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It was kind of nice to be in a room after so much traveling. It wasn't that she needed it, but once in a blue moon it was nice to have some comfort around you. She looked over to him when he sat down and they began to eat. Food not prepared by themselves was something nice as well. Hearing what he said about mages, she gave a shrug. "You never know," she replied, still the idea of being a guinea pig to the mages being something she was not overly affectionate about.
For obvious reasons she wasn't too hungry and ate a bit, but when he was done she ended her meal as well. "Very well," she replied with a nod as she got up to grab her own weapon, "Ready." She locked their room before making their way downstairs and outside. The weather was actually really nice, sunny, but not too warm.
Looking around the street, she spotted the blacksmith a bit further down. In his window he had a nice variety of weapons. "At least it looks like he is good at his craft," she said before moving inside.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 54d 11h 27m 41s
It seemed that she was easy to prod, which was fun sometimes. He supposed by all accounts he shouldn't be focusing on the future, now was just as important anyway, and she had enough to worry about. He walked over and sat down as well, at the very least being in the inn room and being in more relaxed clothes was a relief. He began to eat as well and he looked at her as she worried further about the mages. "I know they are not all that great, but still I doubt they would be very similar to mages you know from your own culture."He doubted also that it would be a great comfort to hear that either.
He ate his food quickly enough and looked out of the window, "I'm sure we will have time enough to get to the blacksmith and leisurely enjoy a meal."He offered to her, which they really were able to do, but now that they were about to go to the blacksmith he picked up his sword as well, strapping it on his belt. "Ready to go?" Perhaps weapons would keep her mind off of mages.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 54d 18h 43m 34s
It was true that it was unlikely that anyone heard him, but it was still awkward and embarrassing to hear him speak it allowed. She clearly remembered that time. Kind of hard not to.
He definitely got into his head a lot. At least she thought so she noticed it quite a few times. That he really thought of her the entire time she doubted, since it was clear he loved to simply tease her. Hearing what he said, she blushed slightly, though tilted her head so it cuddled against is hand. "I swear I will figure out a way to stop blushing every time you say stuff like that," she muttered, wishing a little that he didn't have that power over her. The thought of him yelling it about the streets made her hit him in the side of the leg with her fist, not that that actually hurt him, though didn't speak, knowing that he wouldn't do something like that.
Him teasing her again made her pout as she stood up, moving over to grab his money belt to take some coins from it. As the inn owner already knew what she was and that she was here she saw no reason she couldn't do that. Still, she opened the door carefully to see one of the servers from downstairs. Taking the tray of food, she paid and closed the door again. She sat down on the bed and placed the food between them. "Eat up," she said, taking a piece of bread for herself, "It starts tomorrow..." Her thoughts were still on the mages.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 91d 8h 5m 47s
Her reaction to what he said was a little priceless, as if anyone had really been listening to them. It was a little sad to see her get so many looks just for being a drow, surely more than a handful were around, but not much more. Still he could only chuckle to himself as he apparently embarrassed her by just speaking. Once they were back in the room he had clearly gotten lost in his head once more, did he do that often? He couldn't really tell since he was the one losing himself in the thoughts. As he looked down to her eyes, something he was glad she began to do on her own, something she used to not believe mattered. His hand raised up and stroked her cheek for a moment. "Oh..you know..just how adorable you become at the mention of something indecent."He chuckled to himself, clearly pleased with how red he made her earlier. "I do believe I didn't go about yelling it around town..still..maybe I should."He teased more, more to her level anyway, she obviously would assume he wouldn't do something like that. There was a knock on the door and he narrowed his eyes slightly,"Oh no...our food has arrived and here you are in such a position..shall I tell them to come in?"He grinned down at her. At the very least, he didn't try to actively lie, he'd just rather talk about these less serious and fun things than the more serious things going through his head. He couldn't regret meeting her at this point, and he was sure he wouldn't regret helping her either, but did he seem crazy for doing so for someone he's traveled with for such a short length? Granted all they have had time to do was talk.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 91d 10h 35m 5s
When he said that she looked to him confused, clearly not understanding the innuendo. He didn't pay for her or anything so she could hardly be considered a lady of any sort to follow a lord. It became very apparent when she realized what he meant as her face turned a shade of red that it had never before taken. "Are you... Are you insane?" she stammered and clapped a hand over his mouth, clearly him speaking about such things in public was too much for her.
When she was sure he would say more about the topic, she released his mouth and continued to follow him to the inn, trying to ignore the gaze of the town's people. "That's good," she replied with a nod, liking the idea that she wouldn't have to go to a public bath.
