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The night was quite restful, and he woke up at an hour he could only describe as almost noon. She was clearly all about sleeping, it was easy to confirm at this point. She did look very cute all curled up against him. He began to run his hand through her hair, still kind of surprised at how..fine it was, his hand landing eventually on her cheek. "Briza..Briza wake up.."He softly called to her. He practically couldn't wait to tease her about how much she enjoyed sleeping now. Their journey was almost over, they'd find out about setting her on the path to a free life, whatever that could mean to her from there he was very curious to see about. She had to do what she was told for evil's sake essentially, but wondering how she would actually use her free will. He wondered where she'd want to be 'alone' like she said.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 82d 11h 17m 27s
Sleeping was nice, at least when she was tired like this. After all, she was too exhausted to really think about being completely gone and not being aware of everything around her.
She slept like a log, curled up against him and when the morning came she wasn't awoken by his friend, so to say and instead she simply kept sleeping, almost dead to the world. So if one of them was waking up, it would be him.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 85d 12h 42m 43s
It was clear he was enjoying this, there was no denying that and she was happy that she could get him to react like this. It made her smile into the kiss as she kept kissing him, her hand burying itself in his hair as her back arched against him. It felt so good.
Happily, she gave a sound before slowly shifting so that she was straddling his lap and he was now underneath her. She never broke the kiss as they kept this up. Sitting like this was definitely something and she could not deny that the kissing had made her antsy as well as she kept running and exploring his chest. She couldn't help her hips shifting lightly.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 94d 23h 34m 7s
He knew she enjoyed sleeping, whether or not she was willing to admit it. It seemed she was trying to be tempting here, well succeeding. Her question was clearly a farce and it was obvious enough because of her leg. The tingly feeling that arose when she kept letting her hand wander was undeniable. He was still going off of the running theory he had, she was more well practiced so she wanted to be even more well practiced and show she knew what she was doing now. He was enjoying this he couldn't deny it. Her kissing was what had him entranced now, it seemed to still be like she had the tables on him, and she was clearly in control, which she probably liked, which he would let happen.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 94d 23h 48m 44s
Perhaps it was more that she didn't want to sleep and this way she could distract him from that and get to do something that was fun and felt good at the same time. Plus, soon they would be at the college and she didn't see the mages allowing them to share a room, let alone her having a peace of mind to even think of doing anything like this there when she was in enemy territory in a way.
Feeling his tongue was something. She gave a soft sound, happy to feel it. The chuckle made her look to him as she watched the shirt come off. "Or do you really want to sleep?" she asked coyly as she moved a leg to tangle with his. She wore next to nothing as it was so honestly it was only he who needed undressing at this point.
She continued to kiss him as her hand slowly ran down his chest, enjoying the exposed skin. Oh, it felt so good underneath her hand. There really wasn't any space between them so that their bodies pressed together. Her hand did slowly wander lower.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 95d 39m 39s
It seemed like she said sleeping earlier, and said sleeping now, maybe he had skewed her idea of what sleeping actually was. He knew that wasn't true, but it was a bit silly how into it she got, and how aggressive she was being. It could be now that she knew things, she wanted to use them, or maybe because now she could use them..he had no real idea.. but he wasn't in a place to stop them. It was hard to stop anything like this really when you were enjoying it.
Feeling her tongue push past his own lips to meet his tongue he really had nailed that aggressive bit in his head. Once his shirt was coming off he merely chuckled a very slight amount, "Of course not." Though what she really wanted was obvious enough. Returning to their kissing was welcome, she had gotten his heart racing off now too. It was probably her goal to do so, how would he sleep now.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 95d 49m 38s
Perhaps it had to do with being a drow and it simply was expected for her to disagree with humans and to always be opposed to what he thought. When it came to being close, well it was just hard to keep anything going when you were thinking about kissing someone and how it felt to have their body against yours.
Feeling him shift, she smiled softly and kept kissing him, happy for this and to have him hold her. Their kissing only deepened as she slowly slipped her tongue out to lick his lips.
Whether or not she was growing attached to him was one thing, but she definitely didn't want him to leave her. She wasn't really aware of all the feelings, but it did come out more in moments like this. Her hand ran through his hair before she slowly went to slip off his shirt. "You don't need that to sleep," she justified, which was true, but she did like it off better anyway as she moved to kiss him again.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 99d 10h 11m 10s
He could tell it was just her nature to challenge him, it always had been. She seemed to lose whatever persona she wanted to put on at the time, when it came to being close to him like this. He did clearly enjoy how she ran her hands along and how they tangled up in his hair, even just feeling her get closer to him was nice. He shifted so he was holding her there, their kissing not seeming to end as long as she was in control of it. He didn't mind the kissing of course, it was rather intense coming from her, maybe the most honest thing she did. He just assumed he should feel very lucky that she chose him as someone to share this with, even if it wasn't on purpose on her part in the first place. He could tell in his own mind that he was growing attached, but he told her he wouldn't push for anything and he meant it.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 99d 10h 34m 12s
Since she didn't really wear armor, there was nothing to get in the way. Still, she was happy to have him close. Hearing what he said, she gave him a look. "Is that so?" she asked, trying to challenge him, but at the same time hoping he wouldn't considering she was happy not blushing. Perhaps it was a game, but she did like to win. Not that she didn't doubt that he could change the situation in a heartbeat, if he tried to.
