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He let out a small breath thinking on the reason a little, "I'm a relative of a certain family. If they fall. I'm in line to take over."He informed her, wondering if that would ever come to bear, he didn't think so, he hoped not anyway. "I'm not like an immediate relative or anything..But they are among some of the warring states, so..it's possible."He figured that was about all there was to it. He was probably supposed to be somewhere living up a much more 'important' seeming life, but he was not. He could agree about what she said, but he was a lot more glad that she had said it, it showed some real progress, "I'm surprised you're okay with letting yourself agree about such things."He stated and he thought on her question, "The village is the closest." From there though, after they stopped at the college, he sort of had no idea, "I might just continue along my journey, getting by as I do. If we can't get anything done about your situation, what would you do?"He wondered, even though she might be thinking about that as well.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 105d 5h 15m 31s
"And why do you get your emblem tattooed onto you?" she asked, since it wasn't a common thing, "I mean, it's on your shoulder. Somewhere where more often than not it's covered by something. It's not on your arm or somewhere else." Why have a tattoo that showed alignment when it was covered? Hers were mostly on display.
She shrugged at what he said. "I find they are already very... Loose?" she tried, not sure of the right word, "As we are no longer at each other's throats, I say we are already doing better." At least in her mind.
Hearing that it was fairly easy to reach both, she shrughed. "Lucky us then. So tell me, where do we stop first?" she asked, "And where do you plan to go from there?" She had no idea what she would do. If it worked and she could be freed from her tattoo, there was the question of where she would go. If it wasn't broken and she didn't die from that, she supposed she would simply return underground and hope she would be forgiven for failing to kill the king.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 105d 5h 29m 52s
He shook his head a little bit, "No..It isn't exactly a common thing."He informed her and nodded at her next statement, "It is my family's emblem yes."He told her, for his family it was something that happened. It was by no means an ugly tattoo or anything, but if it was uncommon then there was a reason he had it. He still didn't quite know how to explain the comment, "Playful..fun..light."He shrugged a little bit, "Just trying to keep things..not quite serious."He figured it would help if he explained the affects better maybe, "So the mood is better." It was possible that all his jokes weren't great as well, but that wasn't one anyway, it was just a comment.
He was a little surprised she mentioned their trip, that she still intended to go at least. "Yes, I suppose that it does."He thought it over a bit, "Well, it's mostly done for us, The college and Maldobar, are not exactly far, and they line up with each other along the roads." So they could kill two birds with one stone by just taking a trip along those roads.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 105d 5h 58m 16s
Confused she looked at him. "So you get marked to show what family you belong to? How come I haven't seen that on more people?" she asked, trying to understand it. At least she thought she hadn't. "So it's like the emblem of your family?" she inquired. It was like branding, she supposed.
"A light comment," she repeated slowly, trying to understand it. Humor was clearly not a forte for her. The smile was nice that he gave her, she would admit that. Nodding at the rain bit, she replied, "It does sound like it got worse. So I suppose we'll be stranded here a little while longer. Guess it gives us a bit of time to plan our little excursion." Somehow she felt that they should go through with their plans, even if she still felt they were a little sill, sill and useless.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 105d 7h 18m 16s
He realized what she was talking about and he nodded his head a little, "No, I am not being tracked."He informed her and he let out a small breath thinking on it a little, "It just marks the family that I was born into."He told her, and sort of felt like that might be enough of an explanation, whether she wanted to ask more or not was up to her.
He nodded his head, "That was a little teasing I suppose, but..just more a light comment."He didn't know how to explain being playful to her exactly. Though he did offer her a small smile, glad she was able to move around now as well. Her question though was mostly on point, "It is real bad out there. It got a little worse before I made it back to the tent."He informed her, looking at her curiously, wondering if she really did still plan to come along with him, or if she might have been thinking of looking for a moment to slip away. Though this was a different dynamic, them both being on an equal field now, her sitting opposite of him.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 105d 8h 6m 19s
He either didn't notice or didn't say anything about how tense she had been when he had entered the tent. With him she was never really sure what it was. As for sleep, drow didn't really sleep in general. It was more mediation and only sleep in extreme cases, such as her near death situation.
It took her a moment before she realized that he didn't understand what she meant. "Your tattoo. The one on your back," she repeated, "You are being tracked?" None of her tattoos were decoration, so she couldn't understand why he had one unless he was also being followed or something.