She pouted at the jab about her weapons. "We're not going to run across any new ones any time soon. Besides, I have done that before and I'm not taking your money for it," she retorted stubbornly. By now he should know that she didn't like him spending money on her. She probably couldn't get the best service with the money she had, but it would be good enough hopefully.
Once in the room, she too dropped her bag on the bed as she inspected the room as she often did. It wasn't quite as manic as before, but it was a routine. When that was taken care of she looked to him to see him in thought. Feeling like teasing slightly, she moved to her knees to kneel in front of him, resting her head on his lap as she looked up at him with her blue eyes. "What are you thinking of?" she asked, "Should we get going? The blacksmith might still be open and then go for some food." She could always bath in the evening or the morning.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 128d 3h 48m 26s
He did begin to see opportunities to tease her now a small grin forming on his face. "On the contrary, I made you a lady did I not? A maiden you are no longer." He perhaps gave her a certain sultry look as he said this, seeming to be unable to relent today. He walked towards an inn and looked o her. "Well you'll be happy to know then, there are tubs in the rooms."He supposed that would take care of a lot of her issue with being out and around in human places. Though he looked at her and rose an eyebrow. "Oh? You'd like your weapons taken care of? No longer just going to pluck the next pointiest thing off whoever you can find?"He wondered what sparked it, when he offered to get her proper weapons she refused, but she would manage the ones she owned now apparently. He knew she didn't like accepting things from him, but he didn't know where the line was really drawn.
Proceeding into the inn he got them a room and found it for them, dropping off his pack and some gear he didn't want to tote around the city. He let out a small breath as he sat down. Thinking on things he wondered how she would act after she had control over her own life, what she'd do or where she would want to go. He figured he would be somewhat involved, however he still had no idea how much of a future she looked to with him in it or if she even did. Was he wrong to wonder? Did he feel too strongly? He couldn't tell.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 128d 4h 13m 35s
In a way it had sort of become a ritual of sorts. He would make her blush and pout only to point it out and tease her about it. It was a strange back and forth that the two had created.
Hearing him use that tone, she nudged him with her elbow. "Stop that. That just sounds weird. I hardly qualify as a lady," she replied, not sure what to make of that, "I just thought it might be nice for you to live with your people for a bit."
The village was nicer than she had expected, but in a way that was a good surprise. She still didn't feel comfortable with being around humans, but it was better than last time. "Yeah, a room and food. I would like a bath and maybe someone can look at my weapons," she answered with a shrug, having an urge for very sharp weapons after meeting the mages, "We can only stay a night and then go back to camping. I imagine it isn't cheap to stay at an inn for so long." She supposed they would figure it out, but surely he would enjoy a real bed for a day or two.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 138d 5h 38s
It was yet another thing that she insisted on denying, and pouting over. He never imagined they would reach such a point when they were first together, but it happened. As she chose to go to the village he was genuinely a bit surprised. He looked over to her and rose an eyebrow. "My lady, are you certain?"He said in a rather cutesy and sarcastic tone. "You know my furs are just as comfortable as any bed, whether they lay on the ground or not. I suppose it would save cooking a meal and such though."He agreed and began to head in the direction of the village. It wasn't too long of a walk like he said, the village seemed different than the last one in the way it was set up, the inn a little nicer perhaps, as well as the baths, probably just due to the traffic of people that came through.
"Should get us a room then I assume? Perhaps some food. Anything you can think of to take care of?"He asked her.
  Willoth / Willofiam / 138d 5h 26m 21s
Him mentioning her blush did nothing, but make her blush more. "I don't blush easily," she retorted, though perhaps the hint of a pout crossing her lips. Still, it was clear that he was more than happy to spend the money and she knew that he didn't really spend much as it was. At least from the traveling they did together, he hadn't spent much money at all. Plus there was the story of what happened while he was in command.
When it came to magic, she would admit she understood drow magic, but couldn't say how well that translated to mage magic. Were they similar? She supposed she would find out, though she sure as hell would be keeping an eye on everything.
With the appointment made they walked out of the college, she would admit there was some relief to that. Her spin still tingled as she looked back at the opulent building. The options were both fine with her as she thought on them. "I suppose we can go to the village. Surely, you don't want to sleep on the ground again for who knows how long," she replied, since they had no idea how long this would take. That and it would be nice to take a proper bath and some real food.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 142d 6h 13m 41s
He chuckled a bit before rolling his eyes. "I would not have said so if your proud drow face didn't flush with red so easily."He informed her, and hearing her agree to his terms made him continue to smile. It wasn't like he spent money on very many things, she probably realized as much now, he kept his things maintained, and as far as she knew he just kept traveling around taking up bounties or contracts that seemed to help locals. As she may recall the self-imposed atonement for his years spent commanding and potentially killing.
