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For me and my friends...


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Roleplay Responses

Oh yes I like them a lot. I should post back now ^^

Oh wait I never figure out which gender should my character be.
  {Fatal} / Dangerouscat / 1d 22h 59m 9s
Awww I hope they are to your liking. They were quick since I was cooking dinner still.
  Me / FadedFlower / 1d 23h 16m 32s
Thank you for posting ^^ I'm really excited to read through them. <3
  {Fatal} / DangerousCat / 2d 1h 41m 9s
I will throw in other characters but I will have just the one for now. I need to actually make more characters for that rp. I posted though so yay. ^^ Everything is caught up to.
  Me / FadedFlower / 2d 1h 54m 56s
Hmm... Well I have been doing some thinking your character could try to over throw the kingdom or maybe your character is the prince lover you. My character the king is trying to over throw the kingdom also. You cold thrown in other character if you like XD
  {Demon} / DangerousCat / 3d 20h 4m 52s
Okay that works for me. How would you like me to post to the prince one?
  Me / FadedFlower / 3d 20h 16m 55s
I think I might have you post next to the Matchmaker rp. XD I'm simply at a loss at the moment.
  {Demon} / DangerousCat / 7d 4h 53m 38s
Aww I understand you have to be up early. I should let you go so you can get some sleep. XD
  {Cyanide} / DangerousCat / 7d 20h 15m 34s
Lmao it would. Man I'm getting sleepy... I hate being tired,..
  Me / FadedFlower / 7d 20h 17m 14s
Ah I see, I just wanted to make sure. I might get bleeding wolf going here soon but I really want to say something sweet but that would be a lot of account related to each other. DX
  {Cyanide} / DangerousCat / 7d 20h 19m 43s
No not at all. Just ya know. Not us at all. Just what we talked about over the phone. About those uh watchful eyes.
  Me / FadedFlower / 7d 20h 43m 50s
I think it looks great. I think you should keep it that way. I do hope that you don't feel insecure about us tho. V.V
  {Cyanide} / DangerousCat / 7d 20h 50m 45s
Aww thank you. I think it looks cluttered but I'm not changing it.. lol
  Me / FadedFlower / 7d 21h 1m 7s
[center I really like it. It's beautiful. ^_____^]
  {Cyanide} / DangerousCat / 7d 21h 2m 15s
Lmao XD stupid phone. I re did my profile. Finally XD
  Me / FadedFlower / 7d 21h 9m 26s

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