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Isabella has always been a quite girl, choosing to spend her time with her nose in a book. That's worked perfectly fine for her since the day her mom died. With it being just her and her dad, things have always been kind of tough, but they've always managed to make it by.

However her life gets turned upside down when Tristan becomes her partner in Chemistry. Where as Isabella is quiet and shy Tristan is famous and a well liked person. Isabella spends her time reading while Tristan spends his time balancing school and filming. While Isabella is barely making it by at home, money is nothing to Tristan. So what happens when these two become lab partners? Do sparks fly and draw these two together or do they grow to detest each other?


So I'm kind of going for a beauty and the beast themed rp here. A slow building romance that could be either fxm or fxf which ever would work, but I'm hoping for a character that is arrogant and with a thick back story as to what made them this way. Typical ES rules and hoping for someone that can post 700 chara's each post if possible, send me a taste of what you can type via pm please. ^.^ Not First come first serve


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Isabella does her best to mirror the unconcerned look on Tristan's face, even though she feels the other patron's eyes glued to them. Once they are sitting in the corner booth she dares to meet a few people's eyes, noting that they look away with a deep blush as she turns her attention to them, a response she doesn't expect in the slightest. She turns her attention to the menu as the Waitress joins their table and gawks at Tristan. It's clear that everyone is star struck by Tristan's presence, and after today she can understand why. She has also begin to understand why he was intrigued by her lack of knowledge.

When Tristan asks her a question, Isabella realizes that she had zoned out while staring at the menu. [#4169e1 "Oh, um, the iced tai tea would be wonderful, do you by chance have any cinnamon I could mix into that as well?"] It's almost as if the waitress hadn't noticed Isabella at all until that moment, because she practically jumps at the sound of her voice. [b "Of course, um, I'll be right back with your drink and your tea kettle."] and with that the waitress with electric blue hair walks away. Isabella can't help but stare after her for a moment, envious of the wildly colored hair. However the bright flash of a camera draws her attention towards the window behind her. [#4169e1 "Well that took about five minutes."] Isabella chuckles before turning her attention back to Tristan [#4169e1 "Any tips for dealing with paparazzi?'] She leans forward slightly and laces her fingers with his, wanting to give off as affectionate of an appearance that she thinks would be appropriate at this time.
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Serial killer? Tristan followed her out of the car, and gave her a little smirk. So she was content to joke now. He felt relieved, and chuckled. “Just can’t surprise you anymore, can I? You figured it out.”

Some students seemed to have set up camp in the restaurant to eat and study, though a few were socializing instead. He was pretty sure at least one of them would recognize him. Well, this was going to end up online almost instantly.

Isabella’s hand brought his attention back, and he looked away from the window at her. She was enjoying herself. He didn’t want that to be ruined. “Sure.”

Tristan followed, letting her drag him into the restaurant. He managed to open the door for her when she paused, and then they were inside. He pretended not to see it, and walked to a little corner booth. People glanced up, and did a double take. Then the not-as-subtle-as-they-thought neck craning to get a better look at him and figure out if it really was him.

The waitress was harder to ignore. Not much older than he was, she seemed bored as she approached until she saw him. The double take in the middle of her welcome that made her speech hitch just enough. “Welcome, can I get you—uh, anything to drink to start?”

She was dark haired with delicate features. Her eyes were a little wide, and Tristan tried to act nonchalant, as if he hadn’t noticed anything at all. She wasn’t one of the people working here he’d seen before, though he didn’t exactly frequent the place,”Do you have tea?”

“Yeah, um, we have green tea and black tea hot or iced, and iced thai tea.”

“I’ll have the hot green tea. Just bring the bag and water separately.” Tristan looked at Isabella, since the waitress was clearly a little star struck,”What would you like?”
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As the Korean shop comes into view, Isabella hears her stomach growl again, clearly unsatisfied by the ice cream. She can't help the deep blush that creeps onto her checks while she sits and listens to Tristan, doing her best to stay calm. When the car finally comes to a stop she waits until he is finished talking before moving to get out of the car. She takes note of how depressing his response is and chooses not to bug him anymore about how vague it is.

In that moment all she wants to do is see him smile again, [#4169e1 "Oh yeah, I totally gathered as much. You totally give off that whole serial killer vibe. I figured that my termination would come in the form of my intestines on a plate or something similarly gruesome."] She does her best to keep her face serious as she says so, but around the point she starts talking about her intestines' she starts smiling and laughing a bit. She grabs her clutch and climbs out of the vehicle, still chuckling.

