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[i We are the watchers of the world.

We have watched the world since the beginning of humanity. Alongside the spirits we have protected and watched over the world from the shadows. We have watched the rise of humanity, and the terror of demons since their origins.

However, we had another task along with the job of observation. Unfortunately, in order to successfully complete that task, we had to send a shadow down into the world of mortals.

Now I have to descend from my home and bring an end to the shadow of my people's failure....]

[h3 Rulios]

1. Basic ES rules

2. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE AVALIABLE AND ARE DRIVEN TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE RP. I'm sorry, but I'm kind of tired of people joining the rps I work hard on only to flake out on me 3 posts in. I am looking for hardcore rpers who knows what it means to be a good rper. Only join if you like to write and will make time to rp. Please do not join on a whim. That is all I ask.

3. Anime or Art pics only please

4. DON'T BE INTIMIDATED BY LONG POSTS! <- Does this rule sound ridiculous to you? Yeah, does for me too, but I have had people quit because they think my posts are godly. Not lying either -_-;. Writing is my passion, so yes I am good at it. That is no reason for people to feel like they don't belong in my rp. The only thing I ask of rpers is that they put as much effort into their posts as I do.


6. Just FYI. I want you guys to have fun. Just, I want to have fun too. Otherwise enjoy ^_^

[h3 Posting Order]

So, this is important because it stops people from falling behind and allows you to know when to post. Now, to be more specific, I do something a little different in terms of 'order' than what you see in most rps on here.

What we will be doing is not posting turn by turn but by 'cycle'. what I mean by that is that each cycle will begin and end with one of [b MY] posts. Once I post then everyone will have to post AT LEAST once, but can post to a maximum of 2 per cycle. In other words, if you post 2 times before a cycle ends, you have to wait for a new cycle aka everyone has posted at least once. Other than that you can post WHENEVER you want or can. However, I will not wait to long, maybe a week or so for you to post before I just push the rp along. Pm please if you do not get how the posting order works.

To simplify, I post, then everyone has to post at least once. Just keep in mind that I can still post twice per a cycle as well. I will put "End Cycle" at the end of the post that signifies the end of the current cycle.

[h3 Spirits]

Spirits range from anything spectral. There are different kinds of spirits, but generally yes they are like the orbs of light that float around my character. Mainly, spirits are spectral beings that allow the world's nature to function. There is a spirit that causes the wind to blow, the trees to grow. Weaker spirits usually are just a sphere of energy, but sometimes spirits can become so powerful that they gain a form and can choose to be seen or not such as the legendary creatures known as dragons. Mostly dragons choose not to be seen fyi.

So anything considered to be a mythical or legendary creature of lore would be considered a spirit in this rp. If you don't understand or have trouble identifying if something is a spirit or not just let me know~

[h3 Battle System]

I'll cover this later when people join

[h3 Where you will start]

All the rpers will be part of the most powerful adventures guild. And you will all be friends to some degree. I've had rps die because nobody gets along with anybody. I don't care if your character is anti social or socially awkward but to some degree they care for their fellow members.

[h3 Skeleton]

Account Name:
Age: 17+
Element: This can be any two elements. There is magic in this rp and the two elements you choose will be the elements that you can utilize
Race: anything non demon is acceptable
How you came to join the guild:

[h3 Characters]

[h3 Tyasuke]


Name: Aura

Age: 18

Race: Aura(Human)

Magic Style:Aura

Weapon: Barehanded... technically speaking

How you came to join the guild: What guild?


Name: Velissa Alvissa

Age: 40

Weapon: BroadSword

Magic Style: Gravity, Plasma

Race: Asura Human

Asura is a Berserker Warrior race that has enhanced strength and reflexes as well as more durable bodies. They have the innate ability to enhance their physical power through the use of magic. This race is a mutated form of the human race caused by being born with strong magic.

How you came to join the guild: Her Father was the previous guild master and her Grandfather was the one who created the guild during the first war with the Demons. However, the guild Master title is not passed down through bloodline, but by merit. Velissa earned the title through pure merit, and not because of her last name.


Name: Olivia
Age: 18
Race: Witch
Magic Style: Witch Style
Weapon: Lunar Staff, Mystic Cloth

Witches are a race born with an extraordinary unique kind of magic. The Witch Arts allow them to use strange and unusual magic spells that can be very powerful or dangerous. The witches used to be hunted out of fear for their extraordinary abilities.

How you came to join the guild: She was the first to join after Velissa became the new guild master. Her and Velissa seem to have a history, but what that history is, is a mystery to everyone in the guild to this day.


Name: Deminis

Age: ????

Magic Style: Aura

Race: Aura

[h3 JakeTheHybrid]


Name: Kendra "Rin" Rinnals

Age: 23

Weapon: Two handguns powered by Magistellia | One Hand short sword

Magic Style: Metal Control Style | Electric Control Style

Race: Human

How you came to join the guild: Born into it just like her father


Name: Baron Rinnals

Age: 23

Weapon: A large metallic hammer

Magic Style: Speed and Invulnerability

Shield Style: Baron can project his impenetrable skin outwardly like a sphere of protection around himself and three other people. It only last as long as his strength allows him to. It does drain him quite rapidly.

Race: Human

How you came to join the guild: Just like his twin sister, he was raised in the guilds setting and was trained to fight with them.

[h3 cursethewhitecat]


Name: Train Locksmith
Age: 23
Element: Earth & Enchantment
Race: Human
How you came to join the guild: He lost a bet and became the guilds combat medic.

[h3 KB-TheBearWhoMauls]

Name: Coraline.

Age: 17.

Weapon: FN P90 TR , nunchaku baton, hand cannon, slinger, combustibles , needles, and syringes.


Main: Poison Manipulation- Users can create, shape and manipulate poisons and poisonous substances. For the sake of clarity: poison, toxin and venom are terms for any substance that injures the health or destroys life when absorbed into the system: poison is the general word, toxin is a poison produced by an organism ; it is especially used in medicine in reference to disease-causing bacterial secretions, venom is especially used of the poisons secreted by certain animals, usually injected by bite or sting.

Secondary: Chemistry Manipulation- The user can create/generate, shape and manipulate chemical substances that can create new elemental or chemical, toxic, combustible, or explosive substance. Users can also manipulate the reactions of the chemical substance.

Race: Human.

