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[Font "century gothic" [#03079b "You stay away from my mother you fucking bastard."] he said coldly. He was ready to attack this man but this mother glare at him. Yoku sighed softly as he picked up Haji and then walked over to a mirror. It was a very helpful trick that his mother taught him.

Before he step into the mirror he glance back toward his mother and that thing. [#03079b "Hurt I swear I'll kill you myself."] he said as he walked into the mirror and disappeared. Once they were inside the mirror world everything was dark expect for the tips of his tail and ears. They were luminous by blue fire that burn in them.

He sighed softly as he held the blue hair man close once they got back to his family he would have his sister Itami heal him. That woman could work wonders. She couldn't fight at all. She was useless on the battlefield. She was amazing healer and teacher. His mothers could work wonders. He sighed softly as he step through another mirror. They were still inside the castle but they wouldn't be for to much longer.
  Yoku / LoneWulf / 6d 4h 14m 10s
[font "century gothic" [+orange Eros] could hear voices there were many scents in the air. He growled as he stood up from his chair. Course they happen to be in that room with the demon. The demon walked up the stairs silently. He stood out side the door and sighed softly. He slammed the door open. [+orange "What do we have here? A family reunion and you didn't even invite me...."] He said coldly.

[+orange "Well that just not fair when it's my fucking house..."] he said coldly. He looked at Kanbi and smiled softly. [+Orange "Unless of course you come to give your self to me Kanbi."] he said as walked towards her.
  Loveless / LoneWulf / 6d 4h 23m 20s
Haji couldn't believe all of the people that were here. He didn't know what to do. He didn't seem to react much when he was hugged. His sister wasn't here. He couldn't smell her. She must have been holding back. Waiting for the time to strike. Waiting for when she may have been needed. It was like her to be that way. Rushing all in and they would all get caught. He sighed and looked off to the side. It wasn't like he knew where the man was hiding. For all he knew the male was probably close by.

He looked around the room and then leaned against the wall. He was so tired. These two just didn't make any sense to him right now. He closed his eyes and darkness began moving in on him. It wanted to bring sleep, but he didn't think he would find any. Instead he would probably die. Slowly he opened his eyes again.
  Haji / FadedFlower / 6d 8h 10m 20s
[Font "century gothic" [+red Kanbi] just let out a soft growl when she open the door to see her son baring a weapon at her face. [+red "That is no way to greet your mother..."] she said softly. She sighed again and then glare at him. Once she see the figure on the floor she just sighed softly bitting her bottom lip. She knew who that was on the floor. It was Haji. He seem to be in pretty bad shape.

Kanbi bent her ear back. She felt horrible this was all her fault. If she has just stay with Eros things wouldn't have been like this. [+red "I'm so sorry...Haji"] she said as she step past her son and knelt down be side him. She really did feel horrible, she hugged the male softly and gently.

[+red "So where is that ass hole hiding."] she said coldly. As she let go of Haji carefully not hurt him. She was going to leave hear without him.
  Tainted / Lonewulf / 7d 25m 10s
[Font "century gothic" [#03079b Yoku] sighed softly he changed back to his human like form. [#03079b "I don't know I guess I hate seeing a poor creature tied up like this."] he said as he help the male sit up a little. [#03079b "Well I suppose that is possible...but I am fox"] He sighed softly as he reach into his bag. He had a small flask that had some water in it. He help it to the males lips. [#03079b " Here drink this..."] he said as he tilted the males head back slightly.

He smiled softly as his tail flicker softly back and forth. Yoku sighed softly as he looked at Haji. He was snooping around he normally took things he liked, Haji caught his attention right away. The sounds this man made made his shiver with excitement. He really didn't understand why either. He then glance toward the door he could hear footsteps. Yoku chew on his bottom lip he really didn't know what he was going to do to get the two of them out of here.

It was clear that man on the floor wasn't going to be able to move on his own. Yoku could carry him but he wouldn't be able to sneak out. If only he wasn't so curious but despite being tired, there was another reason he came here. The scent of that man on the floor attracted him.

