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He noticed her actually relaxing further, glad the tension was leaving her body. He smiled to himself, that he was able to make her feel good this way. Her praise garnering a response, "Were you assuming my hands could only makr you feel good the other ways?"He teased lightly, at the very least they were in private this time when he was making such jokes. Still her being this serene did continue to make him feel warmer inside, he wanted her to be able to feel this more, even more so every day he spent with her, which is what so quickly made this quest to get her tattoo removed or disenchanted so important to him. He wanted her to be free, and so far nothing could stand in the way of that, and he didn't expect that to change. Leaning forward a bit he kissed the back of her head. Lightly squeezing on her shoulders a bit before removing his hands from her.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 232d 18h 48m 24s
She did notice he tried to keep his gaze on her face, which was a nice sentiment though, even if her chest wasn't far from her face. His reaction to her request made her smile slightly. It wasn't about turning him into a male, but mostly to tease him cause it was fun.
Hearing he would do it, she smiled softly and waited for him to get settled behind her. Feeling his hands on her, it was a little foreign, but soon she felt herself relax. Slowly she leaned forward so that her chest rested against her drawn up legs. Closing her eyes, she gave a soft content sound. "That feels good," she said softly, taking a deep breath, "You do that well." She could get used to this.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 232d 19h 8m 3s
It wasn't so hard not to look, after all looking at her face was something he enjoyed doing too, and it became much easier after she turned around. As he arrived next to the tub with the soap he rose an eyebrow, wondering if this was a small step in her trying to break him down into what a male should be for her, of course he knew it wasn't since she was clearly just being a tease, which maybe he deserved. "I would not mind at all."He informed her, slipping a smaller something to sit on next to the tub. Why would he pass up an opportunity to be closer with her anyway?
He rolled up his sleeves before lathering his hands with soap. He began to rub it around her back, with a more soothing motion than just washing, clearly taking in how her skin felt, and maybe offering a bit of massage to the tenser parts in her back. Probably something she never experienced honestly..after all who would have washed her back, or even just rubbed it.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 233d 1h 18m 11s
She enjoyed her brand of teasing, perhaps because it came slightly at the expense of others. That and he really didn't seem to mind her teasing so why not continue? Perhaps it was bad that he was giving her so much leeway.
Hearing the question, she rolled her eyes. "Naturally you should not think," she mused, maybe a slight undertone of a chuckle in her voice, "You don't have to close your eyes. Wouldn't be good if you run into something." That would be fairly painful.
When he stepped over to her, it was amusing to watch him. He genuinely seemed to be trying to not look. Somehow it was kind of fun to torture him, even if it meant overcoming a bit of shyness. She turned so her back was to him. "If you want, you can wash my back," she said, curious as to what he would do. Maybe he would actually run back to the bed fearing it was a trap or something.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 233d 10h 7m 48s
She did have her own certain brand of teasing, but he was able to discern what it was fairly quickly enough. He still didn't mind it at all, glad she was adding some humor to her words. After, a small silence he heard her chime in again about the soap. He picked it up and looked over to her, "With my eyes closed? Or am I just obeying the whims of my superior master without question?"He offered, teasing her back once more as he stood and brought the soap over to her. He managed to keep his gaze mostly away from her body, though he was tempted of course, it would be the brightest light he'd seen it in so far, but he kept to himself.
He wasn't stuck inside of his head with these thoughts at the very least, so the night was going much better as for being able to relax.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 233d 11h 14m 19s
"Didn't seem to have worked very well," she replied, again mostly teasing. Somehow teasing was fun, though her kind of teasing seemed to go towards being a little teasing and prickly. Still, he didn't seem to mind so she wasn't about to change it. It was her brand of teasing.
She gave a shrug at what he said, supposing that was mostly fair, even if it disregarded her order. There was a little glee when she saw his face go red at her stretching her leg. Was it such a tantalizing view, she wondered? Still, she did see him rest back onto the bed and she settled back into the bath. "Perhaps," she simply replied to his words. Naturally, she couldn't really say if she looked at peace or not.