How you came to join the guild: Coraline is a newcomer to the guild .

Account Name: KB-TheBearWhoMauls.

Name: Eliander.

Age: 17 years old in human years.

Weapon: As a blacksmith, Eliander carries a variety of weapons with the vast knowledge of each individual tool. With that said, Eliander is very proficient with weaponry. However, he clings to the melee side of arms. -Wielding hammers and daggers the most...

Element: Thermal Manipulation-User can create, shape and manipulate temperature, a form of kinetic energy between particles at the atomic or molecular level: the greater the movement of these particles, the greater the thermal energy and reversed. Heat itself is internal thermal energy that flows from one body of matter to another, it is not the same as the energy contained in a system—that is, the internal thermal energy of the system. Rather than being "energy-in-residence," heat is "energy-in-transit." Due to this He is immune to fire and ice attack’s.

Race: Halfling of elf and human.

How you came to join the guild: Has yet to join.

[h3 NorthernWolves]

Name: Vanya Glynren
Age: 20
Weapon: Bow and arrows
Element: Water and Fire
Race: Elf
How you came to join the guild: Adopted by one of the guild members

[h3 Kikido]

Name: Agrona Rhiannon
Age: 20
Weapon: Changing sword
Element: Darkness and fire
Race: Human
How you came to join the guild: They found her after she was cursed and took her in. She's not sure if to help her or just to watch her

[h3 tone_]


Name: Sage. That's what people know him by.

Age: 200

Weapon: An elven sword. But he hardly ever uses it.

Element: Air and Earth.

Race: Elf.

How you came to join the guild: He was on the run as he was framed for a crime he didn't do, so he stayed in the guild by persuading the leader that he can teach the members magic.

[h3 Ignis]

Name: Fatui
Age: If you ask, he'll lie.
Weapon: Fatui has two bracers and two anklets that are cursed, fused to his form, as dark as onyx, with a glittering orange-yellow gem inlaid in each. These magistella allow him to manifest weapons of magma and gouts of flame on command.
Element: Magma Manipulation, Compliments of his curse.

Illusory fracturing: Fatui acts with such speed, that people are never sure whether he's just one person, or many, acting in tandem.

Race: A spider-kin, his arms and legs covered in carapace, his four bloody orange-yellow eyes, and his fangs mark him for near universal distrust.

How you came to join the guild: No one is quite sure how Fatui came into the guild ranks, merely that his presence has become more noticeable as his tales have grown taller.

[h3 Kaosu]

Name: Chaos, the only name that stuck with him
Age: 21
Weapon: A magic revolver and a katana.

Primary: Blood Magic:From the use of his own blood, he can create a extension of his blade or create a blood bullet infused with a random element or none at all. However this does require the use of his own blood and can only be used a limited amount of time.

Secondary: Magical eye: By revealing his hidden eye hidden beneath an eye patch, he can see the element of magic in the air. While he can see any magic, he can only see magic used being used and using it puts strain on him, allowing limited use of his left eye.


How you came to join the guild: He was found by one of the high ranking members of the guild wandering without his memories and fainted from starvation. He was brought in and was given a chance to do guild work while he worked on figuring out his past by the guild master, which he agreed to.

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No sound was to be heard save for the whistle of the wind. A man stood in the centre of his garden practicing his magic. He kneeled down and put his hands over the Earth. He pictured the Earth splitting before him, then moved his hands apart.
It took him a couple of seconds to move the Earth before him, but after awhile the Earth split apart.
After he had split the Earth apart slightly, he saw a root deep in the Earth, he then pictured the root growing, which he found more difficult than he expected. He thought that this probably won't help in battle, but he needed to practice moving objects quicker, in order to use them against his opponents.

After he had tried to picture the root growing as best he could, he moved his hands upwards, and the root had gradually began to grow, but it had taken at least an hour to make the plant rise from the Earth.

To which he heard footsteps.
He turned.
It was his Mother. Who looked similar to him. Brown hair and blue eyes. She stood in the kitchen, scolding him for ruining the Garden, then told him that there was a letter waiting for him on the table.
He walked into the Kitchen. Then picked up the letter.

Dear Guild Members,

All seven of you will be looking for a boy with black hair and blue eyes. His location is the Velna Village. Be there ASAP.

He dropped the letter, and walked quickly out of the Kitchen. His mother stood there in surprise. Walking over to the table to read the letter. Then threw it in the bin.

Sage decided that the quickest way to get there was by carriage, so he found the nearest carriage, and quickly climbed into it. He then used his main element; wind, to ride faster.

There was a screech as he made his entrance, he then stepped out of the carriage, and said, "What have I missed?"
  Sage / tone_ / 1d 4h 46m 46s
[size18 [Bilbo
[center [#ebc247 [i [b ⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱]]]]
[center [Permanent+Marker [#ebc247 The Out Cast Named Eliander:]]]
[right [pic][center [Permanent+Marker [#ebc247 {Eliander}]]]] Settling into the witching hour, the orb of flare that gave daylight from the heavens above to the earth's soils down below was now submerging with the horizon. As the sun drowned into the black abyss; the twisting, whirling, and blending in the azure skies had change the pigment of the canvas; painting the atmosphere with warm and inviting colors of autumn. Within seconds, gold, crimson, as well as cherry blossoms and the delicious and tangy fruit: orange had now consumed the bright blue skies.

Stretching out in the distance, fluffy marshmallows loomed in the sky. Though, these clouds weren’t creamy nor white like a pillow promising sweet dreams of nothing. They were obviously ominous and threatening; in which if you were to sleep on this kind of pillow it would give you a horror as a fantasy instead. The white cotton-balls were covered from head to toe without exception of a shade of monochrome from silver. Grey and black clouds they were, but grim as a cemetery on halloween night...

Breaking that cimmerian in the overcast was a spectacle of lights, that moved and change throughout the darkened clouds sporadically. Though, the radiance of the light glowed just like the tips of a cigarette; igniting crazed fireflies that festered forth. Aimlessly wondering about, the red fireflies were born to die; or in this case to perish into the smoky clouds. It was only heat lightning for the moment. But behindhand, the lights that wavered beyond the horizon would transform into ferocious lightning bolts sent from the god zeus to wreak havoc upon the mortals beneath the deity's. Our [i improbable] hero had to proceed with haste.

