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She couldn't really place how she was feeling. Weird for sure. She was free for the first time in a long time, but at the same time it felt like she had cut away her past as well. She had no allegiance to anyone and that was an odd thought that she couldn't really stomach yet. All in all, it was a lot of emotions inside her and she couldn't really express any of them, which led to her very monotone expression.
Hearing what he said, she gave a nod. "Indeed I am," she replied thoughtfully as she continued to lay there for a bit longer while he paid the mages, not really paying attention to what they were saying or doing. Finally she did sit up and they were off again. It was definitely a relief to be away from the complex and she took several deep breathes as if she hadn't been outside in months.
The question made her pause. What did she want to do? She was free to do as she pleased now. Her hand went to the spot where the tattoo had been. It felt strangely empty. "Would it be weird if I said go get a tattoo?" she asked, wondering what he would say to that. Looking around at the landscape, she thought on what had happened. "So that was your fear?" she questioned, wondering what that had been about.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 121d 12h 27m 7s
Willoth awoke a little before she did, able to walk over to see her waking as well. The tattoo being gone and her pondering what that might mean to her. He didn't know if he was supposed to give her time or move her somewhere she could think more clearly, though she didn't seem to pay too much attention to her surroundings for now. He let his hand rest on top of her's where her tattoo had been. "You are free..milady."He informed her in a different way, happy to have been a part of something like this. Of course, he did wonder why she wasn't happier about it, but he understood that she probably needed time to process the whole thing. He did let her have a few moments while he went about paying these mages for finishing their jobs, they wished them both well for the most part and appreciated a chance to 'break a curse of this caliber'. Clearly they had helped them to learn something new and as Willoth had said, that's all they really wanted.
Finally they were back out on the road and away from the mages like she wanted, stepping out of the complex that held the mages buildings he looked to her now. "Well..."He let out a breath, not exactly knowing what was on her mind. "What is it..you would like to do now?"
  Willoth / Willofiam / 122d 15h 38m 38s
She watched him curiously. It was still an odd trial. She couldn't quite say what part she was supposed to have been afraid off. It was more alluring that it should have been for a fear. Listening to what he said, she furrowed her brow slightly. "You're fear? That I would be a power hungry tyrant or the whole prince/king part?" she asked, not quite sure what the fear would have been.
Confused she looked to him when he spoke of a lack of goals. "Does dreaming automatically mean goals? Can you not have goals and not dream?" she inquired, obviously not understanding what he meant, since this was the norm for her.
When he suddenly began to fade away her eyes did widen. "Are you okay?" she asked, clearly worried, remembering how he had said something about dying here. She reached out to grab him, but then he was gone. However, shortly after this realm seemed to collapse in itself and she found herself waking up. Opening her eyes, she gazed around. A hand moved to where her tattoo had once been, but that seemed to be gone now. "It's really over," she said slowly, not sure how to feel.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 123d 9h 52m 17s
He listened to her and he wondered what to actually think on that. Looking her over for a few more seconds he then put a hand on his chest, "You did break that trial.."He agreed and let his hand fall back down. Still it was odd being in this empty space now, nothing left without her fears. He glanced all around and tried to see anything else, but there really wasn't. "Oddly enough..I think that might have been my fear you so easily conquered." Which was admitting to something bigger, that he was afraid of himself..or what he was or could be. Still it shifted towards a trial for her. "I wonder why you don't have anything else left.."He continued peering around. "When you said you didn't dream I suppose..I didn't think it would be because of a lack of goals or..something..but this sort of feels that way."He didn't mean any offense, rarely did he ever, but he was just observing.
He was observing until he began to fade out of existence as well, slowly disappearing in front of her. Depending on how long she was asleep it obviously might seem alarming at first, but it was just because she was waking up this time. No Tattoo left to track her with, if she cared to point that out or look at herself once she did wake up.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 123d 21h 20m 11s
It seemed like everything was back to normal as everything evaporated before her and it was back to the nothingness that had inhabited her head before. Was it over? It seemed felt like it couldn't be over, but she very well might be over sensitive at this point.
