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Isabella has always been a quite girl, choosing to spend her time with her nose in a book. That's worked perfectly fine for her since the day her mom died. With it being just her and her dad, things have always been kind of tough, but they've always managed to make it by.

However her life gets turned upside down when ____________ becomes her partner in Chemistry. Where as Isabella is quiet and shy _______ is popular and well liked person. Isabella spends her time reading while ______ spends time basking in the light of those around them adoring them. While Isabella is barely making it by at home, money is nothing to _________. So what happens when these two become lab partners? So sparks fly and draw these two together or do they grow to detest each other?


So I'm kind of going for a beauty and the beast themed rp here. A slow building romance that could be either fxm or fxf which ever would work, but I'm hoping for a character that is arrogant and with a thick back story as to what made them this way. Typical ES rules and hoping for someone that can post 700 chara's each post if possible, send me a taste of what you can type via pm please. ^.^ Not First come first serve


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Isabella listens, taking in what he’s saying and doing her best to store as much of it as possible. [#4169e1 “I wish I had a note book right now to get everything down.”] She jokes, propping her head on her hands. When he opens up for her to ask any additional questions but with one of his own first, she can’t help but chuckle a bit. Just as she’s about to answer his question Ms. Ickle appears practically out of nowhere with a tray and two very over the top ice creams on it. They are both in large and clear pint glasses, but that’s where the similarities end. Tristan’s Neapolitan ice-cream has chocolate spread around the rim of the glass, acting as glue to the white chocolate covered pretzels, there is white cotton candy acting as a bed for roses crafted out of strawberry slices, with two Kit Kat sticks coming out of it. Whereas Isabella got an ice cream type that is blue with swirls of pinks and purples filling her glass, with a marshmallow spread around the rim of her glass, with only the blue gummy bears lining her glass, a pink cotton candy tops her ice cream with twisted up sour string creating an almost spider web look over the cotton candy, and two rock candy sticks coming out of her ice cream.

She chuckles a bit, looking between their ice creams [#4169e1 “I mean it’s technically not on my ice cream.”] She says, pulling one of the gummy bears off and pops it into her mouth [#4169e1 “Thank you so much Ms. Ickle,”] She says giving her a very large smile, the brunette waitress looks very tired, but does her best to smile back, and simply nods before skating away. Isabella turns her attention back to Tristan [#4169e1 “So the special sauce is this sauce my mom had created. She use to be very very close to both Mr. Hopps and Ms. Ickles, and they were going to trademark the recipe, but she died before they got the chance. So they make it still, but they don’t feel right offering it to anyone besides me, since it was something that my mom made. I always get it on my ice cream, but I figured that it would be a good idea to skip it this time. It’s just very sticky and runny and this is a very expensive dress and I just don’t want anything to happen to it.”] She admits, picking the sour straws off one at a time.

[#4169e1 “However back to the job talk, I think that would be perfectly fine, my dad’s really good at keeping secrets, so no worries there. I do know that he’ll need to meet you and your father before I can spend a lot of time at your place, just so he has faces to the names. Not to mention your contact number and phone numbers, he’ll also have to provide you with some of my medical information and file for power of attorney for when we go out of the country, just that way in case anything happens, whoever is over 18 can make a medical decision for me if I can’t make it myself. I could always come over at some point tomorrow though to talk more with Ms. Natasha, I’ve already got all of my homework done for the weekend so I’ll be good all day. Though, I will likely take you up on the offer to sit in on the tutoring classes, less so for the actually subjects that I take, because those I’m fine studying by myself on, but it’s always handy to learn different languages, plus who doesn’t love the sound of classical music?”] She keeps eating the straws one by one, trying to think of what all the personal benefits of this job will be and she can’t help but be excited.
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Laughter. She wasn’t taking it seriously. He didn’t know how to respond to that, but she quickly figured out he wasn’t joking. The job offer was real.

His eyebrows raised slightly. She was actually considering it. Isabella sounded like she was reasoning though it out loud rather than in her head, but it sounded like a yes. Tristan blinked several times,”Oh, yeah. You’ll get the hang of it, and we’ll give you help. You can tell your dad, as long as he doesn’t tell anyone else.”