[right [Permanent+Marker {Part I}]]

[center [#ebc247 [i [b ⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱⊰≈⊱]]]]
  {Aura} / KB-TheBearWhoMauls / 2d 2h 27m 48s
She didn't remember anything about her past. To her, it was all a blank. She had tried to get her memories back. Every spell she could find. Every hypnosis that she came across. She tried everything to regain the memories, but nothing ever worked. Something blocked her from retrieving them. Why? What had happened that was so horrid that it just disappeared from her mind?

All she had was fear. That was the only emotion she could remember. Fear. Something happened, and the last thing she felt was fear. After that, her new life began. Whatever it was that happened, she knew it had to be connected to what she was now. She wasn't normal. She was born human, but she wasn't human. At least, not completely. It was complicated to think about it, so she mainly didn't bother. But there were some days where her mind would wander.

[i "Agrona! Pay attention!"]

The girl looked up just to get a leather ball to her face. Falling back, she just saw the sky above her, spinning a bit. A woman stood over her, hands on her hips. A scar was left where her right eye used to be, a patch covering the hole that was left. Years were shown on her face, wrinkles forming around her lips and eyes. She seemed to have gotten more around her forehead since Agrona arrived a few years ago.

[i "Another day with your mind somewhere else. This will not do on the battlefield."] She said sternly, practically yelling at Agrona. The woman was not happy with this fact. Agrona wasn't either, but not as much. Mainly because of the ball to the face [i "You could've ended your life with being distracted. Even worse, you could've led to the end of your comrades!"]

Agrona just lied there, letting the lecture continue on. She heard this many times, and she was sure she would hear it more in the future. The girl knew this, and in battle, she was never distracted. It was different between training and actually in the field. However, she also understood why she needed to do her best in her training as well. The lecture coming to a close, Agrona looked back up to the sky, saying nothing. The woman noticed and sighed before holding out a hand. Taking it, Agrona sat back up, her arms resting on her legs that she pulled closer to her.

[i "What is on your mind today Agrona? You have been distant more than usual recently. Have you regained a piece of your past finally?"]

The girl sighed, [#00BABA "If I had, you would've been the first one I told. But no, I don't know why my mind keeps getting lost. I guess because that date is coming up soon."]

[i "Ah yes, the day you woke up here in the infirmary."] The woman sat next to Agrona, her legs crossed, eye closed, a soft smile on her face. [i "Shall I tell the story again?"]

[#00BABA "You like to brag, so why stop you now."]

[i "Let's see, I'm not sure what happened, I had just came across a burnt down house in the middle of town. No one knows why it suddenly caught fire. What was stranger was that the flame never jumped to the other buildings. Anyways, I went in to look for survivors and you lied there, unharmed, aside from a few scratches and a broken arm. I asked if anyone knew you and everyone in the town claimed they had never seen you. So, I brought you here."]

[#00BABA "Great story mom."] Agrona replied with a tone.

[i "Don't raise that tone with me young lady."] The woman responded with the same tone.

The two chuckled a bit before falling silent again. [#00BABA "Why did I only remember my name? And is it even my real name?"]

[i "Don't know and don't know. But perhaps one day you'll find out."]

Of course. She had many answers, but none of them that helped Agrona figure out her past. It wasn't a surprise though, having never met each other until that fateful day. Still, there had to be someone out there that knew about her. She didn't just appear out of no where.

[i "Before I forget, you've been summoned for a mission."]

Agrona snapped back to attention, a letter in front of her now. Taking it, she opened and read what was written. She would be paired up with a few others, and they would be sent to capture...a kid.

[#00BABA "A kid? Is this the same one that's been causing us issues lately?"]

[i "Seems like it. You better get moving before they all end up waiting for you."]

She nodded and quickly went to get ready.

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]

Coming into town, her scarf doubled as a hood. Her eyes were hidden from everyone, making her seem like any other traveler. That's what she wanted, and what she had wished for until she realized wishing wasn't for her. Her eyes were different, even compared to other kins who weren't humans. It was what showed any evidence of whatever happened to her. Thankfully she didn't get asked about it often, however, she knew they were thinking something. There were a few things they would think of, one of them being right. Or at least close enough.

Walking up to the meeting spot, she could see two had already gathered. Well, at least she wasn't the last to show up, so that was good for her. Pulling her hood back, she looked at the two with her red eyes. Her pupils looked like slits, nothing like for humans.

[#00BABA "I take it this is where we'll be waiting for the kid to show."]
  Agrona Rhiannon / Kikido / 2d 8h 16m 25s
He could feel the heat coming from the burning buildings in front of him. It pelted him with waves of heats as the sounds of screaming and death seemed to hit him in waves. He looked down to his feet to see the body of a young girl in front of him, staring back at him with her lifeless eyes with the look of dread frozen on her face. [+red "What... what have I done?]" He sank down to his knees, noticing his own blade sticking from the girl's body. It was only reminder to tell him that this was his own doing.

His eyes immediately fluttered open to see himself back to were he was the night before, laying in the bed he had slept in for just over 2 years. He slowly rose from the bed and looked out the window to see the bright day outside his room.

[+red "Just the dream again"] he whispered to himself, reassuring himself that it wasn't something he could have done, or was it? He even doubted that claim for himself because he knew that he couldn't remember anything from his past before he got to this guild. As he began to reflect on his dream, he looked over to notice a note for him on the desk, probably directing him towards his next guild mission.

He slowly climbed out of the bed and began dressing himself for the day, slowly reading the note as he went along. When he finished getting dressed, he picked up the note to read the rest of it. Finished reading it, he crumpled it up in his right hand and placed into his pocket with a frown appearing on his face. [+red "She knows I don't do these kinds of missions. Why is she sending me on this?]

He opened his door out of his room and began the long walk down the clock tower he lived in. He remembered the odd face he had gotten from the guild master when he requested it but for some reason living in the highest point of the village made him feel free from the chains of the ground. When he got to the bottom, he opened the door and walked across to street and into the guild, avoiding any of the eye contact from the others who were watching him.

He quietly made his way through the guild before he found himself in front of the guild master's room. Before he could knock, he had taken a glance to see the person who had originally found him two years ago. She had begun walking towards him and he turned to face her.

