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Willoth looked her way after she disarmed and put down the other gang members. He shook his head a little bit as she told him he was too kind. "I am not going to go murdering in a town in a tavern."He explained to her simply enough, though who knew how drunk she was or if she would remember regardless. He picked up the bottle of wine anyway now that they were finished here and laid a few more extra gold pieces on the bar. He looked to Briza afterword, clear he was going to go back to the room anyway at this point. He had no real clue if she wanted more liquor or not, but either way he had the bottle of wine, could be more to her taste, who knew or not. Once inside of the room himself he shed most of his gear again and got more relaxed, taking out some fruit to eat as he sat at the small table in their room.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 97d 8m 34s
She honestly hadn't expected that he would have gotten involved in the fight. After all, he had just proclaimed peace. That and this was her fight. She saw no reason why he should get involved. Then again, it was too late now to tell him to back off, at least now that he had broken one guy's nose.
She watched this brawl for a moment before deciding to step in. Being ganged up on hardly seemed fair. She did notice that he wasn't using weapons, not that she was going to stick to that. Hell, those guys weren't fighting fair. Why should she?
Going for her own gang member, it was easy enough to block and disarm the assailant. "You are too kind," she told him, referring to the fact meaning he didn't use weapons. Disarming one more, she looked around for another one, but they all laid beaten on the floor. "I think we won that," she mused, feeling quite content.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 97d 11h 40m 15s
Of all the responses to choose, that certainly was not the right one. He grit his teeth about to smash the ale into the man's face, but it burst into two instead, obviously Briza. The wine was dropped and rolled away as Willoth saw the man reaching for his own weapon and he launched a fist into the man's nose while he eyed Briza. While a definite crunch was heard, it seemed he also pushed Willoth's 'no' button. Willoth then shoved the man into one of the other gang and once his head came back up the fist met his broken nose again, before he fell to the side and Willoth started at the second member of the group, apparently having no intention of drawing out his own weapon, even as the gang member did so with his own, of course there was another for Briza should she want, or she could watch Willoth get ganged up on.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 101d 17h 20m 44s
It was quite clear from both of their reactions that his stepping in wasn't appreciated. She felt like he was speaking for her and hell, this guy was just getting on her nerves. The man glared at them as his gang stood up to group behind him. While the man took the ale, he arched a brow as he listened to what he said. "Ah, so you're with her. Interesting choice of a sex slave. Like them dangerous or just degrading these monsters," he smirked, eying her.
It was likely a large combination of the things he did say, but they definitely got to her as she eyed the man for a moment, not listening to a thing he had said and ignored the wine. With a dexterity and swiftness that should not be possible in her state, she had drawn her sword, stepped around him and had shattered the jug of ale in his hand with one slash of her sword, all the while eying him. "Say that to my face and it won't be your drink that's a mess next time," she growled, her eyes clearly glowing. As a reply the man simply tossed the rest of the jug aside as he went for his own weapon.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 101d 18h 27m 47s
Willoth noticed her batting her eyes, certainly a new feature she hadn't tried yet. He grinned a bit about it, knowing she was far from fine at this point. She was definitely tipsy or maybe drunk. The real test was standing up. Once she turned around and shouted at the men in the corner his smile faded. "Uh oh."He muttered and watched her stand, sure enough wobbling, she was drunk after all. He stood up now as well, sure they could take on a band of these guys themselves, well maybe, depending on how drunk she was, but it probably wasn't the best idea.
He ordered a bottle of wine a mug of ale, walking over in between Briza and the large man. He chuckled a bit as he did so. "You'll have to pardon our friend here, she has very sensitive hearing."He stated and shoved the ale into the man's hands. "We can all just let it go and continue drinking, aye?"He mentioned and held out the bottle of wine for Briza, obviously since she hadn't tried that yet he hoped it would be more alluring. "Perhaps we can retire for the evening. In our room. In this inn?"He tried to not so subtly remind her they were staying here, but again, she could be too far drunk to comply, he had no idea if she would listen or continue. He was just hoping the prospect of more and new alcohol would tempt her to join him in their room.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 103d 5h 33m 3s
She watched him order the mead and thought it was a good choice. She was almost willing to joke that he had chosen this flavor for its blue color and how it sort of resembled her, but didn't end up saying it. When he toasted to them, she just looked at him confused for a moment before mimicking his movements and taking a sip when he had clinked them together.
It was several drinks later and she could feel her face getting warm. Just sitting there she felt rather normal, at least she assumed. Hearing the question, she batted her eyes, playfully. "I feel just fine," she replied as she continued to sit there.