He shifted in his seat, and started tapping the table with his fingers again. She was really going through with it. This naturally meant he’d have to behave a little different. His father might not be so irritated though. “Tasha is sweet, I’ve known her since I was little. She’s energetic though, definitely. She’ll probably take you shopping, yeah, and she’ll know more about the details, but yeah, some kind of health and dental thing is definitely available. The designer gifts will happen too, of course. Usually only when some big event happens.”

He stopped tapping to fold his hands together on the table,”So, for example, that London trip in the bag? On a school break we’d probably go together. The spa thing too, likely enough. Plus just going out shopping or eating together. And you’d probably be coming over to my house a few times a week, at least. Doing homework, and honestly probably entertaining yourself during my lessons.” He started listing them, counting on his fingers,”I have piano, violin… yes, both. One instrument isn’t enough, apparently. Martial arts, fencing, language… It keeps switching, but I know a bit of Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese. Father says to be prepared. Plus private tutors for each school class. And whatever filming ends up happening. You’ll probably get to know my schedule, and you’re always welcome to crash tutoring if you want homework help too.”

Most girls would jump at the chance. Just not the way she was. Why was she doing it? She didn’t seem too star struck by him. She didn’t hate him, but she was no fan girl. She needed the money, but he’d hardly call her a gold digger. More like desperate to help her family. It wasn’t the typical thing. “So, feel free to ask whatever you want. If I can’t answer it, Natasha definitely can and she’ll want to talk to you in the next day or two to arrange everything. Now, question from me. What’s this special topping you didn’t want? It’s not gummy bears, is it? I mean, to each their own but gummy bears on ice cream is weird.”

He was curious, but it was an odd question so he softened it with humor and a smile. He really didn’t like gummy bears on ice cream, but that wasn’t a serious guess about the special topping. She seemed too straight laced for anything illegal, which had him stumped actually.
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The serious look on Tristan's face completely sells the joke. She sits there doing her best to keep her calm while he finishes, but the moment he stops she can't help but laugh. It's been a while since she had laughed so hard, in fact she can't even remember to last time such a thing had happened, but Tristan isn't laughing with her. She falters a bit, [#4169e1 "Wait, you're serious?"] The unphased look speaks louder than anything he could says, and some color drains from her face.

[#4169e1 "I mean that would require us to spend more time together, which would definitely be pretty cool. I would be open to the idea, definitely. I don't mind being affectionate either, nothing crazy but the occasional kiss is fine, it'll definitely be awkward the first couple of times. It would definitely be an experience. I bet this means I'm going to have to go shopping with Ms. Natasha."] She shivers a bit at the idea [#4169e1 "She scares me a little. Though, I honestly have no idea what it means to be a girlfriend to a normal person, let alone a movie star, so I'll definitely have to look into that. Also when you say benefits do you mean things like health and dental, or something more superficial like designer gifts? Wait, can I tell my dad the truth or would I have to lie to him too? I don't know if I could do that, lie to my dad at least, he would be worried about all the money. I mean I could tell him that I'm also tutoring you and that's what brought us close. If I had to lie that is."] She can't help but ramble, trying to wrap her mind around his offer.

It certainly seems easy enough, to get paid to spend time with someone she gets along with already, what could be so bad? The memories of Mr. Lucas's disapproving gaze and the hostility from Skye come to mind [#4169e1 "You'll have to teach me how to navigate in your world a little bit more, that way I don't shove my foot in my mouth and make a fool out of both of us."] She admits, wondering if she would be the best fit, or if someone like Amy would have been a better choice for playing the fake girlfriend.
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Tristan was still a bit dazed at how flawless it looked. The lights flared brighter, and Tristan looked around, concerned. Something about it felt off, but he wasn’t sure why it was making the hair on the back of his neck stand up. He squinted at the brightness and looked at Isabella. Her eyes looked odd in the light, but before he could get more than a passing glance she shook her head and the lights dimmed to normal. He was still looking puzzled when the man behind the counter said they had a lot of power surges.

Made sense, he supposed. The building had to be old enough some of the wiring needed repair. The interior was immaculate, but that was clearly what they spent money on. The outside wasn’t very well maintained, so many the electric system had slipped into disrepair too. The place was odd, but he still liked it.

Neapolitan? It was an odd guess for an ice cream flavor, but she was right. Tristan nodded,”Sure.”

