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I am hoping the next few days will go a lot smoother for you. I am sorry you haven't been having a good few days. I am also sorry that you couldn't come over here today. i really wanted you to be able to.
  Envy / FadedFlower / 53d 15h 37m 28s
Well on a bad note no FF xiv days today... So maybe tomorrow?

Official. It's nice to hear. Sweet words to my ears. Something worth celebrating and right before my birthday. It makes getting older not feel so bad. Thank you so much. Being with you is lovely. What our first step is doesn't matter to me. Wether it be holding hands or kissing. I would not dislike you for trying either ;3 I hope you wouldn't dislike me for trying either. I know you have some worries but I don't want you to think about them. Everything will be alright. For now let us see where things take us. This is new and we should take our time figuring one another out. See where it leads us ;3
  Me / FadedFlower / 65d 14h 6m 56s
Hopefully I get FF xiv days tomorrow. I've been dying without them XD
  Me / FadedFlower / 67d 13h 12m 12s

Same reason as below
  Me / FadedFlower / 70d 1h 36m 0s
[center [pic]]

Changing my profile. Want to keep this saved.
  Me / FadedFlower / 70d 1h 37m 12s
It's been a rough day. I'm sorry Charm. You were the best kitten i could have asked for. Thank you for gracing my life and making it wonderful. I'm sorry we couldn't keep you on this world longer. May your beautiful and loving spirit rest in peace. You will forever be in my heart tattooed there.
  Me / FadedFlower / 72d 18h 5m 29s



  Me / FadedFlower / 73d 3h 7m 48s
  Me / FadedFlower / 73d 3h 19m 27s

  Me / FadedFlower / 73d 3h 21m 37s
Appearance Reference:

Full Name:




Sexual Orientation:

Relationship Status:


Bio for now. May add more later.
  Me / FadedFlower / 75d 25m 24s

Need to resize this and then I will use it as a character.
  Me / FadedFlower / 75d 1h 16m 41s
Journal is made, but I think I'll try to use this for mostly storage.
  Me / FadedFlower / 75d 1h 17m 40s

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