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She shrugged softly. "Oh, so now you want them to play tattoo artist on me. I'm not sure they will make for very good artists. That or they will cover my entire body with ink," she told him, maybe almost joking, partially joking. Him explaining the joke made it make more sense. "I suppose so. You need to work on your jokes," she told him or maybe she just didn't get his humor regardless most of the time. Though it was true that they seemed to be getting along more.
"So you're saying that humans have... hope? You dream that you can get better, apply yourself and it works?" she asked, not sure if she shot find that nauseatingly sweet or not. She scoffed at what he said. "That's nothing new. It's always been like that," she pointed out before shrugging, "Body language is universal. It's a science. Not a guessing game of what you see in a person's eyes," she told him, "So you were even a commander why back when. Hm... But then you were following orders, I assume." It was interesting to see the parallels in their lives in a way.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 106d 9h 38m 34s
"I see that, not all of them are too powerful, not all of them are crazed."He figured that was enough, "They can help, they can protect."He had seen that much anyway. "Well maybe..they wouldn't have to remove it, maybe they could just alter it in some way, so it doesn't do what it's supposed to."He offered, thinking of alternatives sometimes help. "I thought it would be funnier since you seem to think I'm so high and mighty."He shrugged a bit, since he didn't see himself that way, or hardly acted that way. Though he could think to himself that she had come around quite a bit, and that was nice. There was so much less animosity.
"Some people do and some people wish to be good at other things, so they pursue it."He knew she had never been offered choices, so he figured it would be something she would eventually appreciate. "Usually those people still work at trying to be good at it, if they enjoy it."He informed her, "It might not be a good choice, but some people don't mind if that person is happy, sometimes it just takes a while to work itself out. Putting your mind to something can help, and you might end up better at it than you ever thought." Something of the human condition he supposed.
Still on their other topic he shook his head, "Not exactly. Just people in high places unjustly wield said axe."He shrugged a bit. Though she was keen to point out his feelings towards commanders. "I see you read body language..but I opened you up to trying to read eyes too."He didn't know what exactly to say on the topic. "I didn't like..myself as a commander. I don't like some other commanders. That doesn't mean there aren't good ones too.."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 106d 10h 7m 41s
"We'll see," she simply replied, "And how do you see them now? I wouldn't see then differently until they are actually able to remove that tattoo without killing me." Though it was probably still her desire to stay alive that made her fight the idea, since she could die. His question was a valid one. "I suppose not, but it's not like you have any idea what they would do," she pointed out. She didn't understand that had been a joke. "Oh, that wasn't very funny," she told him. Or she had a weird sense of humor.
"Don't people get satisfaction out of doing what they are good at?" she asked confused, since that was what it was like for drow, "And what if they do something they enjoy, but aren't good at it? That doesn't seem right either. Choice?... Is choice that amazing?" Most of her choices had been to survive.
"Fair enough," she replied before shrugging at what he said, "So according to you no one should meet the axe, because no one ever really know what really happened." At least to her. She did notice his reaction to the word commander. "You don't like commanders," she pointed out, one to be blunt, or at least didn't know when to shut her mouth.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 106d 10h 29m 29s
"I'm just assuming. I didn't study magic, I just know they have a broad spectrum, so as I said, their defense training probably involves removing things just like that."He offered her, "I have seen some of the defensive magicians before..it kind of helped me to see them in a different way." He was as everyone else had been, magic is just powerful and dangerous, but after seeing how it could be used to heal, to protect, he came around. "If I took you on as a task to get that removed do you really think I'd let any harm come to you under the pretense of my own honor?" This was again a slight joke, because so far he tried to remain humble, so it was a little out of character for him to do so. He did nod and continue to smile at her, "That was teasing too." He'd assist her with that one, just hoping to get a little amusement out of her, so she would be in better spirits.
"You have a point, sometimes people don't enjoy what they are good at though, should they be subject to it regardless? I don't think so. But some people, on the other hand, do enjoy the things they are good at. I think that's a part of being in human society, like some of the other races have accepted as well. Choice."He figured was the best way to describe it.
"It's hard to quickly summarize my life I suppose."He offered her, "I believe that if someone is destined for the axe they will meet it, but for myself, I wouldn't want it to be because someone ordered it who didn't know a damn thing they were talking about."He shrugged a bit, "And not all the time, I have seen good commanders.."He was a commander himself, but he left himself out of that equation, obviously they had discussed some of his misdeeds already. The thought of the word commander sometimes made him passively clench his hands as it did now.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 106d 10h 54m 8s
"I'm aware it's an enchantment. I was more thinking mysterious is the problem. If they consider this mysterious when something like this is common for us, then I don't want to be the poor soul they experiment on," she told him before listening to what he said and pausing for a good portion of time, "You're... Teasing right?" Though the way she said it made it abundantly clear that she wasn't entirely sure. Listening to him go on, she shook her head. "They might have some people of different races there, but I highly doubt any drow taught them any of our magic. There is a certain... twist to it." It was the best way to describe it.
