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[h3 Author's Note for New Rpers]

Once again thanks for looking at my rp for whoever takes the time to see this. Yes we have started, but we have not gotten far. To catch up, just read my intro and I will give you a small summary of everything that has happened and as to what is happening now. Please enjoy ^_^

[h3 Summary]

The members of Embara Wing were sent out to find a strange boy who wielded strange magic. They encountered the boy in the village of Velna. After a small scuffle, the boy willing turns himself in and he is now in the prison underneath the Guild.

[h3 Setting]

[i We are the watchers of the world.

We have watched the world since the beginning of humanity. Alongside the spirits we have protected and watched over the world from the shadows. We have watched the rise of humanity, and the terror of demons since their origins.

However, we had another task along with the job of observation. Unfortunately, in order to successfully complete that task, we had to send a shadow down into the world of mortals.

Now I have to descend from my home and bring an end to the shadow of my people's failure....]

[h3 Rulios]

1. Basic ES rules

2. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE AVALIABLE AND ARE DRIVEN TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE RP. I'm sorry, but I'm kind of tired of people joining the rps I work hard on only to flake out on me 3 posts in. I am looking for hardcore rpers who knows what it means to be a good rper. Only join if you like to write and will make time to rp. Please do not join on a whim. That is all I ask.

3. Anime or Art pics only please

4. DON'T BE INTIMIDATED BY LONG POSTS! <- Does this rule sound ridiculous to you? Yeah, does for me too, but I have had people quit because they think my posts are godly. Not lying either -_-;. Writing is my passion, so yes I am good at it. That is no reason for people to feel like they don't belong in my rp. The only thing I ask of rpers is that they put as much effort into their posts as I do.


6. Just FYI. I want you guys to have fun. Just, I want to have fun too. Otherwise enjoy ^_^

[h3 Posting Order]

So, this is important because it stops people from falling behind and allows you to know when to post. Now, to be more specific, I do something a little different in terms of 'order' than what you see in most rps on here.

What we will be doing is not posting turn by turn but by 'cycle'. what I mean by that is that each cycle will begin and end with one of [b MY] posts. Once I post then everyone will have to post AT LEAST once, but can post to a maximum of 2 per cycle. In other words, if you post 2 times before a cycle ends, you have to wait for a new cycle aka everyone has posted at least once. Other than that you can post WHENEVER you want or can. However, I will not wait to long, maybe a week or so for you to post before I just push the rp along. Pm please if you do not get how the posting order works.

To simplify, I post, then everyone has to post at least once. Just keep in mind that I can still post twice per a cycle as well. I will put "End Cycle" at the end of the post that signifies the end of the current cycle.

[h3 Spirits]

Spirits range from anything spectral. There are different kinds of spirits, but generally yes they are like the orbs of light that float around my character. Mainly, spirits are spectral beings that allow the world's nature to function. There is a spirit that causes the wind to blow, the trees to grow. Weaker spirits usually are just a sphere of energy, but sometimes spirits can become so powerful that they gain a form and can choose to be seen or not such as the legendary creatures known as dragons. Mostly dragons choose not to be seen fyi.

So anything considered to be a mythical or legendary creature of lore would be considered a spirit in this rp. If you don't understand or have trouble identifying if something is a spirit or not just let me know~

[h3 Battle System]

I'll cover this later when people join

[h3 Where you will start]

All the rpers will be part of the most powerful adventures guild. And you will all be friends to some degree. I've had rps die because nobody gets along with anybody. I don't care if your character is anti social or socially awkward but to some degree they care for their fellow members.

[h3 Skeleton]

Account Name:
Age: 17+
Element: This can be any two elements. There is magic in this rp and the two elements you choose will be the elements that you can utilize
Race: anything non demon is acceptable
How you came to join the guild:

[h3 Characters]

[h3 Tyasuke]


Name: Aura

Age: 18

Race: Aura(Human)

Magic Style:Aura

Weapon: Barehanded... technically speaking

How you came to join the guild: What guild?


Name: Velissa Alvissa

Age: 40

Weapon: BroadSword

Magic Style: Gravity, Plasma

Race: Asura Human

Asura is a Berserker Warrior race that has enhanced strength and reflexes as well as more durable bodies. They have the innate ability to enhance their physical power through the use of magic. This race is a mutated form of the human race caused by being born with strong magic.

How you came to join the guild: Her Father was the previous guild master and her Grandfather was the one who created the guild during the first war with the Demons. However, the guild Master title is not passed down through bloodline, but by merit. Velissa earned the title through pure merit, and not because of her last name.


Name: Olivia
Age: 18
Race: Witch
Magic Style: Witch Style
Weapon: Lunar Staff, Mystic Cloth

Witches are a race born with an extraordinary unique kind of magic. The Witch Arts allow them to use strange and unusual magic spells that can be very powerful or dangerous. The witches used to be hunted out of fear for their extraordinary abilities.

How you came to join the guild: She was the first to join after Velissa became the new guild master. Her and Velissa seem to have a history, but what that history is, is a mystery to everyone in the guild to this day.


Name: Deminis

Age: ????

Magic Style: Aura

Race: Aura

[h3 JakeTheHybrid]


Name: Kendra "Rin" Rinnals

Age: 23

Weapon: Two handguns powered by Magistellia | One Hand short sword

Magic Style: Metal Control Style | Electric Control Style

Race: Human

How you came to join the guild: Born into it just like her father


Name: Baron Rinnals

Age: 23

Weapon: A large metallic hammer

Magic Style: Speed and Invulnerability

Shield Style: Baron can project his impenetrable skin outwardly like a sphere of protection around himself and three other people. It only last as long as his strength allows him to. It does drain him quite rapidly.

Race: Human

How you came to join the guild: Just like his twin sister, he was raised in the guilds setting and was trained to fight with them.

[h3 cursethewhitecat]


Name: Train Locksmith
Age: 23
Element: Earth & Enchantment
Race: Human
How you came to join the guild: He lost a bet and became the guilds combat medic.

[h3 KB-TheBearWhoMauls]

Name: Coraline.

Age: 17.

Weapon: FN P90 TR , nunchaku baton, hand cannon, slinger, combustibles , needles, and syringes.


Main: Poison Manipulation- Users can create, shape and manipulate poisons and poisonous substances. For the sake of clarity: poison, toxin and venom are terms for any substance that injures the health or destroys life when absorbed into the system: poison is the general word, toxin is a poison produced by an organism ; it is especially used in medicine in reference to disease-causing bacterial secretions, venom is especially used of the poisons secreted by certain animals, usually injected by bite or sting.

Secondary: Chemistry Manipulation- The user can create/generate, shape and manipulate chemical substances that can create new elemental or chemical, toxic, combustible, or explosive substance. Users can also manipulate the reactions of the chemical substance.

Race: Human.

How you came to join the guild: Coraline is a newcomer to the guild .


Name: Eliander.

Age: 17 years old in human years.

Weapon: As a blacksmith, Eliander carries a variety of weapons with the vast knowledge of each individual tool. With that said, Eliander is very proficient with weaponry. However, he clings to the melee side of arms. -Wielding hammers and daggers the most...