The foot step grew louder as they approached. Something was off about them. They didn't sound as heavy as a man should of but that didn't stop Yoku from drawing his weapon. He pulled his sword out from his sheath as the door open he was ready to attack.
  Yoku / Lonewulf / 7d 55m 49s
Clearly this wasn't who he had thought it was. He took a deep breath and slowly let it out. There wasn't anything he was going to do. He couldn't do anything. He could spit and snarl, but even that was beginning to get pretty bad. His snarl and growls were simply turning into hushed hisses. How much more could he take of this? He closed his eyes and just laid there giving up. No more noises came from him. Why should he even bother? Clearly if he was going to get beaten there wasn't anything his growling could do.

It would just make it where he was laughed at. [+blue "What are you doing?"] His hushed voice seemed to grow lower. Clearly he wasn't that strong anymore. The young male was doing something... Did he just free him? Why? He would never understand. He closed his eyes tighter. What was going on? Was someone trying to save him. To show him mercy. For a moment pinkish colored butterflies danced in front of him. He opened his eyes and glared at the boy. Clearly his sister was nearby. He could sense her. The butterflies told him that she was near. They cleared away his darkness when it started to show up.

[+blue "If you get caught he may kill you."] He said softly. He didn't know what else to say. Clearly there wasn't anything he was going to be able to do. He closed his eyes again and simply laid there. Right now there was nothing he could do. It wasn't like he could just up and leave. It would be impossible. He was just too week. He couldn't help this boy any. He didn't think that the boy should have been trying to help him.
  Haji / FadedFlower / 7d 5h 55m 25s
[Font "century gothic" [#03079b Yoku] tilted his head to the side. His tail lashing softly behind him. So the thing on the floor could speak but barely. [#03079b " I'm sorry..."] he said he as he looked at the creature on the floor. His turquoise seem to hold sorrow. He felt bad for the creature on the floor.

He stood there looking at the creature. There was two thing his he could do. He could either put this thing out of it's misery or he hep it. Yoku never was as cold as his brothers. He never knew his father or what he was like but he didn't need to with his two moms. They comforted him, and took care of him.

Yoku stood there staring looking at him. He sighed softly as he changed into his animal like form. He step over the creatures back and bit down hard on the metal collar until it snapped in his jaw. He snapped the ropes around the male wrists.
  Yoku / LoneWulf / 7d 21h 14m 52s
The male laid there in silence. What else could he do? Nothing. He had helped his sister escape with someone she was in love with and now he was paying for it. Of course he had to be nice. Had to help them. They were family to him. He closed his eyes as he laid on the floor. Some of his wounds were still bleeding, but others were slowly starting to close up. Blood stained the room around him. The room was filled with a horrifying stench of death. He hated it. He could hear all kinds of footsteps and other noises.

This was something he didn't really like. Was there someone coming and because of the smell of blood he couldn't tell who it was. He closed his eyes and waited. He was trying to think of a way to get out of this, but he was so weak now. He had broke the chain once, but that had got him a bigger beating and it had weakened him even more. Someone stepped in and he slowly opened those eyes watching the person. He could barely see who the hell this boy was. He didn't think it was the man that normally beat him though.

He couldn't smell passed this blood. He was starting to get frustrated though. He didn't trust this. He let out a small snarl. [+blue "Get away."] He said angrily. It came out rather hushed though. Sickness and weakness causing him almost to be hoarse. He tried to get himself up, but he just couldn't. There was no sitting up for him now. His body was in so much pain.
  Haji / FadedFlower / 7d 21h 49m 22s
[Font "century gothic" [#03079b Yoku ] sighed softly as he walking around the dark streets. Yoku was a gipsy. Sadly he gotten separated from his family. The young male knew what direction they were heading. As he began walking he heard painful howling and screaming. It stop as the moon got higher in the sky.

