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[b Daykan]: [i Smiles]
I wouldn't have kissed you if I didn't

[b Camori]: I suppose I am.

[b Tiana]: Eh normal werewolf nothing special here.

[b Hailey]: Don't be. This isn't your fault...

[b Kyra]: Well you are. Don't question it. You are the most important thing in my life.

[b Izayeah]: [i Blushes.]
I can't say no to you. I can't resist you...
You are something special to me...

[b Foxxeh]: [i Looks at the male and shakes her head. Holding the child with her tail.]
He's fine...[i She whispers]

[b Nike]: And I mean it. I will protect you forever.
Don't fear anything when I'm around, Haddy.

[b Ottot]: How are you?
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[b Kyra:] *shivers slightly biting her lip* I shouldn't be though.

[b Wyatt:] Why did we sleep together? Honestly, I don't know. I was surprised you didn't tell me no. It was amazing though, I ain't gonna lie.

[b Grayson:] *raises a 'brow slightly as he watched the child fall asleep* Do you want me to move him?

[b Jameson:] *nuzzled against her side, his breathing slowing down a bit till he was fully asleep*

[b Hadley:] I know you did..

[b Camilia:] *looked up slowly* Hello.
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[b Sophia:] [i Leans against him] I'm glad you feel the same..

[b Roxy:] Are you calling yourself annoying then?

[b Ava:] Yeah, I suppose. What are you?

[b Emilio:] [i Looks down at the ground] I had no idea... I'm sorry...
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[b Kolton]: They can wait. I don't care. You are my main focus now...
[i Kisses at the spot he bit.]

[b Izayeah]: [i Blushes]
Why me then..Why did you...Why did we have...
[i Blushes deeply.]

[b Foxxeh]: [i Looks at the child and lays her head down. Her eyes fixated on the male.]

[b Nike]: [i Holds her close.]
I told you. I would protect you.

[b Otto]: [i Walks in. His damp long hair sticking to his neck.]
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[b Kyra:] *laughs lightly shaking her head a bit* You needed to get back to the band anyway.

[b Wyatt:] Nah. Not really. I mostly kept to myself. I'm never this talkative. Ever.

[b Grayson:] *shakes his head lightly*

[b Jameson:] *slowly tangles his fingers into her fur, his eyes drifting closed*

[b Hadley:] *slides her arms around his waist* Thank you..

[b Camilia:] *slowly moves into the room, keeping her distance from everyone else, her arms wrapped around herself*
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 16h 56m 54s
[b Daykan]: [i Looks down at her and kisses her once more]
I am highly interested in you and like you very much.

[b Camori]: Because there is a lot of demons over here and it's just annoying I suppose.

[b Tiana]: Oh that is interesting.

[b Hailey]: [i Looks at him for a second and sighs.]
The doctors want me to take it easier because I'm at high risk of losing the baby...

[b Kolton]: [i Smirks]
Maybe you shouldn't have.
[i Nips at her neck gently]

[b Izayeah]: [i Blushes brightly and looks away]
Surely someone else has caught your attention...

[b Foxxeh]: [i Looks at the male and then to the child and back. Nodding slowly. Covering the child up with her tail.]

[b Nike]: [i Pulls her into a hug]
Everything will be okay Haddy. I'll make sure of it. Okay?
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[b Sophia:] [i Blushes bright red, and kisses him back] I do like you, though.

[b Roxy:] Why do you say that?

[b Ava:] Kitsune. So like a fox.

[b Emilio:] Honestly? I'm upset with you because you won't talk to me at all on what's going on. So I sit and wonder if you are okay. You told me last night it was complicated and you won't talk to me. And it's so freaking frustrated!
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[b Kyra:] *smirks lightly* Oh really? Then maybe I shouldn't have insisted you go home.

[b Adrienne:] *leans her forehead against him slightly* As you are mine.. But I have to go.. She's getting stronger.. I'll see you in a couple of days.. *leans up and kisses him gently before slipping out*

[b Wyatt:] You aren't boring at all Izayeah. As a matter of fact, you've caught my attention when no one else has.

[b Grayson:] *raises a 'brow slightly* He might fall asleep on you little fox.