She couldn't help it. She wanted to be held and kiss him. It just felt amazing to do. Feeling his hands move down her body, she gave a soft sound as she kept kissing him. Her hand found its way into his hair while her body arched against him eagerly, just happy to be close to him. Her other hand slowly ran down from his shoulder to his hip, taking him in curiously before moving back up along his back. It just felt good to do this. Who could blame her? That and he seemed to enjoy it too.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 103d 7h 2m 47s
It was moments like this that he was very glad to have company, his armor wouldn't have been off if he didn't have company, and that would have been very much in the way at the moment. It seemed like she was determined to point out his situation, but he was keen to let her feel that way this time. "I'm sure I could change that if you'd prefer.."Making it a small point to let her know, in a way, that he let her get an upper hand because he did enjoy it. He had never given her a reason to doubt that he could change the situation, he knew what to do or talk about to make her flustered so far, but he also enjoyed when she felt she had control. They barely snuggled before her lips wandered over to his again. She seemed so eager, and so into this, he felt the same but it seemed like even more from her that it bled over to his feelings. His hands moved down her body before holding her close again, they were just touching and kissing for now, but it seemed so passionate.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 103d 8h 13m 18s
It was easy to feel more confident when he was melting under her touch. How could a woman not be confident when a guy so clearly enjoyed what she did. She was happy that he kissed her back. Her hand ran along his back. Him turning red at her question, she couldn't help teasing him, "Now who is flustered?" After all, he rarely blushed. That and she had meant to sleep or lay awake beside him. Whatever it may be.
Hearing he agreed, she smiled softly. Somehow it felt like he was following her to the tent, charmed by her. It was almost amusing. Laying down beside him, she looked to him. The furs were always so soft and comfortable. Slowly she leaned over and kissed him again, wanting to do that again as her arm wrapped around him softly. It felt so good to do that. Was she slowly getting addicted to it? Perhaps, but she didn't want to think on it more right now.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 110d 9h 36m 39s
She clearly realized that she had him under some sort of spell here, at this point, all her confidence suddenly returning like this and even her tone as she found his lips again and he kissed her back of course, maybe a little hungrily that time. The way she asked him the question and held him closer to her, maybe his face got a little red at this point too. "Yes.."He agreed, not wanting to comment on how glad he would be that she now joined him for 'bed', she apparently enjoyed him enough to be with him while he slept, or she now tried to sleep herself. Her extra kiss was something he followed along with as she did it, and soon enough they crawled over into the tent, though he almost felt led there at this point, he wondered if she had anything else she was planning on doing or if they would just be able to lay down and rest.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 110d 10h 12m 57s
She had never meant to turn the tables on him. Ironically it had been he who started this by making her feel so flushed and sultry that she had to kiss him. Still, it was nice that she could have him lose himself like that. Noting the different reactions, she did ultimately settle with using her tongue for a while before she slowly kissed up to kiss his lips again for a moment longer before she finally pulled away.
Breathing heavily, she looked to him, her hands still running along his body, enjoying the feeling of this. "So... should we go to bed?" she asked slowly, since that was what had been the plan at the beginning before they ended up kissing. Gently she did use her arms to draw him closer to her. The fire had gone out mostly so now it was nice to snuggle with him. He really did radiate warmth. Not being able to resist she kissed him again.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 110d 10h 32m 14s
It seemed somehow she found a way to turn the tables a bit, she was now the one who took control all of the sudden. Even if this didn't lead to anything else he was the one being toyed around with now, though clearly it was enjoyable anyway. If she was testing responses it seemed that her tongue did get a little bit more of that tingly response he had before, the nip also catching on his breath,the sucking something similar,a bit more breathing. She seemed to be prodding him for information and he was none the wiser. Somewhat getting taken up for this ride and just becoming a passenger to her whims all of the sudden. It became more of that feeling when she had begun to run her hand up his back as well. It was clear now he didn't have her pinned down at all at this point, so maybe she had fought her way all the way back from that.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1y 110d 10h 46m 45s
There were still some times that she didn't quite realize he was teasing her. Still, she didn't mind one bit that it led to situations like this. They were nice and the kissing always did make her feel light and antsy. How could she not fall for this?
Somehow she wanted to make him feel good and she knew that he enjoyed that. Though naturally, she wanted to do it as well. Maybe it would lead to more, but even if it didn't it would just be nice. One hand stayed in his hair while the other ran along his back. She couldn't help angling her leg so that it rubbed against his hip.
She could hear his breath catching and it made her smile. Slowly she let her tongue run across his neck, wondering what would feel best for him. Curiously, she did nip him once and then sucked. She wanted to see what he would react to most. Maybe it was also her revenge for getting her to blush so much. That and he couldn't look at her flushed face like this.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1y 110d 11h 2s

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