Seeing her face lighten slightly at the mention of his presence during all of this made him feel glad. He could only imagine what was going to have to happen, he didn't have a very strong grasp on the magic's in the world, that is a territory she might be able to be more familiar with than him. He nodded to her once more as he began to walk out of the current establishment. He informed the man that they would pay the fee and to set up their 'appointment' for tomorrow. The rest of the evening would be their's however they wished to go about it. Once they were back outside the college grounds he looked to her, "There is always the village that is about a half of an hour away, or if you would wish we can simply go further into the woods and find somewhere to make camp."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 142d 7h 34m 1s
When he stepped closer and cupped her chin, she felt her face flush slightly before his words made her pout more. "I am not adorable," she replied, again becoming more childish.
Hearing the options he gave her, she furrowed her brow thoughtfully. Neither was something she wanted to do. "I am not calling you lord," she told him before sighing, "Fine... I'll try to forget." To note was the try, because she wasn't sure she could forget this.
Naturally, she was not thrilled about staying here and the thought of being in a magic circle was even worse. Her arms wrapped around herself, trying to figure out what to do. Still, hearing he would be there made her smile softly. "Really?" she asked softly before looking around, "So I suppose we should find a place to sleep?" She had no idea when they would need her next.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 177d 8h 14m 16s
He shook his head a bit at her pouting, and since they were alone, cupped her chin in his hand, "How adorable."He teased, moving his hand back down now. Hearing what she said he still disagreed. "I know what you would rather do, then I suppose you can repay me by forgetting you were ever indebted to me in the first place. Or..you can walk around calling me 'My lord'."He figured he could tease her all he wanted about this current thing.
Her last question though he did nod his head towards her, "We will..and you'll probably be..put through some magical circle and such after the wait..I dunno I'm not a mage."He informed her, though that was obvious. "I'll be with you though, for every step of the way."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 177d 9h 10m 1s
She had never seen it as necessary to ask him how much money he had and how long he had been gone. Truthfully, it felt like he hadn't wanted to talk about it and hadn't pressed the matter. Perhaps though she had simply misunderstood his demeanor. It wouldn't have been the first time.
Him crossing his arms she was prepared to argue with him when he smiled. What he said made her pout. "I never asked you to save my life," she pointed out, crossing her arms in front of her, clearly becoming a little child again.
What he said made her tilt her head. She clearly didn't understand and shook her head. "No, I owe you," she repeated stubbornly, "I would rather be indebted to you than them." Now the question was what they would do. "So... I guess we are stuck here for a bit?" she inquired softly. She clearly didn't want to stay here.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 209d 8h 32m 3s
He looked at her curiously and shook his head a little bit. It wasn't hard for him, she never asked how long he'd been gone, nor could he have answered, however it was long enough he knew that he had accrued a bit of money. After all, his expenses weren't very many and he did often do a job to help or more, in a lot of places. He crossed his arms as she continued to go on, though when her final line left her mouth, his mouth cracked into a smile and he began to chuckle a bit. "Oh? Oh really? You'd be in my debt for this but..not for your life?" After all, he had certainly saved her, but it wasn't like he held that against her either. "I would do it for you simply because, you can accept that. And I don't expect you to owe me anything."He looked at her curiously, "I would rather you have your freedom."He scratched the back of his head a little bit. "I won't have you indebted to people you don't want to be..much less myself."
  Willoth / Willofiam / 209d 8h 48m 5s
How was she supposed to see that kind of money for her as justified? After all, that amount was huge and she was but a drow. No one would miss her, if she did disappear. "It's a lot of money," she replied firmly, knowing at least that much, even if not the exact amount.
What he said though made her pause. No one in their right mind would spend that kind of money on her. "Are you saying that you have that kind of money?" she inquired slowly before look to him, "Why would you spend that kind of money on me?" If that was the case, she had not realized how wealthy he was. Sure, he had said he was somehow royal, but that didn't have to mean anything. Even more so, if he did have it, why spend it on her.
There was a long, very long pause as she tried to figure out what to say and do. Slowly she seemed to come to a decision. "If you do that, then I am in your debt," she told him. She didn't want to receive that money for free nor make him feel like she was using him.
  Briza / Hoshizora / 209d 11h 54m 58s

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