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Hearing him call her arrogant, she poured. "I am not arrogant," she replied, crossing her arms in front of her. It was hard to let go of a perception that you had had for many many years, that had been drilled into you. She applied it without really thinking on it. She gave a shrug at the healing part. He didn't have to believe her, but it would make sense that it was the case.
She gave him a look at what he said. It was so clearly goading her and at the same time she wanted to reply. In the end her arrogance won out. "You would be right in assuming that I could learn it. I would happily prove that to you at any time," she told him with a confident note in her voice. Listening to him go on, she gave him another look. This time she kept her mouth shut, though the gaze should tell him that she thought they were at least equals, if not more.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 16d 18h 25m 49s
"I did not quite understand you were this arrogant about things."He said, though he wore a grin on his face. All in all, she still held true that humans were just altogether some sort of inferior it seemed. "I suppose I would have to take your word that drow heal better than human's do."He shrugged, though their skin was the same, their bones were the same, the only reason they might heal faster would be sitting still, which she already wasn't the best at it seemed, so that put her right back to normal, not that he personally knew that, he still assumed. "Far be it from me to offer you mail, to keep you from any injuries that may occur. I did not know you couldn't learn to walk quietly with it on, my understanding was that you could do everything, and in a much superior fashion than most."He knew he was prodding the ego she liked to hold against her, in a way trapping her with her own sorts of words. "If you want to assume you are better at swordsmanship than me as well, well then I cannot stop you from doing that either." Though so far he had been arming her better, now that she had one balanced blade at least, the other he had no clue about, it could be from some orc it could be an old schimitar that might not have been sharpened until today. However, she had only really seen him kill some orcs before, what he could really do with all the training he had hadn't begun to present itself in that situation. Drow went through rigorous training as well, that much was clear from the one or two he met, but at no point did he ever mention if he had or had not fought them before.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 17d 15h 57m 27s
"But I heal far better than humans do," she pointed, which was true, considering that now human would have survived been riddled with arrows, "I know what mail is and when you weigh what I way it makes a difference compared to you." What the mail weighed was percentage wise a lot heavier.
She rolled her eyes at the comment, ignoring it. What a stupid comment. Even if the comment of beautiful was made it being coupled with the rest of the sentences it didn't do much. "And I would kill anyone who tried," she replied with a shrug.
Tilting her hand back and forth, she shrugged at that comment. "You are not slow compared to humans, no, but by no means are you drow fast. As for quiet, you are no mouse, but yes for what you wear you are quite quiet," she agreed. He was quiet enough, but would fail miserably when it came to drow with their sensitive hearing.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 37d 17h 2m 34s
He shook his head a little bit. "Your skin isn't any sturdier than a human's."He informed her, still wondering why she so denied everything he said. "No mail is not as heavy at all, and it does offer protection. You must be thinking of plate or pieces of armor entirely."He let out a small breath, it was a bit odd having to explain armor. Listening to her about it he chuckled a little bit, "That much..so you do enjoy getting looked at?"He teased, knowing it did happen whether she believed it or not. "I think we are already quite aware that not all the men in the village wish to kill you so much as.."Well he didn't really need to go on anyway. "You already know..even if your skin is a different color you are quite..quite beautiful."He informed her, feeling his face turn a little red for some reason. Still it seemed some things were harder to convince her of anyway, "Even if it were any amount heavier it is something you get used to, you would be stronger for it."He thought on it a little bit. "I wear a vest of mail and I wear armor, you have witnessed me in combat already, I was not slow..nor very loud."They did launch a sneak attack on some orcs after all.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 38d 25m 27s
"And that is heavy too," she replied with a shrug, "So I have the choice between having one of a light metal that won't protect me or one that is heavy, but will slow me down significantly. Good options." She gave a smug smile before it turned into a scowl when he mentioned being shot. "Very funny," she remarked dryly. She didn't feel like getting into an argument about odds and whatnot.
