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"I don't think levitating can be that much faster than walking..and I'm sure they aren't used to the sunlight either, you have them there."He stated and wondered if they should find a wizard for her. "We could find out what your tattoo does do then. Someone familiar with such magical things wouldn't be too far from where we are going." They were going to be approaching a magical college of sorts if they were going in the direction of Maldobar.
Still he didn't know he could lie to her about it, "I have things to atone for."He said again, shrugging a little bit, "Happiness is kind of subjective isn't it? I'm happy sometimes. I'm less happy when I'm on my own." Of course because that would come with time to reflect. "People tell me I need to learn to let things lay, and not look to the past." Some things were very much hard to forget of course. At the mention of him leaving there seemed to be a trace of something in her eyes, like when she was in that stupor. "I wouldn't be gone too long. Just in town there's a shop."He told her, still wondering if he should leave.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 108d 4h 15m 23s
"They are able to levitate. It's a more advances bit of magic that only the most powerful can do," she told him truthfully, wondering if it was a good idea to do so, "My tattoo can track me for sure. What else I can't say, they didn't tell me. But I have heard of tattoos that can act against the wearer so I wouldn't be surprised, if it can do other things."
Confused she looked at him. "So you aren't happy?" she repeated before shrugging, "Why would you question it, if everyone is like that. It's the norm so yeah..." No one would wonder, if it was like that for nearly everyone.
"Maldobar it is then," she replied. She had never heard of the town so she couldn't say, if that was good or bad. She just accepted it and would let herself be surprised by it. Hearing him ask about her health, she looked to him curiously. "I can not even get up without nearly dying, let alone stand up. You tell me," she told him. On top of the four major arrow injuries there was smaller scratches and abrasions from near misses. "If you are saying you have one here, I'll punch you. Or do you mean you will have to go out in that weather to get it?" she asked, though something in her eyes shifted to a more haunted look when he said he would go.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 108d 7h 34m 42s
"Do they possess magical speed or something?"He rose an eyebrow, not thinking it was all that good. Though more likely it was the ability to slow her down. "Or something to do with the tattoo you said.." He wondered if there was a way to take care of that, surely a wizard might know. He looked at her curiously, was he happy..? "I think I'm still..paying for the things I did. But I do feel better doing good things than doing bad things."He informed her sincerely. "In which case only a few of you know happiness? You never questioned why you couldn't be happy?" Which of course might have been something she did closer in her youth even, but they probably strictly taught her otherwise.
He was surprised how much she seemed to start to treat this like a game, even with the way she picked something out on the map. "Maldobar."He stated seeing her choice, "Simple enough place."He offered, it was actually going to be okay if they went there. He didn't think they were known for prejudice. He looked to her again though, "It's not too far, are you sure you are okay to go..even if the rain doesn't let up for a while?" She seemed to favor the position she was in, but it did look like she was still healing. "Maybe I should go get you a healing potion."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 108d 15h 12m 39s
"Define nearby. They possess vastly greater abilities than me and are thus able to catch me much more quickly than I can move, if I tried," she replied before nodding, "Right, I remember. And now you are happy?" Somehow she didn't imagine it as easy as slipping off a life to go to a new one and suddenly being happy.
"Don't you reach it though, if you are the best or at least in your mind believe so?" she asked, perplexed, "That means technically, someone has to be happy. Though I'm sure some are happy just killing other people." That was probably an unfortunate truth.
"Hm... that's not good. Since I want to win, so fine, no bandit hunting. Though, if I kill a few of them, I'm sure they would hate me," she hypothesized, "Well, let's see where our journey will go." Closing her eyes, she twirled her finger over the map before landing it somewhere. "And where are we going?" she asked, opening her eyes to see for herself.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 109d 1h 28m 58s
"So they are nearby?"He wondered, if she was already far out then it would be a head start at least.It still sounded like she did from what she explained it like. It seemed there was a chance for hope for her humor. He looked to her and he shrugged at her question, obviously it was because he did, "Because. I have been on both sides, I already told you that." Though before she was only interested in slight details and a small story about the things he'd done.
It was very strange, of course someone was supposed to feel happy. "I'm assuming drow do want to be the best to be happy, but no one ever gets there."He figured it wasn't so far from off. Still it seemed they were getting somewhere, he found a map for them in his pack. There were a few villages in the area. "Well as much as taking down bandits would be fun..those villagers would probably be technically more willing to accept you."He shrugged a bit, the people that just want to get ahead still don't tend to care what race you were. A lot of village people didn't either as long as no harm was meant.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 109d 2h 33m 31s
She thought on it. "Like this, not very far. Not to mention, I am soon expected back. If I ran immediately, depends on when they would bother to check. Maybe a day or two, depending on the mission," she replied, thoughtfully before arching her brow, "Probably because it's the closest thing to being hurtful." That was probably almost a joke.