[b "It has been a while, hasn't it?"] Chaos didn't reply as he instead focusing on her features, seeing that she didn't look like she had aged a day since she found him wandering the land those years ago. She had kept that blond hair and still had that blue bow tying it back.

[b "I'm guessing she is assigning you to another capture assignment"] He knew that he was too easy to guess, acting the same way the last time he was assigned on a mission like this.

[+red "You of all people should know why I shouldn't do it"] He reminded himself of that day when he returned, when he wouldn't bother to look anyone in the face that day. When he himself felt like he was a danger to anyone and everyone, even those who he felt gratitude to. [+red "Why I can't do it. It would be too dangerous if there was a repeat what happened last time"]

[b "I understand what you are going through but I don't think the headmistress would assign you if there wasn't a need for your special eye"] He took his left hand and touched his left eye patch, reminding him of his eye that he was found with. He reminded himself of the day he had it looked at, where the town doctor had stated that he has never seen such a perfect changed eye in his life with no scars and that the eye didn't even look to be a eye of a human. It was the one reason why he mostly kept it a secret from his fellow guild members, only ever letting the guild master and his savior know about it. [b "It's been a year since that has happened and you have completed a lot of missions since then"]

[+red "But those have never been capture or assassination missions. I know that this is not a mission that I can't do and I need to let her know."] He turned to leave but before he could take a step he felt a hand on his arm.

[b "I know you are scared but you can't keep running from this. I think that the guild master trusts you enough to help make sure this mission goes through and wouldn't ask you to do so if she didn't need to"] Chaos gave a sigh as he knew she was right. This was something he just couldn't run from anymore because that would be running from a past he knew nothing of and figuring out what he used to be.

He gripped the hand on his shoulder and removed it before turning around and looked at her eye to eye. [+red "I'll do this but I don't want to be forced to do this again. It's something that I just don't feel comfortable doing until I know more about myself."] She gave a nod and he left, leaving the guild to head to a assignment that he hoped he wouldn't regret doing.


Chaos found himself at the outskirts of the town, sitting on the slowly trotting horse heading for the center of the town to let the horse rest from its trip. He himself mostly just thought about the events of the last time he did a mission such as this.

He was asked to bring in a fugitive who had escaped prison alive so that he would be returned. He had been assigned with another guild member at the time and they easily found the prisoner. However, this prisoner had taken a hostage and was threatening to kill his hostage if they didn't leave him alone. Thinks went south real quick with the prisoner becoming more and more desperate as time went on and nearly killed the hostage before they intervened.

His partner had quickly rescued the hostage and he went in to capture the prisoner but before he could do so the convict had somehow managed to grab his sword and killed himself. Seeing this caused something to stir within himself that day and it awakened a side of him that he would rather not see come out again.

After recollecting on his thoughts of the past, he found himself in front of the barn, quickly descending from his horse and paying for its care while he was away. He then turned to the rest of the town and began scouting the village. [+red "I just hope I am not forced to bring back another dead guild member".]
  Kaosu / 1d 21h 56m 8s
He could still feel it. The heat. The suffocating darkness. It drew the breath from him. His very life was being choked from him as he stalked along this desolate environ. His whole body was heavy, and he measured every step. Every night he relived it. Every night he could see the cracks in the world. Every night he realized that his attempts hadn't made him the greatest thief in the world. Every night without fail, he realized he should've just become a priest.

He shot up in his bed, which consisted of thick, layered webs spread over a regular bed frames. He was covered in his mouse-kin siblings, his cold sweat hadn't woken them. Well, it would when he tried to move, which he didn't feel like doing. He instead fell back onto his pillow, the little mouslings covering him snuggling closer to him, but a pair of golden eyes shot through the darkness. He already knew who it was, her mouse ears silhouetted against the ever deep darkness.

[+gold "Still getting them huh?"] a matronly voice came forth. It's confidence and faith almost clearing away the darkness as she approached. She was short, but it didn't change anything. She was still his mother. Well, the woman that raised him at least. She placed a hand through the sibling pile, feeling towards his chest. She felt the cold sweat and sighed.

[+gold "You know, if you wanted to be a thief, I know some people who could've trained you."] She spoke lecturing words, but the expression on her olive toned face was that of concern.

[+orange "I know, but if you hadn't trained me as a monk, I'd have never found the stalemate I arrived at."] he sat up on the webbing again, the woman gently pulling the blanket back to reveal about eight little mouslings, no more than two feet at the most curled up in a pile on him.

[+gold "Well, you got a letter. Seems that guildmistress of yours is tired of you sitting around doing local jobs. Get up and follow me."] Fatui did as requested, rising from his bed, his little brothers and sisters all yawning and forming a pile in the warm spot he used to occupy. He quickly donned what little gear he allowed himself, a black poncho, huge, but free flowing. This was matched with a pair of tattered black pants. Almost shorts at this point, with a huge red sash tied around the waist, he grabbed a seemingly normal satchel and went to face the morning sun.

The woman he identified as his mother was in her underwear and that huge red scarf of hers. Out in the sun her myriad runic tattoos were visible. The pale white inscriptions on her skin shining against the sun. One mousy ear twitched as she heard Fatui approach. He ran a hand through his shiny black hair, the oily mess looking windswept as it was. She giggled at him.

[+gold "... You're leaving to a place not too far away. Don't bring another curse back. You'll kill your siblings with worry."] he walked past her, taking a deep breath, waving his arms about in circles based at his elbows, a myriad of after-images following his arms, all of them telescoping into his actual arms, shiny black chitin covering them.

[+orange "Yeah, you got it."] With that, he walked of into the city. He had really wanted to make a smartassed remark to his mother. But it wasn't something he could do. She'd hit him with something much snarkier. Her experience gave her the advantage in that battle. He just couldn't win it.

He was going to talk to the guild leader about this letter he'd received. This had to be bogus. Why send seven people to capture one... child? This was way too strange to real. The Mistress could easily have sent himself and the new kid. Coral...something. He was a good guild mate damnit!

As he made his way through the streets, he tried to ignore the looks he got. His kind wasn't something generally accepted in civilized society. He likely wouldn't be, if his adoptive mother wasn't a high cleric and dragonslayer. It took all the clout she had to not have himself and his sister not killed as children. He decided, at some point, that he'd had enough of being stared at. In the blink of an eye, he'd dashed high into the air, and image of him lingering on the ground.