Hearing that he wouldn't mind going shopping with her, she arched a brow. "And here I thought it was even a trope with your people that men do not enjoy shopping with women," she mused, looking to him, "I chose it so I must like it."
When he suddenly grew serious her brow furrowed as she watched his hand trace the scar on her stomach. "I'm a drow. I don't die that easily," she pointed out, though it was much softer than the adamant denial that she typically used. The last part made her roll her eyes. "I don't get gawked at that much," she replied with a roll of her eyes. He acted like entire battalions were turning around after her.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 38d 8h 11m 22s
He shook his head at her argument, almost wanting to chuckle. "They make mail for women too you know.."He stated and thought on it more, "Sometimes they are a bit heavier, but that is depending on what metal it is made with, they come in vests or shirts, and not all of them are heavy. Besides there's nothing wrong with a heavy metal, it protects you better, in case you are hit. Or [i shot]."He had her there, considering they met when she was riddled with arrows.
After she had mentioned it, he offered her another small shrug, "I suppose I would not mind going to shop with you." Though to her last statement he shook his head a little bit. "I would hope you like it, being all that you wear."he chuckled a little bit, teasing. Though his face did get a little bit more serious as he let his hand reach out to lightly trace along the small lighter line left on her stomach, "But I worry for you as well.."He offered, that being one of her arrow scars. He let out a small cough pulling his hand back a bit. "Anyway, I am not able to tell if you enjoy being gawked over or you enjoy only wearing such clothes."He grinned, back to teasing her.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 38d 17h 12m 5s
It was an odd point to make, at least to her. She had never really thought of more protection or getting more clothes for the sake of simply changing them. "Chainmail? Aside from the fact that it is rather easy to penetrate them, making them useless, they are needlessly heavy. I find protection simply restricts the movement or in the worst case slows you down," she pointed out, not really believing in protection, but that might be a drow thing, "As for when I wash, I do have a cloak." It wasn't like she sat at a river stark naked to wash her clothes. Even if she was attacked during such a thing, it would be the last thing on her mind to cover herself as her assailants would be too dead to ever tell anyone.
She gave a shrug. "I had nothing better to do," she replied, coyly. What would they do now? Listening to him speak, she looked to him. "Is this your way of saying that you want to go shopping with me?" she asked, slightly amused at the prospect, "I do have a cloak for the cold." It was often just a blanket though, as she didn't really wear it.
His last point made her frown. "Who is to say I don't dress this way because I like to?" she inquired, giving him a pointed look. She did enjoy dressing this way and honestly couldn't imagine running around covered up like human women.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 42d 9h 5m 42s
"It's just good to have extra. You could do with more protection, at least some underarmor, chainmail, something..and you have to maintain just those clothes rather often i imagine. It would be nice to be able to do so while in other clothing."He shrugged a bit. She was just more vulnerable the way she was currently. "I was not aware me getting dressed was so fascinating."He teased, sitting down next to her now. Finally they didn't have anything more to do for the day. Aside from talking, he did wonder what they would do now though. He did have a fair point though, she would get less injured with more protection, and he was sure it was not as easy to find complete seclusion and a place to wash her clothes while being naked, having nothing else to get into. He shrugged once more, "It is just one of those things, if we went someplace that sold clothing you might find something you like. And besides that if we continue heading away from where a presumed entrance to your home is, whether we take care of the tattoo or not, it's going to get much colder. Even you would freeze." Of course he would let her use some of his things at that point, a cloak maybe, but clothing was important. "Not everything is about looks all of the time."He figured he should point out, knowing she didn't know otherwise.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 42d 16h 50m 46s
It wasn't that she needed privacy while dressing, it was just nicer to feel like you could take a bath without being oogled, not that it was a terrible offense, but it was nice to relax. Once she was in her clothes she sat down on the bed and did let her eyes wander slightly over to him, watching as he dressed.