There was a feeling of relief at being able to move. She didn't like being tied down, at being unable to defend herself. Curiously she ran her hand over one of the bandages. It didn't hurt anymore. She rolled her eyes. "Is that teasing again?" she asked, moving to lean against the tent as well opposite of him, "And how bad is it out there? Sounds pretty bad." She still had a lot to learn when it came to humor. Though she was almost sad that she know didn't have a reason for him to care for her. It was strange.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 105d 18h 7m 44s
He enjoyed the playful jab at least, and she did have a point about her life. Still it was a little fun to have such things to throw at each other, a little oddly comforting he hoped. Once he had reentered the tent, he noticed how tense she was, and clearly that she had remained very on guard while he was gone. He wondered why she thought anyone else would be out in the weather, but he supposed he wouldn't draw attention to it. He began to wonder if she even slept at night sometimes.
Her question was something he didn't pick up on, he looked to her curiously after she asked him, "Being tracked?"He repeated, "What do you mean?"He had no idea she was talking about his tattoo. Seeing her able to move about was certainly a small relief, though he really was wondering if it would be. He had basically gotten her healing done now. Sure there might be some soreness, but that was normal for anybody. It was nowhere near as bad as it would have been healing normally. "Well it should feel better, that's what the potion was for."He offered playfully.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 105d 18h 20m 45s
She rolled her eyes. "Live my life with the drow and then we'll see who's bleak," she replied, but didn't offer up any more information on the subject. The question about her tattoo made her shake her head. "There would hardly be a point in telling me what the tattoo does, isn't there? I only know stories from others. It depends on who the master is and what the purpose of the tattoo is. Tracking is usually though a given," she told him.
Watching him get up, she nodded. "Don't get too wet," she replied, partially teasing she supposed as a retort to his jab. Though the second he was gone her panic started to take over, moving to the farthest corner of the tent from the entrance, sitting there with her knife drawn. The position was uncomfortable and very painful, but she didn't move from it until she heard his familiar footsteps and only when he was back in the tent did she lower the knife. "Took you long enough. You're wet," she told him, trying to be teasing, but the panic and fear in her eyes told otherwise. Slowly and in pain she moved back to the bed.
"Thank you," she replied as she took it. Curiously she watched him change. He was well built and looked attractive. "You are also being tracked?" she asked, since tattoos without a purpose made no sense to her.
Still, she was obedient and drank the potion. She did feel instantly better and slowly sat up stretching her fingers. "That feels better," she said slowly.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 106d 1h 57m 25s
He shook his head slightly, "Try not to be so bleak. It's already raining."He said and offered her a small smile, "There must be some sort of work around. Is there something about your tattoo that you already know?" In which case she probably wouldn't have agreed to go at all, but she did. He let out a small breath, "I do say so."He believed that anyone would realize that once they were no longer enslaved. He hoped that they could at least find out some information for her. Though again she might have been questioning the whole thing altogether. Was he simply bored, that he would go to these lengths to help her? Things like that didn't cross his mind though, he saw someone potentially trapped in a way, and he wanted to help them out, he knew the feeling. He could empathize with her, and that was apparently enough to want to give her the opportunity to at least choose if she would change on her own.
He let out a breath and nodded his head, taking off his shoulder and chestplate. His shirt was red and he pulled a hood up. "I won't be long. Don't go rolling away."He teased lightly, offering her a small reassuring smile. He took possibly an hour before he returned to the tent, letting out another small breath. He presented her with the flask of red liquid. "They had one."He informed her, and he cast off the red shirt and cloak, going for the spare black one he kept in his bag. It was clear he had seen battle, a few scars that just didn't quite heal enough to fade, toned body, and if she was so inclined to pay attention, a tattoo under his right shoulder on his back. He brushed some of his wet hair to the side after changing and leaned back against the tent.
Upon ingesting the red liquid, she would be almost in immediatley better condition, her wounds closed, perhaps lingering internal pain, so still not exactly great, thirst quenched, but definitely better.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 106d 2h 32m 58s
She rolled her eyes at him. "I will act like that when I know that what they will do will not trigger something else that might kill me," she replied dryly, "It has nothing to do with hope." She always valued her survival above all else, but that might have to do with how she had been living so far.
Maybe there was progress, problem was that she didn't really realize it. "If you say so," she replied with a shrug. She would only believe it after it had happened. The world had screwed her too many times already.
