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Isabella has always been a quite girl, choosing to spend her time with her nose in a book. That's worked perfectly fine for her since the day her mom died. With it being just her and her dad, things have always been kind of tough, but they've always managed to make it by.

However her life gets turned upside down when Tristan becomes her partner in Chemistry. Where as Isabella is quiet and shy Tristan is famous and a well liked person. Isabella spends her time reading while Tristan spends his time balancing school and filming. While Isabella is barely making it by at home, money is nothing to Tristan. So what happens when these two become lab partners? Do sparks fly and draw these two together or do they grow to detest each other?


So I'm kind of going for a beauty and the beast themed rp here. A slow building romance that could be either fxm or fxf which ever would work, but I'm hoping for a character that is arrogant and with a thick back story as to what made them this way. Typical ES rules and hoping for someone that can post 700 chara's each post if possible, send me a taste of what you can type via pm please. ^.^ Not First come first serve


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Isabella looks over at Natasha, finding that she’s actually chuckling at Tristan’s question. [#6B8E23 “You should know better than that Tristan. I am always prepared for things. You go and change; I have clothes here for Isabella to wear already.”] Natasha says, ushering Tristan out of the room. She turns around and heads straight towards the white dresser, pulling it open to reveal a slightly full dresser. [#6B8E23 “Given the weather I’m thinking something cute but warm, go ahead and get undressed and I’ll have something picked out for you. Do you need dry underwear too or just clothes?”] Natasha asks, holding clothes up to each other. Isabella can’t help but blush while she checks to see if her bra is soaked as well. [#4169e1 “Underwear as well”] She says sheepishly while taking her clothes off. She feels the need to cover herself, but Natasha works right through that, helping her put on the clothes so they fit perfectly, even going as far as adjusting the bra for her. Isabella feels slightly uncomfortable with her stomach being exposed, but Natasha moves her hands away from her stomach [#6B8E23 “You have nothing to hide Isabella, you are beautiful and if you want this job you have to know that. You are beautiful and should be proud of how you look. Now, I need you to be confident because this is the first day on the job.”] Natasha says as she moves Isabella’s shoulders back a bit and pokes her nose softly. [#6B8E23 “Come on; let’s go get some shopping done.”] She loops her arm through Isabella’s and walks her through the room and out into the hall.

Given that Natasha practically gave Isabella a makeover, it takes them a bit longer then Tristan to get ready. [#6B8E23 “So, we will go ahead and get the stuff for the room first, and then after that we will go clothes shopping, because the latter will take a bit longer than the first part.”] Natasha teases as they leave the house and climb into a large suv with tinted windows. The ride to the stores is a while on its own, but by the time they get to the stores, Isabella has relaxed and gotten comfortable in her own skin, making it a lot easier to get out of the vehicle and step into the public eye. The day itself goes by in a blur of stores and not being allowed to look at prices, getting far more then she likely needs to go in her room and items for her to use to create a social media presence, including a camera and accessories. She is put on a phone plan started under Natasha’s name with the phone she got the night before applied to the account and a phone gotten for her father. The clothing part takes even longer, with small breaks for food allotted between them.

By the time they actually make it back to the house, the sun is already setting and the movers have already come and gone. With all of their things in boxes, Isabella realizes exactly how little they had. It doesn’t take too long for them to unpack everything from the apartment into their rooms, but it does take a bit to unpack everything from the shopping trip. But as Tristan and Isabella set up her room according to her desires, Isabella admits [#4169e1 “I feel like if I saw the amount of money that was spent today I would simply cry. I know that the stores we shopped from were previously way too expensive for me to even think about going inside of. I can hardly even imagine the amount of money spent. I’m a bit grateful that you would always take me away from the register when Natasha would be paying so I wouldn’t be able to hear the amount though.”] Isabella says as they put the final touches on the room.
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Inside and warm up. That sounded like a plan. He really didn’t want her getting sick, though the rain and cold wouldn’t bother him.

