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JD wandered into the manor, the old heavy doors protesting loudly at their use. As she made her way inside she ran a hand along the wall leaving a trail in the thick dust. The building hadn't seen any use in a long time and it seemed as if nature had begun reclaiming the land. Already there were places in the lobby where the antique marble tiles had been cracked and pushed up to make room for plants and small trees. Of course, plenty of the damage to the structure itself were the results of a few arguments that got out of hand back when it was a more lively establishment. They say you can still hear the faint chorus of small animals crying out in the middle of the night before being abruptly silenced. She didn't doubt it. If any place could tether spirits to it then this was the perfect candidate. If the walls could speak they'd know too much about too many people. They'd be the keepers of secrets and wonders and horrors.

But walls can't speak.

She let her hand fall down to her side, careless of the dust that now marred her clothes. The building would never be the same; could never be the same, but that didn't mean she couldn't try to make something of it. It was a fools errand, she knew, but it was home once and no matter how hard she tried or how far she ran, something would always pull her back there. The building had character. Maybe it could again.
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