Curiosity she crooked her head. "Why does it always sound like you know what you are talking about?" she asked slowly, "So one is suppose to feel... Happy?" It was a strange concept. "No, not doing something for yourself makes no sense to me," she agreed.
The suggestion about the map made her arch a brow amused. "Very well, bring out the map," she agreed, "Though I would say that a bandit haven sounds like a lot of fun. People would feel sorry, if something happened to them." If she did the things she did to bandits, she could almost be considered a hero, maybe...
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 109d 2h 49m 28s
"How far could you be by the time they realize you are not?"He offered back, "I don't know the exact location of the entrance to the Underdark, therefore I can only say probably." He didn't know what was disappointing about that. "Oh my..sarcasm milady, there is hope for you yet I see."
He figured the most simple answers may be of some use to her, if she couldn't understand simple things like that. "Pleasant emotions, pleasant feelings, bring much more fulfillment and joy, they make you feel like you are supposed to. As opposed to feeling some..lingering..something that you know isn't what you want." Again it seemed to be more from experience than just trying to explain it to her. "It has nothing to do with me, that's an emotion you might not understand, I'm not doing something for me.."He didn't know how to explain. Still her assumption wasn't far off base, "If you would like, I could let you pick one out on a map, and as long as it isn't a bandit haven of some kind that I know of, most villages are good villages."He tried to explain that much at least. Maybe he'd eventually find out more on what she was saying in her fever stupor.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 109d 3h 51m 13s
"Because they think I'm out here doing their work. Naturally, they will allow me out here. Though, it's the first time they sent me this far out," she replied, believing it meant that they had finally trusted her, at least a tad, "Only probably? You and your optimism disappoint me." She rolled her eyes at him. It was hard to feel free when the tattoos that bound you were imprinted into your skin, staring up at her.
"And as we have seen so far I never step on anyone's toes," she replied sarcastically, as a point of their conversations until now, "Pleasant emotions that make no sense to me. I don't understand you." It was frustrating. She couldn't understand him or them. Why couldn't he understand? "And why does that surprise you? You said it yourself that we don't have positive emotions. What do you want from me? To sing praises to you?" she demanded, "Maybe they would be for good reason as you said yourself." Him almost being as so calm made it hard for her to be calm. She wasn't used to people being kind to her and she didn't know how to answer to it.
She gave him a flat look. "I'm sure you will guide me to a good village," she replied, "We can go once the rain lets up." She laid back down again, sort of curling up, because it seemed to be the position that hurt the least, which wasn't saying much. Maybe the pain also made her a little more irritable than she normally was.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 109d 17h 17m 50s
"I am not making it sound too easy when you yourself are already so far away from them. You're passed a human village. You're probably more than halfway to your freedom as it is."He shook his head a bit, though he didn't know why she would be difficult. The immediate wash of simply deciding you'd be free and not serve someone you didn't want to was an invigoration he knew. She just seemed to want to stay in whatever this servitude was, despite them having made clear that she hated her other people. "No, humans are not perfect, and I am not making it sound that way. We are generally accepting so long as you don't step on our toes, and I know I'm right when I say that most people wouldn't just blatantly attack you. I made no such mention that individuals can act different, that's true of every race."He looked at her curiously, did it matter if she understood her own race when it was only about killing and getting ahead, even of each other. "Humans are not the only one's who flip flop, and at least we are able to have pleasant emotions, unlike you, you seem to be set on anger and sadness, when in truth, I have only helped you. You are correct there, most people would have been done with you already."He shook his head with her next thoughts, "Everyone does that..not just humans. It is not an ordinary custom in human society though, to backstab and kill especially not your family, like you seem to imply of the drow." He somehow seemed to remain composed, he didn't want to be angry or accusing, or even harsh with his tone, because she already took everything in the worst way. So he was composed, he spoke plainly and sometimes softly, maybe so she would listen.
At her idea though, he would gladly agree, knowing full well it would be like he said, she'd probably get looks, but if she started no trouble, there wouldn't be any trouble, "Put it to the test, sure."He agreed, "So long as you aren't planning on walking into the village that castle is in charge of you, they sure as hell know to watch for drow now."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 109d 18h 2m 20s
"You don't know the people I serve," she simply replied, not caring that she wasn't explaining. It was becoming exhausting to argue with him. "You are making it sound too easy," she said.
"They embrace accepting? You make it sound like humans are perfect. If that were the case, then you wouldn't have kings that hoard riches and gold while others starve in the streets," she told him. What he said made her angry. Again because she misinterpreted it, believing he was mocking her. "At least I can understand them and know what to expect. With humans, I don't understand you. Your emotions make you flip flop. You are not consistent. One minute you are nice, the next you yell," she snapped at him, glaring, "It wasn't a funny joke." She was damn near tempted to leave and be outside in the rain.