When she looks at the restaurant again she takes note of the small collection of people inside and walks over to Tristan. She laces her fingers with his and looks up at him with a genuine and kind smile [#4169e1 "Well are you ready to go get food, because I certainly am."] She giggles and walks towards the door, pulling his arm behind her. Once she reaches the door she turns her face back to him and gives him a small wink. Once actually inside she takes her hair down and pulls it over one shoulder, allowing Tristan to take the lead for actually finding them a table.
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Deserve? He doubted he deserved anything of the sort, but she was sweet. He listened intently to her memory. That sounded lovely. Her father sounded sweet. She clearly cared about him, they were a small family but tight knit.

So she wasn’t letting the relationship thing slide. Tristan rubbed the back of his neck. Isabella didn’t even sound hesitant at all, asking for details about past relationships of his.

“Not impossible, no.” He started slowly, looking out the window,”The relationships don’t last long. A week. A month. Maybe a few months. Jessica was the longest, four months. She was in Europe for most of the time.”

He paused, still looking out the window. It was weird, he didn’t want to face her. A nagging worry that his eyes might betray something despite his voice keeping calm and even. He didn’t want her to know how much the relationship issue bothered him. His favorite. The one he’d started just after the curse was placed over a year ago, and ended once he realized the curse was real. “My favorite? Her name is Clarisse.”

If Isabella did some digging, she’d find Clarisse was the start of it. The first girl he’d dumped abruptly. Before it had been pretty quiet about his love life.

“Why do they end? I’m not the sort of person someone should get too close to.”

It sounded like such a bullshit answer to him. So vague, but true. If they got too close, they would learn of the curse. It would likely shatter their world. Just knowing something like him existed, that magic was real. Having to keep the secret. Then there was his other worry, the urges of the beast were getting stronger. When he changed he wanted to hunt more with each transformation, and while his mind had initially been completely intact, lately he was noticing differences. Subtle, but it added up to one thing. He was slowly losing his mind when he transformed. Some other cruelty of the curse, no doubt. To know that sooner or later the beast would take over with no choice but to wait in agony for that night.

Isabella was sweet, so he knew he had to keep her at a distance too. A distance, but he could still see that she was taken care of. As a favor for helping with the image problem.

He shifted in his seat, entirely ready to be done with the topic of his past relationships. He finally looked at her,”The garden is kept up, though I really can’t claim credit. My father and Natasha take care of it. It’s about the only time my father will get his hands dirty.”

The car pulled into a parking lot, which was mostly empty but they weren’t the only ones visiting the restaurants here. It was a strip of restaurants of different kinds, about half closed, while the other half remained stubbornly open. The little Korean restaurant was one that stayed open, a few customers in the dining room half obscured by a large neon ‘Open’ sign. The car parked, and Tristan hoped the change in scenery would make a change in topic more of a guarantee.
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Isabella listens intently, trying to imagine Tristen playing with gruesome props in his off hours on set. She can't help the smile that spreads on her face at the thought. [#4169e1 "I look forward to seeing a more care free version of you having genuine fun, it'll be nice because you deserve it."] She admits, taking note of his vague answers for the rest of the questions. She hopes he doesn't expect her to let that slide.

Though the following story tugs at her heart strings, making it easier to imagine him as a small boy playing in the mud. She can't help but to stare at his blue eyes picturing him beside a beautiful women not too much older then they are now in a garden, her tending and him merely playing. The gentle smile on the women's face is so filled with love that Isabella feels it within her as well.

She looks down at her hands with a slightly sad smile on her face as she begins to share her memory [#4169e1 "So my favorite memory has to be this spontaneous trip my father and I took to the beach. I was about twelve years old and I had been in the hospital a couple of months. My dad took off work to be able to pick me up and on our way home we take that one highway that runs beside the ocean. Normally we just drive right by it, but my dad decided to stop, it was the middle of winter so we had the whole beach to ourselves which was great. We had a picnic there and just talked and laughed for hours. It was the first time since my mom had died that I saw my father smile. It was the first time that I truly felt like there would be life without my mom. A very deep feeling for a twelve year old I know, but she had died five years before that and I never saw my father smile in that time, so profound was good."] She teases as she turns her body towards Tristan, resting the side of her head on the back of the seat.

