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[h3 Author's Note for New Rpers]

Once again thanks for looking at my rp for whoever takes the time to see this. Yes we have started, but we have not gotten far. To catch up, just read my intro and I will give you a small summary of everything that has happened and as to what is happening now. Please enjoy ^_^

[h3 Summary]

The members of Embara Wing were sent out to find a strange boy who wielded strange magic. They encountered the boy in the village of Velna. After a small scuffle, the boy willing turns himself in and he is now in the prison underneath the Guild.

[h3 Setting]

[i We are the watchers of the world.

We have watched the world since the beginning of humanity. Alongside the spirits we have protected and watched over the world from the shadows. We have watched the rise of humanity, and the terror of demons since their origins.

However, we had another task along with the job of observation. Unfortunately, in order to successfully complete that task, we had to send a shadow down into the world of mortals.

Now I have to descend from my home and bring an end to the shadow of my people's failure....]

[h3 Rulios]

1. Basic ES rules

2. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE AVALIABLE AND ARE DRIVEN TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE RP. I'm sorry, but I'm kind of tired of people joining the rps I work hard on only to flake out on me 3 posts in. I am looking for hardcore rpers who knows what it means to be a good rper. Only join if you like to write and will make time to rp. Please do not join on a whim. That is all I ask.

3. Anime or Art pics only please

4. DON'T BE INTIMIDATED BY LONG POSTS! <- Does this rule sound ridiculous to you? Yeah, does for me too, but I have had people quit because they think my posts are godly. Not lying either -_-;. Writing is my passion, so yes I am good at it. That is no reason for people to feel like they don't belong in my rp. The only thing I ask of rpers is that they put as much effort into their posts as I do.


6. Just FYI. I want you guys to have fun. Just, I want to have fun too. Otherwise enjoy ^_^

[h3 Posting Order]

So, this is important because it stops people from falling behind and allows you to know when to post. Now, to be more specific, I do something a little different in terms of 'order' than what you see in most rps on here.

What we will be doing is not posting turn by turn but by 'cycle'. what I mean by that is that each cycle will begin and end with one of [b MY] posts. Once I post then everyone will have to post AT LEAST once, but can post to a maximum of 2 per cycle. In other words, if you post 2 times before a cycle ends, you have to wait for a new cycle aka everyone has posted at least once. Other than that you can post WHENEVER you want or can. However, I will not wait to long, maybe a week or so for you to post before I just push the rp along. Pm please if you do not get how the posting order works.

To simplify, I post, then everyone has to post at least once. Just keep in mind that I can still post twice per a cycle as well. I will put "End Cycle" at the end of the post that signifies the end of the current cycle.

[h3 Spirits]

Spirits range from anything spectral. There are different kinds of spirits, but generally yes they are like the orbs of light that float around my character. Mainly, spirits are spectral beings that allow the world's nature to function. There is a spirit that causes the wind to blow, the trees to grow. Weaker spirits usually are just a sphere of energy, but sometimes spirits can become so powerful that they gain a form and can choose to be seen or not such as the legendary creatures known as dragons. Mostly dragons choose not to be seen fyi.

So anything considered to be a mythical or legendary creature of lore would be considered a spirit in this rp. If you don't understand or have trouble identifying if something is a spirit or not just let me know~

[h3 Battle System]

I'll cover this later when people join

[h3 Where you will start]

All the rpers will be part of the most powerful adventures guild. And you will all be friends to some degree. I've had rps die because nobody gets along with anybody. I don't care if your character is anti social or socially awkward but to some degree they care for their fellow members.

[h3 Skeleton]

Account Name:
Age: 17+
Element: This can be any two elements. There is magic in this rp and the two elements you choose will be the elements that you can utilize
Race: anything non demon is acceptable
How you came to join the guild:

[h3 Characters]

[h3 Tyasuke]


Name: Aura

Age: 18

Race: Aura(Human)

Magic Style:Aura

Weapon: Barehanded... technically speaking

How you came to join the guild: What guild?


Name: Velissa Alvissa

Age: 40

Weapon: BroadSword

Magic Style: Gravity, Plasma

Race: Asura Human

Asura is a Berserker Warrior race that has enhanced strength and reflexes as well as more durable bodies. They have the innate ability to enhance their physical power through the use of magic. This race is a mutated form of the human race caused by being born with strong magic.

How you came to join the guild: Her Father was the previous guild master and her Grandfather was the one who created the guild during the first war with the Demons. However, the guild Master title is not passed down through bloodline, but by merit. Velissa earned the title through pure merit, and not because of her last name.


Name: Olivia
Age: 18
Race: Witch
Magic Style: Witch Style
Weapon: Lunar Staff, Mystic Cloth

Witches are a race born with an extraordinary unique kind of magic. The Witch Arts allow them to use strange and unusual magic spells that can be very powerful or dangerous. The witches used to be hunted out of fear for their extraordinary abilities.

How you came to join the guild: She was the first to join after Velissa became the new guild master. Her and Velissa seem to have a history, but what that history is, is a mystery to everyone in the guild to this day.


Name: Deminis

Age: ????

Magic Style: Aura

Race: Aura

[h3 JakeTheHybrid]


Name: Kendra "Rin" Rinnals

Age: 23

Weapon: Two handguns powered by Magistellia | One Hand short sword

Magic Style: Metal Control Style | Electric Control Style

Race: Human

How you came to join the guild: Born into it just like her father


Name: Baron Rinnals

Age: 23

Weapon: A large metallic hammer

Magic Style: Speed and Invulnerability

Shield Style: Baron can project his impenetrable skin outwardly like a sphere of protection around himself and three other people. It only last as long as his strength allows him to. It does drain him quite rapidly.

Race: Human

How you came to join the guild: Just like his twin sister, he was raised in the guilds setting and was trained to fight with them.

[h3 cursethewhitecat]


Name: Train Locksmith
Age: 23
Element: Earth & Enchantment
Race: Human
How you came to join the guild: He lost a bet and became the guilds combat medic.

[h3 KB-TheBearWhoMauls]

Name: Coraline.

Age: 17.

Weapon: FN P90 TR , nunchaku baton, hand cannon, slinger, combustibles , needles, and syringes.


Main: Poison Manipulation- Users can create, shape and manipulate poisons and poisonous substances. For the sake of clarity: poison, toxin and venom are terms for any substance that injures the health or destroys life when absorbed into the system: poison is the general word, toxin is a poison produced by an organism ; it is especially used in medicine in reference to disease-causing bacterial secretions, venom is especially used of the poisons secreted by certain animals, usually injected by bite or sting.

Secondary: Chemistry Manipulation- The user can create/generate, shape and manipulate chemical substances that can create new elemental or chemical, toxic, combustible, or explosive substance. Users can also manipulate the reactions of the chemical substance.

Race: Human.

How you came to join the guild: Coraline is a newcomer to the guild .


Name: Eliander.

Age: 17 years old in human years.

Weapon: As a blacksmith, Eliander carries a variety of weapons with the vast knowledge of each individual tool. With that said, Eliander is very proficient with weaponry. However, he clings to the melee side of arms. -Wielding hammers and daggers the most...

Element: Thermal Manipulation-User can create, shape and manipulate temperature, a form of kinetic energy between particles at the atomic or molecular level: the greater the movement of these particles, the greater the thermal energy and reversed. Heat itself is internal thermal energy that flows from one body of matter to another, it is not the same as the energy contained in a system—that is, the internal thermal energy of the system. Rather than being "energy-in-residence," heat is "energy-in-transit." Due to this He is immune to fire and ice attack’s.

Race: Halfling of elf and human.

How you came to join the guild: Has yet to join.

[h3 NorthernWolves]


Name: Vanya Glynren
Age: 20
Weapon: Bow and arrows
Element: Water and Fire
Race: Elf
How you came to join the guild: Adopted by one of the guild members

[h3 Kikido]


Name: Agrona Rhiannon
Age: 20
Weapon: Changing sword
Element: Darkness and fire
Race: Human
How you came to join the guild: They found her after she was cursed and took her in. She's not sure if to help her or just to watch her

[h3 tone_]


Name: Sage. That's what people know him by.

Age: 200

Weapon: An elven sword. But he hardly ever uses it.

Element: Air and Earth.

Race: Elf.

How you came to join the guild: He was on the run as he was framed for a crime he didn't do, so he stayed in the guild by persuading the leader that he can teach the members magic.

[h3 Ignis]

Name: Fatui
Age: If you ask, he'll lie.
Weapon: Fatui has two bracers and two anklets that are cursed, fused to his form, as dark as onyx, with a glittering orange-yellow gem inlaid in each. These magistella allow him to manifest weapons of magma and gouts of flame on command.
Element: Magma Manipulation, Compliments of his curse.

Illusory fracturing: Fatui acts with such speed, that people are never sure whether he's just one person, or many, acting in tandem.

Race: A spider-kin, his arms and legs covered in carapace, his four bloody orange-yellow eyes, and his fangs mark him for near universal distrust.

How you came to join the guild: No one is quite sure how Fatui came into the guild ranks, merely that his presence has become more noticeable as his tales have grown taller.

[h3 Kaosu]


Name: Chaos, the only name that stuck with him
Age: 21
Weapon: A magic revolver and a katana.

Primary: Blood Magic:From the use of his own blood, he can create a extension of his blade or create a blood bullet infused with a random element or none at all. However this does require the use of his own blood and can only be used a limited amount of time.

