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Hearing Briza continue to speak he let out a breath. "It's not the time to be a defeatist. If I have faith in you, you should at least be able to muster up enough faith in yourself."He muttered back to her and listened to her going on about what he revealed, though more steadying himself for the oncoming battle. "Well I'm not going anywhere. So if you can't defeat something living in your head in [i your] mind. Then I suppose you'll finally be rid of me."He informed her, knowing he'd prod at a fake incentive.
It was not the time for words anymore, he didn't know how else he could convince her to take control of this reality that only existed inside her head. If she were suddenly more scared of something else the whole area would probably shift, he just didn't think she grasped that concept.
As the matron mother approached he steadied himself one more, she had two blades, so he had to have a more quick mindset this time, and since she was in the underdark her skills being superior to what he had already seen he sort of didn't know what to expect, but then again he was from across the seas, she probably wouldn't know a few moves Willoth might try either. Regardless the opening move was easy enough to place, drow always prodded to find out the extent of the skills of their opponent, so it was something easy to counter, he honestly hadn't expect such a typical opening from this 'matron mother'. He caught her two blades coming down overhead on his own sword stopping it and throwing them away before stepping back and getting ready to counter her next move.
Did this matron mother only know combat skills that were as far as Briza could remember? If that were the case, it would most likely be a moveset that was used previously to beat Briza along with a moveset that Briza only knew herself..an interesting possibility he would have to try and keep an eye out for.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 131d 23h 38m 0s
Naturally no human would understand who they had before them. This was the matron of all drows. In a way he should be honored to meet her, but that was beside the point at this moment.
Hearing what he said, she looked to him. It was easy for him to say. This was like living in her memories. This place was just as dark and hopeless as back then. "It sure feels real," she replied, doubting even this supposed advantage would be enough to defeat her, "Actually, I did once. As she said, she beat me nearly to a pulp." That didn't inspire much confidence either.
When he said the last part, her head turned to him. "You tell me this now? You shouldn't be here," she told him firmly, though she knew that wasn't exactly possible anymore. The matron rolled her eyes. "Let's get this over with," she said and charged towards them, drawing her own blades.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 132d 9h 1m 41s
In all honesty he would take a drow matron mother over the actual spider queen any day, based purely on the depictions he had seen. In some ways it seemed that Briza doubted their god existed but was assured of this real fear that the matron mother's could hold over her. He knew it wasn't what she wanted to hear, but how else did a person overcome their fears. He saw her reach the end of the steps and continue to posture, he assumed it wouldn't be easy, but he really had no idea. He drew out his blade regardless getting ready for a fight to come. Glancing at Briza only for a moment now, before returning his attention to the enemy. "Remember...this is all in your head...she is an enchantment, but not the real thing. This place still seems to belong to you..and if I was somehow right that you might be able to change things because it is your mind..well it might be the advantage we need."He figured that was the easiest way to explain things, and set her at ease that this was again merely about her tattoo. "Whoever this person is...they clearly believed you would never challenge someone that even looked like them.."That and it was truly her fear. "And..I may have..left out the part where whilst you may be fine even if the worst should to pass..I..do not have the same guarantee." Obviously there was little she could do about it now, but he still tried to be paying attention to the battle ahead.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 132d 14h 59m 57s
She knew the truth. The mother of drows by all means looked average, but she was far from it. You did not stay leader and ruler of a class of warriors by being soft. This average looking drow had more blood on her hands than one could count.
An almost bemused smirk appeared on her lips. "I don't believe you are in anyway allowed to speak in my presence, let alone make demands. I choose and take whatever I want," she said amused as she slowly took a step down from her throne.
Hearing what he said, she gave him a look. What the hell was she supposed to say? "I demand you release me," she finally said in a firm voice. This only made the mother laugh. "Oh my, two rambunctious people. Even a drow...," she mused before eying her, "If it isn't Briza. I'm surprised your here. I would have thought your disciplining had taught you better than to challenge me." Slowly she licked her lips as she reached the bottom of the steps. "It seems only nearly killing you back then was too kind," she said with a shake of her head, "I won't make that mistake again." Briza had a bad feeling of what was to come. Even two on one they were still heavily outmatched.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 133d 7h 22m 48s
He knew that she would doubt, though honestly if she didn't they might be better off, he didn't know for sure, but things here were obviously affected by how she acted so far. Walking in the room beside Briza he noticed the rather average looking drow, of course he was glad, the depictions of Lolth he had ever managed to see were more evil, or usually accompanied by spiders..which was a trademark. He wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't as bad because Briza chose to deny and ignore the teachings of her kind whenever possible. That did sound very much like her to do the more he thought on it.
Still seeing this imposing woman he looked to Briza, she was scared, of course, but still this was her mind. "We did not mean to disturb you at all, spider queen. Merely demand a life back that you should no longer own."He stated clearly and in a stern tone. "Briza..stand up for yourself.."He mentioned quietly to her.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 133d 21h 48m 40s
She sighed when he it was becoming clear that he wasn't going anywhere. Sometimes him being stubborn was sweet, other times it was just annoying. Listening to him point out that his hand didn't glow when they touched outside of this place, she pouted. "I'm pretty sure they wouldn't create a simple out like that," she replied, but didn't say more on the subject.