[#4169e1 "So you said that having a relationship while working is hard, but not impossible, given that you are literally hiring me to make it so you don't look like a player, you've clearly had success in at least having relationships, so I still want an answer to those questions. However I am definitely curious if you've kept up your mother's garden since she passed away."] She feels no shame asking him personal questions, with little experience in social interactions she's not too aware of social boundaries.
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So she did like Korean food. It sounded like it would be a treat for her. Tristan told the driver to go to the Korean restaurant and roughly described how to get there. The driver nodded, looking pretty confident that he knew how to get there, and Tristan rolled up the window separating the back seat from the driver. He tended to prefer driving with it up, especially now with his talks with Isabella. The driver should know to keep discreet, but he still didn’t want too many listening ears.

“Korean is it then. The place is near a college, I think, so they keep odd hours.”

Questions. Tristan shifted in his seat. She wanted lengthy answers too. He should have guessed she’d want to know more about him, more than was in the papers especially.

She looked cute counting the questions on her fingers. The questions were not entirely the sort of fluff a reporter might ask either, and she expected honest answers most likely. He scratched the back of his head,”Wow, lot of questions. Have you considered being a reporter?”

He laughed, sort of deflecting, or buying himself time. The first was easy enough to answer,”The camera answer is that it’s fun, and I like the attention. Real answer? I didn’t choose to be an actor, my father sort of got that ball rolling. Honestly, I can’t remember how many movies I’ve been in without looking it up. A lot. There’s usually one coming out every year, give or take, and I’ve been working since I was little. A favorite…”

Tristan paused here, looking thoughtful. He frowned slightly,”It’s hard to say. I had fun filming this one horror movie last year. It was a quick shoot, but people were nice, and we had lots of practical effects so we got to mess with lots of props and fake blood.”

He smiled at her, looking almost sheepish,”That probably sounds weird. Just on set, messing with fake knives and waving around fake limbs. There’s probably footage somewhere, maybe outtakes on some DVD. Anyway, as for TV, I did more TV work when I was younger, there’s more demand for kids there than movies. I haven’t done that for a few years though, it’s mostly been movie after movie. Makes it hard to keep a relationship, right? Both working, sometimes far away. My childhood though.”

He took a breath and leaned back in the seat. It was hard answering these. He’d just powered through, talking the way he did in interviews. Get the answer out and move on, hope she didn’t notice bits of info missing. Like his love life. It was a mess, she could check a tabloid to see that. Not that he wanted her to know. It shouldn’t matter, but he didn’t want her too tangled up in all that. His childhood. A happy memory,”You go next, alright? Happy memory from childhood. Well, that would have to be back with my mom. When she was alive. I was really little and helping her in the garden. Mostly just playing in the dirt and picking flowers, but she just smiled and acted like I was the best helper. I just loved running around there with her and hugging her. She didn’t mind that I got mud all over her. Okay, what about you?”
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Isabella is stunned by the amount of options they have this late at night. However, hearing that Korean food is an option, it doesn't take her long to make a choice. Just the thought of having Korean food causes her to start to salivate. [#4169e1 Korean food definitely. I try to make Korean every once and a while on special occasions, but the ingredients are so expensive it's hard to get the flavors just right. It's such a flavorful type of cuisine and I adore the sheer quantity of spices that are usually involved in each dish. The food is probably what I look the most forward to about travelling, because I am definitely very big on food. I even like to write down my observations on what I taste when I try a new dish, that way later on if I want to recall the dish I can remember the different flavors a bit more vividly. I know it's weird, but I like being able to recall my experiences as much as possible."] She admits, shrugging at her own oddities as they climb into the car.

Isabella sighs, practically melting into the leather seat as she waits for Tristan to join her. When the door is closed behind him she pokes him on the shoulder [#4169e1 "So I've basically been the only one talking since the beginning of this date so it's only fair that you answer some questions. And I don't want simple small answers, I want lengthy explanations with funny stories and admission of odd habits or things you do or notice attached to your answers, alright?"] She narrows her eyes at him, trying to emphasis that she is being serious while still remaining light and playful.