His carapaced feet made little taps as he landed on a nearby rooftop. He continued dashing along, no longer on street level, the after images following him, all fading forward into him after some time.

He found himself at the guild in short order. From the roof across the street he could see his fellow guild members entering the building. He kicked off the building, rolling on the ground and stopping about two inches away from the door, which he promptly entered so as not to keep others from trying to get in. He skirted along the edges of the room, on autopilot to the Mistress' office.

This led to him running into the back of an eight foot tall woman with a massive sword. Her sun-tanned skin radiant before him. He smiled. That cocky smile, the one that he used to entice people into doing the things he wanted. She gave him that look. The one he was familiar with. The 'Not this shit again Fatui.' He placed his hand against the wall, leaning on it, then began.

[+orange "Oh radiant goddess, surely I'm blessed to have met you this fine morning..."] he was interrupted with an open palm being extended into his face. The woman smiled back him, devilishly. She turned her sword onto it's head, leaning against it.

[+red "Listen, Fatui, I don't regret the last time you took me out, but you're a guilty pleasure I'm not eager to engage right now, besides, you've got shit to do."] Fatui rolled his eyes and chuckled.

[+orange "Fair enough. Hey, toss me across the room."] She smiled from ear to ear and lifted him by the poncho, throwing him over her shoulder, over a crowd and into the far wall. He crashed into it, rolling again as he hit the ground. He quickly ducked into the center door, being met with a long hallway. At the end of which was the Mistress' office. He hated this layout, he was basically forced to be seen.

He took to his skill of dashing through the hall, going almost too fast to stop at the door. Upon opening it, he was met with the same aura of crushing authority his mom sported. He just had to put up with it as he shut the door behind himself.

[+orange "Mistress. I have worries regarding this... 'Mission' I'm being sent on."] he squinted his eyes, her back turned to him. She grunted in acknowledgement of his statement. He put a pair of his fingers to the bridge of his nose, resting the associated arm in the palm of the other by the elbow.

[+orange "First concern, why seven people for one capture? Second concern, there are a lot of unknowns here. This mission statement doesn't even give a strong description."] he approached the desk and placed the letter he'd received on the desk. He crossed his arms, but when she didn't respond, he spoke again.

[+orange "You know I don't generally question a job, but you usually send me out when something needs to be taken without anyone noticing, or when the fighting would be too thick for a traditional approach. What's the deal here Mistress?"] She finally turned around, that hair of hers cascading like a beautiful silver waterfall. The Mistress was a tall drink that he wish he'd had more luck with, he smiled that smile, and rubbed his pale skinned jaw with his hand as she spoke.

[b "The deal is that this isn't a job from somebody, this is guild business, and I expect it to be taken care of."] That stern, sexy voice of hers always enticed Fatui, she was almost the reason he didn't become a career thief. He raised his hands in surrender, getting an eyeful.

[b "Now get out of my office and bring me that kid. ALIVE."] He about faced and began making his way out of the office, as he was in the doorway, she yelled after him [b "And don't needlessly endanger your guildmates this time!"]

[+orange "They love it!"] he yelled back, as he shut the door behind himself. He really did love the way she looked. A shame she hated him. He chuckled as he made his way back down the hallway. He assumed that not everyone wanted to travel together. If they were all seen traveling together, they'd attract too much attention. If someone else wanted to attract the attention of the kid, that was their prerogative.

He could move faster than most mounted animals if he was pushing himself, but he'd be worn out by the time he got where he needed to be. He may as well ride a cart to get where he was going. The closest carriages were.... uh. Shit. He snapped his fingers in revelation. There was a carriage business a couple of streets over.

He bent his knees, squatting and stretching his legs. He groaned in pleasure as he felt the bones popping in his legs, and as he felt his blood start pumping. He took to the rooftops again, his after image winking at a woman that passed by before it dashed to meet him.

[center ~~~~~]

The passage of time found him with a large brimmed hat on, sitting in the back of a cart on the way to his destination. It was a particularly hot day, and he'd donned the straw hat to protect himself from the sunlight. The others in the cart... he didn't engage them. Even if they were his guild mates, the stigma of being a spider-kin marked him like a slave's brand.

He moved from slouching on the edge of the cart to sitting on the edge of his seat in his insecurity. He was tensing up. He could feel his bracers scratching against his chitin. He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth and began incessantly tapping his foot against the floor of the cart. The driver took notice of him, and spoke up.

[+grey "Calm down bud. Not much longer, we'll be there. We're only about fifteen minutes out now."] Fatui took a deep breath and threw his neck to each side, the bones in his neck popping. He exhaled now, leaning back against the side of the cart, crossing one shiny black leg over the other. He popped that smirk of his, his fangs bearing over his lower lip.

[+orange "Thanks. Most people won't even bother noticing those of the spider blood."] The man let out a singular laugh in an abrupt manner.

[+grey "Your money is just as good as anyone's. Makes no difference what's flowing through ya."] Fatui smiled again, looking at the back of the cart drivers head, the greying hairs showing his age. But beyond him was the village. They truly weren't much farther out. He took another deep breath, holding it in his chest for the next minute or so, before exhaling. The warm sensation taking over his body was pleasant. Especially so as a breeze blew past him.

He couldn't stop counting the minutes that went by as they reached the village, and as soon as the cart passed by the first building, Fatui leapt from the cart, and onto the street below. The village was much smaller than the city he was used to. He ought to be able to cover the grounds without too much effort. But he figured he ought to first, figure out a plan of action with his guildmates.

Thusly, he found the shade of a nearby building, took a seat, tipped his hat, and pulled a small fruit from his bag. The little cream colored fruit was plump, and he broke the skin with one of his fangs, sucking in the juices. An eye on the road, he took some time to enjoy the sensation of liquid flowing past his fangs.

Hopefully he was allowed time to enjoy this before everyone arrived.
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[h3 Part 1: Dissension]

There is a land of legend that exists in a place far from the reach of mortals. A land that spirits call home. The land that holds the heart of all life. In this very land, black towers of smoke rise from the many flames that reach toward the dark skies. A sea of ruin and blood covers the grounds of a destroyed city. Yet, within the hollow grounds of a ruined city, two forces clash with tremendous force.

