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[b Kolton]: -Smirks- Oh you rise me in more ways then one alright!

[b Izayeah]: -Grabs his hand-
Wyatt please calm down.
You can't just stand outside my work all day everyday....

[b Foxxeh]-Looks at him and frowns- I don't know if I would. I couldn't protect my pups....

[b Nike]: -Pulls her back to him-
No it's fine. You didn't know...

[b Otto]: I don't say things I don't mean.
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[b Kyra:] It's my job to get a rise out of your. In more ways than one.

[b Wyatt:] Yes mine. No. Next time he sees you, you better tell him I'm right outside waiting to beat the living shit out of him. *growls*

[b Grayson:] You would make a wonderful mother.

[b Jameson:] *cuddled up against her, whimpering slightly before settling back down*

[b Hadley:] *pulls back slightly taking a step back* I'm sorry..

[b Camilia:] *puffs her cheeks out more narrowed her eyes* You are just saying that.
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 14h 51m 29s
[b Kolton]: -Smirks-
You just love getting a rise out of me don't ya?

[b Izayeah]: -Watches him-
Y-yours? -Blushes-
Okay next time he tries I'll tell him I'm seeing someone?

[b Foxxeh]: -Slowly Nd generally picks the child up and cradles him in her lap. Smiling down at him- I miss children....

[b Nike]: -Tenses up and lets out a groan- Easy there sweetheart. That is one of my spots.

[b Otto]: -Pokes at her puffed out cheeks-
I think it is
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 14h 54m 44s
[b Kyra:] *laughs softly* I just wanted your reaction. I know darling, I know.

[b Wyatt:] No. That's fucking bullshit. No one lay's a fucking finger on what's mine! Ever.

[b Grayson:] If you want him, you are more than welcome to hold him.

[b Hadley:] *kisses his jaw lightly* I know, and you've done an amazing job so far.

[b Camilia:] *puffs her cheeks out again shaking her head* It's not.
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 14h 59m 45s
[b Kolton]: How many times do I have to tell you. Your imperfect makes you perfect!!

[b Izayeah]: -Blinks and goes up to him putting his arm on his arm-
I mean, it wasn't the first time...Calm down Dangerous...

[b Foxxeh]: -Sits there and blushes. Her eyes going to the fussy child- He can lay in my lap, if you'd like....

[b Nike] -Looks down at her and wraps his arms round her holding her close- Good I want nothing else but to protect you.

[b Otto]: -Smirks- I agree. Just like your rambling is beautiful!
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[b Kyra:] I'm far from perfect love. I'm imperfect.

[b Wyatt:] Someone bloody touched you? Someone that wasn't me? *growls slightly*

[b Grayson:] *reaches for Jameson before she does, watching her* See, pure beauty sitting right in front of me.

[b Jameson:] *whimpers slightly as he was moved*

[b Hadley:] *slides her arms around his waist, resting her head against his shoulder* If you did, you'd know..

[b Camilia:] It is not cute! *puffs out her cheeks* And yes, I do like to capture the beauty. Everything in the world is changing, and you can't forget it the way it used to be.
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 15h 7m 41s
[b Kolton]: -Smiles and kisses her cheek- Why are you so perfect?

[b Izayeah]: Sounds like some fun. Better then my day. I had work at one of my coworkers hit on me.

[b Foxxeh]: -Blushes before shifting into her human form red hair flowing down her back. She blushed- I'm nothing special.

[b Nike]: Alright, as long as I never push you to far...

[b Otto]: Oh so you like capturing beauty. That is a nice hobby. Your rambling is cute. So don't be ashamed of it
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[b Kyra:] *smiles lightly nuzzling his cheek* I'm glad love.

[b Wyatt:] Nothing really. Just watched the kiddos around here playing. Slept for a while.

[b Grayson:] I bet you look beautiful in your human form as well as your fox form.

[b Hadley:] *shakes her head lightly* I'd rather you be around..

[b Camilia:] My hobbies.. Well when not rambling and making a fool of myself, I love taking pictures. Photography has always been a passion of mine.
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 15h 16m 39s
[b Kolton]: [i Studies her for a moment.]
Your presence makes me melt babe...

[b Izayeah]: So did you do anything interesting today?

[b Foxxeh]: [i Shakes her head.]
He is to precious to move.
I could always just shift and let him sleep me in my lap...I haven't shifted in so long...

[b Nike]: [i Frowns and takes a step forward]
I just worry I'm going to be to much for you sometimes.

[b Otto: What are your hobbies?
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[b Kyra:] I can argue all I want! All I have to do is give you that look that makes you melt every time!

[b Wyatt:] Yes you do Pixie.

[b Grayson:] Well I'm glad you opened up. Even if it meant having a child fall asleep on you. You must be getting uncomfortable though.

[b Hadley:] No. You didn't do anything wrong.. I'm sorry for making you think that.. *looks down and takes a step back*

[b Camilia:] Well, what would you like to know?
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 15h 22m 36s
[b Kolton]: [i Smirks]
Don't argue with me babycakes.
I will always win.

[b Izayeah]: [i Blushes]
I do...?

[b Foxxeh]: [i Nuzzles into his hand.]
Thank you...It's so nice to have that off my chest...Year I haven't spoke....

[b Nike]: Are you sure...Did I do something.
I'm so sorry if I did.
[i Goes to take a step back.]

[b Otto]: [i Watches her and grins.]
So tell me a bit about you?
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 15h 25m 7s
[b Kyra:] No, I believe you. But still.

[b Wyatt:] *smiles lightly* As you do the same to me.

[b Grayson:] *rubs the back of her ears gently* Thank you for telling me. I know that took a lot for you to do. I'm honestly proud of you, and I don't even know you.

[b Hadley:] I'm.. I'm okay..

[b Camilia:] *blushes and looks away keeping her mouth shut*
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 15h 28m 23s
[b Kolton]: [i Chuckles]
Would you like for me to prove to you I am not blind and go get my eyes looked at?

[b Izayeah]: [i Blushes]
You make my heart beat like crazy...

[b Foxxeh]: [i Flinches but nuzzles into his hand. Her eyes going towards him.]
Thank you...I will keep that in mind. [i Whimpers]

[b Nike]: [i Watches her.]
You okay Haddy?

[b Otto]: I think it is cute.
You should do it more.
[i SMirks]
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 15h 31m 28s
[b Kyra:] You are blind I tell you. *smiles lightly*

[b Wyatt:] Good. *kisses his cheek lightly*

[b Grayson:] Oh Fox.. I'm so sorry.. *slowly moves towards her and pats her head gently* You are more than welcome to be around the children whenever you want to be. I think Jameson will want you every time he sees you.

[b Hadley:] *blushes and looks down once more*

[b Camilia:] It's far from cute! It's embarrassing!
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 15h 35m 16s
[b Kolton]: Nope my eyes are 20/20
You are fucking adorable.
[i SMirks.]

[b Izayeah]: I couldn't even if I wanted to Wyatt...

[b Foxxeh]: [i Looks over at him, sorrow in her eyes.]
4 pups. They wandered into a farmers yard...and he...he shot him. My mate..when after him and...[i WHimpers and lays her head down.]

[b Nike]: I'm glad I can make you feel safe Haddy.
[i Kisses her cheek.]

[b Otto]: [i SMirks]
Oh don't apologize. I find it cute.
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 15h 37m 33s

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