He could hear that the way was clear to her room. Everyone was in another part of the house talking. He was used to being left to his own devices when there wasn’t something that needed to be done.

Tristan accepted the towel with a smile, and dried his hair. The jeans weren’t going to dry quickly, so he’d have to change his clothes sooner or later. They were going to talk though. Tristan stood by the wall, the towel draped over his head. He watched her sit in anticipation, not sure how this conversation was going to go, but before she could say anything her father walked in with Natasha.

He tugged the towel down. Oh. He wasn’t expecting his father to be so pushy about rushing things. Tristan scratched the back of his head, trying not to look guilty, even though the guilt was clawing at his stomach. This was a lot tougher on both of them than he’d thought.

Tristan watched Isabella’s father go. He almost felt bad for him, stuck with the intimidating Julian Lucas all day. And Tristan knew his dad would end up getting everything he wanted.

Natasha looked fairly happy, but puzzled when Isabella mentioned pink and princess. Almost disappointed. Tristan couldn’t help but laugh,”I sort of told on you, Auntie Tasha. Um, I’m going to go change before we go. Do you have anything dry for Isabella, or should we get her something first thing?”

Anything in his wardrobe would be too big to an almost comical point. Natasha was too tall, but maybe there was something. At least to get her into something dry.
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Isabella can feel some tension leaving his body as he slowly turns around and wraps his arms around her neck and places his head on the top of hers. She stands there for a moment trying to think of a proper answer for his question. What would be the healthy thing to do in this situation? How exactly would she even know the answer to that given that her experience with people isn’t exactly a positive one? She leans back a bit and looks up at Tristan, no longer afraid to step away from him.

[#4169e1 “Well, it’s not standing outside in the rain until one of us catches pneumonia, so we should probably go back inside and warm up before anything else. After that we sit and we talk, try and figure out some basic bounders that we may have that the other should be aware of.”] She says, poking the tip of his nose softly before actually stepping out of his arms.

She slowly walks with Tristan back inside and to what will be her room. She slips into the bathroom and grabs a couple of towels, handing one to Tristan before trying to dry her own hair as much as possible. She knows that her clothes aren’t going to dry nearly as easily, so she decides to deal with wet clothes until she gets home and can change. Isabella goes to sit down on the bed and begin the conversation when Natasha and her Father show up in the doorway. [#B8860B “Oh, here you are. Wow this is quite the room isn’t it Izzy?”] Her father says, taking in her damp appearance in stride before sitting down on the bed with her. [#B8860B “So, Izzy, I know that this is a lot happening all at once, but to make this transition as seamless as possible, Mr. Lucan has agreed to send movers to our apartment to pack our things for us, today.”] Her father pauses, allowing the words to sink in before continuing. [#B8860B “I know this is very short notice sweetie, but it’s for the best really. Now, Natasha here is going to take you out shopping to get some things for your room and to get you started with a few things for your job. She said a car is waiting for you whenever you are ready to go. I know this is a lot to take in, but think of all the good things that will be coming out of this, all of the bills that will be paid off before we even move in to the new place. I need you to be my tough little bird right now honey. I’m going to finish going over contract specifics for the job Mr. Lucan has offered me and go over some ground rules with your health with him so we are both going to be tied up for the majority of the day, but I promise you and I will go out to dinner tonight to celebrate.”] He kisses the top of Isabella’s head before walking out of the room.

For a moment, Isabella sits there, processing exactly what her father had just said, realizing that he had spent a good portion of the comment telling her that this was a good thing as though he was trying to convince himself as well. She is stuck for a moment, blinking at the spot her father was just sitting, realizing that she’ll never be in the same four walls that her mother had been in, that she will never hear her voice creaking in the floorboards or smell the lingering of her perfume in the halls. She manages to keep control of herself, but the storm outside is progressively growing worse. She wants to scream, to be irrational and to tell her father that he’s an idiot, to tell Mr. Lucan to give back her home and to not touch anything, but she knows that nothing will come of it except making a fool of her.