Though she had to say she was getting irritated by the increasing amount of people in the bar and it getting rowdier, especially some men in the one corner, who looked to be soldiers or mercenaries of some sort. She turned in their direction. "Will you keep it down. Some people are trying to enjoy themselves here," she barked at them, clearly getting a less than happy look from them. "You got a problem missy?" the biggest and burliest asked as she stood up and made his way over to them. "You're my problem," she retorted and got up from her chair, wobbling for a short moment.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 103d 10h 10m 30s
Oh well, she would learn the hard way or not at all that she probably 'couldn't hold liquor' as easily as she assumed her race could. Still he was just going to enjoy the fact that they weren't going to be thinking of any pressing matters for now and they were going to enjoy themselves for a change. He was actually quite excited to see how it turned out for her, obviously he assumed never having had too much drink, or even having tried to relax before this very moment. "Very well, milady."He stated and smiled as he ordered them two blueberry flavored meads, the fruit and honey flavors obvious in the brew. He offered the mug up to her. "Cheers."He stated and when she tried to mirror the movement he just clinked their mugs and began to drink. This was the beginning of the fun of course. It was a few meads later that he really wanted to see the results of.
Three pints later, he felt his face clearly warmed and buzzed, but he was still rather conscious of everything, having been in an army he knew how to drink, that just seemed to go hand in hand. Looking to her though, her armies and surely her training offered no alcohol, so he looked to her and figured it was a good time to ask. "How are you feeling Briza?"
  Willoth / Willofiam / 103d 23h 55m 19s
It would be something he would have a hard time getting out of her. It was who she was raised to be and more over what her race was like. They just simply were superior to other races. Hearing what he said, she shrugged. "Maybe they couldn't hold their liquor?" she suggested, but continued to walk with him.
Hearing his reply to the bunny thing, she arched a brow. "I don't think a bunny is ever a turn on for anyone," she replied, rather soberly, not getting that he was trying to tease her, "Well, I suppose nothing speaks against trying something new." After a day like this something new did seem to be a good idea.
The walk was nice enough and soon they were at the bar. Taking a seat on the stool, she looked at the drinks offered. "How about a met?" she suggested, liking the honey taste, though there were a lot of different flavors that could be made.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 104d 10h 22m 46s
He shook his head a little at her reply, beginning to walk toward the town again with her as she went on. He did see this before, he mentioned he had only seen the two or three drow ever in his life, but they were male, and one of them had been drinking. "It affects drow exactly the same as it affects humans."He shrugged to her about alcohol. "It simply depends on the person." He would eventually have to break her of this habit where she assumed her race was genetically superior, but he wasn't a fan of pointing it out all of the time, especially not on a day that was supposed to be a great day for her.
"A cute little bunny..depends on where you want them to tattoo it on your body I suppose.."He said with a certain sultry tone, just to tease her back of course, as he wore a grin while saying it. "I think you had a good plan honestly..just not one you have ever come close to suggesting before."He informed her, so off they were to get a drink and enjoy the day.
It was the same half hour that they walked, but now they were at the bar finally. "What do you drink?"He finally asked curiously.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 107d 2h 42s
She offered a shrug at what he said. It was as she had told him. She didn't understand enough about kingdoms and ruling to actually be helpful. Hearing him tease her on stealing from him if he was a king, she pouted slightly. "I would succeed," she simply replied, unamused. Perhaps she was one to forgive, but not forget,
Hearing him go on a joking rant about getting a drink. "I don't know about you, but how would you know how alcohol effects a drow?" she pointed out soberly before shrugging, "Pray tell, what should I do in your opinion? Maybe go head first into the next battle I can find?"
The last part made her roll her eyes. "Worried I'm going to get some very embarrassing tattoo? Like a bunny rabbit or something," she replied, almost being humorous herself. She didn't feel like that she would have such a thing happen.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 107d 9h 56m 0s
She was right to some extent, but he still shook his head. "You make things sound easier than they are."He offered back figuring this was going to be a never-ending back and forth as it was. Hearing her teasing he scoffed slightly, "As if you would take any riches from me. Well..I suppose if I was a king..you would try."He teased back, of course their very first encounter, probably a lot less of a sore spot for her now. "My point was simply that the fear wasn't exactly based on things that were going to happen." It was a simple reply to her stating that she made it sound impossible to have a fear that wasn't so, but just like the matron mother wasn't here, her fear still was.