Element: Thermal Manipulation-User can create, shape and manipulate temperature, a form of kinetic energy between particles at the atomic or molecular level: the greater the movement of these particles, the greater the thermal energy and reversed. Heat itself is internal thermal energy that flows from one body of matter to another, it is not the same as the energy contained in a system—that is, the internal thermal energy of the system. Rather than being "energy-in-residence," heat is "energy-in-transit." Due to this He is immune to fire and ice attack’s.

Race: Halfling of elf and human.

How you came to join the guild: Has yet to join.

[h3 NorthernWolves]


Name: Vanya Glynren
Age: 20
Weapon: Bow and arrows
Element: Water and Fire
Race: Elf
How you came to join the guild: Adopted by one of the guild members

[h3 Kikido]


Name: Agrona Rhiannon
Age: 20
Weapon: Changing sword
Element: Darkness and fire
Race: Human
How you came to join the guild: They found her after she was cursed and took her in. She's not sure if to help her or just to watch her

[h3 tone_]


Name: Sage. That's what people know him by.

Age: 200

Weapon: An elven sword. But he hardly ever uses it.

Element: Air and Earth.

Race: Elf.

How you came to join the guild: He was on the run as he was framed for a crime he didn't do, so he stayed in the guild by persuading the leader that he can teach the members magic.

[h3 Ignis]

Name: Fatui
Age: If you ask, he'll lie.
Weapon: Fatui has two bracers and two anklets that are cursed, fused to his form, as dark as onyx, with a glittering orange-yellow gem inlaid in each. These magistella allow him to manifest weapons of magma and gouts of flame on command.
Element: Magma Manipulation, Compliments of his curse.

Illusory fracturing: Fatui acts with such speed, that people are never sure whether he's just one person, or many, acting in tandem.

Race: A spider-kin, his arms and legs covered in carapace, his four bloody orange-yellow eyes, and his fangs mark him for near universal distrust.

How you came to join the guild: No one is quite sure how Fatui came into the guild ranks, merely that his presence has become more noticeable as his tales have grown taller.

Description: Fatui is a 5'11 spider-kin. He has a mop of oily black hair that he's constantly pushing back, giving it a windswept look, and to keep it out of his eyes. He has a strong jawline and high cheekbones, complemented by ivory colored skin, with has a small nose and four orange yellow eyes, two where most humans have theirs and a pair on his forehead. He sports a pair of thin elfin ears, and has two fangs that overhang a pair of full, light grey lips. He wears a bloody red scarf that he covers his mouth with.

He has a thin athletic build, with muscle being visible anywhere without chitin, including a set of well defined abs. His arms are covered in black chitin to just past the elbows, well defined biceps rising from a jagged edge. He wears a large black poncho on his upper body, putting his scarf on above this. He also has a pair of ashy bracers that dig into the chitin around his wrists, a shiny orange gem glimmering in either of them.

His lower body is covered similarly by a bloody red sash, which rests over a pair of loose fitting black pants, which are obviously quite old and tattered, as they have been seemingly burned just below the knees. He has chitin up to just above his knees as well, and a pair of anklets to match his bracers.

[h3 Kaosu]


Name: Chaos, the only name that stuck with him
Age: 21
Weapon: A magic revolver and a katana.

Primary: Blood Magic:From the use of his own blood, he can create a extension of his blade or create a blood bullet infused with a random element or none at all. However this does require the use of his own blood and can only be used a limited amount of time.

Secondary: Magical eye: By revealing his hidden eye hidden beneath an eye patch, he can see the element of magic in the air. While he can see any magic, he can only see magic used being used and using it puts strain on him, allowing limited use of his left eye.


How you came to join the guild: He was found by one of the high ranking members of the guild wandering without his memories and fainted from starvation. He was brought in and was given a chance to do guild work while he worked on figuring out his past by the guild master, which he agreed to.

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Everyone was so grim. They were all on about how they'd support each other. Fatui knew that in any beneficial relationship, communication was key, but it wasn’t like they were rushing off to their deaths. Demons took many forms after all. They could get out there and the demon be an evil bunny with razor sharp teeth. Not to say that’s what he expected, but he knew for a fact that this wasn’t anyone's first rodeo.

With another grunt, he lifted himself above the bar for the umpteenth time. The wheels in his mind turned slowly but surely on the issue at hand. If they were going to one of these zones, he should've brought his sister. Or a cleric, maybe a druid? Someone that heals people. Olivia's brand of healing was fine for recovering after the fact. But nothing was more useful than someone with the nerves and the magic to fix someone in the heat of battle.

[center He sincerely hoped they wouldn’t have need of a healer.]

The train came to a slow stop, and in a motion blurred by his speed, he dropped from the rail and had donned his poncho and scarf, covering his upper body, but more importantly to himself, his fangs. They were not things he liked to go around advertising. Set people off.

As people got off the train, Fatui purposely lagged behind the rest of them. The only one that had ever been on an actual mission with him was Olivia, and she knew he was as silent as her when he was on duty. He was silent because his mind was rapidly formulating one liners he could make use of in the trouble to come. A hand to his chin, he continued behind the group, content to allow Olivia to lead them down Aura's trail.

His four orange eyes rapidly scanned around himself, and looked out for the rest of the group. He preferred to keep everyone within line of his rather impressive sight radius. Thusly, he stayed at the back, watching everyone carefully, and perhaps lingering a little too long on the rear ends of the assorted women before him.

Today was going to be interesting. No doubt about it.
  Fatui / Ignis / 78d 16h 4m 28s
All Chaos could do was chuckle before they began their walk to their destination. He didn't expect any of them to really talk or care about what he had said but he at least told them his thoughts openly. All he could do was fallow them down the path they chose, hoping that the path he walked would return him to the path down his past.

Chaos had always felt like an outsider since he was there, being the only one who didn't have fond memories of eating together with family or even having friends to laugh with. Now, working together with this many people felt like the first time that he had found a group to be with, though he still felt the outsider vibe from it.

As they walked, Chaos's thoughts drifted from the ground to the sky, bringing thoughts about what that boy had said earlier to him. [b " [i That is the eye of a Mystic. A Dragon Eye at that.]"] He had always had his suspicions that ever since the dragon comment was made from that doctor way back then that it could be one but he had kept brushing off the thought his mind until today. It even made him worry more about how he got it.

[+red "I guess the only true way to know more would be to meet a dragon"] he whispered to himself. Chaos thought that if they could meet that boy again and were on better terms that he could possibly ask him about meeting one, thought that was only if he would be willing an able. He knew that this mission was going after the boy to this area but he felt as if it was less about capturing him and more to stop something bad from happening. He could only guess right now but he steeled himself for the journey ahead as he walked at the back of the group.
  Chaos / Kaosu / 85d 6h 36m 37s
[font "Bell MT" Rin smiled at Olivia’s speech. Finally, someone agreed with her. Finally, her words were actually meaningful and someone noticed. A warm feeling of pride rose in her chest. She was contributing and it felt good. [i Good job, Rin! You said something smart and helped the group!] She thought to herself while maintaining a disconcerted expression. No one but Baron seemed to notice. He huffed silently with a smirk as he redrew his attention back onto Olivia. His attention was so focused on her that he wasn’t even listening to the conversation between her and Chaos. [i Man, she is so hot when she’s crusading.] He thought to himself. Kendra noticed his fixed gaze and rolled her eyes.]

