from before did suggest she didn't exactly approve of child murder, or female murder for that matter. Her refusal to answer didn't take him by surprise either,it was simply a question for the sake of time. Still from what he had been telling her it would typically be obvious that he didn't think that highly of himself at all. She even still refused to let any humor into the conversation. "It was a simple question. I assure you malady, your attitude doesn't tempt me to pry any further. You have a real chip on your shoulder as it is."He sighed, out some. Still, he did want this king taken care of much to the good of the people. "I will help you regardless when the time comes..this ruler is far from benevolent."He wondered why in that case drows would want him dead. "Is there something of value I do not know of here? Why would your..superior.. want this ruler killed?"He also had another matter to resolve. In this, "Forgive me for taking so long, but my name is Willoth, what might I call you by? Drow seems to upset you coming off of my tongue."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 118d 16h 27m 39s
"You sure about that? I believe you are mocking me. Why would someone like you find my voice lovely?" she asked, looking to him. She did not believe a human could have feelings for a drow or find anything about them lovely, voice or otherwise. After all, they were savages in their eyes.
Listening to him, she slightly rolled her eyes. "If you say so," she replied, not in a mocking way though before shaking her head amused, "You think I haven't? I would bet to differ I saw worse things. As you were so clever to point out I must have been part of a raid or two or other things. Do you think I walked around with my eyes closed during that time?" She believed she had a point there.
What he said afterwards made her give him an annoyed look. "You think too highly of yourself. I do not share my business with anyone, human male, drow or otherwise. It is as the words state. My business. What should it matter to you anyway?" she pointed out, not in the least bit amused and more annoyed than anything else.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 118d 17h 19m 17s
"There's a difference between mocking and what I was doing."He stated, as if she found it hard to believe that her own voice was lovely, he doubted it. "Believe what you will."He shrugged, not wanting to overly correct her in the matter. Though what she was saying did bring back some more unpleasant memories, a lot of the men he led took excessive pleasure in doing the things she said. "I do not."He stated firmly, "The day I left my post was the day I wanted to leave behind those things in the past."He informed her, wishing it could be so easily done. That was a day he would always remember, turning on his men that were assaulting families and children. He could tell she was mocking him regardless. "Once you have been face to face with everything what I describe entails, maybe you would change the view of even your own people." It wasn't a pretty sight to watch drow ruthlessly slaughter just to please the spider queen Lolth.
Still she pointed out the rain, meaning the topic was to be changed apparently, "You have problems sharing your business with someone you don't intend on seeing again? Or perhaps you are finding yourself hoping I'll stick around, give you the in's and out's of the castle, take down the unjust ruler of the region." This was more teasing, the amusement he gained from it probably slight.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 118d 17h 28m 47s
It was strange to hear him actually agree with something she said. At least after how much they had argued until now. Maybe she was almost pleased about that. She gave him a look at his comment. "You were not praising me, you were mocking me. I am aware of the difference. Do not insult my intelligence," she told him firmly.
Him admitting he had done such things really did earn him a respect of sorts with her. He wasn't just a goody too shoes. "You don't enjoy reminiscing about villages you pillaged or towns you burned?" she asked almost mockingly. She couldn't stop herself. It was counter intuitive for her kind.
The question instantly made her face shut down and she laid down on her back again. "I do not believe that is any of our business, even if that were the case," she told him curtly, "As for my demon ruler, it has nothing to do with him." She was indebted and that meant she had no right nor was allowed to complain. She did what she was told and nothing more.
Looking up at the ceiling of the tent, she saw that it seemed to be getting hit by something. "It's starting to rain," she pointed out, maybe just to divert his attention to something else.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 118d 18h 20m 43s
"You're right there. Few people are capable of acceptance."He stated, though drow admittedly were hard to accept when a vast majority worshiped an evil demon. Her response to his teasing seemed to be something she couldn't handle for whatever reason, "I though I was only supposed to praise you. Lovely is a word for that."He countered, though why he would was probably a mystery to both of them. He didn't know why she wanted to press him for more answers about the things he'd done. Though she summed it up to being not quite as bad.
He did manage to look over at her, knowing that her neutral look betrayed her in this situation, she clearly had someone she didn't enjoy following. "Well.. Yes. There are more things I have done I'd rather not reminisce about."He shook his head a bit, "I suppose I thought that way too, that is why I was a leader. So there is someone above you that you wish to remove?"He gathered, wondering why it was such a big deal to not mention it around him. "Or are you supposed to hold your tongue because, your demon ruler is always listening?"That much was probably true enough, though he did not know the name of their patron deity Lolth.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 118d 18h 54m 57s
She looked to him curiously, actually going through the effort of propping herself up on her elbow to look at him more, which was a lot considering how weak she was. "I suppose not. Not when you are willing to help a drow. Can't see many of your people liking that," she agreed, knowing how much people hated drows. She did notice he wasn't as jovial, but honestly didn't care.
When he teased her she gave him a flat look, making it clear she was anything but amused. "Do not say lovely again," she told him deadpan. When he did finally tell her what he meant she listened intently. Now that was something she could do something with. "Sounds like you aren't quite as bad as I thought you were. Or at least you have seen something and not just sung songs about something that didn't exist," she replied, "There is never any enjoyment when you follow the lead of someone else." That last one had just slipped out. She could have hit herself. However instead she just kept her face neutral so he didn't realize she was speaking from experience.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 118d 19h 2m 52s
He had to remember that she couldn't take a joke if it meant that he should be more grateful. Still he had only mentioned not killing the king in the regard that he wouldn't be considered a hero for it. Though by her standards what she was saying made more sense. Her question took precedence over it. He slowly shook his head, "No I am not a hero to my people."He responded, less of a jovial tone than the mock scenario they were creating.