She was lost in thought until he suddenly tumbled to her feet. Confused she blinked as she watched him get up and look at her. The question he asked made her pause. Honestly, she could have thought of better things to do right now then play twenty questions. Thinking of how to answer, she turned on her heel and slowly walked in one direction before coming back to him. "In a way it's what every drow wants. To be on top, to be feared," she said slowly, wondering how to say what she wanted to say, "But you also saw me break that trial, did you not?" She would think that counted for more than nothing.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 124d 10h 24m 35s
As with the first place this place seemed to evaporate into a black mist once again. Back to an empty area that was more like what Briza would want to see, but not a fearful place, a pleasant one. No more trials it seemed. It was just her.
Willoth was pressing hard on the barrier when it fell away and he went headlong into a tumble in front of her. Getting to his feet and looking at her, his face slightly red. He didn't really know where to begin with this. "Did that all..is that really what you want?" He could only quietly ask, knowing that was quite a mixed question. Sure, she might want to be left alone, but did she want to be feared, did she want groveling, conquering,and still to be above others? Either way, they appeared safe now.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 125d 9h 31m 22s
Those words were sweet. Like honey. There was no denying that there was an allure to these words that she found tempting. Finally she would be seen as someone worthy and demand power. She would no longer be just a drow, just a warrior. Looking down at herself, she did like the regal attire and it felt right in a way.
At the same time one thing did irk her and it was the way he spoke about himself, as pleasing as it was to hear. Looking at him a moment longer, she took a step forward towards him. "That could all be mine?" she asked slowly, hearing the rustle of the elegant fabric as she moved.
Step by step she moved towards him until she stood before him. "I would have a kingdom of my own?" she continued as her gaze wandered over him. Just then her face turned solemn. "Now if only you were the real thing," she said and lightning fast drew her sword to impale him.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 125d 9h 54m 57s
This Willoth looked to her and offered a small shake of his head. "It is everything you wanted is it not?"He said and looked around the sandy area. "You can do as you please, you have people groveling at your feet, in their proper place..beneath you. You are a queen now. My queen."It seemed real enough when she could observe that she did seem to be wearing a more regal get up and have a crown, as if they had been there the whole time.
The other Willoth didn't know what he could do at this point, he was stuck watching this. The king went on, "You have isolation in your tower when you want it, I am able to do as you please, and all others know their proper place in being unworthy of you. Beneath you."He grinned at her, his voice carrying an obvious allure.
  Willofiam / 127d 9h 51m 58s
It was a strange feeling to see the matron mother's head get chopped off. In a way there was relief. She was free now right? But at the same time there was unease that she couldn't place and in a way disappointment that she couldn't have faced the real matron mother.
When the room changed into another throne room, she blinked confused. What was this? At the same time she couldn't say she recognized the place. Was this another test and if yes, how so, if she didn't know this place?
The voice made her look to the throne and pause. It was Willoth, but at the same time it didn't feel like it. He didn't look the same. She took a slow, cautious step forward. "What is going on here?" she asked, eying him. Something didn't feel right, even if it just might be that the guy before her looked to clean to be who she believed him to be.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 127d 11h 36m 2s
It seemed she hadn't been taking into account not everyone's fear would have been afraid of this particular matron mother. He noticed Briza seized the opportunity to run the matron mother through. For good measure though Willoth did bring his sword back up to take the head off of her. She seemed to dissipate into a black mist. The area around them melting away into what looked like grains of sand, covering the ground and the throne changing into a more tan and brass one. This place was strangely enough familiar to Willoth. He seemed to be off to the side now though, not in sight of Briza. He tried to get her attention but there seemed to be..something in the way, something stopping him, a barrier maybe.
Now the figure sitting on the throne called out to Briza. "My lady."It called out, standing from the throne. A visage that appeared to be a man in a royal duster, hair cut short, a crown upon his head, no stubble to speak of, but it did seem to be Willoth. "Come forth, join me, and let's speak of your latest conquests."It said simply.
