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[b Anderson:] *narrows his eyes shaking his head* You are not stupid.

[b Kyra:] I'm sorry.. *looks away keeping her mouth shut*

[b Adrienne:] *looks towards him slightly and nodded a bit* Okay..

[b Hadley:] *nodded lightly* I won't push.

[b Camilia:] *gasps lightly locking her eyes with his* That reaction tells me it's a yes.
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[b Blair]: [i Looks at him and frowns.]
He is right though...I am stupid.....

[b Kolton]: [i Frowns.] ....Kyra this is a difficult conversation...I don't know...I'd feel terrible inflicting that on you...

[b Lincoln]: [i Shakes his head.]
Even if she does. You need to remember she won't. She can't.
I'm much stronger then she is. She is nothing but a scared voice. You need to fight those thoughts baby. Remember when she does them I am right here, and she won't do anything.

[b Nike]: [i SHakes his head]
No you don't. I'm not putting that on you yet...

[b Otto]: [i Pushes Cami up against the wall and look down at her.] The big wolf doesn't want to see something so beautiful be unhappy. But if you are really unhappy here...
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[b Anderson:] That's bullshit. Your brother shouldn't call you names, at all.

[b Kyra:] The worst is pain would be if I look older than you, and then when I die.. That'll be the worst pain than anything in this world.

[b Adrienne:] Lincoln.. I can't.. I can't watch as she puts those images of killing you in my head.. I just can't..

[b Hadley:] *blushes brightly kissing him back* Do I even want to know?

[b Camilia:] Is the big bad wolf getting feelings for a human?
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[b Blair]: [i Frowns and wraps her hands around herself. Her fingers digging into her sides.] I don't have anyone to call me anything...[i Sighs.] Other then my brother who just calls me names..

[b Kolton]: [i Sighs and looks at her.]
Because it will hurt Kyra. Being turned is the most painful thing. The bite will burn like no other, then your first shift, because you weren't born one. It will break every born in your body and reconstruct it...It is the most painful thing anyone can go through.
That is why I don't change you...

[b Lincoln]: Next time she comes. You are staying with me. I will watch her, and make sure she doesn't hurt you. [i Shakes his head.] This.Is.Not.Happening.Again.

[b Nike]: You are so fucking beautiful Hadley. If you only knew the things that go through my mind. [i Kisses her fingers then down her arm to her lips.]

[b Otto]: [i Looks at her and shoves his hands in his pockets.]
I'm here...
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[b Anderson:] Then I'll call you Little Red. No one else is allowed to call you that. That's my little nick name for you.

[b Kyra:] If it means I'll be able to live my life with you, then why don't you? I'm not saying right this very minute. Or hell even this year.

[b Adrienne:] *watches him shivering slightly biting her lip again* I.. I know..

[b Hadley:] *gasps lightly being moved onto the couch looking up at him, she reaches up and runs a finger lightly along his lip* I know.. I'm sorry..

[b Camilia:] *raises a 'brow slightly* Unless I have a reason to stay.. Then I'll gladly stay.
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[b Blair]: I- I like little red...
[i Blushes and looks away from him, keeping her eyes to the ground.]

[b Kolton]: [i Sighs and looks down at her.]
I've thought about it. Changing you. Making you a wolf...But I know it's such a painful process. I couldn't...

[b Lincoln]: [i Shakes his head. Grabbing her hand and pulls her sleeve back up, kissing every inch of her arm, and the marks.]
Never again, am I letting her hurt you...

[b Nike]: [i Shakes his head. Grabbing her and putting her on the couch, climbing on top of her looking down at her as he hovers over her face.]
What did I say babe? You are NOT a monster. There is NOTHING wrong with you.

[b Otto]: Oh- You, are going to leave...[i Nods slowly.]
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[b Anderson:] Or I can stick to calling you Blair. Whatever you want me to call you.

[b Kyra:] I love how you assume the worst. I'm not thinking about putting myself in that position.

