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[b Anderson:] *slows sits beside the woman and cocks his head to the side* It wouldn't be rude in the least. You don't know me, and I don't know you, and yet I feel like I'm making you uncomfortable.

[b Kyra:] *raises a 'brow slightly* Oh? I bet other's have made you feel this way in the past.

[b Adrienne:] *leans her forehead against his neck* I'm sorry for whatever was said..

[b Hadley:] *squeaks getting picked up and carried to the couch* Well hello to you handsome.
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[b Blair]: [i Eyes go wide and shakes her head vigorously.]
N..No please....
I-I don't want you to leave...That would be rude of m-me...

[b Kyra]: [i Looks down at her and sighs.]
My life is a mess without you. You know that?

[b Lincoln]: [i Slowly rocks them.] Shh. It's alright. You're safe now. I promise you, you are safe.

[b Nike]: [i Smirks and walks over picking Hadley up bridal style and walks over to the couch.]
Hello beautiful.
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[b Anderson:] I can leave if you would like. I won't be offended if you want me too.

[b Kyra:] *looks up at him and smiles lightly* I know the feeling baby.

[b Adrienne:] *shakes her head slightly shifting a bit closer against him*

[b Hadley:] *slips into the room her nose in a book*
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[b Blair]: [i Shakes slightly and digs her fingers into her skin some.]
I-I'm sorry...I..I..
[i Swallows.]
I'm just very shy.....
[i Buries her face into her knees.]

[b Kolton]: [i Kisses her forehead and stokes her hair.]
My day is so much better now that you are in my arms.

[b Lincoln]: [i Holders her closely kissing her head.]
Don't apologize..I screwed up. I'm so sorry Adrienne..Please calm down baby...
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[b Anderson:] I kind of doubt that. With all the stuttering you are doing, and not looking at me.

[b Kyra:] That's good then. *leans her head against his chest lightly*

[b Adrienne:] *lays her head against his shoulder, her body shaking slightly* I know.. I'm sorry..
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[b Blair]: [i Nods quickly and rests her head on her knees.] Y-Yeah...
[i Squeals lightly and looks around.]

[b Kolton]: [i Kisses her nose.]
I am worried about those two just like you. But I'm alright other then that.

[b Lincoln]: [i Frowns and goes and sits down on the floor pulling her close, holding her tight.]
I do know that Adrienne. I promise you everything is alright. Her words didn't effect me. I wasn't even listening to anything she said. I was just there to make sure you were okay. I'm sorry if that caused you images. I'm so fucking sorry baby. But I can't sit here knowing my girlfriend is struggling without me..
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[b Anderson:] Are you alright?

[b Kyra:] I know.. I just worry is all.. How are you?

[b Adrienne:] You don't know that.. *slides down onto the floor, wrapping her arms around her legs*
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[b Blair]: [i Holds her knees]
..Pleasure..T-To meet you too.
[i Looks around.]

[b Kolton]: [i Sighs and presses his forehead to hers.]
Faith baby. Have some. Okay?

[b Lincoln]: Adrienne. I'm sorry...[i Frowns.]
Nothing happened to me baby. I'm right here. They were not real. Baby please..Calm down. It's over now..[i Takes a slow step her way.]
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[b Anderson:] Well it's a pleasure to meet you Blair.

[b Kyra:] *slides her arms around his waist and nods a bit* I don't know this time.. I really don't..

[b Adrienne:] *looks towards him tears swimming in her eyes* You weren't inside my head Lincoln.. You didn't see what she had done to you.. What she wanted to do to you.. I couldn't do anything to block those images.. It's tearing me apart..
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[b Blair]: [i Looks down at her feet.]
I-I'm Blair..
Oh..Don't apologize...

[b Kolton]: [i Sighs and pulls Kyra close to him and kisses her head.]
It'll be okay..

[b Lincoln]: [i Frowns.] I can't just sit here, knowing my girlfriend is going through this Adrienne. I just wanted top make sure you were okay. I didn't mean to disturb you...[i Runs his fingers roughly through his hair.]
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[b Anderson:] Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. I'm Anderson.

[b Kyra:] Remember when I said, something is taken from her each time? I don't know what it is, but she's not the same..

[b Adrienne:] Please Lincoln.. Don't.. I told you not to follow me.. She knew you were out there, and the images she put into my head of you.. *bites her lip drawing blood*
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[s She is heading over.]

[b Blair]: [i Jumps as she looks over at the male.]
H-Hello...[i Pulls at the gem of her sweater.]

[b Kolton]: Different?

[b Lincoln]: [i Watches her and frowns.]
Baby, What is wrong...[i Goes over to her.]
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[b Anderson:] If you would like you can come and cuddle with the child. He's been asking for you all day. Well since got home from preschool. *looks towards the woman* Hello there.

[b Kyra:] She's different.. That's all I have to say..

[b Adrienne:] *shook her head lightly and moved out of his lap*
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[b Foxxeh]: [i Nods slowly and whimpers. Before retreating back under the couch.]

[b Blair]: [i Watches them all from the corner. Hugging her knees.]

[b Kolton]: [i Sighs and shakes his head.]
Not doing well?

[b Lincoln]: [i Goes over and scoops her up into his arms, holding her close and sitting down. Stroking her hair.]
You alright...
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[b Anderson:] *looks towards the Fox* Gray's cuddling a sick Jameson right now. So he's not gonna be around tonight.

[b Kyra:] *looks towards Adri* Worried about her is all.

[b Adrienne:] *kept her eyes down cast, as she drew her legs to her chest* Hi..
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