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She shrugged. "Must be strange humans then. Probably people like you," she replied, looking to him. It probably didn't help that he didn't challenge her, despite her state. It probably made her think she could slightly walk all over him.
There was a part that hated her for ever looking into his eyes. He seemed to be able to understand her more now, while she still couldn't understand him, or at least his emotions. Another part was almost glad he understood without her having to say it. "You still make it sound simple," she chided, "You honestly think they don't have ways to track you down, if they tried." Her eyes stared at him.
Hearing his suggestion of help, she shook her head almost amused. "So I should just disregard the people that saved me from death? The people that made me disappear and actually got me something to do?" she demanded, "The people that can and will kill me, if I tried to escape?" She gave him a challenging look. It did make her wonder what he would say to that? Still, disregard everything? Or bow her head and give in?
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 175d 13h 6m 0s
She had apparently thought on this before too, it wasn't so difficult to imagine in that case. It only furthered his thinking into what she wanted to do. "I imagine so. One of them at least I noticed was integrated enough among some people."He stated, though he did notice she was trying to give him looks. It seemed to be it was the case judging by her flimsy defense to the question in general, it was true he didn't feel very challenged due to her current status.
There was something more telling in the way she blinked, perhaps she'd wished she hadn't locked eyes with him before in that case because he picked up on it now. "I make it sound easy?"He repeated, she had used that before on him, "If you would care to look around..you are no longer in the Underdark. I would say you are further than halfway to 'getting away'."He stated, which might have been true enough, considering she was up here, so far from her kin's home. "I did speak of honor..there is no honor to be found among evil. Even if it were the case, the 'evil' thing to do would be to disregard whatever you are bound to."He offered solutions, but he somehow felt she would just ignore them, and insist on whatever misery awaited her just to spite him.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 175d 14h 10m 47s
He still seemed amused by her appetite, but she was too hungry to really care, if it was teasing, mocking or whatever other dimensions of emotions and banter there might be. "Probably because any trial they might face here is better than what they face down there, if they were caught," she mused darkly, "Besides, I'm fairly sure they made sure they wouldn't run into many above ground races to avoid any such trials." She was sure those drows had planned their escape carefully.
Her eyes gazed at him as he himself couldn't really answer the question. "And even if that was the case?" she asked, looking over to him almost in a challenging way. It probably didn't look very challenging though with her on her back and wounded. His last statement was dead on and it made her blink slightly. "You make it sound so easy. Get away. Just up and leave. You were the one that spoke of honor and whatnot before. I can't because I am bound to them," she told him. Naturally, there was more to that story than that, but she had said something so she would assume he was happy with that.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 175d 23h 15m 17s
"Not a problem at all."He insisted, not minding her appetite. Some part of him enjoyed that she so freely eat, not exactly paying attention to etiquette was fine with him, sometimes you just were hungry. He could only nod to her next question. "There are. No matter what trials they would surely face among the above ground races, they clearly chose to stay."He shrugged slightly. It couldn't have been an easy adjustment, but that just led him to believe if more could choose to then they would. She had revealed that much, that it wasn't easy to get out.
It was a curious set of questions that she posed to him, he didn't know exactly why he wanted to know more, it could simply be that he saw some of himself in her, wanting to get away from something. "I'm not..sure."He answered back, "You just..seemed like you didn't enjoy, whatever lot in life you possess down there."He figured that was as honest an answer as any, that was sort of what he saw. What more could he say though? "I suppose I wonder..it seems like you would fight to get what you want. If I was right, then why would you give up on getting away from whatever it was you didn't want."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 175d 23h 23m 37s
She looked up at him when he mentioned her appetite. "I like to eat. Is that a problem?" she asked, looking to him, but greedily took the other pieces of fruit, quickly devouring them in a heartbeat as well, "I wasn't hungry until now." She licked her fingers clean.
"I would be surprised, if there were. You can't really escape that society that easily. Few try to for that reason," she replied with a shrug, "There are some?" That was interesting. She hadn't heard of those.