As Yoku walked up a tall hill he notice a large castle coming into view. It looked erie. Yoku notice as he gotten out of the small town there was no one else around. It was getting late. He need a place to stay. Yoku being as daring as he was he walked up to the large castle door and knocked hard on it.

After a few minute of waiting the door open and fearsome looking man stood in the door way. The demon stare at him for quiet some time before speaking. When the male finally did speak it was depressing. The male seem to be hurting. It wasn't hard to tell that. Yoku wasn't going to ask him what was bothering him.

Yoku told the demon he got separated from his family he just need a place to stay for the night. The demon agreed to letting the boy stay for the night. As the time went on The boy and the demon talk for while until the demon show him to his room. Yoku being a fox decide it would be fun to take a look around. The demon seemed to be no where in sight. So Yoku slipped out of his room.

Just looking around wasn't going to hurt anything right? Yoku quietly wonder the halls. Wonder around then hear the sound of crying. As curious as he was he followed the sound to a room. Yoku figure the door would be locked but it wasn't. Yoku open the door to see a gory sight.

The room was cover in blood. It was filthy, laying on the floor was a man. His arms and legs where bound tightly. His back was scared, caked in blood. It looked like a horror scene. The male had been beaten badly. It was surprising that he was even a live.

Yoku stood there unsure if what to do. Did he approach the man that laid there on the floor. He sighed softly as he bit his bottom lip, as he silently approached the man. [#03079b "You poor helpless creature...did that man do this too you..."] he said as he genteelly touch the beaten man's face. Yoku beautiful golden tail sway softly behind him. He was us sure what to do. It seem that male had a thick silver chain around his neck that help him to the wall. The poor creature was too weak to break it.
  Yoku / Lonewulf / 9d 22h 44m 3s
[font "century gothic" [+orange Eros] Sighed softly as he chew on his bottom lip. He lived in a very large castle that seem to be far from civilization. Eros hated people, they all disgusted him. Except for one woman that he grew attached to. It was quiet odd that he felt any attraction towards her but this just had to be fate.

She was like an angel. Hair white as snow. Skin a beautiful as moon light. Her eyes were simply gorgeous. Eros loved everything about this woman. He even made that clear to her. What did she do? She rejected him a first but eventually fell for his charms. He loved the woman, he thought she loved him back. She end up running off with one of his servants. Envy was it's name. Envy wasn't a lone, she had help. Her brother Haji helped them escape he never forgave Haji that.

Haji was one of his high ranking demons that he kept around him. Haji was like a general. Eros was pretty much a king where he rule. People obeyed him in fear what he might do. Eros a part dragon, dragon were consider high and mighty. The rulers over Heaven and Hell. Eros had been hurt so many time that his thought and heart became smother with darkness. Any glances of light disappeared.

Eros and this beautiful woman would get together often. Often doing passionate things. Things that stay in the bedroom. One day Eros waken to nothing. There was not angelic figure sleeping next to him. She was gone. He searched for her but he never found her. Eros was outraged. He hated the fact that she left. The only thing she took was what little heart he had left. After months of searching the demon. Decided to give up.

Since most people feared him. The depressed demon stay locked way in his castle looked like a haunted. The inside how ever looked magnificent. The castle was beautiful expect for the howling and screaming that often could be heard on the full moon nights.

The demon sighed soft as heard a knocking at his door. It had been years since he seen that angelic woman. When he open the door he didn't see her but he young boy. A boy that resemble her. The young boy told him his name but he didn't tell him anything more. The boy never knew his father. He didn't say much about his mother either.

The boy was a traveling gipsy that happen to get lost from his family. The young boy had high hope that the demon would just let him stay one night. Eros agreed into letting the boy stay.
  Loveless / Lonewulf / 9d 23h 7m 59s
I'll post in here after work! I have another idea I would like to write about. It is similar to the other idea I have but I want to change some things
  Loveless / Lonewulf / 10d 8h 32m 29s
[font "century gothic" This isn't for you! So keep your nosy eyes out!
  Yoku / Lonewulf / 10d 8h 35m 36s

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