Two flashes, one of crimson red and one of silver, races around the destroyed city clashing with each other in a vicious battle. Each clash causes a burst of silver and red energy to blast out. The two flashes of light distance from each other before making a run through the city. The two flashes turn toward each other and charge for the center of the city. The two flashes collide in an explosive collision.

The silver flash turns into a silver haired male with gleaming silver eyes which are hidden behind crystal glasses. He dawns an outfit befitting of a warrior. He wears a red vest that has a black body suit on underneath it. His arms are protected by black armor plating, and upon his hands he wears silver gauntlets. On his lower body he wears black pants with silver boots.

The red flash, turns into a black monstrosity. The shadow stands at twice the height of the silver haired male. Hanging from the waist of the black armored monster is a cape that is opened in the front. Horns extend from the back of the monster's head and spikes extend from the tops of his shoulders. His hands are large black lethal claws that could tear through anything with ease. The creature's red demonic eyes look down upon the silver haired male as if looking down upon an insect.

The black armored humanoid monster grips the silver haired male's right fist tightly in the grip of his left claw and says in a low demonic tone, [b "Your efforts are pointless, Exenus."]

The black monster easily pulls the silver haired male, Exenus, off his feet and into the air. He grabs hold of Exenus's neck with his left claw and slams Exenus down into the ground.

Exenus coughs up blood upon impact as he feels his body sink into the cold hard dirt. Exenus gasps in pain as the monster's claw grips tightly around his neck. Yet, he manages to say through much pain and effort, [b "In the name and honor of my people... I will not let you have your way, Deminis!"]

[b "Your people,"] Deminis leans down and makes sure Exenus can see nothing but his red glowing eyes, [b "are dead."] Deminis lifts Exenus off the ground and turns into a red stream of energy as he begins running at a blinding speed. He drags Exenus along by the neck as his left claw squeezes tightly around Exenus's neck.

Deminis comes to a fast stop in front of a building as he throws Exenus straight through the concrete wall of the building.

Exenus skids along the ground until he comes to a complete stop on his side. He gasps in pain as he begins to push up to his hands and knees. Yet, before he even could, Deminis shifts to the space before him in an instant.

Deminis kicks Exenus up into the air and a stone pillar. He dashes over to Exenus and smashes his right claw into Exenus's stomach sending him crashing through the pillar.

Exenus rolls along the ground before pushing up off it and landing on his feet. He has barely a few seconds to react as he sees a red blur of energy charging towards him once again. He clenches his right fist as a silver circular shield of energy forms on the outside of his hand.

Deminis thrust his right fist forward smashing it into Exenus shield.

Exenus follows the force of the impact and pivots to the right. He slashes the shield toward Deminis's neck.

Certain segments of Deminis's armor glow red around Deminis's body as his movement speed suddenly increases. He is able to dodge Exenus's counter with ease and thrust his right foot toward Exenus's chest.

Silver static surrounds Exenus's body as he accelerates his movements and does a short dash backward to dodge Deminis's kick. He slashes his hand out to the side tossing his shield at Deminis.

Deminis backhands the shield with his right claw shattering it to piece.

Exenus follows up his attack quickly as he has a katana made of energy form in his left hand. [b "Extend!"] He shouts thrusting the blade directly forward as the energy blade extends in length and heads straight toward Deminis's chest.

Deminis holds out his left claw and lets the blade stab into the palm of his claw. However, instead of piercing his skin, the blade shatters into pieces just like the shield before it.

Exenus retracts the extending blade and he holds it in front of him to ready himself.

[b "I will give you credit Exenus. You have lasted the second longest than any other Aura I have ever met. However,"] Deminis clenches his left claw into a fist, [b "you are still nothing compared to the vile witch who sealed me away in the first place. You are nothing more than a weakling compared to 'The First Aura',"] says Deminis as a red aura surrounds his clenched fist. From within the grip of his hand extends a red curved blade, [b "Let me show you the true might of the power you foolishly wield,"] Deminis states as he slashes the sword down to his side which causes a wave of force to burst throughout the room.

Exenus shields his eyes from the dust with his right hand. In the following moment he senses a change in the air before him. He holds his blade horizontally in front of him as a red blade crashes into his silver one. Exenus deflects the blade as he back steps creating a distance between him and Deminis.

Segments of Deminis body glow a dark red as he suddenly charges forward at Exenus.

Exenus's body is surrounded in a silver aura as silver static begins to jump around his body. He enters an accelerated state that allows him to see Deminis who is rapidly approaching him. Exenus slashes his sword out in front of him trying to counter Deminis's pursuit.

Deminis swings his blade vertically downward, smashing it into Exenus's blade which causes Exenus's blade to crack.

Exenus tries to fend off the power swing, but realizes the incoming blade is about to carve right through him. Exenus then says, [b "Aura Phase!"] His entire body glows and becomes transparent as the red blade swings straight through him and into the ground. His body reverts to normal as he slashes his sword across Deminis's left cheek. He then back steps a few feet away and thrust the sword forward toward Deminis's chest, causing the blade to quickly extend forward.

Deminis's head jerks to the right due to the strength behind the swing. However, he catches the silver extending blade with his right claw and says, [b "Aura Blade: Muramasa. The blade of never ending length. It was the first sword The First forged with her Aura Smith Technique. Was it not?"]

[b "It was, and that is why I feel disgusted watching you use that technique as if it were your own,"] Exenus says in a cold tone.

[b "Everything of the Aura is my own,"] Deminis growls as he turns to look at Exenus and thrusts his sword forward causing it to extend.

Exenus disperses his sword as he holds out both hands before himself causing a large silver shield to appear before him. Exenus grits his teeth as the force of the incoming blade smashing into his shield lifts him right off his feet. The blade pushes him back toward a wall, but before he hits the wall he shouts, [b "Aura Phase!"] Exenus is sent flying through the wall, and rolling along the ground as he reforms on the other side.

Deminis phases through the wall and charges at Exenus. He grabs Exenus by the collar of his vest and lifts him off the ground only to slam him into the side of large rock.

Deminis releases Exenus's collar as he unleashes a flurry of punches into Exeus's stomach while still being in his accelerated state. He pulls back his right fist and has his red aura focus around it. Deminis smashes his right fist into Exenus's stomach punching Exenus straight through the large rock.

Exenus skids along the ground toward a large set of stone stairs. He uses the momentum of his movement to push off the ground and land on his feet. Yet, the reunion of his feet and the ground did not last long.