She pulled her flask from her side, washing down the rest of the taste of the food before curling up slightly. A full stomach did help make her feel better. Curiously she looked up at him when he spoke. "And what do you want to hear from me now?" she asked, "My life story or how to speak to me so I shall spill everything?" She didn't quite understand his need to know so much about her. "Why do you wish to know anything about me?" she questioned, trying to understand him. Surely, she could not be interesting to him.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 175d 23h 56m 56s
He certainly realized she hadn't noticed, it was easy to tell that she probably assumed taking offense to everything was somehow the best course of action. Still he paid attention to how quickly she had been eating, "You have quite an appetite."He remarked, but he knew it would probably be due to her injuries, "If you were hungry before you only had to mention so."He offered her out a few more pieces of fruit. He figured jokes would be a less entertaining topic when she was so serious all of the time. Still he knew she would get used to living like that, anyone would have to get used to how they were brought up. Her philosophy though was already proven wrong. "Drow that live on the surface obviously don't share your sentiment, they want to get away from that life. Not that there are too many that I know of."He'd only ever seen two before and that was somewhat by extension, he wouldn't pretend that drow were an ordinary occurrence when they obviously were not. He looked to her curiously though, he was searching for honest answers on things, and while she didn't owe him any, and clearly pointed out that fact, he couldn't help himself. She would most likely not be seeing him again either way so why be dishonest either way, maybe he was just too open and honest. "I'm unaware of how to approach things with you. You get offended if I try to know more, but you imply I should already understand everything."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 176d 16m 13s
She looked to him when he said he had done so a few times. "I haven't noticed," she replied with a straight face and even looking back at the discussions they had she couldn't say which occasions had been teasing and which not.
Listening to him explain happiness and whatnot it only confused her more and she was sure it showed on her face. "So it's a joke, but can be both at the expense of others or not...," she repeated, trying to understand what he meant.
"I don't care. Anything," she replied, just hungry for anything be it fruit or meat, "Lucky you then." Eagerly she took the plum from him and began to devour it, hungry for anything as long it was edible. They did taste good. "They're good," she agreed with a nod. It was gone in seconds.
Him suddenly talking about that subject made her look up at him. "You get used to it. You can make it to something if you do it right," she replied with a shrug, "Why can't we all be evil? Doesn't evil breed more evil?" She looked to him confused. It made sense to her, but what did she know
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 177d 2h 2m 15s
It was fair to point out he had teased her a few times, but hopefully she would keep that in mind for future conversations, "It was a few times now that I have done it."He stated and he shook his head at her assessment, "No it doesn't mean happiness exactly, it's certainly not sad. Sometimes it is a joke or a slight at the minor expense of another, or it could be just a playful jab. It could be not at the expense of someone."He figured teasing was a little in depth, but he had to make sure it wasn't exactly negative, because it usually wasn't among the right company.
She got right to it shortly after and wanted food. He supposed it was common, her body did have a lot to heal after all. "I have some fruit if you would like."He said and searched through a pack, to pull out a plum for her, "They were right at the best part of the season when I found them."He stated, which couldn't have been to long ago, they looked fresh as could be. He offered it over to her, "It must be hard going through life in the drow community."He suddenly stated, "From what you have said you do not know much about..jokes or being happy or even just..fun. I can't believe you are all pure evil as..well as you all seem to want to be."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 177d 4h 30m 7s
Truthfully, she probably couldn't have done anything with those injuries. She was not an almighty drow, quite the opposite. She could only do simple magic, no levitation and the like.
"After how many times?" she asked, looking at him before tiling her head confused, "So teasing implies happiness?" It was a strange concept. As for where she came from, she did come from the underdark, but had been above ground often enough for thefts and other things. She shrugged slightly about him thanking her, but did pull her hand away.
She was glad that he put it to rest. It was probably a discussion both of them could have for a while and not come to a conclusion, but only because they were both too stubborn to give into the truth. Still, as she laid here she was starting to grow hungry again. Maybe healing the injuries took more energy than she thought. "You have anything to eat in here?" she asked, looking to him a little hopeful.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 178d 14h 17m 13s
She was sure of herself, though what she could possibly do with these injuries was something he would continue to question. He looked to her equally as confused by her own confusion, "Well, you at least picked up on it. I assume you might be able to understand it a little better now. Maybe you should try it yourself sometime. Being happy is no crime..above ground."He figured, it clearly was in her homeland, though he wondered if she ever actually came from the underdark in the first place. She seemed to be okay above ground like most other drow can't.
He was more surprised when she had actually ran her hand through his hair, he could have offered some sarcastic remark, but she seemed genuinely to approve. "Well.. thank you."He stated, not knowing what else to say.