Isabella stands back up and looks between Tristan and Natasha [#4169e1 “So, I guess we have some shopping to do, I’d like Tristan to come along with, and I don’t like the color pink that much Natasha, so no pretty princess room okay?”] Isabella says, putting on a happy smile, hoping that if she looks happy she’ll start to feel that way. It’s worked ample times before, why wouldn’t it now?
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When she agreed some more of the tension eased away. His shoulders and arms were still tight, as if ready for some sort of fight, though it was only with himself. Himself and the fountain, which was barely holding up against him. He felt a small chunk break off in his fingers, thin and maybe the size of a credit card.

“Sure. I can move furniture too. So you can rearrange it all you want.” He’d be happy enough just pushing the cart and moving the bed and dresser where she wanted. It would let him see that she was actually getting what she wanted for her room, and hopefully seeing her happier with the space would ease his own guilt, which was settling uncomfortably heavily in his stomach.

A dry laugh escapes his lips and he lets his head hang,”I’m used to actresses with hot tempers. I seem to attract them.” The sort that might slap him, or throw something at him. He’d never hit them back, but he’d been known to punch holes in walls, or break something. He wasn’t sure if he’d really learn anything from her about managing negative emotions. “We’ll see.”

Tristan thought the fountain was anchoring him, keeping him steady. Feeling her hand run down his arm, he felt a chill along his spine. The fountain wasn’t what was keeping him grounded. She was. She was the only thing keeping him from lashing out. He let out a sigh and let go of the fountain. The little bit he broke off slipped into the water. Tristan turned around slowly and let his arms settle around her as he leaned back against the fountain,”So what’s a healthy thing here, then?”
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Isabella listens to his steady heart beat as he seems to process what it is she is saying. When he finally responds and tells her that she should be hitting him and that she’s simply too nice, she wants to laugh and do exactly that, but instead she simply holds him tighter. He mentions helping with her room, and for a moment she thinks he wants to help her pack and that does everything but make her feel better. Then he clarifies, and she realizes that he’s asking to help personalize her room. Hearing what Natasha would do if left to her own devices Isabella’s eyes flash open, she couldn’t imagine being stuck living in a princess paradise while living with Tristan. She nods her head against Tristan’s back, [#4169e1 “That would be appreciated, even if it just means that you push the cart around behind me while I put stuff in it. I would like to be able to have some say in what the room actually looks like though, since I imagine I’ll be bringing the stuff gotten back to the apartment once the rebuild is finished.”] Isabella says, not sure if she should move away from him or not.

She decides to keep standing there holding him until he is going to move her away. [#4169e1 “You are way too hard on yourself Tristan, and it’s a very bad thing to hear that you think a proper response to someone being hurt or upset by something you’ve done should be responded to with violence. I’m hurt yes, but hitting you or inflicting pain intentionally to you is not the way to handle pain. That’s abusive and unhealthy, it’s not the way to handle or process a bad situation. Maybe you will gain more than you think from working with me, like an example of a healthy way to process negative emotions.”] Isabella says. She lets go of him with one of her arms and slips her hand down his arm, pulling on it softly to try and turn him around so he’s hugging her back, rather than gripping the fountain tightly.
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He’d walked out and was standing in front of a tiered fountain. The whole property was full of hedges, statues, and fountains, tastefully decorating the front and back gardens. That was where Isabella found him.

Tristan was shaking, every muscle tense. When her arms wrapped around him something inside deflated a little. Why had she followed him? He hadn’t noticed her until she hugged him.

She should be furious at him. Instead it almost sounded like she was trying to soothe him. He gripped the fountain in front of him, leaning on it slightly.

“You’re too kind. Really. You should probably slap me or something.” He gripped the fountain edge tighter. She didn’t want anything from him. No expensive gift, no grand gesture. She didn’t want to punish him, give him the cold shoulder. She could have, after previous girlfriends it was what he expected. Not that she was a normal girlfriend.

He sighed, some of the anger dissipating. He still felt tense, he wanted to hit something. But here she was, being too damn sweet. What had he gotten himself into with this girl? She wasn’t like other girls he’d known. “Alright.”