Deminis appears before Exenus in a flash as he slams the bottom of his right foot into Exenus's chest sending Exenus flying and crashing into the bottom of a set of stone stairs that lead up along the front of a pyramid that was truncated at the top. Deminis chases after him and reaches Exenus in mere moments. He uppercuts Exenus causing Exenus to be sent sliding up through the stone stairs and launching out the top of them.

Exenus lands on a cold hard stone ground. He coughs up in pain as he turns to his right side. He gasps in pain as streaks of blood run down his face. His clothes and armor are torn and cracked. Exenus looks over his right shoulder to see a large majestic crystal, that glows a radiant azure light. The large diamond shaped crystal floated right above an altar and circling around the crystal are two large golden rings.


[b "Finally it is within my sights,"] Deminis says as he arrives at the top of the stairs, [b "The Spira Crystal. I will finally be able to take what is rightfully mine!"]

Exenus looks at Deminis and asks in a weak tone, [b "You won't succeed Deminis. Not as long as I draw breath."] As Exenus spoke a puddle of blood begins to form under him. His body is beaten and bleeding all over. He could tell his life is drawing to a close.

Deminis begins to walk toward the crystal as he looks down at Exenus. [b "What could you possibly do to me in that state?"] Deminis focuses on the Spira as he aims his right palm at the large crystal. His entire body emits a red a glow.

[b "Earlier you said I was a weakling,"] Exenus begins to use his blood to draw a circle on the ground with his left hand, [b "that I am nothing compared to The First, and to be honest,"] he coughs up some blood as he quickens his pace, [b "you are right. My strength is nothing compared to her's. However, my resolve doesn't fall short of hers in the least!"] He slams his hand down into the center of the completed circle. The circle suddenly glows a bright silver as a silver aura explodes from Exenus's body.

Deminis flinches at the silver light. He sees the magic circle on the ground and his eyes fill with boundless rage. Deminis roars in fury and howls, [b "That magic circle! You cannot possibly know that spell!"] Deminis turns around the moment after a silver light flashes behind him. Behind him a large silver magic circle forms as a blue vortex forms in the center of the circle.

[b "This was the first spell I made sure to learn when I became the leader of the Auras. I wanted to make sure I had a way to stop you encase I failed to stop you if you were ever released."]

Deminis looks at Exenus and enters an accelerated state. He begins to run toward Exenus releases a furious roar.

[b "I may not be as strong as the first but,"] Exenus shouts as he turns his left hand as if he were turning a doorknob, [b "I can at least imprison you in the realm that you hate!"] The magic circle glows as four chains launch out from the circle behind Deminis. Each chain has a sharp arrow head at the end as the silver chains move faster than even Deminis could move.

The chains stab into different parts of Deminis's body, one in each arm and leg. Deminis roars again as he resists the pull of the chains. He is stopped a few feet in front of Exenus. He begins to reach Exenus with one restricted step at a time.

[b "Even if you stop me here, I will just return and destroy the Spira! This last act of heroism of your shall be in vain!"] Deminis howls.

[b "I may have failed to defeat you myself, but that shall never happen as long as their at least one Aura alive!"] Exenus retorts.

[b "And the last Aura will be dead upon my departure! There will be no one left to prevent the inevitable!"]

[b "The last I check..."] Exenus begins to gasp weakly for air as he looks over his shoulder, [b "the last Aura is sleeping soundly thanks to the efforts of his noisy loving Mother."]

Deminis's eyes widen at Exenus's words. That is when he sees it. A young child with black hair sleeps at the foot of the stone. Surrounding the child are a bunch of small spirits. They hover over the boy as if protecting him from Deminis.

Exenus looks back at Deminis and says, [b "My son is an Aura that you will someday come to fear even more so than The First, Deminis."]

[b "Exenus! You will pay! I will make your soul suffer when I tear apart your son!"]

[b "You have failed again Deminis,"] Exenus says as he turns his hand again, reverting it back to its original position, [b "Chains of Eternity!"]

The magic circle behind Deminis radiates a bright light as a fifth chain launches out from the center of the vortex. The chain stabs Deminis through the back. The chains yank Deminis back toward the center of the vortex of the circle.

Deminis grabs onto the edges of the magic circle resisting its pull, [b "you have no idea what it is you have begun Aura!"] Deminis roars at Exenus as he is pulled into the vortex.

The magic circle collapses in on itself the moment Deminis disappears into the energy of the vortex.

Exenus turns onto his back panting as he stares up at a black clouded sky, while his silver hair turns pitch black. He feels the warmth of his own blood soak his back as he lays on the cold stone surface. He turns his head to look at the boy that continues to sleep soundly. He smiles weakly and says, [b "Thank you Vivi, Ravi, but please let my son awaken. I wish to speak to him one last time."]

Two small spheres of light, one blue and the other dark purple, emerge out of the young boy's forehead. The two spheres sprout small fairy wings as they hover above Exenus's head.

[b "You look to be in rough shape Exenus,"] The yellow sphere says in a forced energetic tone.

[b "Of course he is you twit Vivi, he just went through battle with that nightmare,"] The purple sphere says to the yellow one.

Exenus chuckles wearily as he watches the two fight. He flinches at the sound of a groan.

The boy groans a bit as he touches his right hand to his head. [b "Geez Vivi and Ravi. Why do you guys have to be so loud all the time?"]

[b "Because you always sleep to much,"] Exenus jokes in a gentle tone.

The boy jolts at the sound of the voice and says in an excited tone, [b "Dad! When did-"] The boy cuts himself off the moment he sets his sea blue eyes on his Father. The boy's eyes instantly fill with tears that begin to fall down his face. He looks up and could see the city he once called home in ruin.

Exenus looks out at the city as well and closes his eyes before saying, [b "Do you see it? The destruction? That destroyed city is a result of my failure."]

[b "Why?"] The boy says in a heart broken tone. He crawls over to his Father's side and grabs hold of his Father's arm, [b "Why was I asleep? Why wasn't I awake when this was all happening! Why-"]

[b "-Because I had to make sure you lived, encase I failed to defeat Deminis,"] Exenus says as he looks at the boy and places his right hand on top of the boys head, [b "My son, out of all the people I have seen train in the arts of Aura magic, you are one of the most talented I have ever seen. Even more so than I was when I was your age."] Exenus coughs up a bit more blood.