[#4169e1 "First of all, what made you decide to be an actor? How many movie have you been in and which was your favorite? Which one is your least favorite? Have you ever done television and if so how long? What was your longest relationship and which one was your favorite relationship? Why did they end? And finally what is your happiest memory from your childhood?"] Isabella ticks her questions off on her finger, trying her best to ask personal but simple questions.
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So he’d have to pick the food. Tristan was trying to think of suggestions already when Isabella got up. “A list sounds good. You might as well have some fun out of it.”

Tristan got up,”So we need a place open still…”

When the man at the counter said it was on the house Tristan looked a little surprised,”Are you sure? Um, thanks. And yeah, I’ll make sure she gets home safe.”

He was a little puzzled at the wording, but figured the man was just concerned over Isabella. If he’d known her mom and known her since she was little, then it probably made sense that he’d worry.

Isabella seemed a little spooked though. She had wide eyes and just said they should go. He felt like he was missing something. He didn’t ask, just walked with her out, holding the door for her. Whatever it was seemed to dissipate as they walked. She looped her arm in his and he looked at her. She looked better now, like whatever had bothered her was forgotten.

He grinned,”Oh, most likely. I should probably get a picture of us to post, now that you mention it. But anyway, on the subject of food, I’m running into the problem of [i too many] options.” He laughed,”So give me a starting point. What kind of food do you feel like? Chinese? Italian? Japanese? Burgers? Oh, what about Korean? There’s this one place I think should still be open and it’s not too far.”

She’d mentioned wanting to go to Korea, and that her mother was from there. Did she like Korean food then? They were nearing the car. The driver had gotten out to stretch his legs, and was leaning against the car with his phone. He looked up when he heard them watching and opened the back door for them before asking,”Where to next, sir?”
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The sound of Tristen genuinely laughing only acts to increase Isabella’s blushing. She does her best to think about what she’d like to actually eat, but can’t even remember the last time that she ate out. The thought of eating out rushes through her head in a flurry of easily prepared meals that could be made instead of spending money on one meal. [#4169e1 “I honestly can’t even remember the last time I ate out so I’m going to need you to decide where to eat tonight. I promise that I’ll go through and look up different restaurants and little cafés for us to go to once I’ve got my phone turned on tomorrow, but for now I need you to take the reins for food.”] She admits, looking down at her clasped hands feeling the familiar waves of discomfort around money.

She moves to stand, wanting to leave suddenly. [#4169e1 “Heck I could even make a bucket list of things to do together, only rather then it being done before we die it’s before the end of our relationship. I’ll create a list of things that we can do, places to visit, events to do together, trips to take, things I’d like you to show me, you know things like that and then I’ll propose that list to you when it’s done and we can start tackling the list.”] She grabs her clutch and drapes it over her shoulder, waiting for him to stand.

As they approach the counter Mr. Hopps looks sad once again. [#4169e1 “How much do we owe you Mr. Hopps?”] Isabella asks more so out of habit than anything else. [b “Nothing, this ones on the house Izzy. Your mama would want your first date to be a treat, so please; you two enjoy your night together. Make sure you get her home safely Tristen, she’ll need your help getting back”] There is an unusual intensity in his voice, but before anything else could be said to him he makes his way to the back.

Isabella can’t help but to stare after him with wide eyes. She feels an uneasiness building in her the longer she stands there staring [#4169e1 “We should go”] She finally manages to say, wanting to flee from the location before the uneasiness grows any larger. She forces herself to leave slowly and take a look behind her and take in the shop once more before finally exiting. She doesn’t know why but something about walking through the door feels final to her. She takes a deep breath and steps out into the slightly chilled night air.

The uneasiness fades with each step away they take. Isabella loops her arm through Tristan’s hoping to absorb his heat a bit as they make their way to the car, taking their closeness as an opportunity to continue their conversation. [#4169e1 “So, um, I guess on the topic of affection, I’ll have to look into that as well. I imagine it won’t be hard to find celebrity couples on their personal social media. Given that it’s an act for the public, Natasha will likely make me set up social media accounts as well. So I’ll spend tomorrow night looking into that and then figure out my boundaries for us to start at. Given that it’ll have to look like we progressively get closer and everything like that.”] She says in a hushed voice feeling his warmth flow through her with ease.
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Tristan smirked slightly at her nudging him with her foot. She was being flirty again, and probably unintentionally too. The thought of a scandal was funny. It wasn’t like it would be the first time he ended up in a tabloid with some scandal.