How quickly she got impatient made him wonder more why she wanted to know, after all she had been the one who didn't care about most things about him. Her frustrated look painted her for the first time as something more cute, since it was in the regard she wanted more information. "Oh, but it does sound so lovely when you ask."He wasn't exactly mocking so much as teasing at this point. Still, he wondered why this would matter, though surely the things he had done would give him more 'drow points' than 'human points'. "No I was not always this way. I was a knight, in a kingdom that was far less peaceful than this one. Maybe a few city-state's over. I put down rebellions, I led charges against neighboring towns and such for resources."He let out a small breath as he thought on it. "I came from nothing, I rose to something, I found nothing enjoyable there."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 118d 19h 24m 41s
She had to play nice, at least a bit, if she was going to stay here. That and it cost too much energy to argue with him all the time. She needed that energy to recover so she would be able to leave as soon as possible. She couldn't stand being around him for too long.
She gave him a look at mentioning she had been bad at her job. He was making it hard not to want to kill him. Though she had to give a chicken laugh at him being surprised. "No, by my standards you are a fool. I was speaking in terms of your people. Are you not one to them?" she asked, looking at him amused, "You should be. It's what I've been telling you from the start. You should be showing far more gratitude." She gave him a serious look.
When he said he hadn't always been she looked at him, waiting for him to elaborate, but when he didn't she gave an annoyed sound. "Are you going to talk or are you going to make me ask?" she demanded, "You can't mention something like that and then shut up." She gave him a frustrated look.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 118d 21h 5m 22s
He knew that to most it would probably seem very suspect that she got so compliant with him, or less rude at any rate. He just figured she couldn't keep it so unpleasant if she was to stay. As for being a hero, he didn't know if he considered it that much. "If you forget to mention the part about killing the king, it might sound a little more heroic. There are plenty of kings these days. This one just happened to be bad at it."He mentioned wondering why she would place that though. "I am shocked you would accept labeling me, a human a hero of any kind."He looked to her and let a small grin appear on his face, "I had better extend exuberant gratitude should I not?" Clearly she had a qualm being around him for the most part.
"Typical hero speak?"He chuckled a bit, though admittedly he hadn't always been this way. "I haven't always."He mentioned agreeing, though there was clearly more to the story.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 118d 21h 22m 37s
She simply shrugged. If he was going to put up with her, then she was not going to object. After all, she was being fed and sheltered and could still complain to him. What could be better? "Very well," she replied. As for learning about him she was not sure she wanted to.
He didn't seem to answer to what she said. She wasn't sure what to think of that. Did he believe her or was he just being lying? She rolled her eyes at what he said. "If I want to, I suppose," she replied with a shrug, "Aren't you? Saving a drow who tried to kill a king? Slaying beasts? Does that not sound heroic to you?" It did to her.
Thoughtfully she looked at him. "Not often enough," she repeated, "See, not often enough. Typical hero talk. You haven't always?" Curiously she looked at him, trying to guage more about him. Did he have a dark side? Now that was intriguing?
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 119d 14m 8s
"I believe I would be the one to say so."He stated simply, and since he wasn't saying that, it seemed she hadn't overstayed anything as of now. Still her saying she didn't understand him was obvious, he probably didn't understand a lot about her either, but so far he was learning. She might not even attempt learning. Her answer, or rather hesitant tone, did tell him a bit about it, and he was glad inside that she didn't boast those things among what she has killed. He had his own answers about it forming in his head, that much was clear, whether she wanted him to or not. He did manage to figure out some sort of tell in her eyes. Her sarcasm was noted, "I suppose you are capable of humor without any real offense placing then?"He smiled a little bit to himself, it was the least biting comment she had probably said about him anyway. How often did he play hero? He didn't think he was doing exactly that now, "Oh you see me as a hero?"He teased at the slight slip in her tongue, though he shook his head, "Not often enough..I suppose."He answered truthfully, maybe he hadn't done it at all, for free anyway. "I try to help people when I can..but..I haven't always."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 119d 30m 25s
She gave a shrug. "There is always a time when a stay is over welcome. Who is to say that isn't right now?" she replied, "Like I said, I do not understand you." Even if she had not wanted to see anyone hurt her first instinct would have been to slit their throat instead of nursing them back to health.
Hearing the part about a half dead drow she gave a derisive sound with a matching glare. "Believe what you wish," she replied before pausing at his question about her kills. She honestly didn't know what to say. Finally she said, "I do not need to boast about my killings to the likes of you." However, the look in her eyes as well as the pause would have told him the truth.
"You're a regular meteorologist," she mused after hearing his forecast. Since she was still laying on the furs, she looked up at him before running a hand over all the bandaged areas to check how they felt. "So tell me then, how often have you played the hero?" she finally asked.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 119d 8h 4m 15s
"Because you are wounded."He stated simply, "It is not a matter of confidence, I would think based on how I have taken care of you thus far, you could assume you are welcome."He informed her, at least that was how he was seeing it at the time. Still he listened to her go on about her being superior once again and he shook his head a bit, "I am rather fast."He'd have her know, "But faster than a half-dead drow? I believe I am."He felt that was a fair enough assessment. He didn't get where he was today by being slow anyway. He nodded his head, "How many children have you killed? Babies?"He wondered, if she had, her response could affect how he saw her, but he already seemed to have given her a clearance to be alive. "It will rain by the end of day most likely. I'd say some hours from now."He looked out of the tent at the sky, "Maybe five hours."He let out a sigh. He did enjoy something about the rain.
He was aware she lived most of her life on edge, the few drow he had met before were the same way. It seemed sad to him to be taught not to place trust in other's.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 119d 14h 9m 32s

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