She was moving in. That was still sinking in. What the hell was that going to be like? He dug his nails into the stone, hard. The stone gave in, cracking slightly under his grip. “Okay, so… you actually want me to feel better? If you’re not going to slap me, then I want to help with your room. Then I can make sure you’re actually feeling welcome. And not just letting Natasha do what she wants. She’ll give you a princess room if you let her, you know. Pink and lace. She’s [i always] wanted to do that, but my parents only had me.”
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Isabella hears Tristan leave the room more then she sees him do so. She wants to just sit there until she can go home and hide, let Tristan feel bad for what he’s done, because it’s not okay what he did. She sighs, knowing that moving in with them with things as they are now would be nothing but uncomfortable, and while her heart might ache for this loss, entering in a new chapter of her life with things as they are now. Though she has no idea where she’s going, she somehow finds her way through the house and to Tristan, noticing that he is literally steaming in the rain. She’s not sure if this is just a hallucination or not, but chooses not to question it at this moment.

Isabella knows that Tristan feels bad, just as she does, and decides to do what she wants someone to do when she’s upset. Isabella walks up behind Tristan and wraps her arms around him; laying her head on his back and just hugs him. [#4169e1 “You messed up, acknowledgement of that mess up and assurance that you’ll think before making life altering choices for another person or even speaking to them about that life altering choice is what you should be taking from this. It’s already done and cannot be undone, so let’s just try and talk this through and sort out exactly what this means for us as friends and colleges. Because I do not want to move in with you being upset or having you feel awful.”] Isabella says feeling tears spring to her eyes again, for her own pain as well as his. She can feel the rain on her skin, cold and steady, trying to chill her core to that of an icicle but failing to do so.
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She was upset. More upset than he’d have thought, if he had even thought it through. The trouble was, he hadn’t really. He’d had an idea and got enthusiastic. He clenched his fists, looking away from her. Anger bubbled under his skin, but not at her. He was angry with himself. And he couldn’t stand to see how hurt she looked. The way she sat, how she was holding that necklace. It ached.

“I didn’t think. And I didn’t mean to hurt you. Hurting people’s my real talent, apparently.” His voice was thick with emotion he was keeping a tight hold on. He didn’t want to lash out at her. He didn’t want her to see. His blue eyes looked like storm clouds themselves then, and he couldn’t make himself look directly at Isabella.

He wasn’t sure how long he could hold onto the boiling anger before the tightness in his chest burst. “I should go.”

It was abrupt, and he walked out the door quickly. Inside was too oppressive, stuffy. Too delicate, with breakable things and his father and Isabella’s father around. He needed to get out, get more space. The need was a burning drive in his head. If he were going to snap and throw something, hit something, Isabella and her father especially couldn’t see him lose his temper. The rain was cold on his skin, but didn’t help cool the anger.
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Isabella can’t help the strangled laugh that comes when Tristan asks if she needs anything. She can’t help but think of a more than a few choice words she could give [i him], but she thinks better of it. [#4169e1 “No I don’t need anything that you could give me right now. I would have liked a heads up that your father was going to bulldoze the only home I’ve ever had down though.”] She says, wishing suddenly that she hadn’t told him to come in. She pushes herself up and sits against the pillows before looking up and over at Tristan, [#4169e1 “do you know when I’ll have to say good bye to my home yet? Or are there already people there packing our things up for us and the plan the whole time was for us to just have our stuff brought to us here?”] Isabella can feel her blood begin to boil. She hears the rumble of thunder echoing outside, confirming her previous suspicions that the storm was her fault.

