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[b Blair]: [i Squeaks and turns a bit away from him blushes.]
W-Why are you saying this. You don't even K-Know me...

[b Kolton]: [i Kisses her nose.]
That is the scary part though. You will grow old. I can live a very long time...

[b Lincoln]: [i Takes her lips into his own and kisses her deeply before pulling away.] You already mad it bleed. Don't bite it, alright?

[b Nike]: [i SMirks and looks up at her.]
I wasn't planning on it anyway baby..
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[b Anderson:] *smiles lightly and nodded his head* Yes you are.

[b Kyra:] Even as a human we believe in that as well.

[b Adrienne:] *nodded lightly biting her lip*

[b Hadley:] *blushes a bit pulling back slightly, resting her forehead against his* I guess you are stuck with me then.. No turning back now..
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[b Blair]: [i Looks at his hand touch her. Blushes deeper. Opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out. Her eyes going up and staring at his. She shakes her head.]

[b Kolton]: [i Smirks and pokes her nose.]
I know. Because we are soulmates. You are my mate, and us werewolves don't usually just throw those away.

[b Lincoln]: [i Kisses her cheek.]
I won't let you. Not ever again. I won't let you out of my sight.

[b Nike]: [i Pulls her up and has her straddle him. Deepening the kiss, he pulls back and looks up at her.]
You are beautiful baby..
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[b Anderson:] *gently removes her fingers form her skin* If you keep doing that, you are going to draw blood. And you are beautiful. I haven't seen anyone as beautiful as you in a long time.

[b Kyra:] *smirks lightly* That's not a very good threat, because it's bound to happen over and over again.

[b Adrienne:] *lays her head against his shoulder* I'm not going anywhere.. Or trying not too..

[b Hadley:] *blushes even more kissing him back deeply*
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[b Blair]: [i Her eyes widen as she blushed deeper. Digging her fingers into her skin deeper]
W-Why.,..Why do you s-say that...

[b Kolton]: [i Smirks and looks at him.] You better now. I would follow you and make you mine again.

[b Lincoln]: Fuck her.
[i Snarls.]
I will not sit here and let her control you Adrienne. Don't listen to anything she says. [i Lifts her chin.]
Stay with me. I'll keep you safe...

Nike]: Oh shut up Haddy
[i Grabs her face and kisses her deeply and passionately. He pulls her closer.]
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[b Anderson:] *smirks a bit and leans over kissing her blush slightly* Well you are beautiful.

[b Kyra:] *smiles lightly leaning her forehead against his* I'm not going anywhere, I promise.

[b Adrienne:] I'll be okay.. Honestly I didn't even want to come here tonight.. Well more like, she didn't want me coming here..

[b Hadley:] *blushes slightly looking down* I don't feel as alone when I'm around you. Are you sure you want to be with someone like me? You can back out now, and I won't hate you for it.
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[b Blair]: [i Squeals and jumps at his nudge. Looking over at him with a deep crimson blush, digging her fingers into her knees.]
M-Maybe a little...

[b Kolton]: Kyra, you make my head spin. I can't get over how much I am fulling in love with you.

[b Lincoln]: [i Nods slowly and rubs her cheek.]
I hate seeing you so lost...

[b Nike]: [i Looks at her.]
I want to protect you Hadley. I don't want anything to ever happen to you. I don't want you to ever feel alone and sad again. With that being said. I would kill any man who ever touch my girl.
So what I want is for you to be my girl. My girlfriend.
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[b Anderson:] *smiles lightly and nudges her lightly* Was that too much?

[b Kyra:] I love you too, more than words can even explain.

[b Adrienne:] *shakes her head again* Don't ever say that again..

[b Hadley:] I'm asking you Nike.
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[b Blair]: Bea-[i Blushes lightly and squeaks curing her head in her knees. Shaking her head.]

[b Kolton]: [i Smiles and kisses her]
God I love you. I love every damn thing about you.l

[b Lincoln]: [i Shakes his head.]
I don't care. If it cause you to be free I would do it.
I love you to damn much baby.

[b Nike]: [i Looks at her.]
Well. What do you want us to be?
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[b Anderson:] *smiles lightly* you are more than welcome beautiful.

[b Kyra:] *smiles lightly kissing him again* You are more than welcome.

[b Adrienne:] Don't you ever say that again. I don't wish this horrible curse on anyone..

[b Hadley:] *laughed softly making her spot before setting the book aside* It's interesting. It's the holder's favorite series. So what are we by the way?
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[b Blair]: [i Nods slowly. Her eyes glancing up at him.]
Y-You are fine....
But...thank you...

[b Kolton]: [i Smirks and kisses her.]
Thank you for breaking them down.

[b Lincoln]: Baby. I wish I could take all this away. I would gladly endure it if it let you be at peace...

[b Nike]: [i Scrunches his nose.]
That sounds- Interesting.
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[b Anderson:] Well if you ever wanna be left alone, just let me know.

[b Kyra:] *smiles lightly leaning over and kissing him gently* Well thank you for letting me in then.

[b Adrienne:] *shakes her head lightly* I don't know..

[b Hadley:] I like it so far. From what I gather from it, is it's pretty much incest at it's finest.
  кιηgѕтση / -Dreamer / 17h 30m 7s
[b Blair]: [i Shrugs and looks away.]
I..I just always been like this....
[i Sighs and whimpers.]

[b Kolton]: Yes baby. You are the only one who has even broken down those walls.

[b Lincoln]: [i Nuzzles her neck.]
Tell me what I can do baby...

[b Nike]: [i Looks at it.]
Is it any good?
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 17h 32m 10s
[b Anderson:] Do you mind if I ask why?

[b Kyra:] So I'm the only one who broke those walls down?

[b Adrienne:] Alright..

[b Hadley:] It's called Flowers In The Attic.
  кιηgѕтση / -Dreamer / 17h 37m 42s
[b Blair]: You don't make me uncomfortable...[i She whispers and she peeks at him through the side of her knee.]
Everything makes me uncomfortable....

[b Kolton]: [i Blinks]
No. No one has ever got through my walls to make me feel like this.

[b Lincoln]: [i Shakes his head kissing her softly.]
I didn't even hear anything babe. I tuned it out. I was simply there guarding your body...

[b Nike]: [i Looks at her book.]
Whatcha reading?
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