Secondary: Magical eye: By revealing his hidden eye hidden beneath an eye patch, he can see the element of magic in the air. While he can see any magic, he can only see magic used being used and using it puts strain on him, allowing limited use of his left eye.


How you came to join the guild: He was found by one of the high ranking members of the guild wandering without his memories and fainted from starvation. He was brought in and was given a chance to do guild work while he worked on figuring out his past by the guild master, which he agreed to.

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Aura continues to hum away the gentle tune even after Chaos arrives in the prison. The image of the back of a woman, with long radiant blonde hair appears in his mind the longer he hums the song. His fingers tap the ground gently with the beat of the tune as if he is playing piano along with the song he hums. When he reaches the end is when his eyes finally slowly open as he looks at the cold steel floor beneath him. He remains quiet for a long moment before he says, [b "You're naive if you thought things wouldn't turn out this way."]

The mysterious young man looks up at the man with an eye patch and says, [b "The witch, Olivia was her name right? She didn't just put these cuffs on me because of procedure."] Aura pushes himself up off the ground and stands before the magical invisible wall before him. [b "I barely even know her and I could tell she wouldn't attack in such a way without reason. She attacked because she sensed something I wish she didn't."]

[b "Four times. Want to know what that number is?"] Aura asks as he keeps Aura's eyes locked on Chaos's. [b "It is the amount of times I counted that all of you let down your guard in the same moment. I could have killed you all and escaped already if I wanted to,"] Aura says as his eyes show a cold darkness, [b "You shouldn't trust a stranger over your allies simply because I made a few kids laugh. After all, good allies are hard to come by these days."]

Aura walks to the back of the cell and leans against the wall. He waits for a few moments as he waits to tell Chaos about what the man really wanted to know. In the next moment, Agrona makes her appearance from the shadows of the stairs. He chuckles a bit at her words and replies, [b "I don't think only getting two visitors down here makes me popular, no?"]

[b "Alright, now that lecture time is over,"] Aura says with a yawn. The boy's nature changed a hundred times a second. It is as if he is putting on a different mask constantly so no one can see what is hidden underneath. [b "You want to know about that eye. Technically speaking, its a Mystic eye. Know what a Mystic is?"]

Aura looks at the confused expression the two before him make. It's no surprise really. Actual knowledge of spirits and how they function and live is rare to come by. The only way one gets to learn the very way of life of spirits are those who mingle with them on a daily basis such as Olivia.

[b "As you both know, spirits can't be seen by the naked eye. However, that brings up the question as into why you guys can see Spirits such as Kaltivas, right? Well, spirits can make the 'choice' to be seen and interact with the living world,"] Aura says as he sighs and continues to explain, [b "Once they make that choice, a spirit becomes what is known as a 'Mystic'. In a sense, a spirit becomes part of the living realm when they become a Mystic. So, Kaltivas for example gave up his spirit status to become Olivia's familiar."]

Aura pushes off the wall and walks toward the magical wall once again. He lifts his cuffed hands and points at Chaos's eye. [b "That is the eye of a Mystic. A Dragon Eye at that,"] Aura says as he returns to his seat at the center of the prison, [b "I am guessing, considering you don't know much about the eye itself, you have no idea how you got it either. Sorry to say, but I don't know either. That's a mystery you'll have to solve yourself."]

The boy looks at Agrona and says, [b "And I am guessing the woman who was about to punch my lights out for being a 'brat' also has a question to ask?"] Aura glances at Agrona's sword and then her red eyes before saying, [b "To answer the one question that probably troubles you the most is no, you aren't going crazy. What you hear is actually being said by 'it',"] Aura speaks as cryptically as possible for it was pretty easy to figure out that Agrona's talking sword was a secret from the others. He picked up a good bit of info about his captors at least during the travel to the guild building. [b "I'm guessing you want to hear more than that. Well, as long as its not a question about myself, I'll answer all the questions you have,"] Aura says as he lays back on the floor, putting his hands behind his head as he starts to feel a bit restless. He is used to being outside and connected to nature in some way, so the prison cell is not his ideal choice for a spot to relax. [i 'This place needs a window or something'] Aura thinks to himself as his eyes scale the walls.

[h3 Author's Note]

If you guys have a question concerning the difference between Spirits and Mystics, pm me~
  Aura / Tyasuke / 12h 19m 8s
She had not really gotten a response from anyone else. But at least now was the time to start discussing on how capturing the kid would work. Or, or not discuss plans. First one person walked into the Witches Forest after asking the question, [i Olivia, may I enter the Witches Forest?"], and then entering the parallel world that Olivia had created. After the first person had gone through, slowly one by one everyone else went in after asking some variation of the above question. Was this really a great idea, going in completely bind and with no form of a plan whatsoever? Personally, she didn't feel too sure about walking in without at least some part of a plan. Yes, plans sometimes don't go according the way one plans it, but then that's why backup plans are also quite a good idea. Standing there and thinking about all this, she spaced out.

Spacing back into the real world, she was about to proceed into the Witches Forest when everybody walked out, the boy they were supposed to capture was wearing handcuffs. Looking at the boy, he didn't look like the one who'd cause trouble, more like he'd find an ending to a trouble, but occasionally looks can be deceiving. Just like plans.

The ride back was quite uneventful, she hadn't been in the Witches Forest when whatever had happened in there had happened, and nobody else seemed to desire to talk about it. But something else was troubling her, more of a personal problem with herself that she couldn't figure out. Vanya didn't know why she had spaced out, she never usually spaced out, especially right before an assignment. With no answer in sight, she stopped thinking about it.

After all of them had arrived back at the guild headquarters, the boy was sent to the prison. Vanya did have a thought of visiting him, but then he'd probably have too many 'visitors' as the rest f the guild members on this assignment would also be going to the jail cell and be asking questions out of curiosity. Vanya decided to hit up the archery range, not an unusual habit as that was what she normally did after completing the assignment

The first arrow, it flew straight and true, right into the dead center of the large and circular target some distance away. While preparing to fire the second, the earlier question popped up causing the arrow to be released prematurely, it hit the outermost part of the target. Attempting to refocus, the third arrow missed completely. Why was this question eating her up like this? Lowering the bow, a confused expression was on her face. Rarely did Vanya ever have doubt herself, but right now she was self-doubting, and she couldn't explain it. Putting the bow into the quiver on her back, she marched off to the guild leaders room, maybe the guild leader could help her with this problem.
  Vanya(Aura) / NorthernWolves / 23h 51m 39s
This kid really wasn't being easy. Not surprising, but Agrona always hoped at least one job wouldn't be difficult and have to end in a fight. She was a bit confused about what he was talking about though. If demons weren't his priority then why was he going after them? Was he just bored or something? Agrona wasn't sure what to think, but she knew it just gave more reasons as to why they needed to bring him back to the guild.

Hearing the whole 'that's for me to know and you to never find out' bit,
Agrona was really starting to get annoyed. Only little kids used those actual words, acting all snobbish. One of many reasons why she was okay with kids but would never want one. Her hands balled into fists, she took a step closer to give her a piece of her mind. [#00BABA "Listen you little brat-what?"]

And then he suddenly agreed to go with them. What the hell was up with this kid? First he refused to go, practically fighting with them. Then all the sudden, while saying he wouldn't go, he changed his mind. Why? Did he suddenly think he should actually listen to the adults or something? No, he seemed too stuck up to do that. Still, it meant no more fighting, and they would complete this mission with no more trouble. With that, Agrona watched the Witch's Forest dissolve and she made her way back to her horse to head home.

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]

The records room was cool. It was a nice place to go when it grew too hot outside sometimes. It wasn't too dry or too damp, more of the perfect condition to keep the records safe. Agrona also liked coming down here to get some alone time. While she could easily do that in her own room, people were less likely to find her here. She flipped through the pages of an old report, reading the same lines over and over again as she had for a few years. It was a closed case, but to her it wasn't.

[+blue "Nothing in that report has changed since the last time you checked."]

[#00BABA "I know but perhaps I'll see something I missed."] She replied.

The one to speak to her walked closer, stopping a few feet away from her. A male with tied back brown hair, glasses sitting on his nose. He was taller than Agrona, then again, most men were, and he was fit. He wore practical clothing, but no armor, not needing any since he was more of a caster than a fighter like she was, though she never wore armor either.

[+blue "You've read those at least once a month for five years. Nothing is going to change. It's a closed case, move on."]

[#00BABA "How?"] She asked, looking up at the male. [#00BABA "This is [i my] case file. It's the only thing I have that can help me figure out what happened before I came here. Why I was in that house, why I have this sword that speaks to me to kill things."]

[+blue "Okay, first, that sword is not speaking, it's just a sword you have a connection to for some reason, an unhealthy one might I add."] He quickly looked away as Agrona glared at him, knowing what she was about to do. [+blue "Second, you were probably a local kid that was in the wrong place at the wrong time."]

[#00BABA "But that doesn't answer the question about why I was there and why I have the sword."]

Rubbing her head, she was getting frustrated. Sure he was her friend, a close friend, but sometimes he was annoying as hell. Still, having someone to talk to about this was better than no one, despite how much she wanted to punch the said someone.

[+blue "Anyways, anything about that kid you were sent out to capture."]

[#00BABA "He's a real piece of work there's that much."] Agrona sighed, putting the report away. [#00BABA "It's so weird, he refused to come with us after we tried to talk to him and then all the sudden he agrees to go. I know people change their minds, but this feels like he really didn't want to go but something convinced him otherwise right at that moment."]

