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[center [size10 a place for me to write. nothing more than that.]]


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[size10 I wish I would've written more for these two. It's still a little hard, when only one is your oc and the other is just -- your ocs companion that you somehow have no control over ;o
despite having thought her up.
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[merriweather [center [size18 PICTURES OF YOU]

" This is my story. From where it all began, to where I am now. It's not that unique of a story, but it's mine, and it was hard for me to live through. For just this once, I want to share. To talk about my story. Because .. "

" It made me, me. "

- - - - -


Growing up, I was one of the few goth kids roaming around the hell hole that was South Park. Everyone hated it, but no one besides us would admit it. I dreamed of leaving South Park, no matter what I had to do. As I grew older, that changed somewhat, as it often does when we grow. I wasn't willing to do a lot of things, but there was one thing I was willing to do, that normally I wouldn't: I'd befriend someone I once considered an enemy. Although, perhaps ... I still do.

Either way, this is where it all started: the day I chose to befriend Mike Makowski. I know, I know. It's so unlike me, but I was desperate. I just wanted a bit of freedom, and to escape South Park, even if only for a while.

You see, Makowski knew how to drive. He'd just gotten his license, and loved flaunting his car around. He'd drive the other Vamps to school, while Michael, Henrietta, Firkle, and I all walked. Michael would always scoff and claim that driving was dumb, but me? I just loved the thought of being able to leave South Park behind. So, one day, I just decided to talk to Makowski. It was hard and awkward. He laughed when I first talked to him. Nearly made fun of me too. But something in him must have pitied me, because later in the week, he decided to take me Denver. We went to the mall, and I hated it, but it was out of South Park.

After that first time, hanging out became a common occurrence. As much as the other goths hated it, and made fun of me for it, I kept going. Because it was nice to be free, even for a little bit, and hanging out with Makowski wasn't as bad as I thought. We were even becoming a little close to each other.

.... Then I found myself starting to like him. I started having feelings. It was so damn hard, because I had no one to talk to about it. Not really. I would've told Henrietta, because she's usually a lot nicer and more comforting when she's not around Michael and Firkle, but ... Michael made it impossible for me to be alone with her. With any of them, really. He was so mad at me for hanging out with Makowski, he nearly banned me from the group. If it wasn't for Henrietta, I'm sure I would have been.

That was the first time Michael had ever seemed mad at me. So, I tried my best to just stay neutral and ignore his bitching, and I kept my meetings with Makowski a secret.

It was hard, because we had a lot of fun, but it was nice at the same time. I had my own little secret world with him. It was nice.

Things went on mostly normal for a while, until one day.. Makowski decided to ask me if I wanted to see a movie. It came off very nonchalantly. Nothing more than a, "Hey, there's this really cool scary movie out right now. You wanna see it?"

But ... Something told me that he may have had other reasons for asking, rather than my obvious love of horror movies. Still, I didn't bother with questioning it . I was more excited to see the movie, than I was curious. So, I went with Makowski without question.

- - - - -

About halfway through the movie, I felt Makowski lean over, to whisper in my ear. "Will you go out with me?"

The words caught me off guard, but I still didn't take my eyes off the screen. I mumbled a, "Yeah," and returned my full attention to the movie. I knew that he was grinning though. On the inside, I was too. But I kept a stone face on the outside, because smiling isn't cool when you're goth.

Not even a few minutes after his question, I felt him grab my hand, lacing his fingers with mine. If I wasn't so busy keeping a stone face, I probably would've grinned, because for the first time I could remember, I actually felt happy.

This is a cliche phrase, but I felt like I was on the moon. That's how happy I was.

gonna work on this more later. cuz I need to sleep.
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[size10 when ur character has a companion that's basically the opposite of her but makes her feel super loved and balances her out ღღღ

but at the same time, you know it'll only be in ur head bcuz no one'll rp it w/ you bcuz the companion isn't their chara technically

so now I'm a little more bummed bcuz I have an idea in my head, and no one to rp it w/
I guess I'll work on writing it out for myself

also ;; I just adore pics of homura and madoka
especially akuma homura and ultimate madoka
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather]
[merriweather [center [size11 the world was boring. empty. there was nothing, and there was no one.
well. there was [i one], but only one. it was a lonely existence she lived, but at the same time, it wasn't.

She could no longer remember what it was like to be around others, or who she was. she was a mystery to herself.

There were quite a few gaps in her memory, but she was at the point on uncaring. Living was no different than being dead, when the space you lived in was just barely more than nothingness.

The girl could [i feel] but that was all. There was nothing to see, nothing to hear. And what she could feel was nothing more than coldness. There was no warmth or comfort. Just cold numbness.

She'd resigned to her fate a long time ago, although a small part of her still wished for more than just the darkness. She wished for more to her existence, but it was unlikely, when her whole world was mostly nothing.

That small, naive part of her would never give up on her wish.

[right // more to be added later bcuz I have a headache.]

"Cut off my wings and come lock me up."
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