The comment about being a child made her set her jaw stubbornly. "People don't need reasons to kill! Humans do that too," she growled, a look in her eyes that there might be more to that than she said, and wanted to stand up to leave, but instantly she sank down onto the bed, pain exploding in every part of her body. After a while the pain went away. "How about we put it to the test?" she suggested, sure she wouldn't be wrong.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 112d 4h 56m 29s
"Oh somehow I doubt that."He couldn't believe they would even have the task go on for more than a set period of time. "Eventually they would get snuffed out for being weak in drow society. So either way you'd have nothing to worry about."He could argue just like she could, the difference being she was just determined that he was completely wrong about everything. "No, you wouldn't find so much scorn as you assume, humans are not like the drow, and that's a good thing, not a bad thing. They learn to accept, they embrace accepting things."He rolled his eyes slightly, "Yeah, I can tell from the way you dread it behind your eyes that you love being among the drow and not being able to trust anything, or know who is going to stab your back next."This of course was sarcastic. As for her comments about teasing he again rose an eyebrow, "I'm beginning to think you specifically and not all drow lack a sense of humor. I'll grant you it was just a joke." He still couldn't believe her heavy disdain for anything other than her race, "If you walked into any village or town without your weapons drawn, you'd possibly get some looks, but you'd get no trouble most of the time. You're acting like a child if you believe everyone feels your worth their time to kill for no reason."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 112d 5h 23m 10s
She shook her head. He didn't get it. "Maybe I would be further from the underground, but it's about principle. If they decide to let one person disappear without consequences, what kind of message does it send? That they are weak, that they don't care. They won't do that. They will come after me. Maybe not immediately, but they will come,' she told him.
Looking to him, she asked, "They might not kill me, but they would never accept me, allow me to buy their goods and vice versa. You think being alone in a group of people that will never accept you and I don't understand is better than being alone in a group of drows, I know not to trust and thus can anticipate how they will act?" She did not trust humans and at least the drows she could handle.
What he said last made her look at him. "Was that teasing? I don't get it," she said truthfully. Though it only seemed to prove her point. If she couldn't even understand him and when he was teasing, how was she supposed to interact with humans or dwarves? It was more likely that she would misunderstand and end up killing someone or at the least assaulting someobe.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 112d 5h 39m 4s
He listened to her, and while she argued a point she wished was true herself, he could only shake his head a bit. "It would be better."He stated, almost as if by experience. "If they have some way of tracking you, move further inland. Eventually you'd be far enough from the underground home of your people that you would surely not be worth it.They'd waste too many resources coming even as far out as you are now."She was a distance from the entrance to the Underdark at the moment. "I assure you, most ordinary humans aren't looking to kill for no reason on any given day." She seemed to look at him in such an accusatory manner, he could tell she thought he understood nothing, "I realize, that's why drow are evil."He said as if it the things she was saying were obvious to him as well. "You are almost making my point, you'll find much less of it above ground than in your home. If you are used to being alone, being alone above ground would be easier wouldn't you say?"He sighed out, figuring he might have seen a lot of his own qualities buried in her, maybe that was why his experiences were pushing him to encourage her. "Eventually even you could find some friends I'm sure. Dwarves like sharp girls."He tried to make it clearer that he was teasing at this point, and sharp only meaning she was prickly and not receptive.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 112d 5h 59m 36s
"Understandable," she replied with nonchalant look. She was not surprised that humans had not taken a shining to drows. They were too dangerous to be trusted anyway.
Listening to him, she shook her head. He didn't understand. "They would be willing to kill me in a heartbeat. Do you honestly believe they wouldn't, if I betrayed them? Also, do you really think that they didn't insure obedience or at least a way to find me, if need be?" she asked, motioning to a random tattoo, not wanting to point out the real one to him, "In which way would it be better? Constant hiding, if I stayed above ground. Most humans will want to kill me so I'll still be looking over my shoulder. Below ground I am a dead man walking. I am alone. I've been alone for a long time. Drows are always alone, even when they are with family, because any one of them will back stab you in a heartbeat, if it served their purpose." Her eyes grew dark as she looked at him. He didn't understand anything.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 112d 20h 4m 18s
"I think it's mostly other races sometimes. Dwarves, other elves." Humans were still always shaky on things like that, but again, not everyone was the same. As she went on, he still saw no reason why she would back away from things in her homeland, "Would they try to track you down?"He wondered, if she was honest with him anyway. He was curious though, and this time he responded to her look, with the same challenging look of his own, he wanted her to listen for some reason. "The same people that 'saved', or more indentured you into their service it sounds like, are the same people that are willing to kill you? Would your life not be better if you were away from that. Sure, people want to kill you everywhere you go, not you specifically, just in general, but there are places you don't have to be constantly looking over your shoulder. Does that not sound appealing to you?" He knew he saw some kind of fighting spirit within her that wanted to agree with him, "Or are you afraid that marks you as completely alone?" Some inane fear that she might possess, was that what he was picking up? When she said that in her sleep, that must have been what she meant.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 112d 20h 22m 20s

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