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[b Nike]: You want me to come over and show you what you might have just awaken?

[b Otto]: Don't make me come over there and show you just how much your rambling turns me on...
  WIP / Astral- / 14h 50m 26s
[b Anderson:] I'm coming over there right now Little Red. I'll be there in a little bit *kisses the side of her head again*

[b Wendy:] I'm coming with you. I wanna watch the fucker go straight to hell.

[b Hadley:] Is that a bad thing? And you aren't rushing me into anything love..

[b Camilia:] *runs her fingers lightly along his cheek and shook her head lightly* It's annoying.
  кιηgѕтση / -Dreamer / 14h 52m 38s
[b Blair]: [i Blushes and looks up at him.]
D-Don't leave me....
[i Shakes a little.]

[b Sky]: Maybe. She was heart broken because of the last boyfriend she had, well shit happened.
My twin and I will be dealing with Mikola tonight. [i Crosses her arms.]
Hopefully she'll let him in. She needs a good man in her life.

[b Nike]: [i Looks at her] Haddy. I don't wanna to force you into anything. But you might have just woke something up...

[b Otto]: [i Smirks and kisses her again. Kissing down to her ear]
Your rambling is adorable.
  ;;LOVE;; / Astral- / 14h 54m 45s
[b Anderson:] *leans over and kisses the side of her head* I'm not going to let anything happen to you Little Red. I promise you that. Just let me in..

[b Wendy:] Well hopefully she'll let Anderson in. He's already protective over her, and that's really rare for him. He doesn't get that way with just anyone either.

[b Hadley:] *laughs softly* I know it is. That's why I did it.

[b Camilia:] Well I'm not one to make that bold of a move.. Have you not met me? I ramble over stupid ass shit..
  кιηgѕтση / -Dreamer / 14h 58m 2s
[b Blair]: [i Looks her face tear strained. She looks at Anderson]
I-I'm...I-...[i She buries her head back in her knees.]

[b Sky]: [i Nods slowly]
She is cute. I can agree with that. He is a dick. He's pushed her before....But she won't let us take care of him...

[b Nike]: [i Groans clenching his teeth.]
Baby...That is my spot....

[b Otto]: [i Inches his face closer to hers and smirks.]
I wanted to see how long it would take for you to make a move.
  WIP / Astral- / 15h 54s
[b Anderson:] *slowly moves to where the woman is, making sure not to touch her*

[b Wendy:] She's adorable though. She doesn't need that [i monster] in her life.

[b Hadley:] *tilts her head back and kisses his jaw lightly*

[b Camilia:] *smirks lightly* Well I'm surprised you waited that long. If I vanish I'm sorry, the holder fell asleep..
  кιηgѕтση / -Dreamer / 15h 4m 18s
[b Blair]: [i Slowly crawls behind the couch and sits there pulling her knees to her chest.]

[b Sly]: [i Watches Blair and sighs.]
I don't want to break the poor thing. She is so fragile...
[i Looks at her hands, a purple aura surrounding them. Scrunches her nose an rotates her wrist some, it leaving.]

[b Kolton]: I want to come over...

[b Lincoln]: Stay there. I'm coming over...

[b Nike]: [i Smiles and kisses her.]

[b Otto]: [i Looks down at her, his arms snaking around her waist.]
You have no idea how much restraint I am giving myself right now, from not going father.
I have been contemplating it from the moment we met.
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 15h 7m 33s
[b Wendy:] I mean it. I haven't had a good kill in a long ass time. If it means getting her out of her brother's shadow, then I'll gladly help.

[b Kyra:] *nuzzles her nose against his* We can talk about this later..

[b Adrienne:] I know..

[b Hadley:] *smiles lightly* Yes I am..

[b Camilia:] *presses herself back against him slightly keeping herself from falling, her legs slightly shaking* That you did.. How long have you held back from doing just that?
  кιηgѕтση / -Dreamer / 15h 11m 59s
[b Blair]: [i Covers her ears as she watches the people. Curing her head in her knees.]