[font "Bell MT" [i Brother, you are hopeless.] She thought.]

[font "Bell MT" Once the group started the hour trek, Kendra found it a good time to have some girl talk with her favorite witch in the world. The excited brunette bounced up behind Olivia and wrapped one arm around Olivia’s right arm and cozied up to the cyan woman. [#daa520 “I really appreciated what you said on the train.”] Rin spoke softly as the two women walked along the path. Baron respectfully gave the two their space. [#daa520 “I know you don’t want to inherit the guild, but I think you’ll be great at it.”] Kendra’s bronze eyes soften.]

[font "Bell MT" Olivia turned her head to Rin with her usual blank expression. [b “I’m not guild leader material.”] He voice was monotone and emotionless.]

[font "Bell MT" Rin smiled and patted Olivia’s hand. [#daa520 “Oh sweetie, I have faith in you.”] Rin stated as she synced her steps with Olivia’s. [#daa520 “Anywho, I saw you talking to Baron earlier. You two getting along fine?”] Rin smirked. She wiggled her eyebrows at her friend. [#daa520 “You two are so adorable. Do you like him?”] She asked bluntly.]
[right [pic]]

[size10 Post made with permission of Tyasuke]
  The Twins / JakeTheHybrid / 89d 18h 51m 32s
Olivia looks at Chaos with a listless stare. She then looks ahead and sighs, [b "Two things Chaos. Embara Wing will not fall because the mistakes one member makes. It is not such a weak guild,"] Olivia says as she begins to follow a concrete road that leads toward the East exit of the town, [b "Also, becoming the leader of Embara Wing is not something I intend to do."]

Olivia looks at the rest of the group with a spacey look. She reverts to her usual quiet self as she points down the road she heads. [b "One hour walk,"] She says in an impassive tone, the fire she showed earlier completely gone from her eyes and voice. Olivia begins to walk down the road leading the way since she is more aware of how to get there more than everyone else.

[h3 Meanwhile...]

Aura arrives at the edge of a village in a flash of light. He stands at the village edge and looks on in at the village itself. His trench coat sways with the winds that trailed behind him after his blindingly fast run. Aura looks at the village in dismay. There is no signs of destruction to the buildings themselves. In fact, the entire village looks completely normal, as if it were untouched. However, that is the problem. The village had absolutely no people, or signs of life. Only the buildings of the village remained in perfect shape, for that is all there was.

[b "It really is much worse here,"] Aura says in a sad tone as he takes in the lifeless scene.

Vivi and Ravi fly out of Aura's chest and float in the air above his shoulders.

[b "The area is so cold,"] Vivi says with discontent as she floats forward a bit.

[b "It's been completely drained. Even the soil is void of life,"] Ravi explains as she hovers toward the ground.

Aura looks down at the ground and sighs. [b "We better get started then,"] Aura says as he draws a sky blue circle in the air before himself. While he draws the circle, a pitch black dome forms over the village itself. He thrusts his right hand into the back of the circle and shouts, [b "Aura Gate!"] Energy floods out from the sides of the circle as the magic circle slowly begins to open from the center.

Ravi and Vivi watch in silence as the gate of aura is slowly created bit by bit.

[b "Hey Aura?"] Ravi asks as she hovers to Aura's right shoulder, [b "Was it wise to leave Velissa with so many hints?"]

Aura focuses on the gate he is creating as he takes a moment to speak. [b "Honestly, I don't know. However, if she sends guild members after me, I at least will know she isn't one of them."]

[b "What will you do once you know?"]

[b "I guess I'll take it step by step from there. We're about to step past the starting line of this war,"] Aura replies and looks at Ravi, [b "I have no idea what's in store for us once we step pass this line."]
  Aura / Tyasuke / 98d 1h 52m 1s
As Chaos was relaxing, he felt himself falling through the roof and back into his seat, facing what he guessed was a angry witch who he had left after the information. After listening and watching her back of. He just gave a sigh and sat up out of his chair and waited for the train to stop. After it stopped and he watched Olivia got out, he watched as the others got off before he himself decided that it was time to go. After leaving, he jumped out and looked at Olivia, remembering her words. [+red "Hey"] he said, trying to catch the attention of the group.

[+red "I'll be frank. I don't want my actions to tell you that I hate any of you. This guild has been the only thing I've ever remembered and I thank everyone for at least being a way for me to remember a better life."] He then walked a bit forward past Olivia, looking out towards the town. [+red "I guess what I really want to say is that I trust in you guys, but I just don't trust in myself, someone who has had rage control him and caused him to ruin the guild he enjoyed being with by removing someone from the guild."] He silently pulled out a ribbon, something that he kept from his memories of his old teammate. [+red "I'll promise to have your backs until the last day I live. That you can count on"] he said and then chuckled as he put the ribbon back in his pocket and turned around.

[+red "And Olivia, that speech back there reminded me of the leader of the Embara Wing. I would be surprised if you didn't become the next one if that ever occurred, but who knows if I'll be here to confirm"] He then gave a chuckle, just speaking what he thought about her before he turned and just looked up into the sky, letting his thoughts wander back to the sky as he slowly began walking.
  Chaos / Kaosu / 103d 17h 13m 30s
Olivia looks around the train car and notices a small detail that Fatui may have failed to mention as mission leader. She begins to wonder how many people in the current train car are here to 'capture' Aura when the mission is to help him. However, the silence is starting to bug her a bit which is ironic considering she is the quietest one of the group.

She feels some relief at Rin's words. At least someone in the group is saying the things that needed to be said. Olivia wanted to back her words up, but her social skill level prevented her from coming up with words to actually say. Yet, her frustration slowly built up as the silence remained. Her face does not show it though.

Kaltivas remains silent for a moment after Agrona speaks. [i Is this group going to be okay?] He thinks to himself as the group seemed like they failed at holding a conversation. Kaltivas sighs and looks at Agrona and says, [b "Actually Agrona, the area you are talking about isn't a Corrupted Zone. It's a Negative Zone."]

[b "What's the difference?"] Olivia asks with a tilt of her head.

[b "A Negative Zone, to be accurate is an area that was effected by corruption due to a drastic event. However, the corruption that infested the area eventually 'fades' with time."]

[b "Then why is a Negative Zone devoid of spiritual life like a Corrupted Zone?"]

[b "Because spirits naturally avoid Negative Zones by instinct. Its bad for a spirit to go near a Negative Zone."]

Olivia quirks a brow at Kaltivas. She did catch on how Kaltivas's tone of voice changed when he said fades. However, she over looked it. She is waiting for her familiar to talk about Corrupted Zones.

Kaltivas looks at Olivia seeing her curiosity written all over her face. [b "If I was able to tell you about Corrupted Zones, I would."] Kaltivas says as his ears lower a bit.

[b "More secrets?"] Olivia asks feeling slightly more frustrated.

Kaltivas shakes his head, [b "No, this time I truly do not know. Only two kinds of beings know what a Corrupted Zone actually is. Spirits who are over ten thousand years old, and people like Aura."]