[+blue "Well, perhaps he quickly realized you all wouldn't let up on the attack until he agreed so he figured might as well save the trouble."]

[#00BABA "No no, this kid didn't care if he caused trouble for us. I think he would see it as a game even. But that wasn't the strangest part. While I was sneaking towards him, he grabbed my wrist and told me to silent my 'friend'. He could hear my sword just like I can."]

He looked at her with a confused face. Seemed he had the same questions she did about it. Even though he didn't believe the sword talked, he knew when Agrona was being serious. This was really bothering her, someone else knowing something about her that she didn't. It was why she would butt heads with the guild master so many times. It was like she knew something and refused to tell Agrona. He didn't think there was any other information than what was in the report, so he didn't know why this game was being played. But it was technically none of his business and Agrona didn't want his help that much.

[+blue "Why don't you go down and ask him about it then?"]

[#00BABA "I was actually thinking about doing that."]

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]

She waled down the steps that lead to the dungeon. Why the kid was being kept here she didn't know. As far as she had seen, he wasn't going to run away from them. He came willingly, so he could've at least been put in an actual room, even if it were to be surrounded by guards.

Agrona stopped near the bottom, hearing someone else speaking. Of course, she knew that voice, it was Chaos. Seemed he had something to ask the kid as well. Should she interrupt and cost him the knowledge he wanted? But then again, if she tried to come back later, the kid might not be there. Sighing, she stepped down to the ground.

[#00BABA "Seems you're rather popular here kid."] She said, resting a hand on her hip. [#00BABA "And I guess I'm not the only one that thinks you hold the answer to something."]
  Agrona Rhiannon / Kikido / 3d 4h 34m 13s
Chaos watched the events unfold in front of him, being quiet since he mentioned that his eye was a spirits eye. [i [+red what does he mean? Is he saying that ... my eye is that of a spirit] ] This left him with more questions than answers as he saw the witches forest around them disappear, returning them back to the town where the real world was. He then looked to see the magical cuffs on the boy they were sent to get. [+red "Is that really necessary?"] He had said that to Olivia, the person who he noticed was the one who had put the cuffs on their target.

[b "Proper procedure and cautionary."] Olivia had replied to him,sparking a flame of anger inside of him. However, that spark quickly dissipated for now as he felt the fatigue of the magic usage he had used. He instead gave a grunt of disapproval before going to get his horse in order to return to the guild.


[+red "Damn it!!"] he said, firing a fire shot of his revolver at a target across the courtyard. [b "You need to calm down. It's not that big of a deal"] he heard from the same woman who he had talked to before he had left for the mission. He simply grunted as he took a step back and turned to her, having, a look of utter anger in his face. [+red "Not a big deal? I thought we dealt with trying to stop criminals, not just a person who is unknown."] He remembered when he had gotten done resting on his horse on the way back and watched as members of his guild escort the boy his group brought back to the prison cells.

He had tried to make a step forward but caught a look to tell him to stop from the headmaster, causing his blood to boil. He then stormed off soon after, heading to this exact target range. [+red "I thought we did things in order to protect the people from the demons and criminals of this world. Not to grab random people of the street in order to satisfy someones curiosity."] Just thinking about this made his anger grow even bigger. He then turned around and fired another shot at the target, not noticing that the anger surcharged the bullet. When the bullet hit the target, it created a large dark sphere to appear before imploding on itself, causing a giant explosion.

After the dust cleared, a huge hole appeared in the wall behind the target leading to the space behind it. [b "Chaos!!"] The woman he was talking to sat up out the chair, looking dumbfounded at the huge hole left from his previous bullet. [+red "I have nothing more to say. I trusted her for this long but this is drawing the line."] He then left the room, leaving a crowd of guild members behind who had ran to see the commotion and his old rescuer behind, watching him walk off.

Chaos found himself in the prison shortly after, not wanting to deal with the commotions of the guild trying to figure out what had happened. He slowly walked down the corridor and stopped in front of the cell where the boy was held. [+red "I'm sorry that you were forced to be a prisoner. I didn't want things to turn out like this."] Chaos eventually took a seat across from the prison cell. [+red "There is just one thing I want to know. You said that I had a spirit's eye."] He said before he slowly removed his eye patch. He then slowly opened up his left eye, revealing a yellow eye that was left glowing from the rage that was still within him. [+red "What can you tell me about this eye?"]
  Chaos / Kaosu / 10d 6h 35m 25s
Aura stands there now with all of his captors' eyes on him. He looks at Rin's hand for a long moment. Everything has become silent to the point he could hear the gentle movements his white coat made while swaying with the soft breeze that brushes by.

He sighs and closes his eyes before saying, [b "There are quite a few misconceptions the two of you are having about me. The most important one being is that,"] Aura's eyes open to reveal any hint of the warm kindness he has shown until now is gone, [b "Demon's are the lowest thing on my priority list. In all honesty, I have much bigger fish to catch, so to speak."]

Aura crouches down toward the ground and places his right hand on the ground. He stares at the ground before his eyes flicker a sky blue. In that moment a very weak and almost undetectable pulse of magic ripples out from his position.

[i Six people? Man, they must really be desperate to hear my secrets.] Aura stands back up and brushes his hand off as he says, [b "Plus, the answers I seek are ones I doubt you guys have, because you guys would probably not be as calm as you are right now if you had any clue as to what I am looking for."]

Aura grabs his right wrist as he roles his right hand and continues to say, [b "Also, I can already answer all the questions your Guild Master will ask,"] Aura's eyes meet with Chaos's, [b "The questions where I came from, why I am here, and what magic I use all have the same answers,"] Aura stretches his hands above his head, [b "Those things are for me to know, and for you guys to never find out."]

The boy drops his arms to his sides and spreads his feet shoulder width apart. [b "So tell me, will your Guild Master still let me be on my 'merry way' when I don't give them any one of the answers they ask for?"] Aura's eyes begin to glow a sky blue as he gets ready to start his next escape attempt.

[b "Wait Aura!"] Ravi interjects, [b "I think we should go with them."]

Aura's face shows obvious confusion as his rise in power suddenly vanishes. He stands still for a moment before his eyes widen in shock and he looks up at Olivia. [b "Well shit, that makes sense,"] Aura says to himself as he stares up at the Witch. He scratches the back of his head and looks at Rin again.

[b "Welp, take me in officer,"] Aura suddenly says as he holds his hands out before Rin waiting for whatever form of restraint they were going to use.

Olivia watches in a state of confusion herself. She wonders why Aura suddenly looked up at her and in the next moment surrendered. The Witch disengages Witch's Forest as the group suddenly appears back in the midst of town. Olivia floats down and lands on the ground next to Rin. She takes out the anti magic cuffs that they usually use to take in capture targets.

[b "Damn! I am five Zil short!"] A young girl's voice shouts out.

Aura flinches at the volume of the voice and looks over at its source. It is a small little girl with long black colored hair and a unique set of dark purple eyes. The girl seemed rather beautiful despite being no more than a child.

[b "Come on Old man, help me out here. I need that Lily Tiger flower,"] The young girl argues with a flower vendor. The girl stands in the center of a bunch of flower pots, however the pot she points to is on the right edge of the wooden stall the elder merchant stands behind.

The Old Man huffs and says, [b "Cut me a break here Laphia. My wife had my hide the last time I 'helped' you out. What do you need so many flowers for anyway? Get in another fight with Lily?"]

[b "N-no!"] The small girl blushes, [b "Stingy old man!"]

[b "Give me a minute,"] Aura says as he completely blows off his captors as he walks over and places his right hand on the counter. [b "Will this cover it?,"] Aura asks as a small pile of gold coins appears after Aura lifts his hand. [b "This should cover ten of them, yeah?"] Aura asks with a smile.

The Old man stares in shock at the sight of money suddenly appearing from what seemed like nowhere.

Laphia looks up at Aura for a moment then holds a hand out to the vendor, [b "Flowers please."]

The Old Man sighs as he starts to make a small bouquet of flowers.

Laphia looks at Aura and says, [b "Thanks strange guy, but I hope you don't expect me to pay you back."]

Aura chuckles as his eyes meet with the young girl's, [b "What kind of adult would I be if I held a debt over a kid's head? Who are the flowers for?"]

[b "My sister Lily,"] Laphia puts her hands behind her head and laces her fingers as she swings her right foot back and forth, [b "I tend to make her get angry a lot."]

[b "Do you now?"] Aura says as he takes the bundle of flowers from the vendor and crouches down in front of Laphia. He holds the flowers up to the small girl and says, [b "Well, hopefully these are enough to buy her forgiveness."]

Laphia takes hold of the flowers and smiles, [b "Thanks, I'll be sure to get her forgiveness with these,"] Laphia begins to run off, but stops to wave back at Aura one last time, [b "See you later Strange guy!"]

Aura smiles and waves as he watches Laphia disappear into the crowd. [i She reminds me of a certain someone I once knew.] Aura chuckles as he suddenly feels his hands cuffed together.

[b "Done?"] Olivia asks as she stands by Aura while making sure the cuffs are secure on his wrists.

Aura smiles in response, [b "That I am."]

[h3 Later...]

The group reaches Embara Town, the home of Embara Wing. At the center of the lively town is the large building that houses the guild itself. It stands tall among all its neighboring buildings and could be easily seen at a distance outside of the town. In the depths of such a building is the prison ward. It is rare for any of the prisons to actually have someone in them for most bounties or prisoners are instantly transferred to the Sky Kingdom.