Isabella was practically bouncing away by the time he agreed. How did she guess? He followed a little behind. Special topping? That had him curious. Isabella seemed to be a regular here.

He followed, taking a seat at the booth she picked. They had their pick of anywhere, the place was empty. Not the usual time of night for ice cream, the place was probably packed right after school though.

Ah, the job. Tristan smiled, feeling her nudge his foot under the table. Did she get how flirty that was? “Oh, but the suspense is half the fun. Twenty minutes for ice cream though? This sounds like it’s going to just wreck my diet. Nice.”

He leaned forward on the table,”Okay, so the job. Hear me out before you ask. To phrase it poorly… Be my girlfriend.” He held up a finger,”Or more accurately, [i pretend] to be my girlfriend. See, it happens from time to time, someone in the spotlight needs a fake relationship, someone to go to events with, be seen with, and sort of… The reasons vary. Some want to stir up gossip. For me, Natasha and father are upset because I’ve… had a string of really short flings. Lots of angry exes talking to the press. A seemingly more steady relationship smooths things over with fans.”

Tristan tapped his fingers on the table, the only outward sign betraying any insecurity. He was talking like it wasn’t a big deal, but he was truthfully nervous about even pretending to date Isabella for any length of time. He continued,”You’d mainly just need to spend time around me, go out in public, and of course tell everyone we’re dating as if it’s real. You don’t need to do anything you don’t want to. I can just tell everyone you’re shy about public affection and we can leave it at, well, stuff like tonight. It pays. Not anything to make you crazy wealthy, but decently. Better than minimum wage, plus benefits. There’ll be perks, like trips, food, and gifts. If you wanted you could even use the time to start doing some extra work in the industry too with the connections, but of course that’s optional.”

He stopped tapping and tilted his head,”Any questions?”

Tristan had these intense blue eyes. He was searching Isabella for answers in her body language, his own tightly controlled. His face and body were calm, but his eyes were burning with life. Curiosity. He half expected her to turn him down right away, or at least protest. It was a crazy request.
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Isabella can't help but laugh at the pure wonder on Tristan's face as they walk in. It truly is the greatest place in the world to Isabella. Though Tristan's comment seem to strike something at Isabella's core, she can't place it but something about his comment really bothers her. For a moment, the whites of her eyes overcome her iris and pupils, with bright blue veins glowing through them, at the same moment the lights grow blindingly bright.

It's very brief, hardly lasting longer then a few seconds, but when Isabella shakes her head everything returns to normal. [b "We seem to be having a lot of power surges today, pay it no mind."] the guy behind the counter says, leaning against the bar. Isabella smiles brightly at Tristan again, pushing away any concern she has and simply focusing on his comment about his diet. [#4169e1 "Well, if today is a one night only event for us, then we have to go absolutely crazy with the ice cream. I want to order you something, I'm guessing your a big fan of -----. I've got the perfect ice cream idea for you."] She says, practically bounding over to the bar.

She orders him a massively ornate ice cream order as well as ordering one for herself. "Would you like the special topping on yours tonight Bella?" The server asks, wiggling his nose just slightly, just as he does every time she comes in. Normally she says yes without even thinking about it, but something's changed [#4169e1 "No thank you Mr. Hopps, not tonight at least. I just want to enjoy the ice cream tonight."] For a brief moment, Mr. Hopps looks very sad, but it's gone in a blink of an eye [b "Very well, ice cream only tonight, you two go sit down. Miss Inkle will bring it out as soon as it's done."] He says giving his signature jolly smile.

Isabella smiles and leads Tristan to a booth near the largest window [#4169e1 "So you still haven't told me about this job offer of yours. It usually takes Mr. Hopps 20 or so minutes to make the ice cream, so we'll have plenty of time to talk. If it's not doing your homework for you, I really can't imagine what kind of job you think I'd be good at, you've kept me in suspense for too long."] She says, giving him a very cheeky smile, nudging him under the table with her foot. She can't help but feel at peace and childish in this place, loving how empty it is at this time of night.
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Tristan followed, glad enough to leave his feelings about his mother back at the quiet bridge, and go back to the ice cream shop. It was late enough that it wasn’t too busy, but it still felt less personal. He frowned slightly, concerned about her going to the hospital. That didn’t sound very fun, but she made it sound like it was no big deal. She was walking and balancing in a way that really was charming. Natasha had a point, the press would love her. Apparently fans already did. He supposed he would check twitter later himself.