[b Jameson:] *giggles lightly at the lick, nuzzling his face against her side*

[b Hadley:] Just everything from the past is popping up honestly *wraps her arms around herself*
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[b Daykan]: [i Looks down at her and kisses her gentally.]
You're so adorable.

[b Camori]: Eh it's alright. Demons are overrated honestly.

[b Tiana]: Nice to meet you Ava.
What are you?

[b Hailey]: Emilio. WHat is this between us. All this tension, all this tiptoeing around eachother?

[b Kolton]: I think it went as planned. I wanted it to go a little longer, and do some actions a bit more.
[i Glances at her.]

[b Lincoln]: [i Pulls her closer and kisses her deeply and passionately]
You.Are.My.World Adrienne.

[b Izayeah]: [i Blushes deeply]
I'm nothing special...and I'm probably really boring...

[b Foxxeh]: [i Looks at the child and licks his cheeks. Laying her head back down and watches the male carefully. Her tail still swishing at the child.]

[b Nike]: You want to talk about it?
  ;;eхιled aт dawn;; / Astral- / 1d 17h 19m 56s
[b Kyra:] As I would do the same for you Kolt. I hate being away from you. I honestly loved having you here, even if things didn't go as planned..

[b Adrienne:] *locks her eyes with his* I.. I love you too Lincoln..

[b Wyatt:] Well that's a shame then. Because well.. I'm interested in you.

[b Grayson:] *leans back slightly yawning a bit*

[b Jameson:] *moves closer to the fox slowly, laying his head on her side patting her tail gently*

[b Hadley:] I don't know. Just too much going on in my head honestly.
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 17h 24m 56s
[b Sophia:] You just make my heart flutter, so I get all nervous. I can't help it sometimes. [i Bites on her lip]

[b Roxy:] That's neat though!

[b Ava:] I'm Ava, it's a pleasure.

[b Emilio:] Well, I hope you're okay. And yeah, I guess.
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[b Kolton]: You better believe it. I'll travel the world following you. I'm in love with you that much.

[b Lincoln]: [i Cups her face in his hands.]
I do not care what I find. I love you more then anything in this world.
I will deal with anything thrown at us. Even if it is your other personality.

[b Izayeah]: [i Blushes and looks down.]
No one is ever interested in me.

[b Foxxeh]: [i Lays on her side and looks between the two of them. Brushes him with her tail.]

[b Nike]: [i Smiles] You think? To many people?
Anything for you Haddy. It was super fun.
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[b Kyra:] Sadly, I know you would. I have a feeling Lincoln's gonna do the same thing.

[b Adrienne:] I know you will.. Just if you don't.. Be warned you won't like what you see, or what you hear..

[b Wyatt:] *nudges him slightly* You are way too sweet. I'm surprised no one's snagged you up.

[b Grayson:] *places his hand on his knees looking around at everyone else*

[b Jameson:] *giggles lightly rubbing her ears gently*

[b Hadley:] I'm alright.. I think.. Thank you for the other day by the way. I really enjoyed it.
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 17h 44m 56s
[b Daykan]: [i Looks down at her and smiles.]
Cutie. I don't think you could say the wrong thing to me.
[i Pulls her a bit closer.]

[b Camori]: It's his demon thing,
[i Shrugs]

[b Tiana]: I'm alright. Just got back from hunting.
Tiana is the name by the way.

[b Hailey]: You only guess?
I'm alright..

[b Kolton]: [i Sighs and looks up at the ceiling.]
If you ever had to leave me for two days I'd follow you.

[b Lincoln]: [i Nods slowly.]
Alright...You better not be gone any longer, or I'll sniff you out.

[b Izayeah]: [i Blushes depely]
I...I just don't like seeing people I care deeply about suffer..
[i Looks down at the ground.]

[b Foxxeh]: [i Watches the child's hand before going and nuzzling it. Her eyes going back to the male.]

[b Nike]: I'm alright. Just chilling. You?
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[b Sophia:] I'm myself until it comes to feelings. I never would want to say the wrong thing to you..

[b Roxy:] Interesting...

[b Ava:] I'm okayish, how are you?

[b Emilio:] I'm okay. I guess. You?
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