[b Sky]: [i Sighs and looks at Blair, her eyes glancing at the woman. She snarls.]
Trust me. If I wanted to kill him. He would be dead. But I don't choose that life style anymore. I'm talking about the bitch of a brother Blair has, and for some reason her shy Selkie ass keeps around.

[b Kolton]: Babe, if even someone else did it It would kill me. But I will deal with it.

[b Lincoln]: and I always will be.

[b Nike]: [i Watches her hand and smiles.]
Comfortable babe?

[b Otto]: [i Pushes his body closer to her as he deepens the kiss. Pulling back he looks down at her.]
I kissed you..
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 15h 18m 0s
[b Anderson:] *stayed in the shadows*

[b Wendy:] If you mean my brother, don't you fucking dare think about hurting him. He's just trying to protect her. If it's about the other ass, can I help you murder him?

[b Kyra:] Not if it's going to kill you in the process watching me go through it.

[b Adrienne:] You've always been my protector Lincoln.

[b Hadley:] *smiles lightly making small circles on his stomach* I agree..

[b Camilia:] *gasps lightly and kisses him back*
  кιηgѕтση / -Dreamer / 15h 22m 11s
[b Blair]: [i Watches him and whimpers.]
Don't leave....
[i Frowns.]

[b Sky]: [i Snarls.] Just live me the word Blair and I'll kill him.

[b Kolton]: No. It needs to be me. It makes sense. I will do it.
[i Looks at her.]

[b Lincoln]: [i Rubs her cheek.]
I am your protector now baby...

[b Nike]: [i Kisses her forehead]
Yup, right where you belong.

[b Otto]: [i Cups her cheeks and kisses her.]
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 15h 26m 43s
[b Anderson:] It doesn't matter what she did. She deserves to make a choice for herself. She isn't a fucking child. If all you do is treat her like one, then so be it. *looks towards the woman* If you decide to stand up for yourself and wanna talk to someone who already cares, then let me know. *stands and moves out of the room*

[b Kyra:] I'm not going to make you do it Kolt. If you don't want to be the one to do it, I can always find someone who will.

[b Adrienne:] As you are my world Lincoln..

[b Hadley:] *snuggled up against him laying her head against his chest*

[b Camilia:] Are you going to kiss me then, or are you gonna let me go?
  кιηgѕтση / -Dreamer / 15h 31m 30s
[b Mikola]: [i Looks at the male and snirts.]
Don't treat her like she actually deserves stuff. You don't know what she did..
C;mon Blair.

[b Blair]: [i Frowns and slowly stands up. His eyes sadly going to Anderson.]

[b Kolton]: [i Shakes his head.]
It needed to be. If it was your wish. I would change you..To keep you by my side...

[b Lincoln]: [i Kisses her softly.]
You are my world Adrienne.

[b Nike]: [i Smiles and lays next to her, pulling her into his arms.]
This is where you belong.

[b Otto]: [i Looks down at her.]
Good, because it happened.
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 15h 36m 13s
[b Anderson:] *narrows his eyes slightly at the unwelcome intruder* You need to stand up for yourself Little Red. You shouldn't let someone control you. You are your own person.

[b Kyra:] I shouldn't have brought it up in the first place.. I'm sorry..

[b Adrienne:] *nodded lightly biting her lip again*

[b Hadley:] I know you aren't Nike. Thank you... *kisses him back lightly* I love you too by the way..

[b Camilia:] *watches him slightly* I never said I didn't want you to not like me.
  кιηgѕтση / -Dreamer / 15h 39m 51s
[b Blair]: [i Frowns.]
I think I'm afraid it is true...

[b Mikola]: Blair....Talking to strangers isn't safe...

[b Kolton]: DOn't look away....
I know it's going to have to happen...

[b Lincoln]: We will go through hits together baby...Alright. I promise. We will get through this...

[b Nike]: [i Nods slowly and kisses her softly.]
I'm not rushing things with you.

[b Otto]: [i Looks down at her.] Do you not want me to like you?
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 15h 43m 46s

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