The prison cells themselves are made of three steel walls, the opening is seemingly just an open space. However, the truth is that a magic barrier is what creates the fourth wall of the prison.

Aura sits crossed legged in one of these prison cells as he sits on the floor while humming a soft gentle tune. He has his eyes closed as he hums, taking in the sound of the tune as it echoes within the hollow underground prison. The boy shows now signs of caution or worry despite his circumstances.

[h3 Author's Note]

There is a really cool reference/cross over in here :3
  Aura / Tyasuke / 11d 1h 14m 37s
She had to admit, she was not expecting the power Chaos suddenly showed. The ground shook and cracked, sending Agrona off her feet again. She didn't like this, something was up with this magic, but this was not the time to ask her teammate questions about his little ability. For now, her focus had to be on the kid and trying to get him to come with them. So far, it seemed he didn't want to come along, saying he didn't have time.

[#00BABA "There's gotta be something we can do to convince him to come along..."] She muttered to herself.

Standing again, she noticed the twins were getting back into it as well. But they didn't attack this time. Seemed everyone had the same idea of changing tactics. If they could just talk to the kid, perhaps he would come along. It was a long shot, but it was something. As Rin mentioned putting their weapons down, Agrona took the hint and sheathed her sword. She wasn't completely weaponless though, but she wouldn't attack unless the kid did. Rin had made some good points about why they were sent to retrieve the kid. Their jobs were being stolen, and the guild did not take that lightly. As she spoke, Agrona had a little bit of an idea, remembering something the boy had mentioned.

[#00BABA "You seem to be after something."] She called. [#00BABA "And it obviously has something to do with these demons. You can't really talk to them, but that doesn't mean we might not have answers you seek. Why not take the chance? Come with us to the guild, talk to the guildmaster and see if she has any of the answers you seek. Of not, we'll let you continue on with whatever mission it is you have. If we do have answers, we'll figure it out from there. I have a feeling we're both looking for similar answers so why not help each other out?"]

Agrona hoped that, along with what Rin had said, would be enough to convince the kid. [#00BABA "Capture was not the right word to list, but it's the word that was used. If you come along, we won't have to make that word into what it really is."]
  Agrona Rhiannon / Kikido / 14d 14h 53m 2s
[font "Bell MT" So many things were all happening all at once. The thrill of the battle was exhilarating, but cautious was in order. This guy was stronger than anyone had predicted and Rin’s magic wasn’t working like it usually was. Her simple stun spells wouldn’t be enough for this weirdo. The others had quickly joined in where they could. Rin held her torso from the confrontation. Luckily, her injuries were minor, just some bruising in her ribs and her pride. She wasn’t like her brother, she was vulnerable to physical combat. She was stupid and careless to think that her minimal amount of electricity could take out this guy. [i I won’t make that mistake twice.] She thought as she exited the building.]

[font "Bell MT" [#b22222 “Kendra!”] Baron called as he jogged over to her. Always the caring and worried brother.]

[font "Bell MT" [#daa520 “I’m fine. It’s just some bruises.”] She assured him. Still, he refused to leave her be. [#daa520 “What’s happening?”] She motioned her head to the group of guild members surrounding this strange boy.]

[font "Bell MT" [#b22222 “A political debate it seems.”] Baron huffed. [#b22222 “Capturing by force didn’t go over too well with some members so they are poorly usually charima to persuade the boy to coming in peacefully.”] Baron informed her of the most recent events. Kendra huffed with a smirk on her face. [i They think that’s going to work? If I were him, I would say no.] She thought as the twins rejoined the group.]

[font "Bell MT" Chaos seemed to be making a statement with his magic creating a rift in the ground. If he was trying to intimidate the target, it wasn’t working. Although, he did have a point. If this kid was evil, he wouldn’t care about the local children. He went out of his way to make others happy. How could he be a monster? [i It could all be a ruse. Who knows what his ailment is.] Kendra thought dubiously. She had trust issues with people that claimed to be good. That was how her father got imprisoned; he trusted the wrong people.]

[font "Bell MT" [#daa520 “Sorry, fledgling. We can’t let you go. You’re a rogue agent, and we’re here to protect the civilians. I’m sure you understand.”] Rin said as she approached with her hands up to show no aggression. [#daa520 “Listen here, kid. Sorry for attacking you earlier. We thought you were here to hurt people. We were wrong. If we all put our weapons down, we can talk about our situation.”] Rin said as she motioned for everyone else to do the same. [#daa520 “Here’s the deal fledgling,”] she said as she folded her hands together, [#daa520 “we all want the same thing, it seems. You want to kill demons, we want to kill demons. We’re on the same side. I’ve read up on your deeds at the other villages. You didn’t hurt anyone. We are here just to size you up and see what you are about, okay? Our guild master is concerned, ya see. She just wants to make sure that you’re not up to no good.”]

[font "Bell MT" [#b22222 “Any good.”] Her brother corrected. Rin shot him daggers from her eyes before continuing.

[font "Bell MT" [#daa520 “[i Anyway], We will let you go if you do one thing for us. It’s really simple. We just want a chat. If you chat with our guild master, and she says you’re alright, then you can go on your merry way. We won’t bother you anymore. Just a chat and then you can go do whatever you want. Deal?”] Kendra stuck out her hand with a bright smile.]
[right [pic]]
  The Twins / JakeTheHybrid / 14d 23h 14m 22s
Aura continues to sprint ahead with a sigh. His eyes search the area still looking for a place to hide and cast his spell. The village of Velna itself is a pretty small village. Finding a place to hide is beginning to prove difficult because of that fact.

[i I won't be able to escape if I can't get a minute to cast Dispel. Why can't that pain in the ass spell have a shorter cast time?] Aura sighs to himself again when he feels a sudden rumble underneath him. He senses a mass of magic gathering behind him when the ground suddenly begins to split open.

Aura loses balance as the canyon forms causing him to almost fall to the canyon depths. Aura's arms flap around as he tries to stop himself from falling off as he shouts, [b "Holy Spirits!"] He manages to get himself to fall forward onto his hands and knees. Aura turns and sits on the ground to face the caster of the canyon.

Aura's eyes glance over to the Witch as well. It seems the sudden upheaval caused in the Witch's forest causes some strain on the young Witch. Especially when done without warning. He thought he may be able to use this bit of info to his advantage, but realized the cost of such a plan is to high for him to afford. This is presented by the canyon caster who is now feeling the effects of using such a drastic spell. Unlike the caster, Aura did not have back up. So, becoming tired in such a way is not something he could exactly afford to do.

The eye that is the canyon caster covers up catches Aura's attention. He glances up at Ravi.

Ravi looks at Aura and replies to his glance, [b "Your suspicion is correct."]

Aura looks back at Chaos who is now yelling about children and peace. Aura sighs as he stands up and brushes himself off. He replies with, [b "But you still intend to capture me, right?"] Aura turns into a stream of sky blue as he sprints to the bottom of the canyon and back up the other side. He flashes past Chaos and stands a few feet behind him. In his hand is a note that he pick pocketed from Chaos's pocket.

[b "Mission Notice, blah blah, you are being summoned to assist in the capture of a boy using a strange magic,"] Aura reads before crumbling the note and throwing it back toward Chaos, [b "I'm pretty certain I am the boy using said strange magic, no?"]

[b "Let me ask you something Mr. Canyon. Would you stand still and wait to be captured? Even if your captors oddly came in peace?"] Aura says as he approaches Chaos, [b "Plus, I'm hesitant to trust someone with a 'Spirit's' eye in their socket,"] Aura wears a cold smile as he now stands a few feet in front of Chaos.

[b "Aura,"] Vivi begins to speak, [b "That Killing Lady and Mr. Speedy Spider probably recovered by now from being blinded. They will be here soon as well as those twins."]

[i Man this is getting out of hand] Aura thinks to himself as he glances up at Olivia who is now just watching the scene. [i Strange, why did someone with such a calm temperament attack me without hesitation?]

Ravi looks up at Olivia as well. [i Could she have read Aura's aura energy? It is entirely possible considering she is a witch. Which would mean...]

Aura sets his focus back on Chaos and says, [b "Even if you offer peace, it's kind of half baked if you have the intention to capture me,"] Aura's smile reverts to his casual warm one, [b "Also, I can't afford the time that would be spent being captured. So, if you guys are peaceful, mind letting me go?"]

[h3 Note]

Please mind a new cycle will be starting soon, but not just yet. So, hold onto your horses. From this point forward, until the capture prologue is done, my posting number per cycle will be unlimited so I can reply and allow you guys to know what Aura's condition after you guys interact with him.
  Aura / Tyasuke / 16d 12h 24m 44s
Chaos worked his way through the replicated town, following the magic residu through the town. He could also see the other magic mists from where he was, believing that there must have been fighting. [+red "I have to hurry"] he said, picking up the pace to the center of the town.

When he finally made it, he looked to not only see Olivia but also a few of the members he had seen previously that day. He saw a few of them not fighting but also saw at least one member try and get the drop on him, before seeing the girl who had previously follow him be blinded be a magic that left the same magical residue he had found previously.

[+red "I have to stop this!!"] he said and began working his way towards the group but suddenly he went from the town he was originally walking through to the burning town of his dreams. [i [+red What is going on?]] Before he could look more, he saw a man be thrown through a wall, following a demon jumping through and killing the man. [+red "No... it can't be"] he said, turning and running through the dream. Before going to far, he found himself back to where the dream he had originally began, in front of a dead woman.

