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Briza supposed it was going well enough. She didn't know, but she was enjoying it and apparently so did he so that was good, she would have to say. Her back straightened slightly at his hands running along her sides, making him have more to touch. Actually feeling his hands on her was a great feeling.
Meeting his tongue when her tongue slipped between his lips was a strange feeling. It felt so strange. Was that how tongues felt? Gently she ran her tongue along his before sort of giving it a playful tap of sorts, trying to figure out the playing bit.
Finally her curiosity did win out and she did lift his shirt up and over his head. Sure, she had seen it before, but she didn't recall having had the time to thoroughly look at him. He was definitely well built and muscular as was expected, but it was still impressive. "You're very well built," she finally said, flushing slightly as her hands slowly ran once from his shoulders down to his torso. Leaning back in, she kissed him again, not really wanting to lose that connection.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 4d 52m 50s
It seemed to be going well enough for the two of them, and it was certainly carrying on for while between them while they kissed like they did, things getting heated between them. Her just taking her time seemingly to feel out how she should proceed or just to enjoy herself, either answer was fine with him since he was basically doing the same thing himself. His hands gently just caressed along her sides and some exposed parts of her leg, naturally feeling a little more sensual between them.
He was in a small sort of way just proud that she was taking some steps on her own, even if his influence and willingness simply helped her along to doing so. It might even be a little contrary to how she was on the outside, coming through to how she actually might be underneath her rough exterior.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 4d 6h 24m 52s
She honestly didn't have a clue what she was doing. Maybe it was partially his infectious way of being that helped her through this. He was responding in a gentle, encouraging way and not completely running her over with everything at once. But then again he hadn't really done anything yet either so maybe that was why.
Him mimicking her movements was strange, but at the same time a little welcoming. It made their tongues meet and it was a curious feeling to feel it with her own. Since it left a small gap between his lips she gently began to slip her tongue in.
Her hands continued their wandering, not pushing his shirt up just yet, but going up far enough to get a good feel of his chest. His breath seemed to be getting hotter and heavier, or was that just what she thought? It was interesting that this despite not being full on anything that it did feel pretty good.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 25d 12h 23m 45s
He enjoyed this a lot, her becoming more adventurous with these things. Feeling her tongue he responded the same way, even if it was in a gentle manner like she seemed to be doing,mimicking her was fine with him. She even seemed to respond to his touch as well, arching towards him, her hand exploring under his shirt. She certainly seemed to know even just on instinct what she was doing, even if she didn't think she knew anyway. Though he wasn't sure exactly what her caution or hesitance was, it was seemingly leaving her now, steadily. He was feeling this inner joy of sorts, his heart being fuzzy all the sudden, thumping loud. This was pretty exciting, even with them just kissing and holding each other this way, touching in the small ways too. His breath definitely began to feel a little hotter.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 25d 12h 35m 48s
The fun definitely wasn't lost on her, still the logical part in her still said it would have been easier to just walk. She couldn't explain why being in the enclosed tent helped with this situation. Maybe because now she didn't have to fear an enemy attack or something like that.
Him kissing back in that way was amazing and she was happy like this. Feeling his hands run along her side and back, she felt herself arch and straighten slightly so she could feel more of his hands on her. Maybe a bit bold she let her tongue come out to gently lick his lips softly, almost asking for entrance.
If he did tease her, she wouldn't be able to stop blushing for the rest of the day. Her one hand stayed in his hair, running through it, while the other slowly began to run down his chest, feeling him through his shirt before reaching the edge. Cautiously and curiously, she found her hand slowly moving back up, this time under his shirt.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 27d 23h 43m 9s
Sure, they could have got up and moved, he just hoped the fun of situation wasn't lost on her. She did seem to come a little bit more alive at the closeness of the tent around them. He liked the way she kissed him, it seemed to get easier for the two of them to do so in a manner that they both enjoyed. He responded with tenderness in kind and affection, his hands running along her sides and up her back as she played with his hair. Maybe she was a quick learner, at least it seemed that way to him.
She did know he'd follow along with whatever pace she wanted to set, even if she was clearly getting more curious about what happened after. He wondered if he shouldn't exactly call out her false confidence and let her tease about afterward, but he couldn't help it, he enjoyed making her turn red to some extent.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 28d 3h 47m 46s
It was easier when her body took over. It just seemed to know what to do and she only had to think a little on what she was doing. It was an interesting feeling to have his hands move under her legs.
When he suddenly began to shuffle them to the tent her arms around him definitely tightened, fearing she might fall off otherwise, giving a small sound of surprise. It was quite the weird antics. "We could have just gotten up and walked to the tent," she pointed out, not sure why he had decided to do it like this, before chuckling, "We have."
Feeling his lips on hers again, she kissed him back happily and just as tenderly. Being inside the tent helped a little with the exposedness of the situation. Continuing to kiss him, her hand moved to his hair, running through it, since she remembered that he had enjoyed that before.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 39d 16h 35m 37s
It was always a little silly how she seemed to more than she thought she did. Her body would obviously take over at some point, and pulling him closer, straddling him, were natural things of course, even if she did think about it. He continued their kiss for a moment, not missing her joke though, he did sort of let his hands wander down to under her legs, to pull her along as he shuffled them into the tent. It wasn't exactly the easiest thing to do which is why upon reaching the tent the kiss was broken as he stumbled back and she remained seated on him. He let out a small chuckle though, "Hm..I think we've been in this position before."He mentioned, which they certainly had. Though this time he did sit back up to meet her lips again, a little more tenderly. The tent being the shelter they might have desired, the flames from the fire making shadows on the tent to improve the atmosphere even.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 39d 16h 47m 8s
These were the things a male would never have dreamed of doing to a female in her world. They would have been killed or at the very least beaten for insolence. But with him it was strangely attractive and nice.
