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She touched his hand and said. "At least try... I'll be back in a bit, going to gather some herbs and food."
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 15h 30m 15s
"Uchihas don't know how to mourn." he said softly as he leaned back against the wall.
  Suigetsu / ganondorf / 15h 42m 6s
She touched his cheek and said. "I also advise you to go through some mourning for your brother... I can tell that despite what happened to you guys, he meant a lot to you..."
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 16h 32m 31s
He nodded and stretched lightly. "alright..." he sighed softly.
  Suigetsu / ganondorf / 16h 45m 14s
She nodded and said. "I have an idea... We go to my uncle's house, have him help you recover completely and I go get more information about this danzo guy."
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 17h 12m 21s
"kill the ones who made itachi kill our clan. My only lead is danzo. " he said. "but he is in konoha. "
  Suigetsu / ganondorf / 17h 15m 7s
She nodded listening and asked. "What does your instincts tell you?" She cleaned the blood off his face and had shitori send a message to her uncle.
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 17h 16m 39s
He ate it and looked down. "im just.... Tired kemuri..... I haf killed my brother in revenge and then.... I found a scroll where he was forced.... To do what he did.... I dont know what to do now. "
  Suigetsu / ganondorf / 17h 22m 29s
"look, you don't have to talk about it or anything if you don't want to... I may be nosy but I have respect..." She said and gave him some of her special fruit. "I heard you talking in your sleep the other night. Eat this." She cleaned the wounds and looked at him.
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 17h 26m 24s
He froze and looked down. "no one....." he said saying nothing.
  Suigetsu / ganondorf / 17h 28m 45s
She caught him and helped him lay down. "Karin's asleep..." She said and began to treat his wounds. "By the way, who's Sakura?"
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 17h 35m 24s
Sasuke waved before falling over his eyes glazing over lightly.
  Suigetsu / ganondorf / 17h 40m 49s
Kemuri was up and getting dressed and looked over at Sasuke tiredly. "Good morning."

Shitori waddled behind him and nibbled his hand gently for attention.
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 19h 11m 32s
He laughed softly and pet the buzzard. "thanks.... " he said before pulling himself up and pushed the door in. "karin.... "
  Suigetsu / ganondorf / 19h 16m 39s
The vulture tilted his head and then went off catching Sasuke food dropping a slimy fish on his lap.
  kemuri / wingedwolfy120 / 19h 46m 53s

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