[+red "No..."] he said, dropping down to his knees as he felt that this was somehow his fault, that she had died because of him. [b "P...please"] he heard and looked to see her barley alive. [b "Please.... give our clan... its revenge"] she said to him before she fell back dead.

He then found himself back where he was before, looking over the battle again. But this time, he felt anger enraged through him. He couldn't watch as his fellow guild mates and this boy that they were simply set to get were engaged in a fight that could possibly harm or even kill one of them. It reminded him of why he originally wanted to avoid these missions after what he had originally done.

[+red "Just... stop"] he said as he slowly pulled out his sword, feeling his anger rising within him. It even began showing as his left eye began glowing an even brighter yellow then before. After drawing blood, a magic circle appeared below him, growing bigger and bigger as his rage grew. [+red "THAT IS ENOUGH!!"] he yelled, releasing his anger and punching the ground with his bloodied hand into the ground.

This punch released his magically charged blood to activate the magic magic circle, causing the ground below him to begin to split apart. The crack below him then spread behind and in front of him, creating a small crack to appear along the diameter of the village. A few seconds later, the land began to split from each other, causing the distance between between the boy he was sent to capture and his guild mates to increase as the two blocks of earth shifted away from each other.

After creating a canyon between the two sides, the magic circle he had created began to dim along with the glow from his left eye. He quickly covered his left eye over again, feeling drained from using up a lot of his blood magic to split the earth between the two opposed sides. Chaos himself found that he was on the very edge of the canyon he created just moments ago. He gave a long sigh before finally sheathing his blade and walking over to the side he had left his target on.

[+red "This fighting is meaningless. I don't know why my allies attacked you but I just want to talk to you. I know that you are not evil. No one could be if they gave such joy to the children of this village"] he said, waiting to see the reply he would get.

He didn't know if he got through to anyone with the stunt he pulled but he didn't care. He honestly just wanted diplomacy rather than watching his fellow allies and humans fight each other when there was a real enemy that they all shared.
  Chaos / Kaosu / 21d 14h 16m 59s
[#00BABA "Touchy are we."] She muttered, her arms crossed as she continued to follow him.

They didn't make it too far before she started to hear that voice again. [+red "Near..."] Agrona came to a stop as it spoke. Something was close, and if the voice was saying so, then it couldn't be good for her. Looking around, she waited for whatever it was to show itself to her. Chaos seemed to notice something before her though, mentioning that something had been cast. Before Agrona could say anything about it, she heard yet another voice in her head.

[#00BABA [i 'I'm getting tired of having more than my own voice talk to me within my mind...']] She muttered in her mind.

Still, it was good to know who had cast a spell and how to get around it. She hardly had time to say anything to Chaos, watching him run off. Agrona only sighed, shaking her head as there really wasn't anything she could do. She wasn't his keeper, and she sure as hell wasn't going to act like it. Instead, she would go into the Witch's Forest and help capture the kid.

[#00BABA "Olivia, may I enter the Witch's Forest?"] She asked.

Feeling the shift, she could see people fade away as her surroundings suddenly changed to the outside of the town. Now within the Witch's Forest, she would be able to help capture the kid they were after. It was still strange to her for this many people to be going after a kid. But this obviously wasn't a normal kid, and that gave her both interest and fear. What made this kid so powerful, and why was he going after all the jobs the guild were assigned? Did he somehow know about their missions, or was he just lucky?

[#00BABA "Now, where is the center..."] Closing her eyes, she focused on finding where that center might be. It didn't take long, a witch being easy to find when they were so rare. With the direction picked, she quickly made her way towards it. Agrona knew of the Witch's Forest, but she didn't know the drawbacks of it, having no need to know spells like that since she wasn't a witch. Even so, she knew Olivia would need help, no matter how powerful she was.

Agrona had never met Olivia face to face, but they had passed by each other every now and then. While she was curious, something within her told her to stay away. She wasn't sure why, but it seemed she would have to go against that feeling today. Didn't bother her any, she was used to pushing past her own self doubt by now.

[+red "Near...So close..."]

She shook her head as she neared the center of the spell. She had a bad feeling about this because of the voice. Whatever it was it spoke about, Agrona would have to keep up her guard. She didn't want any surprises when this kid was already unpredictable to them.

Coming up on the group, she could see the twins weren't having a good time. Agrona stayed out of sight, a normal tactic by her. She watched for a bit, Fatui having appeared now, and just talk to the kid. That always seemed to be his way. He never seemed to be one for fights, so the less fighting he had to do the better he was. Agrona didn't fully understand, but if it worked for him, why change it? Besides, it gave her a good opening to get the kid.

[#00BABA "Alright, let's go."] Taking a deep breath, she enveloped herself within darkness. One of her abilities, darkness. It could mask her into the shadows, moving across undetected, as long as she remained silent. While it masked her figure, it did nothing to noise.

Slowly, she crept up on the kid from behind. Gripping her sword, she quickly flipped it around. This was a capture mission, not a kill one, so just knocking him out would be enough. Her mind, though, was chaotic, swarming with the voice.

[+red "Kill...kill...strike him down...kill him...Strangle him...Stab him...kill...kill...kill..."]

[#00BABA [i 'Shut up.']] She muttered in her mind. [#00BABA [i 'This is not a kill mission."]]

It continued to go on with the kill talk, ignoring Agrona's beg of silence. This wasn't unusual, so she knew how to ignore it. It was just really annoying. Getting close enough, she raised her hand up, the shadows starting to melt off of her. Swinging down, her hand suddenly stopped. Agrona blinked a few times as she realized the kid had grabbed her wrist. How had he sensed her?

[b "You know."] He said. [b "You should tell your friend there to be quiet if you intend to sneak up on someone."]

Her eyes grew wide as she realized what he said, replying in disbelief. [#00BABA "You can hear him too?"]

Before she could get any sort of reply, she heard him yell Aura Flash, and she was suddenly engulfed in light. It was meant to just blind, but she felt pain as she fell back. Her skin felt they were on fire, causing Agrona to scream. The light died down, her vision still impaired a bit but slowly coming back into focus. Her red eyes seemed brighter, like fire. When her eyes finally adjusted, she looked to see there wasn't any markings of injury. Strange. She thought the light had burned her, but it had done nothing but blind. So why did it hurt so much?
  Agrona Rhiannon / Kikido / 22d 12h 31m 29s
Olivia draws a cyan colored magic symbol in the air and says, [b "Restore."] Her eyes glow a cyan light before reverting to their normal state. With her vision back she gets on her staff and shoots up into the air. Olivia begins to search for Aura with an eagle eye view.

[#00FFFF [b "Can I ask you a question Olivia?"]] Kaltivas asks as the sash coiling around Olivia's arms stirs around a bit.

[b "Yes,"] Olivia replies listlessly.

[b [#00FFFF "Why did you attack right away? He may have sat there and listened to us if we talked normally,"]] Kaltivas questioned curiously.

[b "Would you?"]

[b [#00FFFF "Well, I guess one would not be to inclined to sit and listen to their pursuers, but it was still worth a shot."]]

Olivia remains quiet for a moment. She thinks about why she suddenly attacked. Losing her cool in such a manner was far from her usual behavior. [b "A strange feeling. Something felt,"] Olivia cuts herself off as she cannot figure out the words to explain it. It was like she saw a glimpse of a shadow. One that did not match the boy. A horror that sent a chill down her spine.

Olivia's head perks up a bit as she feels air brush against her bottom. She looks over her right shoulder to see a familiar scene. Fatui's hand being stopped by Kaltivas. She never really felt a hate for the spider kin, despite the straight forward constant sexual harassment that came along with knowing him. In fact, she found him amusing. He always seems to have an optimistic energy that could bring a room to laughs. Something she sometimes felt envious of.

Upon watching Fatui leave, Olivia merely says, [b "Pervert,"] as she watches him head toward Aura. Olivia watches Aura from a distance as she becomes slightly curious. She no longer sensed the shadow she saw upon their first encounter. However, she decides to stay back and watch the scene unfold.

[h3 Aura]

Aura stares at Fatui as he begins to think about the question he was asked by the Spider Kin. [i Embara Wing? Guild business?] Aura's face only shown confusion at the question.

Ravi seeing Aura's obvious confusion says, [b "Remember what we taught you? The four Kingdoms on Earth have segments of land that are ruled and watched over by Guilds. Embara Wing is such a guild."]

Aura merely glances at Ravi who is floating above his right shoulder. He knows better then to needlessly talk to his fairies in front of someone who cannot see them. Aura crosses his arms and begins to think, [i When did I interfere though?]

Ravi sighs and responds as if she is easily reading Aura's thoughts, [b "I bet the guild had contracts on those Demons you fought. That's probably why the guild is after you now."]

Aura listens to Ravi's explanation and he crouches down toward the ground with a sigh. His arms rest on his knees as he looks at Fatui. He could see the man is seriously waiting for an answer. Aura stands back up and looks the man in the eyes, the air around Aura changed slightly despite the fact he keeps his friendly demeanor and smile.

[b "Honestly, I just got to these lands from far away. I didn't even know those Demons were under contract,"] Aura says scratching the back of his head, [b "I'm in search of something and I thought asking a Demon was my best bet on finding a clue about it,"] Aura says as he puts his hands behind his head and laces his fingers.

His response would sound strange to anyone. It is true that some high level Demons, commonly referred to as Greater Demons, would have some level of consciousness. One could talk to them, but having a reasonable conversation with one was often unheard of or was considered downright impossible. This is because despite being able to hold a conversation, Demons are still driven by their instincts.