She nodded thoughtfully. "Why not something you are good at?" she asked confused. She thought it made more sense. Still seeing him smile about his time in the village made her feel strange inside, something she couldn't really place. "A trick is a trick, sinister or not," she replied. What he said about the axe made her pause. "So you think someone destined for the axe should just die by it?" she asked, her voice growing darker.
"Sometimes? And the rest of the time?" she asked, not quite understanding all these different feelings he had just on his position. It felt like he thought too much on it and not his task, but what did she know? Maybe humans did that.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 106d 11h 42m 26s
"I meant your tattoo is the mysterious enchantment."He chuckled a slightly, "Though sure, if you like to think of yourself as some enchantment on other's who am I to stop you?" Maybe that was the lightest teasing he had been able to do, so hopefully she'd be able to at least pick up on that. He shook his head a little bit, "Yes you are incorrect, I am pretty sure magic is magic, they probably are aware of the darker kind as well. No one is completely ignorant of it's existence, least of all the college where they study defense against it as well." He was surprised, though it made sense, they had slaves of all kinds doing things for drow, though she probably didn't know much about that either being as she was sent up here. "Uhm..there are trader's of goods, there are bakers, tavern owners, farmers, messengers, miners, smiths, there are plenty of jobs if you just go looking."He offered her, "But that's a human thing, you typically pursue something you would enjoy doing." Still she had seemed to take a small shine to his story about the village, which sparked a small something inside of him, a smile remaining on his face. "I feel trick is what they do, but almost even that word is far to sinister for their kindness." As for being a knight with no crest, "I prefer that..if an axe is swinging for my head, I do end up deserving it, and that I could be the one to stop it for myself if I needed. Having people above you is..not always good."Which they probably agreed on, "Sometimes, though I'd say not usually..I guess you could say belonging to no order is how I preferred to be anyway. I'm a mercenary, sort of a monster bounty hunter now and that's..fine." Travelling, helping villages, maybe it wasn't the best living, but he'd already lived the other way as well, his armor came from somewhere after all, crestless or not.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 106d 11h 58m 52s
"Mysterious enchantment? They really haven't seen a drow, if they consider this mysterious," she replied with a shake of her head, "But I'm not some guinea pig for them to experiment on. Plus, if they have never seen a drow before that means they wouldn't know how to break it, or am I incorrect?" She gave him a look. That seemed more a recipe for setting off something that might kill her in case of a betrayal, instead of a cure.
Thoughtfully she nodded at that. "Makes sense, I suppose," she replied, "What kind of jobs are there?" She only knew that quite a few were in the army or a guard, but that was it.
She did see that smile and her head tilted lightly as she looked at him before giving the smallest of chuckles. "They tricked you then," she pointed out, "Must be more dangerous for you, as you have no crest. No one that has a hand over your head in case an axe comes swinging." Maybe that also said a little bit about her and what she had lived through, but she didn't say more as she once again busied herself with shifting into a more comfortable position, which was not really possible.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 106d 12h 56m 23s
"I'm sure they'd be thrilled to see a drow in person. Especially one with a mystery enchantment on them."He shrugged a bit, offering her a small smile. In the end he was just genuinely trying to help her get out of a situation she clearly didn't want to be in. Still he had been trained as a knight first, but he had learned many things after, he still wore the armor anyway, even if it bore no crest. He looked to her curiously as she said she would describe him otherwise, "It is useful and I agree more people should know it. Some people seek to learn different things and just..well..buy or rely on someone else for some things."He shrugged a bit, not seeing it as being too rare, "A lot of people have different jobs." It was probably different for drow, but he didn't know.
A smaller smile began to form as she picked up on that, "I was..I just think I ended up getting more in return than they did, and I don't think they intended it to be otherwise in the first place." It was possibly some of the genuine emotions of kindness he first picked up on from that village. Still she was right, they did a good job of teaching him. "I work a dangerous line of business now, gotta know my stuff."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 106d 19h 41m 28s
She rolled her eyes. "A matter of opinion," she replied. She did want the tracker gone, but she wasn't sure her desire for that actually went far enough to go into such a place. Maybe it was a smart thing of drow to make everyone a suspect to them. Meant they had no choice, but to stay near their own people.
"Ranger might be the better alternative. Like I said before knight isn't quite how I would describe," she reminded him before tilting her head, "But if it's as useful as you say it is, wouldn't more people want to know such things? I mean healing does sound like a skill that might be needed at some point." Humans made no sense to her. If it was an asset, why didn't they use it?