Tristan laughed, shaking his head,”Nothing like that. I’ll do my homework myself. Pretty sure my dad would kill me if I cheated on homework again. As for the hospital, that's rough. I'll try and get notes in chemistry at least for you.”

Again. He’d done it when he was younger, and his dad had flipped out a bit. Private tutors giving extensive lessons. He’d lost any free time for what must have been months doing extra studying as punishment. That was something his father was strict on. He wanted Tristan to be intelligent. He was clearly irritated by the grades, but all the tutors could say was that he was intelligent, but lazy about the schoolwork.

From the outside Tristan expected the place to show its age more. Inside however it was polished. It reminded him of a movie set, only no equipment around. Just a perfect little ice cream parlor like it was right out of the 50s. He looked around, momentarily a little stunned. He really kept expecting a camera or lighting rigs to be there, tucked at the edge of the room. This was a real place, not some fake movie set.

“Wow. This is a nice place. You know, this looks like a movie set. Better since it’s real.” He looked at Isabella, nodding his head toward the ice cream bar,”Let’s get some ice cream and you pick the seats. Just… don’t tell Natasha or my dad I had any. I’m kind of on a strict diet, and Natasha’s going nuts already about it.”

Since the curse happened his metabolism had slowly but surely gone nuts. It had sped up so much that he clearly needed more food, and he put on muscle a lot easier than he used to. Natasha was desperately trying to find a new perfectly balanced diet to keep him ready for the obligatory fan service shots. Of course, she had no idea why that was so it was apparently stressing her out.
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The sadness in his tone is faint, as if he's mainly passed the pain. Isabella can't help but be envious of his ability to be passed the pain because she still suffers from many sleepless nights mourning her mother. While she may want to remain on the bridge all night, she knows that if she were to do so, she would leave with a hole in her heart.

She's glad for the distraction in the way of food, because even though the food was delicious, Isabella is still very hungry. She nods and begins to lead Tristan back towards the ice cream shop [#4169e1 "I am very curious as to what kind of job you could offer me, but before you tell me there is something I need to tell you as well."] Isabella says, walking on the narrow ledge on the side of the pathway.

She takes a deep breath, [#4169e1 "I may have to go back into the hospital tomorrow. My medication doesn't seem to be working as well as it is supposed to be. Don't worry, I'm not some kind of obsessive or violent person, but I do suffer from psychosis. I have hallucinations, my doctor says that they are from a trauma I went through as a child and everything. So anyway, I take medication to stop the hallucinations but I had one earlier today, so they will likely have to alter my medication or change it completely and they like to keep me for observation when they do that, just because the side affects of the medication can be pretty bad."] She says lifting her arms out beside her to keep herself steady.

[#4169e1 "Of course, if the job you are wanting to offer me is the kind that I do all of your homework for you or anything like that I will have to decline. I don't do anyone's work for them. Nothing like a little bit of hard work and tough times to truly make someone who they are."] Isabella says sticking her tongue out of Tristan as they reach the end of the pathway. She hops off of the narrow ledge and opens the door to the ice cream parlor.

While the outside looks a little run down, the inside of the shop is perfectly up kept. Its almost as if they've walked right into a 1950's ice cream parlor, with the bright red booths and wide black and white checkered floor. The ice cream bar is stocked with dozens of flavors and just as many options for toppings and cones. Even the staff seem to have walked out of the different world, with their pristine attire and large skirts, not to mention the rollerblades. The only sign of it being present day is the news papers with that days date and news and the top 40 music playing. It truly is a magical place.
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She seemed to have a lot more energy getting out of there. Leaving was probably the right thing to do. He watched with amusement as she got the heels off and ran for the car. Tristan followed at a slower pace into the car. She was quick to dress down, and he thought she would be pretty good at the quick wardrobe changes sometimes needed. Even dressed down she managed to look nice.

The trip was short but quiet. This place she picked was close, and Tristan let her deal with her hair and jewelry in peace.

A pond? Before he could ask she took his hand and pulled him out of the car. He laughed almost silently and followed. He had promised he was hers for the evening.