[b "However,"] Aura continues to answer, [b "Those talks obviously always ended up badly. One wanted to gut me, another was attacking a village, and the last one threatened to pull out my eyes and use them to jelly his toast,"] He says as he looks at Fatui.

Aura stays silent for a long moment. His eyes fill with curiosity as he takes a good look at Fatui. He realizes that the man before him is a Spider Kin which makes Aura blurt out, [b "Are you a Spider Kin? That is awesome!"]

Aura's excitement is cut short as he hears a dark whisper. One that whispers to kill, and he sighs in response.
  Olivia / Tyasuke / 22d 13h 56m 11s
The smell was so real to him. That smell of sulfur. It pulled at his nostrils, the flames tearing into he edges of his vision. The smoke filled his body. It became all he could think of. His eyes became smoke. He could feel himself becoming less material. He gasped, begging for air.

But he realized he was alive, and awake now. He shook his head. It wasn't significantly later, so it appeared he had only dozed off for a short time. He stood, tipping his hat, one of his elfin ears twitching. There was some commotion in the center of Velna. Merits investigation. He leapt into action, zig-zagging through the streets at a speed that couldn't be followed, except for the fact that he left behind an after image each time he changed direction, each one striking a different pose before rushing to catch up to him.

It wasn't terribly long before he had to leap over a gathering crowd. And before him lay the spectacle of the hour. A little something he liked to refer to as 'Overkill'. A smog lay in front of him. The Witches forest. He threw both hands to the sky, chucking to himself. What he had to do was obvious, what he was going to do was so much more amusing.

[+orange "May I enter the Witches Forest?"] He waited a moment, the fog seemed hesitant. But as the moment dragged on, the fog became clearer to him. Access had been granted, that little cat of hers really didn't like him, and he surmised that he was the hold up. He had wasted enough of the guilds time though. He faced the crowd.

[+orange "Attention ladies and gentlemen! Especially ladies! This is official guild business, please stand a safe distance away, and enjoy your afternoon!"] with that, he held his arms out in a pair of peace signs as he made staggered backwards steps into the fog behind him.

Inside, he shook his head. A sense of vertigo came over him, barely holding himself up by putting his palms onto his knees, he coughed. These sub dimensional planes always threw him off. He shook his head and sucked it up. He could hear the destruction in the distance. He needed to knock some sense into Olivia.

He dashed into the parallel Velna at full speed, a veritable black blur as he dashed through the streets, no after images following him. He looked up, and sure enough, there she was. Standing on that staff of hers, looking about for her target. He circled around her, dodging her line of sight, and when he thought the time was right, he made a kick off the ground.

The result was that he flew gracefully through the air towards her, performing an artful flip as he approached. Sticking the landing on her staff, he flattened his palm out, and before she could turn about, he motioned to give her a firm smack on the ass, but was blocked by her green sash moving in the way at the last possible second. He puckered his lips and made a quick kissing sound, a sign of slight disappointment.

[+orange "So, you searching for remains, or did he dodge you?"] A simple question. Most of the time. He leaned against her; propping his arm on her shoulder, and peering around for anything that seemed like it needed to be brought back to the guild.

Besides Olivia, of course.

[b "Not dead."] a blunt response. Motion in his peripherals caught his attention.

And it became painfully clear what it was as a pair of guild mates moved in on what appeared to be the intended target. He pointed at them lazily.

[+orange "That's our guy right?"] Looking at her, he got a small nod in response. He stood up straight, groaning as he stretched out. The terrible twins down there ought to have this guy handled. He took his hat off, and began twirling it on one finger, running his other hand through his hair.

A minute or so into watching his guild mates get knocked around by this guy, he'd decided he'd seen enough.

[+orange "Alright Olivia. I'm gonna try something crazy. Back me up if it looks like I'm struggling. Otherwise, just sit there and look sexy."] he took a step back, forming a frame with his fingers, smirking at her.

[+orange "Yeah, just like that."] at that remark, he let himself fall backwards off the staff, falling at the ground face first. As the hard earth approached, he threw his arms out, transferring his momentum into a flip. He pushed off in the direction of the boy. He continued his flipping until he was feet up across from the child, who seemed on edge. He fell back, his back gently meeting the wall. He crossed one ankle over the other and waved at the kid with two fingers out.

[+orange "Hey... you."] contact established. The young man awkwardly raised a hand, looking around a bit.

[b "Yes, me?"] he pointed at himself, his confusion more evident than the sheer strangeness of his very being here. Fatui examined the nuances of his behavior, taking his response apart as much as possible. But he didn't have much luck. All he could take from it is that he'd likely never seen a spider-kin before. And that was just common sense.

[+orange "So, at the risk of seeming like I'm not going to attack you, I'd like to ask who you are and what you think you're doing meddling in Embara Wing business."] The sarcasm that dripped off the first half of the sentence quickly faded into what was considered a 'serious tone' for Fatui. He quickly shifted his gaze, his eyes visible through the dust of collapsing buildings. The four, almost luminescent yellow-orange eyes peering through the settling cloud.

He hoped for the best, but really expected the worst. He rolled his shoulders nervously, returning his gaze to... whoever this was. He wanted an answer, at least.
  Fatui / Ignis / 22d 21h 43m 34s
[font "Bell MT" As Olivia read over the news article, Rin looked up to see several of her guild mates in the distance. She waved to Agrona and Chaos since they were the closest. She took special noticed of Chaos and smiled brightly. Baron thought he was going to vomit. However, the one-eyed man’s reaction was a bit curious. He saw her, turned and walked away. Rin slowly lowered her hand in confusion and disappointment. Had she done something wrong? Was he mad at her? She did get that reaction a lot. Wouldn’t be the first time she had upset someone just by talking to them. Baron called her an “acquired taste” whatever that meant. Furrowing her eyebrows underneath the brim of her hat, Kendra went back to talking to Olivia.]

[font "Bell MT" Baron had no trouble handing the file over to the witch. He fumbled a bit trying to get it out of his satchel. Normally, he wasn’t clumsy in the slightest. Only whenever Olivia was around. Rin had joked saying, [i “Isn’t she too young for you?”] but only smirked and replied, [i “Isn’t Chaos too young for [b you]?] She had shut up about it since then.]

[font "Bell MT" The twins were greeted by the familiar feline spirit that was constantly hovering around Olivia. Kaltivas often translated Olivia’s feelings for her and admitted that the witch and her familiar were exhausted. [#daa520 “Yeah I wouldn’t rest just yet. Apparently, it’s all hands-on deck to capture this weirdo coming to town today.”] Rin explained as she folded her arms and rested on her right hip. Neither of the siblings noticed, but Kaltivas had recognized the boy in the photo. Olivia drew Rin’s attention to the cat’s behavior. [#daa520 “You know something about this kid?”] The cat remained tight lipped on the matter. [i That’s intriguing.] Rin noted.]

[font "Bell MT" Seconds later, a huge wave of magic hit Rin in the stomach like a bullet. A flood of good memories evaded Rin’s conscious and drowned her. The air was warm and comforting yet invasive. This feeling brought up the familiar sense of her father’s workshop. The hours spent there with his mentoring hands showing Rin how to manipulate metal like him. Kendra hadn’t thought about the shop in a while. It was almost painful to think about. Baron placed his hand on her left shoulder. He could feel it too. Their glances gave a mutual comprehension. [#daa520 “This must be the effects of the strange magic.”] Kendra mumbled as she griped tightly on her shoulder. She had to remain focused. There was no point in thinking about the past right now.]

[font "Bell MT" Before Rin to say anything to Olivia, the cyan woman was gone. Most likely in the direction of the magic’s epicenter: the mysterious boy. [#daa520 “Gods dammit.”] Rin cursed. Olivia was too fast sometimes, even for the speedy twins. [#daa520 “Let’s follow her!”] Rin said to Baron while pointing in the direction Olivia ran. With a quick blink, one might have missed Kendra’s use of her teleportation magic. With the electricity Magistellia, she was allowed to travel at the speed on light from short distances. Blink one moment and Rin was on a rooftop. Blink one more time and she was dashing away yelling for the rest of the guild to follow after Olivia. Baron was not that far behind. However, Baron had Magistellia implanted into his boots so that he could travel just as fast as Kendra for longer distances and for longer amount of time. It didn’t take long for the two to catch up to where Olivia was. Hanging back, the twins laid in wait in the shadows. Olivia was perfectly capable of handling things on her own, Rin and Baron where there as the cavalry.]

[font "Bell MT" Neither one dared to move until Kaltivas’s voice rang out in their mind’s ear. [#daa520 “Recite the password to get into the magic club. Got it.”] Kendra mumbled as she and her brother approached the strange dimensional space. In unison, Kendra and Baron called out to their guild member, “May I enter the Witch’s Forest?” Rin held her breathe instinctively as she and her brother stepped through into the void. Olivia was already in a scuffle with the young man. When the twins arrived, he called out a spell without using any Magistellia it seemed. Almost like a racial enhancement, except he looked human. Olivia was blinded temporarily and Baron reached for his giant hammer. Rin stopped him by grabbing his forearm. [#daa520 “Wait. We need a plan. We don’t know anything about this guy’s powers. Best thing to do is to take him out as quickly as possible.”]]