[#4169e1 “I just don’t really understand Tristen, you’ve got all the money in the world and could live anywhere, but you’ve chosen to stay in the same home that your mother lived in, the same home with the same beautiful garden, but you take one look at my home and decide to buy it and tear it down? Did you even think to talk to me about it before you spoke to your father?”] Tears sting in her eyes once again, but she swallows them, refusing to allow herself to show how truly hurt she is by this. [#4169e1 “Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great opportunity to live in a building that isn’t condemned and I know at the end of the beginning of the next school year I would be moving out and my father would likely downsize to a one bedroom place, but I had a year to say good bye. A full year left in the home my mom lived in, but now I may have no time at all.”] She pulls her knees up to her chest and wraps and arm around them with the other clinging to the wedding rings hanging around her neck.
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Tristan was wondering if he could slip away with Isabella, since she was clearly having a crazy day and didn’t need their dads talking business. But Natasha was already on it. She’d always been attentive like that.

Which left Tristan to stand there awkwardly while his father sorted out details with Isabella’s father. There were contracts to be finalized and signed, and the exact time they would move. Julian was pushing for the two to move in as soon as possible for some reason. That day, if he had his way.

They seemed distracted enough with all that, so Tristan slipped out of the room silently. The weather was turning to rain, a sudden storm. Odd, but the garden would probably like it, as long as it didn’t go on too long.

It wasn’t hard to listen for Natasha to make her way back to their fathers, or to follow Isabella’s smell to what he assumed would be her room. Tears? He could smell them even from the hallway and stopped there, not sure if he should go forward. She wasn’t crying then, he could hear her breathing.

He saw her laying on her bed, and considered leaving her alone a few more moments when she spoke. Inviting him in. He shook his head. Had to be a lucky guess. Who else here would just stand there like that?

“Hey, how are you holding up? This all is a lot to take in, right?” He stopped at the bed, not quite wanting to sit down and get that close. Instead he watched her. She’d been crying. What to say? “Do you need anything?”
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Isabella can tell that Tristan’s father isn’t up for discussing the matter, having clearly already decided that it would be best for them to simply move in with the Lucan’s, and based on the look on her Father’s face that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Isabella gives a small nod, turning her attention towards Tristan once again while her father gives an almost obligatory fight against the offer. She feels like her head is spinning, causing her eyes to grow sensitive to the lights. [#6B8E23 “Isabella dear, why don’t you follow me, I’ll show you to your new room”] Natasha says, clearly offering Isabella an out, which she definitely takes. Isabella stands and follows Natasha out of the room, unsure of how to process anything in that moment.

She was stepping into Tristan’s world fully and it’s going to take over every single moment of her day. She had agreed because at least she knew that when she would be at home she would be within the safety of her own walls. The walls that had seen her through every sleepless night, which had listened to every muffled scream. The same walls that her mother has lived in, only back then they had seemed so much brighter.

If Natasha is talking to Isabella, she’s not able to hear it over the pounding in her ears. She’s exhausted and has the sudden urge to cry, wanting to crawl back into her bed and wake up before any of this happened. She doesn’t know if she’d do anything different but she yearns for her simple life with nothing beyond the walls of her apartment and the hospital. Within those walls she could sometimes still hear her mom walking around, or smell her perfume, almost like if she closed her eyes long enough her mother would call her out of her room for dinner.

Natasha opens a door to a rather plain looking room, from the slate gray walls to the generic bedding, it’s obvious that the only people who see the inside of this room are the cleaners and what few guests that may visit. [#6B8E23 “This will be your room. I know that it’s pretty plain right now, but once the movers have gotten your stuff in here I’m sure it’ll really brighten the place up. I’m sure Julian would even bring in a few book cases in here to hold your books. You and I can go shopping for some bedding while we are out shopping for some clothes as well.”] Natasha says while standing still in the doorway, allowing Isabella to look around the room. Isabella notices two doors and pulls them open to find a private bathroom and a large walk in closet. Go figure that this room would have more than enough to make any one in her position beyond happy, but as Isabella stares at the pristine carpet on the floor tears begin to fill her eyes.