The remark made her tilt her head. "I don't. Is that a problem?" she asked, confused what the point of this comment was. She didn't really get cold and those clothes were comfy. Sure, it wasn't much armor, but drow were pretty resilient and thus armor was not that important. She had never really missed any other clothes. "Or are you disturbed by my lack of clothes?" she questioned, trying to figure out what he meant.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 42d 17h 41m 8s
Once he had his towel he stepped out of the bath and began to dry off, figuring he'd keep doing so until she was actually dressed, after all she needed 'privacy' to put on what little clothes she had. That did bring him to another question though. He also began to get dressed, probably with her having nothing to do now more susceptible to her eyeing him than she had been, though he really wouldn't mind too much he supposed. He wore a red undershirt now and normal enough pants, obviously not going to sleep in his armor. "You don't have a very large variety of clothing.."He noticed, essentially figuring she had her pants, armor, and bra.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 43d 4h 45m 44s
She couldn't help find it amusing how he reacted to her statement. She supposed it wasn't a nice comparisons, but it was the truth, was it not? Hearing the question, she wondered how to explain it. "Well... Nice... Caring and such," she tried to explain. Though the more she thought on it, it was clear that servants only acted like that because they were scared of the serving class and being killed.
When he thanked her she nodded and stepped back, so that he had space to finish his bath. Hearing the request, she nodded. "Sure," she replied and grabbed one from the pile before handing it to him. She meanwhile had finished drying herself and began to head for her clothes to slip into them. Her hair was still damp, but it shouldn't take a long time before that was dry as well.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 43d 9h 32m 0s
Well he knew it was silly in the end, but it wasn't like it was a good thing to say either. Her being amused clearly brought his face a little more redness. He didn't really know how to respond to her now. "Attributes?" He wondered aloud to her, not knowing what that might mean. Still he let out a slight puff of air now. "Thank you for washing my back." Even if it was only as payback, she didn't actually have to do it and she was. It felt nicer than he thought it would, granted he had given her a massage of sorts he didn't expect to get one in return, it still felt nice. He was pretty much finished in the bath by this time as it was though. "Would you get me a towel?"He asked her, realizing they weren't near him.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 43d 11h 12m 55s
Confused she arched a brow at how vehement he denied that he was her servant. It was rare that he seemed so cross about it and she wondered what made it so bad. He did have some tributes of a servant, which was very likely due to the fact that servants were usually kind.
"I never said that you were a servant," she pointed out, confused why he reacted like that, "I said you had attributes of them." She gave a shrug as she kept washing his back. She tilted her head, trying to figure him out. "Was that such a bad thing to say?" she asked, slightly amused and couldn't help a chuckle and splashed some water at his back.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 43d 16h 29m 5s
This was certainly a new aspect to things, if she was seeing him as a servant. He actually was a little dumbfounded, wasn't it kind of a big deal? The way they acted.. sometimes was that how a drow's servant would? Her washing his back wasn't all that enjoyable at this point now. "I am not your servant." He iterated not knowing how else to broach the topic anymore. It seemed she had a way under his skin now if she wanted it, as silly as a point it was to make. After all, a lot of the things he did weren't servant like, but those all seemed to slip his mind now that it had been brought up. His face turned slightly red at the weak defense, so she definitely had him on the back foot now.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 43d 18h 41s
She paused to think on that. Was he? "You definitely do things a servant would do," she pointed out, knowing she was using a grey area of sorts. At least in her culture he was too kind to be upper class.
Listening to what he said as he continued, she tilted her head. It honestly didn't sound like he wanted her to stop or anything. Though he definitely sounded a little frustrated or something. Either way he has done it für her so why shouldn't she do it for him?
Staying on the stool, she didn't drop the soap, but instead leaned over to lather up his back. It likely wasn't as well done as him nor as much of a massaging element as he did but she did try, even if she did feel like a servant slightly. Still, seeing his back like this was interesting in its own way.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 43d 18h 56m 14s

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