[b "Any clue?"] Olivia asks becoming slightly concerned now.

Kaltivas sighs and says in a solemn tone, [b "I didn't even know we were investigating Corrupted Zones back when we first visited. I do not know much more than this."]

Olivia looks at the rest of the members. She looks out the window for a moment and starts to think that the members in the car would be great at starring contests. They certainly knew how to be quiet and awkwardly stare at people well enough.

Olivia has a pretty good idea what the current status of the members are. Fatui is being well, Fatui. Rin is trying to spur up some inspiration in the others to work as a team. Chaos is being gloomy over the events at the tavern and decided to completely ignore the information being shared. Baron is probably being quiet due to similar reasons as herself. The only one in the car who seemed to be actually motivated was Agrona. Olivia herself is being driven by her curiosity.

She sighs and says, [b "Annoying,"] Olivia stands and holds her right hand out. A cyan colored magic circle appears on the roof of the train and beneath Chaos on top of the train. Suddenly Chaos falls through the roof and is returned to his seat.

Olivia stands before Chaos's seat and stabs the edge of her staff into the back of the seat by Chaos's head, [b "Next time listen. If you truly regret what you did, then stop acting like a fool that will get us killed."] Olivia speaks in a tone of voice all the members are familiar with. A commanding voice that demands one's attention and weighs pressure on the shoulders when heard. It is a tone very much like their leaders. Her usual expressionless face also showed the same strength of resolve that their famous guild leader's face usually expressed. An expression of confidence and strength.

[b "I could care less about what you are going through at the moment. When on a mission, we leave our baggage back at the guild. We are Embara Wing. We act as one. If you can't do that, then don't get off the train and head back home,"] Olivia says as she removes her staff from the chair. She may have been looking at Chaos, but her words were directed at everyone. She spoke the core line of Embara Wing's creed. The act as moving as one.

Kaltivas chuckles to himself, [i She really has been spending to much time with our amazing leader.]

[b "What Rin said is right,"] Olivia says as the train comes to a stop. She walks to the open doors and says, [b "This mission is to important to mess up."] She sends a slight glare at Fatui as she exits. She is a little annoyed that the supposed leader was not doing the job of bringing the group together. Everyone did not even know that the mission is more akin to a recon and assist instead of a capture mission.

The Witch is slightly irritated at the group. When one joins Embara Wing, they join not just the guild, but the family as well. Olivia has been on many group missions before. Despite her lack of communicative ability, she is always able to work with her fellow members toward a common goal. Yet, this group almost seemed like they had no desire to even try to work together disregarding Rin, Baron and possibly Agrona.

Olivia says as she steps onto the station platform. She releases a big sigh feeling tired. [i Said to much] She thinks to herself. She feels mentally tired just from that small speech. However, she felt angry after what Rin said. Not because she found what Rin said annoying, but because of the fact that it needed to be said at all in the first place.

[b "Face hurts,"] Olivia says as she sighs again.

[b "Well, it is rare for you to talk so much while actually holding a facial expression,"] Kaltivas taunts as he jumps up onto Olivia's shoulders and lays across them.

[b "Is it okay?"] Olivia asks as she looks up at the sky. The town they were in is a small traders village. Their destination is a hour walk away from their current location.

[b "All we can do is hope that it will be,"] Kaltivas replies as the two wait for the rest of the members.

[h3 Note from the epic me]

Okay guys so Ill give you a choice. We either skip ahead past the hour walk or we rp the actual hour. If we choose to skip, it'll be a bit of a big jump forward in time.
  Olivia / Tyasuke / 105d 4h 58m 23s
It seemed those that had originally caught Aura, caught being a nice way of saying it, were the ones that agreed to go find him again. Made sense. He had made a fool of them before. Of course, it wasn't all him, they just seemed to run into it without a plan. Even Agrona had to admit she had done so, despite how much she hated being wrong. This time they would have to figure out how to go about it. It would be tricky, like anytime they went after someone, but considering where they were going, it would be twice as hard, if not more.

In the car, Agrona sat near the entrance. She never much liked trains, so being closest to getting off was the only way to calm her nerves. She hid it well though, looking out the window as they started to leave the station. No one spoke. She wasn't surprised. None of them were much of talkers, her included. Seemed this would be a long ride if no one spoke up. Thankfully, the cat did. Agrona would say it's odd that a cat would speak, but after being at the guild, she saw it as any other being that could talk.

[#00BABA "I've seen one of these Corruption Zones."] Agrona pipped in, turning to face the others now. [#00BABA "Where I was found, the village was right outside of one. They thought the corruption had somehow spread to the house I was in."]

She remembered how it looked, like it was burnt into her mind forever. Devoid of all life, barren, a wasteland. She wasn't sure if all of the zones were like that, but she could remember this one. No one dared enter, not wanting to find out what could be lurking in the land. When they discovered her, they thought she was a demon at first, or something that was from that dreaded place. For all she knew, the sword itself could've been from it. Perhaps that's where she found it? But why would she go there?

Her thoughts were brought back as Rin started to speak. It seemed she was trying to rally them up for this mission. She wasn't sure, but she felt no one really took it. This mission would be dangerous. They couldn't rely on their magic so much, which made it strange that Olivia was coming. But she was very knowledgeable, so perhaps that was enough. Still, there were those that relied heavily on magic, and even if they didn't, everyone in the guild seemed to use some magic. Agrona had her shadows, the power the sword gave to her, as far as she knew.

[#00BABA "Well we've all had training in non magic combat, so that will give us a bit of an edge."] She fixed the scarf a bit to hide her neck. [#00BABA "Perhaps we should form a plan now. I don't think Aura will come with us so easily this time, and it seems he's far wiser in his years when it comes to battle."]
  Agrona Rhiannon / Kikido / 106d 1h 58m 24s
[font "Bell MT" The group met outside in the main hall before departing on a train to a location Kendra wasn’t sure where. Things were considerably more awkward as the majority of the time, the team was silent and didn’t particularly look each other in the eyes. After the incident with Aura or whatever his name was, and the sudden outburst of Chaos’s confession, things were not “a-okay” as they use to. Generally, Kendra and Baron were friendly with all the guild members and had made some friends among their peers, but neither of them knew any of these people well, not that there was an opportunity to do so. Everyone on this train was reserved and did not share stories with each other. Even the quiet tongued Baron felt the dead air was unnerving. Everyone had their secrets, he supposed. The problem was, no one wanted to work as a team. Everyone wanted to be on top or go their own way. If they were all going to track this mysterious Aura fellow down, then everyone would have to start getting friendly with each other. Whether they liked it or not.]

[font "Bell MT" The twins sat in the middle of the car since everyone else picked a corner and stuck with it. Fortunately, Kaltivas started the briefing of the mission. Olivia even started to converse with the team members about these “Corruption Zones” and the rudimentary laws of magic which Kendra and Baron both knew already. Everyone in the guild should know the laws of Magic Casting. It was elementary. But, a quick brush up wouldn’t hurt anyone, or so Baron thought. Kendra was completely bored and was ready to attack something. The male twin nudged his sister with his left elbow to force her attention. [i You better be paying attention, Stubby.] He thought as he shot a quick unnoticeable glance to the female next to him. Kendra raised one hand frustrated with her brother and unsure as to why he hit her. Her expression said [i What? This is all stuff we know!]]