A small futile bumping against the barrier being had by Willoth as he continued to protest.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 128d 7h 26m 40s
It made her wonder if and how often the tattoo had been attempted to be broken. It couldn't be a large amount, considering that this was the protection of it. If more people had tried to break it, surely the matron mother would have tried to fix it by now.
Both drows were surprised by him bashing his head into her face. While she almost had to stifle a laugh, the matron mother cursed as she swiped at him with her swords, but missed. With the blood running down her face she was momentarily distracted so that she ran towards her and stabbed her with her sword, evoking a strangled sound from the matron mother.
Breathing heavily, she pulled her sword out as she jumped back, not sure if it was over or not as she eyed the other drow.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 128d 9h 24m 11s
He would just suppose that not many people tried breaking the tattoo. Even if this tattoo was magical it served only one function, after all she wouldn't have known to fight this thing in here in the first place if he didn't show up, or wouldn't have. When she disappeared and Briza told him where she'd be, he did a more brash thing,probably drow wouldn't expect. He backed up towards where she appeared throwing his head back into the matron mothers face hearing some sort of crack, maybe her nose. Before then moving forward out of swords reach. It might not have reached a drow underground city about how typically the overseas west fighters seemed to be keenly more brash or aggressive in fights. Either being marked as cats,wolves,weasels, or bears, and besides weasels, Willoth had been forced to learn 3 of the schools, even if cats was the female one.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 130d 7h 53m 18s
It seemed too simple. After all, if this tattoo stored the matron mother as she knew her it seemed a grave disadvantage when it came to releasing the tattoo. Then again, she had never heard of anyone trying to break the tattoo and perhaps this wasn't even everyone's biggest fear, if they did. Either way, it was a glaring flaw if this was the case.
Hearing what he said, she replied, "I know, at least if it stays like this." She wouldn't put it past the tattoo to suddenly make the boss harder. Either way, she attacked the mother when he blocked another attack, but the mother blocked it in time before swiping a blow at her, which she dodged. A moment later the matron mother disappeared. Thinking back to the first fight, she told him, "Behind you." Even if they knew the pattern of attack, the matron mother didn't exactly leave them many openings for an attack.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 130d 11h 27m 31s
It seemed like the fight had begun, so the time for words mostly had passed, but he was able to think and fight at the same time, albeit he fought better when he wasn't thinking. As he put away the attack and the matron mother came further pressing in, able to see the next blow, but Briza jumping in and having said where the next attack would be coming from. It clicked in his head rather quickly, it was almost exactly what he had been thinking. "Briza, you know this fight."Was all he could get out before blocking another blow from the mother, and swiping as she seemed to fade out of the way and be somewhere else. He hoped she was able to pick up his meaning from it, since it did seem to be from what she knew now. It was hard to form a strategy when being attacked all at once, but he hoped she thought along the same lines that he did. She seemed in a sort of thought process like that anyway.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 130d 23h 25m 47s
She would like to see him face his worst fear and be cool as a cucumber. Even if she was a drow, she still had fear, even if in a reduced amount, but it was there and it was scary for her. This was a darkness she had been carrying around for a long time.
There was a fear in hearing that she would be rid of him. Naturally, that wasn't what she wanted. At least that's what her head told her, even if she didn't speak it. She didn't know what to say in this moment.
When the mother attacked Briza jumped a step back as he blocked the attack. Next came a swipe to the side. Something about the attack pattern seemed familiar as she disappeared in the darkness, using her advanced magic. Then it clicked. She knew this fight. It was the same one as back then. Why it was repeating itself she couldn't say, but it was odd? At the same time she was sure that this was not nearly the move set the matron truly knew, but the only one she used on her back then.
"To your left," she told him as she jumped to that side of his and blocked the attack as she appeared a second later. She doubted the matron would follow the same attack as last time, but it would likely be similar as she attacked the matron.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 131d 10h 9m 45s

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