[font "Bell MT" Baron nodded in agreement. [#b22222 “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”] He asked with a grin. Rin matched his expression and nodded back. [#b22222 “Taser his ass so we can finish up here.”] Baron spoke as he swung his hammer into a ready position. The large metal weapon was silver in color and was painted with magma marks on the head. In a brief second, Baron lowered his body to a more advantageous position as he ran into the fray. He had to use a speed boost to gain distance from the outer ring. While he advanced, Rin kept low and slithered around the edge of the ring. She kept her body concealed by any means necessary, using her blink method to teleport from one tactical spot to the other. It looked like the boy was trying to find somewhere to hide. Either that or see if there was a way out. [i Don’t think that’s how this works, buddy.] She thought as she watched for an opening.]

[font "Bell MT" It took Baron a moment to close the distance between him and the other two stuck in the forest. Olivia was almost fully recovered from the previous attack. Lunging forward, Baron swung high over his head toward the boy. He missed of course, but it seemed that Rin and Baron were not the only ones with speed magic. This fellow phased out of reach from the hammer head the size of his chest. The hammer flew again coming the side, but this time, the boy was ready. Raising his hand to stop the weapon from attacking, Baron hit an invisible with great velocity that bounced off the force and sent Baron tumbling into a building several feet away. The impact did little pain to the tall man as he stood up cracking his neck. [#b22222 “That almost hurt. Warm ups are over.”] Baron gritted.]

[font "Bell MT" He wouldn’t be able to find the boy; however, he had retreated into a building as he passed through the physical barrier as though it never existed. Rin had managed to make her way there while Baron was a good distraction. She was not prepared for the boy to [i walk through walls]. Kendra almost jumped in her crouched position as she spotted the figure step into the building to hide from her brother. A smirk then crept up her lips. He didn’t see her and now was her chance to immobilize him. Tip-toeing up to the stranger, Kendra readied an electrical charge in her bare hands. Just as he was about to turn around, she lurched forward with her fingers dancing with sparks of energy. The electric shock barely effected as he turned around and shoved her hands away. He made quick work thrusting his palm into her stomach and knocking her into a wall. She was incapacitated and he accelerated out of the building to the center of the town again. Kendra couched from the hard impact and gritted her teeth. [#daa520 “This little shit is going to be harder to take down than I thought.”]]
[right [pic]]
  The Twins / JakeTheHybrid / 23d 7m 8s
[#00BABA "You got something against one of them?"] Chaos heard as he began to walk in the other direction. [+red "It's nothing that you need to worry about."] To be honist, while it would have been better to maybe talk with them, he wasn't in the mood to deal with his name being called by a name he didn't care for by Rin. He would rather work on finding the boy than deal with talking.

A little while after he kept searching, he felt a surge of stimulation from his left eye, which he knew was a sign that a terribly strong magic was casted in the area. He quickly took his left hand and removed his eye patch, revealing the bright yellow dragon-looking eye underneath. Soon after revealing it his vision was soon engulfed by the mist of green magic in the air. [+red "Who casted this magic?"] Before he could ponder too much, he soon heard the voice of someone or something in his head talk about the witch's forest.

[i [+red Must have been from that cat"]] He didn't know to much about the cat that Olivia had around but he didn't have much time to think about it. [+red "Look, you should go get the others and get to Olivia as soon as you can. I need to go check on something"] Before he could hear her reply, he had already started to make his way through town to follow the green mist.


Chaos found himself near the center of town when he finished following the trail. He could tell this was where the spell Olivia casted. However, he quickly noticed that there was a different colored mist that was in the area. He was quickly able to track it down and found a sky blue colored mist. This confused him for he knew that these mists were based off of the magic used by others but he had never seen this kind of magical color before. After taking a closer look, he felt an odd feeling from his left eye, as if the eye itself was trying to tell him something. He could only guess that the eye recognized the magic itself but he couldn't tell if that was true or not. He then looked to the side to see kids who were having fun and looked to try and find out a magic trick. He gave a chuckle before standing up and walking over to them.

[+red "What's going on"] he asked them and they looked over to him. [b "We are trying to find out how a boy did a magic trick"] the youngest one told him and Chaos gave a chuckle. [+red 'What was the magic trick?"] The young boy began to speak before one of the older ones spoke up. [b "He made a ball disappear from his hands and into someone else. He then left and disappeared when a mysterious witch looking girl said something"] He guessed that could have only been Olivia and the boy from earlier. [=red "Thanks kids"] He then stood up and walked over to the center of the plaza.

[+red "Olivia, may I enter the Witch's Forest?] He then felt himself being teleported from where he was and found himself on the outside of town. [i [+red So, this must be the forest.]] It looked exactly like the town that he was in earlier but on the outskirts of it. [+red "I just hope I can get there in time to stop this"] he said and began to make his way back to where he had originally seen the center of the magic he had seen last time.
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In the peaceful woods just outside the town of Velna, rests Aura as he sleeps on a tree branch up high. His face is peaceful and content as the warm rays of the sun pierce through the spaces in between the leaves and rain down upon his face. A gentle breeze blows that as the trees play a gentle tune of swaying.

Aura suddenly sneezes jerking forward from the tree. His eyes barely opened as he sniffles and rubs his nose with the back of his hand. He sniffles again before leaning back onto the tree. However, he leans back onto it at an angle. One that is not well advised. He slowly slips off the right side of the tree and begins to quickly descend towards the ground.

[b "Aura! Wake up!"] Shouts a voice.

[b "Hm?"] Aura's eyes crack open as he opens them to see the rapidly approaching ground. His eyes shoot open upon the realization that he is falling as he shouts, [b "Holy shit, that's the ground!"] He throws both hands out to the sides as a weak force of aura bursts out from all directions of his body which cause him to temporarily levitate right above the ground before landing on it.

Aura falls back and sits back against the trunk of the tree. He sighs in relief and says, [b "Thanks Ravi."]

The two fairies float in the air in front of Aura. The purple one bounces up and down in a state of anger and yells, [b "For the love of Spirits, Aura! You are going to get yourself killed before you even find Deminis!"]

[b "Isn't that being a bit dramatic for simply falling out of a tree?"] Aura scratches the back of his head.

[b "That tree as you put it is seven stories high! You could have snapped your neck falling head first from that height!"]

[b "That sounds like it'd hurt."]

[b "It would!"] Ravi screams.

Vivi is rolling around on the floor laughing at the conversation as well at how much fun it is to roll around on the ground.

Ravi and Aura watch Vivi with blank stares.

[i The Earth is doomed,] Ravi thinks to herself.

[h3 Later...]

...Aura reaches the edge of Velna Village. He stands right outside the edge of the village and yawns, [b "Man, finally here."]

[b "Why did you want to come here anyway Aura?"] Vivi asks as she perches on Aura's left shoulder.

[b "I heard this place has a pretty big library. I wanted to look a few things up."]

[b "Like what?"] Ravi asks as she perches on Aura's right shoulder.

[b "If there is anything concerning the spell Blessed Aura,"] Aura says with a sad smile.

[b "Aura..."] Vivi says in a sad tone.

[b "It's amazing you can still be hopeful we'll find something on a spell of a forgotten Hero,"] says Ravi.

[b "Well, we can't find anything on Deminis or at that matter, anything about the location of a Corrupted Zone. So, I figured I could at least try to find ways to win against him while we have this idle time,"] Aura says as he steps within Velna village.

[h3 Meanwhile...]

... Olivia merely stands there in Rin's embrace. She liked the twins. Olivia was never much of an anti social person. Just her listless demeanor often gave people that impression. However, Rin was able to understand her due to the fact that, although for different reasons, her brother often wore a listless expression himself. Olivia often feels like a sloth due to Rin's energetic and vibrant personality.

[b "Olivia,"] Olivia says as Rin calls her Olive. However, Rin just resumes talking. Olivia pretty much gave up on getting Rin to call her by her name at this point. She feels she has a better chance at teaching a rock how to fly than getting Rin to call her Olivia.

Olivia listens to Rin barrage her with words as she replies with, [b "Strange Magic?"] Olivia takes the paper and begins to read it.

Kaltivas looks up at Rin and says, [b "Hello Rin, Baron. It has been awhile. However, I'm going to cut in here to speed things up,"] Kaltivas says as his tail sways, [b "We were on our way back from our third job in a row."]

[b "Not happy,"] Olivia says with a tired expression.

[b "Yes, yes, it has been three months since we have actually got to return home,"] Kaltivas sighs and continues, [b "Anyway, Velissa only told us to come here and get a mission file from one of the members here already."]

Olivia looks at Baron and holds out her hand waiting for the file to appear. She already knew Rin would make Baron carry anything she found annoying to carry. Olivia takes hold of the file and begins to look through it. Kaltivas jumps up onto her shoulder and looks at the file as well.

Kaltivas is surprised the moment he sees the picture of the boy. The outfit he wears and the fact the boy uses strange magic made him realize exactly who the boy is. [i This isn't good. For an Aura to be here on Earth. There is only one reason why an Aura would descend.]

[b "Katty?"] Olivia looks at Kaltivas questionably due to the serious look the magical cat wears.

Kaltivas knows all to well that acting like he knows nothing would be pointless in front of Olivia. She is an incredibly perceptive girl, despite the girl's seemingly air headed nature.

[b "Speak,"] Olivia orders.

[b "Sorry, but on the honor of my name as a Spirit, I can't."] Kaltivas says solemnly.

Olivia stands there unable to respond. This is the first time Kaltivas refused to share something with her. Even his own past was not a secret to her. She feels disheartened by it. That is until the next moment she feels an overwhelming radiant warmth flood her chest.

[i He's here.] Kaltivas thinks to himself.