[font "Bell MT" Unlike perhaps most of the guild members, Kendra and Baron were raised around magic substitutes as forms of energy and weapons. Their father trained Kendra, especially, to manipulate metal and science with Magistellia to form a new form of weapon. All Magistellia are crystallized forms of the second law. That's why they only have one function. The red and black revolvers holstered on her belt functioned by the Magistellia enabled in each barrel siphoned off of Kendra’s mana, recharging itself and then firing electricity . When the guns run out of power, Rin would have to recharge it. Considering it does not use as much mana as, say Olivia’s spell “Witch's forest”, it would not take as long to refill to max power.]

[font "Bell MT" Still, Olivia did mention that magic was difficult to use, period. Kendra assumed that she meant that even the brunette would find some difficulty in using her mechanical tools in these zones. [#daa520 “So since magic will be harder to use,”] Rin spoke up against the other travelers, [#daa520 “that means we all have to try and work as a team this time. All of us having each other’s backs, right?”] It wasn’t so much of a question and meant more as a statement. It was directed at everyone, but especially Charl…. ”Chaos”. Since he decided to be a grouchy traveling companion and sit off by himself. [#daa520 “We don’t want the messy business of the last encounter to happen again. We will all be handicapped this time so let’s make our Guild Mistress proud, yeah?”] Kendra smiled as she attempted to rally the spirits of the collective folks in the car. She wasn’t a leader, but she just wanted everyone to act like teammates for once.]
[right [pic]]
  The Twins / JakeTheHybrid / 107d 19h 3m 21s
Fauti grunted as the smaller woman slammed her palm into his chest, a bit of blood eking out of the side of his mouth. He just smiled and nodded to Olivia. It wasn't too much longer before three or four people had appeared. Now, Fatui was used to leading people… by the nose. This was going to be an interesting experiment in interpersonal control. He certainly had a few troublemakers in his group. Olivia and her fuckin' cat. Both of which were quiet, mysterious and generally hard to get along with. He had Chaos, some angry guy with ground sundering magic. There was also Agrona, who he knew for a fact was dangerous to work with, then there were the twins. He just let out a sigh at their approach. Seemed the cat had some announcements to make once they'd boarded the train.

It hadn't been long before all the volunteer guild members were packed onto the train and Kaltivas began rambling on about things Fatui was already sort of in the know about. The can places reminded him of his dreams. Nothing but unlife. Maybe with less fire. Fatui decided, while Kaltivas was talking, to make himself by grabbing one of the bars on the roof of the train car and performing pull-ups, already feeling much better as a magical clock continued counting down on his chest.

He was grunting from the effort of pulling himself to the bar. But since he hadn't managed to get any ACTUAL exercise while in the yard, he needed to make up for it. Still having not donned his scarf or poncho. If one was looking closely, they could almost make out the tiny droplets of sweat beginning to form again amidst the perfectly defined muscles that rippled underneath his ivory skin. He didn’t feel he was, breaking a sweat, seeing as he regularly lifted his own weight. Today was endurance day, he supposed. Of all the people in the car, he'd never actually had a legitimate conversation with any of them, barring Olivia. But she didn’t count considering the mistress kept her at arm's length like himself.

He certainly knew of all of them well enough, but didn’t currently feel like starting up a conversation with any one of them. It wasn't like he wanted to avoid them either, he just knew enough general knowledge about each of them, being in the intelligence gathering field, that he wasn’t terribly interested at the moment.

Who knows, though. Maybe they'll surprise him.
  Fatui / Ignis / 111d 21h 53m 10s
Chaos really kept quiet as soon as he was there with the others, even when he followed them onto the train. He then took the nearest bench closest to the back of the train car, not wanting to really be anywhere close to the other members who where there on the mission. He honestly didn't really care to converse with anyone, since they would more than likely either tell them how much they hate him or ask him more about the murder and he wasn't in the mood to to answer nor listen to them about it anymore.

When he heard Olivia mention the zone's names, he quickly felt something familiar. It had felt as if he had maybe heard those names of these zones but he wasn't completely sure. Whatever it was to him, he didn't make any notion of letting Olivia know that and so just sat there and listening while also acting uninterested.

After he heard everything from the speech, he quickly took the nearest door at the back of the car our. The last thing he wanted to do was sit inside anymore, especially on such a dangerous mission and if he was going to be stuck in an area with little to no magic aura. After leaving the car, he quickly looked for a way up to the top of the car, finding a ladder that he could climb to reach the roof.

After he made it on top, he quickly sat down to look at the passing scenery as he felt the wind blowing past him. It wasn't the first time he had been on the roof of this car and he always loved being alone up here. He slowly took his revolver out and checked the chambers, checking to see if his revolver was fully loaded. He didn't know how much the field would affect his blood magic, given the fact that all he knew was that it was a magic that took the energy from the user's blood compared to the casting he had seen from other magicians. It would be better safe than sorry for him to check just in case he found himself unable to use his blood magic, his gun being a holster for the magical pullets that only required the trigger to be pulled from the gun to ignite the magic contained inside each bullet.

After he finished checking and loading his revolver, he put it away and simply stared out to the distance, enjoying the view and the feeling of him flying through the air.
  Chaos / Kaosu / 119d 20h 22s
Kaltivas watches as the members flow into the main hall one after the other. Kaltivas reverts to his cat form and rests across Olivia's shoulders once it seems that they recruited all the members that they could. [b "Well, may I make a suggestion before we start talking about the mission? We should get on a train and talk on our way there. It will be a hour long trip after all,"] Kaltivas states as his tail begins to sway.

Later on the entire party sits in the third car of the train which is known as the Guild Car. A car of the train that can be reserved by any guild if it is for the means of a mission. The train heads northwest toward a town known as Telna. The wheels of the train turn rapidly along the tracks as fiery orange tinted steam shoots out from the top of the train. The inside of the Guild Car has the appearance of a war room. The sides of the car are lined with cushioned chairs that face inward.

Olivia sits on the right side in the seat closest to the front of the car. She looked at the door of the train car as she gets lost in her own thoughts, slowly piecing together how the train runs and operates completely off of Magistellia.

[b "Olivia. I believe we should start show and tell,"] Kaltivas says as he looks up at Olivia from her lap.

[b "Go ahead,"] Olivia says with an absent minded tone as she continues to be lost in thought.

Kaltivas rolls his eyes and sits up on Olivia's lap. [b "I don't know how many of you were even aware, but for those who were, Olivia and I have been on mission for the past few months straight,"] Kaltivas begins to explain.

[b "Complain,"] Olivia says in a slightly irritated tone.

[b "Yes yes, Your complaints are noted,"] Kaltivas replies with a sigh and continues, [b "anyway, moving on. The missions we were on were for reconnaissance. We were surveying areas that had suddenly become devoid of all forms of life, so to speak."]