Her enthusiasm was almost contagious. His mood felt lighter. Almost carefree. He hurried to keep up and follow the sound of her giggling to the pond. Not just a pond, but a little bridge. He wandered closer, taking in the scene. The moon reflected in the pond. Not yet full, almost mocking him. As if reminding him that when it was full, he wouldn’t be venturing out on a night like this having fun. His carefree mood soured a little at the reminder of the curse. He leaned his forearms against the railing and looked out toward the trees and the edge of the lake, before looking toward Isabella as she talked.

So this was a special place with her mother. Tristan watched Isabella as she looked at the water. Did he have a special place like this? Somewhere that made him feel better. She’d given him an easy out, a way to not answer. He found himself volunteering information anyway, looking down at the water directly below him. It was darker that the water farther out, mostly shaded by the bridge and their silhouettes,”The rose garden. At home my mother tended a rose garden, and I like to sit there sometimes.”

He didn’t look up. He didn’t want her to see anything his face might betray. It was one thing to say it, another to let her see how true it was,”Looks like we both miss our mothers.”

The subject was heavier than he was comfortable with. He didn’t want to go pouring his heart to her. He’d promised one night. He was considering a job for her. It had to stay professional, she couldn’t get too close to him. He pushed the feelings down,”So, you did say something about ice cream, right? Maybe food if they have it. My treat, so get whatever you want. We could even eat ice cream here and get food somewhere else. I could try and explain more about this job thing, if you’re interested.”

He was deflecting, keeping the subject away from anything to personal. He could be friendly to her, but he absolutely could not let her learn about the curse. If she got too close, she’d learn about it one way or another.
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The sound of Tristan’s voice breaks through the wall of depression she’s begun to feel from the fact that she’ll be heading back to the hospital tomorrow, and pulls her back into her current situation. She looks over to Tristan and sees his outstretched hand; she can’t help but smile up at him. With a clutch in one hand and Tristan’s hand in her other, Isabella gladly stands and follows him out of the event as quickly as possible. Once outside she stops him for a brief second to take the heels off, using his arm to balance herself as she does so before she takes off running to the limbo, laughing at finally being free from the tension that threatened to strangle her.

Once inside the car she grabs the bag she had previously and pulls out the fold up flats she had packed for the later portion of the night. She slips them on and tells the driver the address to the ice cream place she told Tristan about earlier. It’s a quick drive, but Isabella spends it readjusting herself, pulling her hair up into a ponytail, taking the expensive jewelry off and putting it in her bags. If Tristan weren’t sitting directly beside her she’d have taken the additional padding out of her bra. Natasha had gone up and above what was necessary from Isabella’s opinion, but she didn’t dare to complain about anything.

As the car comes to a stop, Isabella looks around just a bit surprised. [#4169e1 “Oh, I didn’t realize how close we were to the park or I would have waited to take the fancy stuff off till a bit later. Well come on, the sun might be gone but the nights still young and I’d like to show you the pond.”] Isabella says, grabbing Tristan’s hand and pulling him out of the car. She can’t help but feed off of the energy she gets when she touches him. She uses it to fuel herself as she rushes into the park. She lets go of his hand and turns towards him [#4169e1 “It’s this way, come on.”] She can’t help but giggle a bit as she jobs slightly to the pond. After taking a few curves in the thrush of trees, she finally arrives at a small wooden bridge that runs over the smallest part of the pound, but reveals the moon shinning directly over it, reflecting all of the stars off the water.

[#4169e1 “This is my favorite part of the park, during the day you can see the colors of the sky on the water. I have a picture my mother took of this place during a sunset hanging on my wall, it’s my favorite thing to look at when I’ve had a bad day, like somehow when I’m looking at the painting it’s like all of my problems don’t seem so bad anymore. Do you have anything like that? I guess you must, given that you have to juggle being a student as well as being a super star. That was a silly question; you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”] Isabella says, looking over at Tristan originally before looking back over to the water and trying to see if she recognizes any of the constellations.
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The food was tiny, beautifully crafted portions. Tristan released her hand to let her eat. She was more hungry than anyone else. As usual, conversations were more important to the people here than the food. Tristan didn’t have much of an appetite, a dark weight had settled in his stomach, but he made an effort to eat anyway. The food was good, at least. A tiny portion of an exceptionally good cut of beef cooked to perfection on a bed of vegetables that didn’t come near filling the plate, drizzled decoratively with some sort of savory sauce.