Her knees give out and she just sits on the floor and silently sobs, allowing the tears to fall freely, not caring who is there to watch. Her shoulders shake as the sobs roll through her. She doesn’t know how long she cries or when Natasha has joined her side and is softly stroking her hair, but she does know that when the tears finally stop coming she honestly feels a lot better. She can’t bring herself to look at Natasha though, a bit embarrassed at her outburst, so she focuses on the large windows, finding that the weather had turned for worst. The previously sun filled sky has been blocked by thick and dark storm clouds that are pouring rain hard and quickly. [#6B8E23 “Do you feel better? You weren’t looking so good after Julian’s “offer” and I figured that you could use a quiet place to process.”] Natasha admits, drawing Isabella’s attention towards her. She’s not nearly the same bubbly person she had been the night before. Sitting here with her now, Isabella can see the age lines around her eyes and the laugh lines creating a constant look of joy on her face. She would be around the same age as Isabella’s mother if she was still alive, but she still seems younger somehow, like an older sister rather than a parent.

[#4169e1 “Thank you; it was just a bit overwhelming is all. It’s all happening so fast and I just needed a moment I guess. I feel a lot better now though, so we could probably head back. I know we have a lot to do and if my father and I are going to be packing up to move we should probably talk about what these changes are going to look like.”] Isabella admits, but in all reality she just wants to get out of this house and head home. She wants to spend as much time there as possible while it’s still her home. [#6B8E23 “I understand I’ll go let your father know that you are ready to go. Feel free to stay here until they are done talking and just relax a bit.”] Natasha says before getting up and walking out of the room. Isabella stands up just enough to lift herself onto the bed. She lays down on it and just stares at the slate gray walls. After a few moments she can feel someone watching her from just beyond the door way, even without turning around [#4169e1 “You don’t have to stand outside of the door like that Tristan, come on in.”] She doesn’t even know how she knows that Tristan is outside of the door, but she does, just like she knows that the random rain storm is her fault as well.
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Tristan didn’t know what else to say. She was handing it fairly well. At least she hadn’t screamed. Still, before he could come up with anything, Natasha was there to bring them in. So, his father had gotten to that part. He squeezed Isabella’s hand back, and went inside the house with her.

Her dad seemed pretty happy about the whole thing. Tristan smiled. Good.

Isabella’s question caught Tristan off guard. He hadn’t thought that far ahead. He scratched the back of his head, but his father cut in smoothly,”I have given that some thought. From the sounds of it your family doesn’t have much savings, and the management of the property will only begin [i after] the completion of renovations. So, I am offering the two of you a couple of rooms here. I have plenty. It will allow for you to save some money, and since you might not give up your current employment just yet it would allow for me to train you for the management role easily while you maintain your current job, and keep you up to date on repairs.”

He had another reason. Julian knew there was something [i magical] about Isabella, quite literally. He wanted to find out what, and if she was a danger. This way he could watch surreptitiously without arousing any suspicion. He gave a cool smile to Isabella’s father,”It may also help ease some of the difficulties of Isabella’s new job while she gets used to it, as Natasha will be available to her any time to help. Natasha lives here as well. As you mentioned her health, I would like to offer anything we can to make this as easy on her as possible.”

Tristan tilted his head. That was his father. When he actually felt like talking he could dominate a conversation. It was almost impossible to argue. Of course Tristan didn’t want to argue. After seeing Isabella just then and hearing about last night he wanted to make sure nothing else happened to her like that. He looked at Isabella. What did she think?
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Just as Isabella is about to start freaking out, Tristan tell her to stay calm. She looks up to see him staring at her with steady and certain eyes like he understands what’s going on. Isabella can only manage to nod and slides off the counter. Once she gets her shoes back on, Isabella feels the same burning sensation would shoot through her arms. She takes a deep breath as she follows Tristan down the hall and back out to the garden. Once they are sitting on the porch swing, Isabella peels off the bandage on one of her hands, showing the same pink skin that showed up on her feet. [#4169e1 “Okay, I’m not freaking out, I’m staying perfectly fine and just sitting here on a swing looking at a freshly healed hand that was moments ago cut with a huge gash. I am not freaking out.”] Isabella says with a monotone voice, as though saying it plainly will make it true.