Going for the soap, she realized that she had tossed it at him and was thus out of reach for her. "Can you hand me the soap?" she asked, since it now rested next to his head.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 233d 14h 30m 33s
He heard her say that and he offered her a small shrug. "I tried."He stated, not having looked the whole time, and slightly having tried to not to altogether. Hearing her decide to tease him further he offered a small chuckle, enjoying that she seemed to actually get into doing so. Hearing her explanation for what the reason could have been she was so serene he nodded his head a bit. "Either way..I still enjoyed admiring how you looked."He informed her, as she stretched up her leg he felt his face get a little bit red himself before he let his head sit back and stopped watching her so she could have her privacy. "I only really have ever seen you slightly at peace when you were sleeping in.."He told her, never had it been when she was awake, so he hoped she understood where he was coming from, or at least that he seemed to care a good deal enough to notice things like that. With that he mostly just waited his turn for the bath now.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 233d 20h 40m 18s
Whether or not she would have been opposed one would have to see, but as it was right now she was alone in the tub. She supposed she shouldn't have been surprised that he looked over to her, being a guy and all, but oh well.
Hearing his excuse, she gave him a look. "And disregarding a fair dame's request is out of the realm of possibility?" she asked, slightly teasing, partly serious, "I would be saying that too. Probably been looking the entire time." She gave him a look.
Since she was getting better at identifying and understanding teasing and sarcasm, she did realize he was using it, but she couldn't resist this. "I'm glad you know your place and what is beauty," she told him with a hint of a grin on her face. Hearing what he said, she did turn slightly red at the words. "Do I look that serene?" she asked, not even sure she had been, but apparently she had, "It's just a relaxing bath." Lazily she did stretch a leg out of the water for a moment.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 233d 21h 27m 54s
It would have been a close fit, but he wondered if she was as opposed as she made herself sound. Still, in the way he was expecting she did look different when left on her own..and relaxing in the tub. It was hard to explain why he enjoyed seeing her relax so, it just helped him want to get her business attaching her to the underground city she was from sooner, so she could relax like this more of the time.
Once she finally did notice he was looking he felt his face crack into a small smile, even with the soap tossed at him. "I never said I would not do so.."He informed her, which was true enough, she said it. "And I wasn't looking for such a long time..I just couldn't help myself."He chuckled a little bit. Hearing what she said, he slowly nodded his head. "How could I not enjoy such a superior being's features..truly a beautiful spectacle to behold."He might have been teasing back, but he was obviously admiring no matter what he said. "I just...you looked so..serene..I just want to see you that way more often.."He figured he might as well say.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 234d 8h 36m 43s
Perhaps it was the weather why she couldn't stop blushing today. It had to be the weather. It did irk her a little that he seemed to know her so well and that he knew exactly what to say to make her blush like this. Hearing the comment, she looked to him. "There is such a thing as privacy," she replied, feeling like bathing was something different than just being naked, "As if two people could fit into this tub." That would likely be a close fit. She couldn't really say why.
Once she saw that he had laid back and couldn't see anything, she took off her clothes and slid into the tub with a content sigh. A warm bath was something nice. It soothed her muscles and definitely made you feel clean compared to bathing in a river. Relaxing back her head on the edge, she closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying the peace, before sliding under water to get her hair wet. When she came back up she spotted him looking at her. "So much for not looking," she remarked and tossed a bar of soap at him, though not too hard, more playful, "And enjoying the view?" She couldn't help teasing him a little too.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 234d 18h 21m 2s
He thought her words actually sufficed quite well, and was glad she was getting into a more comfortable way to tease him back.
He listened to her once she figured out the bath was just pretty much there and he chuckled a little bit once she told him not to look, goodness her face was red a lot today, he didn't find he minded too much, but he wondered how much it bugged her and if he should stop. "Oh? Something I have not seen yet?"He offered back in a joking manner. "And I was just about to join you.."He teased, but found himself sitting down on the bed before laying back and letting out a breath. It was much more comfy than the ground at any rate, and he couldn't place a time he enjoyed someone's company so much. He wondered what they did now though, did they talk while she bathed, or did he just lay there quietly until it was his turn and vice versa? He left it up to her, since maybe she did want a little bit of time to herself. Though just hearing the sounds was enough to proc his curiosity. Once he was sure she was in the tub and he couldn't see all that much he did find his head had tilted over to look at her, wondering how she would appear if by chance she thought he wouldn't look.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 234d 19h 28m 5s
One might consider that fiercely denying that she enjoyed something was a bad strategy considering that he clearly enjoyed it a lot. However, being the way she was she typically tended to react that way and wasn't about to change that. It could be a long time before that ever changed.