Isabella’s discomfort was painfully obvious. Julian was also clearly displeased about something, but Tristan had no idea what. Tristan assumed he was the only one that could smell the blood. He had no idea his father could as well, and for a different reason.

The chatter around them seemed to put their silence into sharp contrast. This table was not a very happy one. It wasn’t even pretending well. Tristan was also noticing plenty of quick glances their direction. Skye was gone, but with her outburst and exit she’d essentially won. No doubt she would read about how uncomfortable he and Isabella were after she left.

It irritated Tristan. He looked at Isabella, the way she had her head hanging. Skye wasn’t going to get to ruin this. Tristan didn’t particularly want to stay either at this point. He pushed his plate away and stood. He held out a hand for Isabella,”C’mon, I made a promise, right?”

Julian had just barely touched his food but looked at his son with a frown. He said nothing, and Tristan easily ignored it. He took Isabella’s hand to escort her out and to the car. The sudden departure caused a bit of noise, as people whispered to each other and snapped pictures to post. He was certainly going to be a big story tomorrow, along with Skye and Isabella. The sort of love triangle that really sold tabloids.
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The warmth that comes with Tristan's touch spreads throughout her, leaving her with the same energetic energy as before. When Skye finally decides to leave, Isabella flinches slightly but over all relaxes when she is finally a good distance away. However it's when Tristan tells her that they will be leaving once they've eaten that truly relaxes her. When Tristan squeezes her hand, Isabella worries that his hand will touch the pool of blood on her thigh, but instead his fingers simply brush against her tender skin, sending an unusual shiver up her spine.

She immediately turns bright red, but before anything more could be said or done, waiters come out with trays of food. Isabella's stomach rumbles once again at the sight of the masterly crafted food in front of her. She hesitates a bit, staring down at the fancy food in front of her, wondering what it'll taste like, but not wanting to rush into eating it. She finally caves, giving into her hunger and begins to eat, doing her best to force herself to eat slowly.

Even though she ate slowly, one quick glance around the room shows her that most have hardly even touches their food. Isabella blushes again as she looks around her own table to find Mr. Lucas looking at her clearly disapproving of her presence. She looks down, hoping that Tristan will be done soon so that they can leave and she she can crawl back into her little hole in the wall life she has.
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Julian had only been vaguely paying attention to the children, but couldn’t help looking surprised at the heavy scent of blood. It was faint, but his nose was attuned to the smell. Julian watched his son out of the corner of his eye, frowning slightly at Tristan’s reaction.

Tristan could smell it too. His smile faltered for a moment. The smell was coming from Isabella. He forced a smile back, and a little impulsively reached under the table for her hand.

“We will have fun. You should try to too, Skye.” Tristan narrowed his eyes at Skye, irritated with how Skye was treating Isabella. As far as he was concerned he deserved Skye lashing out at him, but Isabella hadn’t done anything.

Skye crossed her arms. She had a pout that tended to come across as cute when she wasn’t getting her way,”Sure. Whatever, you two have fun, but I’m out of here.”

Skye stood up, glared at them, especially Isabella, and hesitated like she was going to say something. She caught Julian Lucan giving her a cold look and seemed to think better of yelling at them and just turned and stormed off. With her gone, Julian Lucan went back to seeming disinterested, and Tristan squeezed Isabella’s hand with a sigh,”Don’t mind her. After we eat, we can leave.”

The crowd and confrontation was probably getting to be a bit much for her, but he also knew she was hungry and the food would be coming out any moment.
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Even with Tristan’s calming words, Isabella has a hard time calming down. Between his father’s obvious distaste for Isabella and Skye’s snide comment when she takes her seat beside her, Isabella feels an odd bubbling in her stomach. It’s the same bubbling feeling she would get from not eating all day, a feeling she is all too familiar with. She takes a deep breath and nods a bit. She looks over at Skye and it’s almost like being back in class with Amy Menke. With no reason what so ever, this girl is making assumptions about Isabella and deciding to tear her down because of them.
She doesn’t belong here, any enjoyment she could have is dwindled by the fact that she is surrounded by people who clearly dislike her. The smile on Tristan’s face seems so easy, but as she looks at him it’s almost like his face rips in two, with one of his faces being the easy and kind smile. The other face is shaking and snarling, ripping around like a rabid animal. It’s only there for a few moments before the two faces return to his one kind smile, but Isabella has to dig her nails deep into her thigh to keep her composure. She quickly looks back at the empty place in front of her.