Olivia places her right hand over her heart. All negative feels just suddenly fade from her heart. She notices that this happy uplifting feeling is washing over all the villagers. The very casual atmosphere of the village started to rise in energy and in mere moments the village's atmosphere matched that of a village in the depths of a big festival. People were talking happily, children were running along the dirt roads that weave in and out from between the houses.

This uplifting feel effects everyone to a powerful degree. However, Olivia feels it more than anyone else. Her cheeks become slightly flushed because of it. This warmth is caused by the fact that every single happy moment in one's life is brought to the surface of their memories.

Olivia feels this warmth pulsing from somewhere. She begins to look around.

Kaltivas jumps down and looks at Rin and says, [b "He's here."] He then looks toward Olivia only to see Olivia is already gone.

Olivia merely just rushed away from the twins' location. Some of the guild members often compared her to a ninja, because sometimes she just randomly starts moving with extreme focus. Yet, since she is so quiet, she will often move without people realizing it.

The witch weaves through the crowds of people now filling the streets. Her eyes scan the crowd as she finds herself heading toward the central plaza of the village. She reaches the center plaza and feels another pulse of warmth as she stands outside a small circle of people. A bundle of laughter comes from the center of the circle as people act in awe and amazement. Olivia reaches the center of the circle and there she sees him. The very boy the guild is searching for.

Aura sits crossed legged on the ground in front of a group of five kids. On his face is plastered a warm smile as the kids around him stare at him with stars in their eyes.

[b "Hey Mister, do that ball hand trick again!"] One of the boys in the group of children asks.

Aura chuckles, [b "Again? I've done that trick like a hundred times!"]

[b "Pleeeasse?"] The group of young ones ask.

[b "Alright, alright. Someone give me a ball,"] Aura asks as he is handed a ball by one of the kids. He balances the small ball on the back of his hand.

Olivia listens to the crowd around her. She hears them mutter about how some of the tricks the boy before her was performing. She then focuses on the ball balanced on Aura's hand.

[b "Now, do I have everyone's attention?"] Aura asks as he hovers his left hand up above the ball, [b "Now who wants to catch the ball this time?"]

The boy who handed Aura the ball stands up and raises his hand, [b "Me!"]

[b "Alright, come on up,"] Aura says with a chuckle. The boy stands before Aura and holds his hands out with underneath Aura's hands. Aura looks at the boy and asks with a warm smile, [b "Ready?"]

The boy shakes his head and shouts in an excited tone, [b "Yes!"]

[b "Here we go then!"] Aura states in an energetic tone as he slaps his left hand down onto the ball on the back of his hand. The ball suddenly falls out of Aura's palm and into the boy's hands. The crowd cheers for the trick that causes a bit of wonderment.

Olivia stands there starring at Aura in amazement as well. Her eyes could see what everyone in the crowd missed. Aura's right hand temporarily turned transparent in the moment that Aura slapped the ball with his left. [b "Impossible,"] Is all Olivia manages to whisper out as she watches.

[b "Alright, everyone. Sorry to end the show, but I have to get going now,"] Aura smiles as he jumps up onto his feet.

Olivia waits for the crowd to begin to disperse as she begins to follow after Aura.

[b "Olivia, wait!"] Kaltivas shouts out as he jumps up from the ground and onto Olivia's right shoulder. [b "Don't just randomly disappear. Seriously missed your calling in being a ninja."] Kaltivas looks at Olivia's face and asks, [b "Why did you suddenly disappear?"]

[b "Target found,"] Olivia says as she resumes walking after Aura.

Kaltivas looks up ahead to see Aura's back. However, he could also see the two fairies floating above his shoulders. [i So she could sense him? That makes sense. The source of her and his magic are complete opposites. They would resonate to some degree. However, what concerns me is that there are two fairies following him,] Kaltivas's tail sways slowly, [i Fairies are the only spirits that can match a Dragon in terms of raw magic. However, they usually only reside in Spiraton.] Kaltivas feels a heavy weight on his heart as he comes to realize his worst fears are becoming more evident.

[b "How should I engage?"] Olivia asks Kaltivas. Normally she would go with her instinct, but despite not telling her, she knows Kaltivas knows more about the boy then he lets on.

[b "Cast Witch's Forest,"] Kaltivas replies as his ears flick upwards.

[b "Overkill?"]

[b "Trust me, we'll need it if we have any hopes in catching him."]

Olivia looks at Kaltivas for a moment before gripping her staff tightly. She spins the staff up above her head. The crowd that was once around Aura watch Olivia in a bit of confusion and curiosity. [b "Witch's Forest!"] Olivia shouts as she stabs her staff into the ground.

Aura stops in his tracks and looks down at the ground to see a segment of a magic circle form underneath him. [b "Did someone just cast a spell?"] Aura asks as he looks up to see all the people on the roads have suddenly vanished.

[b "Aura! Be on guard,"] Ravi says as she cautiously looks around.

[b "Wow, this is my first time seeing Witch's Forest in action,"] Vivi says with an excited chuckle.

[b "Do you ever take things seriously?"] Ravi growls at Vivi.

[b "That's your job Ravi!"] Vivi jests as she laughs again.

[b "Argh!"] Ravi grumbles.

Aura turns around to face Olivia who stands down the road from him. [b "A Witch eh? That's awesome! I always wanted to meet a Witch,"] Aura says with a bright smile.

Olivia stands there in a blown away state. Her mind could not exactly compute the words that Aura just said. Everyone she has ever met has always been cautious of her upon their first meeting. No one has ever been excited to meet a Witch.

Kaltivas closes his eyes and sends out a telepathic message to all the guild members in Velna. [i Everyone, ask 'May I enter the Witch's Forest' in those exact words. Olivia has captured the target within her Forest.]

Once all the members asked if they could enter, Olivia would allow them to be transferred into the sub dimensional space she created.

[b "Hey Ravi, what is Witch's Forest?"] Aura asks and looks at Ravi curiously.

[b "It's one of the most powerful spells a Witch can cast. It creates a shadow dimension of wherever they are,"] Ravi explains as she mounts herself on Aura's shoulder, [b "In other words, we are in a parallel space of Velna. Anything that happens here in the 'Forest' does not effect the real Velna outside."]

[b "Crazy?"] Olivia asks Kaltivas as she watches Aura talk to air.

[b "Hardly. Believe it or not, he is conversing with two Fairy spirits.,"] Kaltivas replies.

[b "Fairies?"]

[b "Yes, Fairies. Be on guard Olivia. Even if the others are joining, they will enter from the edges of the Forest,"] Kaltivas explains as he turns into a cyan colored sash that spirals around her arms, [b "So, you are on your own for now."]

Aura looks at Olivia and asks, [b "Can I ask you something? Why did you cast Witch's Forest on me?"]

[b "To Capture,"] Olivia states while swinging her staff out to the side. The Magistellia embedded in the top of her staff dislodges itself and re positions itself right above the top of Olivia's staff.

[b "Capture?"] Aura asks with a confused look as he scratches the back of his head, [b "Why do you-"]

[b "Sonic Cannon,"] Olivia says in her listless tone as she thrust her staff forward and the Magistellia floating above it launches forward at blinding speed.

Aura enters a state of acceleration and crouches down toward the ground. The Magistellia flies above his head and crashes into the wooden building behind him. The wooden structure begins to collapse as the Magistellia returns to Olivia.

Aura's face turns a bit pale as he hears the building collapse behind him. [i She said she wanted to capture me, right? Was that suppose to capture me?"] Aura thinks to himself.

[b "Missed?"] Olivia says as she is surprised Aura was able to dodge a sudden attack that was at the speed of sound.

[i Olivia, we are meant to capture him. Not kill him,] Kaltivas says through telepathy.

Olivia taps her left index finger to her chin and remains silent for a moment. All she replies to Kaltivas's words with is, [b "Whoops."]

[i Don't forget something so important!]

Olivia begins to ready herself for the next attack, but then watches as Aura vanishes from sight. [b "Where?"] Olivia asks curiously.

[i Olivia! Behind you!]

[b "So, is it my turn?"] Aura asks he stands behind Olivia. Aura waits for Olivia to turn around just enough as his right hand is surrounded by a sky blue aura. He thrusts his hand forward toward Olivia's face and shouts, [b "Aura Flash!"] A bright aura light bursts from his hand and blinds Olivia. He uses the moment to accelerate and distance himself from the Witch.

[i He got me] Olivia rubs her blinded eyes as she stumbles a bit due to the shock of suddenly being blinded.

[b "Anyway to escape Witch's Forest?"] Aura asks his Fairy companions.

[b "The only way is to cast Dispel, or cause enough damage to the caster to the point they can't maintain it,"] Vivi answers.

[b "Dispel it is then,"] Aura replies as he begins to search for a location to hide. He deactivates his acceleration to save on magic as he continues to run around.

[b "But where are you going to cast it? Dispel takes time to cast,"] Ravi says as the Fairy hovers in front of Aura.

[b "I'll think of something,"] Aura chuckles a bit nervously with a smile.

[b "You never think things through, do you?"] Ravi sighs.

[b "I wouldn't say never,"] Aura replies with a nervous chuckle.

[b "Yeah! He put a lot of thought into which tree to fall out of this morning last night, didn't he?"] Vivi states in defense of Aura.

[b "That doesn't make me look much better Vivi,"] Aura says with a sigh as he runs toward the south end of the copy town.
  Aura / Tyasuke / 23d 10h 37m 17s

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