[b "In other words,"] Olivia cut in as she looks at the other members. [b "In these areas, all forms of spiritual energy and life had suddenly disappeared. I was sent out to investigate,"] Olivia amazingly explains in more than three words. This is a rare occasion where she makes the effort to actually talk. There are only two circumstances when she will say more than two words. The first occasion is when she is talking about her personal interest which usually waters down to magical law, sciences and theories. The second occasion is when she is talking about something that is considered important.

[b "These areas were being referred to as Distortion Fields. However, they are more accurately known as Corruption Zones. However, the knowledge of such areas have been classified by the Prince for the time being due to a massive lack of information."]

Olivia continues off what Kaltivas said and explains, [b "And I didn't come up with much of anything either. You all know the four Laws of Magic casting, right?"] Olivia holds out her right hand and begins to say [b "The four laws. The first law is the control of mana,"] Olivia's right hand gains a cyan colored tint, [b "The second law is to convert the controlled mana within your body into a form that it can exist outside of your body,"] A cyan colored sphere forms above the palm of Olivia's hand, [b "The third law, which is an optional one to follow, is the manipulation of such magic once it is converted."] Olivia causes the sphere to grow bigger and then small, before she causes the sphere to turn into a thin disk and finally having it revert back to a sphere. [b "The fourth and final law is the actual casting of the spell,"] Olivia says as she has the orb disperse.

[b "Within the Corruption Zone, the second law was difficult to manage,"] Kaltivas says as he looks up at Olivia, [b "Correct?"]

[b "Yes, most people are unaware, but the second law is performed by actually drawing on the natural energies around us. We draw a very small amount of natural mana from the atmosphere which allows us to bind our own mana into an existent form,"] Olivia explains as she looks at the palm of her hand, [b "But the areas we are going to barely has any mana at all. So, just a fair warning. Magic is incredibly difficult to use where we are going."]

[h3 Author's Note]

So, the train ride will last one posting cycle. If you guys want to get your piece in, do so now. The next posting cycle will be the start of the next phase of the story.
  Olivia / Tyasuke / 120d 2h 47m 6s
In an instant, she would say yes to the chance of getting rid of the voice within the sword. She wanted to be free of it, to never hear it again trying to tempt her to kill. But she was suddenly hesitant. Why? This kid had actual answers on how to get rid of it, but now, she wasn't sure. Was it because she finally had some sort of answer? This was something that she focused on for as long as she remembered. So now that she had a way to end it, could it be that she really didn't want to?

Before Agrona could give an answer, they were interrupted. She glanced back, seeing the shadow magic being used. Similar to hers, but still different. Agrona didn't argue. She simply nodded and watched as the shadows consumed him to take him to the interrogation room. With that, there went her answers. At least, for now.

Agrona sighed and made her way out of the dungeon and back into the halls of the guild. She didn't really wish to speak to anyone at the moment, in fact, she wanted to be alone. Her room might work, but if anyone needed her that's the first place they would go. And she didn't feel like being needed. So where else was she to go? The shadows.

The hall was covered in them, she just needed to pick one to enter. Quickly, she sank into the darkness, suddenly floating in nothingness. Darkness was all around her, light being non existent in this world, but she could still see. She could see differences in the shadows, tunnels, as she liked to explain. Each one lead to a different shadow that she could pop out of, no matter the size.

Agrona couldn't stay in here for long. Being in the shadows and using the shadows drained her energy. After a while, she would be forced out and left exhausted. For now though, she didn't care. She just wanted the silence. Slowly, she closed her eyes and curled into a tight ball, floating.

[+red [i 'You are mine...Do not forget that...']]

A shiver ran through her as she heard those words. They didn't feel like they were just in her head like usual. Slowly, she opened her eyes to see what was there. Darkness still surrounded her, but in front of her was a figure. Her eyes grew wide as she realized what this figure was. It smirked at her, eyes red as hers, glowing brightly. The figure was a direct copy of herself.

[+red [i 'You are mine to control.']] As the figure spoke, the voice was that from the sword.

[#00BABA "What the hell..."] She stuttered, leaning back a bit as it came closer.

Suddenly, hands were around her neck, blocking air from getting in. Her copy only smiled at her, making her grip tighter. Agrona reached up in attempts to pull the hands away, but nothing was working. Slowly, the air within her lungs were thinning, her vision starting to get blurred.

[+red [i 'Try all you like, but you will never be rid of me...I own you...You made a deal...']]

She coughed, finally feeling air enter her again. Looking around, she noticed she was back in her room. How had she ended up here? She didn't remember leaving the shadows, nor was she anywhere near her room. Looking around for an answer, she noticed a piece of paper on her night stand.

[#00BABA "I guess that makes sense."] She muttered while looking it over. Her friend had found her passed out in the hallway, a foot in the shadows. So he had taken her back to her room and left. He knew not to be around when she woke, having been caught in one of her blind rages before. Thankfully, she never did more but a few scratches, but that was only because he made sure the sword was on the other side of the room.

[#00BABA "What deal did I make..."]

Shaking her head, she got up from her bed and walked over to the sword. She stared at it, her hands in fists. Somehow she came across this sword. And somehow, she made a deal with it. Why? What was it that she wished for that she was so desperate for that she'd make a deal with a dark being. Aura had said the sword was drenched in the sin of the world. If she couldn't let it go, then she would risk losing her mind, and maybe even her soul. She had to have known this before taking the sword. Even now, she knew better than to take something without knowing what it was. But did she not care then? Was the consequences nowhere near as bad as what would happen if she didn't take it?

Agrona didn't want to think about it now. Placing the sword back on her hip, she sank back into the shadows and made her way towards the tavern. She would need a drink or something to clam her nerves after that experience. She wasn't sure if she could call it a dream really. It seemed much too real for it to be one.

In the tavern, she could hear Fatui speak of a mission. So, the kid escaped. For some reason, she wasn't really surprised. She was disappointed though. Her answers were gone, yet again. Though, it seemed a new mission came about to go and help him in whatever it was he had left to go do. It peaked her interest. Just where was he going? Usually, Agrona wouldn't go on suicide missions, mainly because she wasn't allowed to, but she wasn't going to listen.

Slowly, she stepped out of the shadows and into the corner of the tavern. No one noticed she was there, surprised as she suddenly walked towards the entrance of the tavern. Many didn't like how she phased through shadows like that, much like Kage, but she wasn't a Shadow Walker like him. She was, something else.

As she walked into the main hall, she spotted Fatui right where he said he would be. She walked up to him, a determined look was in her red eyes. Agrona was going to help find the kid and help him do whatever it was his mission was. Once that was over, she would then get answers on how to be rid of this sword once and for all.

[#00BABA "I'll go Fatui."]
  Agrona Rhiannon / Kikido / 126d 17h 50m 38s
As Chaos sat there staring at the sky, he imagined himself flying in the sky for some odd reason. He felt that if he could fly, he would free himself from the dark chains that binded him to the ground, keeping him from knowing anything about the world he wanted to know more about. He then took a puff of his smoke again as he began to think.

Before long, Chaos eventually pulled out his sword, a katana that was found with him along with his revolver back when he was rescued. He looked at the part of the blade that was closer to the hilt, reading the written language that was there. [+red "Forged within a promise between two freinds from different existences" ] he read from the part he could read and then written below it where words that he could not read, for they were in a language he nor anyone he asked was able to read. He guessed one of the words was his own name but knew not what the other word could be. [+red "What was the promise we made?"] he asked but knew that the answer would not just reveal itself.