Hearing him ask about the potion, she looked to him, honestly considering it, though she couldn't say yes nor no. "Do whatever you wish. Like I said, it's up to you. Though you will get very wet," she pointed out as she shifted once more. She supposed there was a plan of sorts, but with the way he acted it felt like they had a lot of time to do everything. That and her healing would take some time as well.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 106d 4h 11m 29s
He was pleasantly surprised she had conceded, "You act as if the possibility of being free could be a burden on you."He grinned a bit to himself, though he nodded, "I understand, I wouldn't want to give you false hope if they can't do anything about it."He would say it for her, but still he figured they might be able to do something at least. Looking to her as she actually honestly answered him, there was a lot of progress in this tent this day, far from how beneath her she used to think of him. "I can assure this, once you are able to makes choices, a lot of your choices begin to feel better."He told her in all sincerity, and hoped the same would play out for her. It was unfortunate that she was so pained, maybe he should venture out for the potion after all, besides, no one would come after her in this rain, that was for certain. "You are certain I shouldn't go find you a restorative?"He looked to her, somehow a slight worry was found in his sight now, for her well being. He didn't want her to have to suffer as much as she had been... and they apparently had a set of plans to see to together now, visiting a village, a college, and possibly still a king, but that was of his accord, and he didn't see any reason for her to actually have to do that, if he was going to regardless.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 106d 4h 35m 14s
"But you said someone might have an answer," she pointed out. Maybe it was just the way she teased. She was difficult. Sighing, she gave in, "Fine, we'll go to your weird college, but I'm keeping my weapons on me." Not like she looked very imposing, as beat up as she was.
He really seemed happy to have left that life behind, she supposed. Despite now clearly not having any power or status or whatever. The question about making choices made her pause. She genuinely thought for a moment. "Um... Probably not," she finally replied, "Unless you include what to eat every day." Yeah, she hadn't made many decisions really.
Rolling her eyes at what he said about laying still, she looked at him. "It hurts regardless, if I lay still or move. I shift, it stops for a moment and then starts again," she told him, shifting again, giving a pained sound. She didn't get the joke. Seeing the skin of water, she eagerly drank from it before handing it back to him. Her body felt drained from all energy, water and food.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 106d 4h 48m 56s
"Now you're putting words in my mouth. I didn't say we assume someone will fix their problems."He didn't know why she wanted to be difficult about it either when he was trying to fix her problem. "Well, for us..I've already offered where we might be able to find such a person."Which was true enough, he had an idea of where to go.
"I got out because I no longer wanted to be a part of anything with them anymore. So yes, I suppose I got out because I didn't want to follow orders."He stated, apparently not regretting leaving behind his original knightship, commander position, or any of the power that might have come with it. Still her question made him raise an eyebrow, curious as to how she'd know much about it, "They may not always make life easier, but that doesn't mean they can't make life better. Would you know? Have you ever been able to make a real choice?"He asked sincerely, wondering how things worked in her world. She definitely seemed to have the urge to want to make a real choice at any rate, he could tell that much. He noticed she was fairly uncomfortable though, "Lying still might help."He suggested, which was a small joke he supposed. "Well then I suppose we aren't missing too much in the outside world."He stated, shuffling around to get a skin of water for her, offering it.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 106d 5h 9m 55s
It was probably better that he didn't use humor. It probably caused more problems than it was worth. "So humans assume that someone will have a way to fix their problem? And how do the find that person? I mean there are quite a few humans after all," she pointed out, "Does it?"
She pouted almost at what he said about the eye reading part. "Maybe," she finally gave in. She still wasn't good at it. "True," she agreed, "You got out, because you didn't follow orders? That's almost ironic in a way, but fair enough. Ah, the magic work choice. Do choices make life so much easier?" She imagined it hard sometimes. "Ah, yes, that story," she remembered, shifting again to find a comfortable position. It wasn't working. Rolling into her back with a sound, she looked up at the ceiling of the tent. "It's still raining pretty badly out there," she pointed out, letting her hand trace along one of the many bandages covering her body.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2y 106d 5h 20m 43s
It seemed she did possess some slight humor, but he'd give it up for her sake with his own. He smiled at her slightly and shook his head a bit, still feeling it was worth at least checking out. What she said next seemed to be the right word for it, "I think so. Hope. Just like we can hope, someone has a sort of fix for what is ailing you."He informed her, though it was what humans seemed to do. "Hope takes people a lot of places."He nodded his head a little. Her take on body language made him shrug slightly again, "You were impressed of what I learned from guessing at your eyes. I could tell at least that much."He figured he didn't want her to write that part off entirely, there was something to reading eyes as well.
He could agree, he was following orders, "Well..most people are following orders. I suppose that's why I got out now isn't it?"He was on his own now, and she had her own orders to fill at this moment even. "Choice."He reiterated, he could be out here, it was his own choice. "Being a commander sort of goes in with the story I told you before." He didn't like to think on it, he did bad deeds because he was following orders, and he sought to erase them.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2y 106d 5h 52m 31s

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