[b Adrienne:] *looks down and pulls the sleeves back over her hands*

[b Hadley:] Because I'm a cold blooded monster, someone who doesn't deserve that kind of thing.

[b Camilia:] I'm sorry. Our room is the perfect temperature right now. Just a lot of things. Thinking about going back to Germany, and never coming back here honestly.
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[b Blair]: [i Nods slowly and looks at her hands, sits with her legs cross.]
I-If that is what you wanna....call me..

[b Kolton]: [i Looks at her.]
Kyra...Don't even think about it. I'm not turning you...

[b Lincoln]: [i Her eyes softly look at her arms frowning.]

[b Nike]: [i Looks at her and grins.]
Of course I do. Who couldn't?

[b Otto]: [i Smirks and crosses his arms.] It is, still chilly but in the room it's super hot.
Thinking about?
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[b Anderson:] Is it okay if I call you that?

[b Kyra:] Nothing, nothing at all darling.

[b Adrienne:] *bites her lip again slowly drawing her hands away, drawing the sleeves up showing her wrists* This.. This is what she does when I try and fight back..

[b Hadley:] You love me? *blushes brightly*

[b Camilia:] *smirks a bit* Yes, that you are. I take it the weather is finally warming up? I'm alright. Just been thinking is all.
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[b Blair]: [i Looks back at him and blushes.] L-Little red?
[i Squeaks softly.]

[b Kolton]: What are you thinking Kyra? I see those wheels in your beautiful brain turning.

[b Lincoln]: Please never leave me. Let me in. Let me help you.
[i Continues to kiss her knuckles.]

[b Nike]: [i Slowly lays his hands back on her hips, massaging them in a circular motion. Her eyes never leaving her face.]
I love your blushes...

[b Otto]: Hot. It's so fucking hot. [i Sighs.]
How are you?
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[b Anderson:] *leans against the wall slightly and shakes his head* You can think all you want little red, but I'm not wrong.

[b Kyra:] *eyed him slightly, before nodding*

[b Adrienne:] I.. I love you too Lincoln, so much..

[b Hadley:] *leans her forehead against his* Sorry.. I didn't mean it that way.. I meant with the whole making me blush..

[b Camilia:] *looks him up and down and smirked lightly* Hi there Otto, how are you?
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[b Blair]: [i Blushes and scoots a bit away.]
...I believe you...But I still think you are wrong...

[b Kolton]: [i Looks at her and nods slowly.]
If I was losing you. Yes. I would in a heart beat, and hate myself for it...

[b Lincoln]: [i Takes her covered hand and kisses her knuckles through her sweater one at a time.]
I love you with all I am Adrienne.

[b Nike]: [i Frowns and pulls his hands away from her side.]

[b Otto]: [i Walks in, shirtless. A yawn escaping his mouth.]
Hello Cami.
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[b Anderson:] *smirks lightly* If I was blind I would need glasses darling, but no. My eye sight is perfect.

[b Kyra:] If you had no choice in the matter, would you?

[b Adrienne:] *looks down before tugging the sleeves of her sweater down over her hands*

[b Hadley:] Stop it.. *blushes deeply*

[b Camilia:] *wandered into the room yawning slightly*
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[b Blair]: [i Blushes.]
Well S-speaking the truth is always a good thing.
B.But you must be b-blind.
[i Blushes.]
T-That was rude..I'm sorry. [i She whispers]

[b Kolton]: [i Looks at her for a moment and shakes his head.]
No. I'm not doing that to you. That requires a very painful process. No.

[b Lincoln]: [i Looks at her bottom lips. Gently rubbing his thumb against it.] Stop destroying your beautiful body.
I can't handle that.

[b Nike]: [i Runs his fingers down her sides and smiles.]
You are seriously beautiful.
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[b Anderson:] Because I speak the truth. I might as well say what's on my mind, than keep it hidden.

[b Kyra:] I've been thinking about that honestly.. Is there a way to make it where I'm like you?

[b Adrienne:] *blushes slightly kissing him back gently* I know.. I'm sorry..

[b Hadley:] *smiles lightly* I'm glad..
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