She furrowed her brow lightly. "You don't exactly sound convinced that you were helping them out," she pointed out, "So you learned in a village... I guess they did a decent job of teaching you, all things considered." She looked down at her slightly mutilated body that he had put so much effort into bandaging so she supposed he had to be okay at what he did.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 106d 21h 12m 21s
"It wouldn't be a death sentence is my point."He informed her, just thinking of ways that her tracking could be taken off of her. He knew she clearly had something about not wanting to go back, and something that might have happened to her based on the way she was in her fever. Still she seemed to have other questions for him, and they were fair enough, "I guess nowadays I might be more like a ranger than a knight then?"He responded and thought on it some, "It is just useful to know these things..so I know quite a few things the typical knight may not."He had been one for practical skills, he had to be on his own, and the way he learned them helped him cope a little with the things he'd done. "I learned in a village while I was..helping them out."He said, though in truth they were probably the one's who were helping him, to have taught him those things, and to distance his mind from past failures, as well as hopefully making up for a few to whatever village it may have been to him.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 106d 21h 27m 4s
Listening to him explain the reason for them coming together, she rolled her eyes. "I think I understand the reason for them building a school or whatever and I suppose that it is admirable, but what makes you think this will make me more willing to be anywhere near them?" she asked, giving him a look, "I am not scared of those mages. I will just not have a death sentence of walking into a whole compound of them." She would never admit she was scared.
Thoughtfully she nodded. "So tell me then, how come does a knight have such extensive knowledge of herbs and whatnot?" she asked, giving him a curious look, probably the closest thing to being interested that it would get. She shifted onto a different position, everything still hurting. Well, everything hurt so that was no surprise, but she wished it didn't. The pain made her irritable.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 107d 6h 57m 58s
He figured that they would be able to handle it, not feeling like they'd catch up to her too quickly if they didn't intend to look for a while yet. He nodded his head to her question, "Yes, they're mages that have dedicated their lives to making magic more safe for younger peoples with magical talents."He figured she'd have hesitance because of the idea that some mages on their own were more eccentric or just plain bad themselves sometimes. "It should assuage your fears."He offered, trying to get her to see that it was one of the good things and not bad ones.
Still once they were on to the topic of the potion he offered her a shrug, "I would take my coin back."He said again, though he just felt like she would have preferred him to avoid the topic of her not wanting to be alone, that was the only reason he mentioned it. "I probably would be able to tell beforehand."He agreed, which would just lead back to the real reason if she pressed further.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 107d 7h 23m 15s
"Well, I can't levitate at all, so yeah and quickly too," she told him before thinking on what he said, "True, I suppose it would bother them a bit, but like me they would at some point not notice and they have the time. They can track me so they just need to be above ground for a bit and then come after me and they aren't at a disadvantage anymore."
At the mention of several wizards, she gave him a look. "Is that supposed to make it better? What makes you think that I would go anywhere near a whole hoard of those people?" she demanded to know.
She shrugged at what he said about being happier than being alone, though the thought that she made someone happy by her presence was one she wasn't sure how to feel about. She really didn't realize that it was a conversation of sorts.
"Do it however you wish," she replied though the thought of him beating someone up because they conned him made her smile, "Would you really do that? You seem so versed with herbs, I would think that you would know before you actually bought a potion, if it was good or not?" She looked to him curious, not breaking her tough exterior.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 108d 6h 9m 1s
"They can levitate quickly then?"He wondered if it would be harder being among tall trees and having to avoid them, rather than on the ground or jumping through the tress possibly. He rose his eyebrow curiously, "Isn't it? I thought most drow lost some power and were not used to sunlight, they live underground, like some dwarves are that way."He pointed out, wondering if she'd been up here for a long time, so maybe she didn't think anything of it. "Not a singular wizard."He mentioned and noticed her hesitance, "It's more like a college where they congregate."He figured that might make it a little easier, "So they are..well more ethical with their practices."
He didn't know what to say to him being happy, was he happier that she was here? "I think it's better than being on my own."He told her, especially now that they were able to talk, maybe she didn't even realize, but she was having conversations with him now. Still their next topic seemed to be one she didn't want to relent on, but she conveyed a different meaning, and he sort of felt the air about it with this one. "We can just wait until you are able to walk, and the weather changes, then we can get you one."He figured he'd add something so she could maintain her..tough exterior, or whatever she was doing, "That way you can use it there and if it just doesn't do anything I'll get my coin back."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 108d 7h 6m 13s
"When you are walking through the forest and have to dodge trees it can be," she pointed out, "Because sunlight is such a huge advantage." She gave him a look. At the mention of having a wizard look at her her gaze distinctly grew more distant. "You must be crazy, if you think I'm letting any sort of magician near me," she told him firmly. She didn't trust those humans even less than males.
Curiously she crooked her head. "Is it that hard to forget what you have done?" she asked, "As for your happiness, does that mean me being here makes you happier?" That seems so counterintuitive to her. No one had ever been happy near her.
The look he gave her, almost as if he was trying to understand her. Maybe if he looked really close he could almost see her flush ever so slightly. "It's not as if I need you here. I can be by myself perfectly fine. As I said, I'm on my own a lot," she replied, though the look in her eyes said something else about him going.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 108d 7h 55m 8s

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