Sitting on his lap was actually kind of nice, or at the very least it felt strangely relaxing and comfortable. She couldn't help a small chuckle. "Natural, because we're out in the middle of nature," she mused softly, wondering if that had been intended as a joke, "What do you mean?" She didn't get the face part, but that was before he kissed her.
Kissing him back, it was definitely nice like this. Her arms drew him closer to her ever so slightly, since that was she felt was supposed to happen. Her legs moved to straddle him, so that it was more comfortable on his lap.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 39d 17h 2m 57s
It wasn't like they had really disagreed at all, even though they both sounded like they were, which was a little funny in itself. It was no longer too awkward of a position. Now she was sitting on him and he was holding her and she was holding him. The closeness was welcome in his mind. "It is a little obvious isn't it...? Go with the natural flow..?"He told her, his eyes now looking down into her's. Though he did want to poke at her a little, "It certainly cleared up your face for the moment.."He leaned in anyway, kissing her lips, what else would they do now that they were this close anyway? It might be the perfect little break from all their 'serious talk'. Still it was nice to have talked over what they did. By some token he did feel a lot closer with her now.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 39d 17h 10m 48s
Him teasing her about her skin flushing only made her more aware of it, which caused her to blush even more instead of the opposite effect, which she had been hoping for.
His question was valid, but she shrugged. "Not in the sense which I mean. You realized you were doing something wrong. You can't compare that," she pointed out, "Fine, then we'll just accept that we both accept each other, even if we don't understand why the other does." That seemed like the best way to summarize it.
She honestly didn't understand his humor. It was weird at times. "I never said I didn't have fun," she replied. That was just before he suddenly pulled on her hand so that she nearly toppled over, only catching herself with her other as he put her hand around his neck. It was an awkward position and she flushed greatly. Feeling his arms around her, she moved her other arm also around his neck. "And now?" she asked softly, her voice mostly just a whisper, looking into his eyes, trying to understand what he was doing.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 39d 17h 24m 48s
He could tell she was blushing after he mentioned it, but he let a small amused chuckle come out, "Just teasing. It's a little entertaining to see that skin of yours a little bit tinted."He informed her. He offered her a small shrug, "Aren't I a killer..?"He offered back, maybe not in the way she meant, but to some extent he still believed he was. He had just become what he was today. "Anyway..the point was..you seem to accept me, and I seem to accept you as well.."Maybe he should just be more literal.
Once she mentioned she still didn't get his humor he shook his head a little bit, "Oh..admit it already Briza..you have a little fun yourself."He smiled at her, just being a little bright. Still, he wondered what kind of moves she would appreciate. His hand pulled her's around his neck, his arms catching her as she basically landed close to him, their faces close anyway, she was basically in his lap.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 39d 17h 53m 29s
It was strange to have someone that was listening to her as intently as he was. She didn't think anyone had listened to her like this before.
Him teasing her only made her flush more. "I never said I did do anything. I'm just saying that it's the way it is in my world. Don't be so daft," she told him, blushing greatly. His point didn't really seem like a point for her. "You make it sound like you are such a terrible person to be around. You don't have the reputation of being a killer or a thief," she pointed out, not really getting his point.
She smiled softly at feeling him take her hand as well as the words he said. "Only rocky? I tried to kill you, you know, or at least threatened to on several occasions, but I was in pain, so it could have been more, not sure," she told him before smiling softly, "You enjoy my company and you have fun. I enjoy your company too, though I still don't understand your humor." At least most of the time.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 39d 18h 10m 29s
He listened to her go on, he was glad she knew he was just joking now. He looked at her curiously and listened as intently as he could to her. A part of him was just feeling like he was a bit happy just to have her to listen to. Still the tone was shifting to a learning one, but they did learn somethings about each other already, he simply smiled feeling like he should change the tone a little bit. "Oh? That's what you're used to..milady I was lead to believe you hadn't done anything before.."He was teasing a little bit, but he knew the opposite was true. "I don't know where you get this impression I won't accept you..I've learned a great deal about you..and you've learned even more about me...yet here you still are."He told her, figuring it was a very poignant point to make. His hand moved over to hold her's, "So far..I do enjoy having your company..no matter how rocky the start might have been.It's not exactly something I've experienced before either..travelling with someone wanting to help them for..not much other reason than wanting to..and having fun I suppose?"
  Willoth / Willofiam / 39d 18h 31m 10s
She wasn't sure what to think of him calling her cute. Naturally, it was flattering, but at the same time so crazy to think someone called her cute. Still, she smiled softly at him nodding. Hearing that he wouldn't reject more, she wasn't sure if that was an invitation to do more or not. Though doing anything more outside in the middle of nowhere might not be the best idea either.
So he had been kidding. She wasn't sure why she was so relieved to hear that. Maybe because he was so different from her people and the thought of that suddenly changing was awkward. "They are. They do what the females want them to do. That's their job," she told him truthfully, not sure what else to tell him. The last part that he said made her blush return as furiously as it had before. What was she supposed to say to that? "I do," she finally replied, "It's... different from what I'm used to." Maybe because she finally felt that it made it more mutual and not just because he had to.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 39d 18h 42m 41s

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