Walking away she was in a way relieved when he followed her and with what he said. It seemed to have worked to get him out of his head. Naturally, this lead to him teasing her which made her blush slightly. "Oh, shut up," she muttered, pouting slightly, "Looks like someone is out of there head again." Maybe it was a small jab at him to get even, but it probably didn't do its job too well.
Once they had bought the things at the store, which wasn't too difficult considering that she ate pretty much anything, they were heading back to their inn room. She simply stowed away the bought things with her other stuff, which wasn't too much, since she really didn't have much to change into. That and she liked her outfit.
The question of a bath made her look to him. "Yeah, sure," she replied without putting much thought into it and then turned to the tub to realize the implications. Her cheeks flushed slightly as she looked from the tub to him. "No looking," she said as she began to fill the tub and slowly began to take off her weapons and then began working on her clothes in general.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 234d 19h 55m 0s
He did so enjoy catching her off balance, and he seemed to enjoy more when she insisted on holding firm against it, really a win-win for him. As she went on he noticed she had just begun more of a habit just contradicting him, which was also kind of amusing. He noticed she grabbed the small bit of cloth cape hanging from him and covered their faces from one side before she leaned up to kiss him. He was surprised she actually did it, and she began to walk away after. He thought on it a few seconds before moving to follow her and slightly chuckling to himself, his face getting a little bit red. "So you do enjoy that.."He pondered slightly, knowing it was either to challenge him or because she wanted to. "Not shy."He also repeated back, potentially slightly teasing, after all she walked around in such clothes that were revealing enough as it was, but acts of affection were a whole other line for her.
Once they arrived at the store they had all sorts of cured meats and fresh things that would last them a good while if they so chose, picking out enough of it was easy enough, as Briza seemed to like to eat most things and he was able to cook enough.
Finally they were back at their room at the inn, he rather enjoyed the last interaction they had here, potentially her first foray into being a little silly to grab his attention, which was so new on the serious drow she typically was. He was able to let off his pack again and put away his weapon, finally in some more relaxing clothes, and he looked to her. "Are you going to bathe first?"He wondered, there wasn't too much to it really, there was a tub in the room, some small scented soaps and a lever that clearly brought in the water, but it was a bit in the open being simple as it was.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 234d 21h 47m 28s
It wasn't as hard to pick up when he was acting a lot different than normal, at least when it came to such things as not talking. That was hard to miss. Hearing the teasing, she felt her face get slightly red. "I'm just asking what's wrong," she pointed out, wondering why he had to be like this sometimes, "You like to think. What were you thinking about?" He did tend to do that and she wondered what could possibly be the reason for it this time. The smile he gave her helped slightly in soothing the feeling.
Him stepping closer made her look up at him, recognizing that feeling from before. "I am not sweet," she replied, mostly out of habit of contradicting him, "And I'm not shy either." Though the flush on her face would bet the to differ. Looking around, there weren't too many people around. With a quick motion of her hand, she pulled his cape up to cover their faces as she got on her toes to kiss him quickly. "Not shy," she repeated before beginning to walk towards the store again.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 235d 16h 55m 3s
Once Briza stopped him and turned him to her he rose his eyebrows slightly surprised. Again, he was pretty surprised, she picked up on how he was acting so easily. "Demanding my feelings? How sweet."He teased a bit, joking of course. Thinking on it though he didn't really know how he should respond, there wasn't anything totally wrong, but he tended to think a lot on what was there. "I am just thinking again."He informed her and let out a small breath, "There's nothing to be done about it."He shrugged a bit, but did offer her a smile in the end, enjoying how she seemed to care. Taking a small step closer to her he looked down into her eyes, a sort of romantic look behind his enjoying her sweetness, "I would kiss you now..if you weren't so shy.."He grinned down at her, "You are quite sweet, Briza." At the very least, his actions were sincere, it wasn't his intent to get her distracted from why they stopped at all, he just did enjoy how sweet she was.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 235d 18h 29m 58s

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