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"who's to say i was? maybe i'm just someone who wants to be one with the birds..." she answered and moved to a new spot so she couldn't get hit.
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 19d 6h 5m 33s
Danzo sat there reading. "whoever you are spying on me reveal yourself now and you won't die." he said.
  Suigetsu / ganondorf / 19d 6h 9m 48s
she sighed and found a good spot to hide and spy after she found where danzo was.
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 20d 3h 20m 56s
Kakashi sighed and followed the bird as suigetsu followed his lover.
  Suigetsu / ganondorf / 20d 3h 26m 19s
"uncle oji." she said before leaving and went to find information on danzo.

shitori landed and squawked at the two men.
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 24d 3h 35m 24s
"hmmm your uncle? Who might that be? " he asked Tilting his head.
  Suigetsu / ganondorf / 24d 3h 37m 59s
"suigetsu's going with you but you guys need to get some supplies before you get to my uncle's... He has the list." She said and went to do her own things.
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 27d 1h 17m 3s
"its in your eyes. You crave it still. My advice see tsunade of the hidden leafe. Shell get you on the right path. " he said walking past them. "join me of you wish im on my way there now. "
  Suigetsu / ganondorf / 27d 1h 48m 5s
"i don't use it anymore... i quit." she said and looked away hiding her arms.
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 31d 2h 33m 15s
"the one and only. suigetsu and you....." he leaned in close. "you realize poppy is a killer right? as well as the other stuff you use."
  Suigetsu / ganondorf / 31d 2h 36m 43s
Kemuri jumped slightly and instinctively went into a defensive position between suigetsu and kakashi. She blinked slightly and stood. "So you're kakashi?"
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 31d 16h 11m 47s
Suigetsu nodded but froze as kakashi appeared behind him. "someone described me? "
  Suigetsu / ganondorf / 31d 16h 23m 29s
She nodded and said. "I love you, suigetsu." She swallowed and sighed.
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 32d 5h 57m 58s
"look for silver hair and a covered eye. That's him." He said.
  Suigetsu / Ganondorf / 32d 9h 8m 21s
She went with suigetsu and said. "Take the supplies back to my uncle's... I need to get some information about danzo and get advice from this kakashi.
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 33d 3h 14m 59s

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