The way she talked had a grin growing on his face the longer she talked, blooming into laughter he covered with his hand when she blushed and explained. ‘Read a lot of books about the human experience’? That sounded sheepish and silly, and drove home how sheltered she really was,”Sorry. You’re adorable. Not trying to be mean or hit on you, I just see what Natasha meant. People are going to like you.”

Not entirely true, he really did think she was cute, but things had to stay professional. Natasha was right though, people were going to love her and she’d barely have to try. Isabella was just so naturally charming. “Anyway, not all will be that short. We’ll sort of wing it, when the travel comes up. As for physical affection, honestly I’ll be mostly leaving that to you. Whatever you’re comfortable with, because chances are your comfort line is going to get crossed well before mine. I mean, look at my line of work. As long as the public is convinced we’re really dating.”

His ice cream was basically done, and he pushed it to the side,”Details about announcing things will be ironed out tomorrow. I imagine my father will have some plan already.”

Tristan’s smile got a little tighter. His father always had plans and schedules, and otherwise fairly little to do with Tristan. He tried to push that resentment back,”You were saying about food. What would you like? Anything you want, no concerns for fans, appearances, or even my diet are allowed until tomorrow.”
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As the full reality of truly how much money Tristan has access to becomes clear, Isabella can’t help but go a bit wide eyed. The thought of being able to call her father internationally wasn’t brought up not because it isn’t a very valid option but because of the cost surrounding such a call. Isabella watches him play with his ice cream and hopes the exposure she gets to a life with money doesn’t make her incapable of recognizing just how much things cost. Beyond anything she hopes that she won’t lose herself to the world of money.

[#4169e1 “I think visiting the remote places will be my favorite part, from what I’ve read it’s usually where the most interesting cultures and sights are. I hope that our business trips won’t be purely business though, because going abroad to wait in a break room for five minutes of interaction definitely isn’t what I’m imagining touring the world to be like.”] She says, tilting her head to the side as the ice cream turns into a light rosy brown.

[#4169e1 “We should probably go here soon and get some actual food in our systems before we crash from the inevitable sugar high we will get. The last thing we need is for us to pass out from the crash before you can take me home. No need to cause a scandal before you’ve publicly announced our relationship yet.”] She teases, nudging him with her foot again.

[#4169e1 “Speaking of that, how exactly is the public announcement going to work? Are you going to play coy for a while and then announce it or will you simply announce it during your next interview? Do you have an idea for how affectionate you want to be in public or in the public image you put online? That way I can compartmentalize the chemical reactions that occur from physical contact and not let those chemical reactions cause actual romantic attachment where none should be.”] The realization of what she just said hits her and brings forth a bright blush [#4169e1 “I read a lot of books about the human experience.”] She admits, realizing how strange she sounds.
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Her devotion to caring for her father was admirable, family was clearly important to her. She clearly would love to travel, but felt like she shouldn’t. Tristan noticed a few other things too. Water damage to wiring? That sounded concerning, but he didn’t want to say anything. Maybe it just sounded worse than it was.

“Sure, I don’t see why we couldn’t.” She was so open and unguarded. He’d make sure she knew better than to say too much publicly, but the place here was pretty empty this time of night. He pushed his ice cream with the spoon, swirling the flavors together,”I actually have a small but enthusiastic fan base there. I doubt it would be hard to arrange a trip there for business as an excuse.”

Tristan ate more of his ice cream, not wanting to let it turn to ice cream soup. Melted ice cream was so unappealing. “I’m sure we could figure things out with traveling. I don’t usually travel all [i that] much. Remote filming locations sometimes. A few events a year, but honestly they’re more I’m there for a day or two then back here. You wouldn’t even need to come on them all, just a few and whichever ones you really wanted to tag along on.”

It was perhaps getting too personal, but Tristan went on,”Most of them would be short enough your dad would probably be fine. And you know, you could call him. It’s pretty easy to arrange for international calls.”
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Isabella hesitates for a moment, swirling her spoon around in her ice cream. She tries to think about what it would be like if she would travel around as frequently as his schedule might need. She'd be able to see lots of the places she's read about and actually know what the things she's read about taste like or even just smell like. Though she'd be leaving her father behind a lot of the time, and she isn't sure she could do that, even if he would insist on her going.