She takes a deep breath, calming herself as much as she can. [#4169e1 “Believe what you will Skye. You have your own preconceived notions about what’s going on, no point in trying to change your mind. No matter what you do I will be having a good time tonight. It’s been a very long time since I got to just have fun, so that’s what I’m going to do.”] She says squaring her shoulders and leaning back a bit, finding relief at the prickles of blood that stains her fingers. She looks around the table, finding a slightly surprised look flicker across Mr. Lucas’s face, before her eyes land back on Tristan. She’s afraid that her delusion will come back, but she forces herself to look at him with a smile. She knows that after the delusion she needs to tell her father when she gets home. Clearly her medication isn’t working again and she needs to go back to the hospital.

She knows that she’ll have to tell her father, but she means what she said, she will spend tonight having a great time and then in the morning she’ll go back to the hospital.
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Julian offered a smile that was just as cold as every other mannerism of his. It didn’t have any real humor to it, as if it was for show. “The acting does not end when the show does. Or perhaps I should say this is simply another kind of show.”

Julian’s eyes shifted to Tristan, raising one eyebrow slightly. His gaze flicked ever so briefly to Isabella again before he looked away as if done with the conversation. Tristan blushed a little. The little gesture of his fathers was subtle, but Tristan got the basic idea. His father thought Isabella was surprisingly naive. It was also a little warning.

Tristan decided not to mention anything about it exactly, but turned to Isabella. She was so nervous. He leaned toward her, getting close to whisper in her ear. This close again he could smell her stronger, and it distracted him momentarily. They’d done something with her hair he could smell, probably to get it looking so nice, but Natasha had never been one to go overboard with perfumes. He pushed musings about her scent to the back of his mind and murmured as quietly as he could, as if just whispering sweet nothings,”My father’s right. Most things here are an act. It’s pretty, but don’t let yourself get lost in the illusion. We’re all selfish here.”

He leaned back a little, offering a forced light hearted grin he pulled off with a practiced ease and spoke just a little louder,”Still, don’t worry too much and have fun. Just because they’re faking it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a nice time.”

The ruse of a flirty whisper apparently looked real. Skye arrived to take her seat, which was next to Isabella’s, and scoffed,”Can’t even wait until after dinner to seduce her.”

Tristan cringed slightly. That was right, they were putting not just his father, but Skye next to his two seats. They were the stars. But now Isabella would be stuck next to a clearly irritated Skye. Whatever had come over her before making her calm was clearly not working anymore, and her temper was back.
  Tristan Lucas / Yavanna / 15d 8h 7m 19s
Once sitting down, Isabella sticks the name card in her clutch. She can't help but wonder about the job Natasha mentioned to Tristan. She certainly hopes it's not the same modeling job Natasha was trying to convince her to take. The thought of constantly being pinched and squeezed into clothing sounds too much like a nightmare to be worth any kind of money.

However the thought of being able to keep some of the gifts is nice. she might keep the phone and pick up some tutoring jobs to be able to afford the increase in her phone plan. It would be nice to have a camera of some kind to be able to take pictures with. The rest she's pretty sure she could get a very good deal for and pay off some of her bills. It would be nice for her father to not have to work so hard all the time.

When Tristan's father comments on him pulling out her chair, she can't help but smile. When Tristan sits down beside her she mutters her thank you, but tries to not draw too much attention to herself. It doesn't work, because shortly after sitting down himself, Tristan's father turns his attention on Isabella. She isn't sure why, but the sound of his voice sends a chill through her, ending somewhere deep within. [#4169e1 "It's definitely been a very exciting night thus far. To be honest though, it's been very overwhelming. There are so many people here and they all seem to want to talk to me, which is beyond weird. Though everyone who I have talked to seems like they are trying to be nice despite not wanting to. I don't understand, this is supposed to be a celebration, so shouldn't people be genuinely happy to be here?"] Isabella flushes the moment she finished talking, realizing how much she's stated. She begins to nervously fiddle with the hem of her dress again, trying to calm down
  Isabella Adams / bellerose1207 / 15d 16h 28m 19s

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