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There was something soothing to him running a hand through her hair and she gave a soft sound at it as her head continued to rest on his shoulder, relaxing into it. "But I still feel like you want me to talk. It's what you do," she replied and by you she meant humans, "Besides, not talking doesn't help either, does it?" Talking was so hard for her.
"Most sounds a lot better than none," she pointed out with a small smile on her lips before shrugging, "How could you know that would happen? I've seen me try to break into a castle to murder someone, kill orks and whatnot. How could you possibly have known I would draw the line at fishing?" It seemed silly that he was even considering this to be his fault when he had only suggested an activity that any normal person would do for fun. She was just that messed up. Sighing, she looked to the sky.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 21h 2m 24s
He shook his head once more, his hand still lightly carding through her hair. "You're not a fish."He lightly teased back at her, still he was wanting to comfort her. "No..I did say you didn't have to talk as well."He informed her really, just content to just try and help her out in any way.He didn't mean to press her for words. Still at the thought of what he might say he was a little lost himself, "I never claimed I had all the answers, just most of them."He said, lightly of course. "I just want to make you feel a little better is all. It's my fault I made you fish like that anyway." Still there was something nice about trying to comfort her, she seemed to enjoy his touching and hugging at least a bit. They must look quite the sight anyway.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 21h 12m 56s
How come peopled wanted to talk when they clearly didn't have an answer either? She didn't quite get it. Sighing, she listened to him and it was nice that he wanted to help her, but at the same time she didn't know what to talk to him about. She shrugged her shoulders. "Tell me I'm not a fish," she mused, not sure what to say.
That was when he wrapped his arms around her and stroked her hair. Smiling softly, she leaned against him slightly. "What am I supposed to say? That I'm apparently a messed up person," she replied with a sigh. She wished she could have some kind of aha moment and tell him that she had found something out that was drastically amazing or something, but nothing.
"And what about you? Anything you want to say?" she asked, wondering if he had something he wanted to share. It wasn't that she was trying to deflect or anything, but she was curious.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1d 16h 14m 18s
He shook his head a little bit, her clear confusion not something he could explain to her any better than she could to herself. Her question just made him shrug, "I can't answer that. I asked because I'm trying to figure out how to make you feel better. So I was just wondering if there was anything we could speak of about this that would make you feel better."He did try his previous thought out as he simply wrapped his arms around her and began to stroke her hair a bit. "You don't have to talk if you don't wish. But if there is anything you do want to say then go ahead.."He supposed he about covered it, he wanted to make progress but he also wanted her to be comfortable with it and come to some realizations herself. At the core of this he really did just want her to be okay.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1d 16h 38m 30s
She wasn't sure if the time alone helped. The time alone more turned into her playing back the things she normally did so she could gather her thoughts more than anything else. She wasn't sure how she should be feeling about projecting onto a fish.
It was something that food was already cooking. She was getting hungry. Him asking that question was one she wasn't sure how to answer. Still, he was already moving to make room so she stood there a moment longer before sitting down next to him. "And now?" she ultimately asked, truly unsure how to start or even explain what she was feeling. What did he want to talk about or how? She truly didn't quite understand how this whole sharing thing worked.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1d 19h 42m 7s
He figured that's what it was anyway, he didn't think it should tell her anything. It was just clear she didn't like the situation she was in and wanted to express it in some fashion, whether that was projecting it on to a fish or anything really. He supposed they could talk more if she wished, but giving her the time alone was what he hoped she would use to gather her thoughts about it.
Once she was back he was already cooking up their meal, looking over to her as she did to him. "Would you like to talk more..?"He asked in reference to how she was feeling, and as well her being a little shaken up over this. It seemed he was very compelled at least to make sure she was was okay. He slid over on the small rock surface he was sitting on so he could make room for her. He wondered if this was one of those times she possibly just needed something as simple as a hug, which he could try.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1d 20h 30m 29s
The thought that she was becoming funny was stange. She didn't know what to make of humor and what it was good for, aside from making him happy apparently. As for the whole fish thing she wasn't sure what to make of it.
Watching him make the fire pit, she grew thoughtful. "So you're saying that I'm connecting the fish to me? And what should this tell me?" she asked confused, unsure what to make of it, "Is it really?" She somehow didn't feel like it was okay, but maybe that was just how she felt.
Hearing the suggestion and him getting up to leave, she sat there for a moment longer before she got up and began to gather firewood. Doing so at the same time, she tracked around the parameter to make sure that everything was okay. It probably took a while before she decided to head back to camp. Stepping back to the fire pit, she dropped the wood before looking up to see if he was back already.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 1d 21h 22m 58s
He wondered if she didn't like the fact that she might be getting some sense of humor. It was entirely possible she just wasn't having a good day today, he looked toward her as they began to fiddle with their things and he began on their firepit. "Well, I'm not trying to say anything. It just seems a little obvious, that your thoughts might have associated some things and that's why you got so upset about the fish. At least it seems so. It's okay."He didn't want her to think it was abnormal or anything, at the very least it made some sense to him now.
He supposed her answer could have only come from her being alone, though he was used to that as well. "We can gather some wood and check our perimeter then."He figured this would be as good an option as any, perhaps she could gather her thoughts without him around. "I'll see you soon." He smiled at her before heading off.