She flexes her arms and confirms that her wounds are gone, and just as she turns towards Tristan to say something Natasha walks outside to get them and bring them inside. Isabella gives Tristan’s hand a squeeze and then walks into the house again. She finds their fathers sitting on opposite couches smiling with her father thanking Tristan’s repeatedly. [#4169e1 “Gosh dad, I didn’t realize you’d be so grateful for someone giving me a job. If I had, I would’ve told you about the job at the library I had been offered years ago.”] Isabella says as she sits down beside her father on the couch.

Her father chuckles and kisses the top of her head before saying [#B8860B “Oh, that’s not all he’s offered. Mr. Lucan has purchased our apartment building and intends to rebuild it, he’s asked me to be the live in landlord of the complex once it’s finished. He intends on keeping the price for rent exactly the same but is going to be making sure that the entire building is up to standards and then some. This man right here is a godsend. It’ll be paying more then I get now at the factory and I’ll be working from home, isn’t that wonderful Bella?”] Her father is so over joyed with the job opportunity and is hugging her. Isabella can’t help but look at Tristan in confusion over the development. [#4169e1 “That’s great papa, but umm, not to sound ungrateful or anything, but where are we supposed to stay while the rebuild is going on?”] Isabella looks around at everyone sitting and standing around the room, trying to bring a bit of reality to the heads in the clouds.
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Tristan nodded, listening. So her dad didn’t know. He froze for a moment. Kidnapped [i again]? It took a moment for that to register, but when it did he had questions.

While she talked he’d started to move to her feet, carefully peeling her shoes and all off. It looked pretty bad, and he wasn’t sure he’d be able to keep her dad in the dark and get this healed properly.

Before he could voice that concern, or ask about kidnapping, the weirdest thing happened that pushed all of that out of his mind. Her foot healed itself, so fast it had to be magic. All he could do was stare, and look at her in surprise when she asked. He had no answer. It would sound insane. This [i was] insane.

“It’s alright. We’ll figure this out.” Tristan stood, and put his hand on her head in an attempt to comfort her. Seeing magic for the first time couldn’t be easy. Of course this wasn’t as bad as his curse, but it was still rough.

“Our fathers will be looking for us soon. Can you pull yourself together for now? I promise we can talk about this later, and you can freak out.” A sort of calm competence settled over Tristan. He was able to take it in stride and focus on what needed to happen now.
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The cleaning product stings like hell but Isabella keeps perfectly still, as she is more then use to being poked and prodded by doctors. She keeps her breathing perfectly even while he picks out the small bits of asphalt that had gotten stuck in her arms. It was easy to focus on his words or the steady sound of his breathing, but she is more than grateful when he hands her back her shirt. She slowly pulls it back over her head, thankful for whatever numbing agent he put on her elbows and hands.

However when he asks if her dad knows about her wounds she shakes her head, [#4169e1 “Oh gosh no, if my father knew about this I would not have been able to come here today and it would not be a question for me to work for you. I would have been brought straight to the hospital and checked out before going to the police to file a report. My father likely wouldn’t allow me out of his sight for months for fear of me being kidnapped again. So telling him is definitely not something I want to do right now. Maybe it was some freak thing where I called a cab and ended up there and I won’t need to worry him about it.”] Isabella says quickly as she adjusts her shirt so it looks perfectly fine.

However when he would move to look at her foot, it would reveal that the big toe on her right foot is badly damaged, possibly even broken. However right before his eyes, it would align and the asphalt would be pushed out of her feet as the skin reforms over the bottom of her feet, pink and raw, but clearly intact. This would come with a burning sensation shooting up Isabella’s legs. A whimper would escape her throat as her legs would slowly curl upward from the pain. [#4169e1 “Ah, what the heck was that? That stung like a spinal tap, are my feet ok…”] Isabella’s words trail off as she looks down at her feet to see that they are perfectly okay. [#4169e1 “What the fuck?”] Isabella goes completely pale while staring at the slightly pink skin on the bottom of her feet.
  Isabella Adams / bellerose1207 / 9d 12h 55m 16s

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