It was clear that he wasn't going anywhere as he walked towards the door. She wasn't sure whether to be happy or to be annoyed that he was here. Still, she followed after him, as she didn't have much of a choice. When they reached the door it slowly creeked open before them revealing what seemed like a huge throne room. A throne stood at the far end with giant dark pillars lining the way. It was fairly dark, but it was clear someone was sitting on the throne. Every hair on her body stood on end as the person rose. It was a drow and frankly she didn't look any different than normal drows, if one didn't take into account her lavish material of clothes. "Who dares disturb me?" she asked, eying the too with the iciest eyes imaginable.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 133d 22h 14m 42s
Listening to her he shook his head a bit, somewhat smiling at her stubborn attitude now. Hearing her explanation he didn't see her point. "You know I'm not going anywhere."He figured that much was obvious. "As for making up your own rules or powers..it might not hurt to try. After all, my hand doesn't glow when I touch yours out there."He thought that would be a fair enough point. To some extent after all, they were just inside her head and it was more or less a dream.
It was definitely noticeable that she didn't want to put him in danger, but he wouldn't tell her how real that feeling she was having was. She would be fine, win or lose she would wake up from this..if he were to lose or fall here however, he would not be waking up. That was something he didn't want to dwell on as he inhaled. "Let us be done with this curse."He stated and began forward towards the door.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 134d 13h 28m 39s
Hearing what he said, she rolled her eyes not amused. "You think you are very funny," she remarked dryly, starting to wonder if there was a way to kick him out of her head. She didn't like that he was suddenly so intimate with her in this way.
His sigh didn't exactly inspire confidence. "It's... different in this case," she said, not sure how to explain what had transpired all that time ago, "No one is forcing you to be here. You are free to leave. I can handle it myself." That was probably a lie, but she didn't want to drag him into a personal fight, even if it wasn't exactly real.
She furrowed her brow at the suggestion of making up her own powers. "I can't imagine this following fantasy rules. After all, this is something placed on to me by someone else. Not exactly a made up dream," she pointed out, as obviously if she could do that it would be too easy.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 134d 14h 49m 24s
Observing her he returned her smile, once again chuckling. "Nothing quite so magical as holding my hand I see." He offered, but they could only live in this kind of attitude so long when they knew what was ahead. Her stubbornness popping up did bring a smile to his face though. Hearing who she said was behind that door he let out a small sigh. At the very least it wasn't the real spider queen, but he still felt this would be a rather challenging encounter anyway. "I imagine most drow are probably scared of the spider queen. You aren't known for having a very nice god."He offered a shrug to her. "Still..if it will get you away from being their subject and slave.. We'll win."He told her sincerely. "Besides, we're in your mind, I'm sure you could think up some powers of your own if you chose."He figured that would help either one of them.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 137d 8h 33m 6s
She gave a shrug as a reply. "I don't see what worth there is in that," she said, though as a drow she saw a lot of things as silly, if they didn't involve fighting in some way, shape or form. Perhaps that was another reason that she didn't trust these mages.
It made sense that he wouldn't understand why this aura was bad. Anyone in the drow realm would know what it was, but he had never been there so he couldn't understand. Him suddenly kissing her was a surprise. She hadn't expected that. When he finally pulled back she blinked, looking at him. Though what he said actually got a reaction out of her in the form of a smile. "Thank you," she replied before pouting, "I am that strong in here and out there."
Still the aura pulled her back to a more somber mood. How would he react to her fear? "Behind that wall is the mother of all drows," she explained, wondering if he would understand what she meant.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 138d 10h 1m 52s
Hearing her go on he shook his head a bit. "I told you. These were by no mean battle wizards or anything. They mostly deal in theories or unconventional ways of helping. Making crops grow faster..that sort of thing."He offered a shrug, though should hopefully have made her mind more at ease about having to deal with these particular wizards. As she spoke of what was behind the door he shook his head a little bit. "I can feel something sure. I still don't know what exactly it might be."He could take a guess he supposed, but he greatest fear wasn't obviously something she had expressly told him before, could be something totally random, could be her as a dryder. Still he saw her clear hesitance and leaned in to kiss her lips warmly and affectionately, simply curious as to what reaction that had in her mind. "We will face it together. We're in your mind anyway, in here maybe you're actually as undoubtedly strong as you believe out there."He teased, though clear he was trying to make things lighter for her sake.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 139d 7h 32m 34s
She honestly didn't know what else she could have asked. She had never had a dream so this was very odd for her to see anything while she was asleep. That he chuckled at her made her pout slightly. Listening to the explanation, she gave a shrug. "I can't say I've dreamed before. They are pretty much hallucinations that you have when you are asleep right?" she asked, thoughtfully, "Frankly, I'm not sure if drows are able to. I mean, we don't really sleep as it is so the ability to dream would be odd. A wolf? That's an odd thing to want to be." Dreams were weird.