The boy watches Exenus's hand fall from his head and onto Exenus's heaving chest. The boy closes his eyes as he rests both his hands on top of Exenus's hand. The boy knew no matter what he did now, these would be the last words he is to ever hear from his Father.

[b "You have to grow stronger. Strong enough to right the failure of our people. Learn from the spirits that remain and become the strongest Aura there ever was. I believe if anyone can, it is you my dear son,"] Exenus says as he breathes his last dying breath.

The boy grits his teeth before releasing a cry of sorrow that echoes in the hollow city.

Vivi and Ravi float down and nuzzle into the boy's shoulders as if to comfort him.

[h3 5 Years Later]


A young eighteen year old male sits before the Spira stone. He sits on the spot where Exenus died with his legs crossed. His eyes are closed as he hangs his head as if he is in a meditative state. The young boy bathes in the light of the stone as a gentle breeze blows by.

A humanoid dragon flaps its wings as it lands on the ground behind the young. [b “Aura, it is time.”]

The young male opens his blue eyes and stands up off the ground. His blue trench coat and white overcoat blow with the gentle breeze as he stands tall.

[b “It’s been five years since the spirits have come to know me as Aura,”] The young man says as he looks up at the clear blue sky above.

[b “That was the name you decided to take upon yourself after the advent of Deminis five years ago,”] states the humanoid dragon.

[b “And you have trained me in the art of Aura magic since, Dragonus,”] Aura says as he closes his eyes and enjoys the gentle breeze that brushes against his skin.

[b “We Dragons have always had a peaceful and loving relationship with the people of Aura,”] Dragonus says as he walks up to Aura’s side.

[b “Some of my best childhood friends are Dragonus,”] Aura smiles happily as he stares at the sky.

Dragonus stays silent for a long moment before asking, [b “Why that name? Why the name Aura?”]

Aura’s smile turns into a sad one as he closes his eyes once again and says, [b “As you know, we never referred to ourselves as humans despite being nothing more than humans trained in the Aura arts. That is why we are known as ‘Auras’.”]

[b “This is something all spirits know well.”]

[b “However, I am the only one left. The only one capable of using Aura magic. The only one capable of putting an end to Deminis. I am the last Aura. That is why I wish to be called by that name. So, I never forget what it is I have to do.”]

[b “And what is it that you feel that you have to do?”] Dragonus asks.

Aura opens his eyes as the Spira glows a bright light. A magic circle opens up in front of Aura and in the middle of the circle a vortex forms. Aura looks at Dragonus and says, [b “I have to succeed where my people failed and let my late Father’s soul find peace in its eternal rest.”] Aura says as Ravi and Vivi hover above his shoulders.

[b “I see,”] are the only words Dragonus replies with.

[b “Don’t worry Dragonus! We’ll make sure to watch over him in the Human World!”] Vivi says happily as she bounces around Aura’s head in the air.

Ravi bumps into Vivi and sternly says, [b “Calm down already. We’re not going on some trip you know.”]

Aura stares at Dragonus for a few moments and smiles as he says, [b “You should stop blaming yourself Dragonus. That day wasn’t your fault.”]

[b “But if I had only been there..”]

[b “If only I had been stronger,”] Aura says in response, [b “We can say ‘if’ all we want, but that won’t bring any of them back. However, I promise I will be back after putting the souls of the Aura to rest,”] Aura begins to step through the portal.

[b “Good luck Aura. Bring honor to the name of your people,”] Dragonus says as he watches Aura fade into the depths of the portal.

Aura smiles and before completely being consumed by the portal says, [b “See you later Dragonus.”]

[h3 6 Months Later]


A world rich in the life of magic and spirits. The four great lands of Ethira are ruled by four great kingdoms of its inhabitants. However, in the early centuries of the founding of these Kingdoms, war waged constantly. Each Kingdom fought in order to overpower the other. There were times of peace and times of strife. Yet, that all changed with the rise of Demons.

The first Great Demon War occurred which threw all four Kingdoms into chaos. The war caused many sacrifices to be made in its lifespan, but the Kingdoms manage to put the Demon uprise to rest after signing a World Peace Treaty and enlisting the help of Adventurer Guilds. Yet, even after the war the Demons still remain an issue. In an attempt to resolve this, the Kingdoms started assigning territories to the best and brightest of the guilds. One such guild is known as Embara Wing, the guild led by Velissa Alvissa.


Velissa opens a wooden door and enters a large square shaped room. The walls of the room are aligned with shelves that are stuffed with files and folders. Her white hair hangs down along her back and her golden yellow eyes look at her desk. She sits behind the large wooden desk and sighs as she leans back into her chair.

Velissa Alvissa is one of the most powerful mages known throughout the lands. Her feats of slaying some of the world’s most dangerous demons single handily are known throughout all four Kingdoms. She is a force to be reckoned with and has also earned the undying loyalty and respect of her guild.

[b “Kage? You have something for me?”] Velissa asks as she holds out her right hand.

A hand creeps out from the shadows and places a file onto Velissa’s hand and a male says, [b “It’s as you guest. Someone is completing our guild’s jobs before our members can even arrive at the location, and all the witnesses tell a similar story.”]

[b “A strange young man who uses even stranger magic?”]
[b “Yes, but when I try to get details about the magic he used, no one can even begin to describe it because the entire battle is done before anything can be seen.”]

[b “First the Distorted Areas, and now this kid wielding strange magic that no one can seem to describe,”] Velissa throws the file onto her desk and sighs. [b “Did you send out a message to the guild members I specified?”]

[b “Affirmative. I sent out the order to each and everyone of them. If our data is correct, the boy should be appearing in Velna village next.”]

[b “Make sure they catch him alive and unharmed. I have a lot of questions for that boy.”]

[b “I will be sure they do Guild Master,”] Kage says as he disappears into the shadows.

Velissa turns in her chair and looks out the large window behind her. [i Feels like the eye before the storm.]

[h3 Notes From Me]


You people better love me =_= its 3 in the morning, but I cranked out my intro. Yes its long as hell. Enjoy it and bite me. If you hadn't realized, the guild members who got the order are all the rpers. I don;t care whatcha have your character do in the intro. Just make sure they end up in the specified village at the end of it~

Little side note, you guys can't see spirits.
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