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[b Kolton]: [i Walks in, stretching.]
Hello beautiful.

[b Foxxeh]: [i Peeks out from under the couch in her fox form.]

[b Wolfgang]: [i Walks in, holding a piles of papers to his chest.]
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 17h 2m 35s
[b Kyra:] *wandered into the room running her fingers though her wet hair*

[b Othello:] *wandered into the room with Jameson tugging on his hand*

[b Jameson:] *nearly runs into the room tugging his father along* Foxy? Where's Foxy?
  кιηgѕтση / -Dreamer / 17h 4m 33s
[b Roxy:] Id love to take that compliment. But.. What are you saying?

[b Ava:] Why thanknyou!

[b Emilio:] Because I want you to be mine.
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 1d 13h 57m 44s
[b Foxxeh]: -Frowns and hands him the boy-
Talk to you later, Grayson.

[b Nike]: -Blinks but pulls her closer deepening the kiss before she pulls away-
Goodnight Hardy...

[b Otto]: I would like that. Goodnight.
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 14h 8m 56s
[b Grayson:] Alright. I'm sorry but it is late, and I need to be getting some sleep, along with the holder. I will talk to you later Fox.

[b Hadley:] *bites her lip lightly before standing on her tip toes, and pressed her lips against his, she pulled back blushing a bit* Good night Nike.. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

[b Camilia:] I might be going this weekend. I'll make sure to keep you updated though. But for now, it's time I bid you good night.
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 14h 13m 0s
[b Foxxeh] I will be okay with that. I haven't had a pup attached to me in awhile.

[b Nike]: -Nods a backstage way a bit]
Alright, if yo are sure.

[b Otto] I would love to come with you the next time you go up there?
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 14h 16m 3s
[b Grayson:] Just wait until he's awake. I will warn you right now, he will be attached to your hip.

[b Hadley:] *nodded lightly biting the inside of her cheek* Yes..

[b Camilia:] It is. I love it out there. You'll have to come with me next time I go.
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 14h 19m 13s
[b Foxxeh]: If to are talking about the little pup here I couldn't. He is to precious to me now. -Watches him and smiles- such a loving boy...

[b Nike]: Are you sure? -Rubs his thumb along her cheek-

[b Otto]: it sounds gorgeous. A place that would be so peaceful enough to write too.
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 14h 21m 18s
[b Grayson:] I know of someone who might be, but that'll have to wait till later on down the road. *smiles lightly* And you are welcome.

[b Hadley:] I'm.. Okay.. I promise.

[b Camilia:] It's beautiful up there. The trees, seeing them slowly coming into bloom, the animals. It's so peaceful, and it's like nothing that this shitty world can do to damage it.
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 14h 24m 31s
[b Foxxeh]: No one would want to be with a shy fox like me.. He is a beautiful child and I could love him like he is my own...Thank you for the friendship..

[b Nike]: -Watches her and smiles- You sure? You seem off?

[b Otto]: I love going up into the mountains and just sitting and relaxing it's beautiful up there.
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 14h 26m 51s
[b Grayson:] You aren't alone though. You've gained two friends already. Jameson, and myself. Even though one is a child, I bet he'd show you the kind of love you have been looking for. Even if your mate is dead, he would want you to move on, and find someone new. Someone who would be there for you, and want to see you smile everyday.

[b Hadley:] *leans into his touch slightly and nodded* I'm alright..

[b Camilia:] I sometimes I have my nose in a book, or going though Adri's drawings. Sometimes I go into the mountains just to clear my head.
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 14h 29m 24s
[b Kolton]: Do not move I'm on my way again. Stay sexy beautiful. -Kisses her before dashing out-

[b Foxxeh]: -Shakes her head-
Even if I wanted to my mate is dead and I am all alone...-Frowns and watches the child-

[b Nike]: -Rubs his thumb against her face-
You alright?

[b Otto]: What do you like to do in your spare time?
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 14h 32m 34s
[b Kyra:] Mmmm, maybe that's my point. Or it's just my way of getting back into your arms for the night.

*looks towards Izayeah* It's not your fault honey. He deserved to know, plus I think he's heading you way.

[b Grayson:] You deserve to be a mother. Every woman deserves that. What happened was horrible. But that doesn't mean you should give up. You are barely coming back around, and it's going to take time. Parent. His mother isn't in the picture. She never will be again.

[b Hadley:] *blushes slightly and looks away nodding a bit*

[b Camilia:] Hmmm. What else would you like to know?
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 14h 36m 20s
[b Kolton] -Lets out a loud groan-
Like you are doing now.
Don't make me come back over and teach you a lesson!

[b Izayeah]: -Frowns-
....I shouldn't have told him...

[b Foxxeh] I'm Better off not having them...-Frowns and watches the child-
Thankfully he has loving parents.

[b Nike]: -Looks at her- I won't lie, I did but I'm not going to push you or overwhelm you so.

[b Otto]: Yes girly that is so!
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 14h 39m 34s
[b Kyra:] *grins slightly and kisses his jaw* Of course I do.

[b Wyatt:] *narrowed his eyes slightly* Nothing against you, but I need to go and calm down.

[b Grayson:] *cocks his head slightly looking down at the child in her lap* Seeing how quickly he attached himself to you, and you attached yourself to him, and you haven't let him go but for a moment, that's a mother's instinct if I ever saw one.

[b Hadley:] *looks up at him* Why do I get the feeling you enjoyed it?

[b Camilia:] *cocks her head slightly to the side* Oh, is that so?
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 1d 14h 43m 24s

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