He would return a bit later with his wood and probably start dinner.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 1d 22h 25m 14s
She pouted at him. "If you say so," she replied, not sure if she was catching humor or not, but she supposed that he would know. It wasn't like she was trying to be funny. He seemed to be rubbing off on her.
As they walked and she said that he brow furrowed at him confused. "Why would you want to leash a fish by putting a tattoo...," she began confused before it slowly clicked, "Oh... I suppose... that might be so. What are you saying with that?" She wasn't sure what to do right now and busied herself with her pack for a moment.
She looked up when he asked that. She thought about it. "You mean when I'm alone?" she asked slowly, "I check the parameters near my camp, make sure that no one is around. Then I just eat and stay awake and think about what I have to do soon or mediate. Nothing really exciting. After all, I'm all alone then. What about you?" She shrugged. When you were alone there wasn't much to do.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2d 16h 45m 14s
He chuckled a little bit more at her sarcasm. "Careful I believe you are catching a sense of humor over there."He informed her, for some reason he had always enjoyed her sarcasm in some way. That seemed like exactly the reason she didn't like it and he could tell that much now. It was getting more obvious, "Mm..like say..if I had leashed this fish with something..like a tattoo..and forced it to do things it didn't want to do, like go on land."He glanced over, clearly he got the picture and he assumed she would now too. She could gather wood he really didn't mind, he wasn't thinking that he'd get upset if she didn't want to talk right now. He set down their things near their supplies, setting up a small space for the fish on it's own.
He looked up at her now, having wiped his hands off, he didn't really know how to follow it up, he felt like she was probably a little less restless, but what would she want to do? "So what do you go about doing before nightfall?"
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2d 17h 13m 48s
His chuckle wasn't exactly reassuring, but she wasn't in the right mind to be be upset about it. She did smile to him when he took the rod away from her. She didn't want to touch it anymore.
She rolled her eyes at him. "You are too charming," she told him sarcastically. How was she supposed to explain something she didn't understand herself. "It's...you're forcing the fish to do what you want. Pulling it from the water," she tried to explain, but she had the feeling she wasn't really helping by trying to explain it.
Hearing what he said, she thought on it. It was easy to not want to talk and just have pick up firewood, but that would irritate him. "No..., we can do that later. As you said we have time. We can do whatever else instead." That sounded like a good idea, she supposed.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2d 21h 9m 57s
He supposed she really just didn't know how to explain it to herself, therefore he wouldn't be able to understand her explanation. As she went on he just simply chuckled a little bit to himself, he picked up the fish and took the rod from her, maybe somehow able to sense that she didn't want it. "You are weird. Regardless of whether or not you like fishing."He teased her. "I just want to understand, that's all, don't worry, you're no more strange now."He informed her, of course being as understanding as he usually would be. He shrugged a little bit, "If you would like to gather wood, we do have plenty of time before it even starts to get dark."He told her this being totally up to her. Though he did feel a little more like picking her brain a bit, their passions started in a different way recently, but they had started it all by talking a lot..he supposed he didn't want to lose that.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2d 21h 22m 41s
Sighing, it was clear that he was truly trying to figure out what had gotten her so upset about this fish or this manner of killing it. She couldn't explain it to herself, how was she supposed to explain it to him?
Running a hand through her hair, she looked to him finally. "It's not about being honest or anything like that. It's... about how... Like the forceful pulling from the water like that and just struggling to get back in," she tried to phrase it. It probably didn't make sense, but maybe it had more to do with being forced to do something that the fish didn't want. "Let me guess I'm just weird for reacting to something as random as fishing." Somehow it didn't feel like it was necessarily the whole killing thing, but something else.
Nodding at the suggestion, she got up and looked to the rod. She didn't really want to touch it, but she would carry it." Shall we gather wood in the way back?" she asked as she turned to head back to where they had put their stuff.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2d 21h 39m 22s
His brows furrowed a bit as she looked away. He wondered what she was going on about, still it made no sense to him. There had to be some deeper meaning, but she didn't want to look at him and try to think of what it was. He was really racking his brain to try and find out what it would be. "You'd rather be honest and stab it before it knew what happened? Even if it doesn't really have a brain to begin with."He didn't know what to say. "I feel like there is probably more to this..you feel very specific about something so..well random." After all the amount of killing she was okay with stopping at fish?
"We have more than enough. So. Let's set up camp and we can do whatever we wish to do."He stated, knowing that they had the rest of the day to deal with even if it was almost dinner now.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 2d 22h 6m 55s
It wasn't that she didn't understand that animals, including fish, were meant for eating. She ate them without abprob. But it was something about this that had her hooked in a way that she couldn't really shake. Like something inside her just said it was cruel.
Again he was looking into her eyes and like so often in moment when she suddenly felt exposed she looked away unsure of what to say or do. Had it brought something up? "I don't know," she finally replied lamely, wishing she could say that she had some big story to tell, "Just... Hooking it by tricking it... and then having it struggle to get away... Only to be dragged ashore to never go anywhere..." Maybe there was a deeper meaning to all this that she was rambling on about, but she honestly didn't know how to express it or what to say. All she did know was that she really didn't like fishing.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 2d 22h 46m 45s

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