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Roleplay Responses

Whoops, but at least you have them now. Don't know if you will see this, but I am going to post back today.
  |Girly| / -Prompto- / 28d 37m 40s
I had to go find Noctis and Prompto. I forgot their pics lamo
  Arabella / VelveteenDragon / 28d 19h 19m 4s
Lmao and I officially posted to everything. Took awhile though.
  |Girly| / -Prompto- / 28d 19h 22m 22s
OKay. then i shall post. Then get off as well. Filler
  Arabella / VelveteenDragon / 28d 19h 32m 55s
That's good. Okay I have one more post and then I am getting off.
  |Girly| / -Prompto- / 28d 19h 39m 12s
OKay. :) my catgrass has grown a lot longer. and the amranth has 5 sprouts now.
  Arabella / VelveteenDragon / 28d 19h 44m 6s
Oh it's fine. I've been posting and stalking lioden. Anywho I have two more to post as and then I am done.
  |Girly| / -Prompto- / 28d 19h 46m 19s
Lol oh soryy my replies where spcey. i had a lot of running around to do.
  Arabella / VelveteenDragon / 28d 19h 53m 16s
And I am back. Don't know for how long, but I'm going to post.
  |Girly| / -Prompto- / 28d 20h 21m 37s
lol okay. I shall reply on phone Arg! allergies! I hate them
  Arabella / VelveteenDragon / 28d 22h 50m 43s
Alright I'll post the first posts later. I am getting on black ops with dad XD
  |Girly| / -Prompto- / 28d 22h 53m 31s
Galdin Quay

That is the beach area that we've been using. lol.

I didn't want to forget the name so I am posting it here XD
  |Girly| / -Prompto- / 28d 22h 54m 34s
You should try timypic. It's not big an fancy but it works.
  Arabella / VelveteenDragon / 28d 22h 55m 1s
It doesn't seem to get along with anyone anymore. It fights me all the time so I don't even fix pictures anymore. I just find them on google and then put them up. If its too big I try to find one that's already been fixed.
  |Girly| / -Prompto- / 28d 22h 58m 7s
Lol okay. i am getting my pictures up more. had to use Tinypic. photobucket was not getting along with me today
  TBA / VelveteenDragon / 28d 23h 3m 38s

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