[#4169e1 "I don't know if I could go for long. I mean it would be life changing to be able to travel a lot, and that I would love every moment. But that would mean leaving my father alone. He works so much just to make ends meet and spends his free time inventing so he ends up staying up really late, and if I don't remind him to eat or even sleep he'd never remember to do so. It would be different if there was a way to set a thousand alarms to remind him to eat and everything, but we don't have enough money for that many timers. Plus if I were to prep enough food for my father to feed him while I was gone it would go bad by the fourth day, our freezer sucks so much, especially after the last storm. Too much water damage to the wiring."] She sighs and takes the last large bite of her ice cream, savoring the sweet flavor as if it's the last time she'll have it.

[#4169e1 "That's not to say that we can't get my passport updated, but I just don't imagine being able to go on too long of a trip with you, probably nothing more than a weekend trip honestly."] Isabella takes a deep breath and tries to push away any seeds of resentment she feels for her dedication to her father, [#4169e1 "Do you think we'd be able to visit South Korea at some point during our partnership? I'd really love the chance to see where my parents met, not to mention where my mom came from. I have these old pictures of them from when they were not much older than we are from there, I've narrowed down where it could be to a few towns, it would be amazing to find where the pictures are actually from."] Isabella admits, realizing that she is speaking far more freely than she has in a very long time. She feels a shiver run over her at the realization, but tries to keep herself calm.
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Tristan nodded, eating his ice cream making sure to get bits of toppings in most bites. She was certainly more willing to open up than he was. Literature. That was an interesting topic. Her reasons for liking it sounded very dreamy, he could tell she really did like to read. He got the impression that she would like to travel, by the sound of it, but was reluctant to admit it.

He smiled with the spoon in his mouth, noticing the little embarrassed laugh. There was a way people laughed when embarrassed or nervous, and he could usually spot it. Cute how she opened up then seemed to get bashful about it.

His spoon returned to his ice cream and he hummed,”Hmm, my favorite thing about France? You know, most people would assume Paris. I’m there a lot in the city when I am there, but I actually like the countryside. I do like the art though, and I try to go to Versailles every time I’m there.”

He pushed a pretzel into his ice cream with the spoon, looking at it for a moment before looking back up at her,”We’ll need to get you a passport. There may be a bit of travel, depending on what jobs I take, or my father takes. What do you think of traveling around?”

Tristan suspected she might like it, but he was curious about what she might say. Would she gush about getting to visit interesting places?
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Isabella nods, trying to think of everything she knows about France to further the conversation and get more specific, but his question interrupts her train of thought. She blinks for a second, trying to think if she had ever travelled anywhere before her mother had passed away.

[#4169e1 "I'm going to have to say that Literature is my favorite subject, but no and no to your other questions. I have duel citizenship for America and South Korea, so I could easily get a passport, but since my mom passed away money has been so tight that there was never any point to waste money on a passport, because there was never any money to actually use it. I don't remember ever travelling before my mom passed away either, I know I was born in South Korea, but beyond that I'm pretty sure I've spent my entire life in America."] She scrunches her nose at the thought [#4169e1 "My parents had gotten together when they were both very young, my dad was originally in the military and was deployed to South Korea, and when he met my mom he was madly in love, they got married and had me a year and a half later. My mom came to America with my dad once his deployment was over. I don't even know if I have any family in Korea or not."]

She shrugs while falling into a pattern with eating her ice cream [#4169e1 "Anyway, Literature is my favorite subject because it opens your up to so many different mentalities. You get to read about different cultures and what our culture was like during different time periods. It's like everything you read transports you to that time period or that culture, it's the next best thing to actually travelling in my opinion. Historical fiction is my favorite kind to read, but I do have a guilty pleasure of reading nonfiction books about people traveling and exploring different cultures."] She chuckles a bit, embarrassed to admit that to someone.

[#4169e1 "So, what's your favorite thing about France? Most people talk about Paris and how it's the city of fashion and romance, but I've read that the countryside is a very well preserved look into what France use to look like. So what do you prefer, the metropolitan tourist attractions or the historical country side?"] She can't help but wonder if there is even a point to this conversation when it is very likely that Ms. Natasha is simply going to give her a pamphlet to read about Tristan the following day. The thought causes a shiver to run down her spine, if that is likely, she can't even imagine the kind of questionnaire she is going to have to fill out for this kind of job.
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