Regardless they seemed to be on to a different thing now. He looked at her with a bit of a wide-eyed surprise, "A drink? Enjoy the day.."He mock gasped, "You would dare partake of a substance that dulls your senses? And try to enjoy yourself at the same time?"He may have been laying it on a little thick, but he was clearly being humorous as he chuckled after he finished. "Very well..let us go get a drink, though that being the plan I might hold off on getting a tattoo..those things do not typically pair well."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 108d 21h 20m 36s
She tilted her head as she listened to him and thought on it. "I mean... I'm no queen or anything remotely close to that," she began slowly as she tried to think on how to word it, "But most normal people, at least humans, tend to do those bad things, because they are dissatisfied with the situation as it is. If you try your best, which I know you will, to improve the country and make it flourish, then it should also stop. Any attacks on you until then you can stop yourself." It was probably still oversimplified, but in a way definitely true.
"Though that has nothing to do with me. Or is you tempting me with royalty and riches something you don't want to become?" she mused, slightly teasing before sobering slightly, "I don't fear her because she might execute me now. I fear her for nearly executing me then. As I said I only once barely survived an encounter with her and that was only because she was feeling merciful that day."
Hearing the question, she shrugged. There was no real plan after what would happen when the tattoo was gone. "I did say get a tattoo," she mused, wondering what they could do, "I don't know, get a drink, enjoy the day?" It seemed like something simple was probably good.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 117d 10h 23m 56s
"I am certain you can handle it."He informed her knowing that wasn't an issue. Listening to her shift this whole conversation back on him, he supposed she still didn't have answers to what exactly she wanted to do or how she felt on the matter. He shook his head a little bit at what she said. "It's not as simple as you make it sound."He stated and thought a little bit more on it. "I know I am nothing like a tyrant, I know I discern that my life isn't above other's. I cannot determine how the kingdom would be even if I inherited it, just because I say so. There could be rebellion, there could be assassination attempts, there's always people breaking the law anyway."He offered a shrug, it just was how the land was, savage and ruthless.
"I didn't fear tempting you with royalty."He informed her, knowing something was odd about that. "I do fear becoming or being forced to become something I am not."He knew it might not ever happen, that didn't exactly mean it wasn't scary to him, and he did offer the alternative being giant worms. "Besides, your fear wasn't likely per se either. A thousand things could have gone differently if you were hunted down, it didn't mean the matron mother would have killed you personally." Perspective seemed to help her along sometimes, which he was happy to give considering she was sort of trained to see things one way as it was. "Either way..Right now..what do you want to do at this moment? Maybe that is an easier question than the whole future."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 117d 21h 6m 38s
It just seemed easier that way. Figure everything out herself before getting the rest of the world involved in whatever she was facing. It just made sense to her, but that might just be because she was wired like that. Either way, she was a little relieved he didn't think it weird that she wanted a tattoo again. Her skin felt strangely bare without it and it just had something missing.
Listening to him talk about the tattoo, she shrugged. She honestly wasn't sure what kind of tattoo she would want. "I suppose so. I would want something interesting," she replied, knowing that wasn't really explaining much, "As for the pain, I would say that I can handle it. After all, I have had a lot worse happen to me." She didn't see the pain as a problem.
To her the fear had been odd, but it hadn't been her fear. Curiously she looked over to him as he tried to think on what to say and then spoke about it. She furrowed her brow at what he said. "Maybe I'm seeing this too easily, but you are nothing like a tyrant. How can you simply become one?" she pointed out, "Even if you inherit it, wouldn't it be you who decides what the kingdom be like? I would say that you have more control about how the kingdom will go than you think... As for appealing to me... I don't know." Sure, it had been appealing, but at the same time she had fairly easily destroyed it.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 118d 10h 28m 37s
Once they were outside of the complex he noticed her retreat into stoicism just to keep things on the inside until she figured it out. He knew her well enough to know how she was functioning now. Hearing her speak and seeing where her hand was he rose an eyebrow. "It is not so strange.."He admitted, but thought on it a little more, she knew he had a tattoo from birth, the one that denoted his lineage that he wouldn't go back to. "You could get a tattoo that you wished to have, anywhere you wanted of anything you might wish, within the reasonable skills of one who had the ink. Though..I assume a magical tattoo does not feel the same as a painted needle does."He informed her, not knowing if she know how normal tattoo's worked or not. Hearing her comment on his fear however had him thinking for a moment. "Becoming a tyrant who doesn't place other lives values in the proper place..?"He didn't know how else to really explain it. "Inheriting a brutal kingdom.. not being able to help people..only hurt people."He shrugged a bit. "It could have very well been giant sand worms as well..but I think my fear was meant to appeal to you.."He didn't exactly know..that was definitely one of his fears, but it had appealed to her.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 120d 18h 29m 5s

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