Hearing him go on about the tattoo, her expression didn't get any better. "What did we come here for, if they are that incapable? And they want money for this too?" she demanded, slightly brought up that she had put her body in the hands of these incompetent mages. Still, even if she was annoyed, she was a little glad to see him here. When he touched her hand and the light happened she looked to him. "Yeah, pretty much," she replied honestly, not sure what else to say.
Looking towards the door, it wasn't a pleasant thought. They had to face that? It was by no means something that was easy, even if he was here. "I don't need to pretend like I don't know. I know exactly what's behind that door. Can't you feel it?" she asked, though she supposed even if he could feel the aura, he wouldn't be able to interpret or understand what it was, like she did.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 139d 9h 29m 40s
He noted how exactly she was more just itching to get away from here rather than paying any attention really. He knew it would be somewhat of an unpleasant experience overall for her, but it didn't make him feel good to see her that way either. So he had to do most of the nodding or agreeing when the mages explained. He thought it was sweet how she took his hand before laying down and he wished he could have held her hand the whole time,but obviously he would be in the way.
Now when he was actually in her dream he saw her and she asked the most honest question, he almost chuckled a little, even in her dreams she was no different at least not at the moment. Hearing her question and then looking to the door, he looked to her once more. "We are in your mind I suppose. You don't seem to be dreaming so..its just us.. And that door. If you were dreaming I'm sure we would be in whatever your brain could cook up in the night."He figured that about covered it. "When I was a kid I'd dream I was a wolf, just for example of what a dream might be." He let out a strong breath as she stepped back from the door. "The enchantment placed on your tattoo couldn't be lifted by them today..unless somebody came in to help you..they didn't think they were talented enough mages so..here I am."He walked to her and touched her hand, a weird glow happening when he did so, sort of like a warm light. He looked from their hands to their eyes and smiled at her. "Is that what it is like in your head when I hold your hand?"He chuckled a little bit before his face turned more serious. "Whatever is behind that door..is something that might be one of your greatest fears..but we have to defeat it. We have to go through that door and beat it, otherwise your tattoo will remain and you'll be tracked just as you always have been. And I'm here willing to help you."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 141d 9h 18m 27s
She continued to look at the building before they moved towards the entrance. This place made the hairs on her neck stand on end as they found their way to the reception and later on up the stairs to the tower. The closer she got to the magical incantations the more she felt like she was about to crawl out of her skin. It itched, like ants were walking up and down her skin.
Once in the room it felt like her skin was burning, though she didn't say a single word about it. She stayed next to him while the mages explained some things, though she didn't really pay attention. It didn't make much sense to her as she didn't understand their magic and frankly the less she knew the better.
When they finally asked her to get on the table she looked to him. The nod and his words were fairly reassuring. She took his hand before laying down on the table. With their weird incantations she was put to sleep. How long she was asleep before he appeared in the dark beside her she didn't know. Confused she looked around before looking to him. "What is going on here?" she asked. While she had slept, she had never had a dream before so something actually being beside her in this darkness was odd.
Just then a door appeared a little further away from them. Suddenly she had a very bad feeling about what was behind it and she stepped back slightly. "I'm not going over there," she said, firmly.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 141d 16h 10m 1s
He still wished there were some things she'd admit, but he didn't press anymore. The journey was easy enough and when they arrived she asked where to go again and he offered a small shrug. Her statement garnering a shake of his head. There was nothing he could say, so what did it matter. "The receiver again I suppose."The same person they met at the reception might as well be the one.
Sure enough once they were in the reception area the man beckoned them to a different room in a tower, where it looked like some mages had prepared a table inside of a magical circle of sorts. The ritual was apparently ready enough, they explained they'd have to determine exactly what the enchantment was that the tattoo carried, and then proceed accordingly on how to remove it. Probably going far too into detail as human mages tended to do. Once the explanations were finished they asked her to lay on the table. Willoth looked to Briza and nodded simply, "I'll be here."He assured. The mages would proceed to put Briza to sleep to begin their examinations of the tattoo. Things probably wouldn't be any different than sleeping normally for Briza and nothing would be noticed until they actually explained to Willoth how the enchantment seemed to work. Despite their advice on how best to proceed in getting rid of it, Willoth volunteered to just get it done with now, and so they sent him more or less into Briza's subconscious and unconscious mind. They would have to fight some sort of demon in here, appearing as one of Briza's greater fears, thus he wouldn't know anything about it or how to find it. For now they were just in a sort of eerie dreamlike place inside of Briza's mind. So for the most part Briza would think she was dreaming, the whole prospect was very interesting, what would Briza say to him if she thought she was dreaming, and what might this thing be that he had to fight with her?
  Willoth / Willofiam / 143d 8h 53m 33s

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