After sheathing his sword, he got back up and returned into the tower, only to hear a knocking at the door. [b "Hello?'] he heard, recognizing the voice to be Mia's voice from behind the door. Chaos only gave a sigh as he slowly walked over to the door and opened it to see her standing there, with her face bright red from the crying he had guessed she had been doing for a good while. [b "A mission is being held to go after the kid that escaped. Volunteers are meeting in the main hall"] Chaos only gave a sigh before he moved away from the doorway. Mia slowly walked in, sitting on the bed before looking down to the ground. [+red "Then I guess I will be going"] Chaos said and began to make his way out the door before feeling her hand on his arm. [+red "Don't go."] she muttered out before he wrestled his arm away. [+red "I don't belong here anyways."] He then closed the door behind him, leaving the tower and making his way to the hall.


On his way there, he met some guild members who immediately looked away as soon as they saw him. Chaos didn't give much eye contact himself, not caring what others thought about him anymore. All he cared about was leaving this god forsaken place for a while so that he didn't feel uneasy being there. When he finally got to the main hall, he entered, finding the seat nearest to the door and sitting there and waiting for the briefing.
  Chaos / Kaosu / 126d 18h 5m 57s
[font "Bell MT" Another day, another dead end. Kendra marked the day off in her mental calendar as she walked through the halls of the guild. Her mind preoccupied to notice her surroundings. Her trance-like gait instinctively lead her to the room she had been seeking. The brunette could walk these halls blind-folded and she would always know exactly where she was at that moment. Growing up in the guild meant she had known practically all of its members and every inch of its buildings. Each room carrying its own memory of her childhood in it. Kendra’s father had been in the guild about as long as Velissa. He even trained new members on occasion, whenever he wasn’t messing around in the shop. The dust old chamber was the most familiar. As Kendra stepped into the mechanic shop, she took in a deep breath of the dirt, metal, and leather.]

[font "Bell MT" This was where Baron and Kendra spent most of their childhood. Their father tinkering away at odd bits and gadgets, creating robotic animals for the kids to play with. With him gone, the place was cold and lifeless. In a room full of spare parts, tools and unfinished projects, it felt lifeless and stale. None of the machines worked without his presences. Kendra had one of two robotic animals up and running, but nothing was the same. Her little minions greeted her on her arrival, little copper squirrel squeaked and hummed with its engine powering it to life. Another robot was made of tiny metal legs and one optic orb. It crawled up onto Kendra’s shoulder as the other little robot creatures followed close behind her boots. The orange light strung along the ceiling made the room feel warm and stuffy. Exposed pipes running in odd directions, the arteries of the guild’s building. The furnace was dark and dead. It never used to be like that.]
[center [pic]]

[font "Bell MT" Kendra was the mechanic out of the twins. Baron didn’t pay much attention to his father’s lessons. He was more interested in observing and learning to fight. They look very much alike, but the growing differences and interests established them as two different people. However, they were never seen alone. One was close to the other always. Their dad even mixed up their names often. Kendra would be called Baron and Baron would be called Kendra. The sister soon adopted the nickname “Rin” help everyone keep the names straight. The young woman smiled as she remembered her dad and his gruff smirk and bearded face constantly stained with grease. Being in this room without him was hard. Nothing looked the same. It all felt so empty and useless. Rin turned her back to the little robotic animals and ran out of the shop. She couldn’t be in there anymore; she started to feel claustrophobic.]

[font "Bell MT" Meanwhile, Baron was failing at flirting 101. He sat at the bar next to Olivia with his mouth shut tight. [b “It’s raining”] she responded to his question.]

[font "Bell MT" [#b22222 “Oh.”] He said as he slouched more in his seat. [#b22222 “Well I like the rain. It’s nice… and wet?”] He said almost like a question. The bartender shot him a funny look and Baron immediately regretted his words. [#b22222 “I-I mean… it’s nice to listen to when you’re inside.”] [i Just shut up, you idiot. You’re already making this worse.] Baron sipped at his drink miserably. His brain scrambling to find something else to talk about, but everything was a blank. Why was this so hard for him? This wasn’t his experience when dealing with women in the past. Generally, they approached him and flirted with him. Olivia was on a different level. She hardly ever talked to him without Rin there. Baron had dated several girls before and now he was acting like he had never seen a pretty girl in his life. [i I’m such a loser. This is basic shit. Pull your head out of your ass, Baron.] He thought.]

[font "Bell MT" He sat there for several minutes in disappointment when Olivia stood up and tapped his shoulder. She gave a thumbs-up to signify something that was completely lost to him. [#b22222 “What?”] he asked. Olivia didn’t answer; she didn’t have time to. Before he realized what was happening, the cyan witch turned Baron to face her and the swiftly stood next to him with her back pointed the same direction. There was that command shouted again, the Aura flash? Bright white light consumed the tavern for a moment. Baron realized what had happened. That little bastard had escaped. But how? He was handcuffed wasn’t he? [#b22222 “What the hell?”] He murmured as he rushed to the entrance and peered down the streets. He didn’t see that kid anywhere in sight. [i Shit.]]

[font "Bell MT" Kendra heard commotion coming from the tavern and looked over the balcony. She could see everyone was in some confusion. She could see her brother’s tall form among the people and ran down to greet him. [#daa520 “What’s happening?”] She asked.]

[font "Bell MT" [#b22222 “That Aura kid escaped. He’s nowhere to be found.”] Baron replied. [#b22222 “Kage took Olivia to see Velissa about it.”] Rin barely heard the last of her brother’s reply before voices rose behind her. The crowd seemed to silence to an argument that developed. Kendra turned around to see Chaos shouting at another member, what was her name? Mia? The conversation was aggressive mostly by Chaos. Rin’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He openly confessed a secret that he had kept to himself. The shock brought Kendra’s left hand to cover her mouth. [i Oh my god. Is it true? Did he really do that?] The guy she liked killed his partner out of rage. Did she even know him? Baron glanced at his sister’s face. He placed a hand on her shoulder. [#b22222 “I’m sorry.”] He said, knowing that her heart would be crushed now after that reveal.]

[font "Bell MT" Kendra and Baron sat at the bar, one sibling was drinking whatever was on tap and the other was paying for them all. Kendra downed a large glass of beer before exhaling. [#daa520 “I hate men sometimes, Bear. You’re the only good one. Olivia needs to see that eventually.”] She mumbled between sips of another beer. Baron rested his cheek on his knuckles as he watched his sister slip into a tipsy phase. [#daa520 “Why do I have to like assholes? Why can’t I just find a nice quiet guy that isn’t part of the guild?”] She grumbled as she finished the last of her third drink.]

[font "Bell MT" Baron sighed as she slipped the bartender coins. [#b22222 “Personally, I don’t think you should date anyone. Just be an old maid so I don’t have to beat the shit out of anyone.”] Baron smirked as she he watched his sister grabbed another beverage. He took it without much of a fight from her and took some sips himself. He winced at the burning sliding down his throat. [#b22222 “Don’t worry. We have enough to worry about.”]]