He knew she wouldn't concede about her state the other night, though honestly how she believed she could have taken care of herself, and that the one's pursuing her wouldn't have found her? "Alright. Put it to rest then."He agreed, not wanting to really get rid of so much fodder to tease her about.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 178d 17h 10m 59s
"I can take care of those as well," she replied, not batting an eye, though that might have been a high goal, if that was the case. She would never tell him anything about her. Why should she?
Her brow arched at him. "And how do you suppose I am supposed to understand that? We do not tease or joke or whatever. We threaten or kill. There is no time for such merriment," she told him truthfully. She gave him a look at the hair part. "Only maybe? I don't believe that," she said and actually reached forward to run a hand through his hair curiously, "I suppose it's fine." It truly didn't have any knots.
She did nod approvingly. "I suppose that will suffice," she gave in thoughtfully before rolling her eyes, "I believe that is a subject we should put to rest. I will not say I would have died without you and you will not say I would have lived without you." She really did not feel like beating the dead horse so to say.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 179d 1h 6m 21s
"I meant the guard as a whole, not one guard."He shook his head a bit. She still wanted to avoid what was really after her, though that made him curious as to what he might be bringing on himself. He just took a second to think on how to answer her, listening to the rain patter away. "I have been teasing you a few times now, but I'm glad you have finally picked up on it." The difference between mocking and teasing, possibly having a more friendly connotation to one. He could chuckle though as she brought it up, "Unkempt maybe, but there's no knots or catches in it."Still he didn't care about his hair that much in truth, maybe he was just lucky. "How many swords? One or two? Polearms, axes, hammers, shields."He would go on, but there wasn't much point in it, "I am able to use a lot of things in exemplary manner."He told her, though she could have been right about the last thing she said, "Hm..not so sure, an annoying conscious most likely saved your life."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 179d 1h 20m 2s
She rolled her eyes. "If it had been up to me, then that would not have been the case," she replied before laughing, "The town guard? No, even in this state I can take him. He's too much of a bore to be able to do anything against me." As he expected she did not answer that question. What haunted and or hunted her was none of his business.
"If you say so, though you are right. No one would help a drow," she agreed. Hearing what he said, she looked at him, unsure where to place his reply. "You are teasing me," she finally said in a neutral tone. She really couldn't say. Reading such things was not easy for her.
She rolled her eyes, fairly sure she was being difficult on purpose. "You are right. It is quite unkempt," she agreed, "Qualities as in what can you do? Can you use a sword, are you able to use magic, can you do anything useful? An annoying conscience isn't exactly useful when it comes to what I do." She mostly rated on usefulness. Then again that was probably also very foreign to him.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 179d 1h 38m 36s
"In that case, you should not have gotten hit with so many arrows."He shrugged, wondering who else could be after her. "Surely you aren't worried about the town guard coming to find you. I wonder who else you are running from."He figured she wouldn't answer, she hadn't really answered any questions like that yet. "You'll be fine in my tent. No one will expect anyone to harbor a drow. I still am a knight, even if I have no crest anymore." Still as she went on to make it sound like he was going to be honored just by helping her he figured he would turn that around, "You're right. I may help you."He said in a way that sounded like he 'might' help her now. Her question was probably more confusing than anything else. Why was he to be known, yet she couldn't manage to reveal anything about herself that he couldn't find out on his own. "Qualities?"He repeated curiously, "My hair tends to stay rather unmatted." He couldn't glean what she meant, "You're right though, I have developed a rather annoying conscience."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 179d 2h 26m 35s
She gave him a dry look. "I hate not moving, means you can be pinned down, can be found," she replied. It was another unwilling look behind the curtain. To the person that never wanted to be found, would keep moving to make sure she was safe.
Could he blame her for being suspicious? Him offering her help to kill a human king. Surely, it did sound too good to be true. It could just be a clever way to make her get caught red handed and have her be killed. Yes, she trusted that little. "Like I said, I do what I'm told. I don't ask questions," she reminded him. She did not care either way, if he was more drow or not, if he had to die, he had to die, it was as simple as that. Or at least that's what she told herself.
Him reminding her of her last attempt made her give him a deadpan hard expression. She did not need reminding of that. Though maybe she should accept his offer... At the very least she could make him take the fall, if she screwed up again. Then she would be free for a third try. "Very well, you may help me," she finally gave in, making it sound like it was a huge honor for him to be allowed to come, "And what other qualities do you posses, besides apparently healing people you shouldn't?" She looked to him.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 179d 13h 33m 38s

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