[font "Bell MT" [#daa520 “What makes your say that?”]

[font "Bell MT" [#b22222 “Because Fatui is standing on a table about to make a fool of himself.”] Baron pointed a finger at the spider-kin passed Kendra’s shoulder. She turned her head to see the guild’s jester about to make an announcement. He addressed the entire guild about a mission opportunity. Someone in the very back called it a “suicide mission”. No one seemed eager to join Fatui and Olivia. That little kid was going to get himself killed one of these days if he kept going around towns like he was. Other guilds might not be as polite.]

[font "Bell MT" Kendra raised her palm to volunteer for the mission. [#daa520 “My brother and I will go.”] She spoke up over the heads of the other members. Baron stared at his sister as though she had lost her marbles. [#daa520 “We’ll be happy to join you.”]]

[font "Bell MT" [#b22222 “We?”] Baron asked incredulously. [#b22222 “Why ‘we’?”]]

[font "Bell MT" Kendra ignored him and stood up. [#daa520 “Come on, bro. I’m packing the big tazer this time. That fucker isn’t getting away that easily.”] Baron rolled his eyes as the twins headed to their rooms to pack.]

[font "Bell MT" Shortly after Fatui’s speech, Kendra and Baron arrived at the main hall with light bags across their shoulders. Kendra’s bag, however, was bigger and bulkier than Baron’s. He examined the shape with one eyebrow raised. [#b22222 “Did you pack the whole shop in that thing?”] He asked as he shifted his feet. Kendra shot him a glare and adjusted the weight on her shoulder.]

[font "Bell MT" [#daa520 “This is a high Magistellia- powered taze gun. I made it myself. If we are going to take down that little shithead, then we will need this. My shock grasp didn’t do a thing to him last time. So, I’m bringing some tools with me. Is that a problem?”] Kendra asked with sass in her tone. Baron held up his hands in surrender. [#daa520 “Great. When are we leaving?”] Kendra asked Fatui.]
[right [pic]]
  The Twins / JakeTheHybrid / 130d 20h 58m 14s
Olivia steps into a two story house that is the neighboring building to the guild base. The house is shared between Velissa and Olivia and has been here since the early days of the guild. The two story house is considered a land mark due to the fact that it is the original base for Embara Wing when the guild was first started. Olivia finds the door that leads to the basement and heads downstairs. Witch's specialize in strange rituals, so the fact that they usually have a stock of strange items and ingredients was not unheard of. The basement is where Olivia stored her stash.

A witch's hat serves more of a purpose than being a fashionable witch accessory. The hat always has an emblem attached to it, an emblem that is given to Master Witches. The emblem contains three cyan colored magistellia, which each contains some of the most powerful spells that a witch has available. The magistellia at the right corner of the triangle is the magistellia used for Witch's Forest. It is constantly charging up magic for the high level spell. Olivia can only use the spell once every three days, which is why the magistelia is currently a dull gray shade. The second, the magistellia at the left corner, is the magistellia for the spell called Witch's Space. The third and last magistellia contains a secret that not even the Guild Master Velissa knows.

Olivia reaches up and detaches the Witch's Space magistellia and she holds the magistellia up in front of her. The magistellia slowly hovers up off the palm of her left hand and glows a cyan light. A lot of the ingredients that surround her begin to get sucked into the magistellia. After a few moments of waiting for the magistellia to absorb ingredients, she closes her hand over the magistellia and puts it back into its slot in the emblem on her hat.

[b "Are you ready?"] Kaltivas asks as he prowls up to Olivia from behind.

Olivia turns to look at Kaltivas and replies, [b "Yes."] Olivia stares at the cat for a long moment. [b "Watched the interrogation?"]

[b "I did."]

[b "Still being secretive?"] Olivia asks with a listless expression. She feels a prick in her chest as she knows that Kaltivas will not reveal what he is keeping secret to her.

[b "I am sorry Olivia. You know I would never keep a secret from you, but on my honor as a Greater Spirit, I can't reveal everything I know,"] Kaltivas says in a discontent tone as his ears lower.

Olivia stares at Kaltivas and feels a sense of guilt. She knows Kaltivas would not strain her trust in him without good reason. Olivia sighs as she kneels down in front of Kaltivas and holds out her left hand. [b "Kaltivas, you're my partner and I will always believe in you. Just know I am here to listen when you are able to tell me,"] Olivia says in a gentle tone.

Kaltivas's tail wavers as he crawls towards Olivia's arm. Right before Kaltivas crawls onto her hand, he turns into a cyan colored sash that coils around both of Olivia's arms.

Olivia huffs as she stands back up and she says, [b "Off we go."]

[b "We really need more days off,"] Kaltivas jests.

[b "Agreed,"] Olivia replies as she begins to make her way out of the house.

[h3 Later...]

...Olivia enters the guild building once again. She came back just in time to hear the last half of Fatui's speech to the guild. After his leave, the members start to talk. Not many of them were jumping from their seats to join. That mixed with the talk about Chaos's recent fit of rage filled the tavern. Olivia sighs at what she hears. In all honesty, Olivia has been with the guild a long time. Losing a member or two was an unfortunate occurrence that is not as rare as one would hope. Many of the guild members have their own horror stories or tragic events. Even Olivia had a story of her own. However, to her, none of that currently mattered. What bothered her the most is how rattled Velissa seemed. Many may not be able to notice it, but it is obvious to Olivia due to how long she has known Velissa.

Olivia sees Fatui still coughing and hacking a bit as she enters the main hall. She knows Fatui did something recklessly stupid concerning the breaching stone. The breaching stone has been at the guild for a long time. The top record holders are Velissa, Fatui's infamous mother, and someone who could move things with their mind. However, the top record holder was Velissa's great ancestor. In the training yard there is a large boulder sized dent in one of the walls the enclose the training space. It is said that Velissa's ancestor started the game of carrying the stone by throwing the stone into the wall out of boredom one day. It was a ridiculous story that is however true. This is why Olivia thought the whole carrying an over sized rock was ridiculous.

Olivia begins to draw in the air with her left index finger as she approaches Fatui. A magic circle forms in the air before the palm of her left hand and she says, [b "Restora."] She mercilessly slaps the magic circle into Fatui's chest, causing the spider kin to cough and hack a bit more. Olivia removes her hand to reveal that the magic circle had become attached to Fatui's chest. A second hand of a clock could be seen ticking within the magic circle as it spins on Fatui's chest.

[b "Recklessly stupid,"] Olivia says as she sighs. She looks at Fatui in the eyes and says, [b "No magic."]

[b "Or the magic circle will explode and the current damage you are suffering from will become ten times worse instead of better,"] Kaltivas explains as the sash around Olivia's arms wavers a bit, [b "The magic will restore your body to 100% in ten minutes and then disappear."]

Olivia has her staff float in mid air next to Fatui and she sits on it like a chair as she waits with Fatui to see who volunteers to go on the mission. She knows why she was put on the mission however. The missions she has been performing for the last few months is going to the Corruption Zones and studying them. Velissa sent Olivia because she is a witch, who deals in the world of the strange. So, she figured if anyone could see something that others could not, it would be a witch.
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